Condemned Gold

Script in English according novel «Russian scenario for Hollywood»

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ISBN 978-5-4490-3385-7

О книге

A geologist, Lyubov Artemieva, discovers a large deposit of gold in an isolated section of Russia. When she puts a piece of gold, like a sample, in her pocket, she is apprehending and put in prison. The chief of prisons, Leonid Sahar, kidnaps newborn son of Lyubov Artemieva to force her to disclose the location of the gold. Wilkie Farmer, a wealthy gold miner in America, he uses his wealth to release Lyubov from the Russian prison.

Об авторе

Александр Кваченюк-Борецкий

Автор книг, стихов, статей, киносценариев, песен.

Александр Кваченюк-Борецкий

Заключи с автором контракт и сделай фильм! Не прогадаешь! Conclude the contract with the author and make a film! You will not lose!

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