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I arrived in Seoul, 07.27.18, agreed with Yun Dan, this is my friend, a typical Korean, but I thought so. He held concerts with idols, etc. So we agreed to meet him, that he would reserve a place for me in I was madly happy that I would see Him. I was burning to him with ardent love, I had only to see his photo, I thought "-

It’s good that this boy Yun Dan will help me. "But I thought so. When the concert started, all the girls stood with placards and banners and shouted loudly" -Honki! I love you! because I am also a fan and I love him too. But for some reason I didn’t consider myself a fan.

I looked into his hazel eyes and just drilled him with my eyes. When the concert ended, everyone started to disperse, and then Yun Dan ran and grabbed my hand and dragged me into the corridor, I turned around, no one sang on stage. Gul girl voices stood in my ears. In the concert hall, we stopped and he looked into my eyes and said:


I fulfilled your dream, let me fulfill mine?

- All! Thanks, I owe you nothing more. I cut off and wanted to leave, but he pressed me against the wall, with my left hand, I pressed into the wall. His eyes were burning with rage, or with passion, I could not make it out. Young Dan approached his face and booted his tray: "I I wanted it for a long time! "But I immediately pushed him away,

he grabbed me even more, I was angry at him, but I could not cope with this boy, I was sad that I had no friends here besides him at all. But from behind I heard a very familiar voice, I listened to him at a concert :

- Get your hands off her! He ordered Yun Dan, he would not oppose the star, otherwise he would have a bad reputation.

Yoon Dan was furious, I just heard a voice in the distance that he was muttering: “Fuck it all to hell!” With a wave of his hand he disappeared at the end of the corridor. I looked at Honky and mumbled:

- Yes! I didn’t represent our meeting like that, well, thanks anyway!

"No, not at all! Are you waiting for someone?" He asked.

-Neeeee! I stretched out.-I came to the concert, I like your band and

.... I stumbled and decided not to lay out all the cards on the table. But it doesn’t matter.

"You are not hungry? I have a little time. There is not a cafe in the distance, do you agree to go with me?" I whispered to myself: “With you I will go to the end of the world!”

-Did you say something?


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