Comic story. Treasure-1

Бесплатный фрагмент - Comic story. Treasure-1

Psychics look for Kolchak’s gold

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Main characters:

Shurik. Russian. Above average height, thin, will stoop, the person ordinary not remarkable, a shock of a curly hair. I worked at building.

Enok. Armenian. High. Strong constitution. Long hands. Fists about the two — pood weight. Under forty years. Eternal student. Graduate student.

Chapter 1

The fountanin of the River of Siberia on Thetre Square. Krasnoyarsk

Shurik was discharged from office in connection with staff reduction. Reorganization began. Comes home to the graduate student Enok. That on the laptop draws something.

Shurik — Reorganization, the brother, the plant was closed, work isn’t present, it is necessary to look for something.

Enok — I heard, on chair the laboratory assistant is required from us…

Shurik — So there a low wage.

The beret from a table the drunk not enough bottle of a narzan also thinks: Eh beer to drink…

The monk — Yes beer it is quite good!

Shurik — At us thoughts coincided or you read mind?

Enok — Coincided. Because the science bothered, it is necessary to relax.

Shurik — And here I now will leave to the neighboring room and I will think that — be. Comes. Of what I thought?

Enok — That concentrates and speaks: Beer we now will drink that, and then it is quite good to familiar little girls from the room No. 321 to descend on a visit.

Shurik — Now that’s something like it! You and really child prodigy! Went.

Enok — Where?

Shurik — I know where! Towards to glory and huge money…

Shurik with Enok go outside. Near opera theater the guide invites on tour by the bus.

Shurik — Let’s sweep the brother by bus, we will look at the city under other foreshortening, and that in a hurry we don’t pay attention to beauty.

The guide began the comment:

Krasnoyarsk is a big transport knot. From the West to the east it is crossed by the Trans-Siberian Railway, nearby the highway M-53 (The Moscow path) On it a pedestrian order prisoners on far Sakhalin penal servitude were transported under guard. The bus on the prospectus the Krasnoyarsk worker passes a stele at this time. From the island of Rest Yenisei River Embankment is visible, the steamship Prelate Nikolay is visible. From the South to the north crosses Krasnoyarsk the great Siberian river Yenisei — Ionessiya — a high water. V. Lenin, I.Stalin, Ya. Sverdlov, D.Trotsky, F.Dzerzhinsky — generally all elite connected with October revolution of 1917 were marked out in Krasnoyarsk.

In days of the Great Patriotic War from the West of the USSR many defensive plants which forged a sword of the Victory were evacuated reorganization Burst, tens plants were closed, remained people without work, but there is no place to disappear were reconstructed. Descendants of those who twisted nuts at plants, pine for hours in many kilometers traffic jams. But what to do — realities of our days are that.

Tendency to a gigantomania it is seen in blood at people. With what frenzy communists built plants, with same democrats build shops. It is necessary to tell that many houses are under construction. With huge scope supermarkets, hypermarkets are under construction. some the truth are closed slowly. But what to do — the competition. The bus passes construction objects — hypermarkets — the Planet, June, Alpi, Auchan

For years of reorganization over 300 fountains are constructed. For what many thanks to the ex-mayor Peter Pimashkov. It not simply fountains, and works of art (we show Adam and Eve, Icarus, Themis). It is simple to sit during a heat near the overthrown splashes pleasantly… They say that by number of fountains Krasnoyarsk on the second place after St. Petersburg. Eh it is a pity, would allow a little more this remarkable person to operate the city — the city of Krasnoyarsk in leaders would be beaten out. It is necessary to notice one big fountain in the square Silver closed — sadly…

At Krasnoyarsk citizens well with humour. Old residents remember such maxim. I was called “paradoxes of Krasnoyarsk”:

The chief of militia — the general Grabezhov,

the director of institute of the wood and wood — Sukachyov,

the director of bath-and-laundry combine — Gryaznov.

Chapter 2

When excursion ended, our heroes were on street near the grocery market

They took beer. In the market a crowd.

Among other posters, they saw the colourful poster.

Great magician, magician, clairvoyant Darya Zharkova, schoolgirl Vangi and other

Will remove a malefice, I spoil also other ph. 2555555 Count money

Chapter 3

On reception at Darya Zharkova

In the room twilight. On a table a mirror sphere from square segments. Successfully picked up lighting creates surreality of a situation. On walls multi-colored hares who are reflected from a sphere. A voice at the hostess chest. A look and drills

Zharkova — Well youth, what problems?

Enok — we Want here on success in business installation to make!

Zharkova — to you was lucky young people. I the large expert in this sphere See on both of you damage. It will be necessary to pass to everyone on 10 sessions. And then I will make installation on success in business.

Shurik — And to learn to your craft?

Zharkova — And to learn it won’t turn out in any way. I unique in own way, unique and unique. From above vision was given me. The sense such is that pupils won’t be. Such is will of heavens. And here as they say you won’t argue. Now go to my assistant, He will tell everything to you as to be.

In an apartment hall man of average years, middle age, bald.

— Children, it is necessary to pay in cash desk. Calls the sum. Yes, hurry up as Darya Petrovna is going in holiday to Bulgaria.

Enok — And it is possible in parts, for each session, and that we still study, a grant small.

Man — If study, it is possible!

Chapter 4

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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