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I devote to the daughter Svetlana

Chapter 1


Ariel sat on a floor near a low window of the room reminding

monastic cell. The table, a stool, a bed and a mat in a corner made all


The window left to the courtyard, sad and silent a bush, tra-

vinka — sand and gravel, — as if the desert corner fenced with four

prison walls of the gloomy building with tiny windows. Over flat kry-

Russian cabbage soup tops of palm trees of the dense park surrounding school rose. Vyso-

Kaya the fencing separated the park and buildings from the outside world.

The deep silence was broken only by a gravel scratch under slow

steps of teachers and tutors.

In same poor, as well as at Ariel, rooms pupils were located,

brought to the Madras school Dandarat from all over the world. Among them

there were both eight-year-old and adult girls and young men. They made one

family, but in their quiet and avaricious words, in their eyes it was impossible the deputy —

to tit neither love, nor friendship, nor attachment, nor joy at a meeting, nor

grief at separation.

These feelings from the very first days of stay in school were eradicated by all

measures tutors and teachers: Hindu Brahmins, hypnotists and

Europeans, mainly British, — occultists new a form —


On Ariel there was a tunic — a shirt with short sleeves from rough fabric.

Standing there were no sandals even.

It was the tall fair-haired young man of years of eighteen. But on expression

it could give faces sometimes less: light gray eyes looked with

children’s naiveté though on a high forehead lungs of wrinkles were already outlined —

ки, as at the person who worried much and changed the mind. Color of his eyes and

the hair indicated the European origin.

Ariel’s face with the correct Anglo-Saxon lines was not movably,

as mask.

It it is indifferent looked out of the window as the person shipped in glu-looks

boky reflection.

So it also was: the mentor of Charaka-babu forced Ariel in the evenings

to sum up the results of day — to remember all events which came from rising to

sunset to check the attitude towards them, to check the thoughts, —

laniye, acts. Before withdrawal to a dream Ariel had to give the account —

to confess before Charaka.

The setting sun lit kroner of palm trees and clouds which are quickly flying on not —

бу. The rain just stopped, and from the yard warm got into a cell

damp air.

What happened in a day?

Ariel, as always, at dawn woke up. Washing, prayer, zavt-

cancer in the general dining room. On a thick wooden tray gave luchi-lepesh-

ки from flour, absolutely inedible fried peanuts and water in gli-

nyany vessels.

The tutor Satya, as always, transferring a heavy look from one vos-

pitannik on another, said them that they eat bananas, tasty rice

flat cakes with sugar also drink dense milk. And school students, giving in vnushe-

niya, with pleasure all served foods ate. Only one

the boy beginner who is not prepared for mass hypnosis yet asked:

— Where bananas? Where rice flat cakes?

Сатья approached the beginner, raised his head for a chin and moved —

telno told, having strictly looked in eyes:

— Sleep! — Also repeated suggestion then also this boy became with appe-

rigid nuts are Tit, taking them for bananas.

— And you why put on a scarf? — other mentor, the thin Hindu asked with

black beard and the shaven head, addressing the girl of years of nine.

— Cold, — she answered, chilly shaking a coat hanger. It was in a fever.

— To you hot. Remove a scarf now!

— Уф, what heat! — the girl exclaimed, removing a scarf, and carried out on

to forehead a hand, as if wiping the acted sweat.

Сатья drawlingly began to read lecture: pupils have to be not —

are sensitive to cold, a heat, pain. The spirit has to triumph over a body!

Children sat quietly, their movements were sluggish, apathetic.

Suddenly that boy who at the beginning of a breakfast asked: «Where

bananas?» — the piece pulled out at the neighbor beams and, having loudly laughed, thrust it

in a mouth.

Сатья one jump came to be near the disobedient person and pulled it an ear.

The boy loudly began to cry. All children as if hardened before it neslykhan-

ny misconduct. Laughter and tears were ruthlessly eradicated in this

to school. Сатья seized with one hand of the boy, another — a wide vessel.

The boy absolutely calmed down, only hands and his legs shivered.

Ariel felt sorry for the beginner.

Not to give the feelings, he hung the head. Yes, to it was very much

it is a pity for this eight-year-old kid. But Ariel knew that, sympathizing tova-

to rishch, he makes big offense in which he has to confess to the

to the tutor Charake.

«Whether to confess?» — the thought flashed, but Ariel suppressed it. He got used to

care, reserve even in the thoughts.

By order of Satyi the servant took away the boy with a vessel on the head. The breakfast was

it is finished in full silence.

This day after a breakfast there had to leave several young men and —

the vushka which graduated school.

Ariel had the hidden sympathy to leaving black, bolsheg-

to the lazy young man and the slender girl also had the basis to assume, as they

also friendly treated him. Several years of joint stay in

To Dandaratya connected them. But they covered the feelings with a coldness mask

and indifferences. Rare minutes, when eyes of supervisors and tutors

did not watch them, secret friends exchanged one eloquent

look, sometimes handshake — and only. All three stored the secret

friendship — the only treasure which warmed their young hearts as

the small flower which by miracle remained in the dead desert.

Oh, if tutors got into their secret! With what exasperation they

would crush this flower! Under hypnosis they would force to admit in

with all and suggestion would kill also this warm feeling, having replaced it cold and


Farewell happened in the yard near iron gate. Without looking the friend on

the friend, leaving told ice tone:

— Farewell, Ariel!

— Farewell, farewell! — Also dispersed, even without having shaken hands.

Having hung the head, Ariel went to school, trying not to think about

friends, quashing feeling of grief, — for secret thoughts and feelings will be

time in the dead of night. He will not tell about these thoughts and feelings to anybody even

under hypnosis! And in it there was the latest deep secret of Ariel, au co —

Torah even cunning Charaka and the chief of school Bkharava did not guess.

Then there were lessons of religion history, an occultism, Theosophy. A lunch with

«bananas», lessons of English, Hindustani, Bengali, Marathi,

Sanskrit… Poor dinner.

— You are very full! — inspires Satya.

After a dinner — «session». Ariel already passed this terrible circle danda-

ratsky hell, but has to be present at «practical training» with but —


The narrow dark corridor lit only with the weak, fluctuating spark

svetiln with the smoking match from the rejected cotton, conducts in big

the room without windows with the same dim spark. In the room — a rough table and

several mats on a floor.

Ariel with group of the senior pupils not movably, silently costs in a corner

on a stone floor.

The servant enters the fourteen-year-old boy.

— Drink! — the mentor speaks, stretching a mug.

The boy obediently swallows of sharply smelling, bitterish liquid, is old —

ясь not to screw up the face. The servant quickly takes off a shirt from the boy and rubs him

body flying ointments. The boy is covered by alarm, deadly melancholy.

Then there comes excitement. He often also pants, its pupils rasshi-

Rena, hands and legs twitch, as at the cardboard clown.

The teacher lifts from a floor a lamp with a flickering spark and asks:

— What you see?

— I see the dazzling sun, — the boy, щуря eyes answers.

All feelings are aggravated. The low whisper seems to it a thunder, he hears how

flycatchers run on walls as each person in the room breathes as

heart at each of attendees as somewhere on an attic sheve-fights

bats litsya… He sees, hears, notices, feels what not

any normal person notices.

At one of this state comes to an end in nonsense, at others — the strongest nervous

attack. Ariel already did not see some later such rough any more at —

horseshoes: they either died, or went crazy.

Ariel had a strong constitution. It passed all tests, having kept

the health.

When the first stars were lit, the door of the room opened. Charaka entered,

leading the swarty boy with the scared person by the hand.

— Sit down! — he ordered to the boy.

The boy sat down on a floor as the automatic machine. Ariel approached Charaka and bowed.

— It is new. His name is Charades. You will lead it today. You are happy with —


— Yes, the father, — Ariel answered.

— You have nothing to confess? — mistrustfully Charaka asked. — Sover-

only the one who is never happy with himself can reach a shenstvo.

— It is inquisitive having looked in Ariel’s eyes, asked Charak: — About last not du —

it is small?

— No, — Ariel firmly answered.

At this school pupils were forbidden to think of life before receipt

in school to remember the early childhood, parents and to ask questions, kasayu-

щиеся their past and future. None of pupils knew that them

expects what they are trained for, almost nobody remembered also the past.

That who had still too fresh memoirs and strong memory, gip-

ноз helped to forget the past.

Charaka it is once again inquisitive looked in Ariel’s eyes and left.

Charades sat all in the same motionless pose as small bronze


Ariel listened to retreating footsteps of Charaki and smiled — in the first

time for all day.

Before Dandarat’s pupils there were only two ways: for the majority

— a full, absolute obezvolivaniye and, at best, full it is loosened —

nost of nervous system. For insignificant minority — the strongest fi-

zichesk and it is intellectual — a way of the thinnest hypocrisy, the most cunning ukhishchre-

niya, artistic simulation. Ariel belonged to the last group. To it

it was possible even to resist to hypnosis, feigning somnambulistic consisting —

ny. But such as it, there was a little. The slightest mistake — and deception razobla-

it chatsya. Mentors were owners of soul and a body of the pupils.

Ariel quickly and silently approached to the Charade and whispered:

— You will be frightened, but be not afraid that you saw. All this naroch-


The boy with surprise and mistrust looked at Ariel. At school with it

still nobody so friendly spoke.

— And main thing: do not cry, do not shout if you do not want that you were beaten!

Charades ceased to cry.

Behind a window bats silently rushed about, sometimes flying in a window. On

room walls little domestic lizards caught insects. Boy zas-

it motretsya on them and calmed down.

Ariel lit oil светильню. A red uvula of a flame it is dim osve-

tit the room the wind Getting through a window shook a flame, and on walls plya-

fat Ariel’s shadow. Corners of the room remained in a gloom.

In a corner, opposite to the boy, something began to move. Charades vglya-

got to and grew cold with horror. The big yellow snake with crept out of a crack to —

the rotky thick head inflated by a neck, a flat belly with light, okay-

mlenny black lines the drawing on a cervical part, similar to points. Nye!

After the first Nye — a cobra — another crept out, black-brown,

behind it — absolutely black, then gray, more and more. Snakes crept away on

to the room, surrounded the boy.

— Sidi, do not move, be silent! — Ariel, passionless as vseg-whispered

yes, and as if stiffened.

Snakes crept up absolutely close They highly lifted a forward part that —

lovishcha, necks in the form of a flat board strongly expanded and looked directly in

eyes to the boy, being going to rush on it.

Ariel it is hardly heard whistled a sad, monotonous melody in which

only three tones alternated.

Snakes stood, listening, then hung the heads and, slowly otpol-

darling in a corner, disappeared in a floor opening.

Charades continued to sit not movably. Drops of cold sweat covered it


— Well done! — Ariel whispered. But this praise was undeserved:

the boy did not shout and did not move because it was paralyzed by fear.

The wind gust which brought with itself a sweet smell zhas-rushed into the room


In the sky of a star became covered by clouds. The thunder rang out, and rustled tro-soon

pichesky heavy rain. Air became fresh at once. Lightnings flashed, lighting

house wall the opposite side and affecting in water which quickly

covered all yard which turned into the lake.

The boy with relief sighed, leaving the catalepsy. However it

waited for new tests.

The wall from a mat dividing rooms unexpectedly rose, and Charades

saw it is dazzling the lit room which half was laid by white

oilcloth. In the middle of the room there was a huge tiger. Light fell to it in eyes, and

the golden striped animal squinted, discontentedly shaking the head.

The animal beat with an elastic tail a floor.

But here eyes of a tiger began to get used to bright light. Squinting, it lips —

curled on the Charade, published silent short growl and, having fallen by forward

paws, all strained, preparing for a jump.

Charades clutched at the head and violently cried.

He felt how someone touches his shoulder. «Will bite to death!» —

freezing with horror, the boy thought. But the touch was too easy

for a paw of an animal.

— Why you cried? — he heard Ariel’s voice. — The mentor will punish

you for it! We go! — Ariel took the Charade by hand and almost violently a post —

twisted on legs.

Only now Charades dared to open eyes. The wall from a mat was on

place. In the room the twilight. Behind a window the ceasing heavy rain rustles. Are heard from —

dalenny, thunder bumps.

Reeling, Charades started wandering for Ariel, almost without thinking.

They passed a long dark corridor, entered a narrow door. Ariel

passed the Charade forward and told loudly:

— Go! There is a ladder. Do not fall. — And in a whisper added: — Be ostoro-

wives! Do not shout what happened to you be not afraid. You are frightened for that is

го that you got used to be afraid of nothing.

Ariel remembered how he for the first time was subjected to these tests. Togas —

yes it went one. Nobody warned him and consoled.

Charades, shaking with fear, went down on the semi-fallen-off steps lest-

Nice. Before it there was a dark vault. Smelled of dampness. Close air,

stagnant. A stone floor is covered with liquid cold silt. From above dripped

large drops water Somewhere murmured. The boy, without knowing where to go, stretched

forward is a hand not to hit against an invisible barrier.

— Go, go, — Ariel pushed him.

Charades moved forward in deep darkness. Somewhere were heard zaglu-

tire groans, wild howls, mad laughter Then there came ominous

silence. But darkness seemed filled with living beings of Charades feeling —

shaft someone’s cold touches. Suddenly the terrible roar was distributed,

from which the earth trembled.

— Go! Go!

The boy touched with a hand an osklizly wall Soon and other hand of braids —

it nulasnutsya walls. The vault was narrowed. Charades already hardly made the way vpe-


— Go! Go! — imperatively Ariel ordered. And right there whispered: — Not

be afraid, now…

But he did not finish speaking. Charades suddenly felt that the earth leaves from under

legs and it falls in a chasm.

It fell to something soft and damp. The heavy arch falls by it and

presses to the earth. He chokes, groans.

— Be silent! — he hears Ariel’s whisper.

But here the arch rises Around the same darkness. Suddenly from darkness

there is a light cloud. It takes the form of the huge old man with be-

ly long beard From shining as fog under the moon, clothes rises

the bony hand Is heard a deaf, deep voice.

— If you want to live, get up and go without looking back.

And Charades obeyed. Quietly crying, it rises and goes along the corridor.

Walls of a vault begin to shine dim reddish light. Stano-

to curl warmly, then insufferably hot. Walls all redden and move.

Through cracks the flame makes the way. Its languages flare more and more brightly, closer and closer. Still

it is a little — hair will also flash, the clothes of Charades will light up choke, begin

to faint. Someone picks up it, and the last that he hears, —

it is Ariel’s whisper:

— Poor Charades!.

Chapter 2


Ariel woke up, and his first thought was «Poor Charades!»

The nervous shock the Charade was so big that it it was necessary pomes-

to tit in school hospital. The doctor forced to drink the Charade of hot milk with

vodka, and the child fell asleep, and Ariel, his involuntary conductor, returned to


While Ariel washed, there ascended the sun Rang out a gong. Instead of rough

everyday shirt Ariel put on linen clothes. The school expected arrival

eminent guests.

After a breakfast teachers and the senior tutors gathered in

the big hall filled with chairs, chairs, benches. At the end of long

the hall the platform laid by a carpet and decorated with garlands tsve-towered

comrade. Windows were densely closed, and the hall was lit with electric lamps in

fancy bronze chandeliers.

Soon also guests in the most various suits began to appear. Here

there were important swarty gray-bearded old men in the silk clothes decorated

pearls and gemstones, both lean fakirs, and representatives of different

castes with the caste sign on a forehead traced by clay from Ganges, dressed in GRU —

to buoy of a dkhota and the old-fashioned short jacket decorated with tapes in boots

rural work with the bent socks. At others sideways hung even ma-

lenky copper kettles, on custom of ascetics Were also such which clothes

the sheet and wooden sandals made.

The last sahibs appeared. White, tall, self-confident angli-

tub in white suits occupied chairs in the first row.

The school administration servilely looked after them.

To a platform there ascended a white person in the Indian suit chief

schools Bkharava. In the purest English he welcomed guests in

the finest expressions also asked them «to do the honor to look on dosti-

Dandarat’s zheniye in education of servants of the world, the Lord and the truth».

Tutors began to show the most talented vospitanni-

k. It was similar to sessions of «professors of magic and occult sciences».

Pupils dropped off on a platform. They reproduced

the whole scenes also delivered speeches under the influence of hypnosis, repeated with neoby-

tea accuracy told by someone from attendees. At some

pupils the attention was sophisticated to such an extent that they noticed

movements of attendees imperceptible for others. According to teachers, not —

which of pupils could see the radiations going from the head persistently

the thinking person, «to hear the reflex movements of sound bodies,

unconsciously fixing sounds process of thinking», that is not only

«to see», but also «to hear» work of a brain. All this here «was confirmed

on experience», causing approval of guests.

Also youth phenomena which allegedly developed in themselves were shown

the strong electric charges lighting an incandescence bulb, giving

the large sparks surrounding with an aura of their body. Others saw in the dark.

Then other experts followed: having heard several words sobe-

sednik, observing his face, the movements, external signs, they it is faultless

told it to life about the next events.

Ariel watched on it representation and thought:

«They would show better those tests to which are exposed vospitanni-


Ariel passed through all these circles of hell. Last test, to which

it underwent, there was «an acceptance of spirit». Ariel with internal shudder

remembered this gloomy ceremony which is carried out by pupils of the last to a mortar —

it training. They were forced to be present at death of people, to hold

dying by hands and when there came death moment, they were ordered by whole

to vat dying in lips and to accept in itself a last breath. It was otv-

ratitelno. But Ariel was able to constrain himself.

The made noise distracted Ariel from his thoughts.

The chief of school invited guests to other hall where expected them preds-

tavleniye in other sort.

There had to be a distribution of diplomas to members of theosophic

«White box» from hands of the most «teacher of teachers» Jesus-Matereyi.

The huge hall was buried in verdure and flowers. The platform covered with a carpet on —

remembered the arbor twined an ivy, roses and a jasmine. Through open windows

rushes of hot wind got into the hall. Became hot. Entering sbra-

put from shoulders of a shawl and fanned with palm fans. Thick заминдар

imperceptibly thrust a leaf of a betel into a mouth.

In the first row on two gilded chairs upholstered with yellow silk, a mustache —

foxes the elderly Englishman wearing spectacles, with a wavy gray-haired beard, and the mem-sahib

— the stout woman with a round fresh face and short-haired curled gray-haired in —

losam, in the Indian suit, — leaders of theosophic society Mr. Bro —

to unlo and Mrs. Dreyden. The principal brought it a bouquet of flowers.

When all seated, chorus of girls and boys in blue suits, uk-

rashenny garlands from white oleanders, started singing the anthem. At the last sounds

the anthem in an arbor Matereya appeared.

All got up. Many of guests fell on knees.

«The teacher of teachers» was dressed in celestial-blue color long clothes.

His head with the wavy, falling on shoulders hair and small beards —

which reminded Christ’s images of the Italian artists. On beautiful,

too womanly — «delightful» — the person the «divine» smile stiffened.

He blagoslovlyayushche raised hands.

Mem-sagib with admiration looked at his beautiful face. She admired

them without shadow of religious feeling.

Bearded Brounlou caught her eye and frowned.

The ceremony of distribution of diplomas accompanied with numerous began


Some members of a box removed distinctions from a breast to receive them

once again from hands of Matereyi, stretched before it on a floor, and it lifted

over them hands also distributed flowers.

Then «teacher of teachers» began to speak and brought listeners into such

exaltation that hysterical shouts were heard, many fell in obmo-

fate, others fought in spasms.

Having once again blessed all, Matereya — the new embodiment of Buddha — left.

The sahib rose, mem-sahib Oni took by an arm passed at a door for estra-

that as the people who here are well knowing everything also appeared in comfortable,

in an European way the furnished office, even with a fireplace, in which in it

climate there was no need.

The sahib sat down at a desk of the principal, the mem-sahib was located in

chair near it.

The principal who entered after them took seat on a chair only after that,

as the distinguished guest told:

— Sit down, Mr. Pearce, and tell how you have affairs.

Mr. Pearce famous in school under a name of Bkharava, with permission mis-

Cis Dreyden began to smoke the cigar taken from own desk on —

thought: «You better me know about school»

And it was the truth.

Mr. Pearce and sahib-Mr. Brounlou — both were British, and both ra-

botal in one field. Religion — one of foundations of public system,

which they served, — gave ominous cracks, lost the charm in

people at large. Some props, substitutes, «substitutes» were necessary.

It was necessary to support belief in a deity, in spirit, to support mystical

moods And on the stage appeared societies of Theosophy, spiritism, ok —

cultural-ism, the publishing thousands of books worldwide. Their center nakho-

got to in London. It was necessary to use India surrounded in eyes

Europeans and Americans a mystery aura, from it «occult zna-

niya», yogis and fakirs. The religion so well helped with India

to British to support the domination.

Here the magnificent temple with a dome hemisphere was built. Here,

near Madras, the school Dandarat for increase in number was created

adherents and priests of mysterious sciences, where for Asia future prepared

«teachers of teachers», like Jesus-Matereyi, Krishnamutri-Altsiona — «ve-

— sided teacher, similar to Krishna or Buddha», and any mediums, proritsa-

body, hypnotists, wonder-workers, clairvoyants — for Europe and America.

The Madras school exists informally. To it induce not only

a peculiar way and extraordinary methods of education, but also some at —

ranks of more scrupulous property. Here place children only give birth to those —

whether, relatives or trustees, which for any of several reasons for a while

or forever want to get rid of the child. Some of children simply

are abducted at parents by Dandarat’s agents.

Here train stories of religions and to languages of those countries where the pupil

intends for work.

Especially talented, that is especially nervous, from graduating school

remain in it as tutors.

Hypnosis in an educational system figures prominently. Extreme obostre-

ny susceptibilities gives the chance to some pupils to act in

quality of «readers of thoughts», perceiving the movements, imperceptible for others

lips, eyes, almost inaudible sounds of the mentor and to make different «a miracle —


For the same purpose also any tricks, like the shining auras serve

around the body, aromas proceeding from a body of «Saint», extremely dexterously

conceived and carried out. Among tutors and «scientific consultants»

school there is a lot of also talented people with big knowledge.

Such is there was a school Dandarat.

Mr. Pearce, smoking a cigar, did the report. Brounlou and Dresden encourage —

telno nodded.

— How the situation with graduates is? — Mr. Brounlou asked.

Pierce told several names of pupils, explained their specialty and

places where they go.

— I did not decide yet on what way to direct Ariel, — Pierce told.

— It is that, difficult? — asked Brounlou. — As its present


— Aurelius Galton.

— I remember. It was placed by trustees?

— Quite right, — Pierce responded. — Mr. Voden and Mr. Hezlon

from London. They requested about it recently. I answered that health of Avre-

Leah does not leave much to be desired, however…

Brounlou discontentedly frowned, made fingers of hands impatient dvi-

zheniye, having squinted eyes, cautiously looked at Mrs. Dreyden whom not on —

lagatsya to know everything, and interrupted Pierce:

— So you want to make with it?

— I can only tell that for roles of the medium, clairvoyant, prophet he not

it is suitable. For this purpose Ariel has too strong head and, despite everything

too healthy nervous organization, — he added from shares of chagrin and

even with a guilty look. — Difficult. Besides these Boden and Hez-


— I know. They wrote also me, — again interrupted Pierce Brounlou. — At Charlz

Hyde there are interesting news. Talk to it about Ariel. Perhaps,

will approach.

— Who is Charlz Hyde? — Mrs. Dreyden asked.

— You do not know? — courteous addressed it the Feast — one of scientific honeycombs —

mines of our school. Extremely interesting person.

— So, talk to it! — repeated, rising, Brounlou.

Chapter 3


— So you speak, the person fly? Ha-ha-ha! Still people were able from

flies to do an elephant, and you want to make the person of a fly…

— Not from a fly of the person…

— And from the person a fly? It’s just one thing after another. Ha-ha-ha!.

Such conversation happened in Charlz Hyde’s laboratory, great, but not

the scientist recognized by the world who found a shelter in Dandarat. It was podkho-

place, dyashchy for it. Rivals scientists said long ago that Hyde’s place in

madhouse. The difference between this house and Dandarat consisted

only that houses for mad exist to treat sincere

patients, and Dandarat of healthy did by the insane.

Among tutors and «scientific consultants» loonies also occurred —

chesk are abnormal though in own way and uncommon people. To it at —

also Hyde ought.

Open windows narrow as a corridor, laboratories were veiled by mats

from light and the scorching beams of the sun. In the twilight tables were seen, it is filled —

ny by sophisticated cars of various geometrical forms. Cubes, spheres, tsi-

lindra, disks from copper, glass, rubber were bound by wires as

lianas. The real jungle of the scientific equipment through which it is not easy

to make the way to the profane person. Books were absent. All enormous biblio-

the teka of the books devoted to versatile sciences was located under huge

absolutely bald skull of a gidrotsefal, red, as mature tomato. To Ott —

yes the owner of infallible memory took without any work any nuzh-

ny reference.

For years of life in India Hyde grew fat, grew lazy, released broad

red beard, got local habits.

For hours and hours it rolled on a mat in one are short?; white trousers.

Always stood a jug with ice and lemons near it, a can with

betel and another — with tobacco. His lips were as if are blood-stained from saliva,

painted by a betel. He held a fan which continuously about in one hand —

it makhivatsya, in another — a tube, chewed a betel, smoked and thought, from time to

time forcing two assistants, one — a bengaliyets, another —

the Englishman to write down the thoughts coming to his mind or to make

experience. If they were mistaken, Hyde was irritated, shouted, but did not rise with

mats. And in a minute he already good-natured laughed loudly.

At his legs on a low chair from a bamboo his colleague across Dandara-sat

that, too unrecognized scientist, Oscar Fox. It was thin as the ascetic, shaven

the person turned yellow from malaria. On this gloomy, with the fallen cheeks the person lying —

la press of embitternment of the loser. He spoke tone offended chelove-

keeping the eyes glued on hours bracelets, and every fifteen minutes

punctually took out from a tin box of a pill and swallowed.

Already Hyde and Fox are more than a year worked on the instructions of Dandarat: to create

the flying person — to find means by means of which the person could le —

the Tat without any device as we fly in dreams. If the secret is

it is observed, theosophists and occultists will receive the new powerful tool for

promotion of the ideas. With the flying person it is possible to play much chu-

close scenes, having nonplused official science. Such problem of everything

was suitable for scientists, similar to Hyde and Fox more, — it is a little avantyu-

to rist and charlatans, there are a little to dreamers and at the same time people, bezuslov-

but, talented. They found what could not be found anywhere in Dandarat:

appliances for implementation of the most fantastic projects. And

they invented for Dandarat many «miracles of white and black magic». But all

it was no more as witty focuses. With the flying person business obs-

thawed more difficult.

Hyde and Fox went various ways. Fox was the engineer and the physicist, Hyde —

biophysicist. Fox represented himself type of the scientist who creates with huge

by efforts, doubting success eternally. It was not solved on frontal attack on —

uchny problem, made numerous experiences reconnaissances, went

around yes near, began and threw. Without trusting itself, he often talked with

Hyde. And was to that to drop a hint of doubt enough or to laugh as Fox

threw the project and began to invent new.

Hyde, on the contrary, was self-assured and stopped at nothing. Hyde did not speak

To Fox, in what way he thinks to create the flying person. Only,

what it opened for Fox, is that «permission will come on the basis of physics

physiology and biophysics».

And this time the conversation began with what Fox declared:

— It seems to me, I attacked a successful thought. A problem of the creation flying

the person the litany of a fly lies in a problem.

When Hyde ceased to laugh. Fox with insult began to explain, trying

to prove that his idea is not so ridiculous and ridiculous as it seems dear

to the colleague.

He long spoke about observations of scientists over flight of a fly, about that, us —

колько this seeming simplicity is difficult. Spoke «about special muscles in GRU —

di of a fly of «direct» and «indirect» action». When flying wings describe

vosmerkoobrazny figure Thanks to these features the fly can

to fly at rather small expense of forces and the small area

wings, lifting rather big weight of the body. And here if soz-

to give the similar device, the person will be able quite to fly on small

wings without any motors, using the muscular force.

— Perfectly!. Charmingly! It is delightful! Charm!. Wonderfully!

— After each pronounced word Hyde laughed loudly, without ceasing obmakhi-

to vat a fan the person.

Fox turned yellow for offense and asked:

— What in all this ridiculous? Or you did not understand me, or…

— Or you understood nothing, — Hyde interrupted it. — Yes, it is obvious, you

did not understand essence of a task at all. What do you offer? New summer —

telny device. Exclusively. Device. The mechanism which it is possible pritse-

to drink on shoulders to any blockhead…

— Why to the blockhead?

— The device which can be put in mass production. To create

hundreds, thousands of people flies. It is possible to make such project not in Dandara-

those, and in the Ministry of Defence. Flying soldiers, intelligence agents, snipers,

bombometchik — it, of course, is quite good. And in general it is quite good. Down with ladders,

elevators, escalators! People flies as bees from a beehive, take off from all windows

skyscrapers, a swarm fly on streets. Remarkably! And what scope for

climbers! They on the mushiny wings will stick around Everesta and Monblana,

as real flies sugar head. You see, you carried away me yours

the project But, the road mine, another is necessary to us absolutely! We have to create uni —

the godfather person who could fly without any device here so — took

and departed…

— But if to make such person, it is possible to make also hundreds, thousands? —

Fox objected.

— It is possible of course.

— In what a difference?.

— The difference is that it is enough to catch one your cheloveko-fly, and lyu-

fight the engineer, having considered your device, will manage to make same. If

will catch my flying person, nobody will open anything and do not sing —

mt. The secret is known to me to one. And this flying person will be

the only thing in the world. Make the second, tenth only I can one — and

only by special order of Dandarat. It is clear?

Fox was absolutely discouraged. Swallowed a pill, and it seemed to it

especially bitter. Having kept silent, he told:

— But what you speak about, I consider just impossible. It napomi-

aches leisure fictions about a levitation of fakirs. Speak about it and write it is mute —

ло. But to us, scientists, not to the person to trust fables. I live nine years in India and

never saw a levitation case. And if I about it was told by the eyewitness,

the person to whom I quite trust, I would tell him: «My friend, you zhert-

ва dexterous deception or hypnosis».

— Let’s leave fakirs alone. William! — Hyde shouted. From the next komna-

you left the young man with the pale, exhausted person. — Show miste-

ру to Fox experience number first.

William left and returned with a tray on which stood small shka-


— Open a casket a key, Mr. Fox, and raise a cover.

Fox with mistrust turned a key. But it had not even to raise

cover — she opened under pressure of a spring; from a casket suddenly you —

black porous weight flew to a fist size, steeply rose, with

easy knock hit in a ceiling and as if stuck to it.

The puzzled Fox, having lifted up the head, silently looked at the lump reminding

black sponge.

— Get, William! — Hyde ordered.

William brought a ladder, grabbed a sponge with a hand and got down.

— Take, Mr. Fox, but you hold more strong, do not miss.

Fox did not feel sponge weight. On the contrary, spongy weight though nez-

nachitelno, but pressed from below up. William took from Fox’s hands a sponge, hollow

lived in a casket, locked and left.

— In this first experience I got into your area, Fox, — Hyde told.

— Physics of thin films. Porous weight with microscopically thin perego-

rodka which emptiness are filled with hydrogen. The first flying metal.

Extralight, weightless and, at last, the flying metals! What revolution in

to the construction and transport equipment! The skyscrapers going to a stratosphere

the flying cities! I would be loaded with money for this invention. But they rejected,

did not recognize me, that it is worse for them! Let my invention vospolzuyet-

ся Dandarat for the miracles! Present the rock chained to the earth tse-

pyam. The person approaches, is enough the rock, chains are removed, and the person not

only lifts the rock, but also itself together with it blows up. Eph —


— And you call a levitation? — derisively Fox asked. — Then

the children’s balloon — a levitation!

— I do not call a levitation, — Hyde objected. — It would be the levit —

tion if it was succeeded to create the person from porous weightless mass

сы. Then would be enough an imperceptible push of a leg that the person you —

juice rose by air. But such task not on forces even to me. Is bo-

leu simple way. William! Show experience number second!

William, as if giving a dish to a table, took out a wooden tray, on to —

to Torahs there was a black box with handles, and on it — white cubic William put

tray on a floor before Fox.

— Turn the handle! — Hyde ordered.

And Fox uvidat as the cube smoothly rose to a ceiling, held on there not —

which time and also smoothly fell when William turned the handle about —


— Electrical equipment miracles? Electromagnetism? — Fox asked.

— Guessed only half! — laughing, Hyde answered. — You physicist!

Think, guess!.

Fox stupidly looked on cubic Hyde laughed again and fatly told:

— Yes, not to get to the core of this nutlet to modern physics! Work washing us —

only moved forward that I can open something for you. Brownian

motion of the molecules. It is clear?

Fox is silent, open eyes took a broad view of Hyde.

— Are surprised? Still! Brownian motion randomly, chaotically.

However, the probability theory says to us that it is theoretically not excluded that is

which case when all molecules at the same time direct up. And then

the stone or the person could rise above the ground But veroyaty such case

it is expressed by the relation of one to unit with so many zero that prakti-

chesk such case is less possible, than, say, collision of the Sun with

some celestial body. It is simple to tell, the probability is equal to zero.

Usually a particle, hitting against others, feels identical aspiration dvi-

to gatsya both to the right, and to the left, and up, and down and therefore remains on the place.

No wonder what modern scientists declared: «We cannot feed any

illusions concerning an opportunity to use Brownian motion,

for example, for the purpose of a raising of bricks on top of the building under construction», and

means, and for overcoming by a human body of an attraction of Earth. On it

question it was given up as a bad job. But I thought: the thought to seize spontaneous,

would seem the destructive, unrestrained, willful force of a lightning lyu-

дям past centuries so mad and impossible. And now same force

obediently flows in our wires, moves our cars, gives light and heat.

— And you set to yourself the task to seize Brownian motion, justices —

лять chaotic jumps of molecules?

— Not only set this task, but, as you can see, and resolved it.

William! Show to Mr. Fox dance of flasks!

On a table there was a long flat device filled with glass

flasks. These flasks suddenly began to jump up above and above. One of them

rose and fell slowly, others scurried about about big up-down


William turned a device rychazhok, and one flask suddenly a bullet took off in


— You see one of stages of my works. This quadrille of flasks delivered to me

it is a lot of efforts. It is easier to train a hippopotamus, an elephant, a fly, than a molecule.

The main difficulty is that playfulness of my ballerinas molecules very much razlich-

on. In flasks molecules of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide are concluded. Podu-

wash whether it is easy to force to dance flasks at one speed: at zero

Celsius the speed of motion of the molecules of hydrogen is equal to one thousand six hundred devya-

Nosta to two meters per second, nitrogen — to four hundred fifty four, ug-

lekislota and that it is less — to three hundred sixty two. For a hydrogen mo-

this speed exceeds lekula not only the speed of flight of a gun bullet,

but also an artillery shell, approaching the speed of shells super

long-range guns. At increase in temperature the speed of the movement a pier —

cool increases. Saw how the hydrogen flask took off? Imagine

bullets, shells which move by internal forces of molecules!

— As you managed to turn chaotic motion of the molecules in nap-

ravlenny? — Fox asked.

— It is a long story. So far it is enough to tell that, studying molekulyar-

Nov the movement, physics considered only heat role, ignoring elektriches-

Kia of the phenomenon. I had to go deep into studying of a difficult game of forces, prois-

going in atoms of which molecules consist and to seize this the IS —


— So, in essence, this not Brownian motion, and it is rather

electric? — Fox asked.

— Both phenomena are in communication.

Fox thought.

— Let’s say — he told, — that you managed to seize molecular dvi-

zheniye, having called to the aid electric factors of an attraction and ottalkiva-

niya, changes of potential, a recharge if I understood you. But everything that you

showed, treats the inorganic world.

— And unless the body of the person consists not of inorganic substances, not from

molecules and atoms? — Hyde objected. — Difficulties consisted not in it.

The first of them in leading to one denominator of the movement a pier —

cool various speeds, differently the human body would be simply razorva-

but. I had to connect two areas: physics and electrophysiology. For

strengthenings of electric potential I entered artificial into an organism

radioelements which supplied it with radiant energy. It turned out

chain: from impulses of a brain, a thought — to nervous system, from nervous system

— to the phenomena electrophysical, from them — to molecular.

— And you managed it?

— You judge. Satish, caterpillar!

The second assistant to Hyde brought a flower in a pot with sitting on a leaf a goose —

also struck with Nice a branch. The caterpillar fell down, but halfway to a floor suddenly

stopped in air.

Fox ran a hand, thinking that the caterpillar hangs on a web, but webs

was not. Satish carefully took a caterpillar, put on a leaf and carried away. After

it, already without order, it brought a little chicken with not grown

still also released wings on a floor.

Satish loudly clapped. Scared wingless chicken suddenly

rose by air, with peep it pometatsya about the room and took off for a window, you —

going to the park. Fox approached a window and saw how the chicken fell on


— You do not depart from a window. Fox, — Hyde told.

Satish took out a cat in a garden, put on a tree and then called:

— Кудэ! Кудэ! Go rather! Look, a cat! Cat!

Bark was heard, and the small doggie of Kude (Baby) ran up to a tree

Увидав a cat, she began a bark, made a jump and suddenly with plaintive squeal

rushed into the sky. Its bark and squeal were heard further and further, more deafly.

— Кудэ! Кудэ! Кудэ! — Satish cried.

The dog who was already on the ball hundreds of meters began to go down

It was already near Satish soon. Having joyfully jumped up, it is again nearly

departed, but Satish picked up in time and carried away it.

— Now penultimate number of our program, — Hyde cheerfully told. —

You do not depart from a window, Mr. Fox.

Satish put a big toad on a path and slightly pushed it with a leg.

The toad jumped up and flew over bushes, trees is higher and higher. Sko-

ро Fox lost sight of it, but for a long time looked in blue of the sky.

— Well you will tell? — Hyde asked.

Fox silently sat down on a chair, mechanically looked at the wrist watch, vzdrog-

nulnut, quickly put in a mouth two pills at once, but this time even not on —

felt them taste.

— I hope, it is already possible to call all this a levitation? — Hyde, obma-told

хиваясь fan. — You, of course, paid attention to behavior levitan-

t? The caterpillar which you saw had ability to fall down

on a web. I closed at it output channels of web glands therefore in

the raising moment it could not release a web and hang on it. But a nerve —

the ny centers worked usually and sent the corresponding impulses. It

there was enough to put in action in a new way organized mo-

the lekulyarny movement and to make an electric recharge of molecules in from —

carrying a charge of Earth, and the caterpillar «hung in mid-air». Chicken bird,

almost forgot to fly, but kept the instincts necessary for le —

Tania. And, using these instincts, it could more fully ispolzo-

to vat new ability of a levitation, than the caterpillar the Dog can only pry-

corduroy road. And though it intellectually advanced animal, however unexpected

flight amazed her, and she would depart to the sky and died if Satish’s call

did not allow it an incentive desire to return back As for the toad standing

at quite low step of development, it died, having reached cold

and air layers poor in oxygen. As showed experiences, with death a stomach —

the leg disappears also ability to a levitation, and our frog, perhaps, already

fell on the head of some amazed peasant… However, spo-

the sobnost to a levitation disappears, has to disappear after in orga-

nizm there will be a disintegration of artificial radioelements.

From all these experiences, — Hyde continued, — you, of course, and made

general conclusion: it is possible to use a levitation that more widely, than more are developed

the highest nervous centers of an animal. Full mastering a levitation is possible

only person.

— Experience with a toad you called penultimate, but the last not so far —

the hall, — Fox told.

— It is not difficult to guess that the last experience and will be the person, — answered


— Will be! Means, you did not make such experience yet?

— You see that the way is for this purpose quite paved, — Hyde objected

— Take this experience with a dog whose nervous system and, in particular

cerebral hemispheres, probably, did not suffer from a levitation, without looking

on the fact that in its organism there had to be big changes in kro-

voobrashcheniya, in work of nervous system and others. And I wait only…

At this time at a door were knocked, and the room was entered by Bkharava-Pierce.

— And, Mr. Pearce! Respectable guru! Bkharava-babu — with a sneer told

Hyde. — What news?

— Mr. Brounlou sent me to you

— Brounlou already talked to me Whom he called?

— Ariel Aurelius Galton.

— Let Ariel, — indifferent tone will be the first flying person

Hyde told.

— I see in it even a decree of fate, — Pierce started talking, building eyes to

to ceiling — you know that in Dandarat it is accepted to give to pupils new

we named names of Aurelius Ariel according to the accord, Ariel — the satellite of the planet

Uranium. At the same time Aizy — air. Uranium — the deity representing


— Spare, Mr. Pearce! You so got into the role of a saniasa. Bkharava,

that you forget before whom you philosophize!

— Custom is second nature, — with a smile, already other tone Pierce answered.

— I here about what wanted to ask you, Mr. Hyde Opyt does not threaten life


— I think what is not present, — Hyde answered. — But if you so value it

life, make the first experience on yourself. For me it is indifferent from whom on —

chat. The flying principal! It would be effective!

Having turned to a mean joke of Hyde a deaf ear. The pier asked a new question:

— And experience does not threaten mental capacities?

— Very perhaps.

— Well to do? Meaning importance put, we have to go on not —

which risk, — with a sigh Pierce told.

— I hate when you speak such Jesuit tone. I

I see you through, Mr. Pearce. Most of all you would like that Arie —

ale survived, but went crazy, however and not so that it is impossible

was to use for your theosophic and-ha-ha-ha! — occult tse-

leu. So, old fox?

Pierce wanted to flare up, but, having remembered that Hyde the person necessary, restrained

and chilly answered.

— Our debt — to obey the highest outlines. I am very glad that you

understood in what direction it is necessary to work. Ariel will come to you

tonight But be careful, Mr. Hyde. Prepare it to that is

му, than it will become. Unexpected obtaining ability to fly not a joke.

As if it did not hurt to itself (himself) the head at once

Chapter 4


Charades returned from hospital to Ariel’s room. Between them were established

relations, unusual to Dandarat’s pupils.

By rules of school, the senior had to direct younger, being

first and closest tutor and «religious teacher», guru of Any proximity,

intimacy, friendship was not allowed. Blind submission younger to the senior

was an education basis. But Ariel kept in soul a share samostoyatelnos-

ти behind a mask of implicit obedience. The instinct of self-preservation forced

it to be hypocritical, to resort to simulation And in it it reached the virtuoso —

to Nosta. On the same way Ariel also conducted the Charade the Kid instinctively understood,

that from it It is required took the broken form when at strangers

Ariel severely scolded him for offenses which he did not make. When

they remained one, Ariel quietly whispered on an ear to the pupil pou-

cheniye by which teachers and Dangdarat Nie’s tutors would be horrified —

seldom at Ariel words escaped: «As I hate them» — and Charades understood,

about whom the guru Ariel speaks. Charades in not smaller degree hated Pierce and

all his torturers, but at it this feeling was paralyzed by fear

The boy shivered and looked back, being afraid for himself and for Ariel when Ariel

trusted it the intimate thoughts.

One night Ariel quietly talked to Sharad. In a corridor poslysha-

foxes furtive steps of Bkharava Ariel whose hearing was extremely that —

NOC, immediately departed from the boy and began to scold him loudly. Charades made

guilty mug Bkharava entered the room, is inquisitive, as always, looked

on pupils also addressed Ariel with such words.

— My son! Without feeling sorry for forces and work, we raised and cared for you. Came

time of collecting fruits. You are already a young man. Your education is finished. A time at —

to nimatsya for work — to serve those who fed and brought up you, otbla-

to godarit for their cares, a shelter and a table. Dandarat did you great honor,

having intended to great service, and I hope that you will quite justify

our trust.

During this speech delivered by pompous tone, Ariel looked

directly in eyes to Bkharava, as the person to whom the Young man nothing to hide on —

нял that its destiny is decided, in his life there comes the change. But any

the muscle did not tremble on his face, the slightest nervousness was reflected on

it is mute.

Charades understood too that separation from the only person is necessary to it,

which facilitated its existence of Charades was not able to be self-controlled so yet,

as Ariel therefore he looked down and even tried not to breathe that not

to draw to itself terrible Bkharava’s attention.

Ariel «vzyal prakh ot nog» Bkharavy, that is bent down, touched ru-

which to Bkharava’s feet, touched with the same hand the forehead and told:

— My thoughts, my desires, my acts, my life belong to you.

Bkharava, having terminated testing survey, was satisfied. For the first time for

all years of training he caressed Ariel — touched finger-tips to

his chin and then kissed them.

— Follow me, Ariel Tvoy the first step will be a step already on a new path


Ariel followed him as well trained dog.

And Charades, having remained one, hid the face in hands and, without having been able

to constrain itself, began to cry.

What was his joy when at midnight he suddenly felt

the familiar touch of a hand was also heard by Ariel’s whisper.

— It you, date? — he asked in a whisper.

— I, Charades, be not afraid.

— What with you was, date?

— Silence!. Bkharava… You know, it at all not the Hindu, but Englishman Pearce…

He led me to Charlz Hyde, this is the scientist. Too sahib Hyde when saw

Bkharava, exclaimed: «Here and you, Mr. Pearce! And Ariel?» Bkharava so oz-

flew… started blinking to Hyde. Hyde then recovered, told: «Good evening,

Bkharava-babu!» But I already understood that Bkharava not the Hindu. However, I earlier

guessed it at us Here lie continually.

— And what did this Ha? — hurried Charades.

— Hyde? He only examined me as the doctor, told then Bkharava

«It is quite suitable. Zdorov. In several days it at us». But here Pierce again

began to do grimaces, and Hyde ordered: «Come early in the morning, till a breakfast,

you understand? Till a breakfast. You eat nothing, but be properly washed up Accept van —

well, and not just your usual ablution». That’s all.

— Why you so long did not come?

— Bkharava did me manuals: «Obedience, obedience and once again

obedience!» — and Ariel quietly burst out laughing.

This night friends slept a little. Charades grieved for the forthcoming separation with

friend. Ariel guessed that he expects him.

Chapter 5


When for other morning Ariel, having said goodbye to Sharad, was to Hyde,

that met him in a white dressing gown and a white hat.

They entered the room reminding both the operating room and x-ray —

bint, only with more difficult and unusual equipment.

Hyde ordered to Ariel to undress and lay down on the table covered white kleen-


Ariel, as always, implicitly obeyed, assuming that him

will immerse in a hypnotic dream which Ariel was able to do artistic

to feign. But he was mistaken.

Hyde ordered to Ariel to swallow the powder divorced in water and then


— William, mask!

The young man in a white dressing gown and a white cap put on Ariel’s face

mask with cotton wool from which the strong luscious smell proceeded.

— Breathe more deeply, Ariel, and loudly consider! — Hyde ordered.

— Time… two… rub… — there began Ariel.

By the end of the second ten it began to lose count, to do pauses and

fainted soon…

— There now and everything, — he when he recovered again heard and opened gla-

for. He felt sick, in the head rustled. It lay already on a floor in kabinete-labo-

Hyde’s ratoriya. — Well, badly you feel? Anything, it soon proy-

it is put. Lie down quietly, — Hyde told.

It and lay on a mat, already half-naked, as always, with red

from a betel lips also smoked a pipe, fanning.

Remembering Pierce’s preventions, Hyde decided to prepare carefully Ariel to

roles of the flying person.

And when Ariel finally recovered, Hyde told him:

— You are strong, Ariel? You could raise the same young man how?

— Did not try, but I think that could, — having hesitated he answered. Life in

Dandarat accustomed him to careful answers.

— Each healthy person can raise the weight equal to his weight

and it is even more body! William! Jump on a chair! — the scientist ordered having shown —

шемуся on its call to William.

William who is already prepared for it sat down astride the Vienna chair, twisted

legs of his leg, and with hands grasped a back and began to jump up,

moving about the room jumps as it is done by children.

Ariel with surprise looked at the galloping William.

— Pay attention, Ariel, legs at William do not touch a floor. William

only breakthrough pulls a chair up and forward and rises together with it

on air. At each breakthrough it jumps up no more together with a chair

than on three-five centimeters and on as much moves forward. But if

William with the same weight would be stronger, is not that so, it jumped up

above also jumped further? Isn’t it? And the stronger, the higher and further. In

it there is nothing wonderful and extraordinary. Well, and so. Remember now,

Ariel. So far you were under anesthetic… until you slept, I entered… poured in

your body… well, liquid which many times over increased your force. And

now you will be able to jump on a chair better than William. Try! Get up,

sit down on a chair and jump as William.

William gave way to Ariel, having tied previously to a chair hoop

becheva which end held in hand.

— Jump, Ariel!

Ariel pulled a chair and unexpectedly for himself made such jump that

would hit the head against a ceiling if not a becheva. But the same becheva for —

held flight on an arch, and Ariel fell together with a chair to a floor, having tumbled down and


Hyde loudly burst out laughing, but suddenly frowned. He, probably, worried,

even ceased to chew a betel.

— You did not hurt, Ariel?

— It is a little… Only a knee and an elbow, — Ariel, absolutely answered

stunned with all event.

— And what you felt when you departed?

— Ya… To me as though something easily went to the head and shoulders… Something

pressed, only not outside, and from within…

— So… So… It also should be expected, — Hyde murmured. — But

not really strongly? Not painfully?

— No. Only at the first moment. I very much was surprised and even a little ispu-

it gatsya.

— And it did not prevent you to think? You did not faint at least on mgno-


— No, — Ariel answered. — It seems what is not present.

— Perfectly! — Hyde exclaimed and murmured: — At least for me-

ня. The pier will be happy not with everything, but this its business. Well, and that you fell,

hurt, the becheva is guilty of it. Without it, however, you would risk to break

to the head about a ceiling. We tied Becheva because you yet not

you are able to operate the force. Listen, Ariel, listen carefully. Now

you are able to do what any person is not able to do. You can le —

Tat. And to depart, you should wish it only. You mo-

you zht to rise, fly quicker or more slowly, to turn in any

the party to fall voluntarily. It is only necessary to operate itself as

you operate the body when you go, get up, sit down, lay down. On —

you nimat? Well, try to jump on a chair. And do not pull a chair any more, and

only think that you should rise, fly.

Ariel took seat on a chair, undertook a back and thought: «I now podni-

мусь!» And it really rose by meter height, flew about the room and

smoothly fell near Hyde, itself without trusting itself.

— Well done! You make bystry progress.

— And without chair I can fly? — Ariel asked.

Hyde burst out laughing, splashing red saliva.

— Well of course! Ha-ha-ha! You thought that a chair — the aircraft,

it seems rumpled witches? You became the flying person now. The first chelove-

lump which can fly without any mechanisms and wings. Be proud!

Ariel got up from a chair. «I will rise!» And it rose, not movably hung —

нув in air.

— Ha-ha-ha! Adventurer? Charlatan? — Hyde roared, remembering the

the scientific colleagues who were not recognizing it. — Whether it is necessary?

The door of an office opened. Bkharava, because of his shoulder was on the threshold

Fox looked out.

Pierce-Bkharava, увидав Ariel between a floor and a ceiling, widely opened a mouth

and as if hardened. Fox painfully squeezed dry lips and was bent in a look

question mark. Ariel smoothly turned, fell and again

slowly rose.

— Enter, Mr.! What you? — triumphantly Hyde called to them.

Pierce at last recovered and started closing a window, grumbling: «What

imprudence!» Then bypassed around Ariel, swinging the head.

— I congratulate you, the colleague! — Fox squeezed out from himself, having approached Hyde and

making a wry mouth in a smile.

— Well? It is better than your fly? — Hyde asked, having familiarly slapped

Fox on a shoulder so that that swayed.

Ariel fell by a floor. And Bkharava-Pierce hurried to phone, caused

Brounlou also asked it to come to Hyde immediately.

— How you feel when you fly? — Bkharava asked Ariel.

— Well. In the beginning it is a little unpleasant… body, shoulders…

— So, so! In the head it is stirred up? Thoughts are stirred?

— No.

— Mental capacities at Ariel are not broken, alas… Um… Yes, yes! —

Hyde told.

Pierce significantly looked at him.

There were Mr. Brounlou and Mrs. Dreyden soon.

Ariel forced to rise to a ceiling, it being necessary to fly about the room, le —

жа, «small fish» as Mrs. Dreyden told to turn over, make

all aerobatic maneuvres. Mrs. Dreyden every minute gasped that from

fear for Ariel, that admiration also exclaimed:

— Charm! Miraculously! Charmingly!

Brounlou, with a happy look rubbing hands, encouraged Ariel on all new

air tricks.

— Yes you will torture him! — good-natured Hyde exclaimed and ordered to Ariel

to fall by a floor.

Everything, except Hyde, took seat, and Bkharava, addressing Ariel, said

the speech, as always grandiloquent, abounding with quotes and east metafo-


He spoke again about great honor which Ariel who became received

nearly Indra’s son, god of the sky and atmosphere, and Maruta’s brother, god

winds, about great power which was received by Ariel, but also about great from —


Bkharava inspired in Ariel, having turned on him a hypnotic eye, bespre-

koslovny, absolute obedience also threatened with terrible penalties for slightest


— If you take in head to depart, then remember that you are waited such by horror —

Nye, painful, terrible death what still any person did not die.

Where you departed, on high mountains, to the dark jungle, to wild deserts

or even on the world’s end, remember, we will find you everywhere because the power

ours is boundless. And then… — Bkharava began to draw pictures vsevozmozh-

ny tortures and tortures so colourfully that Mrs. Dreyden began to shiver and

to gasp. — And still remember: you should not show to any person that

you can fly. Do not dare even to speak about it. Do not dare and fly, podni-

to matsya at least on inch from a floor without our order. Do not fly, even on —

being gone by one in the room!

And Bkharava began to do by hands gestures which had probably to

to fix suggestion. Then by the usual voice he strictly told:

— Now you can go to yourself. Remember always my words.

Ariel bowed and went to a door, trying to go, as usual

and being afraid to fly up at each step. «I have to go, go, but not fly!»

— mentally he went on.

When Ariel left, Pierce cautiously watched him leave through nep-

the covered door. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and told, as if answering

to the thoughts:

— No, it will not depart! As all pupils of Dandarat, we is perfect

its obezvolil.

— After all it was careless to release Ariel of one, — noticed Broun-


— That you, on a chain will hold and release it now as

the attached sphere? — derisively Hyde asked.

— It was possible to send with the guide who would hold him by a hand, —

Brounlou objected, — and then to put under the lock to the room without windows.

— And if it and with the guide departed? — derisively Hyde asked.

Dreyden screamed from surprise, and Brounlou raised eyebrows on a forehead.

— Whether it is possible?

— Quite, — Hyde answered, — if only the guide is not heavier


— One more complication, — Brounlou exclaimed.

— It was necessary to think of all this earlier. I made the business and as

you will protect and show yours Indra, without washing it zabo-any more

that, — Hyde declared.

— Mr. Brounlou, — interfered Pierce, — your fears absolutely neos-

novatelna. Ariel for a long time on a strong chain: it not only обезволен,

but also is in a constant hypnotic trance. I so often inspired in it

under hypnosis implicit obedience that now any my order it

perceives as immutable and will not break it even on pain of death.

It is more reliable than iron fetters. I take all responsibility.

Brounlou said, having shrugged shoulders.

— Let will be so!

Hyde started talking about remuneration and the beginnings is noisy to bargain with Pierce.

They so argued that Mrs. Dreyden, being afraid of what at her will begin

migraine, rose. After it Brounlou rose.

— We still will talk, Mr.! — Pierce told Hyde, seeing off state —


They left the house — the Pier with Brounlou, and Fox with Mrs. Dreyden.

She asked Fox how it was possible «to this magician Hay —

du» to create the flying person, and, without listening attentively to answers, interrupted

its everything new questions:

— And animals can be made flying? Cat, for example? — asked


— Yes, I saw how the dog flew, then a toad…

— Amazingly! I by all means will order to Mr. Hyde that he turned

my kitty Kyuin in flying. It will drive away from a verandah in the evenings

bats of whom I terribly am afraid and who to me spoil the best time

days. In this India, in Madras, only also you live in the evenings. As it

it will be delightful!

And as Mrs. Dreyden was not only an okkultistka, but also poetes-

sy, having lifted the colourless eyes to the sky, it began improviziro-

to vat:

On the sky the bat flew,

Behind it the flying cat flew

At Pierce and Brounlou the conversation went in other direction.

Pierce asked Brounlou whether they will create by means of Hyde dru —

the gy flying people, or Arielle will remain the only thing. And in the last

case that Hyde was not enticed by their enemies whether it is necessary to accept soot-

vetstvuyushchy measures…

«Whether not to kill Hyde?» — took of Brounlou the hint and told:

— So far it is necessary to take measures to that it did not leave us. Other le —

the thawing people we will not do. But with Ariel something can slu-

to chitsya. Hyde will be still necessary to us. You watch only that also Hyde

it was isolated from the outside world. It is clear?

Pierce nodded and answered:

— It will be executed.

Chapter 6


Having left from Hyde, Ariel went to the hostel on a garden path. It

went slowly as if only learned to go, and so pressed soles

sandals that sand which covered a path crackled. It not somne-

it vatsya that watch it.

Ariel still was under impression of the flights about the room.

It can fly! This thought filled it with joyful nervousness, the reasons

whom he was afraid to understand now here, in a garden, by the light of the sun, under

Bkharava’s views which he felt on himself. Ariel suppressed, not

allowed on a surface of consciousness of a thought which as if the exulting song

sounded in his soul: «Freedom! Release!» He reveled only in echoes

this song.

Only having turned round the corner, he allowed himself to think carefully that

the thought did not turn into action: «If I only wanted, then now could

to rise and depart from this hated school, from these awful people»

And it is even more diligent, stepped on this crackling sand even more firmly.

Ariel never for all years of stay in school dismissed an idea vyb-

to ratsya on will, to learn the past, to find for the family.

Despite the bans and hypnotic suggestions, it at the nights, remaining

one, tried to cause in memory of reminiscence of the early childhood, to postup-

the line in Dandarat. Sometimes pictures of this past — scraps of the fact that dried —

memory wounded, — he saw also in a dream, and dreams were even brighter, than

consciously caused memoirs.

He saw absolutely other country, the lead sky, streetlights, dimly

flickering through dense gray-brown fog, huge, wet from dampness and

rain of the building, people who suddenly arose and also suddenly ische-

the hall in twilight clubs of fog…

He sits in the car and looks at this smoky, crude, indistinct


And suddenly other picture:

Big room; The Huge fireplace in which firewood flares. Ariel sits

on a carpet also builds the house of cubes. On a silk pillow white sits next

the kury girl also gives it cubes. In an easy chair, near a fireplace, with kni-

gy in hands, strictly glancing over points, the old woman in black Crewe sits —

to zhevny headdress on the gray-haired head.

The room is entered by the person in a black suit. At it angry, round, as

at an eagle owl, eyes and disgusting false smile. Ariel so is afraid and

hates this person. The person in a black suit goes on a carpet, ulyba-

ясь is wider and wider, in the opinion of his rage. He crushes a lodge from cubes. Arie —

ale cries and… wakes up.

Behind a window palm tree leaves, in the deep-blue sky — a croup appear —

ny stars… Bats rush about… Stuffy night, India… Dandarat…

Sometimes Ariel saw himself in the small stuffy shaking room. For

round window — huge terrible green waves. And opposite to Ariel on

sofa even more terrible, than waves, black person, that, which

crushed in a dream or in reality a toy lodge…

Did not hold other memoirs of the early childhood in remembrance. Horrors of Danda-

rata through which Ariel passed covered the past. But it lives in du —

ше Ariel, as several blades of grass in the sandy desert.

Loneliness, sad childhood and youth. Neither family, nor friends…

Here only Charades… Poor Charades! He stepped only into the first step lest-

Nice of tortures. If it was succeeded to save it from this hell!

«I can fly…» But Ariel by effort of will drives away this thought and is firm

goes on the ground.

— Arielle, gave! — joyfully whispers Charades, having seen the entering friend, but

immediately stops, having looked at strict expression of his face. Now not time

for a conversation.

Rang out the gong calling for breakfast and friends from were ruled in stolo-

vy silent, without looking at each other.

This day of Charades received several remarks from tutors for races —

seyannost. Day hung heavy.

Before a sunset Bkharava came into Ariel’s room and told Ariel,

that he did not forget to take new clothes from the house-keeper.

— Tomorrow I will come into five o’clock in the morning for you. Be ready. Be washed up, on —

put new clothes.

Ariel obediently inclined the head.

— How Charades? — asked, leaving, Bkharava.

— Badly seizes concentration, — Ariel answered.

— The post-ugly face should punish, — Bkharava told and, having thrown on the Charade of sulfurs —

the put look, left.

Before going to bed, as always, Ariel forced to read the Charade a little

fragments from sacred books — Shastrov. He was quiet, strict and demanded,

that Charades read loudly, drawlingly.

Charade, however, did not escape attention that Ariel several times

darted a glance at a window and at this time on Ariel’s face there passed the shadow ozabo-

decorum. Trees in the park rustled from wind gusts, foretelling a rain.

The remote peals of a thunder were distributed, but in the sky still brightly sparkled zvez-

ды. And only when on the right side pale-foggy strip of the Milky Way

began to darken from the approaching cloud, Ariel breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon rustling of the first large drops of a rain was heard. In the dark swept —

dichno the gong sounded — hour of withdrawal to a dream came.

Charades slammed the thick book, Ariel blew into the lamp. They sat on

to mat shoulder to shoulder in silence and a gloom.

Charades heard as Ariel rose. After it rose also Charades. Arie —

ale embraced him and raised.

— What you are light! — Ariel whispered and to something quietly laughed. — Huo —

you cht, Charades, I will lift you even above?

And the boy felt how Ariel lifted him almost to a ceiling, on —

held at height and lowered. Really Ariel has such long hands?

— Lay down, Charades! — Ariel whispered.

They laid down on a mat, and Ariel whispered in the ear of the boy:

— Listen, Charades! Hyde made of me the flying person. You understand, I

now I can fly as a bird.

— And where your wings, date? — asked Charades, feeling Ariel’s shoulders.

— I can fly without wings. As we fly in a dream. They, likely

want to show me to people as a miracle. And I… I want to depart from Dandara-


— What with me there will be without you, a date? — began to cry Charades.

— Silence! do not cry! I want to take also you with myself. You are light, and I am du —

to May that I will be able to depart together with you.

— Take! Take me from here, date! Here it is so bad, so terrible. I

I will die without you, — the boy whispered.

— I will take… You hear how the rain rustles? It is good. In the dark us anybody

will not see… The window is opened… Tess!. Someone’s steps… Be silent!.

The door creaked.

— You sleep, Ariel? — they heard Bkharava’s voice. — Ariel!

— Mm… — Ariel lowed, then, as if suddenly having woken up, an exclamation —

nulnut: — Ah, it you, guru Bkharava!

— Why you did not close a window, Arielle? Look how many accumulated waters on

floor! — Bkharava closed a window, lowered curtains and left, anything else not ska


Ariel understood: Bkharava watches him, does not trust the Window it is possible to open,

but what if behind a window Bkharava put watchmen? Once you lift a curtain, and

the alarm will begin…

Charades, lying on a mat, shivered as in fever. Behind a window already rustled

heavy rain. Thunderclaps sounded closer and closer, more often, more loudly. Flashes of lightnings

through a light curtain lit the room with a blue flame. Ariel stood at

window lintels with a frown face. Then he removed from a wooden peg

on a wall a towel also whispered the Charade:

— Follow me.

They slightly opened a mat wall, got into the neighboring room, silently

left in a corridor. Here it was absolutely dark. Ariel went forward, conducting

Charade which held the end of a towel. All slept. A circle was ti-

tire. They went down and climbed ladders, quietly passed

long corridors, at last began to rise on abrupt wooden lest-

to Nice.

Ariel rejected the hatch conducting on a roof. They were blinded at once by a lightning, og-

husked a thunder, soaked heavy rain. They rose by a flat roof.

— Sit down to me on a back. Charades! — Ariel whispered.

Charades got to it on a back, Ariel tied him a towel, vyprya-

it was swept and looked around. At lightning flash he saw the wide yard, for —

lity water, and sparkling, as the lake, Dandarat’s cases, a wall. In the distance

fires of Madras, behind it the ocean were seen. Ariel felt how Charades dro-

zhit at it on a back.

— You will depart soon? — whispered Charades in the ear.

Ariel was captured by nervousness. Really it really now will rise

on air? It was easy to fly in the room, but now, to a storm, with Sharad on

to back… What if they fall in the middle of the yard?

Suddenly frequent signals of a gong inopportune at this time were heard. Trevo-

hectare! Ariel imagined an angry face of Bkharava, remembered his threats and

flew up over a roof.

He felt dizziness. Thoughts were stirred up.

As the plane taking a detour over airfield before setting course,

Ariel flew by over a roof. Outside already shouted, the shot thundered, for —

fires of lamps flashed, in windows light of lamps flashed.

Through rain streams Ariel directed forward, flying for simplification on

to wind which blew from the southwest.

Below quickly the yard, flat roofs, the park, walls flew…

Carried Ariel wind to the ocean. At the left at flashes of a lightning were seen

chains of mountains, ahead — fires of Madras. In Saint-George’s fort a fiery eye flared

beacon. Ariel flew over the sandy plain so low now that vidne-

foxes rice fields. And again sand… The rain whipped on a body, whistled in

ears wind, blowing hair.

Under them, shining fires, the train crept. In the ocean the steamship was seen.

Approaching port, it gave long beeps.

Here and Madras. The dirty rechonka Kuvam which is blown up from heavy rain. Narrow kri-

to the Vyya streets of «The black city», low brick houses alternately with bambuko-

vy huts. The European part of the city was well lit. Ariel and

Charades heard beeps of cars, calls of trams. Over city roofs

the dome of observatory, the palace of the nabob rose.

They flew by over a botanical garden. By the light of lamps and flashes

lightnings it was possible to distinguish nut and date palm trees, Indian smo-

the kovnitsa taking root from branches, bamboo groves, coffee trees.

From a path of a garden surprise shouts were heard. Here only Ariel soobra-

does ZIL, what imprudence, flying by over the city. But it was

it is so stunned with flight that his thoughts were confused. From time to time it seemed to it,

that all this occurs in a dream. Charades something shouted, but Ariel behind noise

rain and wind could not sort his word. At last Charades shouted to it in


— We are seen by people, date!

Instead of the answer Ariel abruptly turned on the West, to mountains. He felt,

what weakens. All his body was covered with a perspiration, he panted. But

it is necessary to depart as it is possible further from Dandarat, Madras.

The thunder-storm passed, the rain ceased, but wind blew strongly. Started them over again

to carry to the ocean. There they can die. And Ariel strained the last

forces. Strong held charades Ariel who felt on the back

warmth of a body of the little friend. To save it and itself by all means!

So they flew among a storm and a gloom towards to unknown destiny.

Chapter 7


Office of lawyers Boden and Hezlon-London, City, King Vilyam Street —

was located near the church of Maria Vulnot.

From a window of office it was possible to see the Madonna’s statue which darkened in a niche

from the London fogs and a soot, and the ring of church hours muffled even shi-

singing and cough of old office watch in black, corroded a bug

case of such huge sizes that in it could be located also Boden

and Hezlon — dry, shaven old men in old-fashioned frock coats, similar

at each other, as twin brothers.

Thirty years they sat against each other at desks museum vi-

yes, separated from clerks by a glass partition. Through glass they could —

whether to watch employees and at the same time to talk confidential business fir-

we, without being afraid of ears of clerks. However, they said very little, understanding

each other from a half-word.

Having read the letter, Boden did on his corner a mysterious badge and pe-

redavat Hezlona. That, in turn, read paper, looked on iye-

роглиф, nodded and wrote the resolution for clerks. Only in rare slu-

teas of their opinion dispersed, but also then it was required only a little to —

rotky words or sketchy phrases, — to come to the agreement.

It was the old well-known company specializing in cases of us —

ledstvo, wills and guardianship and accepting only rich clients. Not —

it is sophisticated that Boden and Hezlon made to themselves great fortune, the sizes

who was exceeded considerably by legal norms of the fee. But this party

affairs remained the mystery of the firm kept in grossbukha behind thick ste-

us fireproof cases.

This solar morning, rare for London, Mr. Boden, as always

the first sorted correspondence and threw the read papers on

desk of the partner.

In a corner of a dense bluish envelope there was a postage stamp of Mad-

race. Boden quickly broke off an envelope and went deep into reading the letter, all

pursing the thin dry lips more.

Having terminated the letter, he turned on radio. The voice of the announcer reported exchange hens —

сы, but Boden did not listen to it. Radio was turned on only in order that

clerks through a glass partition could not hear any word from

what will be told by Boden and Hezlon. Obviously, it was necessary very much vazh-

Nov a meeting, and Hezlon stared at Boden round, as at fili-

on, the faded eyes.

But the announcer in vain tried: Boden told nothing yet. He is silent

threw the letter to Hezlon who with great attention read it and

directed whitish eye to eye the partner. So they stayed neko-

tory time as if carrying on a silent conversation.

And really, in these minutes by them it was told each other, beliefs much —

it — each of them thought about same, refreshing in memory everything obsto-

yatelstvo of one of the most favorable, but also most complex affairs — affairs


A few years ago Boden and Hezlon’s old client — rich died

land owner and manufacturer baronet sir Thomas Galton. After it remained

juvenile children — Aurelius and his sister Jane. According to the will all huge

real estate of Thomas Galton and the lion’s share of movable passed

to his son Aurelius; trustees to majority of successors were appointed

Boden and Hezlon. For them this guardianship was the real gold mine. They are so

dexterously disposed of property together with members of tutorial council that

from year to year increased an own state. But their thought not

could reconcile with the fact that at approach of majority of successors

this source of the income has to run low and will pass to Aurelius though is strong

decreased, but nevertheless still a considerable state. In case of death of Av-

reliya before achievement of majority by it the property would pass on us —

to ledstvo to his sister Jane, and she was more senior the brother, and the end ope-

ки would come even earlier — on reaching it majority. Therefore

for dexterous trustees situation at which was the most favorable exit

Aurelius would continue to live, but it was incapacitated and on reaching

majority. Legally it would be possible in case

Aurelius was an insane and was recognized that established on —

row. To it Boden and Hezlon’s efforts were also directed. They any more not

time placed the wards in houses for mad where bribed

doctors skillfully did by them of normal children of the insane of people. However

it ran into money. At the Madras school Dandarat appeared more

appeasable people, result as Boden and Hezlon knew, on —

the same luchatsya. The Madras school represented also that benefit that India —

la is far and therefore the tutorial authorities with which, however, Boden and Hez-

bosoms lived in harmony, and, the main thing, the growing-up Jane could not watch for

Aurelius’s destiny. And it in the early childhood was brought by Boden to Dan —

дарат. But as this school officially did not exist, in tutorial

reports the mythical school sanatorium for nervnobolny children appeared.

Forms, signatures and reports of this school were fabricated by Dandarat.

In Dandarat Mr. Boden, having brought little Aurelius, had continue —

telny conversation with the principal Pierce-Bkharava, having instructed him:

life and physical health of Aurelius Galton have to be kept in

what that became. As for nervous system and mentality, they

have to be extremely loosened. All-European education to Aurelius

in what case not to give. Not to develop intellectually. Any practical

knowledge, any acquaintance to life. If it is not possible to dement, der —

to reap it at least in a condition of infantility nursery of a stage razvi-


Pierce quickly understood what from it is demanded, and promised to create from Aurelius

classical idiot. Not so quickly, but nevertheless agreed also about money.

Quite satisfied, Boden returned to London. All report a lump —

to panyon about a trip consisted of two words: «Ol Wright!» — and Hezlon is more

what did not ask about.

The pier two times a year sent to Boden and Hezlon official reports for

tutorial council and informal reports. In the beginning they were very much

consolatory. But then such phrases began to appear: «Ariel-Aurelius, to

to regret, it was difficult», — and partners perfectly ponima-

whether that it means.

But they did not lose hope. At the worst, if Aurelius also does not become

mad, nevertheless it will be easy to gain recognition it nedeespo-

sobnost. Boden and Hezlon in each report wrote tutorial council about

intellectual backwardness, defectiveness of the sponsored. When it

will appear the full age big fellow with a down on lips before medical

with examination, tutorial council and court also she will not be able to answer

on usual questions: «What today day, what month, how old are you

what you are nationalities, religions» and so forth and on everyone

the question will answer steadily: «I do not know», — his weak-mindedness will be oche-

it is visible for all. The rest will be finished by the friendly relations with sudebno-medi-

tsinsky experts and members of tutorial council.

So there were years. To Aurelius’s majority remained only a little me-

syaets when the letter which forced to include Boden radiorep-was received


Pierce reported that a doctrine course at school Dandarat Aurelius the law —

Chen, but he, certainly, can remain in it to majority.

As «intellectual condition of Aurelius-Ariel Galton, unfortunately

left much to be desired», it. The pier, was forced to subject Ariel

to special treatment by a method of professor Hyde, «Mr. Boden and Hezlon

know what is the skilled doctor and the deep scientist. To the greatest priskor-

Biya, even intervention of professor Hyde has no noticeable effect

on mental capacities of Ariel, but experience nevertheless took place not bezrezultat-

but: Aurelius unexpectedly for all and Mr. Hyde received neobychay-

ny and really wonderful ability which is difficult for believing if not

to see most: ability to rise by air without any device.

This divine gift does Ariel very useful to that great tse-

leu which are put to itself by our organization».

In a draft copy Pierce wrote «invaluable» in the beginning, but then corrected on

more careful: «very useful».

«And if dear Mr. Boden and Hezlon do not object, then TO and OOZ

(that Theosophic society and Society of occult knowledge meant) are ready

to immediately use Ariel for the purposes, certainly, after that,

as it will be recognized incapacitated».

At last diligence of the announcer was useful: having drawn near Hezlon, Bo-

ден spoke:

— Whether Pierce went crazy?

— It happens to those which deal with abnormal, — answered

Hezlon, having nodded.

— Anyway… — and, without having finished speaking, Boden began quickly something

to write on the cable form. Having outlined several lines, it transferred Hez-

to bosom the form on which it was written:

«Any steps before obtaining our instructions. Take all measures of protection.

Boden, Hezlon».

Hezlon nodded and transmitted to clerks through a window leaf the telegram,

having inscribed the address.

— Perhaps, one of us should go, — Hezlon told.

— Yes, — Boden responded.

And partners stared at each other, considering a new situation.

— Jane… — after a pause Boden told, channelizing thoughts the —

му to the partner.

— Yes, — that answered.

And they were lost in thought to which depth they could pozavido-

to vat yogas.

Chapter 8


Discussing any question relating to Aurelius’s destiny it was impossible not

to think of Jane. She was his sister and the possible successor. But heads —

Nov — she was Jane. Its character brought trustees a lot of disappointment and

troubles. For them it was a stumbling block, eternal care. Bo-

ден and Hezlon hated her.

In the childhood Jane differed in obstinacy and rebelliousness. When

she grew up, began to show to trustees obvious nedobrozhela-

telnost and mistrust. Boden and Hezlon since Aurelius’s departure to India

tried to inspire in it that her brother — the insane that he is on

treatment and the appointment to it is impossible as it would damage to it. But

she stubborn went on: «I do not trust you. Where you hide it? I want it vi-

to put».

While Jane was under guardianship, Boden and Hezlon somehow coped with it.

But it was more senior than Aurelius, was executed it several months ago with —

vershennolety which it marked the act of a base ingratitude on

to the attitude towards trustees: for management of the property of Jane invited

the worst enemy and the competitor Boden and Hezlon — the lawyer George Dotalle-

ра to which issued the full power of attorney on conducting all the affairs. From

Jane and Dotaller could be expected all tricks and nepriyat-now

nost. Still yesterday it allowed the tactless act which revolted is honored —

ny partners up to the soul depth: was to them in office together with the

the new adviser also made the real scandal, loudly demanding — so

clerks could hear — to specify a residence of the brother and threatening obra-

to titsya to court.

Boden with indignation protested «against this rough intervention in

their tutorial rights».

— In the actions we are obliged to give the account only tutorial to an owl —

that, — he told.

— In that case I will address to tutorial council and I will force it

to report where there is my brother! — the girl exclaimed and, even without having given

hands, left with the lawyer.

And Jane can achieve the. It will not stop also before that

to go to India to searches of the brother. And suddenly will find it as some

the flying person under an enterprise of theosophists and occultists! Business smelled

scandal. It is necessary to detain by all means her departure for now…

Boden tore off a look from eyes of the partner and quickly scribbled

text of the new encoded telegram to Pierce:

«To hide Aurelius in the reliable place. Be ready to reception of his sister.

Boden, Hezlon».

Pierce knows all circumstances. Boden acquainted with them Pierce, still

when brought Aurelius.

In tutorial council of Jane can receive only the address of fictional

«schools sanatoria for nervnobolny children». Of course, it will not find this

schools. But if dandaratovets did a foolish think and began to show flying

the person, the message about such miracle, of course, would be carried not only on

all India, but also worldwide, and, being in India, Jane, likely, zakho-

bodies to see this miracle. Let’s put, she does not recognize Aurelius, he already sover-

the shennoletny young man, and she saw him the child. But nevertheless it is necessary to exclude

any possibility of their meeting.

Boden did not manage to transfer Hezlona the form of the telegram as the clerk protya-

nulnut a hand through a window leaf and put just received on Boden’s table

the telegram broadcast: «Aurelius disappeared. Let’s organize searches.


In the beginning Boden even understood nothing. He did not manage to send the telegram with

the order to hide Aurelius as receives news of what Aurelius hid —

ся. It is hidden, perhaps.

Cable mistake? But this phrase — «let’s organize searches» — said about


— Departed! Gawks! — Boden hissed and threw the telegram with it

desperate gesture that it nearly hit a face to Hezlon.

Hezlon read, and they again as horned owls, stared at each other.

The trip to India becomes inevitable. And it does not cost little. Veroyat-

but, it is necessary to spend a lot of money for Aurelius’s searches.

Neither Boden, nor Hezlon loved expenses, at least and at the expense of Aurelius.

Its account — their account. Whether it is impossible to shift these expenses on others? And

Boden once again told:

— Jane.

— Yes, — Hezlon whose thoughts always went in parallel the cape responded —

Boden’s one million.

Chapter 9


Ms. Jane was very surprised when in the evening of the same day to her showed —

ся Boden.

«Obviously, the threat worked», — she thought, inviting the visitor

to sit down.

— We squabbled yesterday, Jane, — Boden told, taking seat. — But

you have to understand me. I am not one. If I satisfied yours tre-

the bovaniye was also specified by Aurelius’s address, my partner could take offense, considering,

what you do not trust it, — I do not speak about myself, — if you want to be convinced,

in what conditions there is your brother…

— For me it is absolutely indifferent, will take offense or your partner will not take offense.

I am a sister and I have the right to know everything about the brother and to see it, — objected


— Absolutely also I think, — it is conciliatory Boden told. And, on —

молчав, exclaimed: — Listen, Jane! To me it is very heavy that between on —

ми there are misunderstanding.

— Who is guilty of it, Mr. Boden?

— If we hid still from you a residence of your brother, then

did it only at insistance of doctors who find that yours svida-

ny with the brother could respond harmfully on his health. Are dangerous to it

any disorders, even joyful.

— I do not trust you.

Boden sighed with a type of the person who is offended unfairly.

— Understand that to execute your whim…

— Whim? You call desire of the sister to learn about destiny of the brother


— But, carrying out your desire, I can do harm to Aurelius, for koto-

horns I answer as the trustee. Refusing to you, I excite your anger and yours on —

dozreniye. The reputation, honor and pride of our company suffer from it.

Let will be in your opinion. You already full age, and you Aurelius’s sister.

You can be responsible for the acts. I will specify to you where there is Aurelius,

but with one condition. If you go to it, I will have to prisutstvo-

to vat at your appointment. To it I am obliged by my debt of the trustee.

Jane did not want to go with Boden, but his offer expedited matters:

with it easier and it is rather to find the brother, and she did not object.

— As this trip, — Boden continued, — it is accompanied by loss

time and expenses, it becomes for your performance a cap… zhela-


— I will also pay all expenses, — Jane vividly answered. — Not only yours, but

and expenses of Mr. Dotaller who will go with me.

Boden frowned. Again this Dotaller! But the trustee knew Jane: it not

you will outargue.

And he had to agree.

— To book tickets for the ocean steamship? — he asked.

— I will order itself, and not on the steamship. We fly on the airplane.

— So it cannot wait? It will cost much.

— To me, but not you.

Boden thought. He was rather afraid to fly on the airplane. But than it is rather they

will arrive to Madras, it is better for those. About flight or «depart» Aurelius it nothing not

told. It was too extraordinary, incredibly. It is possible that Pierce in

the business went crazy. Especially it is necessary to investigate everything on the place.

— It will cost expensive, — Boden repeated. — The way is not close.

— France? Switzerland? Italy? — asked Jane.

— India, — Boden answered.

— India! — with surprise Jane exclaimed. — Yes, it is not close. — It

thought a little. — All the same, especially. I will charter passenger ae-


After Boden’s leaving Jane deeply thought. And so where Boden and

Hezlon sent her brother! It with an ulterior motive. India! With its awful for euro —

peyets climate, fevers, plague, cholera, snakes, tigers… It

almost everything that Jane knew about India.

It went to library and began to select books. Her impatience pozna-

to komitsya with this country it was so big that the girl opened at random

also read the page by the page. Her head was filled with some confusion.

Everything was so difficult, unusual, unclear… Mixture of races, mixture ple-

exchanges, languages, adverbs, castes, religions… Smuglokozhy Aryans, Hindus, to —

feyny dravida, even more dark natives… Aryan languages — a Hindustani,

Bengali, Marathi; the Dravidian — Telugu, тамиль, tibeto-Burmese…

It is more than two hundred adverbs… Castes — Brahmins-priests, kshatriyev-soldiers, vay-

shiyev-dealers, industrialists and shudra-farmers, with internal kas-

tovy divisions which number reaches till 2578… Castes us —

ledstvenny doctors, confectioners, gardeners, potters, astrologers, sko-

morokh, acrobats, poets, tramps, weepers, beggars, grave-diggers,

executioners, collectors of cow manure, drummers… And at all at them,

possibly, the suits. What diversity!. «Pure castes» — confectioners,

sellers of aromas, sellers of a betel. It still that it?. Barber’s shops —

k, potters… All of them are at enmity with each other, are afraid to touch

to each other… Bricklayers despise chimney sweeps, chimney sweeps — kozhevni-

k, skinners — obdirately drop. One breath париев profanes on

distance 24-58-46 and even 64 steps. The most profaning breath at obdi-

rately drop… Brahmins, Buddhists, Christians, Mohammedans… Beskonech-

ny sects and religious societies… «Thirty three million gods». Six

millions of widows. Why there is a lot of? Ah here: widows in India have no right

to marry again. Including hundred thousand widows are younger than ten-year-old

age and three hundred thousand — are younger than fifteen-year-old… To widows shave naked

you, break glass bracelets on hands and legs, the husband’s relatives otbi-

dig jewelry.

Terrible life of semi-prison semi-mourning… Many widows do not take out also a game —

hope life suicide

About new India, about new people, new women in Jane’s books of anything not

it was told. It gained a terrible impression about this country as

about the huge chaotic pottering-about human ant hill. And among

three hundred million black, saffron-yellow, «coffee» ants somewhere zate-

рялся her brother… Jane even shuddered and, having thrown books, caused on TV

to Dotaller’s background.

Chapter 10


Ariel choked. Drops of a rain mixed up with sweat drops. It feeling —

shaft that not in forces to fly more with freight on a back. It is necessary to have a rest.

In a gloom of night under it the wood near which more was seen blackened

light space, possibly sands.

They went down near a stream, at a banyanovy tree, air roots to —

tory, slipping along a trunk, formed dark network SPU at its sole —

ton rings. The young growth of bamboos surrounded a tree. It was secluded

corner where they could have a rest, without being afraid that somebody will see them.

Panting, Ariel untied a towel. Charades jumped off from a back and

immediately fell to the ground before Ariel, trying to embrace him legs and rendering

acceptable honors to the savior.

Ariel sadly smiled and told, lifting the boy:

— I am not a god. Charades. Both of us are with you poor, poor fugitives. Let’s lay down here

here we will also have a rest. We far departed.

Charades it was a little disappointed with Ariel’s explanation. It is good to have the friend

god. But he was too tired to deliberate all this.

They got into a thick of roots, without thinking of dangerous snakes and insects.

Ariel carefully spread under the head the Charade the curtailed towel, and

the boy immediately strong fell asleep.

To Ariel, despite all fatigue, it was not fallen down. It was too vzvol-


Wind dispersed clouds. In the sky large stars began to sparkle. The moon came

for the dark. The last easy white clouds passed before a disk lu-

ны, as if night charms. From where, perhaps from a near garden, ground

endeavor unfamiliar with pleasure — spicy aroma of flowers. It got to a demon —

the late heart, awaking alarm at the thought of possible proximity of people.

The new wind gust pulled off a strip of white fog from the earth.

And Ariel, to the displeasure, saw that they are far

not in the deserted area. Behind a sandy strip black steel shone re-

.Sparks of the boats attached at pier were reflected in it, flickering, and

all gloom, appear, concentrated now in dense foliage of trees on

opposite coast. The moon was behind the wood. And only some

big star, perhaps the planet Jupiter, as if the guard of night, among mno-

watched zhestvo of smaller stars covering the sky the sleeping earth.

This silent picture worked soothingly. At Ariel began sme-

to press close eyelids. Without letting go a warm hand the Charade, Ariel dozed off,

having leaned against zmeeobrazny roots.

In a light slumber he imagined the new countries some vague, nevedo-

my edges where under clear skies days are similar to looks of widely open

an eye, and nights — on the shy shadows shivering under the lowered eyelashes where

snakes do not sting, and people do not torment and do not kill each other.

Or he read about it? In the book of life or maybe at bengaliysky

poet? Dream dream…

Something pinned up eyes. Ariel opened them and saw old dzhambolyanovy

tree which foliage was fanned by a thin veil of morning fog, and

through it illuminated red beams of a rising sun. Dew on bambu-

kovy thickets sparkled gold.

From where at the left the song reached. Ariel turned the head. Between stvo-

Lamy was seen a pond with the stone ladder which is going down to water and is surrounded —

ny coconut palm trees.

In a pond the stout person made morning ablution. It, closing ears,

did the put number of immersions. Near it probably the Brahmin, boyav-

be sewed defilements even in the clearing water, drove away palms from a surface

the litter and then at once plunged. The third did not decide even to enter a pond: it

it was limited to the fact that wetted a towel and squeezed out water to itself on the head.

One slowly descended on steps, others, muttering morning asks —

ву, rushed to a pond from the top step. Others pounded a body ashore,

others changed bathing linen for fresh, corrected folds, some

collected flowers on a meadow.

In the distant end of a pond of a duck caught water snails and cleaned feathers.

Ariel thought that he fell in the jungle, but it turned out that around all —

du were people.

Bees flew, bird’s voices were heard, from the river songs rushed. Sha —

I am glad continued to sleep.

Ariel took a lump of clay from a pool and began to rub the face, a neck, hands

and legs.

Somewhere, perhaps in the temple, the gong rang out. A familiar sound immediately time —

awoke the Charade. He quickly sat down, uncomprehending eyes looked round, saw

unfamiliar situation and the smiling young man of chocolate color.

Was frightened of charades and wanted to begin to cry already.

— Be not afraid. Charades, it I, — tenderly told Ariel.

Charades fell before it to the ground.

Yesterday Ariel flew, today from white turned in black Wad Dra —

look. Only god is capable of it.

— Get up. Charades. Look, I was smeared with clay not to turn

on attention white skin color. Remember: we are with you beggars who ho-

dit on roads and beg.

— Go? And why do not fly? To fly so interestingly.

— Because if I fly, I will be caught as a bird, and will set

in a cage.

— And you turn them into birds or into dogs, date! — exclaimed Charades.

Ariel laughed, waved a hand.

— We go, Charades.

They got out of the shelter and trudged on the road pitted by night

heavy rain. In the morning sun pools shone as pure gold.

Along the road the prickly fence, tried to keep step with it a small pond, pokry-

ty green water plants. The black bearded person stood on a belt

in water also brushed teeth the izglodanny end of a branch. He indifferently looked

on Ariel and Sharad also continued to dress.

On the road there passed high kabulivat — the inhabitant of far mountains — in wide

to chlamys. Behind his back the bag dangled, he held baskets in hand with vi-

nogrady, raisin, nuts. It hurried on a rural market.

Ariel and Sharad departed from the road as pariahs, kneeled and started singing.

Kabulivala put one basket on the earth and threw towards beggars

grapes cluster. Ariel and Sharad bowed to the earth. When it passed,

Charades ran up to a grape brush, greedy caught it and brought to Ariel.

Put to the creaking cart, slowly there passed a buffalo. On his neck of the SI —

the naked boy with the shaven head and a scrap of hair on a darkness put. Old man,

lying in the cart, having seen beggars, threw the Charade rice flat cake.

— Here we are also full, — Ariel told.

Having had breakfast, they started wandering along the road. Ahead, in a grove guavovy —

ревьев, the huts covered by the turf were seen. Their walls were smeared with clay.

On a meadow before the village the market already rustled. Sellers of fruit, cheese, it is cooled —

ache waters, garlands from flowers, fishes, dried flowers loudly invited prokho-

zhy, half-naked children crowded near sellers of toys whistles from

palm leaf, the painted sticks, wooden graggerses, glass


Under a tree баэль sat dry as a skeleton, in a huge turban the Hindu and

played on a pipe, having inflated cheeks. From its flat basket, swinging the heads,

snakes rose.

The crowd at considerable distance surrounded the snake charmer. Thin

the boy bypassed the audience with a wooden cup, and peasants threw small

it is no more than anna coin. Rupees were found only in pockets of the richest


Other snake charmer — the fat man sat next to a black boro-

that. Playing the long, thickened by the end bassoon, it so inflated cheeks,

that it seemed, they it is just about burst.

Women in color saris, in veils, with the ringing bracelets on hands and

legs crowded near sellers of scarfs and bright fabrics.

— Kind misters, regret me! Help you god! Give me gorstoch-

ку from your abundance, — the blind beggar with a wooden cup in ru-asked


Acrobats coiled, beggars sang, flutes sounded, drums rattled,

goats bleated, donkeys roared, children shouted…

— Tea to Chura, tea? — drawlingly the seller glass and honey invited women —

ny wrists.

At the Charade eyes inflamed. It pulled by Ariel’s hand to crowd of children,

surrounding plain toys. With envy looked Charades on ma-

the lenky girl who, having forgotten everything on light, stridently whistled in

just bought red whistle.

Ariel was also keen on a show. After pernicious silence and odnoobra-

ziya of life of Dandarat this dazzling light, discordant noise, bright,

bright colors, the movement of people, the hot wind fraying scarfs, floors sa-

ри and veils, flags, leaves of trees poured in it unfamiliar vozbuzhde-

ny, stupefied the head. Like the Charade, he was intoxicated with opening


Muffling noise, from the road the sharp sound avtomo-suddenly was heard

bilny beep. Breaking through crowd, slowly approached a market

the car splashed by dirt. In it several English sahibs sat in

white European suits.

All his care returned to Ariel. It strong squeezed a hand the Charade.

The car stopped. Two sahibs with cameras crashed into tolite —

пу which respectfully parted before them, leaving wide about —

course. They went straight to Ariel.

«Pursuit!» — with horror Ariel thought and entailed the Charade to a grove. But not

it was so easy to break through through dense crowd, and sahibs were already owls —

this it is close. They looked around as if they tried to discover someone.

Ariel grabbed the Charade and blew up.

Explosion of the infernal machine would not make in crowd of a bigger alarm. Weigh

the market as if merged as one being, in uniform shout of surprise and uzha-

са. Many got on the earth, covering the head with raincoats and hands.

The snake charmer dropped a long pipe, and it fell in korzi-

well, snakes hissed and began to creep away. Live ladders of acrobats rassy-

were fallen as if houses of cards. The hairdresser left the client and with nozhnitsa-

ми and a comb jumped in a pond. People pressed and pushed each other, oproki-

dyvat baskets, tents, climbed under carts. Boys violently clapped in

palms also squealed.

Sahibs stood with open mouths and fossilized persons.

When the alarm ceased a little, one of sahibs, Mr. Linton, told

to the satellite:

— Now, Mr., you will not deny that the levitation exists?

— Really India — a wonderland, — that answered, — if… if only

we did not fall a victim of mass hypnosis. What a pity that I did not manage the SFD —

to tografirovat flight. But I was so stunned…

Chapter eleventh


Mr. Linton sent to the Madras newspaper the message about extraordinary about —

isshestviye which was witnessed by several people. Article napechata-

whether with the note from edition:

«Our special correspondent visited the scene and opro-

forces of witnesses who confirmed the facts given in article of Mr.

Lintona. Apparently, we deal with dexterous focus or with new a demon —

kryly aircraft. Further investigations of this mysterious

affairs are made. The identity of the flying person and accompanying him

the boy it is not established».

This message was reprinted by other newspapers and excited big

noise and dispute.

Hindu newspapers of progressive religious society «Bramo-Samadzh»

laughed at credulous:

«Whether the sane person of the twentieth century can believe that —

which young man in broad daylight, in the face of crowd, kidnaps the boy as

the kite of a chicken, also flies away with it?»

It is necessary to tell that most of witnesses was sure of stealing

child’s young man.

Newspapers and magazines of braminsky conservative «devout» sects is-

used this unusual history for a religionism raising.

They wrote about the great secrets of yogis, about a levitation, about a miracle, giving out neiz-

the vestny young man nearly for the new embodiment of the deity which was on

the earth to strengthen the falling religion and to ashame low-true.

The English theosophic newspapers abstained from the statement of the

thoughts, expecting directives from the London center. But editors inclined to

to the fact that for the benefit of the English dominion in India, perhaps, it is more favorable

to support the version about a miracle. Risen among the Indian population rasp-

ри and contentions in any case were the «positive» phenomenon: than it is more

in the people of contentions and conflicts, it is easier for that to operate it.

The large scientist-bengaliyets Ragupati on inquiry of «Bramo-Samadzh» evaded

from the direct answer: «The scientist can express the opinion only on those

the facts which he could check in appropriate conditions. I can only

to tell that I never had to witness a levitation and owls —

the belt science has even no hypothetical explanations of an opportunity on —

dobny phenomena».

When Bkharava-Pierce read a note about a case at a fair, it grabbed

for the head.

«It is Ariel and Sharad. Here where they departed!» And Pierce with horror thought about

scandal in which Brounlou will burst.

The thunder-storm did not keep itself waiting.

On the same day Mr. Brounlou was to Pierce. It enraged by Pearce

never before saw the head of the Indian theosophists.

Brounlou nearly beat Pierce, threatened to throw out him from Dandarat, on —

zyvat the ninny and the gawk.

— You took the responsibility. Now on yourself also expostulate. Where va-

ша a praised chain of hypnosis which holds Ariel more strong than iron

chains? What now we will tell Boden and Hezlon? That we will answer London

to the center? How we will cope with the noise made by newspapers? To miss such trump

from the hands!

When Brounlou was tired to shout and calmed down a little, Pierce told:

— But now we know if not an exact residence, then the area, in

which there was Ariel. It departed not so far as I expected. Ochevid-

but, with freight the Charade Ariel cannot quickly fly, and the Charade it not OST —

Vit. And we will catch them…

— Let’s catch! — interrupted it with Brounlou. — Let’s catch the birds who flew away from klet-

ки. For this purpose it should make all hunters flying as Ariel, and

it is inadmissible.

— However people of birds a drag-net feeding troughs catch, — Pierce objected. —

Ariel and Sharad have to eat. We will dispatch if it is required, hundreds

people, we will promise an award to peasants, we will notify the population. I admit,

Ariel deceived, outwitted me. I am guilty of it. But who could podu-

mother, what he is able to pretend to be so artistic? My fault, and I not pozha-

to leu of own money to correct this error. Will help also Boden

and Hezlon. I already notified them and received the telegram that Boden flies here

on the airplane. And when Ariel and Sharad will get to us again, it will be easy

to bribe the newspaper and witnesses, and all will be given character of a joke, mis-

tifikation, newspaper hoax. When all this is forgotten…

— We will begin to show Ariel and we will force to remember all this Real

I fly. No, the flying person is lost for Dandarat. Ariel and Sharad have to

to be caught, but only in order that it did not become known of Dandarat, about

what is represented by our school it can be closed, and us…

— And we will be put on a dock? Before, I hope, business not doy-

it is put. London will not allow. It would compromise not only the viceroy

India, but also government of the mother country. What aims are pursued by Dandarat?

Whose will we execute? Really you think that I will be silent about everything

it if I appear before the court?

— You will be.

— I will tell everything frankly.

— You will not make it. Pier.

— I will make. I will have more nothing to lose. And in London know about it.

I will open such things, having learned about which the whole world will gasp…

— Do not forget. A pier, as for you some affairs, prezh-were found

what you found a shelter in Dandarat. You were saved from penal servitude, hoping that

you will be an implicit and silent performer.

— Saved from penal servitude now to send for penal servitude for others

crimes? And you, you, preacher of general love, mildness and mi-

loserdiya? You believe that I do not know your career? Be pokoyna:

I collected some references on you… I do not speak about your mnogopo-any more

forest activity in Dandarat. How many it is kidnapped at parents on

to your order? How many it is ruined, spoiled how many finished sa-

moubiystvo? At me everything is written down. And I have to be responsible for all this? I


They silently watched some time at each other as two roosters pe-

ред new fight.

But prudence triumphed. Brounlou familiarly slapped Pierce

on a shoulder and, derisively smiling, told:

— Both are good! Let’s not quarrel. It is necessary to find a way out, Bkhara-


— Long ago so! — Pierce exclaimed.

— And, apparently, it is the best of all for us to be through with Ariel…

— To finish off, — Pierce specified.

— When it falls into our hands.

And they began to discuss the plan of the forthcoming joint actions.

Chapter twelfth


Having risen over the market, Ariel flew to a grove. In temples knocked. Charades

delayed hands and complicated flight. Better to cut air, Arielle

flew, keeping almost horizontally, pressing the Charade to a breast.

Ariel tried to fly over the wood, avoiding open places. But wood soon

came to an end. Almost to the horizon fields extended. Here and there factory stuck out


Ariel and Sharad saw how the peasants working at fields lifted

up the head also remained with the mouths opened from surprise, others fell

on the earth or ran away. A charade it very much amused. He put out tongue,

stirred legs, but Ariel thought only of whether there will be enough at him forces to reach

to a grove which was seen in the distance.

Suddenly Ariel heard behind himself hum of a huge bumblebee. Oglyanuv-

шись, he saw the approaching airplane flying quite low and not

very quickly. Really it is a pursuit? Ariel wanted to fall already a stone on

the earth, but, having considered, decided that Pierce will not begin to chase him on aerop-

to Lana. And as if it caught it in air? But pirsovsky intelligence agent sa-

ask could be. And if people begin to shoot with the plane?.

While Ariel deliberated, the airplane was already absolutely close. The pilot could not

not to notice Ariel and Sharad. And Ariel suddenly decided to rise over samole-

volume and to pass it under itself.

When the airplane passed under them, Charades shouted:

— Dada, fall by a wing!

Ariel behind noise of the motor did not hear a voice the Charade, but he also solved

to fall by a wing. Here it is the best of all to take cover from shots if people

will shoot at them. Having accelerated flight, Ariel decreased to a surface fyuze-

lyazha, without letting go the Charade.

Only after Charades caught a ledge, Ariel weakened naprya-

zheniye of the hands, and then and itself «mentally sat down» on a wing, why the airplane

slightly dived. Now Ariel could have a rest. But from care it still

time «obezvesit» the body, and, flying over Sharad, contacted it cloths —

tsemets. Now they could fly «air hares».

Charades was delighted. At last under it a firm support. However, metalli-

the chesky surface heated up from the sun so that burned down a body, but with it not —

convenience it was possible to reconcile. The main thing the fact that they flew on the North to

Bengal, heading along the coast of Bay of Bengal. Perfectly. They mo-

gutnut far to depart, without spending forces. Possibly, it is passenger-and-mail ae-

роплан lines Madras-Calcutta.

Ariel was disturbed by one: what will be done by passengers if notice it

and Charade? And it was on the lookout.

Passed probably no more than half an hour, as at edge of the right wing, near

cabins the head in a pilot’s helmet and points seemed. Ariel with nervousness

watched the head in a helmet. Whether the hand with the revolver will seem? But head

disappeared under a wing soon and did not appear. Perhaps, people conferred.

The pilot, probably, paid attention to a push and increase in weight aeropla-


The beacon, round dome of observatory heaved in sight. Something very much

familiar… And suddenly Ariel screamed: he learned Madras.

Ariel had no life experience, any practical zna-

niya. As cruelly he was mistaken! The airplane flew not on the North, and on the South — to Mad-

races. Well of course! The ocean on the left side. And as soon as it not soobra-


Ariel grabbed nothing not understanding the Charade and rushed down. To

to happiness, under them there were dense thickets of a bamboo and reed.

Deafened by a roar of motors, they did not hear some time each other.

And only when noise in ears ceased, Ariel explained the Charade why they

so suddenly left the airplane.

— Now we will arrive more cleverly. Let’s wait for fog or twilight and it is imperceptible

let’s fall by the airplane which will depart on the North. Another time I any more not

I will be mistaken.

Having felt hungry, but in Dandarat they so got used to starve! Charades

chewed young escapes of reed. Being afraid to fall into hands of enemies, they not

left the shelter.

By the evening the sky clouded clouds. There was a rain at night, and by the morning rose

dense fog. And suddenly in fog the rumble of motors was heard. Ariel and Sharad,

having strong communicated a towel, rose in air. To sit down on a wing in tuma-

it was not hard and unsafe. The airplane nearly brought down them and when Ariel

rushed aside, departed forward. It was necessary, straining forces, to catch up


It, at last, worked well. Now Ariel carefully fell by a wing, and

it took hardly noticeable list.

They flew almost all day, suffering from a heat, thirst and hunger, but kazh-

dy hour, every minute carried away them farther and farther from hated Dandarat and

terrible Pierce.

By the evening the thunder-storm rose. Frayed the plane. It dived in air pockets,

rose by crests of air waves.

During one strong rush Ariel and Sharad were dumped with most

summer. To catch up with the airplane at Ariel there were not enough forces, and they began to fall

on the earth.

— This time we managed to depart far. Charades, — Ariel told.

Chapter thirteenth


In air they saw ruins of the long building without roof. Ariel

and Charades landed on a crushed stone heap in one of rooms of this building,

having scared the whole cloud of the bats huddling on corners. Mice long summer —

whether, so far, at last, did not calm down. Fugitives found the town protected from

rain and wind, embraced and fell asleep.

At dawn Ariel rose the first, trying not to wake the Charade. It you —

climbed through a breach in a wall and looked back.

The sun did not ascend yet. Shreds of a gaze lasted above the ground,

as night ghosts, vspugnuty first trend of morning. Plants were pok-

are dug by large drops of dew. Ruins of the clumsy building gave places —

to Nosta sad face. The ugly tree ашат stretched the thick tenacious

roots through the gaping cracks in the wall. Among the blossoming bushes here and there

fragments of this wall towered. Two half-ruined columns specified on

place of the former gate. From them to the river bank there was a trees lane to a shish. Under

shade of century deodar the hillocks similar to graves were seen. In fog

the pond with indistinct coast gleamed. Water followed from it streamlets,

and its bottom served as a bed for coriander roots. The smell of its flowers filled

all garden. Behind line of a garden the small corn field, with edge began

there was a hut covered by straw. Clay walls darkened from heavy rains.

The dawn painted fog. Birds began to chirp, recovered nest carrion crows. The first

the beam of the sun lit diamond a dewdrop on a leaf of a bush. Ariel zasmot-

it retsya on the sparkling point. But it suddenly disappeared. The greedy sun drank

it. To Ariel it became sad. Beauty and joy are so rapid… Having sat down on

stone, he thought.

Sounds and rustles of the wakening day prevented to concentrate.

The hut behind the corn field left the old man in one dkhot and, singing,

began the daily morning work, — he covered the log hut fresh


Soon the hut left the teenage girl in a gray sari which was

once blue. Black hair of the girl were braided in braids. In hands

it bore a copper basin and a kettle. Ware and wrists on hands and legs to the star —

Nely at each her step.

And the girl timidly looked towards ruins. It began a demon —

to pokoit Ariel. Whether these people saw how he went down with Sharad?

The girl approached a stream and began to clean ware sand.

— Go to me, darling, — Ariel heard a tender voice and shuddered. On —

having returned, he saw the young man who stood through a muslin of the thinning fog

on a belt in water at the opposite coast of a pond, ashore — huge

buffalo with mild, obedient eyes. As if answering call of the young man, a buoy —

ox it is noisy sighed and slowly entered a pond, lifting a broad chest laid down —

I forge a wave. And the young man began to wash diligent a buffalo who pofyrkivat from

and slowly swung pleasures the head.

Whether not this young man also forced the old man and the girl to glance aside

ruins? The young man and the girl really exchanged glances with each other,

but did not exchange any word.

Having washed up a buffalo, the young man brought him out of a pond, darted a glance at the girl and,

patting on the shining leather of a buffalo, went on the grassed path.

The girl watched them leave until they were behind a grove.

— Dada! Ariel-dada! Where you? — the voice the Charade was heard. Having woken up and

without having found near itself Ariel, he began to worry and ran out to the yard. — Ah,

here where you, date! I want to eat, date! Very much!

Ariel noticed how the teenage girl, увидав the Charade, dropped

kettle and, having thrown ware, ran to a hut. Edges of its sari fluttered,

baring strong swarty legs, wrists a thunder fought on shoulders and a back, and —

to jingled. The old man looked at the girl, then and he, shaking off clay with

hands, hasty disappeared in a hut.

— Here that you did. Charades, — Ariel told, rising because of a bush,

— We were noticed.

— Forgive, date, but I so got a fright when I did not see you near.

— What now to do to us? To escape? To depart?

— As you want, — obediently answered Charades. — But me very much, very much ho-

it chtsya is. Never before so there was a wish, even legs shiver. We yesterday

the whole day was not eaten also all last night… Perhaps, at them will be gors-

rice point?

«Hardly in this deaf place there could be Pierce’s messages. And at the end

the ends it is always possible to depart. Charades of the rights. It is necessary to ask food for these

peasants», — Ariel thought. He felt hungry also weakness. At such

weaknesses, perhaps, you will not depart.

While he deliberated, the door of a hut opened and on a threshold appeared hundred —

Ric. He held a wooden dish with two bowls, and an elbow in hand prizhi-

it is small a mat. Because of a back the girl in a new red sari looked out, with

wreath in hands. Solemnly there were they on the region of the corn field, napravlya-

ясь to ruins, the old man — ahead, the girl — after it. Ariel and

Charades, holding hands, silently expected, what will be farther. Without reaching steps

to seventy, the old man stopped. The girl took from under his elbow tsinov-

ку also spread it on the earth, the old man put a dish on a mat. Then they

both bowed to Ariel to the earth.

— Hi to you, unknown envoy of the sky! Allow my granddaughter of braids —

to nutsyanutsya by the head of your legs. Bless us. Who is higher than people, that not osk-

will return proximity of outcast. And if we are unworthy your blessing,

that grant us joy to eat from us food which we bring you from

clean heart!

Ariel understood not at once why the old man does him such honors. And Sha —

I am glad, without tearing off a greedy look from a dish, pushed Ariel sideways and whispered:

— Let’s go, gave! I see fried rice and milk!.

Ariel went to the old man. At the same time the old man and the granddaughter, moving back, udalya-


— I thank you, kind people, — Ariel answered, having reached to lying on

to the earth of a dish. — Why you depart from us? We with pleasure will divide with

you your breakfast. Charades, lift a dish and a mat. Bear to the house!

— Also added more quietly: — But do not take in head to eat until I resolve.

The old man and his granddaughter stopped, without ceasing to bow. When Arie —

ale and Charades is sent, the girl, having reddened, the shivering hands stretched to Arie —

to ale and in confusion something murmured a wreath.

Ariel bowed, took from her hands a wreath and a plot to himself on a neck.

When reached a hut, the old man with a shining face bypassed the dwelling and

entered guests on a small verandah. The house wall adjoining a verandah, —

la is smoked by a flame an exapostilarion.

The girl spread a mat. Charades put dishes on a floor, and all a mustache —

foxes around.

— Bring sugar treacle, beams and still to rice, Lolita, — the old man told.

But the girl as if captivated looked at Ariel, and he looked in her

the big dark-brown, used by soot eye shadow, — Lolita! — repeated hundred —

Ric. She shuddered and started executing an order. — I ask to accept

food from hands of the unworthy slave!

Charades did not force to repeat a request. Ariel too with appetite was accepted

for food.

— It is a pity that rice cannot be acidified, there is no juice of unripe mango, — about —

the old man dolzhat. — On my site mango trees grow, — and he specified

hand, — but me it is already difficult to get fruits.

Ariel looked in the direction of a hand of the old man.

— Tell me, the woman, what is your name? — he asked the old man.

— Nizmat, — the old man excited with the fact that the guest called him answered


— Close there are no people? — Ariel asked.

— Only behind a grove there lives a young man Ishvar with the blind mother.

«Possibly, it I also saw it, — Ariel thought. — It there is nothing oops —

to satsya. It is kind. As he tenderly treated the buffalo…»

Ariel estimated distance to trees and told:

— So I will bear several fruits now.

And, even without rising to the feet, it as sat, blew up and,

when rose above the house, rushed to trees.

The extraordinary feeling of ease seized it.

For the first time it flew under the open sky without freight. Suddenly captured it that is

which delight that it was ready to sing, somersault in air. Flying by over

old dzhambolyanovy tree, it as if dived in air, on the fly broke

several leaves also threw them, being amused this game. Flew up to mango —

to vy tree, took a detour over big heavy leaves, went down below

and, having vertically hung in mid-air, began to break orange-yellow velichi-

ache about goose egg fruits as though it stood on the earth and removed them with vet-

blow. Having gathered several fruits, it «swallow» returned on a verandah, vspug-

нув pigeons on a roof and a peacock near a verandah.

Nizmat lay spread on a mat. Lolita sat on a floor, near

the scattered bowls, flat cakes and wooden dishes, which it, obviously,

dropped. Only Charades with the reddened person and shining gla-

the deputy laughed and clapped itself on knees. What alarm made it


Ariel was confused, seeing confusion of the girl and amazement stari-


— Forgive, I, apparently, frightened you, — he told.

— Light my, caressing eyes! Light charming heart! Yours is stout ra-

dost in me! About mister of all heaven! You made me the participant of yours

glories! About Vishnu, embodied in Rama and Krishna! Whether not your the tenth voplo-

shcheniye received to see eyes my, not seeing pleasures of life? — And the Bottom —

mat, being kneeling, gave to Ariel hands.

— Ya… No, no, Nizmat-babu, I am not Vishnu! I am a mere mortal of people,

same, as well as you. I am able to fly only. I was made such without mine

will. You know that people fly on airplanes, and you do not consider them

gods. Both flies, and dragonflies, and birds fly…

But Ariel saw that the old man does not trust him, does not trust because not ho-

couples to refuse the joy to see a deity. Perhaps, it is also not necessary

to take away this joy from the old man.

— Well, well! Consider me for whom you want, but treat me as to

to the simple person. I order you it! Sit down nearby and you eat with me.

Let also Lolita eat. Also tell me as you live.

— Thy will be done! — the old man answered. — Sit down, Lolita, — ordered

it to the granddaughter. — You eat, and yes your heart vozveselitsya!

And Nizmat began to tell about himself.

It belonged to the last of париев. Doors of temples were closed for

it. It could not take water from public wells. Had to descend

after the journey, at least in dirt and the swamp, on many steps at a meeting with people

the highest caste or the highest step of the caste not to profane them svo-

them breath, even look. It all life starved with the family. It

the eldest son, joy of his eyes and a consolation of an old age, got sick when to it

twenty years were executed. The wife called the sorcerer, and the sorcerer all night long prozhi-

the Gaul of the patient with the heated iron also read spells. But an evil ghost, all —

flowing in the son, was stronger, and by the morning the son died. Such is will of god. From

cholera, fevers, hunger died the wife, the second son, his wife and children. Wasps —

Talas one granddaughter Lolita. Also her husband died.

— Lolita widow? — with surprise Ariel asked. — How many to it years?

— There will be fifteen soon. She is widowed three years.

— But why Lolita does not wear belovdovy clothes? Why are not removed it

hair? Why on it glass wrists? Why husband’s relatives not

broke them? — asked Charades which more Ariel knew customs of the country.

— We are too poor for observance of all ceremonies and customs and at rest —

leg of the husband of Lolita there were also no relatives, — Nizmat answered. — Neighbor Ish-

вар loves Lolita, — at these words the girl looked down and reddened,

— also it is ready to marry it. But his mother does not agree to that her

the son married the widow as it sometimes is done now by the people forgetting hundred —

ry laws. Blind remembers still that time when widows were burned live with I rub —

to Pama the died husbands. Its most had to burn, but sahibs did not allow.

But the old woman firmly sticks to the old law: widows should not again you —

to go in marriage. Because in our country there are a lot of widows, — Nizmat sighed. —

And my sort will die away.

Ariel thought. It was not necessary to hear about all this in Dandarat.

Ariel wanted to ask and whether Lolita Ishvara loves, but he kept. Bo-

whether ялся it to confuse Lolita even more, or to hear from her lips claim —

telny answer?.

To give the conversation another turn, he asked:

— And what it is ruins?

— Once there was an indigo factory, — Nizmat answered. — It

the owner, the sahib, the cruel man, was able to turn in blue indigo blood

the workers. He presented the local rajah Radzhkumar, and the rajah took away from us,

peasants, the earth also transferred to the sahib. The peasants deprived of the earth, that not

to die of hunger, were forced to work at factory, having forgotten about kasto-

vy distinctions. I worked at it too. Several Muslims, peasants with —

Sydney villages, too deprived of the earth, demanded return taken away on —

leu which were sowed under indigo. Fabrikant sahib employed

not only men, but also women, both old men, and children of seven years. Workers

died. Also the sahib died. One speak — from fever, others — from uku-

са snakes, went also such rumors that he was suffocated by one Muslim. From nase-

the line of three villages survived only I with the granddaughter yes blind Tara with

son Ishvar. Alien workers dispersed. The factory collapsed. Now

bushes and flowers cover ruins more and more. Mother Nature heal —

howls the wounds given by the earth. When the sahib died, — Nizmat continued, —

the rajah declared that he returns us the earth for rent. It should have though

some income: the earth became much, and peasants — only two families. But

Container and I could take only small scraps though rent was and not ve-

face… If to unite our farms, to heal one family…

He became silent. Molchal and Ariel. Charades ate up the last flat cake. Lolita

from under lowered a century looked at Ariel. He felt her look, and it

concerned him.

Chapter fourteenth


Ariel and Sharad had a rest after the postponed disorders. Nizmat and Lolita

looked after them; on Ariel they were about to pray. Charades already called Lo —

to litas the sister — did. Children’s cheerfulness returned to it soon.

Nizmat fell in love with it as son, «granted to it by the sky», Lolita indulged,

as younger brother.

Charades found a family.

Ariel thought of destiny the Charade and of own destiny. Among

these simple loving people he would feel absolutely well if

treated him, as to the Charade. Excessive respect, which sides —

the chila with adoration and religious worship, very much constrained and confused

it. Every morning Lolita, inclining to the earth, brought to it wreaths and gir-

lyanda, as if sacrifices. He read in the opinion of the teenage widow, as in

to the open book: the respect mixed from fear shares — here that was in it

to soul. In these big dark-brown eyes with the long bent black

eyelashes he would like to see simpler, friendly feelings. Ariel

tried to joke with it, showing very clearly and behavior that it

the ordinary person, but Lolita’s face remained serious, strict, poch-

titelny, and it upset Ariel.

He went to the wood, got somewhere into a thicket, laid down on a grass and du —

it is small.

As strange and sadly its fate was! He did not know parents, not

saw neither love, nor friendship, nor caress, had no real childhood, to anything

did not study, except several languages, cramming of texts of sacred books. And

suddenly he was made the flying person. It can fly more freely and easier,

than bird! Unless it is not fine? Unless people do not dream of it? Not vi-

dit themselves flying in a dream? Whether the dream is these and dreams generated aerop-

Lana, airships? Yes, it would be very good to become the flying person if

it would not separate it from people. What waited for it in Dandarat? And Pierce and

Brounlou would still force it to execute their will, would manage

with it as with a hunting falcon, would show it to people as a miracle priro-

ды. Here simple people — Nizmat, Lolita — take him for a deity. Yes

and whether only Nizmat and Lolita? And Charades?. Perhaps, and other people bu-

here also to treat him? Unless it has no property which

has to seem to people superhuman, supernatural? To reconcile

with a deity role? But it means to doom itself to great loneliness and

boredom… Lolita, such darling, gentle the female semi-child, will always be

to look at it from below up, as at an inaccessible being. Perhaps,

it is also pleasant to it, but Lolita, probably, would consider sacrilegious a thought about

volume that between them there could be other relations, except an «acceptable» pok-

rovitelstvo from its party and a worship — from it.

And then, he cannot forever remain to live with them. It is looked for. It red-

Kaya the bird who flew away from a cage. It needs to change the place, to leave and ule-

the Tat is farther and farther. On his misfortune, it has a white skin though which sunbathed

under burning beams of the sun of India. It is too white for the Hindu and here will be

to attract attention. It is unpleasant and unreliable to make up skin with clay:

the first rain washes away such coloring. To give itself for the sahib, to find ev-

ropeysky suit? He speaks well English. But what will tell about itself

to people? It is necessary to think of it. It will not fly. Unless only in dark

nights, before dawn when people sleep tight.

It is necessary to leave Sharad. With it both it is heavier to fly and to recognize them

together can rather. Charades it is arranged. It will be cherished as «a gift bozhest-

ва», as the son Nizmat granted by the sky.

And Lolita?. Ariel sighed.

Let it will find happiness, possible for it, and almost improbable, red-

which happiness for the Indian widow, — let marries Ishvar. It

the kind young man, and it with him will be happy. Ariel will help them. It is a pity that

Ishvar’s mother is blind. It would obey «will of a deity» if saw

Ariel who is going down to it from the sky. But she will be told, and she will believe.

Over Ariel’s head shrill shout sounded. He saw in dense

branches of trees of two white-bearded monkeys, one — big, another — on —

it is less. Big took away at smaller some fruit. Smaller squealed,

big scratched it, grabbed ears, a tail. Smaller it is so plaintive kri-

Chala, perhaps mother called to the aid, but Ariel did not restrain and flew up to

to monkeys.

Monkeys were so struck that at once became silent. But when Ariel about —

pulled to them a hand, wishing to separate, both rushed in different directions, perepry-

givy from a branch on a branch, from a tree on a tree. And, having only been removed on

long distance, cried probably an alarm signal on which

other monkeys and birds in different places of the wood responded. Ariel sadly

smiled: «And monkeys are afraid of me», — and looked back. Over his head was

continuous cover of juicy green leaves. Trunks of trees are twisted by curling

plants are also bound by lianas. Here and there beams of the sun made the way through

foliage and gold spots laid down on the earth overgrown with bushes and

grass. The place is deaf. Nobody sees. But after all in vain it flew up.

Did not sustain.

Maneuvring between lianas, Ariel began to go down slowly. Was heard

rustle. Ariel looked back and saw Ishvar. Having dropped a linking of brushwood, the young man

bit the dust. Ariel fell near him and told:

— Get up, Ishvar, be not afraid!

Ishvar rose. His face was pale. Hands shivered. God descended to

to it also called by name! Gods know all.

— You love Lolita, Ishvar?

— All heart is full it, mister as a bowl rose attar! — an exclamation —

Ishvar nulnut. — If this love is sinful, forgive me. And if you do not forgive,

take away my love together with my life!

— I bless your love, Ishvar, — Ariel in the same tone answered.

— Go and tell about it to mother your Tara.

— Your words fill with joy heart my, withered from love. But

let kindness and your mercy will fill to the brim my soul. Return sight

my mother, that she could see a happy face of the son!

Ariel was confused.

— At everyone the karma, Ishvar, — he answered and departed. And Ishvar long

still was kneeling, looking at trees behind which Ariel was.

In the same day Ariel had a long conversation with Nizmat.

At the end of this conversation Nizmat called the granddaughter and told:

— Our great guest, Lolita, blesses your marriage with Ishvar. Container

has to agree. Cannot refuse.

Lolita’s cheeks blushed, and in eyes joy flashed. It

rushed to Ariel’s legs and «accepted ashes from legs it». Ariel lifted Lo —

to litas. How many gratitude was in her eyes!

— Be happy! — he told and smiled. But the smile of god was pe-

I chalnoit. And gods can sometimes envy simple people!

Chapter fifteenth


— You very much love it, did? — asked Charades Lolita.

It watered flowers in the pots placed on verandah eaves. Lolita

sat over a brazier near a hut and turned a shovel in the boiling oil


— Whom, Charades?

— Your groom, Ishvar.

Lolita thought and did not answer.

— What are you silent?

— I do not know. Charades whether I love it, — at last she answered.

— But why you were delighted when Ariel told that he will help

to wedding? I saw how you sunbathed eyes.

Lolita became silent again. Her hands considerably shivered.

— You still small, Charades, and it is difficult for you to understand. Ishvar good young man.

I know, he loves me though we did not tell with it and two words.

— Why?

— Mother does not allow it to go to us, to talk to me, even

to look at me not to be profaned. But he after all looks, and I vi-

жу that loves, though does not decide to speak about it.

— Unless he not pariahs?

— Yes, it pariahs, but its sort costs on a step or two above ours…

To become a widow for the rest of life — it is very heavy. Charades. And then grandfather

Nizmat so mourns that his sort will die away. And he grows old. To it already very much

it is difficult to work. And if Nizmat dies what will be with me? Will remain to me

only to plunge into the water as it is done at us by many widows.

Charades thought.

— And you love Ariel?

— Become silent, Charades! — with a fright Lolita exclaimed. Blood rushed back from

her cheeks, eyebrows frowned. — It is impossible even to think of it!

— Why? — it was not appeased Charades.

— Whether road dust on which all trample legs can, to dream about

the sun in the sky?

— The sun lights both a flower of a lotus and dust on the road, — important answered

Charades and cunningly blinked the eyes. — Ariel at all not sun, it idle time che-

ловек, as well as I. Only I am not able to fly, and he was taught.

Nizmat came. Charades imperceptibly escaped from a verandah and ran in the wood.

As a police dog, it turned on bamboo thickets, did not find Ariel, yet in for —

dumchivost lying under a tree.

— I want to tell you something, date! — And, having fallen near Ariel on

knees. Charades told it about a conversation with Lolita.

Dandarat taught Ariel to hide the feelings, but nevertheless Charades the deputy —

tit that his story excited the friend.

— Now we go to have breakfast, date. Nizmat already came from work.

— We go, Charades! — And Ariel tenderly patted the boy on hair.

They went to a hut.

— The old man works, and Lolita works, and I roll on a grass, — told

Ariel Sharadu. — But what you will do with it? How many time I offered it

the help, Nizmat about it also does not want to listen.

The old man met Ariel, as always, joyfully and respectfully. Now

Nizmat only also dreamed of a wedding of the granddaughter. As it is poor, and

the wedding should be made not worse, than at people. That there were wedding flutes,

song lamentations in a harmony of a bayrava and a canopy outside from bamboo

the poles twined garlands of flowers. Instead of candelabrums it is possible to get on —

the exapostilarion is more. It is good to invite brass band, but it is expensive

costs. Garlands will be done by Lolita and Sharad. Also it is necessary to appoint somewhat quicker

wedding day.

— Perhaps, we will postpone until a pudzha holiday? — Ariel told.

— Why to postpone until fall? — Nizmat objected. — The it is rather, the

better. With Tara you did not speak yet, mister?

— No… Tomorrow I will talk, — Ariel answered. It was very disseminated,

almost ate nothing, but often glanced at Lolita, but her look was

it is persistently chained to a floor.

After a breakfast Ariel went to the wood again. In the walks it all

moved away from a hut further.

Once he came out of the wood and suddenly stopped as driven, is struck —

ny unexpected show. Before it it is dazzling the surface sparkled

the big square lake in a frame from a white stone. On opposite

to the party white locks, huge as the mountains adorned as towered

stamping gold things, and lungs as lace. One lock plunged be-

ly wall in pond waters in them with all galleries marvelous the cut was also reflected —

ache works, easy turrets, high and low, not identical height

and a different look, reminding fantastic flowers, with balconies, a loggia —

ми and fancy roofs.

In the center of the building the majestic arch lasted to small, thin,

to carved bell tower the extended round dome. Construction from top to bottom

it was covered with a carving, arabesques, the live movement of whimsical lines. In total

it was similar to the strange imagination of a dream.

When Ariel told Nizmat about the find, that was surprised:

— Here where you came, mister! These are palaces of our rajah Radzhkumar.

Since then the magic view of palaces attracted Ariel as a magnet. Kraso-

that architecture for the first time opened before his eyes and deeply sank down in

I smother.

He quite often made the way to reserved palaces and through thickets admired

them, as living beings. Sometimes the soft ring of a gong reached it,

voices of people.

World, mysterious and forbidden for it!.

And this time, excited with the thoughts overwhelming him, he bessozna-

telno went to locks, discharging branch hands, not hearing discordant pe-

niya and chatter of birds and muster of shrill monkeys.

«Really she loves me? Not Ishvara, and me?» — Ariel, and him thought

heart with pleasure clenched, and breath intercepted.

To remain with these lovely ingenuous people, to marry Lolita, about —

to rabatyvat the earth… But whether «road dust» to the sun will be able to be kicked up? And

why to it and not to rise power of love?. Ishvar will be unfortunate. But it

it is unfortunate and so. Tara did not agree to its marriage with Lolita, perhaps

will not agree and now, despite Ariel’s arrangements. Blind people are mistrustful.

Damned gift! Misfortune to be not such as all!. Perhaps, to it and

it will be possible to convince Lolita. And Pierce? A pier which will not calm down until then,

will not chain him yet. This Pierce, as if the ominous shadow, saddens

light of his life… No, not to it, Ariel doomed to eternal exile

to dream of personal happiness. To leave… to leave Lolita… Shchebetaniye of birds —

it zatsya to it by jingling of wrists on swarty hands and Lolita’s legs, solnech-

ny patches of light — a sparkling of her eyes, fragrant whiff — its breath… Lo —

litas as if it was dissolved in all nature, surrounded, enveloped, obni-

it is small it as air. It turned the head…

Chapter sixteenth


Imperceptibly for himself Ariel turned aside, left to the coast of the lake and

went on the way to locks, without noticing their dazzling this time order —


Hysterical women’s shout brought him out of thoughtfulness.

Ariel stopped and looked back.

To the left of it the low stone fencing separating a garden of the rajah lasted

from the road. The half-naked black person swept the road. Behind a fencing in a garden

the well was seen. Near a well there was a woman from «devout» in zele-

number silk sari. It with horror bent over a well, tore on itself

the tousled hair and violently shouted:

— My son! My son! Save! It fell in a well!

Metelshchik threw the broom, jumped through a fence and ran to a well,

to pull out fallen.

But the woman, увидав a metelshchik, rushed towards as furious

lioness, having widely stretched hands.

— Do not dare! — she cried. — Do not approach! Your breath profanes!

— But you called to the aid, — the become puzzled metelshchik and ostano-objected


— Let my son be better will choke, will die, than will be profaned by yours

touch! — fanatically she exclaimed.

The half-naked man, pariahs belonging to a sort hereditary me-

telshchik, having hung the head as the beaten dog, trudged to a fence, peres-

kochit it and again undertook the broom, nervously pulling the head.

And the woman cried again:

— Save! Save!

From the lock servants ran. But all of them were pariahs too. Seeing as vstreti-

la the woman of a metelshchik, the servant stopped on established by custom

distance, without knowing what to do. Some of them ran back to

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