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I devote to the daughter Svetlana

Chapter 1


Ariel sat on a floor near a low window of the room reminding

monastic cell. The table, a stool, a bed and a mat in a corner made all


The window left to the courtyard, sad and silent a bush, tra-

vinka — sand and gravel, — as if the desert corner fenced with four

prison walls of the gloomy building with tiny windows. Over flat kry-

Russian cabbage soup tops of palm trees of the dense park surrounding school rose. Vyso-

Kaya the fencing separated the park and buildings from the outside world.

The deep silence was broken only by a gravel scratch under slow

steps of teachers and tutors.

In same poor, as well as at Ariel, rooms pupils were located,

brought to the Madras school Dandarat from all over the world. Among them

there were both eight-year-old and adult girls and young men. They made one

family, but in their quiet and avaricious words, in their eyes it was impossible the deputy —

to tit neither love, nor friendship, nor attachment, nor joy at a meeting, nor

grief at separation.

These feelings from the very first days of stay in school were eradicated by all

measures tutors and teachers: Hindu Brahmins, hypnotists and

Europeans, mainly British, — occultists new a form —


On Ariel there was a tunic — a shirt with short sleeves from rough fabric.

Standing there were no sandals even.

It was the tall fair-haired young man of years of eighteen. But on expression

it could give faces sometimes less: light gray eyes looked with

children’s naiveté though on a high forehead lungs of wrinkles were already outlined —

ки, as at the person who worried much and changed the mind. Color of his eyes and

the hair indicated the European origin.

Ariel’s face with the correct Anglo-Saxon lines was not movably,

as mask.

It it is indifferent looked out of the window as the person shipped in glu-looks

boky reflection.

So it also was: the mentor of Charaka-babu forced Ariel in the evenings

to sum up the results of day — to remember all events which came from rising to

sunset to check the attitude towards them, to check the thoughts, —

laniye, acts. Before withdrawal to a dream Ariel had to give the account —

to confess before Charaka.

The setting sun lit kroner of palm trees and clouds which are quickly flying on not —

бу. The rain just stopped, and from the yard warm got into a cell

damp air.

What happened in a day?

Ariel, as always, at dawn woke up. Washing, prayer, zavt-

cancer in the general dining room. On a thick wooden tray gave luchi-lepesh-

ки from flour, absolutely inedible fried peanuts and water in gli-

nyany vessels.

The tutor Satya, as always, transferring a heavy look from one vos-

pitannik on another, said them that they eat bananas, tasty rice

flat cakes with sugar also drink dense milk. And school students, giving in vnushe-

niya, with pleasure all served foods ate. Only one

the boy beginner who is not prepared for mass hypnosis yet asked:

— Where bananas? Where rice flat cakes?

Сатья approached the beginner, raised his head for a chin and moved —

telno told, having strictly looked in eyes:

— Sleep! — Also repeated suggestion then also this boy became with appe-

rigid nuts are Tit, taking them for bananas.

— And you why put on a scarf? — other mentor, the thin Hindu asked with

black beard and the shaven head, addressing the girl of years of nine.

— Cold, — she answered, chilly shaking a coat hanger. It was in a fever.

— To you hot. Remove a scarf now!

— Уф, what heat! — the girl exclaimed, removing a scarf, and carried out on

to forehead a hand, as if wiping the acted sweat.

Сатья drawlingly began to read lecture: pupils have to be not —

are sensitive to cold, a heat, pain. The spirit has to triumph over a body!

Children sat quietly, their movements were sluggish, apathetic.

Suddenly that boy who at the beginning of a breakfast asked: «Where

bananas?» — the piece pulled out at the neighbor beams and, having loudly laughed, thrust it

in a mouth.

Сатья one jump came to be near the disobedient person and pulled it an ear.

The boy loudly began to cry. All children as if hardened before it neslykhan-

ny misconduct. Laughter and tears were ruthlessly eradicated in this

to school. Сатья seized with one hand of the boy, another — a wide vessel.

The boy absolutely calmed down, only hands and his legs shivered.

Ariel felt sorry for the beginner.

Not to give the feelings, he hung the head. Yes, to it was very much

it is a pity for this eight-year-old kid. But Ariel knew that, sympathizing tova-

to rishch, he makes big offense in which he has to confess to the

to the tutor Charake.

«Whether to confess?» — the thought flashed, but Ariel suppressed it. He got used to

care, reserve even in the thoughts.

By order of Satyi the servant took away the boy with a vessel on the head. The breakfast was

it is finished in full silence.

This day after a breakfast there had to leave several young men and —

the vushka which graduated school.

Ariel had the hidden sympathy to leaving black, bolsheg-

to the lazy young man and the slender girl also had the basis to assume, as they

also friendly treated him. Several years of joint stay in

To Dandaratya connected them. But they covered the feelings with a coldness mask

and indifferences. Rare minutes, when eyes of supervisors and tutors

did not watch them, secret friends exchanged one eloquent

look, sometimes handshake — and only. All three stored the secret

friendship — the only treasure which warmed their young hearts as

the small flower which by miracle remained in the dead desert.

Oh, if tutors got into their secret! With what exasperation they

would crush this flower! Under hypnosis they would force to admit in

with all and suggestion would kill also this warm feeling, having replaced it cold and


Farewell happened in the yard near iron gate. Without looking the friend on

the friend, leaving told ice tone:

— Farewell, Ariel!

— Farewell, farewell! — Also dispersed, even without having shaken hands.

Having hung the head, Ariel went to school, trying not to think about

friends, quashing feeling of grief, — for secret thoughts and feelings will be

time in the dead of night. He will not tell about these thoughts and feelings to anybody even

under hypnosis! And in it there was the latest deep secret of Ariel, au co —

Torah even cunning Charaka and the chief of school Bkharava did not guess.

Then there were lessons of religion history, an occultism, Theosophy. A lunch with

«bananas», lessons of English, Hindustani, Bengali, Marathi,

Sanskrit… Poor dinner.

— You are very full! — inspires Satya.

After a dinner — «session». Ariel already passed this terrible circle danda-

ratsky hell, but has to be present at «practical training» with but —


The narrow dark corridor lit only with the weak, fluctuating spark

svetiln with the smoking match from the rejected cotton, conducts in big

the room without windows with the same dim spark. In the room — a rough table and

several mats on a floor.

Ariel with group of the senior pupils not movably, silently costs in a corner

on a stone floor.

The servant enters the fourteen-year-old boy.

— Drink! — the mentor speaks, stretching a mug.

The boy obediently swallows of sharply smelling, bitterish liquid, is old —

ясь not to screw up the face. The servant quickly takes off a shirt from the boy and rubs him

body flying ointments. The boy is covered by alarm, deadly melancholy.

Then there comes excitement. He often also pants, its pupils rasshi-

Rena, hands and legs twitch, as at the cardboard clown.

The teacher lifts from a floor a lamp with a flickering spark and asks:

— What you see?

— I see the dazzling sun, — the boy, щуря eyes answers.

All feelings are aggravated. The low whisper seems to it a thunder, he hears how

flycatchers run on walls as each person in the room breathes as

heart at each of attendees as somewhere on an attic sheve-fights

bats litsya… He sees, hears, notices, feels what not

any normal person notices.

At one of this state comes to an end in nonsense, at others — the strongest nervous

attack. Ariel already did not see some later such rough any more at —

horseshoes: they either died, or went crazy.

Ariel had a strong constitution. It passed all tests, having kept

the health.

When the first stars were lit, the door of the room opened. Charaka entered,

leading the swarty boy with the scared person by the hand.

— Sit down! — he ordered to the boy.

The boy sat down on a floor as the automatic machine. Ariel approached Charaka and bowed.

— It is new. His name is Charades. You will lead it today. You are happy with —


— Yes, the father, — Ariel answered.

— You have nothing to confess? — mistrustfully Charaka asked. — Sover-

only the one who is never happy with himself can reach a shenstvo.

— It is inquisitive having looked in Ariel’s eyes, asked Charak: — About last not du —

it is small?

— No, — Ariel firmly answered.

At this school pupils were forbidden to think of life before receipt

in school to remember the early childhood, parents and to ask questions, kasayu-

щиеся their past and future. None of pupils knew that them

expects what they are trained for, almost nobody remembered also the past.

That who had still too fresh memoirs and strong memory, gip-

ноз helped to forget the past.

Charaka it is once again inquisitive looked in Ariel’s eyes and left.

Charades sat all in the same motionless pose as small bronze


Ariel listened to retreating footsteps of Charaki and smiled — in the first

time for all day.

Before Dandarat’s pupils there were only two ways: for the majority

— a full, absolute obezvolivaniye and, at best, full it is loosened —

nost of nervous system. For insignificant minority — the strongest fi-

zichesk and it is intellectual — a way of the thinnest hypocrisy, the most cunning ukhishchre-

niya, artistic simulation. Ariel belonged to the last group. To it

it was possible even to resist to hypnosis, feigning somnambulistic consisting —

ny. But such as it, there was a little. The slightest mistake — and deception razobla-

it chatsya. Mentors were owners of soul and a body of the pupils.

Ariel quickly and silently approached to the Charade and whispered:

— You will be frightened, but be not afraid that you saw. All this naroch-


The boy with surprise and mistrust looked at Ariel. At school with it

still nobody so friendly spoke.

— And main thing: do not cry, do not shout if you do not want that you were beaten!

Charades ceased to cry.

Behind a window bats silently rushed about, sometimes flying in a window. On

room walls little domestic lizards caught insects. Boy zas-

it motretsya on them and calmed down.

Ariel lit oil светильню. A red uvula of a flame it is dim osve-

tit the room the wind Getting through a window shook a flame, and on walls plya-

fat Ariel’s shadow. Corners of the room remained in a gloom.

In a corner, opposite to the boy, something began to move. Charades vglya-

got to and grew cold with horror. The big yellow snake with crept out of a crack to —

the rotky thick head inflated by a neck, a flat belly with light, okay-

mlenny black lines the drawing on a cervical part, similar to points. Nye!

After the first Nye — a cobra — another crept out, black-brown,

behind it — absolutely black, then gray, more and more. Snakes crept away on

to the room, surrounded the boy.

— Sidi, do not move, be silent! — Ariel, passionless as vseg-whispered

yes, and as if stiffened.

Snakes crept up absolutely close They highly lifted a forward part that —

lovishcha, necks in the form of a flat board strongly expanded and looked directly in

eyes to the boy, being going to rush on it.

Ariel it is hardly heard whistled a sad, monotonous melody in which

only three tones alternated.

Snakes stood, listening, then hung the heads and, slowly otpol-

darling in a corner, disappeared in a floor opening.

Charades continued to sit not movably. Drops of cold sweat covered it


— Well done! — Ariel whispered. But this praise was undeserved:

the boy did not shout and did not move because it was paralyzed by fear.

The wind gust which brought with itself a sweet smell zhas-rushed into the room


In the sky of a star became covered by clouds. The thunder rang out, and rustled tro-soon

pichesky heavy rain. Air became fresh at once. Lightnings flashed, lighting

house wall the opposite side and affecting in water which quickly

covered all yard which turned into the lake.

The boy with relief sighed, leaving the catalepsy. However it

waited for new tests.

The wall from a mat dividing rooms unexpectedly rose, and Charades

saw it is dazzling the lit room which half was laid by white

oilcloth. In the middle of the room there was a huge tiger. Light fell to it in eyes, and

the golden striped animal squinted, discontentedly shaking the head.

The animal beat with an elastic tail a floor.

But here eyes of a tiger began to get used to bright light. Squinting, it lips —

curled on the Charade, published silent short growl and, having fallen by forward

paws, all strained, preparing for a jump.

Charades clutched at the head and violently cried.

He felt how someone touches his shoulder. «Will bite to death!» —

freezing with horror, the boy thought. But the touch was too easy

for a paw of an animal.

— Why you cried? — he heard Ariel’s voice. — The mentor will punish

you for it! We go! — Ariel took the Charade by hand and almost violently a post —

twisted on legs.

Only now Charades dared to open eyes. The wall from a mat was on

place. In the room the twilight. Behind a window the ceasing heavy rain rustles. Are heard from —

dalenny, thunder bumps.

Reeling, Charades started wandering for Ariel, almost without thinking.

They passed a long dark corridor, entered a narrow door. Ariel

passed the Charade forward and told loudly:

— Go! There is a ladder. Do not fall. — And in a whisper added: — Be ostoro-

wives! Do not shout what happened to you be not afraid. You are frightened for that is

го that you got used to be afraid of nothing.

Ariel remembered how he for the first time was subjected to these tests. Togas —

yes it went one. Nobody warned him and consoled.

Charades, shaking with fear, went down on the semi-fallen-off steps lest-

Nice. Before it there was a dark vault. Smelled of dampness. Close air,

stagnant. A stone floor is covered with liquid cold silt. From above dripped

large drops water Somewhere murmured. The boy, without knowing where to go, stretched

forward is a hand not to hit against an invisible barrier.

— Go, go, — Ariel pushed him.

Charades moved forward in deep darkness. Somewhere were heard zaglu-

tire groans, wild howls, mad laughter Then there came ominous

silence. But darkness seemed filled with living beings of Charades feeling —

shaft someone’s cold touches. Suddenly the terrible roar was distributed,

from which the earth trembled.

— Go! Go!

The boy touched with a hand an osklizly wall Soon and other hand of braids —

it nulasnutsya walls. The vault was narrowed. Charades already hardly made the way vpe-


— Go! Go! — imperatively Ariel ordered. And right there whispered: — Not

be afraid, now…

But he did not finish speaking. Charades suddenly felt that the earth leaves from under

legs and it falls in a chasm.

It fell to something soft and damp. The heavy arch falls by it and

presses to the earth. He chokes, groans.

— Be silent! — he hears Ariel’s whisper.

But here the arch rises Around the same darkness. Suddenly from darkness

there is a light cloud. It takes the form of the huge old man with be-

ly long beard From shining as fog under the moon, clothes rises

the bony hand Is heard a deaf, deep voice.

— If you want to live, get up and go without looking back.

And Charades obeyed. Quietly crying, it rises and goes along the corridor.

Walls of a vault begin to shine dim reddish light. Stano-

to curl warmly, then insufferably hot. Walls all redden and move.

Through cracks the flame makes the way. Its languages flare more and more brightly, closer and closer. Still

it is a little — hair will also flash, the clothes of Charades will light up choke, begin

to faint. Someone picks up it, and the last that he hears, —

it is Ariel’s whisper:

— Poor Charades!.

Chapter 2


Ariel woke up, and his first thought was «Poor Charades!»

The nervous shock the Charade was so big that it it was necessary pomes-

to tit in school hospital. The doctor forced to drink the Charade of hot milk with

vodka, and the child fell asleep, and Ariel, his involuntary conductor, returned to


While Ariel washed, there ascended the sun Rang out a gong. Instead of rough

everyday shirt Ariel put on linen clothes. The school expected arrival

eminent guests.

After a breakfast teachers and the senior tutors gathered in

the big hall filled with chairs, chairs, benches. At the end of long

the hall the platform laid by a carpet and decorated with garlands tsve-towered

comrade. Windows were densely closed, and the hall was lit with electric lamps in

fancy bronze chandeliers.

Soon also guests in the most various suits began to appear. Here

there were important swarty gray-bearded old men in the silk clothes decorated

pearls and gemstones, both lean fakirs, and representatives of different

castes with the caste sign on a forehead traced by clay from Ganges, dressed in GRU —

to buoy of a dkhota and the old-fashioned short jacket decorated with tapes in boots

rural work with the bent socks. At others sideways hung even ma-

lenky copper kettles, on custom of ascetics Were also such which clothes

the sheet and wooden sandals made.

The last sahibs appeared. White, tall, self-confident angli-

tub in white suits occupied chairs in the first row.

The school administration servilely looked after them.

To a platform there ascended a white person in the Indian suit chief

schools Bkharava. In the purest English he welcomed guests in

the finest expressions also asked them «to do the honor to look on dosti-

Dandarat’s zheniye in education of servants of the world, the Lord and the truth».

Tutors began to show the most talented vospitanni-

k. It was similar to sessions of «professors of magic and occult sciences».

Pupils dropped off on a platform. They reproduced

the whole scenes also delivered speeches under the influence of hypnosis, repeated with neoby-

tea accuracy told by someone from attendees. At some

pupils the attention was sophisticated to such an extent that they noticed

movements of attendees imperceptible for others. According to teachers, not —

which of pupils could see the radiations going from the head persistently

the thinking person, «to hear the reflex movements of sound bodies,

unconsciously fixing sounds process of thinking», that is not only

«to see», but also «to hear» work of a brain. All this here «was confirmed

on experience», causing approval of guests.

Also youth phenomena which allegedly developed in themselves were shown

the strong electric charges lighting an incandescence bulb, giving

the large sparks surrounding with an aura of their body. Others saw in the dark.

Then other experts followed: having heard several words sobe-

sednik, observing his face, the movements, external signs, they it is faultless

told it to life about the next events.

Ariel watched on it representation and thought:

«They would show better those tests to which are exposed vospitanni-


Ariel passed through all these circles of hell. Last test, to which

it underwent, there was «an acceptance of spirit». Ariel with internal shudder

remembered this gloomy ceremony which is carried out by pupils of the last to a mortar —

it training. They were forced to be present at death of people, to hold

dying by hands and when there came death moment, they were ordered by whole

to vat dying in lips and to accept in itself a last breath. It was otv-

ratitelno. But Ariel was able to constrain himself.

The made noise distracted Ariel from his thoughts.

The chief of school invited guests to other hall where expected them preds-

tavleniye in other sort.

There had to be a distribution of diplomas to members of theosophic

«White box» from hands of the most «teacher of teachers» Jesus-Matereyi.

The huge hall was buried in verdure and flowers. The platform covered with a carpet on —

remembered the arbor twined an ivy, roses and a jasmine. Through open windows

rushes of hot wind got into the hall. Became hot. Entering sbra-

put from shoulders of a shawl and fanned with palm fans. Thick заминдар

imperceptibly thrust a leaf of a betel into a mouth.

In the first row on two gilded chairs upholstered with yellow silk, a mustache —

foxes the elderly Englishman wearing spectacles, with a wavy gray-haired beard, and the mem-sahib

— the stout woman with a round fresh face and short-haired curled gray-haired in —

losam, in the Indian suit, — leaders of theosophic society Mr. Bro —

to unlo and Mrs. Dreyden. The principal brought it a bouquet of flowers.

When all seated, chorus of girls and boys in blue suits, uk-

rashenny garlands from white oleanders, started singing the anthem. At the last sounds

the anthem in an arbor Matereya appeared.

All got up. Many of guests fell on knees.

«The teacher of teachers» was dressed in celestial-blue color long clothes.

His head with the wavy, falling on shoulders hair and small beards —

which reminded Christ’s images of the Italian artists. On beautiful,

too womanly — «delightful» — the person the «divine» smile stiffened.

He blagoslovlyayushche raised hands.

Mem-sagib with admiration looked at his beautiful face. She admired

them without shadow of religious feeling.

Bearded Brounlou caught her eye and frowned.

The ceremony of distribution of diplomas accompanied with numerous began


Some members of a box removed distinctions from a breast to receive them

once again from hands of Matereyi, stretched before it on a floor, and it lifted

over them hands also distributed flowers.

Then «teacher of teachers» began to speak and brought listeners into such

exaltation that hysterical shouts were heard, many fell in obmo-

fate, others fought in spasms.

Having once again blessed all, Matereya — the new embodiment of Buddha — left.

The sahib rose, mem-sahib Oni took by an arm passed at a door for estra-

that as the people who here are well knowing everything also appeared in comfortable,

in an European way the furnished office, even with a fireplace, in which in it

climate there was no need.

The sahib sat down at a desk of the principal, the mem-sahib was located in

chair near it.

The principal who entered after them took seat on a chair only after that,

as the distinguished guest told:

— Sit down, Mr. Pearce, and tell how you have affairs.

Mr. Pearce famous in school under a name of Bkharava, with permission mis-

Cis Dreyden began to smoke the cigar taken from own desk on —

thought: «You better me know about school»

And it was the truth.

Mr. Pearce and sahib-Mr. Brounlou — both were British, and both ra-

botal in one field. Religion — one of foundations of public system,

which they served, — gave ominous cracks, lost the charm in

people at large. Some props, substitutes, «substitutes» were necessary.

It was necessary to support belief in a deity, in spirit, to support mystical

moods And on the stage appeared societies of Theosophy, spiritism, ok —

cultural-ism, the publishing thousands of books worldwide. Their center nakho-

got to in London. It was necessary to use India surrounded in eyes

Europeans and Americans a mystery aura, from it «occult zna-

niya», yogis and fakirs. The religion so well helped with India

to British to support the domination.

Here the magnificent temple with a dome hemisphere was built. Here,

near Madras, the school Dandarat for increase in number was created

adherents and priests of mysterious sciences, where for Asia future prepared

«teachers of teachers», like Jesus-Matereyi, Krishnamutri-Altsiona — «ve-

— sided teacher, similar to Krishna or Buddha», and any mediums, proritsa-

body, hypnotists, wonder-workers, clairvoyants — for Europe and America.

The Madras school exists informally. To it induce not only

a peculiar way and extraordinary methods of education, but also some at —

ranks of more scrupulous property. Here place children only give birth to those —

whether, relatives or trustees, which for any of several reasons for a while

or forever want to get rid of the child. Some of children simply

are abducted at parents by Dandarat’s agents.

Here train stories of religions and to languages of those countries where the pupil

intends for work.

Especially talented, that is especially nervous, from graduating school

remain in it as tutors.

Hypnosis in an educational system figures prominently. Extreme obostre-

ny susceptibilities gives the chance to some pupils to act in

quality of «readers of thoughts», perceiving the movements, imperceptible for others

lips, eyes, almost inaudible sounds of the mentor and to make different «a miracle —


For the same purpose also any tricks, like the shining auras serve

around the body, aromas proceeding from a body of «Saint», extremely dexterously

conceived and carried out. Among tutors and «scientific consultants»

school there is a lot of also talented people with big knowledge.

Such is there was a school Dandarat.

Mr. Pearce, smoking a cigar, did the report. Brounlou and Dresden encourage —

telno nodded.

— How the situation with graduates is? — Mr. Brounlou asked.

Pierce told several names of pupils, explained their specialty and

places where they go.

— I did not decide yet on what way to direct Ariel, — Pierce told.

— It is that, difficult? — asked Brounlou. — As its present


— Aurelius Galton.

— I remember. It was placed by trustees?

— Quite right, — Pierce responded. — Mr. Voden and Mr. Hezlon

from London. They requested about it recently. I answered that health of Avre-

Leah does not leave much to be desired, however…

Brounlou discontentedly frowned, made fingers of hands impatient dvi-

zheniye, having squinted eyes, cautiously looked at Mrs. Dreyden whom not on —

lagatsya to know everything, and interrupted Pierce:

— So you want to make with it?

— I can only tell that for roles of the medium, clairvoyant, prophet he not

it is suitable. For this purpose Ariel has too strong head and, despite everything

too healthy nervous organization, — he added from shares of chagrin and

even with a guilty look. — Difficult. Besides these Boden and Hez-


— I know. They wrote also me, — again interrupted Pierce Brounlou. — At Charlz

Hyde there are interesting news. Talk to it about Ariel. Perhaps,

will approach.

— Who is Charlz Hyde? — Mrs. Dreyden asked.

— You do not know? — courteous addressed it the Feast — one of scientific honeycombs —

mines of our school. Extremely interesting person.

— So, talk to it! — repeated, rising, Brounlou.

Chapter 3


— So you speak, the person fly? Ha-ha-ha! Still people were able from

flies to do an elephant, and you want to make the person of a fly…

— Not from a fly of the person…

— And from the person a fly? It’s just one thing after another. Ha-ha-ha!.

Such conversation happened in Charlz Hyde’s laboratory, great, but not

the scientist recognized by the world who found a shelter in Dandarat. It was podkho-

place, dyashchy for it. Rivals scientists said long ago that Hyde’s place in

madhouse. The difference between this house and Dandarat consisted

only that houses for mad exist to treat sincere

patients, and Dandarat of healthy did by the insane.

Among tutors and «scientific consultants» loonies also occurred —

chesk are abnormal though in own way and uncommon people. To it at —

also Hyde ought.

Open windows narrow as a corridor, laboratories were veiled by mats

from light and the scorching beams of the sun. In the twilight tables were seen, it is filled —

ny by sophisticated cars of various geometrical forms. Cubes, spheres, tsi-

lindra, disks from copper, glass, rubber were bound by wires as

lianas. The real jungle of the scientific equipment through which it is not easy

to make the way to the profane person. Books were absent. All enormous biblio-

the teka of the books devoted to versatile sciences was located under huge

absolutely bald skull of a gidrotsefal, red, as mature tomato. To Ott —

yes the owner of infallible memory took without any work any nuzh-

ny reference.

For years of life in India Hyde grew fat, grew lazy, released broad

red beard, got local habits.

For hours and hours it rolled on a mat in one are short?; white trousers.

Always stood a jug with ice and lemons near it, a can with

betel and another — with tobacco. His lips were as if are blood-stained from saliva,

painted by a betel. He held a fan which continuously about in one hand —

it makhivatsya, in another — a tube, chewed a betel, smoked and thought, from time to

time forcing two assistants, one — a bengaliyets, another —

the Englishman to write down the thoughts coming to his mind or to make

experience. If they were mistaken, Hyde was irritated, shouted, but did not rise with

mats. And in a minute he already good-natured laughed loudly.

At his legs on a low chair from a bamboo his colleague across Dandara-sat

that, too unrecognized scientist, Oscar Fox. It was thin as the ascetic, shaven

the person turned yellow from malaria. On this gloomy, with the fallen cheeks the person lying —

la press of embitternment of the loser. He spoke tone offended chelove-

keeping the eyes glued on hours bracelets, and every fifteen minutes

punctually took out from a tin box of a pill and swallowed.

Already Hyde and Fox are more than a year worked on the instructions of Dandarat: to create

the flying person — to find means by means of which the person could le —

the Tat without any device as we fly in dreams. If the secret is

it is observed, theosophists and occultists will receive the new powerful tool for

promotion of the ideas. With the flying person it is possible to play much chu-

close scenes, having nonplused official science. Such problem of everything

was suitable for scientists, similar to Hyde and Fox more, — it is a little avantyu-

to rist and charlatans, there are a little to dreamers and at the same time people, bezuslov-

but, talented. They found what could not be found anywhere in Dandarat:

appliances for implementation of the most fantastic projects. And

they invented for Dandarat many «miracles of white and black magic». But all

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