Chiromancy According to World's Structure Formula

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Correlations of Astrology. The Theory of Sensibility

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Chiromancy according to WSF (World’s Structure Formula)

Amateur methodology is theorized shortly according to the worked out system with the definition of further directions for detections. All that is previously necessary to be known about this side of humanistic, being materialized by the palm’s pattern and functions’ lines, showing personal reflected sensibility. Hereof is sensual structuredness. It contains chapter “Astrology according to WSF” — “The interrelatedness of Astrology” and has refers to “Alchemy according to WSF”… All books originate from “The World’s Structure Formula Theory”.

Correlations of Astrology according to WSF


Chiromancy — palmistry

For those, who doesn’t understand completely the common interrelation of all and of much though you need only to look into exact things, so if Astrology refers to psychological with the epiphenomenon clearance of the plan’s composites, pointing out partly mental, sensual and forceful data, so adjacent on scientific practices is also defamed Chiromancy, which is sensuous diagram where the tables are palms and the functions are lines.

And also there sagacious pythonesses brought their peccant deal to artful dodger.

By the lines you can judge only about something meant for a particular period of life according to the reflection of the faith’s data in sensual fulfillment of life, that is irresistible being as pre-showing in previous deaf hints of a silent sensuality, which has the most visible, attractive canal and way of reverberation — the 3rd optic one.

When, for example, the Line of Heart or Mind too straight then it is not for panhuman, the man should bend in both.

On top of that if the Astrology’s matrix can be worked out conveniently and may be changed in the print of layers of the spirit body, then the lines on a palm change, showing the general condition of the owner, as however any other symptoms of the sick…

The meaning of salvation of the spirit from unconditional belief rather to the given diagrams or to a prompting seer, who’s coming with help of this to the way of the spiritual leadership, than is to try using general-theoretical knowledge, coming along with the very good knowledge of yourself. So, the error sagaciousness brings down to the wrong earthiness, but if you start trying to understand it wider in philosophical way, then let’s suggest that the short Life Line won’t mean a short life, but only a sensual thing that life will seem quickly to last it won’t crawl in its positive feature and there won’t be any suffering of stagnation or tiredness in it, as it may be in sensual case and in negative feature it’ll point to living “like a hamster on a wheel” with life flew by unnoticed.

Abruptions will be telling about the low sensitivity of those periods and as on the Line of Head may point to the mental abstractions. And this is not about fears or horrifying but reflected about you meaning of foreseeing, not using some of human qualities in everyday life. And even if the circumstances forced to the most dedicated efforts all is predestined and not plying as those who came along in the spirit without abruptions.

The good chiromancer’s experience, they are also Taro seers, won’t crush leading you to a trial and there won’t be any deceive with the help of those devious means in the sense of which it is possible with its nature of lie to lead your inexperienced attention to a trap.

That is only you, knowing yourself and your life sensationally can realize in a whole about your sensuality, and not with the setting up the small counters from the gained experience and entertaining yourself with the esoteric pre-seeing rapping!

Astrology and Chiromancy in a large sense of these spheres have a lot of visibly general, so that skilled in this case just see the aspects between planets in signs on a palm.

Yes, and there all the old well-known fingers and lines according to the planet’s names, and those which are lost in more sensual mounts and fields are presented.

And on the less levels the start of Saturn Fate Line inside of the Life Line says about 4th Base House’s characteristics in Astronomy.

The main thing is that there are 7 basic lines being let only now set in accordance with lines’ senses:









In spite of, the quantity of the main lines gravitates to the full 4, and that is a stretch because sometimes there are no some of lines here, so that picture of 7 lines should be taken into account, and the palm’s graphic of fields with the lines of functions goes to the same conception as on the usual graphics with the known already in Chiromancy scales of age changes and others.

Where to, it just lays oneself out for us as in its core is the same as 7 – full sensuality.

In this case with the multitude of different represented not main lines with different functions. Almost all main previous experience of work should be used only with that cold-blooded understanding that this is all in a whole and not in that narrow sense that charlatans find to astonish, small cases that are sure to be and fitted for an answer, for wished.

In a word, in this and that stretching of line all the palette of millions different cases should be seen.

Though the palm’s field is really circumstantial and invisibly divided into time limits it is still not particular and the time just opens your correlations presumably as aspects in Astrology.

But this is a usual conclusion of your internally-stored data that both Astrology and shamefully called Palmistry is the same as the soul’s mirror – the outlet of the soul’s features on the face, but only every of these being different determines different.

Astrology differs from Chiromancy by showing different, as it was mentioned above, the first one by psychology and another one – by sensibility with lots of different secondary elements from other functions. As, for example, in my psycho the epicenter of the current Saturn — disciplinary in the 11th House of Society takes the second after Mars’ role fully exalted. And in sensibility on the right hand, the main in writing activity, this Saturn Line of Fate imprinted deeply and cut even of the region scarring skin burn, stretching as double parallel, caught by “butterfly” sign – the base of energetic star sign around.

Coming out to the middle of the palm as an accurate cone it reaches one of the main Head and Heart Lines probably joined, and diverges because of them, for one branch to cross not so far or disperse to many lines, coming as it’s supposed to be under the Saturn Finger.

And by another powerful right parable being one in a thousand go to the index finger and left under it the ring of “Rajah”. It also being traced round on the left hand means something “tsar’s” and not only by origin, or not even so, it on the end right hand’s Fate Line and the Jupiter Finger says about great social, political and other different activity… in senses or sensual…

This is the main graphic ornament’s stem is being sensually predefined to disclose by destiny. It’s not dangerous, because it is true prophesying derived in general and not charlatanic. Usually dominating on the pictures the Life Line on the palm looks unattractively aside with one of two secondary Mars Lines, also is pale and starts from the thick herring-bone, the interlasement of casual lines above. The Sun Line is also seen it starts on one of the powerfully drawn outlets of the Fate line making a butterfly between them, weakly, straight coming up to the Apolo Finger and it barely seems to make a fork to all the finger looking like the Apolo ring.

And can be so that one of the double Saturn Lines is the continuation of the Life Line which goes very much to its inner part on the very low part of the palm, moreover the fork place seamlessly fits the Life Line and there is also the Head Line, the same as the Heart Line are look like merged but then mismatch with that herring-bone interlasement for the Mars Line as for the not main line would be too much! Actually it is not so. You may say that all this is the prediction of future. But the trouble is that the future for you is being minimized from the most important, the main, the whole in which the hopelessly wrong activity of those doers is concerned, especially it’s for that aspiring here for knowledge female part of humanity, curiosity of which can be satisfied only in exact sharp style, dispersed with the wide realities.

Those time aspects are just in a queue being thrown into parts in correlations between themselves, and as the lines they’re changeable.

Clipping from another our old version on the same topic of Chiromancy.

About the way how in the Earth conditions (if it influenced) it could be expressed in sensuality you should look on the map of Chiromancy the palm in the sequence of Main Lines: of Sensuality (Venus Belt) — Taste; of Fate (Saturn) — Intuition (of Vision?); Head (Mercury) — Vision; the line of Hearing?; The Heart Line (Jupiter) — of Love; the Line of Happiness (of the Sun) — the Highest; the Health Line (Pluto’s) — Tactile? And is the Life Line (the Earth) — the same or instead? We still don’t have the exact distribution of Planets according to the lines because Psychological concepts were used in a Liquid-Sensual substance, where you should look by homegrown names of lines.

Except that the Fingers of his failure to complete 7 respectively appropriate to them, lines have got it by planets and lines, but it seems may not be.

20 fingers on the hands and legs altogether with 4 were Materialized from Psychological numerical composition. Hands are three-parted.

Also wrong working out of chargeability fingers to the planets is feeling, it should be done only to the Lines and be only dependent. The essence of currents (Energy), Kismets seems in Chiromancy as sensuous levels appearing hypothetically in kinds of Psyches and satisfying the meaning.

The Little Finger means Plutoids (the Health Line), and not correlated with the Root finger — the finger of Earth. We correlate feelings with the Essence of notions, more referred to the fact that Life and to live means watching more around and must be given like this.

And about the five-fingerness, let’s notice three-phalanged Mechanism of body’s movability and its using, that’s why, and it’s better to think so, that cancelling the Chiromancy as a Theory of Kismets and again entering the second queue according to the Feelings-The Psyche. The Right Hand (or leg) – Aries? -123? Or Lion more suitable for the hand of achievements? The Root finger of Earth accordingly – the Taurean or in accordance with the Lines so that they sensually correlated with the matching bottom…


The same Commonality, as the palm of the Chiromancy Lines doesn’t already have as it seems any common with the far Periodical of Items. Due to the fact that it even isn’t independent and is only a part of a Whole fixed up to 10 and with hands (three-parted + hand’s brush with line-restricts) presumably – 12 – the very characteristic and Signed number for Psychology.

By the way, why chiromancers don’t read the rest half of 24, the same 12 on the ankles, after all the picture there is much more demonstrative!

The fingers that have significance of planets which must be not casual, also are divided into three phalanx according to three at Psy of every 24 items. But one planet can’t suit two fingers at once of a right and left hands, as they belong to two different Psy. Here we have the characterized transfer from one substance to another with another rules and specialties. The answer to this shakes down and fits previously proved basics.

The previously proved basics and the WSF Teaching and Astrology-Psychology. Chiromancy in its sensual particularity, from which we came to the Alchemy and there we called on the new kind of material – the Philosophers’ stone, with clearly left under it free space of inter hydrogen gas and all the rest known to us liquid material with teardrop-shaped molecules composition. At the same time easily going through that required theory that explains all about particles, and of course being irresistible to distribute according to the common formula all the terms and building that to give a lot of course following explanations, never known earlier dark obscurities, as here also clearly revealed crown of sensual correspondences, it is the same, sorry for this, chiromancy, fallen to abusive word.

All these terms are based strictly on fact that one, two, three, four follow in order and all is appearing and annihilating on this without 5 as itself with that special slipping that 4:2=4—2, which in Psychology we suppose in one-moment-kind tactually eros-kind and they also belong to the Highest 7th feeling, let’s notice powerful, the highest achievements, of just that what bringing to birth and creating eros and transcendence of psychos mentioned in its admixture.

They have this, the special, the highest. All because 4:2 and 4—2 come and lead to the same.

Our world is tetral because everything is so, standing in the three elephants and those are on the tortoise — the feature drown by the ancients for us to understand and use everything. They sent a message clearly about septenary and even 24 but then divided into 12 with the known rueful end.

Here is how it seems that the names of some fingers initially strictly huddled on one hand then began to throw over to the same fingers of the other hand. The little finger could not have its kismet for ignorance of Plutoids, but were given to the remaining known Mercury’s ones.

The root finger didn’t have any of given, but it still has our planet Earth, correlating with Taurean and meaning intuition and that one of all the notions with the Life Line as mostly chosen for intuition by man, also living sensually and accordingly, as even the Fate can’t be chosen and which we correlated to a meaning and position near the finger.

And if the earth is not intuitive then Mars is the same and also there often is found with the terrestrial life line in parallel saving by the strong Mars Line the second House of procurance.

The Venerean line of passions named wrong by kismet because being seen it was always all pushed on, beginning from love till eros’ children born, and even taste and may be only for visibility — beauty, referred only to it.

On the 3rd feeling-level, visional, the visible Saturn with its or not always so Fate Line which often deviates to the near fingers and it say about optional attachment of lines — fingers, and line not always meaning feeling.

At 4 — the Hearing the correlation remains with the Head Line which never had any reference to the Little finger. Also there no any kismets in the System, so the sound should be left without any kismet, may be only the Mercury’s regardless of the Little Finger.

The level that referred to 4:2=4—2 is coming into account which is tactile, eros-kind, and correlated with the Pluto finger — the Little Finger, left on it. Let’s notice that it left in Psychology as something about the 7 correlated with 1/4? Only one finger of any of the hands can be called the finger of Plutoids, but also the second one from another Psy may stay an eros-kind in sensibility. Actually the eros’ kismet was defined for Astrology as an Europe aquarium, which however is a typical kismet but carried to the orbit of Jupiter which is love not only of narrow-meaning female property but the wide searing by the Confessors. This is an index finger and the Heart Line reaches it respectively.

The Sun Line, the same as Success, Happiness stretches to the sun finger usually, 7.

Now we noticed and known before that in sensuality from the rearrangement of terms, or sense-forming items, nothing changes. The feeling remains the same, that is not so strict in this Psychological sense where if it goes in inter-changing of any items it appears another Psy.

What comes out of it? That 1-2-3-4 in the scan of two hands with its distribution might say about differentiation… of progressions-regressions, the same is giving the gender: 4/2 — falling reverse female’s and 2/4 — progressive the male’s.

The hand corresponds to it — being strong right and correlated with analytical, must be left hemisphere of the brain…., and what about feelings?

In lines they remain the same and depending on hand can simply change coming again to the same fingers without any difference of Saturn-Antisaturn.

The Female’s psychological aspect is so much dual and triple with that way where it makes one step forward and three backwards.

Here is the action of female X-chromosome left-handed and in male’s case the doing.

It’s impossible to find any other explanation for “one-two-three-four”. And then it means again:

Not Venus but the Uranium Line which is the only possible of all the presence of kismets.

I remember that some methodology of Chiromancy defined the Uranium Mount somewhere in the high level of the palm.

The Head Line is really strives to curve to the Moon Mount and really should be called so according to this exactly structure of our Solar System.

In dilemma of distribution Fate and Life Lines to the intuition and vision we tend to think about the last version of determination of kismets in Astrology.

* * *

Let’s say again that the Chiromancy is the Sensuality, and there are four kinds sensualities, so called four lines that can take place and be understood and readable but only in our conception.

It looks like that sensuality doesn’t touches the Chiromancy, it can’t notice itself in it but those four lines might appear themselves as one of the sides, so at least and because we distribute:

The Head Line — Mentality

The Heart Line — Psycho — The Jupiter Finger

The Fate Line — Saturn?

The Health Line — Sensuality — the Pluto Finger (the ex Mercury)

The Life Line — Strenth — the Earth-finger (the Root one).

According to some kind of obliquities, the Sensuality may give simultaneously the mental perception the power of vitality, as it may be judged according to the quality of the furrow and as it can’t be hidden there.

And mind also, in its only sensual manifestation — in sound, but also shows with another side the common features of that sounding according to which people judge and compare, let it be, directly.

The more so that the mind is often appreciated not for real but apparently for felt, especially from the women’s part for which the formulation of the question is much more important feature.

Popularly the heartiness is like cardan from Cardin hopelessly confuse in the Jupiter-love of we only know about its elemental state with Psych co-relate with the Psychology, may be in vain. That’s why we don’t know clearly what to put in the Sensuality.

The Health Line, still judging to the same meaning manifested popularly of a common definition.

It is rare and says indirectly about that unknown and ordinary sensitivity-view that manifest somehow mentally and unspectacularly. The same as usual there are no any Line taken as basic that is as quiet understandable as there something in a person very inferior to the usual.

So at least, out of the named, we have the correct version and not the only one most likely interrelated with the last one.

We began to define the fingers and hands according to the Psy, that possibly will be proven to distribute all or display intuitive and individually.

Previously proved basic concepts

The WSF Teaching and both: Astrological Psychology and Chiromancy in in the sensual particular, since we all went to Alchemy and then came to the new kind of material – the Philosophical Stone, the stone with clearly left under it free space of gauze and all the rest known to us liquid matter drop-eminent molecules composition.

Plainly left behind that claims of theory explanation of Items, unable to help myself to distribute according to general formula all the terms and in this composition to give many naturally coming explanations of not so clear notions as here also clearly revealing the crown of sensually corresponded fallen down to, the same sorry, Chiromancy abusive word.

All these terms are strictly based on the fact that 1-once, 2-twice, 3-three, 4-four follow each other in order and all this repeat and annihilate according to this, without 5 itself with the special slipping 4:2=4–2 which in Psychology we supposed as simultaneity tactile Eros-kind and they are also of the Highest, 7th sense, note that powerful, of higher achievements, just the very source of creation Eros and border-lined transcendence of the Psycho in their noticed impurities.

Only they have such specialty supreme. All because 4:2 and 4–2 come and bring to the same.

Our world is tetral because everything is so, standing in the three elephants and those are on the tortoise — the feature drown by the ancients for us to understand and use everything. They sent a message clearly about septenary and even 24 but then divided into 12 with the known rueful end. That is how alike that the notions of some fingers at first strictly keeping on the one hand then spread on the same fingers of the another one.

The Theory of Sensuality

(From the WSF Teaching)

The cover of CD-disk

7 lamps of the Apocalypse (the Holy Scriptures) — the seven feelings, which arise on the wearers’ faces of the data plan between themselves, that is the sensuality arising at the contacts of those 4 where: • energy, solid, О liquid, @ air, mentioned before:

7. 0=• О? The Highest, The Godlike, Clearness

6. •@ feeling, love

5. •O sense of touch, work, Eros

4. •― hearing, the truth

3. •O vision, knowledge

2. |O smell, intuition


1. О@ taste, style

7 LAMPS as a substance occurs on the faces of contact. So, for example a drawing of a building is composed of lines in the plane as components and refers to the level 2 — the smell, which if not taken into account, that is, “to lose”, the building will collapse.

Not aimlessly women trying on new compositions of clothes, following to their 1. — the idle of taste: with О@ appearing also unchangeably in food.

To see something even if the picture consists of points is seen during the force of imagination connecting-presenting the subject in lines.

At bottom any body consists of vortices-ray point-particles is visual perception of lines’ set in a volume 3. Or there wouldn’t be any of drawings-sketches. The Hearing 4.– the sound spot that consists of electrically-mental perception. 5. — sense of touch is an impulse again electric punctual in planar perception of the part of the body or in inanimate nature just in some kind of a field, on sensors for instance.

The ball or cube are felt by hands, despite the fact that is perceived by the groups of nervous just partly, always is perceived in the drawing of volume, or like touching-tapping subject in water or in the dark, it is possible to assume a positive understanding of the subject in a whole by the area of the felt side.

Love, of course I would like to relate with something higher but still this is the highest material attachment (planar adherence), is presented by the 6th sky, but like every though having the penetration its spirit into interesting bundle of energy with gas, point with a volume in elements and that’s why is calibrated according to the strengths and levitations… But how would experts and lovers of this feeling did not exalt him there still above it 7. The perfection of which is worthwhile to be reached even in a small thing.

It is ideal for spiritual people and as the lower feelings are not under-drive. What is it?

Previously we have put the best of owned material — the force in contact with the Highest and non-substantial, but if the substance 7- septenary number is sensitive, then perhaps there should be the true substance appropriate to that field and the plane-liquid element. It may be that perfection can occur by contact and full interaction of matter with the spirit, because there is a good-looking bodies, and for men’s feelings of perception in mastering the material barriers of any feeling — the spirit in complete contact with the Spirit of the Divine. In other words to 7. or it is impossible to put anything or you can put any icon, especially that understanding and value of European thought vary too much and more understanding of Catharsis from the Indian frankly sensual descriptions of States of Sidhi.

But in that there is a gradation to a lower Nirvana, Enlightenment, All-seeing, Seaborne, All-touch. So it is that special area or the 7 of half-material feelings of first-tasting, send-smelling, the third eye, the fourth ear, the fifth skin, the sixth fiber and The Perfection of 7-heaven, which all fits in area of the felt side.

I would like of course to correlate Love with something highest, as it’s still the highest material attachment (planar affection) presented by the 6-heaven, but as each however, having penetration of his spirit into an interesting bundle of energy with gas point with a volume in items, and that’s why is calibrated according to the strengths and levitations…

But how would experts and lovers of this feeling did not exalt him there still above it 7. The perfection of which is worthwhile to be reached even in a small thing.

Meaning numbered-ness of the Psy-correspondence of the fingers and extremities with the lines of Sensibility which is necessary to understand on what does the motor schemE of the body’S parts materialization work

And yet, for example, to study out whether it was intertwisted to each other like in DNA helix, and so on the sensual movement type is not the same as fingers gripping between fingers of another hand with the distribution of Psy’s triplicity by some scheme?

The sensual scatter of elements’ codes, from 1st to 7th or from the 7th to 1st, isn’t suitable as it is seen by the notions of the fingers.

Then the layout itself, 5 fingers with 1 hand or leg in total quantity, 6 doesn’t fit 7 fit or fits unless you don’t count materialistically manifested the Higher 7th sense. And the number of lines on the palm try to reach the absolute one the 7., that makes equal every hand with the triple ending to the separate one for the same of the identity.

That’s why we have four of sevenfoldnesses in kind of 4x6, the 4 suit the mental ones.

Although in the correspondence of lines, the evident one line of the Highest 7th is seen simultaneously and can be only corresponded to the tactile 5. The 5th -7th, 6th,3rd,2nd of fingers and 4th and 1st are coming for the Little Finger and hand.

Hence the Venus’ belt proximity, in our Taste Line, can be referred to the Little Finger but then such important, according to its position Line our 5th, will stay without correlation. The Head Line, our Moon, the 4th — of hearing, can refer to the hand.

The dilemma of the Little and the Ring Fingers coming from this:

5 — 5\7

1 — 5\7

5 — 7

1\5 — 7

1\5 — 5\7

Yet also there is Mars Line, which can be used to treat a hand that is unlikely, but by the meaning is being the only that left to be taken for distribution, like how Psy-types in Astrology in the beginning had felt enough so much, that already showed the automatic layout.

The right hand in its essence just has that exactly greedy meaning, extracting, leading and executing to itself.

Moreover is very suitable to 231 counting of correlation 1 to the third of the biceps, 3 — the middle part, 2 — the mostly involved.

There are might be two of such lines or all the four with all foot ankles.

It seems that in the sensibility on the palm all figures are fit, but sixes look like 2—13, 2—31, 2—14, 2—41, 2—34, 2—43.

And these are only parts and hardly could be distributed so by hands-legs, three senses for one limb.

Here looks like the differences of 24 and 7 just partly coming together.

And actually, such a discrepancy between these two substances is done so that it could not become logically direct as in the mental-4 that should be like 24 is not divisible by 7 exactly, and never. The spread on the two last fingers depends on which ones, on 5–7 and 1–5 from 4 not correlated.

Towards the ends, here, may scatter the corners of the plan with an emphasis of hands on Force and Thought and at the feet of a fateful correlated with them spiritually as believed for Fate reflected on the feet.

Another dilemma: X’s House and I House on the right and left hands related supposedly but with a sound Head Line. The error of mentality could give that from the not-classical left hand Mind-X-House exchanged for I personal right. Though in reality, these internal lines may not have the matchings with Psy that is represented by parts of the body, except that not additional. The feet don’t have any referred meaning neither to the I nor the X House, if not to use the expressions like “feet feed”, as however the fatal is quiet comes with the I personal and feet..

But for the feet is more likely referred to the IV- Basics or of mental taste and the Vth of reaching the Highest that means moving to this by sense connecting with walking foot.

Here is necessary to see the coherence of physiology as if with the hands the left hemisphere conversely is responsible for the right hand, whether the same is with feet, in which you should never think about its full “stupidity and amnesty”. They, though less, but still are coordinated from the motor center – the cerebellum and also have as palms have reflective plane with very interesting and important ornaments of the graphic-lines. But of what?

Of Sensual sensuality and sensual Psychology? Or sensual mentality and sensual Strength?

And moreover in the division into arms and legs the deafness of houses can be seen. So sensuality is carried to the trams of influence.

On the right hands we think, according to experience of Chiromancy, that there is a direct reflectiveness of the current things and on the left hands commonly for the fatal figures referred to the I – personal mental, not power.

Legs from the past times were not read, as on many of them according to the way of life, walking on fire and charlatan’s easy approaching to the deal, weren’t seen anything, “not to smell the heels” and just there were rather interesting spapes.

Continuing the theme of motor skills with the feet it is necessary to mean what a person usually goes by foot forward or what is leading? Is it the V? Stand on feet also in a spiritual sense of values. IV-house of Grounds can also have a direct meaning.

If any of the pairs are right in changes then the rest ones are distributed on the leftovers in accordance with the feelings.

If the Fate Line, for example, deviates of the given Vision Finger then you should look for the reasons-matching in Astrology.

It’s quiet might suit to some of legs the 43–1 of energetic on the end of the III House of Aspirations.

To some of the two end parts of the body the initial Aries-123 and I-Personal fit, from which lots of begins, as to mostly movable body’s parts.

And then 234-Taurus and 231-II of the Root Fingers but at once after it doesn’t suit the Love Finger, 6, Jupiter.

Legs mean Fate and they can be matched with two or seven and the rest two are on the unnamed or undeveloped. And about the 7th feeling, which sank in 24, unclearly shown in another substance and quiet seen on the lines the Divine in the notion of the Lines of Happiness, Success and Sun. Let’s give the straightly 134 to the unnamed right finger of Lion. And then, considering and matching the first to the Highest — 7 from the 4- Tactile, the left hand comes the V-th House of Achievements and Creating, to the left unnamed, which is not the finger of Sun-Lion.

Full distribution in the sense most appropriate to the earlier data according to the notions or kismets but only for the first hand. The Index Jupiter Finger of Love Line XI-412, the Middle Finger of Saturn- Libra-421, the visual Fate Line, the Sun Lion-134 of the Highest or Tactile, the Ring Finger, the Little Finger 312- Scorpion tactile-Eros kind, let’s not forget that the Heart Line and of the taste the Venus’ belt.

The Little Finger — Plutoids — 312 Scorpio

The Ring Finger — Sun — 134-of-Lion

The Middle Finger — Saturn — 421-Libra

The Index Finger — Jupiter-412-XI

The Root — the Earth — 234- Taurus

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

There is might be the same scheme for the other hand’s fingers, the same as the astrological one coming out partly exhaustedly signed – proto-signed (of a House). Or: xy – yx, 123–321. Lion – 134 – 431- IIIth House. The hands are emotions and legs are of perception. According to the most appropriate meaning, the Saturn Ring, which by chiromancers is considered to be the fatalist, suits more to another one, to the vision kind of Psy the same as in case of Virgo sign. In the same connected way according to the kind of feeling from four to four body’s ends we should look for similarities according to meaning for other fingers. Shouldn’t be the common selection of another hand the same as the left’s one? Then is the root intuitional Taurus 321-XII-House of Death? At the Index left finger 143 – the religious one, continuous lifelong (according to the love characteristic). The Ring Finger this code 132 –V or 314 – VII Faces of the otherworld’s. the Little Finger has the same examples according to the tactile and taste.

In the same way the existing consideration according to the phalanges’ length must be matched with with codes of the Psy’s kinds by the elements from the beginning till the end, in further practice it won’t be difficult to specify it. After all there is knowledge-of-signs according to the lengths and it means independently of anything. Our theoretical impression that serialization has to come from the discharge base to the final isolated and in Psy with the help of that the first two that are being grouped into feeling force the last element and create the Psycho.

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