Children. Life, What It Was

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0- Great Patriotic War

Three photos of the war (Section 0).

0—1 Great Patriotic War. Spotlights lit in the night sky enemy aircraft. When the searchlights brighten the plane, the warriors will see it at the anti-aircraft guns. The anti-aircraft guns start firing projectiles at the plane, damage it, and it falls to the ground.

0—2 Great Patriotic War. The searchlight is a large, bright lantern, it can shine far and light an enemy plane in the night sky so that this plane in the night sky can be seen by the soldiers at the anti-aircraft guns

0—3 World War II. Downed by a projectile of an anti-aircraft gun, a Nazi enemy aircraft on the ground, it burns.

Interesting statements about the benefits of reading

— Reading for the mind is the same as physical exercises for the body. Joseph Addison

— The books have a special charm; books cause us pleasure: they talk to us, give us good advice, they become living friends for us. Petrarch F.

— All good books are especially similar in that they certainly excite in readers the desire to think about what is fair, beautiful and useful for people. Chernyshevsky N.G.

1-BOOKS of those years that I read

I learned to read at 5 years old.

For me bought children’s books with pictures.

I liked to read, learn from books new, interesting. When I went to school at the age of 7, I immediately began to take books from the school library. Authors of books for reading were recommended to us by our teacher. See the files «BOOKS of those years.» I will name several authors and the names of children’s books:

1—1 Samuel Marshak. The book «Baggage»

1—2 Samuel Marshak. The book «For Kids».

1—3 Boris Zhitkov. The book «About animals Stories».

1—4 Boris Zhitkov. The book «What happened.»

1—5 Vitaly Bianchi. The book «Tales for Children.»

1—6 Vitaly Bianchi. The book «The Big Book of Stories.»

1—7 Korney Chukovsky. The book «Doctor Aibolit.»

1—8 Alexander Pushkin. The book «The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish.»

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