Celebrity killer

Бесплатный фрагмент - Celebrity killer

Criminals of Hollywood and world cinema

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Crime knows no boundaries, does not distinguish between rich and poor, family members or acquaintances. Murders committed by public and socially held personalities are no different from crimes of unknown individuals of the human race.

Celebrity killers: Elena Berkova, Laura Bush, Oscar Pistorius, Robert Wagner, Michael Jace, Alexei Kabanov and many others.

Let’s see what are the causes of the terrible tragedies and horrific dramas that occurred in the families of successful and financially wealthy people both in Russia and abroad.

Star crime without borders. O. Jay Simpson

Many years ago the whole world was shocked by the news about the murder with the special sophistication and cruelty of the wife of the mega-star of American football O. Jay Simpson.

In summer 1994, Nicole Brown, now deceased, was found in her own house with her head completely detached from the trunk and disfigured face to face.

Next to the wife of the football player was the body of a man, later installed by the police. It was a longtime acquaintance and lover of Nicole waiter Ronald Goldman. The man was killed by several blows in the chest, neck and stomach. Bodies of the dead were found by a neighbor of the couple and immediately reported this to the police.

The guards carefully studied the site of the incident, the area around the house and the garden, finding a lot of traces of the recent presence of the African American athlete indirectly confirming his guilt. In the garden there was also blood in the garden with Simpson’s DNA, found a glove in the blood and traces of the skin fat of the owner. Rally on the athlete and the pursuit of him show on the air of US TV.

Caught the suspect and questioned, the police restored the chronology of events. Simpson’s home was not there when the returned spouse found that she left her glasses in the restaurant. At the request of Nicole Brown, the murdered wife, her lover, Ronald Goldman, drove home a forgotten thing. In the process of making love to them, and unexpectedly returned, and the husband, whose anger was no limit.

The US public was convinced that the facts are obvious, there are enough witnesses, and Simpson is threatened with an electric chair for a double murder. But the footballer’s lawyers rebelled against prejudice and discrimination on the basis of race, presenting evidence that Simpson’s son from his first marriage, Jason, could have been involved in the crime and was able to make motives for it.

Oh, this compassionate jury trial: the footballer was acquitted. He even earned a PR of his own life drama, having managed to write and release the book «If I did it» until my next imprisonment. One must assume that even at this moment the ex-football player sitting in prison for kidnapping a man and armed robbery is sure that he did it all not he.

Vladimir Dolgopolov

The writing of the memoirs did not end the murder and imprisonment for 10 years with Vladimir Dolgopolov, now our footballer who killed his wife in 2014 and placed in the famous «Crosses». The usual quarrel on the basis of household family alcoholism developed into a conflict between her husband and wife.

Defender of the legendary football team beat his wife to death, causing her incompatible with life blows in the stomach, which caused internal bleeding. September 30, 2014, the player was taken into custody on the day of the funeral of the spouse. And in June 2016, the accused, without waiting for the stage in a strict-regime colony, died of a stroke in the prison hospital.

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