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Present for Capricorn

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The sigh of Capricorn

Element: Eath

Quality: Cardinal

Simbol: The Goat with fish tail

Planet: Saturn

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign. They are usually portrayed as a sea goat. At the beginning of the period of Capricorn nature stops, it is a time of rebirth. The time we celebrate the New Year. During this sign we have the winter solstice. The Sun, in pursuit of life and light, triumphs over the forces of darkness. Sunrise and sunset occur almost at the same time everyday of the first week of the month, and the duration of the day and night remains unchanged. Time waits. From this low point the Sun begins to rise upwards in the sky. Its growing light awakens a world where nature is resting, and encourages new life to rise and follow it to a visible world. Capricorn establishes a reliable foundation on which the future success depends, actively seeking resources that will stimulate growth and production.

The myth of Capricorn

According to ancient Greek mythology, the Capricornus Constellation is connected with the goat nymph Amalthea, who fed Zeus with her milk when he was an infant. And in gratitude, Zeus placed her in the sky among the stars. Another story is related to God Pan. He ruled forests, herds and shepherds. He had a peculiar appearance. He had ears and goat’s horns. Because of this, the nymph that he was trying to catch ran away from him. But, in the end, he became the god of nature, the god of wild animals, bands, shepherds and village music. He told a story about his beloved, who was afraid of his appearance and avoided meetings with him. One of his stories told of the feast of the gods, which was interrupted by the appearance of the monstrous giant Typhon. For fear, all the gods changed their appearance, while Pan jumped into the Nile River, tucked his legs into the tail of the fish, and his body assumed the similitude of a goat. Thus, he tried to frighten off the monster with his appearance. The word «panic’ comes from the name of the god Pan. Each version of the myth associated with the properties of the sign of Capricorn and its constellations, based on fear. Fear makes people change their form and pretend to be what they not really are.

The symbol

The symbolic representation of this sign is a sprout starved for light and warmth, that wants to gain strength and find way out to the surface.

There are several ways to represent the symbol of the Capricorn sign. All of them should represent a goat with a fish tail, goat legs and horns on the left side of the image from above, and on the right side a tail is depicted in the form of a loop. In any case, we see that the sign of Capricorn has the form of a circle denoting a spirit with one branch, liberating the spirit from the bonds of its restraints.

Capricorn: «I work!»

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