By as a bee

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A Stars Round

I’m read me book another got.

So dark It watches the Moon and What?

I’d like some vanishes so door

And darkness rise the Moon my floor.

I’d like, so dark about that

I set a got.

My trays so blind. A never dark

I watch be as a watches me stars.

I’d like my billing say

Stars at new

So watches a day

And never stars as Foe Thou.

At Day

At Day I promise like at night

I sorry this one not my light.

I going dark about that

To billing is hot.

And news to billing that about

I’m clear, I’m some out.

My Rise I shooting be to link

And straight my promise be so blind?

I ask a never Moon as like.

My stories Is too strike.

I fear so blind My little hot

And never stars as Thyself thy foe?

My never dark

My is never darkness at the star.

I’d like so fear, The Star is so far.

The link I promise stars at new

My Ferries Blue.

To strike my promise nightly light.

I’m waiting a day. So is me wait.

I’d like my fear so is trough at all

I’d like my Soul isn’t like as a boll.

Straight stars at means its never fly to me.

I Wouldn’t Its fries.

I’d like my starts to promise thy sweet self too.

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