Bulletin of Spiritual Government

Бесплатный фрагмент - Bulletin of Spiritual Government

A practical guide to building a better world

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Discuss with friends, print out, send for review to the authorities of secular power.

The Spiritual Government (DP) is the structure of the power of a new era, ruling in parallel with the secular, issuing the Bulletin (Code) of laws and regulations that best correspond to the wishes of most people.

Ideal DP is a community of individuals who create alliances for the purpose of producing material, spiritual goods, their accounting, control and distribution, in addition to the structures of state power.

Secular administrative structures are usually entangled in their internal contradictions and temptations. Spiritual, mental power, at the same time, is devoid of material temptations, has an ideological basis in the people itself, therefore it is entitled to broadcast Decrees and Laws to both the state apparatus and individual individuals.

The decline of the state, in the past of tsarist Russia, then the USSR, the emerging negative trends in the Russian Federation are caused primarily by the inability of both secular authorities and the people, to objectively assess their past, present, and form the project of the desired future. Just work, without an exact dream and prayer, it turns out, does not give satisfaction, fixed positive result. People are needed who can clearly formulate some general wishes, internally not spoiled, fairly objective, both strict and sympathetic. Those who are able to judge judiciously, systematically declare (remind) the society of dreams, and this alone – to conduct them in a reality.

It is important to design the desired reality, in models that resemble clips of the best social advertising, without excessive sentimentality and obvious projections.

Such activities require a material platform, the Monolith, where the senators of the Spiritual Government constantly live and work.

Any person who is constantly increasing his knowledge in history, exact sciences, medicine and jurisprudence, giving strength to the fulfillment of the Instructions of the Spiritual Government, organizing pressure on the earthly authorities with the purpose of improving life – all over the world and on the place of his residence, can become a senator of the Spiritual Government.

The Spiritual Government realizes that the model of Russia’s development, assuming “ordinary” capitalism, the flabbergasted faces of billionaires, impenetrable state or oligarchic corporations, piles of documentation, orders of unknown persons at every step is not the basis for the development of the country and the world. Our goal is a society of trust, freedom, development of the best abilities of a person.

The type of ideas for Broadcasting (distribution, introduction), the composition of the Government, means and methods of building forums (Molov) are determined.

Forum, Hyde Park, in our presentation and name – Mol, Monolith, Tribune, – a structure that can strengthen and spread the established way of thinking. All the massive structures that are little changed in time (temples, sanctuaries, squares), even outside their religious content, solely by their own importance, can strengthen the ideas of the person who is here.

We will model the constructive discussion and cultivation of ideal solutions. Imagine that we built the Monolith, the place of spiritual power, now we broadcast ideas, create and judge.

Who constantly does something wrong, for the benefit of himself, but to the detriment of many good people!?

In a calm environment, with the whole world, we thoroughly analyze the reasons for the behavior of a harmful person, we compile his psychological portrait. We inform about the decision of the guilty party – through leaflets, news tapes of the Spiritual Government. For adjustment to persons subject to re-education – we obtain any things, with condemned somehow related – photos of the habitat, personal belongings. We go to the Monolith, and broadcast, day after day, until the psychic wave reaches the addressee. In its simplest form: “Citizen N, what you are doing is wrong. The reasons are such. Release the fast. Go to the monastery, work out your sins.”

Regularly the subject receives notification of the Broadcast made at his address. Until then, in his moral appearance, there will be no significant positive changes.

Yes, there is such secular law 128.1 — “Slander”. It is adopted in order to protect the peace of thieves, murderers and swindlers. The meaning of the decree is to crush a person who dared to speak out against someone else’s criminal activity. Under the concept of “slander” can get any statement, even if produced in a private manner. You get a fine of up to 500,000 rubles, or in the amount of income for six months, or correctional work for a period of 160 hours. The same statement, not supported by documents with seals, where it is clearly written “I am a thief” — a million, or a salary for a year, or 240 hours of correctional labor.

Or it can be qualified as “the charge of committing a serious crime” — five million rubles, earnings for three years, or correctional work up to 480 hours.

Law 128–1, (as well as Article of the Civil Code 152, 319 CC) puts a barrier to counteracting corruption and banditry, hinders the release of convicted persons if evidence appears that contradicts the charge. After all, in this case his shadow can fall on the prosecutor’s office, the police or witnesses.

…But we are friends are not going to slander anyone. Our goal is exclusively to raise people’s awareness.

Correct, but not boring life, a cult of frankness, openness, instead of ballast of controlling systems – that is subject to discussion, clear visualization and transfer to the consciousness of the masses. Other methods of development of society already simply do not work.

We define the form of the Moles as material structures, relying on previously achieved and verified solutions:


1. Catholic church.

Narthex (the porch). Annex in front of the entrance to the temple, checkpoint. It is located on the west side of the main building. The usual place for penitents, “listening” to the few, heretics and pagans.

Naos. The main part of the temple. On the left, closer to the entrance is located, separated by an impenetrable grille, a room for confession reception.

Nave (from the Latin navis – ship) – separated by columns, having the form of elongated rectangles, parts of the interior.

Belltowers. Are located at the entrance to the temple, on either side of the entrance, or above it (in the singular), are usually merged with the building. Their main purpose is a signal to the church service. In the Western tradition, often used carillon – a mechanical tool that performs on the bells any melody.

The chapel (chapel). Dedicated part of the temple, to accommodate an additional altar with a throne. Thanks to the chapel, in one temple it is possible to perform more than one liturgy (from Greek λειτουργία “common cause”) per day. This rule is the same for the Catholic and Orthodox churches. It can be said that after the main worship, this altar must accumulate a special force for at least 24 hours.

Saddledness. The intersection of the main nave and the transept (transverse nave). Usually it is crowned by a dome or a tower.

Transsept (from Latin “for” and “fence”). The transverse nave, outside the main building, forms dome-shaped protuberances.

Apse. In Western European architecture, a semicircular ledge, or a similar in form internal part of the temple, which contains an altar complex.

Crown of chapels. A series of chapels separated from the choir by a de-ambulant.

Chorus (from other Greek хορός, group dance). The space before the main throne, where the chorus of singers is placed. Now it includes the Presbytery (Latin Presbyterium – a place for the elect), where only priests could previously go. In some Catholic churches, and now the place of the choir is fenced off by a balustrade – or is provided for a free tour to all visitors. There may also be a wind organ, a priest-musician, a pulpit, a table and chairs for the preacher.

Deambulary (from the Latin ambio – walking around all around). A semicircular bypass gallery that allows parishioners to pass through the presbytery to the chapels, small altars or sacred relics, and (through the patterned lattice) to survey the shrines that are in the main altar part.

2. Orthodox church.

1) Throne (altar, from the Latin altarium, “high”, pommel of the altar). The name is common in the Orthodox tradition. In Ancient Greece, the altar (a powerful stone foundation) is essentially the temple itself. The Throne of the Eastern Church is approximately equal to the altar of the Western Church.

The Orthodox throne is a square table, the seat of God’s presence. Here are the sacred relics. (1) – antimins, scarf, with the sign of the cross, with stitched parts of the relics, as well as the signature of the bishop of the diocese, to which the temple belongs. Antimins is a document authorizing the celebration of the Liturgy. When the service is performed, the antimension unfolds, a chalice and a discus are placed on it – vessels for wine and bread, necessary for communion. Only the priests in full service clothing can touch the scarf, or (at the time of out-of-worship service) with a ribbon trimmed (Greek επιτραχήλιον – that around the neck). In certain cases, due to its strength, the antimension can replace the throne itself.

(2) The Gospel (New Testament).

(3) One, or more often two, of the altar cross. Crosses are used for the celebration of the Liturgy, for the blessing of the prayers, for the blessing of the water for the Epiphany, and especially for solemn prayers.

(4) The tabernacle (kiwot). The sacred vessel, the casket, where the holy Gifts are stored — the Body and Blood of Christ, used for communion (Eucharist, from other Greek εὐ-χᾰριστία — thanksgiving, honor, gratitude). The body is round, somewhat bifurcated, as a sign of the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ, reminiscent of the seal of a piece of bread, a prosphora (προσφορά — “offering”), is made from wheat flour, with yeast, water and salt. Wine — in Orthodoxy usually red, sweet (Cahors). In the Latin rite, liturgical bread is called unleavened bread, a guest (Latin hostia — “sacrifice”), or a robe (Latin oblatio — offering, offering, gift), it is baked exclusively from flour mixed with water, and resembles a thin coin. Wine, as a rule — white.

A consecrated, functioning temple, ideally — a place where the sky descends to the earth. You can add that the difference between the temporary and the transcendent, the eternal, disappears, one can feel the infinity of taste, so that he begins to like it.

The sacraments of the Eucharist consist of a) proskomedia (Greek “offering”), when the priest, after reading the prayers for the sending of the Holy Spirit, in the presence of many believers, but also with the closed Royal Gates, prepares the Blood and the Body on the Throne. Wine is mixed with water and poured into the chalice. Prosfora is cut with a special copy – a ritual double-edged knife with a triangular blade. c) Liturgy of catechumens (taught in the faith, as well as penitent and excommunicated). In the Great Litany (Greek “extended prayer”), global (then first) global, then smaller, general church and social, then personal petitions are raised. a) Liturgies of the faithful (there are only persons who have accepted baptism). The prepared Holy Gifts are solemnly transferred from the altar to the throne through the North Gate: before the iconostasis, believers. After that, the Royal Gate closes, the altar curtain is pulled up. The remaining priests read the eucharistic prayer anaphora, after which the Woof (lifting upward) of the Holy Gifts takes place. At this moment, mysteriously, wine and bread are converted into the Blood and Body of Christ.

The priests take communion, then they receive the Holy Mysteries of Christ and the laity.

In the Roman rite the Eucharistic Liturgy is called the Mass (perhaps from the Roman missio – mission, message). There are no fundamental differences. The service is conducted in Latin.

2) The altar. A quadrangular table, hidden in the same “clothes” as the throne, to the left of the high place (the northern part of the temple). The location of the sacred vessels, as well as bread and wine – gifts of Christians, suitable for the celebration of the Eucharist. In between the services, he closes the veil.

The upper part is a part of the Orthodox church opposite the throne, near the central part of the eastern wall. In a small niche, on a certain elevation there is a pulpit (throne, a high altar) for the bishop. The throne is surrounded by a semi-circle of seats (synthron) of priests of lesser rank. In some parish churches, the place is designated more only by an icon lamp, or by a tall candlestick with candles.

3) Altar. The space between the semicircular (eastern) wall is an apse and the iconostasis.

4) Ponomar (northern), it is sometimes “paradise”, because of the usual themes of the painting, the door in the iconostasis.

5) Sacristy (a storage room, a deacon). Place in the altar, several cabinets, or a separate room for storing the liturgical garb of priests and church utensils.

In the sacristy lead the southern, otherwise, the deacon’s doors of the iconostasis.

The spiritual person in charge of the sacristy is a sacristan. In Catholic churches, the sacristy is also called sacristy (Latin sacrum – sacred utensils). Mass begins with the solemn release of the clergy from sacristy. Here you can privately talk with a clergyman.

Ponomar – other Greek. παραμοναριος – “gatekeeper”, he is an altar boy, sexton, a servant of the Orthodox Church, obliged to ring bells, sing in the choir (elevations on the sides of the salt), monitor the order, serve during worship.

Deacon – from other Greek. διάκονος – minister of the first, inferior priesthood degree. Below him in the church hierarchy is only the clerk, the subdeacon is a cleric (he is a true believer, but not ordained as a parishioner). The deacon does not have the right to perform the sacraments himself. Appeal to the deacon on solemn occasions: “Your gospel”, “Your loud voice”, or “Your God-love”.

6) The iconostasis. In Orthodoxy – an altar partition consisting of rows of icons, separating the temple (parishioners) from the altar, respectively, the priests, and the ritual of the priesthood. In the Western tradition, there is no such clear separation of the people from the hierarchs.

7) Clears (from other Greek κλῆρος – getting a place or land by lot). Elevation, sometimes partially enclosed, for singers or readers. Sometimes a choir of choristers is called “choir”.

8) Salt (from the Latin solum – flat place, foundation). Raising the floor before the altar barrier or the iconostasis. In the front part of the saltwater there is the pulpit (another Greek ἄμβωνος – “ledge, elevation”) with the chair (other Greek καθέδρα armchair, throne), a symbol of the authority of the bishop, or, in the Catholic and Protestant temples – sacred texts.

9) The middle part of the temple. A place for parishioners. In orthodox (orthodox) churches, the service is accepted standing, in Roman Catholic and Protestant – sitting on benches (sometimes, on the sign of the priest, rising).

10) The porch (from the Latin praetorium, place for the praetor tent, later — the central square of the city). Passage part of the temple, vestibule. In the pre-Niconian Orthodox Church, the vestibule is usually very capacious, designed for a joint meal, gathering people during any emergency, warming pilgrims in the cold season (days), etc.

11) Candle box, literally — a church shop. Theoretically, trade here does not happen, but donations are made to the temple. In theory, in case of extreme need, you can ask for a candle for free. Practically, (nowadays) trade in various goods (wine, candles, books), including quite secular calendars, paintings, is also being conducted in the middle part of the temple.

12) The porch (from the Latin atrium, ater – “smoked”, “black”, the room blackened by soot, or from the Latin pauper – “poor”) – a platform in front of the inner porch of the church, in which in the first centuries of Christianity there were crying and repentant. The first temple elevation. Usually in the middle of the porch there was a pool in which believers washed their hands and face, before entering the church. The usual place for beggars to ask for alms.

3. Symbolic meaning of the architecture of the temple:

1) The porch. The face of the earth’s being.

2) The stages of the ascent from the earthly to the heavenly.

3) The heavenly realm of earthly existence

4) Visible Sky

5) The main part of the temple

6) Amvon – the region of representation (meeting) of each other to Heaven and Earth

7) The dome above the altar is a symbolic and real Kingdom of Heaven

8) The throne is the throne of the Heavenly King

Protestant churches (temples), despite their influence (the United States, England, in all around the world 800 million people), usually do not differ richly decorated. There is no icon-worship, veneration of the relics of the saints: accordingly, there are no icons in the building, or arches with relics. Attitude to the saints, at the same time, respectful. The building of the church can be any leased public building. In the altar there is a table stretched across the hall, with books of the Old and New Testaments, and lamps. Here, with the sermons of the Padres (the Father), the liturgy, communion and baptism are held. The two sacraments are the only ones recognized by this denomination. Much attention is paid here to solving the worldly problems of parishioners, unraveling family conflicts, quarrels of neighbors, etc. (faith without deeds is dead). Protestants (from Latin “publicly proving”) are usually not in some kind of confrontation with the Jewish religion, such as Orthodox and Catholics, see the state of Israel as an important field of God’s activities until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The priest, as a rule, is elected, from among the most respected parishioners. Apostolic succession (elevation to the rank through ordination, that is, consecration) is absent.

4. The synagogue (the other Greek “assembly”, or the Hebrew beyte knes – “house of assembly”, it is also “meadat meat” – “small sanctuary”) – the place of public worship, the center of religious life (Jewish) community.

1. Entrance, a place for a washbasin (washing of hands). On the door frame is attached a case with a fragment from the Torah, mezuzah – before it the parishioner should be touched. This case can be recognized by the initial letter, one of the names of God – “Shaddai”, somewhat resembling the Russian “Sh”. This (but not necessarily mandatory) rule extends to private Jewish dwellings. Married women enter the sanctuary, usually with something covered (wig, headscarf, etc.) head and. Women’s pants, calling clothes, neckline – are not welcome. Men are wearing a headdress in the synagogue (and, in general, outside it): it is a symbol of recognizing the power of God.

2.3. Prayer rooms on the edges of the prayer hall. Sacred texts, relics, memorable photographs can be placed here. This interior helps to increase the useful area of the walls of the sanctuary, and also creates conditions for more trusting communication among parishioners, including discussion of earthly matters, etc. Men and women, usually only during prayer, gather separately. This custom does not work during a festive meal or a concert (once again, yes: the synagogue, in spite of its high sacral value, is not the Temple, but only the House of Assembly).

4. Bima or almear. The elevation in the center of the synagogue, with a table where the chosen minister (rabbi, hazzan, or another worthy parishioner) reads the Torah and (usually the final public reading) excerpts from the book of the Prophets – Gaftary. Sometimes readers (called by parishioners) can replace each other.

5. In some cases, the bima has a fenced passage to the synagogue ark (6), or merges with it. In this place are located lamps.

6. The Synagogue Ark, Hebrew. aron kodash. The symbolic reflection of the Ark of the Covenant, the cabinet in which the Torah scrolls are located. When you open the doors of the ark, those present, if they sit, stand up. The most important prayers are pronounced before the open (Celestial Gate) cabinet.

7. Above the ark is the Unquenchable lamp, ner tamid, the symbol of the Menorah, the oil (golden, seven-barrel) lamp of the Temple. Neramid, ideally, should burn all night, just like the Menorah in the Temple, and (preferably) also a day.

5. Mosque (the Arab “place of worship”). The first mosque is a cubic building in Mecca, Kaaba (Arab “Cube”), or also “Beitou-Llah” — “House of God”. During the annual hajj (pilgrimage), believers seven times bypass the sanctuary (ritual tawaf — “circumvention”), pronouncing prayers, asking for mercy and forgiveness.

Inside the Kaaba there are three columns; two lamps, a table, walls and floors made of marble. The upper inner walls of the Kaaba are closed by a curtain on which the shahada is written. Shahada, the symbol of the faith of Muslims, reads like this: “I testify that there is no other God except Allah, and I also testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

The meaning of the last words is the rejection of other beliefs in the same spirit, from the multitude of other preachers who preach their teachings in pre-Islamic times, and so interfere with each other.

1) Pond for bathing before prayer (prayer).

2) The main prayer hall (for men). Ahead are the venerable elders, then to the entrance – middle-aged people and youth. The floors are carpeted. On the walls are excerpts from the Koran. Images of living beings are forbidden. Namaz includes waist and earthly obeisances (sitting on the knees), praising Allah (“Allahu Akbar”), lifting palms to the sky, while thumbs touch the earlobes, reading the suras of the Koran …

3) For women, a separate room is set up, or a balcony with an opaque curtain.

4) Minbar – tribune, the department with which the imam reads Friday’s sermon. The Imam – “standing in front” is also “an example for imitation” – a clergyman, the head of the mosque, who directs the general prayer, performs the rites.

Trebas are sacred actions and prayers, performed by a priest at the request (request, order) of individual parishioners.

Imam in prayer can be any worthy Muslim who knows the Koran well, regardless of his social status. This service (usually without interruption from the conduct of any other activity, which gives daily bread) promotes the multilateral development of man. Imams are often teachers (mentors), interlocutors, writers, etc.

In Shiites, the imam (the supreme imam) who has the right to interpret the Koran and guide believers can only be (blood) heirs of the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet, Abu Talib. “Small Imams”, ie, in the Sunni tradition, imams are appointed fuqaha (people who have a special theological education for service in the mosque). Hereditary right and appointment instead of elections are practiced, first of all, in Iraq, among Shiites, and also part of Saudi Arabia.

Mulla is a connoisseur of the ritual, the teacher of the madrasah and, also, the imam.

Muezzin (“screaming in public”) is an assistant to the Imam. Being on a high minaret, the muezzin calls on Muslims to perform compulsory prayer.

Kadi has the status above the imam of the mosque, and is the head of the Muslims of the city or region. In addition to worship, the kadi deals with litigation, family conflicts, the investigation of various kinds of crimes, and the punishment of the perpetrators. Kadi can be elected, or appointed, depending on the specifics of the state.

5. Mihrab. The niche in the wall of the mosque, indicating the direction to Mecca, giving the impression of an infinite deepening, serving as a focal point of the views of the parishioners. Usually the mihrab is richly decorated, well lit, has two columns and an arch. In the very hollow, he has the right to perform prayer, first of all, the imam.

6. Minaret (the Arab “manara”, i.e., “Mayak”), a high narrow tower for calling Muslims to prayer. Early minarets have a circular staircase from the outside, more modern ones – inside.

7. Park with ponds (fountains) for rest, a frequent addition to the mosque.

6 … We can develop the idea of a place of assembly, a temple in something most appropriate to the spirit of the times. Alas, the Orthodox Church, which did not seem to have learned any lessons from the events of a hundred years ago, is in fact separated from the people, whatever happens, is in the positive conviction of one’s own rightness, and is rigidly attached to the princes of this world. There is, however, the hope that in the presence of a new, friendly competition, it will reconsider its attitude to the world.

1) T. n. Lighthouse or Tribune. High tower, the location of the person chosen by the community for the transmission of prayers (desires, images of the desired reality), the so-called translation (translatio – translation) into the Light (World). Broadcasting time – from two to twelve hours (in the morning or evening dusk). At the same time, the Missionary (“Messenger”) kindles a flame in the oil lamp of the Lighthouse.

1a) A certain reflection of the Lighthouse, an artificial or natural elevation, the so-called. “Mountain”. On some holidays – a sacred place to collect the whole community.

2) Clean (leveled, plowed) place around Mayak. Enclosed by a shallow moat and a mound. At the Vigil, the Missionary (Tribune) has the right to descend from the tower and bypass it along the perimeter of the Circle.

3) The building of the Temple (Places of Assembly), called, by name of the Throne, Monolith (Mole), or Peace. Ideally, it is organized outside the village. Initially, it can be a collection in a conventional library, the so-called. anti-smoking, school, or even an apartment.

4) Four roughly identical rooms in the corners of the temple. A place for confession, solitary prayer, reading, preparing a sermon, preparing for the service, solving any practical matters, etc. There is a table, chairs, books on history, science and technology, the sacred texts of major world religions.

5) Circle of benches, for listening to the sermon, discussion and compilation of actual prayers (broadcasts), election of the Missionary.

6) Tribune, Monolith, Rum, or Missionary’s Throne. The pier is an elevation in the center of the room, with a lamp located just above the eye level (Mayak analog) on a massive stone stand. In the first versions, the mole is most likely only symbolic, later it can be transformed into a real acting, amplifying mental images, a physical device.

7) Location proper, Missionary. The tribune is elected from the community (local Spiritual Government), no more than twice in a row, to conduct a common prayer and, above all, broadcast. After discussing the global issues of the world order, parishioners move on to tasks of a smaller scale. These are state problems, politics and economics, the life of a house, a block, a settlement, the behavior of certain people. Persons guilty of certain crimes are given penance after the demonstration trial, with a presentation to the Missionary.

A missionary can nominate himself, or be elected at the suggestion of his closest friends. This person, already in a new status, puts on his neck a knotted white scarf (ribbon), which suggests the name Zona (from the Latin “belt”). The color of the bandage The zone is white, or silver, can vary with thin black, red, etc. strips.

Being in one of the corner rooms, Tribune listens to the confessions of the parishioners, gives advice (he has the right to do it, even with some pressure), corrects their dreams from the positions of the general principles of humanism and common sense. The main idea of the Temple, the symbol of faith: all the best wishes to incarnate, we are obliged to help it, paradise is created by its head and hands, the divine presence is manifested precisely in this work.

Of course, the word Rye means not so much material welfare, but, first of all, the relationship between people. The parishioner of the Monolith is obliged to reflect on the effective, and even divine social structure, also on one’s own health, beauty, awakening of unusual useful abilities, rejuvenation (the concept of gradual flow into the Kingdom of Heaven).

Around the ascent of the Missionary, standing on the platform, the parishioners circle around, or (and) the traditions have not yet been worked out, applauded, and glorify their chosen one. The latter reads sermons, historical texts with morals and meaning (awareness of certain mistakes of humanity). Here he announces, in what form, exactly what desires of parishioners he intends to Broadcast.

Further, the parishioners diverge, and the chosen Servant remains alone, for the concentrated ascension of prayers into the Light.

In another version, or at the same time, the Missionary goes to the Lighthouse, lights the fire and prays there, also, completely alone, for hours or even days.

On the progress of the meeting, Broadcasting, a detailed report is drawn up, (preferably) a video is filmed, these messages are sent to the Internet for public viewing …

8) Residential premises for community members: dining room, rest room or meetings, bedrooms, food stores, etc. An untouchable food reserve is formed, in case of any global cataclysms.

9) School of Spiritual Government. The premise for children, where they can develop, invent, comprehend the basics of business, and even sell their own crafts.

10) The field for the games of children of the Spiritual Government. The testing ground for vehicles of own production, other inventions, running-in of reconstructed armor, and (under supervision of adults, owners of tickets of hunting clubs and, accordingly, weapons) is a shooting range for improving shooting skills.

7. The supposed view of the temple complex of the Spiritual Government.

8. One of the variants of the Monolith in the style of “techno”. The basis of this slightly adjusted picture is a module for simulating the conditions of the flight to the Red Planet, a non-government non-profit organization MDRS.

Such “Stations of Light” are supposedly connected to a global network, they constantly exchange data about their achievements, choose one time for common, most effective Broadcasts, send participants to share experiences; in a word, are in graceful liturgical communion.

…Construction, as well as the subsequent work of the Tribune can be conducted within the framework of a television project, or as a private undertaking. Only a free piece of land is needed. The project needs financial resources – they can act as voluntary donations from viewers. Broadcasts – in real and web. They will facilitate the broadcast spiritually, tuning in to one wave from the monitors. The erection of the Pyramid – Tribune – is made as possible without complicated equipment. Concrete or limestone blocks are laid in the Monolith by hand. At the top – lamps that flash like a lighthouse (that’s, by the way, another name for the Pyramid-Tribune). Near the Pyramid complex there can be a specialized school, hangars, workshops for free scientists. As already mentioned, in an ideal Tribune should be at least three: two of them, in the mode of continuous work should “rest under couples.” If there are several initiative groups, they can build their pyramids, but, necessarily in agreement with the Founders and personally by the Author. This is necessary for the Translators not to work against each other. So, somewhere on the territory of Russia, or outside it (if the earth authorities do not like it at all), a new valley of the Pyramids will appear.

In extreme cases, the author appoints himself one or more successors.

So. Invited are people whose same dreams need to be realized. This in itself is interesting – a combination of mutual similarities. There is a force in them, which, if not immediately used, closes on itself and gives a surge of uncontrolled energy. You, of course, know about the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table. Here, the warriors return from the campaigns in which they fight the dragons, free the ladies and seek the Holy Grail. In the castle of Arthur they are all absolutely equal. They sit down at the table and begin a conversation. Stories are about the same level, but, they are not the same. This is all their charm.

After visiting the castle for a day or three, the knights are leaving. Just in time! A little more – and they would start to find out who is more important. Take away the staff – the situation would become extremely acute. Knights, each of whom has a very high opinion of himself, would have to find out who will be engaged in cooking and cleaning. Sir Gawaine? Lancelot Lake? Percival?

…Preparations for the promotion of desires, the broadcast itself, should not take more than three days.

…What is our Translator like the Ukrainian Maidan, but, already with a plus sign. There, on a paved granite square, with a number of monuments (the Monument to Freedom, etc.) gathered, resided in unsanitary conditions, agitated, angry, roughly the same people. Some initial shoots of positive, very soon were trampled. Over time, the negative sentiment spread throughout the state, and almost destroyed it. People gather in our Mole-Tribune in the most clear and sunny mood. The meaning of this settlement is the irradiation of constructive positive in Russia, and beyond. Correct, but not at all boring life – that’s what is really interesting, and is subject to transfer into the consciousness of citizens.

…Have there been any significant changes in everyday life? If this is not the case, or if there are serious errors, the translation can be repeated, in a slightly different setting, with a different formulation, with the same or other people-translators (missionaries). Imagine how this can all happen? Who will be the first to declare his idea for advancement on the Tribune?

We offer, in its most general form, the Bulletin of Ideas, which the Spiritual Government is going to discuss with you and Broadcast:

Socialization, scientific cities and individuals

— Hello!

Let us, the craftsmen, live together, and we will come up with something special — fuel-free engines, inertial aircraft and more… how to extract gold from lead!

— Friend! That association, about which you speak, in Russia has long been called a suburb. The settlement united residential houses and workshops of artisans: tanners, potters, blacksmiths. This is a distant analogue of the medieval European shops. Nothing special was created in them; no masterpieces of art and technology, no formation of creative personalities.

Slobodka turned into scientific towns. Several residential buildings, enclosed by a fence, two or three buildings of a scientific research institute, an experimental plant, a club and a grocery store.

If you combine and consolidate something, it does not necessarily lead to the creation of a society of good, smart and beautiful people.

Let’s give an example with domestic electronic computers. Do you wonder why in this area we have almost nothing of our own?

In the USSR in the fifties there were many unique computer developments. Some cars lagged behind the Western counterparts, others exceeded them; in general, the situation did not look bad. However, management felt that creativity needed to be unified. There are too many counting complexes. The best of them, to create a basic model, just asking scientists, did not find. But even so everything was fine, when on December 30, 1967, a joint meeting of the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers was held. It is famous for its resolution “On the development of the production of computer technology”, which put an end to domestic developments. The last unique “iron” — BESM-6; a few dozen copies released in 1965 successfully completed before the early eighties and went under the press.

The basis for Soviet computers was the US platform IBM 360. Small creative teams disbanded. Some workers got into the supergiant VNIITSEVT, where they received pieces of foreign cars, scraps of other people’s programs, and figured out how it works. Translated inches into centimeters, measured transistors, counted the number of paws. The most difficult thing was with reverse construction. You can make a recipe, as a neighbor salt cucumbers, judging only by their taste, smell and crunch? How much parsley, onion, cherry leaf? How long should the can withstand in boiling water? Here, as well as with transistors, the characteristics of which needed to be customized. Try to make a crystal of some gallium arsenide behave strictly like the sample you have. Is it necessary at all, for an adequate operation of the device, or not?

It is necessary to go almost all the way by yourself, only then will the right questions, thoughts, knowledge and base appear.

The engineers assembled at the institute, whose name we will not even decipher, ceased to think. Could they now turn to the creators of computers at an international symposium? Creators love to tell everything frankly. But not at this time. “We dragged you from the development, can you explain how it works”? The scientist will turn away, as if the interlocutor made an indecent sound.

Let’s follow the history of creating a colossus through our Monolith (it works and as a Time Machine). We see interested persons. The chairman of the Council of Ministers Kosygin and the head of the KGB, Andropov. The first one was influenced by his father-in-law, whose name we have nothing, perhaps, will not say. A person traveled to the United States, conducted legal purchases of foreign equipment and was motivated to increase them. The second wanted to expand the scope of work for his economic scouts.

Two or three people willfully create a cyclopean institution. The resulting system is not viable. Is it only the matter? It is necessary to understand the nuances of the work of the collective. Otherwise, and so will be born helpless amoebae, like the stuck in the teeth of Skolkovo. Groups should be small, with a clear ranking and growth technologies. Sometimes they can merge. Unification — how to draw air into the chest. Hold your breath? Now it’s time to breathe out.

The basis of the union of creative groups of electronic engineers, with differences in electronic architecture, could be a single data input-output system.

A really friendly input-output interface, “Windows”, “Windows”, the Americans developed in 1983. In 1990, the Network ceased to be just a convenient kind of connection between American universities, and entangled the Earth. The Internet is twenty-five years old, but it seems that it always existed. And, thanks to enlarging in combination with the classification, he was born not in our country.

Has anything changed in Russia? Is this lesson learned at all levels?

…Here we are, workers building a complex of Golden Babylon. Sixteen electricians are in the division.

I choose a pavilion, I take out tools, a notebook, a pencil, I start to work. The customer, the designer comes, we constructively discuss everything. How, where — Internet, alarm, control system, sockets, lamps and switches. It all depends on the little things.

But, it is customary to work here, in the style of the Russian settlement. I’m thrown into the common pot. They say: “We must do everything faster, faster, faster.” In the pavilion, they fuss, drag wires, shift boxes and wave their hands. “Help them, do not hang on alone.”

Who, where, with whom, on what should now work? Just stop to look around — “you stand when we work diligently.”

As in such turmoil, you can do something good, right? Everything has to be done, let it be done quickly, but several times. And how much more difficult it will be to find out the correctable deficiencies? That’s it, the collective work.

The lesson is not learned.

We need real, initiative scientists, working on their own, sometimes easily joining forces. Broadcast!

Retired and Army

“What do you want?”

— To us, pensioners have raised their pensions three times. You should eat better — cottage cheese, fish, fruits and vegetables. Let them pay us fifty thousand! Or, no, no, a hundred!

— Well, well, let your dream come true. The leaders instruct the workers of the Central Bank, those who write out the supplement to the pensioners. So what? Money, and all the blessings come from Mars, is it only necessary to approve the law? If a pensioner eats more curd, someone’s kids will drink less milk. Business will run up, because money will be squeezed out of it. Only grandparents will remain in the country, and they will soon have nothing to live on.

But it seems that someone knows how to work on reality. And, spit on the fact that the benefits are taken from children. It’s about the military. The reason is the complacent mood of the then President.

As I understand, he did not have to see how the officers work. Appearance in the battery for half an hour (not always sober) — then disappear until the next day. The orderly and messenger is taught that the rest of the officer is inviolable.

They say that now the command staff almost sleeps in the barracks, for fear of emergency and dismissal. Something became better. So what?

We look at average salaries. Fifteen thousand rubles, for highly skilled workers, twice as many in Moscow and the Middle Suburbs. In the village, the income of a milkmaid, a tractor driver, may be two thousand. A worker who builds a monolithic house earns thirty-five, rarely forty. So from the beginning of zero — we do not receive any increase for long service, “difficult” terrain, and so on. If an employee is injured, he will not be paid a half million rubles; they will quickly be fired, without issuing seven salaries, as it should be “professional military”. There are no trade unions and existing laws. In case of death in production — five million rubles remain with the state. Perhaps this case will try to hide: “I left, we do not know where, the conversation is over.”

There are a lot of extra charges, the order of granting which can not be fully understood by any accountants.

However, people ate it. The general standard of living subsided, but people did not realize anything. He should have risen if the workers demanded — but remained the same — that it was considered a norm.

Forever such an “idyll” can not continue. The officer, even if he is paid a billion rubles, dollars, euros, in case of a full-scale war, will do nothing without backing. Maybe a new tank will be built for him — the workers of Uralvagonzavod, who receive eighteen thousand, or Izhmash — five. But, will reflect.

You indicate that the military is fighting for the Motherland, their heart is at gunpoint. There are also risks in civil proceedings. And industry is as vital as military affairs. Have you tried to push the crane-beam that was stuck in the middle of the workshop to the maintenance site? You did not think that she would jump off the rails — and then, after a second ring, will it all end?

At the same time, each of the workers, if they smell fried, will receive a summons, or even voluntarily go to where it is hot.

I admit, in the nineties the Army was supplied badly. Stop. The nineties?

At the enterprise the salary was detained for four months. In the middle of the summer of the ninety-sixth there was no one to borrow money for a quarter of bread. For three days I ate cherries, looked at the pigeons.

They say that raising the salary three and a half times, to one hundred and twenty thousand, the state gives what has long been indebted to the military. Then the next question: when will they start giving what is owed to the workers?

Normally the army is created to protect the people. People delegate authority; in case of a small war, to kill the enemy to trained people. The people are the boss who pays part of the earnings to the guards. But, the gentleman should have a contentment higher than the bodyguard. Or, it turns out, the army guards us for its food? Us, who never had trade unions to protect their interests?!

In Libya, Syria, Iraq, the Army’s supply was good. The situation of “ordinary” people is not very much so. And, you know, the military lost. Have conceded to the agitated masses. Surrendered to those who paid more.

We must speak and demand. And to organize everything around yourself is reasonable. Then the fate itself will tighten where it is better.

Where did we start? Pension. The wording should be different. We translate: facilitating the conditions of entrepreneurship, the development of industry, social activity. Write down all the points. Do not worry, when there will be money about you, the pensioners will not be forgotten.

Apartments, houses, land — for all

…What do you suggest Broadcasting?

— Veterans of war need to give an apartment!

“You… from the secular government?” That’s what they say. Try to object to something — you will become an enemy of the people.

My friends! Well, who in our country offends veterans? Fought grandfathers-grandmothers in the fifties and seventies of the last century received apartments. And, not once. Then, by the way, they were given to everyone for free.

The veteran has children. The apartment is exchanged, the pope gets a room in the communal apartment, gets up on the queue. He is given a new apartment, which passes to his grandchildren. Another exchange — a man in the queue for great-grandchildren, but, in the yard of the nineties, and the shop closes.

It is necessary to understand an important thing. People are equal. Well, or more precisely, it is an ideal to which one should strive.

Many people wildly need housing — but they can not buy it. Does war really need something to move? Officials have several apartments, sometimes since their birth, and can not imagine that somewhere for decades people do not feel the luxury of a personal life. Do not pay every month to landlords, do not clean the toilet every time for the grandmother, do not find her then dead in the bathroom… Do not hear what they say, utilities have risen in price by two hundred rubles, so you have to pay extra, since last month two thousand more. Otherwise, dear… you have to refuse.

We do not need Olympics and championships if, instead of them, be determined to implement the program, half a million people received warrants for apartments.

We, of course, are glad that we collected so many medals — the athletes with reverence store them in the closets. Of course, they have a comfortable housing. But, we remind: we do not have this.

We broadcast through Mol. Let the workers do not finish working at forty-five years old, they do not receive a pension of forty-four thousand (according to the rank of colonel, usually corresponding to the retirement officer’s retirement), they should be entitled to a free apartment by the age of forty. Just like their bodyguard, an officer. A person who has completed an emergency service must know that he will receive an apartment for free, by the indicated age. And, to do with her whatever she wants. Either a plot of land with communications. At forty, a man is not old, a wonderful future can open up to him.

Is it funny? But, otherwise the country will fall apart, just like the Union, despite thousands of tanks and planes. There will be Ruin.

A soldier, a citizen has the right to an apartment. Need to work out the nuances, but — whether this word is strong!

Spiritual Government on the science and role of individuals. Project of the City of Masters

A middle-aged man is suitable for our Throne (active part of the Monolith). An ironed out suit, a folder, horn-rimmed glasses, pointed features.

— I’m a scientist! Why do we get little money!? Spending on science, that is, irrevocable subsidies to us, should increase many times! Only in this way we can modernize the economy!

— Let’s consider this proposal. We were already getting to the topic. It’s time to take a weighted decision.

Have you ever wondered why there is not enough money for science? Maybe because they are scientists, should they feed the country? How much to say? I remember watching the face of the President when a crowd of academics addressed him, begging for money. I read something like: “How tired you are, beggars, how many feed, swallow like chicks, and ask for more. Only, unlike them, you do not grow …”.

There is no benefit from science — and the attitude towards it becomes ironic. Where are the Nobel Prize winners? One Massachusetts technological produced them five times more than the USSR and Russia. And that, the domestic laureates divide the “Nobel” with foreign colleagues for three or even four — and this is considered an achievement. The last discovery was made by Peter Kapitza, in 1938, the superfluidity of helium. Further — the creation of a maser — millimeter wave amplifier N. Basov, O. Prokhorov and C. Townes. At the same time, Rutherford conducted a demonstration of stimulated emission, and T. Maiman constructed the first real laser.

Known to be a power-abused, almost foreigner, Zhores Alferov, but his version of a semiconductor laser is just an applied discovery.

Then — why scientific towns, meetings of the Russian Academy of Sciences, marble buildings Skolkovo?

What is the right thing to pray for, that the situation is straightened?

First of all, to erase from the Russian consciousness a stamp that in the modern era, discoveries are made exclusively in huge institutions, among tanks with nitrogen, colliders, synchrophasotrons and tokamaks, gray-haired academicians. This is not true. Discoveries are made by individuals and eccentrics, without prejudices and connections, forcing them to conduct research in a certain way. By some coincidence, a person, indeed, can be a part of a research institute — but this is not necessary.

As you know, the only individual winner of the Nobel Prize from Russia (USSR), Pyotr Kapitsa, had a long internship in England. What characterizes the Anglo-Saxon system of discoveries?

In countries formed by the UK respectful of odd people. Relatives and society do not consider themselves entitled to reproach the originals, that they spend money on unusual pursuits. So, for example, Lord Cavendish made discoveries that could be bragged by a big country, even if they were the only ones in its entire history.

Michael Faraday. The student of the bookbinder Michael, sends to the master of science the rewritten lectures, asks to take to work. There is communication between the laboratory assistant and the professor. The brain of Faraday, pure from university education, is ideally set up to produce discoveries. And they roll like a horn of plenty. The break for ten years comes when Michael receives the post of director of laboratories — obviously, managerial activity to the specialist is not always beneficial.

So, the Anglo-Saxon system, in which emphasis is placed on talented, or at least purposeful singles, unequivocally, taxis. What do we see in Russia at the time when epochal discoveries were made in England? Self-satisfied landowners — an analogue of the current oligarchs. They rebuild manors, bell-shaped bellies, compete as dishes, start dogs, hunt and fish, “spoil” village girls. Natural-philosophical activity — no, it’s not comme il faut, otherwise you become an outcast.

There are exceptions. Alexander Mozhaisky is building on his own funds an airplane with a steam engine. Now we can say for sure — the Russians are not parrots in invention. It’s not so important that a square plane fell on the wing, flying only a couple of dozen meters.

And without Tsiolkovsky we would be apprentices who copied Hitler’s “Fau”. Only he, self-taught, saved the prestige of the country — a teacher of physics, rather than cumbersome state institutions. The second most famous “our” person is Mendeleev. Although he reached the highest academic ranks, of course, when composing the table of elements, he did not need the help of any collective of professors.

Scientists should become independent. Have access to complex equipment — like medieval students, vagrants, moving from one research institute to another. Without all those lip movements and questions “Who are you and from whom?” The answer is “Here are my publications, I’m interested in this and that, you have the necessary equipment, let’s work”. The same applies to implementation in production. So beloved by the Russians Tesla was not connected for life with any research structure. I came to the director of the enterprise and offered to do something even better than good. I did my work, got my money, and went on. Tesla managed to work in Edison’s company.

…The Edison Company. The most powerful institute for the implementation of inventions. The American did not always conduct business honestly. But, this is still a practical activity, and not a stupid distribution of public funds. Not the marble halls of Skolkovo, but the workshops and laboratories, in the world of which any master “from the street” is free to plunge.

— You might think, you know, in the field of what science-intensive technologies Russia can stand out, it’s just ridiculous! In the field of microelectronics, we are hopelessly behind. But, without us, scientists can not! The state should support us, like lovely pets!

— I could invite you to pay attention to my experiences with mutually similar forms, the basis for creating new communication devices. But, back to earth. Master the release — not in Malaysia, Indonesia or China, but in the Moscow region or Novosibirsk, the simplest mobile phones. Understand how “iron” works. Make mobile for the Army. Exactly, your own, without other people’s computer “bookmarks”. Let the large, but reliable, strong, like AK-47! Large buttons — to dial the number in a stressful siteration, when even your name can not remember!

— The communication device is included in a set of new protective equipment!

— Again, on someone else’s base? A bunch of screens, a muddy interface, mandatory attachment to body armor? Weight five kilograms? People have become accustomed to the mobile for a long time! Even in the context of the battle, soldiers and officers are drawn to the familiar “cellular”, so to speak, on the machine.

I’ll tell you that many, quite respectable people love old mobile phones, in principle, without bloat, “androids” and other things. Stupid — to call! You can also add the possibility of transferring the mobile to the mode of an autonomous radio station — say, up to three kilometers.

We let the phone into the civil networks.

Advanced version — the phone has a powerful flashlight, camera, and, pay attention, the bar for “Selfie”, stand-mount. Have you ever suffered with a smartphone, building it somewhere on a tree branch, or a window sill? He falls down, and does not want to photograph you? Now any oblong object can become a stick for selfie, at least this ruler, or branch; attach the cellular — and take pictures!

Next, connecting two phones with a cord, you get a camera and a TV. Why is it in the Army? The first mobile phone is reinforced on the barrel of the machine gun, the second one — inspect the neighborhood. You can revive and “blues”, activation of the pair — a simple triple touch of active zones of phones, without all these strange passwords. Is it useful? Important? I think that there will be application in civilian areas, most importantly, everything is simple!

So, we Broadcast that in the country a society of scientists, capable of promptly conducting their ideas into production, developed. It is also necessary that they overcome the pride that arises today, as soon as the experimenter achieves at least the slightest success. Throughout the country, hundreds of mono-cities, now almost deserted — but with a developed infrastructure. Simply, you need a cry, a law, a movement: inventors, come, do whatever you want. Empty workshops and laboratories are at your disposal. Here, electricity, water, a bathroom. Pay only for utilities. Want to invent a new car? You are welcome! Next — a field, a whole area where traffic police and Avtodor are banned, try! Aircraft? Dare! Interested in cold fusion? Try it! There are many experimenters like you — talk!

There was an idea, on a wave of success, to open experimental production? You are welcome. You can sell your products — no complicated for understanding things, entanglement in the web of the FIU and other social organizations, the simplest sales tax, in fact. Come to the world markets, show your honored brethren on state support, how to create Science and History. People in Central Russia know little about independent business management, trade, taxes, you need to explain gradually, try, like in a kindergarten!

Here we are reconstructing military equipment. TB-3, Il-2, Po-2, airplanes, tanks, of all countries and times. We create cars of a personal brand, in small series, and under the order. Experiment with the creation of new models of military products. Just like the Wright brothers. There is no such thing here — did something sensible, organized the production necessary for many people, and the owner of the room is announced, with some documents proving that all this is his. For the entrance to him, indicate to the guard; “This is not allowed!” The new law: if there is no movement in the shops, let’s say, a year, they are declared free from the previous owners. The same applies to land plots. How many villages are in desolation, and it is worthwhile to set up agrarian production, “spiders” crawl out of the ambush with notes that it is their property. You should kiss people who build houses, cultivate land, buy equipment, and not try to cash in on them! There is nothing to keep the means of production “in reserve”! For this, of course, you need will. We Broadcast that it was not manifested in the uncontrolled destruction of private property (buildings, stalls, bankrupt enterprises), but in positive things!

Spiritual Government on entrepreneurship, registration of the status of the Entrepreneur, wrecking of the law 212-FZ, non-tax declarations, social justice and the sign of the ruble

— I am a beginner entrepreneur. There is no work in our city. My dream is to become independent and rich. So many difficulties, and there is no one to consult with. Friends only cheer “We believe in you. We can not help, but when it starts to work out — call!”. You can get confused in EGRIP, USRLE. You can because it’s easier. Then you need to go to Rosstat. At registration, after all it is possible to enter at once data of the businessman in a statistical base. Details are revealed in the course of the matter. It is unclear whether it is necessary to register with the Pension Fund, medical insurance, the information is inconsistent. Still, here, the local tax inspection…

A personal account in a bank… In this financial institution, you have to fill out something, “pierce”, pass to “sign”, and there — no. Banking is still some kind of… electronic key. Even in one bank conditions change, you fall into prostration, while you try to comprehend everything that the consultant said.

The seal is almost simple, although I was “joked for a long time,” before I found a workshop, and this is a sign that good forces are trying to take you away from an unnecessary business.

Well, here, the account is opened. As though, all.

I became an individual entrepreneur, although nothing but papers with stamps in the asset was not. From the bank they called in six months, they demanded to pay for something, or, for some money, to close the account. I did not come. In theory, the IP should also be covered, in the reverse order, otherwise they will start firing penalties, but this has already been ignored. Forces have run low. The thought that if it comes to the registration of a pension comes up, they will say to me: “You have a fine here, for twenty-five years, you did not close your business” But, maybe it will resolve by itself? No wonder I’m standing with you on the Tribune?!

— So far this is so. There is no entrepreneurial activity, the movement of money — you will still find a fine. The return course is almost more complicated than the design of the entrepreneur. You must go to the Pension Fund — even if you have not previously registered with it, and where, nevertheless, arrears have arisen. Every year the rules change. The federal law (Federal Law) No. 212 explicitly states that “… la la la… there is no provision for exemption from contributions to the FIU, the Social Insurance Fund, the CHI Fund in the event that there was no business activity…” Sometimes a flat fee is clearly 36 thousand, in other case — SMIC (5554 rubles multiplied by 26% of the PFR rate, and another twelve months). With the help of the Tribune we are able to find people responsible for this or that social crime. The compilers of this law are such sinners. A person has to pay huge sums only for having received a piece of paper… Including retired people who decided to try their business, single mothers with children. It is necessary to bring everyone, including children, relatives, friends of these legislators to consciousness, that before them are people with a wormy, slimy soul. Entrepreneurs who understand the trapped nature think something like: “What bad state, if only it collapsed, together with the system of taking money out of an empty pocket” — then they put a smile on your face, go to the tax, PF, some other organizations, in order to quickly close the case. They will share their misfortune with acquaintances, perhaps potentially more successful entrepreneurs — and will try to forget about their attempt to rise a bit. We will find the people who created this law. My suggestion is to shift them from managerial work, send them to work as porters!

“No, shoot them!” To be forgiven with addiction, for which they do not like the Motherland, us and you, — and in the expense!

— Specifically, loaders, or diggers; first, there is some kind of benefit, and secondly, we are humanists, the Spiritual Government!

— So be it. And yet, where can I get practical advice, help, support? The Internet? Enter in the search box the words “Small Business Ideas”, or “Open Your Business” — the recommendations: “Make soft toys” or “Open a store”, “Organize a car wash”. So what? Where, how, with whom? It’s like giving instructions how to fly an IL-76: “Start the engines.” Vyrulite on the strip. Add gas. Pull the steering wheel toward you. Adjust the autopilot and rest. On the way to the aerodrome, turn off the automation, reset the speed, release the landing gear, go in for landing. Have a good flight! “Then put the wheel at the helm, wishing success, send on the road.

Do you think the plane will fly far?

They say that somewhere there are “business incubators”, where they help to rise. But they represent themselves — look the Network, — branches at an economic school, where uncles in the “three” are lecturing on the topic “Semantics of the product,” or something like that. The words “business cases, multinational companies, convergence of technologies, target parameters” are being sung, and so on. Well, all I need is to open a “point” under the tutelage of my comrade, arrange production of products in the premises of the former factory, determine where to deliver the grown potatoes, get the first ruble from the client. First of all, clans based on kinship are effective here, and Russians practically do not have them.

How to enter into existing networks? So, I set up the release of interesting things. Where can I go to see them in the Soyuzpechat booths? Where are the “tails”? To contact the saleswoman, maybe she knows? Or, she will put something on the counter? I tried, it turned out something unintelligible.

I came to a printing company, which, in theory, has an entrance to the system. “What if I order to do my thing, will you realize it?” I started talking about logistics (a lot of expenses and all sorts of troubles), storage of goods and, in fact, about the price of the exposition. “With all this, you must put the product in not less than twenty points.” “But, I would like to start in four or five, maybe even one, but the best place, I simply do not have the money.” — “It’s your problems”.

— What did you want to “exhibit”?

— I was attracted to money since my childhood. They have a fascination — the history of the country, the touch of people, their emotions, energy, and the opportunity to exchange pictures for something useful. The ruble under the table with weights — for a five-year-old child — a treasure. You hold a coin in your hands, it tells you a secret. You feel rich Pinocchio.

I want the world’s money to appear in the kiosks. What bills are accepted in Zaire, Zambezi, Chad? Latin America — what are the descendants of the Spaniards, Portuguese and Incas paying off? Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, and, of course, Honduras…

There are two ways. The first is real bills in packages, with information about the country where they are used. The second is a qualitative two-sided polygraphy.

In the case of real banknotes, the state could assess this as currency transactions. In addition, foreign money by itself can be expensive. Polygraphy is cheaper, in addition, you can print money of all times, of any countries, they are represented by the Internet.

“What did you bow to?”

— In exchange offices, dozens of currencies are declared, but, in reality, three or four major ones. Small bills are not kept. I collected the collection, now it is stored without movement.

— With printing what?

— I say, all this — the company, official persons consultants, logistics, calls — seemed too troublesome occupation. Do not you get annoyed that I use the word “muddy” too often? Here you need a team, two or three people who support, do not let go. If one is cold — another must, without reproach, continue the case.

There were people who developed an idea floating in the air. The kiosks successfully sell genuine exotic banknotes. And I have nothing to do with this.


1. One lempira of Honduras. The rate of three rubles (2016)

How to make small business the basis of large-scale national creativity? It is necessary to broadcast the system of all this.

— What, first of all, is necessary for a businessman and a creative person? Ability to make payment transactions. The state needs to be controlled, so it tries to ensure that all of them happen by default.

Cashless settlement is the Achilles’ heel of small business. How to draw from the digits on the monitors the best coin? You can buy a piece for a hundred rubles, and run a $ 1 million machine with it, but you have to explain the costs. How to make a payment through the bank, if the owner of the item is a physical person? Money (also material) he needs in the morning – your component of success will appear in the afternoon. I was stunned when I found out that, it turns out, banks are sticking their noses into all the business transactions that are being conducted. What is your dog business, how do I spend the earned money? – this question, secretly or explicitly, is asked by every entrepreneur. In business, efficiency is needed, and it is not connected with making non-cash payments, drawing up reports for each sneeze, and. and so forth.

— What do you offer? Get away from non-cash payments?

— First of all, get rid of mistrust between the state and the person. Let us turn to the experience of other countries:

The 1040A tax declaration is an example for imitation. Without a question mark.

In America, the tax return is filled once a year. Enter into the form, 1040A received from your business or employer income. The form can be taken at the post office in the local library. Print on the printer. How much did I earn in a year, and where? I turned the notes-you write. You will be explained how you can save, quite legitimately, a couple of coins. You are also a state. You put a check in the envelope, paid at least on the same mail and send it to the tax office. A report on income can be written on the receipt. Most Americans, during all their turbulent activities, do not see the tax office in their eyes!

— How are they checked? Our businessmen spend long evenings, up to the red eye, spend for the preparation of accounts in 1C! Salaries of employees, managers, deductions, credits, PF, SES, VAT …

— Everyone pays for themselves. Taxes are levied not on business, as such, but only on the income of an individual. And the employees of the enterprise calculate themselves. With profit go deductions to the pension fund (compulsory insurance), for all other items … Taxes themselves are scattered. Checking? Selective audit. If anyone deceives – gets a fine, he can get a summons. It seems like a fairy tale? In fact, 95% of people are honest, and the remaining 5% of scammers are perfectly able to bypass all bureaucratic obstacles. In networks of endless monitoring bodies we are entangled, we are good …

“All the same, it seems to me that our people will start deceiving the state.” They will write less than they earn … We need to develop! Americans, they’re … special.

— How can one develop with an unfit system? Why do you need to suffer? Americans are people like us. Only laws create that a man rejoices in life, he loves his country, bathed in a sea of mutual trust. And, for these orders, US citizens can forgive their system for many, really unsuitable foreign policy excesses.

…We start modeling the New Reality.

— We come to the state institution, we fill out a completed questionnaire in the window, a minute later we get the paper warmed by the printer. The impact of the seal is in the hands of the Entrepreneur’s certificate, for a particular type of activity. This means that if in a year you do not file a return on income, you automatically lose your status.

On this document, you can also make a seal here. Bank account? It’s not obligatory. For transfers it is quite enough that card on which the employer previously transferred the salary to you.

Well, in general, now the owner is you. We get profit. At the end of the year – a declaration of income. How much did I earn? – I add receipts. The consumption of materials, salaries, pensions – everything that our banks like to be interested in – do not need to paint! Relax, the accountants! Well, the entrepreneur does not need to be cunning to get his cash. All – the simplest arithmetic. We go to the bank or to the terminal, pay twenty-four percent, for people with an income of up to fifty thousand a month, receive a check, put it in an envelope and send it to the office.

“Twenty-four percent?” This is a lot, in comparison with our thirteen, on a simplified system!

— There are still taxes on value added … from sales, something else, up to 50% or more. In addition, the taxation system is constantly, so to speak, improved. People need to get used to it – there are “additions”. In order not to get caught on the hook, improvements should be tracked by someone’s unpleasant discharge, for which they usually hire a professional accountant.

“Well, twenty-four, it’s fine, if there’s nothing more to take care of.” How are our workers?

— They paint their income themselves, send checks to the tax department. You can not think about them, concentrating all your thoughts on increasing the efficiency of your work. If you, as happens in the first year of business, “in a minus”, and write. Zero income — zero taxes, and no, of course, deductions in the social sector.

— I read, according to some state program, starting entrepreneurs receive a gratuitous subsidy. You just need to create a business plan. Let us support this useful undertaking!

— Forget about government support and clear business plans. The official would be glad that the businessmen took the money, well, and he – put a tick in his report. But, there is a sea of scribbling and difficultly executable items, so that only subsidies can be used … I will not say who! In reality, only a businessman can help a businessman, who steams with him in a bath, plays tennis, and all the like. You yourself understand this!

It is necessary to make the taxation system as in the most successful country – and no help will be required! We will help the state, and not vice versa. In America, in fact, there is no “IP system” and “ordinary”. Any citizen there is both an entrepreneur and a hired worker. He does not need to “close” the IP, with the device to a particular enterprise, to reopen, when, for example, the season of selling sweet cotton wool has come. Everything is covered under the universal tax system.

— But, maybe, if we pay to the PF and other social funds, but, do not work as a PI, there is a work record?

— I did not hear, that in this way the experience was organized. For a pension? Their calculation is all so confusing. But, probably, our inspectors can also arrest a pension, in the account of hundreds of thousands of accumulated fine, because of a closed IP. And, oddly enough, this “arrears” will go exactly in the PF, as if, for your benefit. Such people. They had enough to arrest the abysmal expense of the account of the Honorary donor of Russia.

But, there is an occasion for joy. After all, we translate the understanding that now everything is different. Taxes wake up with the realization that: “At today’s meeting, for the first time in my life, I will say something right, I will repent, I will propose a new system of taxation, for my beloved people!”


Uniskan and freedom of trade

…Here is another interesting question on the topic of business. Where, who, according to some rules, puts a barcode, the one that is available on each package with “three sixes”?

It is clear that without an identification comb you will not see your goods on the shelves of stores. That’s what you need to talk about in high schools of economics. An organization that is secret like a certain world government, we should expose.

Interestingly, the sites associated with Uniskan actively scan your computer. We look, however; “… if you decide to apply a barcode to your company’s products, you should join the UNISCAN Automatic Identification Association … which is a member of GS1 and its ONLY representative in the territory of the Russian Federation … All other Russian organizations that promise assistance in assigning barcodes to in the best case, are its intermediaries …”. Despite the fact that UNISCAN (all with a capital letter) positions itself as a non-profit organization, the admission fee is twenty-five thousand rubles (as of the year two thousand eighth) and the annual one is fifteen. A lot of documents, instructions for completing the classification forms of goods, – it’s difficult, but you can go through these circles. Of course, if you are a large organization with highly qualified specialists. However, it is very difficult for a beginning entrepreneur. The matter is complicated by the fact that codes can not be transferred to others; according to the statute of UNISKAN, to trade them, in order to mark another’s goods, it is prohibited.

— What if you create your own identification system? Ideally, the barcode should be delivered as easily as an e-mail box. Only here you still enter the name of the company and your product. So. You print the comb on the printer and glue on your goods. Everything, you can take in the shopping network.

— But, such goods will not be accepted abroad?

— And in Russia, and the countries that can join the system, the market itself is great. It requires a variety of goods, the release of which slows UNISCAN. In the world conceived by us the release of free identifiers is realized. They can be used in parallel with the Uniscans. By the way, so, in the end, we get rid of the “three sixes” – strips in the beginning, middle and end of the code. Some consider it a superstition, but … something is really not quite right here.

…Own version of the marker may be different from the common one – circles, grids or layered pictures. It’s good that the Japanese QR code system is already in full use. The problem is interesting and solvable.

“That’s the way to do it.” But, from the head there is no declaration of income. What if everyone writes underestimated figures? Then the economy will collapse!


1. The bar code of UNISCAN. Double long strips at the beginning, center and end of the code mean “6”.

2. QR-code (English quick response – quick response) – matrix code. Invented in Japan, does not require licensing fees. It can be used to replace a suspicious, expensive UNISCAN. So, by the way, independent “East Asian tigers” and, of course, the Japanese also come. Now, perhaps, thanks to the prayers of the Spiritual Government, it is also common in Russia. It remains to be seen, however, the introduction into the masses of the simplest, cheapest, well-known system of code assignment to small business goods (comparable to the creation of a mail). Do it, knights DP!

3. The standard tax return is 1040A. Filled at home, a maximum of three hours a year. The Russian taxation system includes daily reports, technical difficulties, hired accountants and a trip to the local tax (before the broadcast).

Let’s say an annual income of 75,000 dollars. To receive a taxable base, deductions follow. If you live alone, then (for Texas, in 2013) the so-called. “Personal release” is $ 3,900, and “standard personal deduction” – $ 6,100. There are deductions for mortgages, education of children and medical expenses. It’s just to make your life easier. So, the tax base is 65,000 dollars. The first skim removed is the progressive Federal income tax, 18%, in our case – $ 12178. The Texas tax is 0% (zero in seven states, usually 5%, maximum 13%, in California). Next – “Social Security Takes” – the federal pension program, plus assistance to disabled people and the unemployed – 10.4% of the full salary, if you work for yourself, and 4.2% if the employee is an employee.

And, finally, the Federal program of affordable medical care – “Medicare”, 1.45%. In total, according to estimates, 21.8% of the salary. Well, or, 27%, if we are not connected with the employer. Once a year, using, designed to help us save humanistic sites or the services of tax advisers – volunteers, we draw up a declaration, apply a check and send it to the tax.

There is no such thing as paying fees in the PF, with zero or minus. You can not file a declaration if the income was less than $ 400, although this may affect the approval of your loan.

The tax system is freedom or slavery?

The transition to a new system can be carried out gradually, starting with some remote town.

Secondly, and so everything is understated. The white salary, with very few exceptions, is ten or thirteen thousand. Although, often, real income is higher by several dozen times. Tax specialists know this, but everyone, as one, is looking through his fingers.

Than it is bad? While you are young, especially anything. The calculation of a pension is a very complicated matter. It depends most on the length of service. Theoretically, 55–75 percent of the “pay” for the last two years of work, or selected five years of work. In any case, senior officials, given the high electoral activity of pensioners, will try to keep a pension of 0.7 average wages.

This is not correct, but, humanly understandable. In the end, every second does not survive to retirement. Lack, however, exists, and is covered by the same business. The latter, in turn, tries to reduce white wages to a minimum. Of course, this thing has a significant corruption component. From the enterprise “important” people are feeding, whose “salary” sometimes exceeds the sum of all payments to workers.

The only way out is to switch to an American, transparent and human taxation system. Our tax specialists would be happy to prove that it is not functional, because everything there is too pleasant for an ordinary person, but, this, in fact the existence of a superpower – works.

Do you have small incomes? No problems! The minimum pension, in order not to die, will be. Declare from real incomes, which you know – the pension is going up. It is possible, as is customary in the United States, to give money to non-state PFs, but we, with all the will, are unlikely to spread it.

An increase in pensions, the opening of a second youth, is an important incentive for a proper income declaration. But, the main thing is to feel like an honest citizen, tracking, among other things, the financial flows of the state itself.

The third reason is the presence of harsh but fair tax inspectors, and their voluntary assistants. Expenses – heaped up machines, houses, yachts, other attributes of status, must correspond to the figures of the Tax Declaration.

— The denunciation?!

— Someone so has thought up, that if the neighbor is a dark person, you need to be silent in a rag. I will say for sure, criminals, slippery persons who invented a “vow of silence”, if it is profitable for them, will surrender you, without a moment’s hesitation.

Those who live in palaces – we are not friends. For them we are working ants. In principle, they are not against our existence. The main thing is that they do not get in the way. But – such a status quo … let’s say it is not in God.

In America, businessmen share the history of their ascent. It is customary to be “kleve” – “transparent.” “Now, look, I’m good.” “Our”, although they achieve a high level of well-being, do not want to be “their own”, to share their emotions and knowledge.

You can betray only friends, you know? Enemies – to expose. Let the workers collect data on shikuyuschih customers and transfer to government bodies. The income data should be freely available. Find the name of the customer in the list, see what his income is, send a message, attaching a photo of the palace, and track the reaction.

— Not bad, if the perimeter of a smart cottage village is surrounded by submachine gunners, an APC will roll into the courtyard, groups of harsh, fair workers will approach the gate. “So. We came. Tell me, where are the money? Is it not from our pocket? Look in the eye!”.

“I do not want the income of people in the palaces to check the herd.” I said “herd?”. Yes. If the workers see that a person starts to stand out sharply from their environment, they try to “punish” him, and return them to their place.

— On the tax inspectors in America, they form legends. There is a colorful character who speaks freely and with beggars and financial tycoons, like the notorious Lieutenant Colombo.

We do not have an image of a noble tax collector. Now the tax – the inhabitants of stuffy offices, sullen personalities, punching out money from businessmen, even those who are still fragile, for the next Olympics.

The paper suffers. In it the palaces turn into huts, shopping centers become kiosks, and vice versa. Unfortunately, we are trusted in papers, not in the eyes, and there is no sense.

I already see a series on this topic. Why is this not on Russian television? Directors shout: “We want to show the truth, as it is!” – And where is it? Only “Gy-s”.

“But, after all, the palace can be issued for relatives!”

— Yes, even for your favorite dog! Then start up and income with taxes on it is written out. We still have to make taxes on business. How is this possible? The plant does not rest in the Hawaiian Islands, does not smoke “havana”, it lacks luxury villas. There is a turnover, supplies, the cost of depreciation, hundreds of items. Why are our not yet photogenic tax collectors so fond of delving into some sort of pipes with VAT on a refund of the tax, trace financial flows, streams and drops, spend a lot of time and energy!? At the same time, they are still disliked by all but well-off domestic ones. The output of cash flows is in the beneficiaries. There they must be caught!

— And, where will the professional accountants go? They and their families need food. Have you thought about this?

— As a result of the cessation of activity of these citizens, the level of production of goods and services will increase by an order of magnitude. The amount of tax collected will increase. Small business will rise, its share will rise from the current ten to seventy percent. The accountants will join the real production sphere, they will take the place of designers, programmers, etc.

— Indeed, this is what you need to do. But, from the head there is no declaration of income, according to our system. What if everyone writes underestimated figures? Then the economy will go down! Tax system – Freedom or slavery?

Think now! Vote! Pray!

Repeat more and more

And many more times …

The transition to a new system can be carried out gradually, starting with a small town, remote from industrial and financial centers. If the overall standard of living rises at times – you can continue.

Secondly, managers and so on all understate. The usual “white” salary, with rare exceptions, is ten or thirteen thousand rubles. Although, it is higher than the minimum payment several times. Tax specialists know this, but they are fools.

What is bad for employees and managers? While you are young and healthy, in general, nothing. Calculation of pensions is a very complicated matter. To the greatest extent, it depends on the length of service, not the amount of the fee. Theoretically, 55–75 percent of the “pay” for the last two years of work, or any five consecutive years of your work. I have not tested myself yet. In any case, the top officials of the state apparatus, taking into account the high electoral activity of pensioners, will try to keep the pension 0.7 per cent of the average salary in the country. This may not be entirely correct, but, humanly understandable. In the end, every second does not survive to retirement. Lack, nevertheless, exists, and as material goods are not issued from Mars, it is covered by the same business. He, in turn, is trying to reduce the “white” payments to an absolute minimum. At the last place of work, where I practiced as a master and, working around the clock, I received 60 thousand, the official salary was about 800 rubles. As if I came here on call, quickly fixed something, got money and left. Of course, this thing has, as they say, a high corruption component. From a really working enterprise, many “important” people are feeding, whose “salary” sometimes exceeds the amount of payments to all workers. The only thing I can see is the transition to a well-established US, very transparent and humane taxation system. Local officials and tax officials would be happy to prove that it is not functional in principle (because everything is too simple and pleasant, etc.), but, in fact, it works. Do you have small incomes? No problems! The minimum pension, in order not to die of hunger, will be. You declare more, namely, from real incomes, which you know yourself – the pension increases. You yourself have the incentive to live. By the way, for me personally, retirement is associated with something dark, muddy, too adult, which once seemed like the end of school or the achievement of forty years of age. I’m not the only one. Most men expect to finish their lives years to fifty-six, and do not flush for more. It is possible, as is customary in the United States, to give money to non-state pension funds, but we, with all the will, hardly ever will be distributed. Who remembers how many “First Pension Funds” appeared in the middle of the “nineties”? Where did they go? Where are their founders now? In Israel, Vorkuta, in Hawaii?

— The state apparatus is also not responsible to citizens. Remember the “Pavlovsky” reforms of 1991, when for three days fifty-ruble and hundreds of old-style banknotes for a thousand rubles were changed. Forgot? It seems like to leave with a nose those who have earned too much, therefore, it is dishonest. And, four months later, all prices rose three-fold. Grandmothers who kept their savings in chests, dowry to their beloved granddaughter, realizing what had happened, fell into complete prostration.

— History is very important, but, we will not be distracted. The increase in the size of the pension, the opening of some second youth, is an important incentive for the declaration of true incomes. But, the main thing is to feel like an honest taxpayer, a citizen who monitors the financial flows of the state. The third reason — the presence of wandering hungry wolves, tax inspectors. Their voluntary people’s assistants. Expenses — that is, all these heaped up machines, huge houses, yachts, other attributes of status, should correspond to incomes — that is, to the figures of your tax declaration.

— Do you offer a denunciation?!

— You know, the officers said in the Army to the young soldiers: “Why are you beaten like sheep, you are silent?” Someone just so invented that if a neighbor does dark things, you need to keep silent. I will say for sure, criminals, these nasty, slippery people who invented a “vow of silence”, if it is profitable for them, will surrender you, without a moment thinking about the rules. What was in the USSR-Russia of the thirties of the last century – the topic of a separate study. Mental epidemic. But, this is not a reason to remain silent in a rag, if your neighbor is a thief. … At two thousand and seven, maybe, a year worked in the village … either Beresta-2, or Korosta. Still, it’s good that I have a folder with “Reports on what is happening” for each month, if necessary, restore almost everything.

The village is located by the Moscow River, so that the domes of the Kremlin temples are clearly visible. Our object is the house of an official, deputy director of a state construction company. Surname … I’d like to say, but I do not remember exactly.

The number of workers is about fifty. Some of us, electricians – ten, or twelve. The houses, put one on another – ten. When I got to the building, the house was being prepared for surrender. Wine cellars, a huge swimming pool, halls, offices, again swimming pools, bathrooms and baths. You could walk around the village, see what, where and how. Locks as if from the fantasies of King Ludwig of Bavaria – in the style of Neuschwanstein; spiers, domes, attics, you see, yes? And in the English style there are buildings – Queen Elizabeth would not refuse to reside there. There are also houses “techno”, hung with parabolic antennas, a diameter of five meters, it is difficult to convey words. And, you come back from work – where?

Removable room. The hostess and girlfriend for the first three days ask “can I see the TV here”, then drop formalities, and switch to “you”. People living in the back room, small businessmen, ply through the room. One of the business people, seeing something on his TV, laughs like a woman, just like an agent “Zero-zero X” from a famous cartoon. In the evening the eight-year-old daughter of the mistress approaches:

— Mom asked me to tell you: did you wash your feet at night?

— Girl, well, you like that, I do not know what …

“She said you need to wash.” A few minutes later, I thought, I go to the bathroom. Hmm … A complete mess. Well, let him. I called home for about two months, you need to gain a foothold. The initial reception made a favorable impression. The woman wants to reform, after her quibbles, brought her husband to a sad end. Maybe today’s incident is an accident?

I put my feet under the tap. Again.

…-My daughter said you were unhappy yesterday? Unfortunately, we will not succeed. In a week you need to leave. I will return all the superfluous to you!

And — new wanderings. Those who live in palaces — we are not friends. For them, we are useful insects, working ants. No, they are not against our existence. The main thing is that we do not interfere with them. There is no sustained emotional contact with these people. They reached a high level of well-being, but they do not want to share their emotions and knowledge, as it actually happened.

In America there is the concept of “the path of success.” Businessmen share the history of their ascent, in the smallest detail. It is accepted to be “kleve” – “transparent”, without darkness inside. “Look, I’m good. Be like me, next to me, I’ll show it. “You can betray only friends, if you understand the meaning of this carelessly constructed phrase. If you tell an unpleasant truth about people with whom you are not related, or emotional ties, everything is fine, my friend. In courts, they are released from the certificate of relatives and spouses. But, an outsider, the law simply obliges to give evidence. It would be nice if the workers began to collect data about their customers who are too shiky and send them to the appropriate authorities. Data on the incomes of all citizens, without exception, should be freely available. You can find the name of the customer in the list, see what his annual income (say, one hundred thousand rubles) and – to give an application, attaching a photo of the palace to the file.

— But, after all, some criminals can find out how much money a person has, and, as you know, to extort them. Did you think about this? Yes, and it sounds all too unusual. We do not do that.

— On the amount of money your criminals can find out easier – see what kind of a car. A person living in a luxury house is guaranteed, a rich man. So what? Realizing this, they will go to storm the cottage village?

Yes, now it is our custom to remain silent. Or bleat, under vodka, in the cabins, about how it was and will be.

Actually, the idea is not bad. Not bad, if the perimeter of this Korosta is surrounded by submachine gunners, an APC will roll into the courtyard, groups of serious workers will approach the gate, they will call. What will they say? “So, hello. We came. Tell me, dandies, where does the money for this all come from? Is it not from our pocket? Look in the eyes!”. I wonder what they will answer us? Let’s talk about our workers. I was engaged in the completion of this house, a financially independent official. The former brigades were gone, they were paid too little, or something. …Wire protrudes from the walls. They were circumcised, maybe out of a sense of justice, or, most likely, to accelerate the pace of construction. The plasterers, who dreamed of going to the warmer regions, prevented them from “doing volume” and they were shortened. The former electricians were, as I understand, on the drum, they did not plan to finish what they started. Who will do what? “You call all these wires, will you repair it?” Other guys just do not take it” — “The task is complex, but feasible. “And so, I, with the device and the hank of a long wire, walk along the floors and the cellar, looking for the ends. I stand at the switchboard, I clean out hundreds of exits. The chief engineer approaches, sharply glitters glasses of glasses:

— There, in the basement, the workers said, you do nothing, only walk, and stand for hours, near the shield. Down below, people swallow the dust, smashing the walls with the perforators, and you’re cool?

— Yes, here everything is so messed up! Complex control circuits, relays, contactors. Here, notebook, here are all the schemes, look. In theory, the one who started the business should finish it. Where are your former employees? If there are willing to stand in my place, unravel it all, please. I’ll go to the basement. Have agreed? Will I send a replacement?

He is silent.


After dinner, as if there was not this conversation, comes up, babbles that “very slowly, and beneath the good workers about you say a lot of bad things about you.” I look at him – not a bad one, man. But, something is wrong. As well as with these sweaty employees. After all the agreement is reached, but, here, again all over again! It’s like a man became a zombie. Outside, everything was as it was. Inside is emptiness. And really want now to drive these glasses into the eye cavities. I had to leave. I wonder how they figured out the wires themselves? The last lesson with the disappeared specialists was not enough?.. That’s what I’m leading to. I do not want the income of people in palaces to check this herd. Wait. Did I say “herd?”. I agree, the word is not good, but so far it is pretty close to the real state of affairs. If the workers see that a person, at least a little, starts to stand out from their environment, they try to “punish” him and bring him back to his place. To avoid this, a spatial and psychological separation is required. But, one, or two people should be found who would lead the work of the Spies of Justice. On tax inspectors in America, legends have been composed since the time of Mark Twain. There is a colorful character, the hero of many stories, delving into all the events that occur, talking freely both with beggars and pompous financial aces. Just like Lieutenant Colombeau. Our profession of a noble tax collector is not fully covered. To some extent, this is correct.

Now, the tax authorities are residents of stuffy offices with a lot of different businessmen, who flock there in droves, in response to another invention of “inventors”. Gloomy personalities, accustomed to working only with paperwork, pounding out businessmen, even fragile, money for the next Olympics. The paper will endure all. In it the palaces turn into huts, shopping centers become kiosks. Unfortunately, yes, in our country for a long time trust more papers than eyes and common sense, but confused slightly. The more papers, the easier it is for the clerks to get lost in them.

…One and a half years ago I had to work in the office. Noticing that I own some programs, but rather, through a misunderstanding, I was seated at the computer. And I began to prepare documents for the Energy Supervision. Technical work has already been completed. Experts have installed in the kindergartens and schools of Moscow a device for remote transmission of data on energy consumption. It only remained to get money from the state for this. The project manager, myself and two other workers, worked on this task for eight months. Photocopies of passports, meters, current transformers, many other devices. Endless signatures of the manager on the protocols. Then the supervising authority needed additional photos of schools, cabinets, counters and the data transmission devices themselves. Another circle of sixty-three establishments. In the folder for each object were also attached documents, made in the program AutoCAD (the fruit of the efforts of a savvy specialist). By launching “Point”, I quite truthfully depicted (no one needed) circular vector diagrams. Description of the organizational structure, functional, project evaluation of reliability, metrological support – a few tens of points. Copies of permits, credentials and certificates. Documents in an electronic form to a capricious organ seemed not convincing enough. I piled all the new piles of paper into the printer.

The weight of the folio for only one object was two kilograms. I pushed the folders into the closet, some of them were placed on the office table. But, with the passage of time, Energonadzor lost interest in them. During a corporate event, one of the employees leaned on this paper mountain, and I exclaimed: “Well, well, my work was not wasted!”. And everyone laughed. In the end, everything was resolved quite successfully. The final touch – I took the laser disc to the archive, where he was casually looked at, and carried away to somewhere, where he, I believe, was forever lost to society. The data transfer system is functioning normally. But, to understand that everything was all right, you could only look once at the computer screen. Here, lit “live” readings from the meters – somewhere in the basements and corridors, utility rooms. What else? He looked, praised, shook hands, and sent a money transfer from the state of the organization, on the whole, did a good job.

Well, we would focus on teaching the school managers and kindergarten teachers to use the system. After all, they still, and still bear testimony from the counters in the Energonadzor personally. By the way, I once again became convinced that the number of managers, clerks, secretaries, twice exceeds the number of workers themselves. I think they could have been cut by these first at least four times. And, on the vacated square to arrange a rest room, where, during the lunch break, you can sit on the “airplane” chair, leaning back, with your eyes closed.

Morality: instead of piles of tax reporting, which is to read everything – it means to go crazy, you need real tax specialists, people’s stands. Those who know everything. They see the real income after the fact. Its organization. Special education. Caste untouchables. Any enterprising worker who has separated himself from the crowd can get into it.

By the way. What does a real tribune look like? I would introduce strict face-control when appointing to public office. Really, when you put managers, you do not immediately see who is who?

Let’s repeat it again?

I already mentally see the series on this topic. Why is this not on Russian TV screens, in general? Directors, as one shout: “We want to show the truth, as it is!” – And where is she? Only one, torn from the life of fudge in the style of “Gy-s”. … Workers’ cabins, dormitories in basements, offices, houses of customers and directors. And now, in the midst of the masses, our hero hides. He calculates, memorizes, photographs everything, and when the materials are collected – he takes out a token and presents an account to the sharers. A rich house is being built-who is the customer? All of a sudden they start to feel shy … Firms are building, they are omnivorous, they do not care whether everything is in order with the client’s morality, whether he pays taxes on the amount sufficient to build a palace. They need money, they are hard to blame. “If there is no customer, we will stop building” – “I remembered! – exclaims the red-haired designer – he left the phone before leaving for Hawaii. I will call you”. And, here, in three hours the customer is, begins the inquiry in the style of Lieutenant Colombo. Here it is, embellished with imagination, but true.

— But, after all, the house can be issued for relatives, as it is now universally accepted to do! — Yes, even at your favorite dog! What’s the difference? Then let them pay the appropriate salary for it. Why, we still have to make taxes on business. But, excuse me, how is this possible? The plant does not rest on exotic islands, does not smoke “havana”, and it lacks luxury villas. Another whole pile of “no”. There is a turnover, consumables, the cost of depreciation, and hundreds of additional items. Why are not photogenic tax collectors so fond of delving into some sort of pipes with VAT on a refund of this tax, trace financial flows, streams and droplets, spend a lot of time and energy on this!? And, at the same time, they still do not like everything (except, probably, well-off domestic ones). The output of all these flows is in real, live trusts, beneficiaries, beneficiaries. According to the attributes of their well-being, it is possible to judge with confidence the efficiency of the organization as a whole. As easily as in the example above, one look at the monitor determines the state of the entire data transmission system. Compare yourself — twenty minutes of computer mouse work or eight months of the bustle of several people, not counting the cost of the printer. And, if we wanted to deceive someone, nothing would be easier to hide the defect in a pile of protocols, weighing a hundred pounds!

— And, where then will professional accountants from the controlling departments and enterprises go? They and their families need food. About this you did not think?

“Another thousand and one!” As a result of the cessation of activity of these citizens, the level of production of useful goods and services will increase by an order of magnitude. The amount of tax collected from new small sources will also increase. Small business will rise, its share in the gross domestic product will rise from ten to seventy percent. I think that the accountants will lose only at first, and then they will join the sphere of useful production, will occupy a worthy place for designers, programmers, etc.

— So … But, after all, taxpayers, can they just put money in the safe and spend nothing? Then their incomes will not be noticeable by the inspector.

— That means, then, over time, their capital will depreciate. The state will only benefit from this.

— Or the same, millionaires can become a collector, buy Faberge’s notorious eggs, diamonds, to admire them like that, alone.

— Was a folk singer, who liked to collect diamonds from the dressing table. So what? Now it is more remembered precisely for the history of jewelry, and not for musical creativity. The diamonds were gone, no one judged by the materials of the investigation had brought happiness. Why live like this? It is better to admire the collections at all in sight, to give out for the exposition to museums, to boast to friends and acquaintances, easily calling the true amount of the acquisition.

— Said, in Belorussia the tax police also calculates all. Although you only screwed the outlet in Aunt Olesya’s apartment, you got the money, you will be calculated and, well, if you do not put him. Are you calling for this?


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