Book-9. Coalition, novella

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The Book-9. Coalition, novella in “FAYETON” tells about the entry of Earthlings into the Coalition of the Milky Way galaxy. The heroes of the book will experience new adventures that arise on then path of… Enjoy your readings, your author V. Speys.

Book-IX Coalition novella

Chapter 1

Kecho waited until all seven men will go into the lab, then turned to Garinov:

— The general, you’ll be the first. And everyone else, remember, before you seven capsules. At each capsule nameplate on who will be there and where to be moved. After the procedure with one participant of the operation, proceed to the next, and so in turn. — Kecho around all fatherly look! — So, General, please!

Garinov went to the first capsule. It was a bed, equipped with a soft lining inside the top lid. We had to lie there and clothe script sensor transmitter. The general hesitated before his capsule. Faintly said, more to himself than to his comrades:

The capsule- like tomb. Will’ve screwed though.

Then he took the blue pajamas and hung it on the railing next to the capsule, remaining in the same firm trunks. His figure now looked like a Roman statue. All his muscles tensed, ready to spring as a 10- meter platform in the pool. Kecho came close to him:

— General, sir, relax. It will be for you to sleep and nothing more.

— The question is, Kecho what it will be a dream? — Garinov said, stepping on the side ladder. He slowly got up on her and got into the capsule. More conveniently located there, on a soft bed. Kecho hurried after helping Garinovu, handle to harness sensors. When this was done, Kecho tested the validity of the contact with the body and then closed the lid. There was a metallic click of locks, and immediately almost inaudible hum of equipment.

The signal is amplified many times the equipment began to flow to the target.

Garinov, entangled sensors, trying to suppress my fear, watching the slow closing lid capsule. When the cover crossed the mark of 45 degrees broke the soft green light from the backlight. This light filled space inside and it was not so bad. After clicking the locks slam the lid, followed by a buzzing devices for the capsule from the outside, and an instant tingling feeling under suction probes, has said that already read telepathic impulses. Immediately drowsiness wrapped up by the waves, lulling consciousness, sinking it, as in a dream in someone else’s reality…

When Garinov opened his eyes, he saw himself in a room with soft gray walls without windows. The room was brightly lit with a single door. Middle of the room There was a table and a chair was set for him. It was strange to see myself in this room. In memory of the events have recently taken place that have swept the brain with incredible speed, causing surprise. Why is it so clear picture has emerged of the abduction of his base, hidden deep under the ground here in the center of the Coalition? Garinov suddenly realized that this is not it, General, but someone else and that other disposes him Garinov, thoughts.

“We need to step up to the washstand, there hangs a mirror and figure out what’s going on?” — He thought, and at the same time someone else. He rose from a soft light green fluffy carpet and went to the mirror. There in the mirror was a different person strange appearance. At first he thought it was a phantom map, hallucination. Garinov raised his right hand touched his face with a razor, has had time to grow back, bristles. Then he began to treat the man in the mirror, staring so intently at it from there. Gray eyes framed by long lashes and gray smoothly combed hair regrown to cheekbones elongated face. Garinov not stop wondering, because he has always been overweight person is almost circular. Bushy eyebrows and sensual. In the entire appearance, men staring at him, glowing mind and focus intently peering eyes. Suddenly, a thought began to flow:

“Whoever you may be, a foreigner, know I’m not the one who gives just as their tried and tested secrets for centuries. I’ll throw you out of here!” — Man in the mirror was vigorously finger poke yourself in the right temple.

The sight of all natures Garinov chill ran. General decided not to give more of myself and watch your dream, what will happen next.

He turned back to the mirror, followed by the middle of the room and sat back down on the soft carpet floor in the lotus position. In my mind peace reigned, and only he could hear the beating of the heart and measured breathing cycle. No thoughts, no pictures nothing more memory did not occur. And suddenly Garinov realized that this dream so clear and eerily palpable as if he is in someone else’s body, and that the owner of the body is able to operate with his thoughts, and, most importantly, that he once, as would have realized that there he sits, Garinov. Alexei could not understand how this happened to him. Why did he dream this nightmare, how would he, at the same time is not it. He began to dig into his memory. But it was all erased all memories and thoughts, everything. Guess come of itself:

“So it was necessary for those who imported it here in a dream.” — Stay on it, he decided as well as the owner of that body to lie low and wait for what the outcome of that dream. Flowed painful minutes of waiting…

Kecho anxiously watching the data on the screen pop a capsule in which there was a general Garinov. Indicators his condition was critical. We had to immediately stop the telepathic contact with the prisoner.

He began to manipulate the keyboard panel installation in anticipation of the termination of the session. When the characteristics of stabilized Kecho a sigh of relief and said on the air:

— Your rule, I stop the session.

— You have made, Kecho. — Came telepathic information. — We have learned in this short “interview” with high- ranking prisoner Crilly, through the introduction of a general prisoner of conscience, as planned, and that the capture of the Earth. Many strategies and plans. All this was recorded and written on media for subsequent expanded interpretation and analysis.

While this dialogue was conducted, cover the capsule slowly began to open. Catches by issuing a metallic click and lock it in the open position. General could only get out of the capsule. Garinov all speaking in droplets of sweat covered sensors, breathing rapidly and has already opened his eyes.

— Do you recognize me? — Asked Kecho.

Garinov looked into the eyes of the coach and have a meaningful answer:

— Welcome Kecho. — Funny twinkle in the eyes of the general said, for themselves, what with Garinov all right.

— Welcome back, General!

Kecho helped disconnect the sensor and remove from the body, and when the general came down the stairs, and gave him a blue pajamas. Having put over his pajamas, Garinov said:

— What about my people?

— They did not. The aliens have set an insurmountable blockage of consciousness and that they all come back with nothing. In their close tabs on duty and robots of the team Dumar. — Efficiently Kecho explained.

Garinov looked at the raised lid caps and get out of there friends.

— This was possible only to you, General. And the most valuable information now stands in the laboratory of the Center of the Coalition under scrutiny Theo.

I must say that in such a short time in the minds of the Krill managed to remove a lot of things that will greatly facilitate our work for the expulsion of Betelgeuse from Earth.

— Is it because he is a prisoner? — Garinov said.

— Yes. — The short answer Kecho.

Garinov tired this experiment was a bit out of it. It’s depressing that with him and the team cost as brazenly as a soulless robot, or even worse, as the prisoners, some non- human experiment. His team was standing next to him. It is with tenderness and warmth in his eyes looked at his companions, the people that have become near and dear to his heart. He approached each and fraternal embrace everyone, patting on the back. There was a warm and friendly atmosphere in the lab. Dumar, Ephesus and Orth stood somewhat aside and watched with interest for them. Dumar people, and he did, with different views on life, the cold uncompromising reason, could not understand this touching ceremony returning from simple, as they thought, an ordinary pilot process. Just a process, not carrying any threat or danger to health or damage to participants…

Chapter 2

Theo by Kecho, on the equipment in the lab of Eden, transcribed the information from the sensors general. He reviewed the transcript carefully and he already had a plan of action ready. But, like any plan needs to be adjusted, and this information should be sanded to the limit with the exception of any accidents.

The hologram, which originated the middle of the Curator’s office, there was a frail little body of the prisoner, who was in the detention cell of the Center of the Coalition. Gray, fitted by a thin gray skin like a film, it seemed to the sick and infirm, and looking at the Krill, it was hard to not feel sorry for its owner. A huge head on a thin neck, seemed about to fall on his narrow shoulders, the prisoner is to turn your head or tilt it forward. Large intelligent eyes looked with the hologram on the present with some sparkling laugh, mocking and arrogant. This view prompted the curator Representative to speak:

— Look at this Crilly as mocking us. As if we were in his thrall, and he is not with us.

— I still think you are exaggerating Cortez.

— Your Supremacy, Mr. Theo, I say what I see and what I so clear even without decrypting contact.

— Dear curator, yet we need to more carefully consider the transcribed material. — With persistence teacher as learner, Theo spoke.

— Sure, why we are gathered in my office.

— Yes, I would like to …? — Stumbling in mid- sentence, said Garinov, who was among the invitees.

Kecho, Theo and Cortez looked closely at him. General suddenly said:

— Excuse me, gentlemen, this is not essential.

— General, sir! — Approached him, Theo! — Once you have started to speak, then negotiate.

Garinov remembered the look of Krill in the mirror when he looked into it for myself, not knowing yet that he was under surveillance from within his consciousness. About it and wanted to tell the general, but something kept him. In these moments Garinov qualms, and suspected to Crilly’s really about the presence of it, Garinov in it? A Could not transform itself Crilly his appearance in the mirror to look better, or, there is something else? So he decided to sort out their own doubts. And taking a definitive answer, disingenuous:

— Yes, I would like to see next to me was my team.

— Your team will be with you, General, when we agree question, but what do we do next with the information? And, as “persuade” Betelgeuse away from Earth?

After this response Theo Garinov, there was silence in the room.

This question is not just Theo, but also the audience.

Further conversations revolved around the possible use of force to expel from the planet Betelgeuse. But all attempts to use force Carlos answered unequivocally:

— Civilization has the highest degree knowledge of the universe, its multi- dimensional measurement and implementation in all its areas. Earth is the only trouble is that the planet formed the Coalition of highly developed systems in the universe, and with heavenly habitat conditions. Beautiful natural data, and a balanced ecosystem that enables dwell on it, without correcting these conditions, and only observe the basic rules of the conservation of natural resources.

— And what is up with that? Force can subdue any aggressor! — Could not resist Garinov.

— General, sir! — Asked him Carlos. — It is, but not for Betelgeuse. I will not repeat what has been said and said so repeatedly. They cannot be expelled. You should consider a different path. Most humane than the military.

— You want to say that the coalition should create for them a planet similar to our Earth? — Do not give up Garinov.

— Of course not, it is clear even to children. — Carlos shamed him.

“As a schoolboy!” — Thought the General, and he blushed. “Arguing lofty, none of them noticed the true face of the Krill, and this obviously explains the invulnerability of Betelgeuse?” — Saving thought came to my defense. And on the face Garinov flashed barely noticeable smile, her eyes sparkled, became more confident posture figure. He straightened up in his chair and have a unyielding expression on his face began to listen to what Carlos said.

— I suggest! — Continued to Carlos! — Use Crilly is in our interest, giving information about what he was working on the Coalition.

— What does it mean? And how will this affect the suppression of the predatory aims of Betelgeuse? — Tone of the ultimatum said Garinov.

Not a bit embarrassed, Carlos quietly began to continue, not paying any attention to the issues of indigestible Garinov:

— We will give information about what Crilly gave us all the vulnerabilities accomplices and began to cooperate and assist us in blocking attempts to capture the planet.

— It turns out that these monsters cannot be destroyed? — Asked again, Garinov.

— That’s right. But lock them in a confined space is quite real. — Carlos answered.

— So, it all comes down to the fact that the aggressor in this hypothetical drive space and block there? I understand you correctly?

This question is answered Garinov Aglientu:

— And this space and do not have to look for. It already exists.

In Theo broke in:

— This is our underground light. There they abode.

— Gentlemen, something I do not quite understand? — A naive Garinov asked ironically.

— What is there to understand? — Continued to Theo! — There is their main base and center. And all objects under the ground, it’s research laboratories, where they spend the genetic experiments trying to get the race of soulless slaves from among terrestrial races, without interfering in the affairs of the end of the earth. In time I also came Range States of the fact that he found a way to oppose their research in this area, as opposed to Betelgeuse. But what came out of it, you know it.

Theo stopped. He sighed sadly. It was hard for him to talk about it. Awkward position saved Carlos. His cold indifference to Theo to his loss Range States, he flatly continued:

— Cutting off the path to the underground laboratories of Betelgeuse with the center of the Earth, so we bled their aspirations to relocate to Earth. A negative result is obtained from the planet, their interference with the Academic Council will stop and begin to focus its efforts on the creation of an artificial city. Like our Center, artificially created by the forces of advanced civilizations of the universe and rotating in the orbit of the Milky Way.

— I, personally, understand the desire of Betelgeuse populate the Earth. — Said Kecho still silently watching Garinov squabble with Carlos. — When there is such a unique opportunity to build an artificial city- ship and enjoy all the benefits of the Coalition.

— You Kecho are wrong. When the sun shines during the day, and at night the stars dotted the sky and in addition to that you should not think about the repairs and replacement of defective units, it means something!

Delivered Garinov, who would not hear about life in outer city. At that Carlos quipped:

— You, General, for the relocation of Betelgeuse to Earth?

Garinov looked at Aglientu, calm penetrating gaze of a military man, who saw in his lifetime many such skirmishes. Smiled indulgently and said nothing. Thoughts, holding, as they say, in a fist, knowing that with ease all present in this room, read them freely. Oppressive silence reigned. The explosion of emotions repaid Theo:

— Gentlemen, we did not need no deal. I propose today interrupted. Gather everyone with thoughts and tomorrow we will be able to calmly and thoroughly discuss the coalition’s proposal, which we will announce Mr. Carlos Aglientu. — Theo paused significantly. Then powerfully and slowly turned his head to the speakers Carlos, still sitting at your desk and black eyes examined poignantly present.

— Yes, I agree. — He said. — Let’s get together tomorrow. Enough for today. Until tomorrow, gentlemen!

Everybody stood up and one by one left the office…

When Garinov went back to his cabin, an apartment assigned to it in the center of the Coalition, in a bad mood, Dina was cooking in the kitchen.

— Is that you, Alex? — Welcoming cry she met her husband.

— Of course. Who else should it be? — A muffled voice answered her Garinov. Dean said her husband’s bad temper.

— Do you have some trouble?

Garinov approached her, put his arm around the shoulders:

— No, nothing special. Just Cortes did not explain anything plainly, and answer questions, as you can see, it’s not accepted.

— You’re asking a lot of questions, rather than to listen to the end? — Reproachfully asked Dean.

— Yes, dear Dean. I’d better go and lie down, something I feel well.

— Sorry! I’ve been waiting for, and then cooked dinner. However, my dear, if you are not healthy then of course it is better to lie down. I, too, would soon be.

Garinov went to the bathroom. Then, without dining, went into the bedroom. Wrapped in a pink duvet, conveniently located in the bed and fell asleep…

Like a sunrise, gradually closing in on the shade, it became brighter, clearer silhouetted outlines some space. Giving way to a bluish glow, green melted and disappeared completely. Garinov saw around creatures with large heads, arms and legs little ones. They are all as one, spun around and bulging eyes, pulling his hands were moving in the blue space, as in zero gravity. He did not know who they are, but I felt them, and seemed to understand. Among them was a senior. His Garinov learned from the way it began to “swim” the rest. They occupied the space in front of him and froze, turning his head in his direction.

Garinov also “swam” up close. He looked around. I wanted to ask what all this means, but the voice was not. There was one a sense of ease and luxury. No one wanted to move. Everyone froze and did not move. How long did this state? Garinov did not remember. He only saw a very, very slowly grow arms and legs, formed body, flat face. Everyone already visible features, big eyes. Eyebrows over his eyes, no, no nose, the nose instead of two round holes and a mouth without lips, a thin silk. The face was the correct oval. Hardly were the ears and the hair is straight, women have longer. Everyone’s skin was a bright green hue. When Garinov “stronger”, as it should, he began to realize that all of them here, about twenty people. No, twenty him even twenty one. And there’s one senior, that’s how Crilly. Senior suddenly looked as if Garinov and confirmed the expressive look of understanding. That is the real Crilly! — All of a sudden thought struck him. And after it was confirmed. As he began to understand the older, without a word, for Garinov remained a mystery. He considered the other alternately, and though outwardly men were like twins, women also differed little from each other, but the feeling of each individual brings its own particular emotions. He realized that the crew in front of him. He quickly found his comrade. His companion, however, like all the other men, had green skin, narrow shoulders, slender arms and legs. From the thinness seemed to glow through the body. But cutting and quick movements, and his eyes seemed to say something. Garinov looked at him, looked into his round pupils.

“Are you my friend?” — Garinov asked in surprise.

“And you Garinov?, I recognized you at once!”

“What do we do with these soulless robots?”

“And what about you, do not you see?” — Answered a question with a question


“Let’s see, but I cannot understand!”

“Nonsense, just give us another corporeal shell.”

“The question is, why?”

Garinov did not answer, but just threw up his hands, he would have to “tell” their “new” feelings, but something stopped him. He looked around. The blue glow began to grow dim, and it clearly stood out white bedroom walls. When the space around cleared and vision disappeared, he saw a chair in front of the commander. Crilly was sitting with his eyes open and staring at the ceiling.

Garinov up on one elbow, looked around. No one. Near snoring in his sleep Dean. Garinov wanted to scream with delight, as well, that all he is only just a dream. He lay back down in bed and closed his eyes.

— Do not sleep, Garinov! — He heard Crilly, almost next to each other. From this unexpected shuddered all over, opened his eyes again. In the chair where just nobody was sitting Crilly.

— I showed you, General, what happened to my crew of intergalactic spaceship sent once centuries ago in search of a highly advanced civilization capable of saving our planetary system from certain doom. Our four habitable planets were doomed because of the fading sun. You Earthlings call our Faded sun Betelgeuse. But the genius scientist Theo found a way to open the unbalanced energy systems and energy was produced to feed the planet, enveloping their strongest protective field. But the problem of power module is the fact that this energy is made Fayeton population of the planet, the once beautiful with a stable climate of the inhabited earth. This has led to an explosion due to Fayeton civil wars than in the primary role played by the unbalanced energy extraction systems in the population of the planet. But Theo had time to transfer all your lab and set the selection of this energy to the Earth. There he raised a new race of people capable of safely generate enough energy unbalanced system that feeds the planet Betelgeuse. — Crilly silent. He stared at his gray Garinov expressive eyes, as if asking him to comment. Garinov felt intensively probed his mind and blocked the progress of its previously tested method. Crilly realized that the idea to catch him Garinov not will succeed, continued:

— My real name is Guy. I am a native of the planet far, the coolest, the system of Betelgeuse. We have sixteen million years ago, according to earthly reckoning, took off in search of a highly advanced civilization space with twenty crew members, which included women, including mistress Theo, Leia. Subsequently, this beautiful highly intelligent woman to be my wife and gave birth to my daughter Noah. Having spent almost the entire supply of fuel on our spaceship we managed to come across in the constellation Lyra in the stars Sirius A / B to a civilization which is revealed to us the secrets of survival in established conditions, as she went through a similar cataclysm. Armed with the knowledge acquired, we headed back home. But Theo had to rebuild a life on our planet would not hear about our offers. Moreover, he declared us highly dangerous criminals and began to fight against our presence not only on the planet Betelgeuse, but also in the world. We had to take refuge in the unapproachable place, in the center of the Earth, using their knowledge of the civilization of Sirius.

— I am, Sir Guy, I cannot understand one thing, why are you with your crew cannot return to the system of Betelgeuse and build a life there, using their knowledge of Sirius?

— The fact that under the influence of unbalanced energy systems in populations of planets evolved process of extinction of protective immune functions. In short this has led to the degradation and extinction. Population on the planet for two million years is none. There’s desert terrain and nothing more.

— And how does the selection of unbalanced energy systems of the world’s population? As this process continues to nowhere? — Garinov asked in surprise.

— That’s it! And it is not possible to cancel because of a violation of this energy release. This can lead to an explosion inside the cell plasma of man and all, in an instant, will be destroyed.

— Something I cannot understand, then what is yours, Mr. Guy, the mission?

— It is to reconstruct the body of people with acquired technologies from Sirius and discover the limitless possibilities of eternal happy and free life for all humanity of planet Earth.

Garinov stared at this athletic young man thinking

“Wow, where to stop! So lofty is not allowed to speak even Theo!” — Meanwhile said aloud, knowing that his thoughts are already known to Guy:

— I’m all like some obscure fairy tale, a dream, or something like that. For example, the fact that you took refuge in the center of the Earth, where even schoolchildren know what was on the temperature and especially pressure. What kind of habitat it is all about?

— First, we settled in the supposed center of the Earth’s distant past. Manage time continuum we know even better than Theo. Second, tell me, Garinov, and where do you set Eden is the home of Theo? — Garinov paused, then continued. — As every schoolboy knows that a solid crust of the Earth is molten magma and nothing more, until the Earth’s core?

— I never for a moment doubted that Theo has proved its in secluded tropical Eden on the surface of the Earth, to mislead anyone who for some reason is on the continent and not blurt out all over the world where it’s hiding place.

— Well, you are wrong and, General. By controlling the time, Theo, compartment space inside the planet fallen in the past for many millions of years, even when the world did not exist, and the place of the earth shone white dwarf star, which now serves as the sun in his underground kingdom, which can penetrate only us and those Theo himself who wish to see it. Knowledge management technology time continuum Theo, as you see, is not enough. He cannot penetrate the center of the Earth, because the white dwarf there are temporary curvature of space, that’s why we are feeling relatively safe there. The only way how to get us out of this is to attract the Space Coalition. But the system of civilization Sirius will not allow it. Coalition forces are calculated and pursuing violations of the laws of equilibrium of the universal continuum, and strictly monitor these violations, eliminating even minor changes.

— Then what about the unbalanced energy systems? — Garinov said.

— The problem is that the energy balance of the systems, unbalanced and cause disturbance of the laws of balance in the universe. The only disturbance was caused by the opening balance in your department, General, this chain reaction that nearly destroyed our universe. But the timely intervention of coalition forces saved the situation. You probably remember the visit of Carlos Miguel Aglientu to you?

— Yes, I remember very well. — Confirmed General.

— So, you think your earthly precautionary who saved it? If so, then you, General, you are grossly mistaken. Coalition forces had prevented this impending cataclysm, and you had installed and planted the video, so a blind not to sow panic among the population of the planet, the Earth has long been under the supervision of the Coalition.

— Tell me, Mr. Guy, and what kind of technology Sirius, which will open infinite possibilities to man?

— Modified gray matter in brain tissue is white. The brain starts to work a hundred percent, and not just for five or ten, as it is now.

— And that it will be effective?

— Here’s to you living embodiment in my face. Look, I actually immortal and possess super- powers.

Garinov looked questioningly at Gaya. That cleared up the situation, why Crilly, with green frail little body and a huge head on a thin neck suddenly appears in the bedroom cabins, flats allotted by the Coalition to stay Garinov with Dina in the image of this handsome man with athletic figure.

— So you, Guy can penetrate through walls and sit in solitary confinement for the Coalition forces, posing a puny Crilly? Tell me, why you need it?

— We need to know the motives presence Theo here? His plans and actions, and then, at the end of it all, with the help of the same coalition forces, persuaded him to allow to help a person get rid of the selection of anyone, now, is not required energy unbalanced systems, generators, which serves people with gray mass brain cells.

Garinov wanted to say something more to Gaius, but Guy in front of him began to fade and become transparent ghostly figure of a man. Fifteen seconds later disappeared. The general was left alone with his thoughts for a measured breath sweetly sleeping Dina…

In the morning, when the Earth, Moscow time the clock struck six zero Garinov opened his eyes. Dina next was not, she was busy in the kitchen. And knowing the habit of getting up Alexis at six, she called him out:

— Alex, let’s get up, coffee is waiting for you.

Garinov sweet stretched in bed. Threw crisp rustling blanket and jumped to his feet.

Dean- I to the bathroom, and fast!

The kitchen came the slamming of the closing the bathroom door and the rustling of jet showers. Ten minutes later, Garinov freshly shaven and appeared cheerful in pink terry- cloth robe Dina at the kitchen table, where steamed cup of coffee “Arabica”.

— You like this robe, I do not know what to say? — Jokingly said Dean.

— No, Dean, I’m normal orientation, and I really like you.

With these words, Garinov jumped from his chair and picked up on Dean’s hand. Spun her squeal and laugh at the woman he adored. Both got excited, agitated with each other, but the sober mind won, and woke up the first Dean

— Let’s have coffee! Cool! A’re on it in the evening when you come to the next meeting. Go!

Garinov carefully placed on Dean’s leg.

— I’m sorry, Dean. But, as you can see I did not get out to Carlos.

— And let’s go together? — She asked suddenly.

— Well, first of all, an uninvited guest — worse than a Tatar.

— Yes, I know, like you, this Russian proverb, the times of Ivan the Terrible.

Quickly and without hesitation, replied in the same tone of Dean Alexei. Her voice sounded notes of persistent stubbornness. Everything showed that Dean is not going to back down. Garinov understood this, and do not yet know what to do in such a case, not ordinary. Seated at the table, he hesitated, looking at his beloved, sipping from a cup of flavored drink. Dean flashing green eyes, like two olives, eyes, looked at him questioningly. In order to somehow gain time, Alex began to make excuses:

— Well, because you should know that this is purely a private meeting and not all will be there. But when you need a team of reliable people who I can trust, like myself, that’s when…

— Well, now I’m just going with you! — Girl interrupted his insistence. She immediately jumped up and ran away from the kitchen to the bedroom. There was a rustling of clothes, pawing at the cupboard.

Soon she was already dressed and appeared impatient before, drank more coffee, Garinov.

By Carlos on reception they came along.

Chapter 3

Theo in this “night” in the cosmic center of the Coalition did not close his eyes. Before his mind’s eye floated pictures of memories of bygone times in their native land of Gaia in the constellation Canis Betelgeuse. Finding a way out of the impending catastrophe, as if it happened yesterday, with new vigor stirred up his mind. Now by accident almost 20 million years, when their sun Betelgeuse become a red giant and is about to explode, and the surviving planets Gee, media, Tyria and Su have long ceased life, what would happen to his unbalanced energy complex systems, enveloped the whole Planet Earth and the life- giving energy to pump out humanity on Earth. When to dig this coalition that will be with him, with his immortality, existing only through the life- giving power of the nutritional power feeding him, Theo, and the whole planetary system of Betelgeuse. Of course, he did not know about the meeting with Guy Garinov‵, posing as a helpless captive Crilly Coalition forces, and how would he know about the existence of the Guy? When he return from space flight offered him on Earth to begin this experiment to introduce energy complex unbalanced systems in Earth orbit. Theo did not accept his proposal in earnest, saying:

“If you, Guy, so smart, you can make sail. Indeed, with the current state of your body you certainly will not get lost!” — And slammed the door to the lab.

Theo is very worried that the coalition intends to deal with Betelgeuse. Until now, Theo was concerned that allegedly some aliens from the constellation Canis planetary system Betelgeuse are trying to take over Earth. This tale was for him as a shield against what it unbalanced complex energy systems simply steals energy from the Earth’s inhabitants. And now that the Coalition understands that the flow of energy directed at the desolate expanse of planet Gaia, media, Tyria and Su are simply nowhere to be with him. And do not take Theo to place next to the geek Crilly in prison space complex coalition forces? And Theo has decided to delay as possible on a larger and indefinite time on the issue of Betelgeuse. And then, if so, nevertheless, recognizes the Coalition on this account provides a backup plan that saves him. This version he came up at the last moment to save his position and place in the Universal continuum of life. As all great, and it’s including, he will announce Carlos Miguel Aglientu the meeting. The red- eyed from lack of sleep, he appeared in the office of Carlos. There have already been Garinov Dina Kecho, and a representative of his faithful in the face of the commander of the guards, Dumar. Theo Carlos greeted and sat down in his place at the center of those present, and between Garinov Kecho. Carlos waited for Theo takes his seat, and began meeting with the words:

— So, gentlemen, let’s continue yesterday’s briefing on the issue of Betelgeuse!

He paused. Around present its clingy look. Continued:

— So, who wants to comment on yesterday’s meeting?

Another pause. In the deep silence that came in the office of the representative of the Coalition of Carlos Miguel Aglientu, heard only the breathing of people invited. Theo realized that his hour had come. It is urgent to take action in their favor, which will save him and his method of immortality. And he began to speak without delay:

— Mr Carlos, do you really have nothing to do unbalanced energy systems, surrounded by planet Earth and is pumped out of the world’s population healing currents of energy, which is in resonance with the energy of the universe can cause powerful and unpredictable burst, destroying at least the planet, if not all planetary system of a star.

— Your happiness is that the energy is unbalanced systems are properly balanced and does not harm the universe. Because, after the disaster Fayeton you, the High Priest of the Union of Scientists planet Gaia, media, and Su Tyria, the planetary system of Betelgeuse. You eliminate the imbalance of resonance by transferring the problem to the relic of the dropped you, Theo, a man from the planet Earth, on the genetic code Fayetontsev. — Begin to sound accusatory tone in his voice Carlos.

— And it saved the public media, Tyria, Su and including my planet Gaia. — Parried Theo.

— Mr Theo, do you like no other, you know that selecting the generated energy from the Earth’s people and giving it to the other people of other worlds, you are robbed of their own representatives of Betelgeuse.

— In what way? — Literally cried Theo. He decided, that there would not prove their case on the issue of the survival of the population of planetary systems Betelgeuse in distress. On the other hand, it was a great occasion for Theo to buy time until the final sentence him as a representative of Betelgeuse. Expulsion, which, from the planet Earth and has been the focus of this briefing, the Coalition of advanced civilizations of the universe.

For Garinov, and he knew for his team, it will be a complete surprise that their leader, Theo himself, is nothing other than itself representative of Gaia, planet, fading star Betelgeuse, in the constellation Canis.

“Well, well!” — Garinov surprise knew no bounds. He casually glanced at the sitting Dumar the right. The one with the tight, you can say, “wooden” face, no emotion, looking straight at Carlos, without expressing any feelings.

“How is it that the same people, the same as I do, the same as Theo, and now Dean, there was sheltered from the edge of where we sit?” — I think the general. He could not understand that the laws of the universe is a tenet of which is not altered and cannot be changed to the Biblical “End of the World.”

Meanwhile, Theo acted to save their own, as they say, the skin:

— I, the High Priest of the Union of Scientists of the planetary system of Betelgeuse, please give an opportunity respected Coalition, to prove the unique performance of unbalanced power systems for the benefit and for the benefit of the population of planet Betelgeuse.

— Dear, the High Priest of the Union of Scientists of the planetary system of Betelgeuse. — He began to speak Carlos Miguel Aglientu! — You underestimate the possibility of the Coalition of highly developed civilizations of the universe. And what do you mean, referring to the unbalanced energy systems for our Coalition does not matter much, except for one. This released energy unprecedented download The Man from Earth to nowhere!

Theo turned red with surprise. His lower jaw trembled, wave to the beat of his chin, his beard shook like an autumn leaf in the wind. He sat in a chair, forced a word:

— When the scale and grand experiment with the population of the Earth has given positive results, you curator of the Milky Way galaxy and a representative of the Coalition, Carlos Miguel Aglientu you instead acceptance speech, almost accuse me of evil intentions against the earthlings. What does that mean?

— You know, Mr. Theo did not realize that your child, unbalanced power systems has led to devastating consequences planet Fayeton. And the people of the planet Earth in endless wars, religious inequality and intolerance.

— Where was your coalition when dying planet Fayeton, when finally our sun Betelgeuse turned into a giant red monster that has stopped warming our planet and we were forced to flee. And, as you know, drowning man clutches at a straw! So we jumped at the unknown by scientists anyone unbalanced energy systems, for doing experiments we ran out of time. Implementation began with no studies directly and immediately result was obtained.

— The consequences appeared later. Do not I tell you what. I just want to focus your attention on the fact that the energy system is unbalanced and balanced closed system of separation and absorption of energy, and does not conflict with any laws of the universe, and therefore generated little interest in the Coalition. Now, when it comes to the quality of the new structure of man, to whom are not you, Mr. Theo, and your opponent His Supreme Highness Krill, it is of particular interest to the Coalition. Because rebuilding a person to a higher quality level of human possibilities, because of its bitterness caused by the selection of unbalanced power systems it, the person will carry this anger into the universe. This virus is dangerous to other civilizations, which is alien to man and do not understand in principle and will be destroyed as a carrier of the virus. Therefore, the Coalition has decided to free the Earth from a civilization of Betelgeuse. Remove the pumping energy systems with unbalanced earth. And evict Theo and Crilly and his team at Gaia.

Theo angrily jumped up, shouting:

— It’s not fair to me as the savior of civilization Fayeton! It’s not fair to me, as a curator revival Fayetontsev in man of the Earth!

— And now you, Theo will return to his planet Gaia, there creating new habitat. There is nothing you will not be detrimental, and you’ll even deal with its research.

— Tell me, please, how am I able to survive in conditions of severe cold and the icy cold of the desert with the space? — Trembling voice was wailing Theo.

— We’ve got you throw to many millions of years ago, when life was just beginning to emerge on Gaia, media, and Su Tyria.

— It is not possible! — Theo cried in despair. — There, I perish among the wild tribes and beasts.

Carlos and listened to his face incessant wailing. On the face had no feelings of compassion and complicity in this cry of despair. Apparently millions of years, so it was Theo, the man with Gaia, the constellation Canis Betelgeuse that compassion was too…

— What will happen to Eden, this underground repository of ancient manuscripts of scholarly works and the many achievements of science and of the Council of Scientists Fayeton system planets Betelgeuse? — Suddenly asked Kecho.

— In the center of the space segment of the Coalition’s plenty of space to accommodate the unique manuscripts. — Carlos answered. And already, referring to Theo, said:

— And you, dear High Priest, be prepared to relocate to the planet Gaia.

— How do I cook when I’ve been arrested? — With a dose of sarcasm asked Theo, Carlos.

He said nothing, and, turning to the rest of the audience, said:

— That is all. On the next steps I’ll let you know. Walk until relax, have fun and gain strength. The works will be many and varied.


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