Book-8. Diplomatic corps novella

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The Book-8. «Diplomatic corps», novella of the novel «FAYETON» tells about the country Edem, which is located in the internal cavity of the Earth. Here is the preparation of the Earthlings civilization for entry into the Galactic Union of highly developed civilizations of the Milky Way galaxy. The heroes of the book are destined to land new and sometimes dangerous adventures… Pleasant readings, your author V. Speys.

Book-VIII. Diplomatic corps, novella

Chapter 1

The hotel’s restaurant, which included, Anya Krazimova with Dima and Anna Sobinova at this early hour there was no one. On the door was still hanging a sign saying in Spanish «CLOSED». In an empty room was already laid a single table by the window. They marched right up to him Politely smiling in a white apron and the white towel on his right hand, they hurried waiter on duty, especially the administration left the restaurant early for their service at the request of background. Fiers it was not. Obviously, Fiers has decided not to bother with their presence and enable women to be alone.

— Do you think Annie, this Fiers very suspicious character?

Anya, gnawing a chicken leg with his mouth, something not clearly mumbled in response, continuing to chew.

Anna, swallowing saliva, and he began to eat. Soon she forgot her question, drinking tart dish Chilean red wine. Dima did not want to have. He greedily drank orange juice poured by the waiter in advance, and reached for the jug with juice, intending to fill the empty glass. But this process is interfered with Anya, who has already managed to chew:

First- eats the small fish, then you will drink a juice.

Dima looked bored stewed trout with mushroom sauce, and said:

— Mom, I’m not hungry.

Anya looked questioningly at her son still sleepy, took pity and poured him a glass of orange juice jug. Dima was greedily drinking another glass of juice. Having finished until the end, said:

— Thank you, Mom!

During the meal no one noticed as they were approached background Fiers.

— Hello, ladies! Bon appetite!

Anna first responded to the greeting:

— Hello, Mr. guide! And we are tired of waiting for you, not pleasing to have breakfast with us?

— Thank you, I have! So I’ll wait for you in the jeep, right?

Yes, yes, of course! — For all Anya said. Dima also impatiently said hurriedly:

— Mommy, can I have with my uncle Firs?

— Yes! Come on, what’s wrong about it!

After receiving official permission, the boy ran around behind the retreating figure of the guide. Women are left alone, food washed down with strong coffee.

— So that’s what I, Annie, that is too much going smoothly with this guide work. After all, you, when you went to a travel agency, there is no word, no one, not even mention some guide that we should follow in Dignidad?

Anya, took a sip of coffee, for those with a reflection moment, replied:

Yeah, yeah, you know, I just realized that this question did not come. What we bring to Dignidad ordinary bus, where we will have to introduce the prison administration and show here these invitations.

She rummaged in her bag and took out a colorful three blank invitations at all.

— Let me see it? — Anna took the invitation, they turned it over in his hands.

You know, I checked the route that are moving in the direction of the colony, it is exactly the same, so long as we’re going in the right direction.

You know, that Sobinova, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

— You, Annie, do you want to say whether that will be, but we still will move with this guide, and where do we go?

Members and still a prominent big man, protection, minimal kind, and all the rest. But the most significant thing is that the hotel is aware of who and where we are headed! — Tried to disperse fears girlfriend, not a little alarmed by Anya. From these words, Anna has calmed down. Fear seemed to have abandoned her. Calmed down and Anya. And absolutely dispelled fears when women saw a smiling good- naturedly Firs, holding on her lap Dima, who both hands clutching the steering wheel jeep and spit it, then left, then right. Both were so passionate about what did not notice the woman, hiding from the rain on the heads of the sexes strained jackets, approached the car.

— Here we go! — Opening the door, said Anne. Fiers, gently put off the boy with his knees on the seat beside him. Anya picked up and Dima transferred to the rear seat, and she hoisted near Firs.

Well, what can go? — Anna could not stand, calling sitting next to the boy.

Yes, ladies! — Answered Fiers, starting the engine. — We’re going to go in the direction of San Carlos. The road goes further south. There, in the Coastal Cordillera mountain range, is the purpose of our visit.

— And how to go there? How much longer? — Restless Anna started asking question after question Firs, distracting him from the traffic.

By my count, one hundred and fifty miles away. But given the rise in the mountains, the rate will be much lower than on the highway, on which we are now bode move, and eventually after three hours we arrive at the place.

Outside the window, flashed groomed cabin houses Talca, which raced past the jeep, splashing rain puddles, almost instantly form a whipped by rain from the sky. Pour over oncoming passenger cars SUV fair portion of splashing, but the car had a high chassis and spray fell on tires and bumpers. A trip to the rainy weather was particularly fond of Dime. He enjoyed the fact that outside the car was a real bad weather, and inside the cabin warm and cozy. Only a muffled grunt engine, but gentle rocking on the comfy seats, supplemented with a sense of comfort. And moving along the highway with cars of different brands have entered the headlights jeep into a universal ensemble of a rainy day. Outside the city, the road was already lying in farm land in the South.

Sped past the manicured golf, and it was evident even initiate, as local farmers carefully apply to every scrap of land. Harvested the crop expanses of fields in this rainy winter, looked dank and damp, it seemed that now go under a stream of cold rain of a cozy cabin even need is not no way. After thinking about it, Anna Sobinova fidgeted in the back seat and moved closer to the boy. And Dima, feeling her warm and soft side, closed his eyes and blissfully asleep, lulled by the gentle rocking of the car moving through the downpour. Twenty kilometers beneath blue- gray rain showers popped a small village Maule. Jeep, carrying over the houses of the local farmers, cutting the gray haze day that, even after nine kilometers to cross a small rivulet, and found himself in the vicinity of the town of San — Javier — de — Lonkomilya. The town is located to the right of movement of the jeep on the shore of a small reservoir that supplies drinking water to residents. Further down the highway a little bit away from the left appeared town of Linares. Watching these settlements, flickering through the windows jeep, Anya thought «What, perhaps, is cozy and comfortable to live in this quiet provincial town of pure mountain air and nature.»

Further, approximately the same distance from each other, it’s miles away from five to ten, ran one after the other two small farmsteads Longavi and Retiro. Then another eight kilometers to the right of the highway town of Paroral arose. Next on the freeway was wide delimited strips planted with trees and bushes on a neat square and rectangular sections. And on both sides of the highway constantly swept monastery farmers who huddled close to the most highway. The unique location, which obviously is a good incentive for the rapid delivery of products grown in all corners of this long and multi- faceted country.

A jeep, slicing through the never- ending stream of heaven, raced on the flat surfaces of roads further and further inland to the south. City of San Carlos appeared in rainy gray haze after fifty kilometers from the town of Paroral. Background Fiers, at the entrance to the first houses with white walls stand out through the gray haze of rain, said:

— Ladies, let’s will pick at what or whether a cozy cafe, take rest before heading out to the mountains. As you look at it?

— I would not mind. — Immediately Anna said.

— Well, well, why not! — Supported the girlfriend Anya. The boy opened his eyes sleepily put my two cents in adult conversations:

— And I do not mind to go on!

But women do not even have reacted to this remark baby.

Firth portrayed the good- natured smile on his face that appears oily shade in his cold gray eyes. Jeep abruptly left the carriageway motorway at the first available outside of San Carlos. After passing with three hundred meters to the right Anya noticed the flashing pink neon light sign on the facade of the three- storey building «CAFE». Pointing gesture on advertising, she immediately cried out:

There! Ride there!

Fiers obeyed and took a jeep in the parking lot outside the cafe. Women who are not waiting for the gallant offer Firs follow an open umbrella, rushed out of the car to open the door institution. And Firth took the handle Dima took him under an umbrella behind them. In the acute smelling roasted coffee room was about five tables. Above the bar, where there were shelves with strong drinks, hung flat screen television. The screen flashed pictures of UFOs. The object then soared skyward, then crumbled into smaller ones, which in turn are scattered in different directions. Visitors were sitting at tables cafe. Some were drinking beer, coffee and other brandy and vividly discussing something, pointing at the screen. Anna and Anna took an empty table and sat there and were curious to watch the body language of those present, listening to an unfamiliar language. Soon they came up with Dima Fiers. According to the interested parties expressions, background Fiers realized that it would be nice to translate course of the conversation, which he began to do:

— All, discuss yesterday’s incident, which occurred on the plateau Enladrilyado. It is near the town of San — Clemente, towering two thousand meters above sea level.

— What happened there? — Anna curiously peered into the mouth FIERS. He smiled his cold smile and continued:

— Outstanding in the morning the weather is nice, which is rare at this time here. Local shepherd drove his flock of sheep graze and suddenly saw a huge UFO.

Fiers translated shepherd story that sounded from the TV screen.

Inside, he saw a bright glow, and apart from this glow could not see anything. UFO then crumbled on itself like all disappeared. Then came nowhere, slowly landed on the edge of an elevated plateau and long hours with three or four stood on the spot, and after slowly rose above the surface and swam away in an unknown direction just then when it started to rain.

— Tell me, Mr. von Fiers, in your places of these UFOs often appear?

— Even the tourist route organized by the places of their most frequent appearances. This area of San — Clemente. And that same plateau Enladrilyado.

Of course, the background Fiers knew all the details about these appearances, and, of course, he could not speak the truth, the more wives, husbands, which were in the UFO. He just smiled slyly women their oily eyes clouded from the vicinity of female beauty gray eyes.

Meanwhile, the waitress took the order from Firs and wagging a sHort skirt, retired, soon to return with a tray on which stood three steaming cups of strong coffee. She has placed gallantly saucers with cups and outside each has something to say to FIERS, then walked away.

— What else is wrong? — Anna muttered, what Firth said:

— The second breakfast will be more later! — What are you, Mr. Firth, decided to fatten us here, as it should? — Anya said. — I won by as much as five pounds of recovered! — She has confirmed his words with a characteristic gesture, holding both hands to his sides.

Anna on the remark just smiled, because not gain weight no matter how much and what kind of food was eaten for lunch.

Fiers childish blame looked at Anna and said in his defense:

— But we should still feed the baby, is not it?

Anya gave:

Of course, you, Mr. Firth is always right! — Motherly warmth she looked at her son, who, bored with a passion picked his nose with his finger.

In the end, sort out the food, and have eaten well before the trip, the entire company settled in the jeep and continued on.

Chapter 2

The car drove into a narrow highway outside the city and moved toward the mountainous terrain. Rain had already stopped, and low clouds made it difficult to see the peaks of the Cordillera. All on the right and to the left along the road often come across farms. On the neatly manicured courtyards were areas with different building materials and billboards on the walls drum up customers. The road to the mountains was attractive to tourists. Therefore, in some courts are arranged hosts some private cafes where you can enjoy a quick bite and a strong Chilean coffee prepared a special recipe, which can boast of these Chilean- style bistro. Clouds in the second half of the day was a little thin. Here and there through her ragged cloak already made its way sun, pouring its emerald glimpses of rain dew deposited on the trees and grass. In this glittering splendor jeep sped away to the mountains appeared. Summits have not been obscured by clouds looming, but gradually thinning clouds opened up more and more of the rocky ledges of the ridge.

Dima, who was sitting in the back seat, trying to make out, as through a curtain of cloud appeared mountains. At that moment it seemed to him that this landscape is not really, and it’s a theater with fantastic scenery in which they are all the actors are involved. A jeep meanwhile raced all those who spoke from behind the clouds snowy peaks, which are not closer, and ran on and on. Wonderful! The car went up the hill. Strained growling engine suv car pulling a jeep with passengers up and it is easy to give the wheels to slide down a winding mountain road. Coverage of the narrow highway was replaced in bulk gravel. And the tires, rustling through it, and fled to the mountain rivulet, which the rain was quite muddy and wet, carrying a thread somewhere down in the valley. Cross the bridge and found himself on the jeep right side of the stream and moved along the river, leaving everything up to be seen front of the forest belt.

Driving through the glades of artificially planted by the forest, the road suddenly brought to a vast area enclosed by barbed wire with guard towers rising above the perimeter fence.

— It’s like a camp for prisoners? — With curiosity asked Anne.

— Since the founding of the colony Dignidad been quite some time — explained Firs — and much has changed. No more of the founder of the colony, who was accused in a variety of sins. And the world around us has changed. Now, though colony governed by a Board of owners, but completely subject to the laws of Chile and its activities are directed mainly to the charity. The local population is very much welcomes this enclave where a school and a church. Live entertainment. A coach is not a small business brings revenue colony. So what sorts of myths about Villa Bavaria nothing but fabrications as dishonorable journalists. — Calm velvety voice replied background Fiers. Jeep driving along the barbed fencing came across a mounted patrol with armed horsemen. At that Fiers said: — The area is still protected, since a lot of valuables and works of art stored in the Villa.

They went to the square in front of the main entrance to the colony. At the entrance to the main entrance billboard inviting all comers in the restaurant company «Family Club» with a true German cuisine and authentic Bavarian beer. The restaurant was immediately nearby. We pass Firs met an elderly lady in a national German attire. He talked to her about something in German. And they left the room pass. After a while, Fiers appeared with written out the form on the pass, he produced his guard at the entrance to the colony. Anya did not stop to wonder:

— You have that here a real concentration camp?

— The Germans have always been discipline and order in all things. — Without batting an eye, said von Fiers. Jeep proceeded to the brand new neat two- story mansion with a broken outside each house front garden where flowers are grown and recently planted trees.

— So, ladies from now on you will live in these houses. Each of you will get one of them in perpetuity, and completely free! — A solid voice that brooked no opposition, said von Fiers.

— What the numbers? — Cried Anna Sobinova. Anya also froze with his mouth open in a pose of a cornered animal, and only her eyes sparkled, brimming with tears.

— I want to look at our house! — Suddenly said Dima. His remarks caught Fiers background:

— Well come on, Dima, come on, let’s see, what will you choose? — And, without thinking twice, Firs and Dima got out of the jeep and proceeded to the next house. Anya could not recover from a sudden shock, which did not give her son to stop, enthusiastic background Fiers.

Hey, Annie, your idea was to rush to find husbands? What a fool I was, that she agreed to this reckless adventure! — She took from its road handbags handkerchief and wiped her nose and tears. Anya was silent. She did not seem selected the speech, and it seemed that this is only a dream, that he is now and will be all formed. Anya did not notice his son’s return. Dima opened the door of the jeep and called his mother: — Mama! Mom! — He cried enthusiastically. Anya heard his voice and turned her head toward him. Eyes full of tears, she could not even make out his smiley face, but her maternal instinct and love for his son pushed him. She quickly climbed out and grabbed Dima in his arms, hugged her tightly.

— Mom, you’re human! — Choking maternal embrace, only had time to utter a boy.

The Son, forgive me a fool, I’m sorry!

— For The- I should forgive you? — Dima asked in bewilderment.

Anya could only utter that now, and only those words. But Dima was not clear their meaning, especially when it was then, as it seemed, all are better than ever. And again he made a half- hearted attempt to say about this mother:

— Mom, I know where our dad! — Suddenly he blurted out. But now Anna had not heard the meaning of these words, but only as a mad kept saying: — Forgive me, forgive me, son!

Dima said again: — Mom, I know where our dad!

Only now, she caught the meaning of these words. Then, almost mechanically repeated:

— What did you say? Where is our father?

Yes, Mom, I know where he is!

Has finally realized that she did not hear it, Anya harder asked the son:

— What did you say? Where is he, you know?

— Yes! — Dima affirmatively nodded and continued, — He’s in Eden, is going to Uncle Peter here to us here in this house. I have already found us a house, and there we wait our dad.

— What did you say? — Called out of the jeep Anna Sobinova. — Say!

— What my dad and uncle Peter and another uncle Alex, they have come to us from some Eden. This is my uncle Fiers said. — Gordo said Dima.

— I cannot believe. — Said Anna — What else did he tell you? — Anna got out of the jeep and pulled the boy from her mother’s arms, turned him around to face him and began shaking his shoulders.

— Tell me what he’s told you?

— What have you heard? — There was, velvety voice background Firs, who came to the women noticed. Both turned their heads towards the mine approached with question on dejected faces and with a silent question in his eyes.

— Ladies, I was tasked with bring you here in order to relocate your family in a specially reserved for this place where your meeting is to take place with their husbands. Everything else will tell you they are. I have fulfilled its function. I advise you to decide on the place of residence, and take the apartment, where the family will live.

It’s not only Anna, but Anya opened mouths of astonishment. At this point, until Anya finally came:

— And we have to believe in this story? You know, Mr. Firth us for round idiots are taking? — What background Fiers coolly remarked:

— I am telling the truth, madam!

There intervened Sobinova:

Well, if this is true, then you should not resist, and give us the opportunity to meet with Frau Elsa Eduardovna that our data resides here with her husband and two year old son.

— And then we will believe you and define our houses. — Anna picked up the idea.

Background Fiers, without thinking twice, ordered:

— Climb up in the Jeep, I’ll take you to the Garinova Elsa.

Women in extreme excitement, as the Panthers jumped to their seats in the car. Anya is now firmly held Dima in his arms and lost her cry of joy or shake with fear.

— Mom, I do not soul, I breathe hard!

Anya slightly weakened arms. Jeep drove up to this time exactly in exactly the same mansion as the pictures sent by Ana’s letter of demand.

Chapter 3

— Lord, I invited you to set new goals dictated by the prevailing circumstances. — I started to say the High Priest of Shambhala Theo gathered in his office Garinov, Leonid, Peter, Copernicus and background FIERS. He paused, sighed, then continued:

— It’s time to start a new page in the history of Mankind. Union highly developed civilizations of the galaxy the Milky Way has decided to contact with Humans of Earth. To fulfill this mission, established the Embassy, or in other words Office envoys from other worlds who will carry out direct contacts with the governments of the planet Earth. Meet and maintain these messengers from another world rests with you, gentlemen. One word on the team Garinova. Mr. Firth will inform you who will have to find where and how to accompany it all to perform. It will take you a curator, acting as a liaison between me or in other words between the Scientific Council of Shambhala and you. That’s all. To perform these tasks, you should be in good shape and in full spirits. To this end we have provided you with exceptional conditions. Fiers background and I have prepared a surprise to you, find out what on arrival at the place of your new deployment. That’s all. Mr. Firth, be engaged with their subjects.

Firs in the military clicked his heels:

— Yes, Your Rule! — Then turned to Garinov and his subordinates. — Follow me!

Peter could not resist not to speak:

— With things, or how?

On that background Fiers said coldly:

— Everything you need is already in place, where you will immediately be taken by my participation. Follow me! — Repeat the commanding tone that brooked no argument.

And minted in the military step, Fiers out of the office, followed in single file by removing all the rest…

Dima fiddling with a radio- controlled toy machine on a concrete path that led from the porch, his chosen home, where she and her mother moved the day before. Stood on the rare sunny day in autumn this Chilean autumn. The temperature was about eighteen degrees Celsius, and the boy felt that it is summer, because at this time in Moscow in late May was kept the same temperature in air. He was even more surprised that all week while they were here in a foreign country were endless rain, and now, at last, has established this sunny weather. Dima looked at the sky to see if and how long the sun will shine? And suddenly, what he saw there made the kid to make round eyes in surprise, and quickly ran into the house.

— Mama! Mom!

In the living room cabinet Anya laid out the things you brought with you. The woman turned around and said irritably:

Well, what else happened?

— There’s a flying saucer in the sky, so large landed nearby. Can I run and see? — Looking at extreme excitement asked permission Dima.

Well, here’s another, you know, that here you no one will release. Have not you heard that said Aunt Elsa, eh?

The boy blew distracting lips and sighed:

So, I’ll stay on the court yet.

— Go and enjoy yourself, but anywhere from home or on the move. Do you understand me?

— Got it, Mom.

Dima was accustomed to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anya inspired him from an early age that my father only speaks the truth, and if he is too honest a boy, that would be like my dad. And the kid went out of his way to be honest. Sometimes even came to the children’s marasmus, so he wanted to imitate his father, for which he was terribly bored. Dima came out into the fresh air. There he stayed not long, as once again entered the house. Anya at the time was hanging light ketone blouse, which was to her face and was completely absorbed in this occupation. She did not want to be distracted again from his work, and the boy persistently called:

— Mama! Mom! This is us!

The meaning of words Dima, did not immediately came to Ani. But then it quickly and dramatically drove off. Before her stood her Lenya. The woman saw her husband turned pale, began to settle on the legs gave way. Leonidas at the last minute grabbed his wife and gently laid her on the leather sofa. Sam sat down next. Anya was lying unconscious. Leonid, I have missed the wife could not take his eyes off the lovely features, admiring every detail, every crinkle in their native form. Anna sighed and opened her eyes. Bleary eyes looked at her husband, and uttered a barely audible:

— Leon, is that you? I’m afraid that suddenly disappears ego sleep?

Leonid fondly looking at her huge green eyes, said:

No, my dear little wife, now will not disappear. Now we’ll all be together, you and I have our Dima.

Oh, my dear, we were exhausted without you all these years! — She wrapped both arms around her husband’s neck and clung to him, trembling all longing for male affection body.

Dima with his mouth open, watching the scene did not cease to wonder that the father he had been waiting for, now do not pay any attention to him. He puffed out his cheeks from the jealous indignation, bitterly sighed and went outside to his typewriter.

Dima set foot on the cement patio walkway to the gate in a bitter thought:

«- How could he ignore me? «I would do it someone else? I that they were not the son?»

Boy sad and took a deep breath

«One, that’s my friend is!» — He looked at his toy car plastic eyes full of tears, and then sighed sadly. On this sunny autumn day Chile was not happy about it either and bottomless blue sky, or the arrival of the father, nor the father’s shoulder finding that seemingly gave us confidence in him is far unproven children’s strength. He gently with a soft, put the car on the track and drove him to the toy garage, which he built in the corner of the courtyard, which forms a fence. He pushed the car into the «garage» and listened to the noise suddenly arisen at a wooden picket fence. Crowd the local Chilean. Chilean crowd of local kids swept past the gate, shouting. It was evident that something spooked them. These were the children of different ages from ten to sixteen years old, the children of workers serving the farming colony Dignidad. The boy with curiosity rose and stuck his attractive face behind fence. His eyes fell on the two wrapped in white robes, people were moving along the little houses along the street towards the fleeing crowd to buildings where farm workers lived. Dima, yielding to the universal impulse of fun games, forgetting the warning not to go out of the gate, rushed after him. He quickly caught up with the fleeing and they soon turned into a neat and narrow alley lined with young trees. Right and left were scattered houses worker’s colony, enclosed by wooden fences with the same wickets. After appearing on «their» territory of the children stopped and the fear began to see, where to go two ghosts in white. The two men turned towards the crowd of children, and have staggered to move toward them. Children with triumphant shouts were on the defensive. But were afraid to come near. Figures moved to the children huddled together in a flock, it seemed that the two ghosts are not going to back down and go straight to them.

Dima was finally able to see in white jumpsuits two people. One figure was taller. Both wrapped up from head to toe in white overalls, made of white sheets. It seemed that on the heads of these people were under the white robes put on the pan. Children timidly retreated. White pieces stopped at the gate house where she lived the eldest of the children. This girl stood out the maturity of an adult with developed breasts, a woolen blouse jumping to the beat of her footsteps. With jet- black hair, curled into a tight knot at the crown and beautiful sensual brown eyes framed by thin eyebrows.

The fact that two of the ghosts have stopped near her house, gave her courage. Without thinking, she is angry cat, ran up to the smaller figure with a strange wailing and attempted to disrupt the white jumpsuit. In response there was a long scratch from the elbow to the wrist and long sharp nails. With her scratched hands bled and clotted on the wrist. The girl retreated. A crowd of children with fear forsaken. Children were silenced. And just a quick vote, under white garments, similar to the swan singing could be heard from under- covered white, round oblong pans, which sheltered the head. These two figures were wary, watching the children, putting their long, sharp fingernails, ready to put them in motion at the slightest danger. They stood with his back to the fence near the gate itself in anticipation of further attacks. Passed agonizing minute. Suddenly, a figure higher than the growth was a gesture with his right hand to beckon the girl, who was standing in front of the crowd and by the inexperience or naive curiosity seemed to be nothing else in life is not afraid. And the children polestar fright and healthy curiosity, pushed this little girl on his tongue:

— Go, your name! — The older girl, smiling mischievously, pushed the little girl.

The girl with an affable smile, gently approached the Ghost, and came to a figure higher. Hands with long, sharp claws dug into skinny and turned to face the crowd. The girl looked frightened children. The figures echoed each other swan voices were silenced children, huddled fearfully to one another. Scratch the girl did not survive the first, emboldened tried to rush back to the front. But the sharp claws dangerously headed toward her, stopping the attack. When the hands recoiled from the girl she quickly ran away. Dima pushed forward at this time and watched the figures in white. Again gesture figure was higher invite Dima has come up. Someone pushed him. The boy devoured by curiosity and fear, was not moved. But curiosity won yet, and he slowly approached the figure. When they reached the haunted him, he suddenly grabbed powerful clawed hand. Drew him to her, and holding tight to the head, pressed down mouth and nose to his body, blocking breathing. At that moment, the mental order was gimlet brain:

«Tell them, that we did not do wrong to anybody, tell them that we were not touched, otherwise we will perish because of your germ- infested atmosphere! Say?»

Dima, shaking with fear and suffocation decided:

«I will say, to breathe,» — but stronger hand going into your mouth and nose with a white jumpsuit, and in another moment he would suffocate. Frightened boy thought:

«I have to say, I will say that you do not do anything to them: only let you do not touch!»

In a moment, his face turned to the crowd. Sharp claws dug into his right shoulder, creating an unbearable pain. Someone else’s idea was again to drill the brain:

«Tell me, with what we’ve done nothing wrong! Let us not touch! Say?»

«I’ll tell you- " — And the claws slightly eased the pain in my shoulder. The boy was silent. Again, a sharp pain in his shoulder began to grow up miserable. And he mentally said,

«I’ll tell you- " — The pain has subsided a little, but his shoulder ached as if it dug five acute poisonous snakes. The boy started to speak, not for a moment doubt that it will not understand Chilean children. With every word he said, claws released his shoulder, and the pain subsided, giving the confidence and firmness in his words. The boy spoke in Russian, but to my surprise heard these words in an unknown tongue Spanish:

— Do not touch them! They will not do anything wrong! — He repeated these words twice. The crowd, as bewitched, peered at Dima, frozen with fear, chilling, waiting, what, then, did this happen on someone else’s kid knows not where dumped in their children’s game in ghosts.

And Dima, feeling light and strong push hands, he realized that his mission is over, and heroically went back to his seat. Another minute standoff continued. In my head, Dima became a thought:

«We’ll be back, to thank you enough! Nothing just happens, should pay for everything! Goodbye! See you soon!»

Two figures suddenly turned and entered the gate. They went into the girl’s house and hid there. A crowd of children, devoured by curiosity, began to cry out to Mary was the name of the girl:

— Come and see where they ran away?

A girl came up against. She was scary, what if bringing it will enchant and it will turn into a mummy? Or even worse do something to her and she dies? But the inexorable kids persevered. Yes, and Mary herself overcame the fear of curiosity, and she gave up.

Dima was listening to children and was not surprised that he understands the Spanish language, as they say in the same way as he speaks in Russian. Anyway, so it seemed.

Meanwhile, Maria timidly approached the house porch. But inside was hesitant to enter, afraid. Began to look in the window.

— Well, what? Is there anyone? — Not appeased her cousin Teresa, a little under half a year older.

Finally curiosity got the better, and Mary decided to enter the cabin. Did not have with her for about ten minutes. Everyone has become boring. The boys ran away, the girls were alone, and Dima.

Mary appeared in a puzzled and surprised look, talking about the fact that she was unable to find anyone in the house.

— You lie all! — Unable to stand, blurted Teresa. — I know you’re with these assholes agreed to scare us so?

— What are these assholes, eh? — Onset usually quarrel between friends, who are often at this age, and which, as suddenly come to an end as it began.

Dima was bored and sad because he has no other and that his father does not love him. Consumed by these feelings he sadly trudged home.

Home all seemed to be the same. Only strange moans could be heard from my mother’s parents’ bedroom. Dima thought that bad parents and decided to see what was going on. With rapid strides up the stairs, carpeted green carpet from the living room to the second floor where the master bedroom. Pulling the door handle, he tried to open it, but all in vain, the door is locked.

— Mama! Mom! Are you ill? — Became alarmed call.

Groans immediately stopped. Behind the closed door started any fuss. Then, in the doorway appeared mom in a pink terry- cloth robe.

— Son you’ve come?

Yes, Mom! And, whatever you have done, you do not get sick?

Anya looked up in surprise at his son. In her eyes there was fear. She has carefully considered the boy:

— Repeat what you said, Dima?

— You do not get sick? — Dima not less surprised look on her mother, who was even more surprised and told the room:

— Leon! Our son speaks some gibberish! Come on, if he did not get sick!

— I hear you! This is pure Spanish! — Krazimov said.

— How? Where did he get the Spanish language? — Anya cried out in surprise.

— Sonny, what you looking at me so offended that he spoke to some gibberish? — Anya was not appeased. She could not believe that his son spoke in Spanish here so suddenly nor grained, no reason. And Dima, in turn, could not understand what was wanted of him, as he also says parents in Russian and understands them.

— Mommy, what are you, I’m telling you in Russian? — He said that when he heard in the said foreign language not understood by him. It scared the boy in earnest. He suddenly looked at with fear which seemed father. Leonid son looked worried. He stood in front of Dima such a high and mighty in the black family shorts, and the boy seemed at that moment the most reliable father in the world, which can solve any problem and trouble. And he turned to his father:

Papa I speak in Russian! I do not understand why these self out unfamiliar words? — Bob suddenly spoke in Russian. All breathed a sigh of relief. Anya pulled her son to her. Pressed him to robe and gently stroked on the head, still lamenting:

— My little son! Well, thank God all cost! Do you have a dad so scared that I nearly died of fright!

— I’m sorry, Mom! I’m sorry, Dad! I do so I will not do!

Saying these words, Dima firmly decided not to tell his parents what had happened in those moments when he was with the Chilean kids.

— Where is your car? — Asked the father.

— I put it in the garage! There is a garage for him, in a corner of the yard. I built it myself and the car drives very well inside. — Proudly said Dima.

— Well done, son! — Leonid gently took her son from the embrace of Ani and raised high above his head, saying, — You’re such a big and clever boy!

Peace was restored, and life regained its rhythmic cycle in the life of Dima Krazimova…

And two weeks later, suddenly appeared in the house Krazimov background Firs:

— Good day! — Came in without knocking, he is to his home.

The seed was sitting in the kitchen and had breakfast. Leonid stood up from the table and walked slowly into the living room.

— What do you instilled in our house? — Leonid asked warily.

— Sit down. — A gesture pointing to the chair at the coffee table, said von Fiers, the voice is not very soft and smacked the order.

— Sit down and you, Mr. von Fiers. — Friendly Leonid said.

— Thank you! — Coined the guest and plopped down in the second chair. Between men, who were sitting in chairs, coffee table stood, it Fiers laid some papers. Leonid curiously watched him. There was a painful pause.

— Here’s looking at you, Leonid, and wait, and when you start asking me about the purpose of my visit?

Leonid carefully examined his massive figure, hard to fit in the chair, said:

— And yet, what brought you to us so early?

— This is the case of your son. — Fiers has made a deliberate pause. Leonid expectantly silent, waiting for the word guest.

— We have a special formula for our organization there is a special program that we make from childhood.

Leonid barely restrained from surging wave of indignation, but continued effort will contain the emotions. A guest again in a hurry. Again, a long pause, and only then, when Leonid took the paper from the table, Firth said:

It features on- Dmitry Krazimova and you and your wife for a special boarding «Edelweiss.» At the boarding school, children from families that we choose in the world, teach all that is necessary for the continuation of their studies in the universities of the world, which we recommend. We need educated and well- trained professionals to work with representatives of the alien.

— And my son belongs to you, not my wife? — Concealing his anger, holding back from surging annoyance, forced a Leonid.

— Yes and no, if you’re up against, we cannot pay any attention to him. But just think, you still need to learn. And what will happen to him in the future, a priest, or, in extreme cases, prison guard Dignidad. That’s it.

During the conversation men do not notice how Anna came. She could hear everything said background Fiers, and everything about her son.

— I agree! — Her voice suddenly rang out behind the backs of both. Leonid startled, turned a warmer look met his wife.

Well, that’s good. — Summary Fiers said. He stood up in the military, saying goodbye:

Autumn- ’ll pick, i.e., at the end of May, and you will go with me to a boarding school in Santiago.

— What training there at age six? — Anya said.

— Yes! You will be able to visit him once a month, and it will always break spend with your family. — Firs bowed.

— Do you know! — Having waited for the guest when the door closed, Anya! — And I’m glad. I cannot believe how everything is arranged in our lives.

Leonid philosophically silent. He was lost in thought, what lies behind this boarding school, and what will happen to them…

Boarding «Edelweiss» for gifted children, i.e. children, parents who have had a good capital or a family budget that allows you to pay tuition at that institution, was in the picturesque neighborhood of Santiago. It was a one- story building built in the form of the letter «P», and was located next to a residential complex, a dormitory for students. Each student has been put governess, whose duties, included child care assigned to it, the student or the student. I mean, just follow the meals and bedtime of a schoolboy, schoolgirl. The children lived in separate rooms. Each room has its own dining area, where hosted governess. They also wash and iron clothes and clean the school on the premises. Governesses were formed with a university education. This work was prestigious, and every year hold a contest for a seat, because with the arrival of the first class and up to eleventh grade student was accompanied by a governess, and together with the outlet ball retirement. Rarely age pensioners was over thirty- six years. Candidates for the role of the governess was enough. At one place claimed to ten graduates from universities of the world come to try their luck took this job.

When Leonid Krazimov appeared in the doorway with Dima principal’s office, against, behind his desk, ran squab with a big friendly smile and a pleasant view of blacks, as two huge black olives, eyes:

— Ah, Mr. Krazimov! — Leonid shaking hands, soft hands, he said, velvety and pleasant baritone! — Come in, sit down! — A hand pointing to the sofa in brown leather.

— Thank you, Mr. Director! — Leonid politely rapped in Spanish, sitting down at a specified location.

— I’ve heard of you, Mr. Krazimov. I must say that your patrons are generous to charities for our boarding and woven significant amount to our bank account. So the doors to your son here is wide open and I hope that all the eleven years he is worthy to hold, as a student, within the walls of our «Edelweiss.» — He spoke, and the kind and friendly smile never left his lips, in turn, settling down at his desk. Then the phone dialed the extension number, and the study included a beautiful girl in a white apron, as befits a governess, and a dark- brown dress. She was wearing a blouse with long sleeves of the same color as the dress. Gleaming friendly smile pearly white teeth shone loose on her face.

— Hello! — Greeted the newcomer. — I will be your son’s governess, Mr. Krazimov! My name is Elena Mazur, I’m from France. This year, she graduated from the Sorbonne!

— With a Difference! — Added the director, and smiled at her. — We’ve got a rigorous screening candidates for this position.

— Well, if for some, we cannot reason, the female candidates circumstances change and it will not be able to fulfill their

responsibilities? — Worried Leonid.

— At this point we have a staff swing and they are nobody, value their work. — Parry director.

Leaving his son in the care of a governess, Leonid came home on a double sports plane, taken in the hangar of the colony.

Chapter 4

Summer. Vacation. Dime twelve years. He spends the summer at home. Among the blooming peony, roses, apples and plums. Among the puddles and fascinating stories, fictional and telling his friend Miguel neighborhood boys in a circle. Cherry orchards in the colony were everywhere in the yards of neighbors. The boys crowd, then here and there, going to and climbed trees. Helped clean up the adult cherry harvest. Adults, then, took the basket of cherries and attributed to the workshop of canning factory for processing.

Dima friendship with local children is not interrupted and rallied the narrator Miguel. Incredible Adventures swarmed in his little head, and, boys, mouths open, listened and laughed to tears.

And when there was nothing and did not want to listen, because the rain was over, and it was possible to run through the puddles. We ran barefoot on warm water, spraying from head to toe. Ran the paper boats to distant lands on the fast mountain river that flowed nearby.

A lot of children’s games knew these boys who grew up here among the luxurious nature on the mountain air.

And the birds were singing in the garden. On the road, the trucks rumbling brisk, cows mooing in the distance, from the barnyard and up to the boys nobody cared. Wonderful time, all the same childhood.

Dima lived next door Dima Garinov. Garin not for years was an intelligent and clever boy, he was nearly ten, from Dima under two years.

A neighbor girl Veronica over from Dima year. Across the street, right in front of the house Krazimov grown garden and apiary colony housed there Dignidad. Bees buzzed in the crowns of fragrant lime trees, scurrying through the flowers, gathering pollen. One summer Chilean February day was hot summer weather. Dima came out into the garden, to look for something over the fence and saw Veronica. She was in a bathing suit. Dime suddenly wanted to see her naked, and he came up to the fence.

— Hey! — He said hello.

— Hello! — She replied.

— Where is Miguel? — Veronica’s brother.

— He’s in town with her mother. What are you doing? — Asked Veronica.

— Oh, nothing.

— What can go apples in the garden.

Dima was glad the proposal, and they went. Climbed over the fence and found themselves under an apple tree early grades.

On the ground, there were many fallen fruits, and Dima proposed to assemble.

— He’s out there, there’s more! There’s more delicious apples. — Veronica gestured to branchy apple tree. — That one apple!

In the bottom of the garden was quiet and mysterious. From what they were in someone else’s farm garden, the sense of danger and constant vigilance excited children. Dima said suddenly:

— Listen to me, show me your pussy. — He did not look at the girl, but she was silent, pretending not to hear.

— Can you hear me? — He repeated his question.

— I hear you! — Replied the girl. Her bloodshot ripening breast Thirteen girls were already well sharpness nipples and roundness.

— Well, show me? There’s no one.

She was silent again, then somehow get her to Dima said:

— I’ll show you my. Be surprised! — And he unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect segment.

And then the girl threw her piece swimsuit, showing off her flesh is covered with a surprisingly girlish boy fuzz of black curls. They were extremely excited and choked with emotion. Dima came closer, said:

— Come as your mom and dad do. Try it!

— But how? — Asked the girl.

— You lie down here on the hay! — He showed his hand on a scented mop. — Well, I’m on top.

Veronica lay down, and Dima was taking aim, but her crotch was so conveniently located that you could not in any way take advantage of the sweetness of the forbidden fruit.

Suddenly jumped out of the bushes a whole crowd of boys. And whooping laughed at caught surprise «lovers.» Girl and Dima rushed into each other in different directions. More of them, and no one has ever seen together. Dima became the first hero heartthrob. His older boys started to respect me for it and become solidly invite to their company. Treat cigarettes in the hope that it will break up and talk about his first fun. But he was silent. And it betrayed an intriguing mystery in his first trial. These rumors reached the Clementine’s, that girl, that first fearlessly went to call her a ghost. Girl back then struck another boy’s courage and fell in love with him as a hero of a fairy princess to fall in love jousting. Clementine is eleven and a half years. And it is often to Veronica. And they became best friends. And to address the poor boy flew taunts and ridicule from friends. Miguel, the older brother of Veronica, used to say, maintaining neutrality:

— Duma’s sorry, but that’s my sister. I cannot fight her.

And supports their image ally harmful girls. A Dime wanted so much friendship. So wanted to be with someone in a good friendly relationship. And he often caught myself thinking that the days and weeks pass, and the other is not. Garin was younger Dima, a full two years and Krazimov was not interested in this gloomy and too self- contained boy. Even though my mother often led Dima Garinova to him, but the chill in their relationship interfere with friendship. And Krazimov grew up in a circle of Chilean boys, free and bold, early become older children. But loneliness is bad and scary entangles him and when it was intolerable, he looked at the pugnacious rooster. Up to him, caught him and stroked who stood on his hind legs feathers on the neck. Rooster tried to pull away, then stepped on the boy threw like a mad dog, the boy, and the game began. Loneliness disappeared, replaced by the excitement came the player.

Dima studied win alone. From this he Steven cold selfish for Chilean children but the children did their best to push him on occasion, humiliate, ridicule him, exciting and leading him to a protective reaction. And he ceased to notice others, scorning, and at times mocked them.

My cousin Mary, Teresa, lived for a time in the house of Mary. But when she gave in marriage, she began to live separately, but have been raided in the old house, apparently believing it to her. She had her neighborhood friends, peers and they often visited each other. In the evening, playing cards, and sometimes drink, but not much. Playing cards told different stories and shared experience uncomplicated, helped each other advice.

Teresa was sHort with a massive jaw, close- set little yellow near the nose, the eyes. Above them were almost faded eyebrows and upper lip protruded sharp nose. He was badly bullied up, giving the face with a massive ape jaw stupid expression. Theresa was incredible cunning, vindictive temper and never forgive offenses. Dima she just did not like, she hated him with all your heart, all by nature, just like all the men and boys in the world.

One hot summer morning Dima woke up early. Mother had already gone to his aunt Elsa. Dear went on grazing herd of cows from a local farm. Cows mooing. The elder brother of Veronica Miguel pass a herd of cows colony, it was his turn. And yet collected from house to house cows that are kept in their yards working colony, adding to the farmer’s herd.

Dima ran into the yard and see who now drives a herd? This is Miguel! Eccentric older brother of Veronica, a joker and make- believe. Dima, a twig, hurried passing by lagged behind the herd cow Star. And the cow and quickly ran outside the fence. A herd of cows mooing it met friendly. Dima conducted animal eyes.

— Come quickly to me! — Miguel shouted at him! — And then the cows wander off without you!

It was thin and long and muscular boy with long arms. He was holding a whip with rawhide and deftly slapped them in the air. After seeing Miguel envious eyes, Dima returned to the yard and went into the house. We had to bring myself up, brush my teeth wash. After water treatment, he went to the kitchen and breakfast, pre- heated in a microwave oven is hot. Then he ran out into the yard. Above it, on the house and garden, green garden blue, blue sky. The wooden hallway near the ceiling, a swallow’s nest.

Swallows darting about in the sky, one by one, shouting fly into the corridor and from there distributed peeps chicks. The boy goes to the strawberries. Red berries flavorful and delicious. Aunt Elsa silently thanked for the fact that she insisted that my mother broke the beds, and planted some kind of greens and strawberries. He rips juicy fruit, and sweet melting in the mouth, they fill the aroma of breath, refreshing juicy flesh and a sweetness in this hot morning. The sun rises higher and higher, bakes in the head. With a basket of potatoes passed by Teresa. Dima saw and immediately appealed to him:

— I’d take yes for lumped compote! — Cocky she grumbled! — I’m a little currants, cherries and collected. That will compote.

Listen, Teresa, what do you need a whole basket of potatoes and more!

She pulled out of the basket, a cloth that was lying on the potatoes. And shook the rag in the air, which turned red berries:

— None of your business! — Muttered in response to the boy moved farther down the road.

Dima has not listened to, he hurried into the shadow of a spreading apple trees. Found a pair of juicy apples, wiped them on his pants and began to eat with gusto.

The second half of the day. The afternoon heat. The sun, as disgruntled burning voraciously. «You have to go to the river,» — thought Dime…

Chapter 5

There was a wedding. Teresa’s cousin, Mary, married. They called all the relatives and neighbors. At the wedding was twelve and Dima. Musicians, consisting of an accordionist, a drummer and a flute player, playing endless Chilean polka. The musicians were all dressed up in a huge Mexican hats and colorful, poncho thrown over their shoulders. Tables were set on the courtyard and relatives ran into the house and out of the house, over the strong Chilean moonshine, over the food. At the site, guests had fun, danced and rocked in a wide linen blanket girl. Four men held firm linen blankets on the ends. Others, drunken, girls caught and thrown into the painting. It was a shriek and din. Bayan under rampant whistle flute and drum rattling deduced polka, the key word fun beater. On the threshold that led into the hallway at home, appeared and disappeared boyfriend tied with colorful ribbons with the regular portion of booze.

Dima with Miguel ate delicious pasties with poppy seeds and honey and happy. Then he started a game of catch- up, and when Dima ran for Miguel, his eye fell on the saddle, standing there in a white jumpsuit, fully shrouded, alien and lured him to his gestures. Boy surprise stopped dead. Miguel teasing friend said:

— What, you cannot catch up? Ha- ha- ha!

— Miguel, look, he is «ghost» out there!

He looked in the direction of a stopped Dima:

— Yes, there’s nothing there.

The stranger was still standing on the thresholds, implying Dime that await him.

«Come to us. We arrived as promised, thank you!» — Mentally flowed information. «Can you meet us mentally.»

Dima dumbfounded said in his mind:

«I will not go alone!» — The fear crept into his shirt, was afraid to go alone.

«We have only to thank you!» — Replied the stranger, then paused and said:

«Wait a minute, I’m now»! — Went to the house.

Dima was amazed. No stranger did not see but him. Soon the stranger reappeared:

«No, just you. Fear not, we’ll not do anything wrong. Price to pay, so we have come to thank you.»

«How can I go?»

«Come and play with Miguel in the game of» Freeze!»

— Miguel! — Said Dima. — Let’s play «Freeze».

— Come on. Only you yell «Freeze!»

Dima looked at the nut, there was a stranger in anticipation:

— Freeze! — Garinov boy shouted.

In an instant, everything stopped and stood still. There was a ringing silence. The leaves on the trees have stopped making noise, the wind ceased. The guests were in their seats. A girl taking off on a poncho, froze in the air and hung in the air over the web. Dima went. His attention was attracted by a boyfriend frozen in the doorway at the threshold of the porch. Followed by a warning:

«Caution, not to touch the tape, she’s sharp as a razor, you can cut yourself.»

Dima carefully, trying not to hurt frozen other out, pushed his way between the doorway:

«Can I touch it by the hand?»

«You can only slowly.» — Answered the stranger.

Dima touched the stiff body and walked into the room. The room was empty, except for one more stranger taller:

«It’s the commander! — Said the boy spent a stranger. — It permits or denies.»

Followed by the command to start and do not waste time. Dima scanned the room. Stood by the window shop, brightly painted in red, shining in the rays of a bright light bulb, color. The table also painted as the other bench, leaning against him.

«Sit down at the table! — Heard it’s an order! — Not here, just move over to the right.»

The boy moved:

«Now put your hands on the table as a school desk.»

Dima put his hands like in the classroom, on the desk.

«You want to see a movie?»! — Heard the new proposal aliens.

«I want!» — Answered.

«Now the light will slowly fade and we will show you a movie. Look.»

The stranger in white, the one that was lower growth, pressed the switch. The light bulb in the room slowly began to fade. At the site of sinking into the darkness of subjects appeared dark blue color chair in which suddenly found itself Dima. Elbows boy found ourselves on a narrow and short table. Between this table and the wall was built with a sloping trough slope to the drain opening. «It seems to drain.»? Conjecture flashed, soapy.

Wall of the room with the windows gone, in its place arose a white screen in a movie theater. Dima heard words:

«You can take off the helmet, let’s see who we are?»

«Can you still in quarantine for another two weeks. Only warn him not to scare.»

«Dima, we are just like you, only our sun fades. We have reached a level of development that surpasses your one hundred million years.»

Boy with courage and curiosity began to see how the strings untied commander behind a guide, flashed his helmet, and silver skin- tight body suit came before him. Then, the helmet 90° rotation was carefully removed commander. The golden strands of wavy hair spilled over her shoulders. Woman with beautiful almond- shaped eyes, pale, stared at the boy’s eyes.

«You saved my life. Commander I talked to repay you.»

«Our world is not the same as yours. We have no long- pathogenic microbes, but there is no immunity. And should one microbe get to us, how to start an epidemic. Therefore, we take your immune system and are fueling your body.»

«We have little time!» — Reminded commander.

«But the ship still on the shady side of the earth.» — Objected woman, but complied.

«We have come to fulfill your three wishes. Do you have a will? Tell them?»

Dima thought, began to speak:

«I would like to come up with a cure for death, and to make all men immOrtl.»

On the woman smiled and said:

«You people are immortal. Question is that you do not even realize.»

«What is the second wish?» — Heard the boy question male stranger! — Maybe you’d like a lot of money? We’ll give them to you, but not soon, when you grow up and get married. "- Asked the commander of a leading question and answered it.

The boy thought, said, as he taught in a boarding school as a true scout:

«Do not have a hundred rubles, and have a hundred friends!» — What has puzzled strangers, and received the answer:

«Friends you will not, because you get to see all of our knowledge through, guess the thoughts and sHortcomings of others, believe that people do not like.»

«Man to Man — a wolf!» — Authoritatively stated commander. The woman added:

«We are watching you for many historical periods, and it is. There is no person on earth that would have thought as much harm to another. There are only allies. And you shall know the language of birds and beasts, birds and animals is also do not always like it, so we will help you. not live without money, we will help you on your need. big money you will not, but of hunger you will not die.»

Dima remembered all my friends, classmates at boarding school in Santiago, boys, friends, and no one, even a hint, not like a wolf. No, he is fundamentally disagree with this inference aliens. Reflections Dima woman interrupted:

«What is your third wish?» — She asked.

The boy replied:

«I would like to have a drink delicious water, which I drank with faceted glass, when my mother took me to an exhibition of advanced computer technology, which was held in Santiago, Chile.»

The aliens were again taken aback, they do not know what is called a faceted glass. The woman began to explain to the commander that is the capacity to drink only a glass, crystal- like shape.

And, referring to Dima, said:

«We will change your genetic code and show you your future!» — Hastened to explain:

«The genetic code must be changed to ensure that you have acquired relevant skills and was able to live a new life.»

She took a beaker of clear blue material with rounded edges and brought the boy to a half- filled transparent as crystal, viscous liquid.

«It is necessary to drink. Hold your nose with your left hand, try not to breathe. Necessary to make three drinks. If you make three drinks, talk about what birds and animals is completely understandable. Only three sips.»

The woman waited until he held his nose with his left hand, held out the beaker. Dima, stealthily, almost relaxed index finger pinching the nose and gently sniffed one nostril. Liquid sharp odor hit in the nose. Alien, seeing this, quickly ousted the container.

«Do not inhale and then not be able to make a single gulp! And have three.» — She said. «Take a breath and a good pinch your nose.»

Dima this time it has done wrong. Scored a deep breath and holding his nose in good faith, and brought the liquid to the mouth with the thought that such a trifle as three sips, cost nothing, and made the first. Liquid hard, biting the throat and pushed his way shrapnel went to the stomach, the second, third and even more breath of Dima could not physically do. He literally willed took another sip of the floor. Garlic Twisting nausea coming right up to the throat, scoring the breath as a pin. And, not thinking, what was provided in front of a trough, began to vomit lumps recently meat pie mixed with bile. Aliens commented:

«One sip and a half, too bad, but three would be better.» — Says the man. To which the woman said:

«It is enough, and one, with its sensitivity.»

A boy with every urge all facilitated and facilitated, and when it seemed that everything had passed, and that the fresh coolness of the nausea goes away, the woman said:

«Turned his head to the right, to the left.»

He complied with the request, and the new wave of nausea exploded in it, but, barf, it was nothing.

«We need to take another sample of the seventh, the last.» — With these words began to twirl alien chair in which he sat Dima on its axis, causing the boy nausea. And it succeeded. Finally, the seventh and the last sample was taken.

Selected samples from the trough, a long glass tube with a rubber bulb on the end, she placed each one in a separate tube. The tubes were carefully installed in the cradle. Then, set in a wall safe with flashing colored lights buttons. When this was done, the woman quickly said something to the commander. He went into the oval door and returned with a faceted glass of vodka in half the capacity of the glass. It showed that goblet Dima and he nodded his head, exhausted procedure weakened, firmly resolved not to drink anything else. But sparkling clear water in Charcot, mildly pleasant smelling moisture, forced to drink it to the dregs. And lo and behold, it was exactly the one he saw then with his mother, at the show, just harder to taste.

«Drink as you can.» — Said a woman, but the boy mastered only these three goblets and no longer could.

«Is it possible tomorrow?» — He asked.

«No, but if you want to contact us, we will give you the code. Thee it just needs to remember and repeat, we will come to your» SOS «always.»

The woman spoke with a very gentle boy. The commander was strict. He stopped her and overpowered, but she went on:

«We promised to show you your destiny. Would you like to look at who you should marry?»

«I want to. Clementine, right?»

The woman did not answer, flitting among the episodes of the future face appeared on the screen adult girl with two pigtails and a smile, a friendly and gentle.

«It’s Clementine in the tenth grade, the same boarding» Edelweiss. «Remember, at the board for a physics lesson, it will be like that smile. Did you know that smile and remember us.»

«So I’m not going to marry her?» — Asked the boy.

«You’re faced with the choice in life now that you wish everyone would come to pass, but with a certain amount of resistance. Depends on many factors and difficulties.»

So do not understand the answer, Dima looked at the smile adult Clementine. The screen flashed scenes from his future life, and the boy could not believe that here is the white- haired man was he, not the film actor playing the role of his life’s labors. Confidently and positively suddenly moved into it from these pictures of the future will power and strength of character acquired resistance.

«Well, what do you keep in mind your future?» — Asked the woman. Dima was to think, what if I’d know about me, I will also be boring to live in the world, and he replied:

«No, no!» — Firm and grown- up voice.

«We have to go!» — Ordered the commanding officer who shot and his white helmet and overalls. The boy felt that his actors act out the earth, so are the aliens are authentic. But the seriousness of the preparations with which his subordinate commander wore a suit, and then in a white cloth jumpsuit, he reminded, however, that they are not humans.

When the three of them went out into the street, there are still frozen in fixed positions walking, and the leaves on the trees indicated that unearthly reason is still a boy.

«Now you stand on the spot where you called out to Miguel» Freeze. "- Says the woman who was walking nearby.

«I forgot where he was?» — Asked mentally boy. The woman led him and set his feet and hands in the position of prime.

«Can you say» come to life!

«And what about you, you will notice the same? — Worried about the boy.

«For us not to worry, but you have no one will see, when you say» come to life, «I will give you your» SOS». — With these words, alien turned to the commander, he disappeared into the house, squeezed between the door and the graven image groomsman.

«Speak!» — Ordered the woman.


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