Book-7. Edem, novella

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Three years have passed since the command of the general was conditionally convicted for transferring secret materials to foreign intelligence of a flying disc. The wife of the test pilot of the missing person unexpectedly receives a strange letter… New adventures begin, related to the search in the footsteps of the missing test pilot. Pleasant readings, your author V. V. Speys.

Book – VII. Edem novella

Chapter 1

Krazimova Anna opened her eyes while lying in bed. She was awakened by a persistent doorbell. For three long years, no news of Leni. Though she was told that her husband was missing. But deep down she could not believe this terrible news. She never for a moment doubted that her Lenya alive and ever will give news about themselves. And suddenly this doorbell. She sleepily glanced at the clock ticking away in the corner of uniformly, wedding gift Garinova General Alexei. Arrows these massive antique clocks pointed to ten minutes to nine.

“Again, overslept. — It occurred to her — again will grumble at the nursery governess Dima.”

She jumped out of bed, draping on the go on a nightgown robe and ran out into the corridor, heading for the front door. There stood the postman.

— Sign here, please. — Immediately, he said.

— Why should I sign? — Anya asked warily.

— You got a letter from abroad with the notification. — Insisted postman. He was obviously in a hurry, impatient and held out log with a red notice form. In the magazine in front of her name was a free cell.

— These logs are available at the post office and go there to get registered mail with notification. — Responsible Anya.

— I have no time for you, madam, to debate about this, so I ask you, sign. — He jabbed a finger into the box and gave her a pen to paint. Anya sighed and put his signature.

— Please, here! — He showed her a free box on a red notification form. Anna sighed and put his signature on the form. Postman in turn sighed and looked into his eyes expressively Ani, handing the envelope. The envelope had the Chilean address and almost all of it was plastered with beautiful stamps. Strange was this envelope with no return address and no name of the sender. It only means that this is Chile, “Villa Bavaria.” Anya surprised considered envelope, turning it in his hands, suddenly remembering that it is necessary to conduct Dima in kindergarten and threw the envelope on the table by the mirror.

— Mama! — The kid’s voice from the next room. — What, Dad came?

Anya sighed deeply and sensually:

No, son, it was the postman! Bring a letter!

— Pechkin? — Asked seriously kid. About postman he knew the familiar cartoon characters and genuinely believed that one day and the postman knocks on their door and it will certainly postman Pechkin from Buttermilk and then bring the cherished letter from the Pope, so that he waits and hopes that his father will certainly still write and his mother. Just Dad is very busy and he had no time. Whenever the day came for the evening dawn, and Dima came time, goes to bed, he thought about the same, that there will come the next day and the letter will come tomorrow.

— Mom, this is a letter from the pope? — Asked son with undisguised curiosity.

No, again, of what may be a Christian sect with an invitation to come to the meeting.

— And will you go?

Of course not, my son, I have a lot to do at home and at work.

Dima sighed as quite an adult. On the threshold of his room seemed a boy of five years in pajamas painted with color pictures of mushrooms and butterflies. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and fists went into the dressing room.

On the street the day met Anya March thaw. Gloomy sky nestled heavy leaden clouds. Rare wet snow was falling with large drops of rain. Gusts of cold wind threw a wet abyss in the face, blowing out cold under the scarf. Wrapped and trying to turn away from the spray on the embankment of the Moscow River Anya went to Dima for kindergarten. Toddler clung to his mother’s hand, and they soon came to a crossroads where on the opposite side of the street was a kindergarten.

— You would have led to dinner! — To meet their kindergarten teacher.

— Well, you know, I do not have time to sleep off duty! — In the hearts retorted Anne.

— And what is your husband, does not give money? — She asked sarcastically.

Involuntary eye tears rolled forward.

— I have three years of living in the dark, and no one can tell where he is?

— What have you loved him so he ran away? — Stalking the teacher.

— Look, you can, if you again in a similar tone will question me, I will not complain about you!

— Oh, oh, oh, what a scare! — Running, leading the boy by the hand of the children’s locker room, she threw at him. Anya, sniffling, wiping her tears with a handkerchief. She ran out into the street. Fine snow and rain threw a wet veil in the face. It became even more repulsive to the soul. It spoiled the mood of not passing slush added. And the oppressive loneliness again took possession of all her being. Everything in the world at that moment it seemed she was bad. Anya thought her Lenya alive and that it was something out of the ordinary, so he cannot report yourself. At the thought of her actions of the authorities have imposed such that in the event of the death of her husband as the wife of the Hero of Russia was to be put a good pension. But instead, his family deprived of the gift giving and the state have not appointed a decent pension. Anya was handed a message on the letterhead of the Department of Defense that her husband was missing. Soon to work in a prestigious medical facility chief doctor called her to him and announced a categorical tone that brooked no argument that she was fired for careless attitude. In fact it was a wolf ticket. With this wording in the workbook it will not be hired, even in places not so remote. She still managed to get a nurse on duty in the home for the elderly disabled, ex- military, where it was necessary to carry out the dirty and sometimes rewarding work to care for the sick. Money for all missing. And they Dima heckled as they could. This state of affairs in the family could not affect relations with others. And the first thing neighbors on the landing. All of a sudden stopped to say hello, others pointedly turned away, passing by Anya and Dima. Only Anna Sobinova was a frequent guest at Krazimova. But had fallen on her head and trouble completely crippled young woman. Anna began to drink, vodka, drowning the hardships of life.

“Did you ever have a son! — Often said she drunkenly. — And I have no one.” — Pouring himself a glass of vodka next faceted, she said Ana, who at that time was preparing meager dinner. Anna often thought about a change in the nature of friends and wondered why Sobinova could talk to her Anya just drunk? At a time when Ana, more than ever, needed a friendly support, which would somehow sort out this situation in life and do something. When Krazimova was on duty at his home for the elderly disabled, Sobinova sat with Dima. Relegated him to a children’s garden and picked him up from day care. Sobinova not dump her friend in trouble, but to talk with Anna in a sober state still refused. Anya with felt, somehow the catalyst, prompting Sobinov drinking. And when, one day, Anna told her about it, she began to cry. Through tears, explaining to Anya that it becomes too sad because it reminds her best years.

Rain and snow blinded. Curl, knocked out of the shawl, melted snowflakes on the forehead. Meltwater nasty phlegm tickled his forehead and cheeks. The woman often looked like the water from the face with a handkerchief soaked through and through.

“Here again took the umbrella.” — She complained to her forgetfulness. Anya slowly wandered the boardwalk along the waterfront. By noise and splashes raced cars, enveloping wet slush highway. Near the house where she lived Anya had a cozy cafe, where she decided to go. And the way from kindergarten to it no longer seemed so hopelessly gloomy. Warmed by this looming ahead flashing advertisements near heat, in which she can now enter. In the cafe, sitting at a table by the window, it was particularly comfortable to watch the passers- by was wrapped in a garment and for overcast weather- beaten outside. The waitress brought her a cup of coffee double. Thanking her, Anna was a pleasure to eat small sips invigorating drink with every sip doubled its strength, banishing fatigue, instilling courage and what that self- confidence. Thoughts clearer and clearer to refresh your memory, mood improved. Suddenly she remembered the morning visit to the postman and a strange letter. But why Chile? Why, what of that villa? After all villas in Latin America are called farms. And, it’s probably an invitation to work for agricultural wages, speculate Anya. Or again, what may be a preacher from one of the many sects welcome to contact him by e- mail to provide charity care. Either someone wants to tie friendly exchanges. And without determining that the message, Anna left the cafe and headed home.

At the door of his apartment in a pool of his own urine richly colored menstrual blood lay snoring, Anna Sobinova. A puddle of red blood flowed on the landing, making a nasty putrid smell. Anya in terror gripped with both hands behind his head. But the time for reflection was not coming to his senses, she quickly dragged her girlfriend in the hallway of her apartment under the drunken rambling grumbling. Then poured into a plastic bucket of warm water, abundant added to a bucket of detergent and quickly clean up the mess left from the landing. Having dealt with the cleaning, she began for her friend. She resisted, spewing choicest curse to know someone, do not give yourself to undress. Anya silently removes her wet clothes smelled unpleasant and throwing it in the laundry digesting. Then dragged her friend into the bathroom and, pouring a cold shower, tried to revive her. This is it, in the end, failed.

Who are you? — Asked through a vague mist in the eyes of Sobinova lying under a cold shower jets.

— Oh, you do not know me yet?

— A, and it’s you Anna?

— As you can see, I am!

— And I’m going to see you, and you’re already here.

— You drank a lot, Anna.

— Oh, nothing. — Responsible Sobinova.

— You cannot go anymore.

— Well, this is the last time. No longer will this shit in his mouth to take.

Anya had washed her warm shower. Then gave a clean towel. Anna, too, had been able to wipe themselves. Soon she came out of the bathroom in a terry- cloth robe and Anya are not paying attention to her friend, collapsed in her bed, immersed in an almost unconscious sleep. Anna took her dirty clothes. Washed in a washing machine and drying up there, she smoothed her dress and hung it on a chair at the head of a sleeping friend. And only then remembered the letter. But again, the work on the dirty clothes Sobinova Anna spent the rest of the day. The time is rapidly and irreversibly flashed like an instant. It’s time to go for a child to kindergarten. And reading the letters had to be postponed. Throwing a threadbare coat, and tying a feather head scarf, she went out into the snowy darkness of the street…

When Anna returned with Dima covered in snow dust may stick together on downy scarf and coat on his shoulders, Dima, looking at my mother exclaimed delightedly:

— Mama you look so much like Snow White Santa Claus!

— Oh, my son, my granddaughter still not enough to go?

They took off his outer clothing, and Dima did it with a serious look, “the adult” imitating men, in which he had already, learn, watching the TV. Anne, looking at his son, could not stop grinning, noting that maturity. When they coped with clothes, Anya said:

— Son, go to your room, and I need to talk to Aunt Anna!

Yes, Mom! — He obediently went to his room.

Anna was sitting at the kitchen table and drank strong coffee. Her hands were shaking like a fever. Formed under the eyes dark circles. She was bad.

— I like you, tell a friend, as you found herself under my door? — Asked her which became Anya.

— Annie, I do not remember anything! Trust me! I do not remember how to drink vodka. I do not even remember how and with whom! — Sobbing, slurring the words, justified Sobinova as the guilty schoolgirl in front of the class teacher. Sniffing, Anna wiped her tears with trembling hands clenched into fists. Behind him Ani suddenly appeared Dima. He looked at Anna, wide- open eyes: — Aunt Anna- bad? — Anna took her son’s arm: — Come on, come on, son. You, why not take off warm overalls? — Dima was taken aback by it and led to his room. It gave a little bit of time to think about the situation and decide something with the hapless girlfriend, or rather with her addiction. Anna was determined to talk and talk to her seriously about drinking and try once and for all put an end to it. But it’s only her can be very naive and insecure desire to help her friend, and wants to Sobinova, is another question. Ultimately, it is up to Anna herself. It was only when she realizes her worthless existence and will fight this habit, and the only way to overcome this illness. Stripped son, Anya went to Anna in the kitchen.

— There you are? — I met her Sobinova. She was still sitting at the table, finishing his coffee.

— I wanted to talk to you! — Immediately set to work Anya.

— What a friend we say?

— About you!

— Here’s more! Again begin disciplinary measures! You changed that, my Lenya, that’ll bring up, eh? — On her face white with anger went red staining. This does not bode well for Anya. The words flew from her unhappy Anna, like peas from the wall and only called it unreasonable anger. Anya for the first time in my life angry at her

— Do you want to walk the streets, kea resurrected zombies? You that nothing interests except this murderous booze?

— Oh, do not remind me of vodka, and so I feel sick! Yes, and now I do not want to live, you must understand!

Anya in his rush aid ran into an impenetrable armor wrapped around Sobinova to reach out and not giving up her ailing condition. And nothing could move, destroy this cocoon that has become an obstacle between them.

— Now, I’m gone! — A tambourine Anna — To prevent you from Dima.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. Ana was deeply sorry for her. But she decided it did not hold: — Go! — Suddenly, she said. — I’m not stopping!

Anna jumped up from his chair and ran sobbing into the bedroom, where hung on a chair Anna laundered her clothes. There was a fuss in the room. After a while she got dressed in the hallway. Became nervous look on his coat hanger hanging of clothing.

Well, where is it!

Anya watched from afar for its fuss:

— I washed it. It’s in the bathroom on the coil dried. — Anya replied. Anna sat down on the bellboy telephone table. Ana was, again sorry friend:

— And where will you go? — All of a sudden, tremulous voice, she had compassion Krazimova.

— What is true is true. — Anna said. She slowly got up from the table, intending to hide in the kitchen splattered tears from her eyes in two streams. Getting up, she inadvertently dropped on the floor a letter, which has had time to sit:

— Oh, what? — It automatically picked up the envelope.

— It’s me! — Anya said. He stuffed the envelope into his hand Krazimovoy, she ran to the kitchen. Soon there were heard her sobs. Anya out of it in the hands of the envelope, decided to distract her friend from a nervous breakdown. And the letter turned out quite the way. She came back with an envelope on the kitchen sobbing to a friend:

Well, do not cry. Come on, it’s better, it’s an honor. Certainly, some of the sect of the border with a proposal to join. And for sure, what be fans to warm their hands on unsuspecting citizens.

Anna stopped sobbing. She wiped her tears. Said:

— Oh, Annie, I can be, and then started to drink because of this.

Yes, we know, we know.

— Do you remember when it started with a general litigation Garinova?

Of course, I remember.

— It was then flooded with work. And then the endless raids and ambushes in our apartments. And then I could not stand it. In sect was nice and quiet at first. I regained her family the same impoverished, like myself. Yes, yes, of course. — Yeah Anna Krazimova saw that she had calmed down, and you could carry on a conversation in a peaceful way.

— Because then they disappeared all of a sudden. And we began to drag, to find out we could not cover them. Frayed nerves so much to us. — Told Sobinova, sighing on the verge of bursting into tears again. — So you’ve decided to join the cult. Sold the apartment, gave money to the so- called teacher and…

— I was on the street.

— But you probably forgot that you had and I have! — Anya said proudly. Sobinova sadly looked at her friend and a quiet voice she said: — Then here I started treated with vodka.

In order to somehow change the subject, Anna pointed to the letter and stated: — Honestly, I wanted to throw in the trash, but it was here when such passions with you come on, come on, read what there. You can always throw together laugh at these fishers of men’s souls.

— This letter has now no meaning for me. But still, let’s attempt to open Annie, look, it’s there!

Anya got out of the kitchen cabinet table knife and pierced them, envelope, opened it. Inside were neatly packed in another envelope smaller color photographs, and was attached a piece of paper covered even calligraphy. Anya took that piece of paper, said:

Handwriting- so wrote Elsa Eduardovna. Bah! Yes this is a letter from her!

— You cannot be serious! — Cried out in surprise and astonishment Sobinova.

Yes, look, here’s in the end her signature.

— What are you waiting for? Read!

Anna began to read a letter, time, and then taking his eyes from reading in utter surprise, commenting read: — How so? After Villa was founded by Nazi criminal still in nineteen sixty- first year! And there, suddenly, is general and Elsa Eduardovna!

— I, once, my Peter told me that the Nazis at the end of the war is very advanced in the development of flying saucers. And that helped them in some kind of extraterrestrial civilization.

— You probably do not in themselves a girlfriend?

Sobinova ignoring the remark Ani, continued:

— This is the most alien civilization and put away our relatives there this Villa. Here’s what I think!

— In any case, the general Garin could not on their own be in the nest. — Pointedly concluded Anya.

Yes, read the same, that there is this Aunt Elsa writes? — Impatience Sobinova come to an end. But Anna could not believe what he was reading, and broke new tirade:

— As far as I know the general, he would never, never, even under no circumstances would not agree to hide as timid hare, there, in the den of refuge, founded by former criminal.

— I believe that there were circumstances and took them there against their will! — Sobinova said firmly. — Yes, read it at last! Maybe they’ll find the answer to many questions! We learn though that be about our husbands?

Anya continued to read further. And the answer is found. Elsa Eduardovna wrote:

“… We are constantly terrorized, took fright at. Said that destroy unconditionally, until one day I was with Alex loaded into the machine, similar to ours, but with significant differences inside the cabin. Released us here have indicated the house in which we will have to live. And now, after years, only recently, just the other day I find out where we are and where we have hidden. Yes, it is very convenient and the lives of Alexey we do not complain. But constant anxiety does not leave me a sense of isolation from the outside world and oppresses depressing. Locals do not talk to us and try not to get us on the eyes. Reception staff speak only on the Latin language incomprehensible to me. But I learned the language and started a friendship with the maid. Here it is, and has forwarded this letter, which I hope, will get to you. I have a surprise for you, Anya. After three- plus years, you still will be able to request an main post office in Moscow to demand Sent me with a light hand on Alexei your name. If all else fails, take your passport and go down more every administration. you will have to give it. There you will find an indication of the fact that you have a substantial amount of money in U.S. dollars and this amount is hidden in a safe place, where you will learn from the message. Dimochka you with enough for a lifetime. This is Alex asked to hide the money from their accounts. How he did it is better not to ask. Yet he did it before our flight to Antarctica. Well, that’s about all. Be happy. We do not look, it’s useless. Unless something changes in our destiny for the better, then we shall find you themselves. Eduardovna Your Elsa, our little Dima and Alexei.”

Sobinova at the time of the photos depicting a happy family Garinova Elsa Eduardovna background of mountain scenery Villa Bavaria in Chile.

— Why not a word about my Pete and Lena? — Sadly Anna asked.

— You, that I realized that they were immediately isolated from each other. Aunt Elsa did not even know if our husbands are alive! — In our hearts, with tears in his eyes passed over, she replied Anne.

— That’s it, my friend, you have to go to the main post office for the letter.

— You want me to again clung to me with questions!

— What are you, Annie, you fool! It has been three, almost three and a half years, who comes into my head to follow the poor widow?

— I am not a widow! — Suddenly cried Anne. — Do not you dare me so, do you hear, do not you dare call me that more than ever! Do you understand?

— Yes! Understood. — Deaf Sobinova said.

Anya straightened. Her eyes flashed angrily. Anger she was breathing rapidly. Her breasts under a red woolen blouse heaving in time with the rapid breathing.

— You still pleases me to teach? Tell me what time it is?

Anna, grabbing hold of the saving straw reconciliation, answered:

— Five to six!

— It’s too late. As long as I get to the main post office issuing letters of demand to cease. We’ll have tomorrow. ‘ll Take Dima in kindergarten and I will go for the letter. Well, what a job the next day.

Anna, surprised and cautiously looked at Anna. This she saw her for the first time and scared. And suddenly Krazimova take and throw it on the street. Where it go? No housing, no job. She suddenly found itself in such a terrible situation. Gradually unwittingly found herself on the bottom of the homeless and destitute beggars.

— Forgive me. — Suddenly, she said, lowering her eyes, and hid them in his hands. She was terribly ashamed of this fragile and beautiful woman, still consider her a friend.

— Forgive me. — Again she repeated. But this phrase has rang through her sobs. Tears streamed down her palms and hands, moisturizing cloth kitchen table. Anya with undisguised sense of pity Sobinov watched in confusion, not knowing what to do with her crying. Finally a wave of surging anger left her, replacing compassion and resentment for her friend, which has reached such a state.

Yeah right, then. Calm down and tarry until we have. I will not ask every time a neighbor take Dima in kindergarten and take it from there as long as I’m on duty. It’ll do you.

— I will drop to drink, you’ll see! How could I come to this? — Again, sobbing, said through tears Sobinova.

— You know, Anna I almost washed down myself, when I came to the paper Lenya, that he was missing. Here are just Dima and saved me from that.

Anna wiped her tears with a handkerchief and with a sense of the faithful and loyal puppy, staring into the eyes of Ani. Krazimova calmed down. Its preventive measures to take effect, this time.

— You go to the bathroom so wash away the paint from his face. And I would advise you to wash your hair well, and so sitting here stuffed overseas. There’s a bathroom you will find on the shelf shampoo.

Anna sighed with relief. She got up and already had calmed down, went to the bathroom.

— That’s what misfortune! — Looking into her trail, expressed regret to Anna.

Krazimova slept that night in the room with Dima in his adult bed, which I bought and installed Leonid when Dima exactly a year. Krazimov believed that men have become boys in childhood, accustomed from infancy to adulthood. Leonid foresight was justified, and by the fact that when Dima was sick, that Anya could always be with him, warming the affected child a mother’s warmth.

Chapter 2

Dima was still asleep when Anna jumped up from the bed, as if stung. It was six in the morning. She dreamed a nightmare that she did not remember, and apparently inspired by the past a nervous day. She tried to remember the dream yet, but I could not. It was still early, and she decided to no longer go to bed. Crept back into the bathroom. Washed her face and brushed her teeth. Suddenly saw myself in the mirror, which is alienated and tired. Light faint wrinkles at the edge of the eye lids fan identified at the temples. Her green eyes are still kept alive luster of youth and beauty, which did not affect the hardships of everyday problems. But the shine has become tougher. Taking a deep breath, she broke away from the mirror and went into the kitchen. There, she found Anna. Sobinova by prudently took to make coffee. Women were silent, trying not to talk to each other and do not look at each other. Anna was ashamed of the past. Ana was embarrassing for the men’s morals girlfriend. In the end, they sat silently drinking coffee, eating cookies “croquet.” Anna first to break the silence:

— You know, I was thinking, maybe I’ll take Dimochka in kindergarten, and you Congresses in the mail?

— I also thought about it. You know, come on! But I’ll wear it, and the three of us get out of the apartment.

— Go. — Agreed Sobinova. It has again become self- confident and gained a calm expression, which was used to seeing in front of Anne.

At eight o’clock all were assembled. Dima cheerful and sociable was dressed in overalls and a warm winter jacket with a hood. A little old woman in his coat and feather scarves. Anna could not stand it, and said:

As rural- grandmother.

On the other hand, warm and cozy. — Responded to a replica of Anne. All three of them have fun out in the March changeable weather.

Anya had to get on the subway. In front of the main post office, lined up a taxi rank. Taxi drivers were at their cars, calling passengers hoping to ride one on the Kiev railway station, one in Sheremetyevo, to lust, waiting for her.

— The girl and the girl went. I’ll take not expensive!

— No, thank you. — Anya answered them.

— We’ll wait for you! — Spoke drivers.

Meanwhile, Anna entered the spacious foyer. Opposite the input of massive doors at the end of a long hall, sat at her window manager main post office. Anya went straight to it:

— I came to see if you can get a letter of demand three years ago?

Administrator, full blond woman in years, severely eyeing Anya look cold gray eyes on top of his glasses, said sternly:

— What are you, my love, laugh? — Making a waiting pause, she asked, — Or, How?

— I seriously?

— Well, you know, my dear, unclaimed letters three to four months, are sent back to the recipient.

— Well, if they do not return address, then what?

Well, these being shelved.

— From there, you can get them?

That’s not possible.

Yeah, why the hell? — Anya she was scared of her voice, but it was too late.

— You do not be rude to me here, honey! — With metal tone of voice, the receptionist said. Anya’s eyes welled up in tears:

— Sorry. — Deaf voice, she said. — I did not want this letter to me is very important.

The administrator took pity on the poor woman, and has a warmer voice replied:

— They are packed in bags and stored for about five years, and then burned.

A glimmer of hope flickered in the eyes of Ani:

— So, then, it is still possible to find a letter there?

— And who will you look for it there, among hundreds of thousands of letters in these bags?

Well, I cannot.

— No. You do not have access. Only the employee can search mail, he is entitled.

— Tell me, how did it do?

— It is necessary to pay for the work of the employee, as a rule, this is his one working day. A day or two, he will find it. Again, you pay only for one day. How much will it cost, say, after the letter will be found.

— And that this is necessary?

— Here, take the application form. Please fill in his position, ie from whom and to whom. Or if there is no return address, to whom it was intended. And remember, we issued a letter of demand to the destination only to whom it is intended. Ie everything exactly on your passport.

Anya trembling hands took the form. Began to fill. Filling, returned form.

— Wait a minute, I’ll knock on a computer database. — The administrator has to click the mouse a computer, rummaging in the database. Then replied:

— You know, this letter does not appear. It seems that we did not receive, nor three years ago, no four.

— It cannot be?

— Computer center is not lying, it is a guarantee! We have this iron discipline.

Anya at a loss out of the building and the central post office in a dream, almost automatically down dale, on the subway reached to the house. She met Anna. The apartment smelled delicious fried potatoes and fried eggs with ham.

Well, that’s where the letter? — With undisguised curiosity, looking Ana’s eyes, asked her Anna.

Not that, letters, and there was never even a trace.

— These are the times, strange it all. — Deaf Anna said. Then, recollecting himself, added:

Let’s quickly take off your clothes, and at the table. Eat, as it should.

Anya minute later was sitting at the table and was eating with gusto fried potatoes with ham and eggs, washed down with a hot strong coffee. Anna kept up with the girlfriend. Having finished breakfast, the women stayed in the kitchen. Were working there, trying to take myself, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen then. In this tinkering around the house, the day passed. For Dima Anya went alone. Anna began to prepare dinner at all.

Snow middling’s drumming on the face, cheeks tingling. Kindergarten, which drove the baby Anya was a few blocks walk along the embankment of the Moscow river. It was not comfortable in rainy days and very nice in good weather. Now, shrinking from evil wind gusts hewer, Anne dejectedly trudged toward the kindergarten. From the head did not come out painful thoughts, inspired by the letter of Elsa Eduardovna. Anya knew how Aunt Elsa; she could not write the truth. There, somewhere in the subconscious mind flickered saving idea that all that is written in the letter, though. But behind this hides a mystery. Maybe Aunt Elsa could not write here so openly about big money. And all of a sudden got a letter in the hands of either her Anya, what then? Anna began to think by putting yourself in the place of Elsa Eduardovna, wondering how she would do, being in her place? Of course, Anya would have resorted to allegorical, hidden form of presentation, pointing to some common Anya recognizable form. For example, in the house where she was Anne. On objects in the room. Reflecting thus, Anya came to the conclusion that it is necessary to read the letter again. Analyze each word, sentence. Find the hidden essence of a presentation. And to find the answer. Of course, it is necessary to approach it. And it will do so today. Once again, read the letter, weighing every word. Anya had not noticed, for his thoughts, as he found himself at the threshold of kindergarten. Went inside. Dima met her already dressed. The teacher hurried home and children dressed in advance before the arrival of the parents. The room was hot, and the kids were waiting for their parents sweaty.

— You know, Tamara, crazy? — The threshold pounced on a poor governess Anne.

— Oh, it’s you instead of hello? — The teacher retorted swoop.

— Half of the children tomorrow kept with pneumonia! I guarantee it! — Stalking her Anya.

— Mom, I’m hot! — Added fuel to the fire Dima.

— And to me!

— And to me! — Children’s voices were heard everywhere. At the door, as if by magic fairy Tinker Bell, the director appeared kindergarten Claudia Petrovna:

— Tamara, go key to me! — A stern voice, so that it is audible to other parents, said the director.

Well, here’s another. You want the best, and it turns the other way around. — Grumbling, went for Tamara director. Anya, took off the robe son:

— Dima, you should cool down a bit. Then again we get dressed and go home.

All right, Mom. Is it true that Aunt Anna will we live?

— What do you want?

— I do not know. — Dima replied evasively.

— Well, after all?

Of course, I want it to stay. She told me stories on the way to kindergarten told.

Well, you son of lucky, I want it to stay.

— Ur mom!

A father to me, “Lexis” will take home. There’s a lounge and a computer is and warm! — Boastfully broadcast squeaky voice tiny baby in anticipation of its parent. Anya looked at him:

— Go here, Igor. I’ll undress, chill out a little while my father would come.

Kid awkwardly walked to Ana’s fashionable dark blue jacket with warm child to grow into a fashionable cut, as for skiers. Anna took off her jacket with a wholesome glow baby.

— Well, now lying in wait for his dad. He probably somewhere stuck in a traffic jam on his “Lexis”.

Dima jealously watched over the actions of mothers and frowning. His father was no longer a close and it seemed that all over him because of ridicule and make fun of. But in fact it was not. Meanwhile, Anya again put at Dima jacket, knit cap pulled on the hood. And quickly brought his son to the rash blizzard.

Anna was not in vain wheeling in the kitchen. Hot and flavorful chicken, just taken out of the oven, published the magnificent smells rich spicy oriental spices. Molding golden crust, delicious rose chicken carcass on a platter lined with a baked potato in no way inferior color peel chicken. And fried onion rings to an amber color, odor competed with cilantro, fragrant celery and bay leaf smell. This still life is graced bank pickles and a bottle of red wine. Anya went into the apartment, drawn, these exquisite scents, went to the kitchen without removing clothing.

— Wow! — Overlooking the course, which was put Anna on the kitchen table, utter delight.

— I did not lose time in vain, as you can see. — Proudly she said.

Well, we’re quick.

Anna returned to her son. Dima at that time already had time to remove his outer clothing, and tinkered with the boots.

— Hold on, son, I’ll help.

Anna took off her coat, scarf and began take sub. Shoes off baby. Soon they were all gathered around the table. When the chicken was done, and Dima went to his room, the women were left alone in the kitchen.

— This is what I think — began to speak first Anya. — This letter does not mean anything without a second letter, which I have not got on demand. What do you think, Anna, can it intercepted at the worst time for us, eh?

— I have, in general, thought so too at first, but after analyzing the situation, I realized that this letter, on demand, and was not.

— Where did you get that?

Anna thought. Then she said, to withstand momentary pause:

— When our men disappeared in an unknown direction, and we took turns to pull in for questioning, then, having received a letter of demand, we would be so framed to the general, we would not be sitting here in silence and warm.

— So, it was not. — Was once again convinced Anya in their guesses. So, Elsa Eduardovna wrote metaphorically about something that needs to be laid out there. And she was determined not hesitate for a second, decided to analyze each line of text written by Aunt Elsa. Anna suddenly said:

— You know, let’s drink this red wine. — She pointed out a bottle uncorked.

No, Anna. I specifically put it in the kitchen cupboard, in a prominent place so that you could see it and become stronger in their decision not to drink more than ever.

Well, you and Annie Inquisitor!

— What can you do, Anna, you’re everything to me something with which I now live after the death of his mother and the loss of Lenny.

— Well, then, let’s go through the rooms.

— Yeah, it’s too early. Although I do tomorrow night to get up early. Honor that be.

— And I porous in your room on the bookshelf.

— Yes, I advise you to read Jack London, there’s a lot of interesting things there.

Women went from room to room, even though it was still too early six o’clock thirty minutes in the evening. The windows are grizzled. Early spring was not like a spring, rather, it was still winter in his swing. Though the days have become longer.

Anya came to his son. Dima was sitting on a shaggy carpet and heat was building a house out of blocks. Toy cars were scattered nearby. Trying not to disturb him, Anya took a letter from the bookcase and sat in a chair in the corner of the room and began to carefully re- read line by line, trying to comprehend the meaning inherent Aunt Elsa there. Her attention was drawn to the lines: “… Here it is, and has forwarded this letter, which I hope will get to you. I have a surprise for you, Anya. After three- plus years, you still will be able to request an main post office in Moscow to demand Sent me with a light hand on Alexei your name. If all else fails, take your passport and go down again to the administration. you will have to give it. There you will find an indication of the fact that you have a substantial amount of money in U.S. dollars and this amount tucked away in a safe place, where you will learn from the letter …”

After reading these lines a few times, Anna thought. She was drawn words: “… for you, Anya surprise. — And another thing — there you will find a reference to the fact that you have a significant amount of money … — And that — this amount is hidden in a safe place, where you will learn from a letter …”

Well, of course, it has to learn from this letter, which is holding in his hands. Anya was feverishly over phrases lines, comparing the read information from a variety of items that they knew Elsa Eduardovna together. In memory of her suddenly emerged antique jewelry box with secret wedding gift Elsa Eduardovna. On its existence, Anya long forgotten. At first, she folded back her ornaments, which gave her husband, then when moved to a pawn shop jewelry, began to develop various unnecessary gizmos, which did not want to leave. But where does this casket? Anya, intuitively rather than for a specific purpose, opened the top door of the bookcase and pulled out a beautiful box. On the cover were depicted in the national costumes of German girl and a young man in dance. The box was made of mahogany and looked like new. Anya opened the lid, trying to look for there, among the various gizmos those that they, along with Elsa Eduardovna going over the long evenings when Anya was output in practice. This should help her to understand the allusions letter or give the impression of a surprise, said in the same letter. At the very bottom Anya came across a credit card Import Bank, which lists her scholarship. As students of the University, where she studied Anne, were more than seventeen countries of the world, and the bank was independent from Russian banks. Anna sighed, put down the card aside. Then took out a beautiful and big buttons on a mink coat, which once gave her Lenya, and she has put in pawn. Tears welled in her eyes. It is with sadness and emotional weight, shut the box. Sat in a chair in deep thought, fiddling with a credit card. That would have to go now and take a scholarship and a month does not think about nothing than to feed herself and her son. What if there are not selected yet the money? We must go and check. Your feet will carry her into the hallway, she did not even hear the voice of Dima:

— Mom, where are you going?

It was only when she put on her coat and a gray scarf remembered about her son:

Aunt Anna, you will pack today and tomorrow will take to kindergarten. I work early tomorrow! Go, my son, come play, I come quickly.

Anna ran into the street. The snow blinded. The nearest ATM quarter was an afterthought, not noticing the weather. Student card warmed hand in his pocket. With trepidation Anya stuck the card in the ATM receiver, dial the code. Looking waited withdrawal amount on the ATM screen. Finally, the screen gave something commensurate. Too many zeros and ahead of number five. Anya afraid, demanded five dollars. ATM cold counted the amount of hundred- dollar bills and passed through the window. Anna could not believe it. After going through the code and it took another five dollars, cash counted out five hundred- dollar bills. Anya has done way back in a daze. Not noticing the hewer of the wind and snow any distance to the house. So that meant Elsa Eduardovna. So what a surprise it was cooked. Piled up a fortune stunning. She did not go home, and swam in what is a fog of nothingness. Thoughts were confused in my head and realize their wealth Anya could not yet the end. It seemed to her that a simple scholarship extra received not, at the time, and nothing more could be in her bank account. And the thing is, some thousands of rubles, not thousands of dollars. We’re not accustomed to it yet, these huge amounts of money. On my floor she got a lift and only when the elevator door opened, only then she realized that he was at the door of his apartment. From the doorstep, without undressing, Anya called Anna:

— Sobinova, come here!

Anna surprise came from Dima’s room. Behind her, a boy and curiously watched the mother.

— What happened? — She asked worriedly.

Thus, especially nothing happened. — Sly smile, telling her Anya. — But, you know, get dressed.

— You look like a crazy right now! — Not budging, she said. In my mind this myself Anna could not imagine for a second. As it is, looking at the night out of the warm nest in a crossing snow blizzard. — You’re kicking me, or what? — Not laughing, half in earnest, she said.

— You, Anna, crazy, or what? Do not expel, and the call to the supermarket. Come on, buying more food, but more tasty.

Anna could not believe it, where does a poor Ani Krazimovoy bred money? And grasping the last opportunity to stay at home, she blurted out:

A Dimka?

— He does not get used. Will stay here one.

— Mama, buy me that be of the toys.

— Buy and son. Just you be a good girl. Sit alone. We Aunt Anna did not last long. You see, I do not even undress.

— I know you’re not a long time! — Grumbling at all, as an adult, going to his room.

— Annie, have you won the lottery?

No, I got my scholarship does not get it.

Soon, shivering with gusts snowstorm, the women went to the nearest supermarket. Sped past the car. And on the opposite side of the road grizzled wide ribbon snow- covered Moscow river. It was nineteen twenties, when they entered the store. Cashier currency exchanger was still working. And Anya exchanged two American dollars for Russian rubles. This money was enough to purchase different culinary delicacies and drinks with juices.

They returned with full corporate packages in hands…

Anya Krazimovoy, and along with Anna Sobinova ended poverty.

What she proudly said Anne in the kitchen:

You know, I’m not going work.

I.e., how? I’ve been pondering where I go, so that we no longer live in misery, and you, such you say nonsense! And you thought that your scholarship has long run out?

Anna said nothing, only smiled slyly and said yes, insisting on the:

— And that’s it. I will not go all! And my scholarship in the years ahead will suffice.

— Something you’re not telling me, Annie? Yeah, you got the same letter, and I lied, what is not?

— We read together the letter and it says, about a hiding place in the house of Elsa Eduardovna, but not here with Dima.

— You’re weird, or what? A safe, in which neither be in a Moscow bank, where you had time to visit and took some of the money.

No, it is not so! However, the money you will have. I’ll give you each month by thousands of dollars.

— Well, thank you for this!

Anna did not take offense. The money we need. We need to find our guys. And I think that where there appeared to be yours and my Lenya.

— What do you mean?

— And what of the letter, Elsa Eduardovna mentioned Antarctica.

— Are you sure she’s telling the truth?

— Have you forgotten already, Anna, as an investigator Smirnov, remember to mention it to our inquiries, Antarctica?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, I remember. So they were there. A threat out there who have heard Garin and Elsa Eduardovna it that simple?

Anna, you know, something tells me that your Peter and my Lenya needed there as experts in space travel, and they’re on the job.

— Yes, it seems to be true. At the same time there.

— What do you mean?

— And the fact that the extra ballast they do not hold.

— Oh, do not hold? And how Garin and his wife?

A Garin surely secured the support of our guys.

— How? — Asked Anya.

A so that if the General and his family something to happen, Peter and Leonid will not work for them.

— Now your story is similar to the truth and I am afraid that we cannot find space there.

— Even as there! — Anna’s eyes shone strongly. It seems to be that it is prepared to immediately move on foot and even in the forty- degree cold of Antarctica for their Petya.

Anna, we will not need them. — Make an attempt to cool the hot passion of Sobinova Anya — as long as we do not know about our husbands.

So, we must find a way to contact our husbands, otherwise this trip to Antarctica will come out to bite us.

— That makes no sense. How do we let them know that we have enough money to rent an American Sixth Fleet and throw it on the former German base in Antarctica. — Complete the dialogue Anya.

Yeah, you know how to pull at the wound patients. — Anna sighed. Break off a chicken leg from a fragrant fried carcass, was chewing, biting into slices of white meat. Women are no longer talking. Silently, finishing dinner, they went from room to room. Anya, going into the bedroom to her son, she saw him sleeping in street clothes. Careful not to wake him up, stripped and put him under a blanket, then lay down by herself. Sleep did not come to her. In different thoughts crept into my head. Built extravagant plans, and broke like crystal stemware on a cement floor, unable to bear the smallest argument. In the end, she began to fall asleep, plunging into the troubled dreams. She had a beautiful garden. The trees were in bloom and bear fruit, and at the same time. On a branch of the same tree hung ripening fruits of unprecedented, and which is not the usual form. Fruits are published enjoyable and delicious flavor, but such that excited by a passionate desire to rip ripe and then eat it. Hand she reached for the nearest branch. Suddenly emerged from the thick leaves of the snake’s head. With a terrible hissing snake wrapped around his arm and dug her teeth, sharp needles. Anya shivered. I woke up in a cold sweat. Instantly, finding himself in bed, drew a breath of relief. Near the peaceful sniff son in a dream finally calmed the woman.

— I dream about the same! — In the hearts she said, almost inaudibly. Then rolled over on its right side, and fell asleep again.

— Mom, Mom! — Anya’s son was pushing, trying hard to wake up the sleeping mother. — You, why do not you go to work?

— Son, I’m not going to go to work.

— And what will we live? — As already quite mature, well- worn veteran, said Dima.

— Do not worry, we have enough.

— You have to lead the kindergarten?

Yes, my son, let’s get going.

After charges are laid on the floor an hour, they are fun to run out of the house. Dima did not cease to be amazed change in the mother’s mood, and he suddenly became too easily and freely at heart.

From kindergarten on the way home in a familiar ATM Anya took off another thousand dollars and come with a money back home. Anna sat in the kitchen and drank strong coffee.

Well, Annie, you’re something promised.

— I do not remember. — When removing the coat in the hall, she replied Anne. — Remind Me!

Ah, do not you remember? — Appearing in the doorway of the kitchen with a steaming cup of coffee in hand, with iron tone of voice Anna continued, — A monthly fee of one thousand dollars?

— Oh, that! And we are You so much? — Laughing teased her Anya.

— And you have them? — A question with a question answered Anna.

— Yes!

— I do not believe until I see.

— If I had promised. — Anya pulled out of the side pocket of a jacket stack of hundred- dollar spear. — That’s it! — Handed her friend. Anna could not believe his wealth, and asked in surprise:

— Are they yours? — She continued to stare wide- eyed like a madwoman on a pack of bills in his hands. The words stuck in her throat, tears in their eyes.

— Excuse me. I was thinking that you’re making fun of me for my miserable existence and the general … — Anna did not finish, began to sob. Anna hugged her to him. Stroking her back comforting words:

— Well, well, do not. Now we do not perish.

Anna, like a little girl wiped her tears with his fist. Then pulled out a pink terry robe handkerchief and blew her nose loudly. Already cheered up voice said:

And, let’s change the outfit?

— What is it?

— Do not play, Annie. Well, we will waive the boutiques.

No, friend. We will, as to attract an unhealthy interest.

— What, you and I that bad looking?

— I would not say, but I’m afraid. This is our history with you under the watchful eye effect, does not inspire me. I am totally against. And then, who told me that he will rush out to look for her missing husband!

— In the case of a lot of money! — Explained Anna. Anya deep in thought. She felt as if in search of Leni she was ready to rush out and without any means, but held back her son. And it was her only reason. And hear from Anna Sobinova such words, she did not expect. Anna said Ani confusion and hurried to clarify:

After all, without the means, it’s certain death. No, my Petenka this would never have approved.

Anya had calmed down and said,

Nam, Sobinova with you, it is necessary to develop a plan of our search.

Well, well. I certainly agree. Come on, correct situation with finding husbands.

Anna, I do not like your thug slang.

— Oh, how sad, Annie. I’m just down from hopelessness. — She said dully. Her huge brown eyes sparkled again brilliant shine with tears. Anya was more to comfort her friend. She turned abruptly and went into Dima’s room. Anna slowly trudged into the kitchen. Soon there came Anya with a thick notebook in hand and a ballpoint pen.

— So, we will capture all the details that will plan the case.

— You, Annie, if you know everything on the front, as well as what to do?

— No. But when we all plan out and prepare, calculate costs, and our budget is, in this respect, it will be clear all the details. We will feel a lot more confident. Believe me, it is.

Anna, suddenly became serious. Tears gone from my eyes:

— And you’re right, Anne. Only in this way we will be able, to do something meaningful and serious.

Well, so what’s the deal. Here, dear, and let’s start with you. Let’s express the ideas.

Anna is deeply lost in thought, then said:

— And you, you do not know how and where we can go and ask? Hey you, out there, on the top, not seen our guys?

— Here you also made me think. What do you think, who we can all learn and ask? The one who they had last seen?

Anna opened her eyes:

— Tell me and I’ll tell you just thought he was talking about, as I do?

— You are right, exactly.

Then, of course, General Garin.

— And Elsa Eduardovna. — Reasonably noticed Anya.

— Only they and no one else will tell us about our family. Look, it’s not Antarctica, and warm edge.

— Yes, of course. — Confirmed Anya. — And to go there we might as well. The money we now have a sufficient amount, and the rest will follow. — And she looked intently into the eyes Anna.

— Well, we’ll get there? — Anna asked, willing to follow a friend to the end of the world.

— I believe it is necessary to buy travel packages to Chile’s capital Santiago. And we will continue to act impromptu.

— Annie, not so fit. — Sobinova protested.

— Is that you talking to me? Well, offer, offer, that not be better! — Anya replied impatiently.

— Yes, you must understand, you know that I do not mind the trip, but everything must be thoroughly thought out. Well, as it were, to exclude chance, or to reduce them to a minimum. — Pressing his hands to his chest, said Anna.

— Yes, I still got excited, I’m sorry. Let’s just ponder and decide.

Then, write, first paragraph…

Anna and Anna for a long time, all day sat in the kitchen with a notebook in hand, to have been brought all the items of their preparation for the upcoming private expedition to a distant country Chile to Villa Bavaria. And in the end the plan clearly built Anna said:

— It is necessary to carefully examine everything about this Villa Bavaria. This may be the Internet, encyclopedia, what may be pamphlets and other articles.

So, we need the library.

— We must take on all of this, i.e. the collection of information let’s say a month. And in the meantime us what tour or whether the agency will prepare documents to travel.

Also, it is reasonable. — Confirmed Anya. — So we need to share our responsibilities.

— How?

— You will get information, I’ll design our trip.

— You know, Annie, you’re somehow completely forgot that you’re not alone.

— I mean, how is it?

A Dimka?

— Oh, you know. Of course, he will travel with us, it will look as convincing fact, peaceful tourist visit to the Villa. Thus, the faster we will miss the Villa, and we can even try and make inquiries about the family Garinova without much risk of deliberate discrediting of the colony in the eyes of the world public.

— Wow, you’re like a rally in defense of the environment against the emission of carbon dioxide. — Anna joked.

— You do not answer, Sobinova, according to you? — With the commander’s tone of voice, said Anne.

Yes, yes, of course. I’ll catch the information about the place where we go. And it will be tomorrow.

Ah, yes. It’s time to go for Dima.

Well, let’s go, and I’ll make you that be.

You know, there Dimka so fed that he almost lost touch with home- cooked meals.

Well, such a mistress like you in the kitchen, not surprising.

Yeah, you go! — Anya came out with a smile, is preparing to go to the son. Anna began to peel potatoes…

Chapter 3

The next day, Anna went to the Central Library Moscow, the former TSKKPSS them VI Lenin.

Anya and Dima in kindergarten. Then, plan ahead to plan, it will search for a suitable travel company. The Arbat is a whole network of these firms offering a variety of tours around the world, and came to Anne, and started looking for suitable. With Anna, they decided to meet in the evening and exchange of information extracted.

So, Anna Sobinova entered by opening the door to a massive library. In the lobby with cloakroom at her curiously stared elderly woman working in a form in which employees were wearing. Anna eyeing suspiciously, especially delaying look at the shabby gray coat and patching in several places, downy shawl, said:

— Well, I understand the students, they need to. And what to you, woman! There is no hospice for the poor!

Anna chain reaction instantly matured three to four storied curses are far from intelligent expression, but, mindful of its mission, struggling to restrain himself, barely managed to say:

— Accept, madam, my mink coat and hat! — And put it on the shelf receiving his cloak. Receptionist vigorously grabbed the clothes and hung a blank space on the rack and threw it numbered, hissed in response:

— When you leave do not forget to pick up!

— Do not forget! — And began with a notebook in her hand up for a young girly for the record. Turn quickly came and received the form, Anna sat down at an empty table to fill their passport details. With that, she handled quickly and returned the girl to fill in the blanks.

— You must also pay a membership in the library.

— What if I’m on the same day?

— No, you’re going to use the same computer, the Internet, maybe something printed out and enjoy books magazines?

Well, of course I will! — Anna agreed.

In the cash- go. And bring me a receipt, I’ll give you a one- time library card.

After all these formalities Anna is a one- time library card came in the reading room and sat down at the specified in the issued token desk with a computer and a lamp on it. Anna on the Internet to quickly find the right materials. And after sitting in the reading room of 16- 00, had a complete picture of the founder of Villa Bavaria. His political views. And just about modern living villas. On its place in tourism and other activities. Accurately record all that was interesting, Anna gathered home with a sense of completed tasks.

Anna, in turn, made a tour of the travel agencies. Agencies unanimously confirmed that it is necessary to confirm the ability to pay to the bank account of the tourist lay sufficient funds otherwise the trip cannot take place. Anya did not dare show his capital. She was not afraid to do it only with a cash machine, and so that is what the manager could see the amount of money on her credit card, she did not dare. Finally, in one of these agencies, she mustered the courage to open an account manager. Impressive amount, to highlight the numbers on the monitor, the manager had plunged into shock. He could not understand what the numbers flashed on the screen. Several times I went through the code credit card, until in the end, Anya repeated it:

— You have something embarrassing?

— A! Ah! it is true?

— Really? That my uncle left me a legacy?

— Well, I have no further questions. — Have a confident tone in his voice told her manager, Yee added — You know, we have an interesting tour in the neighborhood of Villa Bavaria.

— Yeah! — Anya, nearly blurted out “And I go, just right!” — But, in time restrained. Then, in a tone a little interested in the offer, said: — Well, I’m not a food. We must reflect on your offer.

To remove doubts client, the manager was ranting about the fabulous surroundings that surrounds the villa, show brochures, trying to talk on this tour. Anna broke down and gave up the first one:

— And tell me, how much time is spent on a passport, a visa is done, well, that sort of thing?

Well, let’s say for the accelerated deadline for a certain amount, of course in American dollars, ten days maximum. — A young man so inspired Ani account that such a customer he did not want to let go so easy. — We’ve got a nice tour of the Chilean coastal city with a cruise on the ship, if you will.

— Well, young man, your proposal suits us.

So, I form you this cruise?

— I told you that I go not alone. And I need advice.

— Then I wait for you — the manager made a waiting pause, hoping that Anna will say when exactly it intends stated for processing permits. Without waiting, he continued — and when you have to wait?

— Don’t worry, I’ll get back to you.

The manager made a cheerful face wreathed in smiles, and he felt that it is possible to offer a more expensive tours, he spoke again:

— Tell me, why you need it in Chile? We have more…

Anya did not let him finish:

— Yes, because you were offered this particular tour, and he was our best. And I, a young man is not going to change their decision. You clearly!

Manager afraid that it will lose a client because of its intrusiveness, tried to correct the situation:

No further questions. I look forward to your decision.

— I’ll visit you soon. — Anya goodbye. The manager took her to the most openwork iron gate office. And Anna, inspired by the success, came home. And she became inspired to cook dinner in the kitchen, waiting for Anna. Wall clocks have shown 16- 00. Anna is still not there. Anya decided to go for Dima. And there really sure when it will come with his son, Sobinova be home.

She put on her boots, coat shawl. Suddenly remembering that Anna did not leave a letter, in boots and went into the kitchen on a piece of wrapping paper wrote: “Issues are being addressed. Discuss, after the evening. I’m for Dima. Anya”…

Anna, finding the note, looked at the plate. There were pans with cooking dinner. But it is not wanted. Impatiently she began arranging his notes, building a coherent picture of the Villa Bavaria. So in a concise and intelligible form to tell Anna about the priceless information that managed to get into the library.

Anna sat still in the kitchen, poring over the test when it ran excitedly into the kitchen without having to remove coats, Dima:

— Aunt Ana! Aunt Ana! Is it true that we will soon leave for the holidays?

— Dima, my mother said that to you?

— Mama! Mom! A what? — Dima surprise knew no bounds.

— I told him. — Has been followed by the son of Anne. It still was wearing a coat, a scarf she had already removed. — Said to somehow cheer, cheer up.

— Are not you afraid that the whole of Moscow will soon find out where we came in “vacation”? — Cautious and anxious tone of voice asked Anna.

— Nope! Because we’re going on vacation, but not quite.

— Yeah! Now, it seems, understand, Annie, where we’re going! Well, such is not yet decided? — Wink, said Sobinova.

Well, of course, is not decided! — Winked back, resounded with Anya.

— Mom, what? Where are we still going? — Continuing to pull the coat sleeve, said Anna’s son.

— Here we are with Aunt Anna and decide. You go so far in his room to play. And do not forget to take off the robe!

Dima slowly retreated into the hallway. Soon there was heard scuffling boy with outerwear. Behind him out into the corridor and Anya. There, she helped her son take warm clothes and hang neatly on a hanger to dry. And a minute later, she returned to the kitchen to Anna:

— Now, Sobinova, we will deal with our knowledge. — Sitting down at the kitchen table in front of Anna, she put her notebook with records. — So, Anna, that you dug for Villa Bavaria? — Ton prince in their expedition leader, said Anne. Anna did not oppose the leadership Krazimovoy and eagerly began to report:

— I have thoroughly examined all the available information to me in the library. In addition, through the Internet, has come to the Foundation of the British Royal Library. They collected the finest and not even the most important facts. However, some computer translation is not exact, but the meaning is clear enough option to get an idea about the subject. Let’s start from the beginning of the founding of the Villa since 1961. Colonia Dignidad — German settlement in Chile, founded in 1961 by Paul Schaefer Nazi criminal, officially called the “Charitable and Educational Society” Dignidad.””

— And who is this Paul Schaefer?

— Judging by the scant information I dug up on the Internet, it appears that he is not a Nazi war criminal. Documents incriminating him in Nazi atrocities found. But on his spiritual life formed the impression that this is a God- fearing and deeply, I would say, fanatical believer. In any case, as stated about it in magazines and the Internet some of the articles that I was able to get. True, he had once been convicted of the holy church, where he led a service of molesting young boys. A scandal broke out. Followed by excommunication. Then Schaefer creates Bible Society, entitled “Charitable and Educational Society” Dignidad “”, which invited people of faith, and with amazing magical powers of persuasion follow their pastor Paul Schaefer, giving all of their savings and the state of society. Following the example of the Ambassador of Chile in Germany Schaefer Chilean authorities seeking permission to relocate and lease with option to purchase a further 12,000 hectares of land under the organization of the German settlement. That they had been successfully implemented.

— Tell me, Anna, and what does this Schaefer to modern Dignidad colony?

Already, no. He is the honorary head of the settlement. But his seat to anyone not known. And in general, it is not known whether he is alive still or not?

Well, when we put modern technology prolonging life, and judging by your stories out there know how to take care of their health and reputation, I think that still resides somewhere. Well, God be with him with this Schaefer. You better tell me what is a modern colony?

— Dignidad from universal international reputation as a thriving agricultural enterprise, where they grow vegetables and fruits. Raise pigs and cows and supply half the country’s fresh meat, milk, cheese, butter and other gifts of nature. On the basis of the settlement established tourist center called “family club”. Tourists are there well met by the fact that the colonists time to understand that tourism is a good income. Is there a well- maintained hotel, designed in the style of the thirties pre- war Germany? A restaurant serving German national dish with beer, and of course the rich exotic tours are conducted. Tourism business run by the same “family club”. By the way in this “family club” can sign up and become members of the club everyone by paying a membership fee.

— And do you believe, Anna, in the fact that a member of the Club can be anybody?

Of course, Anya is not. This farce invented for the sole purpose to attract more tourists. However, we can book trips to Villa Bavaria and somehow try to contact with the general.

— It will depend on how and where we will spend. Maybe this tour is held at gunpoint.

— So, we will focus on the circumstances on the ground. You’re the best, Annie, tell me, what have you got?

— The company is. It is possible to quickly, within two to three weeks to issue permits to fly to Chile and…

Women have long sat in the kitchen, discussing and making a situation in which, as they thought they might be by chance or intentional acts and how to get out of these adventures without a loss. Long after midnight, sounded sacramental phrase Ani:

— What would be beyond our plan to revise the location of our deployment. And, remember, Anna, now we are working on the plan drawn up by us.

— Yes, my general! — Said in a joking manner Sobinova, overflowing emotions upcoming preparations for the expedition and its further implementation.

In the morning, the women began to act according to a predetermined plan. Anna stayed home. Scheduled her cooking lunch and dinner. Anya same Dima withdrew from kindergarten and hurried to the familiar travel agency.

Execution of documents began with filling in forms for permits and passports, the filling of other documents, health insurance and other formalities. When this was finished and were mere trifles to be solved in the course of ten days of registration, she said with a smile manager:

A photo on the passport I will bring tomorrow. — With these words she left the agency…

Chapter 4

Sobinov Krazimov, following a Firs background, entered into a bright and spacious room with high and wide windows that ran to the ceiling height of twenty meters.

— Wow! As in the St. Sophia Cathedral in St. Petersburg! — Said Peter.

— If you do not take into account that more than one hundred meters in height and with a pendulum in the middle. — Leonid parry. Then asked the accompanying background Firs:

— Why so tall ceilings?

He is short and arrogant rapped: — All in good time! — And added more subdued — find out later.

Suddenly, behind a man’s voice rang out:

— They are the ones whom you spoke? — The question was intended to Firks background. They all turned toward the speaker. In a white medical coat unbuttoned, was not a tall man tightly knit. Next to the very tall background Firs his figure seemed to dwarf, though he was only two centimeters below the three friends. His biting brown eyes like thorns dug into pieces and Leonid Peter, appraising them with the measuring head to toe. These eyes are planted close together, expressing contempt and disgust. The man had his nose slightly aquiline, from which came right and somehow reminded not falcon, not a parrot’s beak. The lower jaw was pushed forward, outlining a massive chin. He quickly grabbed the waistband of trousers a shining object and immediately threw it in the direction of Leonid. Krazimov immediately responded and almost mechanically caught the object on the right hand. Then he began to think of what happened, looking at the horse shoe in his hand.

Well, ka bend it! — Ordered the stranger rude defiant tone. Leonid was not ready for such treatment:

— Who are you to tell me what do I do with this thing? — And he threw a shoe at his feet on the cement floor and kicked it to the side to give up. A man with his toe deftly tossed it to his right hand and caught horseshoe hand, then calmly tucked in his belt. Watch this background Fiers unexpectedly intervened:

— It Kecho! Your instructor of martial arts, your mentor, and you have the commander on all matters to address him. Now it is for you commander for the duration of training.

— Say, background Fiers, and this warden Kecho at what time put in charge to us? — Peter could not resist not to be ironic. At that, without paying any attention to Peter von Fiers continued: — He will teach you all that you need to know. And most importantly, how to stay safe and sound, or in other words, how to protect your body and your mind in the fighting with serenity.

Kecho intervened: — Can you call me that, Sir coach. I’ll call you by name and the “you”. Remember, you will need to contact me, Mr. trainer and only to “you.” Remember, for not obeying, bickering, no knowledge of the lesson — the cooler. And what is the lock — up will know when you get there, you advance to frighten the lock — up will not. Do you understand?! It is clear! — Peter replied. — But what scares me more is not your lock- up, and your bad manners, sir.

— No sir, but Mr. Coach! And are you telling me? — Kecho asked indignantly. He waved his hand and Peter, as if struck by lightning on the back. Sobinov then felt another blow to the stomach, from which the breath away. From this blow Peter bent down and immediately grabbed another blow to the neck, which was accompanied by abundant rain from his eyes sparkling in sparks. Kecho while standing at a distance of five meters from Sobinova and slid a hand, producing intricate movements: — Therefore, all I’ll have to teach you idiots. And now, you, — he pointed a finger at Krazimova — Take this bag of garbage — he nodded toward Peter — and follow me! — He rushed past a surprised Leonidas and writhing from the unbearable pain of Peter. — I’ll show you to your rooms, where you will live. Leonid picked up Peter and the one moaning, leaning on his friend’s shoulder, followed by a near Krazimov to trace rapidly receding Kecho. At this time, silently watching everything going on background Fiers turned abruptly and left the room.

Kecho on the go, hurriedly explained the rules of behavior in the school and schedule:

Lift- six in the morning! Procedures…

He was a long corridor with many doors. The corridor ended deadlock. Right and left side, opposite to each other are arranged two doors.

— This is your room. There is everything you need for an overnight stay. Rooms are given to you each separately, in order to avoid communication. Specificity of training is individual and each will receive a share of knowledge. That there was no distortion in communication, you will live separately. Do you understand?!

— Yes, sir Coach! — Chorused friends.

Well, for today. Relax! Tomorrow at seven in the morning, waiting for you in the hall! — With these words Kecho suddenly disappeared. As he succeeded, Leonid did not notice because I was busy with a friend who is very ill back.

— You help me. — Peter prayed.

— What are you talking, of course! — Leonid readily responded and supporting each other, dragged him into the room, which was located on the left side of their movement. On a wooden bed had fresh bed. The room is warm and smelled fresh and ozone. Standard room immediately struck by friends. Leonid not help but notice:

— They sketched, perhaps, from our hostel in rehab?

— Oh- ho- ho, or a nursing home. — I tried to make a joke Peter through the pain. — You know Leon, I is not up to at a party.

— You know, Petrushka, I think I can help you, heal.

— Are you kidding me? — Grimacing in pain, replied Peter.

— Not at all. And listen to what needs to be done.

Peter slowly and with difficulty down to the edge of the bed.

— Here I sit, and like nothing hurts.

That’s right. But you have this jerk Kecho, contact was not. — Philosophically Krazimov.

Yes, of course not. But the pain is real, as if the weights whacked me on the spine and neck.

— So you have to forget the pain.

— How is it?

— Just go and forget the pain. Well, for one, do not have it and that’s it.

— How is that?

— And just like that, then there is no injury, there is a suggestion in the distance.

Yes, there is no injury. — Peter concentration began to think that there is no pain. And a fragment of the imagination was floated in memory in two ways. Suddenly, he felt that the pain was gone. He quickly jumped up and said happily:

— You, Leon, right! No sense of pain. Very strange it all is that it generally was. — The memory returned his recent sufferings and immediately Sobinova pierced sharp cramps in his back. — Oh- oh- oh! — He grabbed his waist. Down on the bed, face contorted grimace of pain.

— What am I saying, forget the pain she’s gone. — Urged the Leonidas. Peter jumped up again and have already firmly decided not to think about incidents. And the pain for quite left him.

After checking in recovery friend Leonid hurried off to her.

When Leonid went into his room, his astonishment knew no bounds. The room was furnished exactly in exactly as in the rehabilitation center. The same furniture. The same chair and wardrobe. At the coffee table nailed to the wall bookshelf with books on it. I thought: “I am confident that the selection of books is the same!” — And he came closer with curiosity to see the volume. Was striking that adventure Eulenspiegel, here near Dumas’ The Three Musketeers “and” Twenty Years Later. “And here is the famous “Twelve Chairs” and Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”. Leonid sadly turned away from books, automatically looked out the window. There, oh, this cannot be a familiar landscape is exactly the same as the window of the rehabilitation center. Is seen adjacent to the windows of the park. In the rays of afternoon sun blooms spring leaves. Leonid instinctively glanced at the clock that ticked rhythmically on the wall, there was already 14- 00. Well, if there reigns a familiar environment, that is, the need to collect your thoughts and think about all the good. Understand what happened, good deal of thought to do next? With that in mind, he went into the bathroom. For a long time, there was splashing, washing off the raid today and the unpleasant impression of the meeting with the coach Kecho. Water, miraculously calmed completely shattered, despite a good exposure, the nervous system. And with the reassurance came clarity of thought and reason. The clock hands are showing 16- 00, when Leonid sat down in a chair under a bookshelf. With the book in hand, with his favorite piece Adventures of Eulenspiegel. “But he did not read. Contents and actions of the main character seemed so naive at times to primitivism stupid that he soon closed it and put it in place. Then took Dumas’ Twenty Years Later. “Here the character’s act in a coordinated and targeted, reaching its intended target with confidence and in some cases even before the senseless folly. Not so with Peter, they have no reason to act. Yeah, and what they hope for? After all, out of this world do not. But He, Leonidas, and found himself in such a situation is not to lay down their arms and desperately trying not to act in an attempt to find a way out. Vedas Two- Face in the clutches of the World, from which all seemed to be no escape, he still managed to get out in one piece. And there he was alone. Here his friend’s shoulder, his support and participation will help to sort out joint actions in the hidden situation and take action. This latency is due to unknown obstacles and uncertainty dictate their terms to the action. And Leonid decides to sort things out, namely, put all the items where they were? whom serve? Who is the real background Fiers and to whom does it serve? Who is the scientist Theo and who he is here on Earth? And many, many questions that will arise in the course of their stay with Peter this world, as well as the individual Kecho Range States and who they really are? And, to understand with all this incomprehensible jumble of community, and that the community is behind it, it will be possible to draw some conclusions and a decision will come. He would share his thoughts with Sobinova tomorrow in training. And Peter, probably just thinks like him, Leonid.

During the deliberation of his position quickly time flew by. And in those moments, as he wanted to go to Peter, to discuss the situation further joint action. His restrained only a stern warning Kecho never If not talk to each other and undeniable threat of solitary confinement, in case of disobedience. Leonid, of course, was not afraid of threats, especially from the questionable coach. But in the current situation worth behave cautiously and prudently. He went to the kitchen. There, Leonid found a set of several varieties of coffee. And even in the refrigerator find fresh milk, which astonished him. Location here in the transcendent world, milk. He opened a plastic bottle, filled his glass, took a sip. The milk was fresh- tasting and smelling herbs. Fresh bread on the table sliced cakes and groin. Amazing service hit a neat and tidy, but a sense of suspense did not leave him. In the end, Leonid, following the folk wisdom “sleep on it”, came out from the kitchen into the room. And soon in bed, after having got the alarm exactly at six in the morning.

In the morning, at six, Leonid jumped out of bed at the sound of frantic alarm. At first could not understand where he is. Very much not like to go back to reality. But, memory inexorably and steadily regained its offensive in the coming days. Finally, he figured out where they are, what with him, so, hurry, there was no point. Gym was Vkontse corridor and five minutes is more than covered that distance. But communion with Peter, it was a pressing issue, especially after the categorical prohibition Kecho, threatened to lock- in the case of disobedience. Depressed by the actual state of things, Leonid, put on his tracksuit. Wearing a suit, he decided to go to Peter in his room, but only after the usual morning routines that occupy no more than twenty- five minutes in the morning. And here he is at the door leading to another room. He firmly grasped the handle front door, immediately metallic voice was broadcast:

— Attention! Trying to break! Do you still have two more attempts! After that you will be used to measure — the cooler!

Automatic voice like clockwork, repeating the same thing without interruption. And only when Leonid away from the door, he turned off.

Hands of the clock slowly crept to the figure 6- 55, to the point where he and Peter will come out at the same time and will go a long corridor, and that’s when he can, Leonid, talk, finally, on the other. But all was not as planned, Leonid. As soon as he and Peter went out of their rooms between them, like a mushroom- ball, rose Kecho.

— Greetings, new recruits! — He spat sarcastically. — What, no waiting! — And not having to say the response word, rattled patter: — You have the room first — so he called Leonid — remained in reserve two more attempts to break the rules set by me, followed by a two- week solitary confinement. I dare say that the trial solitary confinement is included in our program, with the only difference being that the program will hold each of you out there without food and eating exactly one month, it will be only when I teach you the techniques of how to survive such a long stay in the extreme conditions without food and water. You’re number two — he emphatically looked upon Peter — have three attempts.

— And what it is for an animal such lock- up? — Could not resist Peter, stung to the quick responses, dismissive tone, and condescending manner Kecho. They moved down the hall one by one with a trainer Kecho middle. If such a motion all communication between friends were excluded. But Peter’s question Kecho answered

Number two, you are, number one, I explain the first and last time. Lock- up is a measure of punishment, which is the following. The offender is closed in boxing cubical with no windows and lighting. The walls, ceiling and floor of the cement. No food or drink, punishable spends exactly two weeks. After this period, it is taken out, of course, if he survives, it is undergoing restoration, by the way, recovery lasts two weeks, too. But it is in normal circumstances under medical supervision. After that enhanced training to make up for lost material. Do you understand?!

In response Kecho have not heard a word. This brought the coach of the following:

— I cannot hear! — A stern voice, he blurted out.

It is clear! — Angrily responded in chorus recruits.

At this time they entered the hall. In the center of the two circles contoured seats, yellow and red manikin standing selenite as a living. Boca black as pitch, graced by two monster hands- feet. From a distance, these limbs were like four bony hands, or rather shrunken limbs. Two, as a man came from the shoulders, and two out of the trunk on both sides, about somewhere on the level of the umbilicus. All four limbs- ended five- fingered hands clawed tassels, decorated with curved claws, like a vulture.

It’s a robot. — Hurried coach explained. — These circles, yellow inside and red outside made for robot guidance. On it I will show vulnerabilities, where it can pose a threat. You need to realize that the fight between you and the serenity will take place at a subconscious level. — With these words, he pulled out of the holster hanging out on the right side,

a heavy machine gun. — This is a super- modern automatic weapons firing beamer space- time pulses. Getting into serenity, he divides it into atoms, turning the monster in the dust or mist. But to get to it you will need to take possession of his mind. I mean, on the ninety- five percent is not involved in human beings resource your brain. I’ll teach you the technique of mastering these hidden resources which nature and about which you both do not have a clue. Do you understand?!

— Clear. — This time, friends sluggishly responded in chorus. At that Kecho noticed a sharp commanding tone:

— Answer should be like this: “Clearly, Mr. Trainer”. — Repeat!

Clearly, Mr. Coach! — In military minted students.

— Well, that’s better already. Let me explain further. Selenite’s have a very stable attachment to Biotech our subconscious brain is not involved resource. For them, the special pleasure of reading information from your brain cells, and control by the person by bio location processes that are broadcast in your brain. Come closer.

He led students to the yellow circle, explaining:


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