Book-3. Panacea novella

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Book — III. Panacea novella


Book-3 is a continuation of the story set out in Book-2 “The Hilt”. The development of events taking place on a planet like Phaethon in prehistoric times in the constellation Sirius. The heroes of the book are scientists participating in the “Panacea” program, which is to search for an alternative form of energy to save the planet from destruction. At the same time, the crew of the interplanetary spacecraft was sent into deep space in search of an alternative planet to relocate a dying civilization. How was the implementation of the “Panacea” program described in this book, full of incredible adventures of the heroes? You will find out by reading further the series of books of the science fiction novel “Fayeton”.

Happy reading, your author V. Space.

Chapter 1

This winter was particularly cold. On the streets of the city through gray haze evil prickly rare passers-by looked through the mist, wrapped from head to toe in warm clothes. Red disk of the sun hung in the purple haze of the sky, casting copper rays on frost bound by any city. There was virtually no cars in sight. City seemed empty and cold. Unfriendly windows of the houses shone particles free from the frozen ice glasses. From the huge piles of snow on the verges of the gray mist and the silence became uncomfortable, shivering and feeling of impending doom crept itself into the consciousness of people. No one really knew what was going on with nature, went various rumors. But everyone, especially the elderly, agreed on one thing: what’s in de what was his childhood summers are warm and dry, without a heavy cold rain, no cold squally winds, and — what winter. Newspapers have tried to keep quiet about the changes in nature, referring to a hundred years ago this kind of phenomenon is not called to pay attention to climate change. And talked excitedly the intensive work of scientists on the issue of the energy crisis, the shortage of gasoline and fuel at all. Panic itself was not. Plants were operating, schools continued to teach the kids had plenty of food. The Company is not aware of wars, violence, and life was not bad at all. The capital was living a normal life north of the city. On one of those winter days out on the street a young man in the fox fur coat with the collar turned up. Through knit mask of thick woolen material flowed pairs of breath. Face was not visible, only two slits for the eyes. He went out into the street and walked into the direction of a high-rise building with a spire, high in the sky disappears, “solution” to the frosty mist. Small ice crystals crunched under their feet, hard as sandpaper and glittering, at the base of fur boots. The road was quite long. The apparent near the building took a distortion of optical illusion ahead. But at last he set foot on the steps of the wide terrace in front of the main entrance. Steam with a heated stage for a moment, closed figure, but this moments were enough for young people to easily overcome with a dozen granite slabs neatly fitted and found himself in front of embossed gold print banner “Council the planets. “Massive doors opened, letting in a man in a spacious foyer, where him and rushed frost has melted there, becoming a Thick clouds of steam. Finding himself in the heat, he looks ripped the mask, exposing beautiful-featured face with big blue and cold ‘eyes. In the wardrobe helpful robot doorman took a fur coat and boots and filed comfortable slippers. The young man breathed more freely. The lobby was empty. He stepped into the elevator and went up to the fifth floor. The spacious corridors, soft carpeted walkways, people scurrying anxiously. Some ran with folders under his arm, others calmly strolled in pairs between the green cozy nooks. Among all this fuss to meet the young man came out, middle-aged man in a light gray suit with a friendly smile on the face. He held out his hand in greeting and warmly shook both stretched back who came.

— Ah! Theo, I’m glad to see you.

— Hello, Sonia — answer came.

— Today is my report to the Council.

— What, are all the profits? — Theo asked.

— Yes! From the distant planets of Helium, media, and Su Tyria.

— By the way, the Su palpable coalition?

— Not yet, but at the poles, where the conditions were already cold. Migration is at the equator.

— Yeah! What can we expect? — Sadly said Theo. Sleep did not. They came to open the door leading to the hall, very often laden with soft armchairs upholstered in green. The representatives of the scientific world with four planets gathered in the hall. Severe face looked strictly at the podium in front of the towering, where occupied space Son, Theo and eight others, two by two

elected to the Presidium of each planet. The first came from the place of Sleep: — I will be brief. Necessary to solve the problem of life is to survive. That is why we are all here, so we live under the same roof, so we manage the trusted energy of depleting resources.

— Who wants to speak? The first rose of medium height with narrow eye slits man in the Presidency.

— Helion, my word! — Announcing a presentation by Helium planet, Son villages.

— I will be brief, too! — Helion started! — Give us the opportunity to move to the Soo.

In the hall murmured. Heard the remark: — And what are we, in your opinion, Helion?

Son raised his hand, called for calm.

— And warned repeatedly distinguished Council that Helium has no real life conditions. Civilization practically lives at the expense of others. Does it make sense to tolerate that? But representatives of the Sioux strongly oppose it.

— We do not pretend to the equatorial part! Give us Pole! — Shouted Helion.

Sleep again raised his hand, calling for calm. The lights went out immediately. Swam holograms blue expanse of snow-clad ice cities and vacant factories, Life, seemed abandoned planet of cold and darkness. But the picture has changed, showing the stifling streets, lit by the dim light of electric lamps dungeon. People in shabby clothes, half-dressed, almost blind, with no natural light, staring wide-eyed at the camera with a prayer. Heart wavered. Everyone was torturing remorse.

— I demand to give us a pole Su! — Heard the voice Helion in the heavy leaden silence of the hall. The green board above his head Presidency of the Council lighted figure 1400 — the votes for the relocation of the planet Helium on Su. Helion victory was enthusiastically adopted by the Council, under the applause of the hall with his Helion Advisor left room, climbed on the floor above to develop a plan to resettle in the Soo. The remaining rustled again. Sleep is interrupted again.

— If no one has any suggestions, you can break up and renew our one hundred and first session tomorrow. But remember everything, why we are here. Hall sat quietly. In the dead silence all been waiting for a miracle, which would be saved from certain death.

— Give me a call! — Up in the middle of the hall representative of the Delegation of the world media.

— Identify yourself and go to the podium. — Sleep have a wide gesture place for performances.

— I’m Gay, commander of the media that delivered here a delegation of scientists. Slender middle-aged man making his way between the rows to the podium. When he took the place of the speaker and the light illuminated his blond hair, Hall saw an unusually beautiful face and intelligent gray

eyes that glanced openly with sensory involvement, conscious of all the depth of the tragedy.

— I do not know the energy potential of the Union, but firmly convinced that we are not alone in the cosmos.

— Please, more specifically! — Urged Dream.

— My suggestion will seem ridiculous, maybe naive, but in the current situation…

— Do not wait, you say, what you suggest! — Killed him out of the room. Cavalier treatment with astronauts gave the right of scientists, takes pride of place in the Union and in the population of planets, and who are the astronauts — embezzlers and so meager reserves of energy that simply pouring into the pipe ship.

— I ask for one. Search advanced civilization that certainly knows how to get rid of the impending cataclysm. — Hall buzzed like a beehive.

— We do not need to waste precious fuel for children’s fun!

— We’re not crazy! — Sleep again intervened. Hall fell silent.

— Dear Guy, you do know that life in the universe is almost impossible. Probability theory gives a tiny percentage of its existence.

— But still gives! — Guy did not give up.

— Our age — two billion years. During this period of civilization has not found a similar particle in our galaxy! — Insisted Sleep! — Sober mind tells…

— I’ll kill you. Sleep. — Theo suddenly intervened. — I like astrophysicist, I want to warn you, as a crazy, sometimes absurd solutions is the truth.

— Thank you, Theo! — Guy looked gratefully at Astrophysics

— So, I propose to examine the neighboring galaxies through the implementation of our spaceships into all areas of Space and Sensing radio telescopes of all possible space. It cannot be nowhere to be developed beings. In the hall there was dead silence. Guy took advantage of this and lost in the hall. Scientists are thinking. Ten minutes passed. All sat in silence. The hope of salvation — this is not salvation itself, and time on the absurd idea no need action. Proposal Guy went unheard.

— That is all. — Son made a gesture that calls to disperse. Scientists got up and went out on one of the hall.

— Do you, Theo! — Spoke Warmly Sleep! — You do not want to move the Council?

— No, I feel Geyyaninom until I go on the land, as a person.

— Well, well! — Dream patted on the shoulder of a young man. — A now he intends to go?

— I’ll think about proposals Guy.

— Forgive me, but now engage in delusions means incurring the heap ridicule…

— And to be a clown! — Theo finished.

— You’re a smart person, and you will understand me correctly. Dream led him to the elevator. Theo sighed with relief only when closed behind him the massive doors of the Council. Through

thick woolen tie of protection penetrated seventy-five degrees cold, sharp pinching his nose and cheeks. From time to time, Theo was rubbing fur mitten face until no warm-up act, and was able to walk the streets freely. He moved quite a long time, and only when in front of him there was a residential area of flat five-story buildings, stopped and went inside one of them. The door was sealed oval design. Cold inside flight of stairs five-story building did not penetrate, but also enter into a house is also not easy. Tenants need to know the code that is typed on the keyboard, for those who do not know the code, simply, guests will be responsible for the radio host himself. Theo replied to the request melodious voice of a woman. Clicking the castle — and clouds of steam flowed into the doorway together with the guest. Theo easily ran to the fifth floor, where a warm and spacious living room hostess voice. She waited for him at the open apartment door. She was a beautiful looking woman, slender, with long blond braid and smooth, straight nose. Looking at her person picky opinion could not find shit, is not in harmony with the flawless oval face and slightly slanting cut light green eyes. She looked at Theo, as a well-known person open-natured look, gesturing enter.

— And it is thought, would not come. — She said.

— Well, why not? I always think it is better here.

— Yes! It’s good to hear.

— Yes, and I’d like to stay with you, Lea.

— I would be happy. Go to the kitchen, I’ll make coffee.

— Thank you.

She left a corridor to the kitchen, and Theo, like come home unceremoniously started making garments. The apartment was warm and cozy. Air conditioner hummed softly. Stepping soft slippers, Theo entered the room. In the green corner, completely overgrown with tropical plants, colorful birds chirping. It was particularly comfortable here, and the living part of nature does not tally with what was happening on the street. Theo approached the parrot. Ruffled, he sat motionless on a perch inside a large cage. Beady eyes from time to time in the closed half-asleep.

— How are you, Yasha? — Theo asked.

— I’m an old bald bird! — Hissed at the parrot! — What do you the case, how are you?

— Well, what are you bald? You Yasha, beautiful, smart.

— Let’s kiss! Let’s kiss! — shouts parrot carefully portraying the sounds of kisses.

— Come say hello! — Theo insisted.

— Why do I need your hand? — Lisp birdie. — You’re the best, baby, talk about the sport.

Loud laughter women Theo brought to reality. With a small tray behind Leo stood, wearing two cups of steamed coffee. Both laughed and sat down at the coffee table.

— Coffee else is there? — He asked.

— As you see.

— Yes, yes! — Recalling the ban imposed by the Council of Planets Theo bit his tongue. Only they knew that the caterer was only one, it is a planet-soon. Until the next hundred or two hundred years is enough for all, and then what happens next? No one knew. Leah broke the silence.

— Well, what’s heard about the weather?

— Nothing special, one hundred years ago, a phenomenon already observed.

— And do not tell us stories. — Waved his hand to a woman, — You think you’re so clever, do not even suspect that all talk about.

Theo alert: — So what?

— And what comes glaciation.

— Really?

— So much for the well.

— And what will happen in the spring?

— It’s me you should ask that.

— Well, suppose a large warming.

— I would not believe it! — Replied a woman! — If, her eyes staring dreamily into the distance! — If you had not take me to the sea on the azure coast of Su.

— O, Lea. And imagine that there are now as warm as it was then.

— And do you remember where we bought this garrulous Yasha.

— How. You’re very insisted on it.

— And no idea that it would be such a chatty. At six in the morning gets up and starts to raise a ruckus. All living creatures him awake, but now, brat, sleeps… Lea spoke enthusiastically about the birds of the video films, their classroom for the study of control of the body and all that helped to occupy yourself in the winter a long time, people have long Gays did not work in the factories. Equipped with a high precision robotic complexes, industry Gaea gave everything you need.

Theo did not listen to her. He was absorbed in thought about the upcoming release of their search for the Blind status. After all, to do a report what he would say to the Council?

— You, Leah, dealt with the genetics, is not it?

— Yes. But it was so long ago. Our laboratory was dissolved.

— You know, maybe you have to go back to his work.

— O, dear Theo, I’ll be happy!

— Well, we assume that this is your consent. The woman broke into a grateful smile. She stood up and walked habitually sat down to Theo to his knees and kissed him on the lips. He just pushed her away.

— Regulations, Lea, very serious. But as you know, there is no hopeless situations.

— You, my dear, you speak in riddles. More specifically can you say?

— We were forced to remain silent.

— Who?

— The Presidency.

— But you’re a part of it?

— Yes, and I voted for it.

— Then shut up.

A woman lost in thought. She suddenly felt sad and uncomfortable in the warm space of the apartment.

— Let’s go to bed.

She was fascinated by Theo’s bedroom. Soon, there was laughter, carefree and joyful.

Chapter 2

— Word Theo! — The voice of Son notified speech astrophysics. Theo stood up, picked up the paper in a folder and walked slowly to the podium. Hall was staring intently at the young man with a thousand four hundred pairs of eyes. Finally, he went up to the podium. Sometime scribbled leaves rustled. In the guise of it all read that quiet confidence that comes with the wisdom of the venerable scholar.

— Dear colleagues, representatives of their planets. The issues of discussion question of finding intelligent beings … — Hall exploded with indignation, someone even whistled. As the shots rained down replica of his address. Trying to drown Hall, Theo said loudly: — I’ll give you half an hour to vote, and if the majority for, the Bureau will set out the further course of action as early as this


— He hopes to have the Presidency! Hall again buzzed like a beehive. Theo did not fold the paper in the folder, it left the platform the howling audience. In the lobby of the window, which is clearly visible from the area, found his Son.

— I warned you!

— I think our project is all over…

— You need to give the judgment of scientists. Thank God that I know you well, and you satisfied with the Presidency, but to save you is not within our power. Theo looked down. On the cheeks began to play tough nodules, hands clenched in impotent rage beating heart. Son waited, looking at Theo.

— At most times you disappear. Theo looked closely at his colleague.

— I mean canned station disappear until the passions subside. Theo sighed. The Court of scientists — a terrible punishment that deprives many privileges. Unexpected offer Son spoke about and that he would not support Theo if he does not accept that single “Straws” as salvation. The scientist looked at Son. His gray eyes sparkled bewilderment and disappointment. But we must not tarry, otherwise the Council would strike him from its ranks.

— I agree! — Theo curtly.

He came home late. Spent a long time with bulky clothing, removing warm and awkward things in the hallway. A walk in the frost-bound city has calmed somewhat shattered nerves. Theo mouth sighed as the soft dressing gown took him in his arms, and went into the bedroom. Flashing eye signals beamed and darkness of the room, calling host to the phone. Theo reluctantly came up, clicked the button, and the same moment the bell rang.

— Hello! — He said into the phone.

— Oh, is that you? Using A benefits, and we have to cut back on their rations for you!.. — Shouted the man in the tube, a hoarse voice. Theo automatically watered up. Took both hands behind his head and rubbed his temples, eyes, then pulled the cord phone, turn it off. At this time, the doorbell rang.

— A nightmare, no rest because of one stupid mistake. He abruptly pulled the bedroom door and found himself in the blink of an eye at the exit. When the doorway formed a sufficient gap it just got stranger. Hanging by a safety chain, he blurted out:

— Here lives an astrophysicist Theo? — And, looking lively brown eyes, the host continued satisfaction: — Theo, you must listen to me!

— I do not take at night. — Irritated began astrophysicist trying to slam the door. But the stranger leaned into the doorway unto and has wielded it, trying to open the door. Theo did not expect such arrogance, in utter amazement stepped of the door.

— You have to listen to me, or I crack the door! Threatened with a stranger.

— Speak! — Gave Theo. The stranger, a few calmer, began haltingly: — I am a mathematician Pontius! — These words were enough. She remembered the brilliant mathematician working in the field of theoretical modeling of spatial relationships, and Theo was carefully listened.

— I am a mathematician Pontius! — He repeated! — I was able to prove existence of unbalanced energy systems and calculate the receiver of this energy-trap. With that he brought to the door parcel gap: — Here is the model, we have to show you. The mysterious behavior of Pontius instilled in Theo hope that that the mathematician does not know anything about the incident to the Council, and he strongly rejected the chain and opened the door.

— Come in, Pontius! Nervously, mathematician took off his clothes. Soon they were sitting in the bedroom Theo at the table, on which Pontius demonstrated his invention. Theo listened absently. He knew of outstanding abilities guest, but also knew about his fanatical obsession with achieving the goals. Thus, letting mathematics, decided to get rid of him, when he finally ran out. Meanwhile Pontius continued: — And deflected arrow pharmacy scales. What is this energy? I asked myself the same question … — Theo was not listening. He thought about Leah. Now that threatened his name, he had become an alcoholic in space as junk, and she, what will happen to her? Dream warned not to tell anyone, even Lee. The image of girl with green as turquoise, light brown eyes and a lush waterfall curly hair standing in the imagination of the unfortunate Theo. The words of Pontius against it heard before consciousness as the roar of the storm in the warm ocean latitudes Su.

— The light heats up … — Continued to Pontius. And then for the first time he glanced at the impassive face of Theo. On the curious, with a slightly upturned nose, the face of mathematics reflected gloomy grimace. He sat silently for a moment, studying astrophysics, then slammed

with all his might with his fist on the table. Devices jumped on the table, glass of water and poured down a bathrobe. Theo woke up: — Have you finished? — He asked harshly.

— No, I’m used to being listened to me! — Retorted Pontius. Gritting his teeth, Theo looked questioningly at the math: — Begin! — He commanded. Pontius resumed the story, which was finished in four in the morning. In parting, the mathematician said: — I left you a description of the device and your phone. I will be keep track of your actions, just try not to report to the Council about it, I guarantee you trouble.Theo said nothing, his face flashed a smile that immediately replaced the seal of bitterness… In his haste, he picked up a box with the device Pontius.

At the entrance it was waiting for the machine and Lyon. It was early morning, or rather, five hours. LeAnn huge petals hanging from the ceiling at the front door of the house. It was terrifying to watch streaming couples cloud melts into the corridor. Theo strongly pushed the front door and found himself in the bitter cold. Her cheeks burned, instantly cold fingers touched on the feet and toes, securely sheltered fur. Almost running Theo moved to the machine, and soon found himself inside. Warmth and comfort inside the car was removed from the soul Theo almost the entire gravity of the situation.

— Well, I’m not going with you! — Said by way of greeting Dream

— You know the way. By the tone of his colleagues and the intense gaze Theo realized that the last line in their relationship broke. Now that dream can have regrets about his proposal to take refuge in the station. But their actions do not return, and then Theo did not refuse, even though sleep was confident that Theo refuses, offer him asylum. Hope for Leah did not pay off. Astrophysics position in the Academic Council Theo satisfied, as can be seen, more than a feeling. With this in mind, Son leave the aircraft Theo… Plant-based platform or station was first seen small point of light among the brightest stars. But this little dot all increased our eyes, growing up in a chaotic pile heaps of metal. Individual parts of the station began to appear when Theo brought his camera at a distance of about one kilometer. The gloom prevailed in the womb of the factory buildings, only the perimeter station were burning red lights that indicate overall contours. Ten minutes later he was standing on the launch pad factory, specify the location. Finding your way around, Theo went to the apartment complex. The rhythmic steps of magnetic soles suit making it similar to a mechanical robot. Inside the apartment complex darkness reigned, except for those same red lights that marked lanes, loopholes, hatches and stairs, passages and doors. This is the so-called reference lighting helped found in the case of need a particular piece of plant-plant or the right body. At the door labeled “CONTROL” Theo paused, groping code keyboard on the left wall. Suddenly the red light above entrance door shimmered and sank, forming a black box space. Cosmonaut entered. At the same moment the door closed and heard the familiar hiss of the air-fuel mixture. Inside the “gateway” on the wall flashed word “space suit can be removed.” But Theo did not do so because of excessive precautions and went into the hallway of the residential complex. He has chosen among the many empty room with a large double bed and centrifugal gravity. Immediately turned on the unit, which regulates weight. The room swayed a little, began cranking. Blood slowly moved away from the head. In his temples pounding stopped. When the weight of Theo became such as Gaia, he took off his suit and found himself in an almost habitual terrestrial conditions. Only now, he felt completely safe, moreover, in his hands by chance was now the chairman of the Presidium of the Union of planets Dream. Pride warm wave warmed the hidden corners of selfishness. Theo started from these thoughts, he drove them, but still had an uneasy feeling in it. Tired of recent days, tension gave to know. The eyelids themselves turned a blind eye, and utterly overwhelmed by fatigue, he went to bed without removing overalls… From that moment time stood still for Theo. He did not want notice its current expectation of something unknown to him so unusual voluntary confinement. The residential unit has a library with a set of all kinds of literature, videos and live recordings. Theo was not bored. At first, he read everything that was stored there. Featuring the art of speed reading, he did it without spending much time reading every day for five hundred pages. Here’s a video discs was more difficult. And when their stock is over, Theo looked at himself in the mirror. At first he was not sure who was looking at him. Something furry with black “spade” beard and gray eyes blazing. Unwittingly recoiled. From the look he came to himself: — Yes, how much time I’ve been stuck here? He has verified the clock with an electronic stopwatch station. No cheating. It took six months, and the Son did not even ask them. Yes, he is chairman of the firm touched his consent. Again, self-esteem gently touched the breast. Pleased with himself, Theo went to the bathroom. Quoting yourself in an immaculate appearance, he decided to have a feast. And gave herself a sumptuous dinner. Instantly analyzer being issued on the scoreboard figure 12.

— Wow! — Theo marveled. Yes, twelve pounds overweight — it’s not normal. Thoughts involuntarily began to return to Gaia. What’s going on now? The Council decided that? Nothing, even a hundredth particle of excess energy it cannot take advantage of instantly control services will fix the leak, and its seclusion will end. Emergency supply, which it uses virtually inexhaustible for the plant, as it is given the star. That’s why some external communication with Gaia is not possible.

On the third day from the very moment that they were all already read and watched Theo felt myself in a strange loneliness. And darted across the room from wall to wall, like a hunted animal.

There were moments when I wanted to howl in anguish, not care at all and return to the bitter cold. But the idea that he was waiting for industrial plants deep underground, is sobering raging consciousness. One morning he got up and, not knowing what he was doing, was put on the suit. The legs themselves at an accelerated pace and raced to the door just at the exit, he woke up.

— Stop, get back! — Ordered himself. And barely restraining himself from rush back to the room. Forced to take off the suit. Then tied himself scraps screwed to the bed sheets. So was twelve o’clock. He untied the knots.

— Just a little exercise. Oh, numb feet. He stood up. Started shivering. Large drops of sweat on his face and sunken cheeks. Now, his weight did not get and thirteen kilograms to normal. And the time has come. Theo decisive movement opened the door quickly, without a suit and headed for the airlock. Opened the door was safely in her. When the door closed behind him and air mixture with a hiss devastated the area in Theo suddenly woke up lust for life. He feverishly, in a fit of choking, stopped the pumping, losing consciousness. And he came and himself only when the fateful door was open, revealing a way out into the hallway. He got squat out of the chamber, overpowering nausea, disappointment and tears. Lying on the bed, gave vent to his feelings. Sobs choked Theo. He felt he was going mad. In a fit of rage on his feet, darted from wall to wall. This went on for quite a while, until fell prostrate on the floor, his head buried in the closet door, where was a suit. Theo came out of an uncomfortable situation. What is painfully pressed into the crown. He turned his head and saw a cardboard box with the device Pontius. He could not believe his eyes. Suddenly remembered a mathematician obsessed with his idea and the unit. Then the invention seemed somehow delusional, crazy theory utopian dreaming in one fell swoop to solve the energy crisis of the planetary system. Now the tears of joy streaming down checks. He carefully as precious cargo, opened the box and took out a voluminous notebook with a description of the device. And then, sitting on the floor and began to read. Ns soon got up and sat on the bed, then moved over desk. Since then, life changed Theo. He became calm. Followed by their actions and carefully executed routine, composed by him for himself. One day, “morning”, he left the room and returned only at the “evening”, hungry, but full of vitality and energy. Even yesterday, Theo was doomed, today he could not believe in his resurrection. Pontius invention made it possible to come back and come back a hero. And to achieve this goal, he began, not sparing himself, to carry out his plan. The station became gradually transformed. Material for the construction of an autonomous power system on the principle of the invention, Pontius was here in abundance, and after six months the plant-based platform can automatically issue a whole blocks for starships. His department could operate at full capacity, using the energy unbalanced system that got Theo, having built a receiver-transmitter. Energy drain from the Union of the planets did not register control services. A favorable conditions of a free hand. astrophysics. And it’s time to express yourself. Again hit the laceration poor head wanderer. To bring to the Union would mean opening to be a hero, but the Dream could use the invention to their advantage. After all, he hid Theo at the station. And at any moment Son could declare this Union of Planets, and then he and Theo, and sleep becomes a hero, a poor man Pontius will remain anonymous. What a time to plant a harsh cruel laws of the struggle for survival. Theo knew that in his hands. One receiver, God knows where, takes energy and converts it into electrical power by replacing completely sufficient to power the station. How can circumvent Son, declare himself a Union that could to him? Theo did not know. He thought a long time sitting at a desk, remote control receiver. Fell as an unexpected problem out of the blue, and then there’s the ever-increasing flow of energy. Crystal converter warmed up until white. You should turn off Receiver otherwise burn unit. Theo pressed the “stop”. As soon as the finger touched a button, instant puffed from Theo piece to the wall. He hit his head hurt. When consciousness returned, it was hard to understand what happened. However, after examining the external Space cameras connection, it is clear that the receiver-transmitter of energy exploded. He frantically sorts through options, how to understand what happened. And all evolved so brilliantly! He — the owner of the secrets of energy. He hands out of breath by the crisis planets her life-giving current. As all this was real — and collapsed like a house of cards in an instant. Yes, handle it alone cannot do. Theo, groaning, standing on the chair. Aching head and speech, ill bruised areas. Do not hurry, he put on the suit and slowly walked to the gateway. A few minutes later he was standing in blown up the receiver, with interest examining eradicated pieces of metal and debris stuck in the launch pad. With undisguised concern he inspected the mine with an aircraft inside. The car remained intact, debris stuck in hermetic doors.

— And that, if you sit down and even directly to the chairman’s office? The idea is so firmly stuck into the brain, what to do with it, he could not have anything. The unrest swept Theo. Tenderly, like a gentle a living being, he stroked his flying disc. Through the transparent canopy, as if in answer to him, the flashing green status LED. Peering into their garlands, he became convinced that the machine is in order that costs him inside out and press the wrong button and… He found himself thinking that even within the disk, and that no the force of his will not stop the machine is already taxiing out of the mine Ready… Ideas put forward to save a lot. From the absurd, which cost excluded from the Council of scientists and forgetting their “parents” to practically unfeasible. These include the interesting idea of mathematics Pontius, who complained to the Presidency, that this idea has stolen Theo, Song blushed. After all, he sent astrophysics at the station, and if he announced he would be the end. Since then, sleep was afraid to think about the station, and mathematics ridiculed by all scientists, calling it a Utopian, but Pontius said then that only the opening save the Union by the disaster and proudly left the Council. Son sat in his office. Thoughts, one disturbing the other, tormented scientist. Year has passed since disappeared Key, a year has passed since the scientists’ marking time. No decisions had been taken. All that was on offer is not feasible. Sun this year has cooled further, and the temperature dropped to Gaia than the five degrees of the ancient calculus. At this very moment, and appeared on the verge of Theo. Sleep is slowly pulled up from the papers lead look and stare the newcomer. In the corner of the room evenly ticking grandfather clock, for the window was the polar silence. Bold met him a clear view Theo. Silent duel was delayed. The first could not resist sleep.

— How dare you come here? — He got up from his chair, his voice lost its usual bland baritone and hissed like a Boiling makers.

— Do not you know that we’re finished?

— Look, Son, appearing here has forced me to practice incarnation of discovery.

— And, it’s the flash? Look, here’s a telegram control service. As soon as I disable flight inspection station. After all, even a schoolboy clear that the explosions themselves do not happen.

— Yes, listen to me! — Theo suddenly yelled and slapped on the table. Sleep was taken aback by the unexpected attack, stared at Theo, then added quietly: — Why, now we get out together. And then there’s this Guy. — Try to distract Theo failed.

— A Guy? — Grasped the theory of saving Straw reconciliation.

— Out on a starship with twenty five accomplices, ignoring the Union.

— Yeah? — Held an astrophysicist! — And how do you not? -Again Theo raised his voice. Sleep dramatically stopped him

— Do you have something for us? — Deliberately making it clear that his fate is now in the hands of Theo.

— Yes! I conducted practical experiments. I was able to convert the energy into electricity unbalanced system. I even it nourishes the station regardless of the energy system of the Union.

— Is nonsense. If so, why did not you say so far?

— Have a good reason! — Rudely said Theo! — Listen to me, finally! — He pleaded. Sleep carefully listened, his head propped on his right hand.

— Current energy is increasing, but the strangest thing happened after I turned off the radio-transmitter, the explosion occurred.

— Oh, that’s the cause of the explosion. You almost ruined it himself and me.

— Look, Son, it is necessary to invite Pontius. This is his brainchild, and He, I am sure, will be able to modify the receiver.

— I do not believe it. But if this is so, then we are saved. Little that. The Union will be able to get out of the crisis, and we become heroes.

— I’m not looking laurels for himself! — Pompously said Theo, for the first time felt a part Son, and along with a firm footing. Son found Pontius easily half frozen in the basement, where he moved as a sign of excessive energy waste. The apartment where he lived, mathematician, Service control has detected the use of electricity to bypass the meter. Immediately followed by punishment. When Theo mentioned the name of mathematics. Dream a little flushed. But Theo did not notice anything, astrophysicist Son not suspect anything. And he put his hand to the survival of Pontius, as an undesirable witness his relationship with Theo. And God knows how a mathematician would end if it were not for Theo. Son grunted when he saw a cold basement hunched figure of the tenant. Pontius brown eyes flashed out of round glasses. Realizing at last, who is in front of him, got up from the old chair. Sitting at the same time issued a shrill screeching. Dream winced.

— What brings you here? — Pontius said sarcastically. His long gray scarf down on paper covered with mathematical formulas. Dream expectantly silent, letting the owner to recover. Then began.

— I came to apologize, Pontius. Before taking your invention, it was necessary to test it in practice

execution. Pontius pale eyes. His stumbled face was covered large drops of sweat. He grabbed his right hand greasy collar of his white shirt. The top button came off and plopped down at the feet of Son. He looked at her, then looked up at the math.

— Secondly it from my home! — Pontius hissed. Son turned his back and calmly walked over to the sink with a tap. He took a glass from the shelf, shook out his bunch of toothbrushes. Then, thoroughly rinsed, took some water and gave the math.

— Come on, have a drink and chill out. Pontius took a squeaky chair, draining his glass in one fell swoop. His head fell helplessly into his arms.

— Pontius, drop the personal insults, in moments, scary moments when humanity is facing imminent death, you break comedy. You are committing a crime against…

— Well, that’s enough! — Glass pieces. — You’re the chairman, a nonentity, but you’re right. Personal insults are nothing in comparison with the crisis. Come on!.. And Theo this day was especially lonely. Heart burst longing for Leah. He walked through the streets of the city. It was summer. The weather was disgusting. Frequent cold showers were followed by gusty winds. The temperature barely rose past the critical freezing point of water. The young man did not shoot the film almost transparent cloak and thick felt hat. At the entrance of the familiar home another woman waiting for him.

— Hello, Theo!

— Hello, Noah!

— Heard from Lea?

— You know, Noah, how do you explain this? Well, in general, with have no connection.

She took the busy frightened eyes. Dark brown, they were especially beautiful in the blink tears trembling.

— Noah, it’s natural to understand. Within our galaxy they need to develop speed.

— No, you’re hiding something? She’s dead, I can feel it!

— Yes, Noah.

The girl burst into tears, began to tremble all over. Theo tried to calm her down.

— Noah, I do not say so. She is now in a state of suspended animation.

— What is it?

— This is an artificial retardation of the whole organism. The girl bit her handkerchief corner. Tears flowed in streams, lost in rain drops on the gun cheek. Theo suddenly wanted to gently hold her close to comfort. After all, at heart he was going the same thing, only he held bravely endured the loss.

— No, Noah, you need to try to seek salvation of us all together. After all, according to our calculations, the spaceship is scheduled to arrive in eighteen years.

— O as it is awful. After Leah was everything to me. She again hid her face under a black veil and nervously wiped her tears with a handkerchief scented.

— Noah, go for it now.

— You said to her, as if she’s waiting for?

— Let’s getting up there. There will be easier. After all, she’s alive.

— Yes, yes. — Agreed to Noah and entered the porch. Theo opened the apartment door and let the first girl, then went after him. He helped her out of her coat, the coat. Undressed himself.

— Please go to the room, and I’ll get coffee. She sat down in the chair at the coffee table and began to leaf through a photo album. When Theo came in with a tray and cups of coffee on it. November

was asleep, leaning back in his chair. Careful not to wake the girl, he put the tray on the table, but the telltale sound of cups woke her up.

— O, where I am? The girl looked around, remembered all. Again, his eyes filled with tears.

— Noah, take coffee. But she took the album. In the picture they were together. Woman dazzling good smile on the azure sea, and Theo stood in the middle. Sparkling joy was in full swing from happy faces.

— And, Su!

— Yes, the resort in Nai.

— Yes, then flatly refused to fly without you.

— And rightly so. And you’re good, I tear apart us.

— No, Noah. But understand, because I felt the third everywhere.

— Well, nothing. Yes, a woman’s heart is not clear even the its owner. Theo thought. November Leia remembered again and began to cry. Out softly falling snow. It was a wet fall weather; summer is not appropriate pore. The planet was losing heat. Theo came to his home after midnight. When he came in, his mother was waiting.

— Son, you’re going to eat?

— No, Mom. Thank you. He anxiously went to his room, splashing indoor slippers, and my mother, always restless, went to bed. Theo office looked more like a laboratory or library there was so much stuffed with everything: appliances, and books, and the wall entirely made up of a mosaic keypad. The most notable was the subject of the table. He seemed to hover in the middle of the room. But it was side, but when you look at it from above, Tabletops was a mosaic of all the same buttons and flashing lights. Theo sat on a swivel chair at this table and began consider the table.

— No, it did not cause anything. Does not anyone know? Dropped it once, he’s focused, then pressed a key. Hologram broke out of the room.

— What do you need?

— Your “child” explodes. You know it?

— Yes, but so what?

— You live in a paradise environment, eat, drink, stout out how and when will be the result?

— I did not ask to be resettled, and generally did not ask me when the discovery was stolen.

Theo flushed, frowned and was silent. Pontius had enough, and he turned off the relationship.

“What is this idiot doing?” He jumped up from his chair and nervously pacing the room. Force can only earn Pontius himself, understood it and dream. And yet, it is necessary that you take.

Suddenly, the screen flashed, and again there was a person of Pontius.

— Yeah, well, I’m listening to? — It asked absently.

Theo wasted no time, he began to speak: — What causes the system to equilibrate?

— Like what? The forces of resistance, of course.

— And what is this power?

— Do not ask a lot of children’s issues, Theo. And let’s hurry, I really want to sleep.

— I’m sorry, Pontius, these start-ups I just crazy gone.

— No, nothing, I too have over-run… The screen went out. Pontius, a sigh of relief, was able to sleep. Theo reached, then yawned. Electronic clock showed two in the morning. Tightly wrapped in a terry-cloth robe, he went Communication from the room to the bedroom.

He dreamed of wide seas, warm azure sea and Lea. Planet Su. The only place where there is warmth, their granary, and the last resting place. November grabbed her hand and pulled her into the sea. Theo rested struggling, he wanted to be with Leah, he was drawn to her, lying on the sea beach, but vise squeezing hands stronger, dragging him into the abyss of the sea. Persistent honking communication haunted until Theo opened his eyes. The receiver on the bracelet hours gave the signal. There were four in the morning. Theo was rubbing his eyes and went into his shorts in the room connection. Hologram on the screen it looked forward to Pontius.

— What is sleep?

— Fall asleep here. You gave me the task.

— So what? — Trying as much as possible indifferent asked Theo,

— And those that have a source of energy unbalanced system.

— How do you define? — Dream vanished. Theo finally woke up, turned on the attention, listening.

Extremely excited, Pontius continued: — If you turn the top next to a glass of water, the water in the glass will be heavier as long as the spinning top.

— What, then becoming the norm?

— Of course. I tried after the connection with you, and then built a mathematical model of the computer and that issued the decision.

— I wonder how to keep her in good condition?

— It’s me you should ask as astrophysics. You did after all worked with a huge number of unbalanced power systems Outer space.

— Pontius, let’s think about the cause of the explosion receiver. Is it possible to catch the limited space of the current energy? After all, it is almost limitless, and then…

— Theo did not know rejoice in the discovery or not, because the receiver is practically yet.

— Hey, Theo, while on the existence of its only react pharmacy scales, so we have a practical impact on the current gravity.

— But we do not know what gravity is, until now.

— Yes, but we can build a receiver of this energy with the stopper.

— How?

— Here is the calculation. — Triumphant voice said water them.

— You figured the project?

— While a mathematical model.

— A practical, how you can make adjustable receiver?

— While this is a project, but can be done by applying a rare mineral, or rather, a natural rock crystal spar.

— You mean the telescope?

— Yeah, something like that. To alter a bit. Like, I have not I know, but it is necessary to conduct the experiment and enter into the scheme of mineral. I mean, he’s changed and highlights the electrical energy.

— I will notify the Council.

— Theo, I’m a mathematician. This is not the instrument.

— Water them, there’s no time on the theory, we need to put into practice the ideas, the sooner the better.

— Well, Theo. But, as if it does not? Theo was not listening, he jumped up from his chair, excitedly began to pace the room. Then sat down at the console. He gathered his thoughts for a long time. Lain down on the bridge of a deep wrinkle. Lips tight succumbed, her cheeks pale. The index finger of the right hand froze on the red button that says “Contact” And, having decided finally clicked. The screen white hair Son.

— What’s so early? — Asked the chairman. His eyes were red from sleepless nights. Every mind Planets Union feverishly looking for a new kind of energy. Doing this and Son rather pretended involved.

— Pontius calculated the mathematical model of unbalanced power systems and the theoretical calculation of the receiver variable.

— Knowing you, I cannot answer it seriously.

— So, Son, please, give us the opportunity to conduct experiments in this direction.

— What is it you need?

— Just a little. Platform-factory in the cosmos, my former asylum.

— Correctly say, Theo, it is necessary to look far ahead. I and weigh everything and give you.

— When?

— In three to four days will contact the Council on the planets and give an answer

— I’m waiting. The screen faded. Theo excitedly pacing the room. He almost did not sleep that night. But the night brought him a fresh current of action.

Chapter 3

Theo spent the days of waiting for the project to Pontius receiver transmitter with the stopper. They tried to create a trap energy. But all attempts did not lead to success. On the front of the saw unit cube Theo tirelessly flailing children spinning top, and Pontius recorded modified gravity of the cube, fixing on punched tape with the recorders. The curve has the ideal parabola with the highest and lowest point.

— Yes, it’s just a vibration. On electric waves no reaction! — Theo said.

— Yes! — Agreed to Pontius.

— Look, Pontius, in outer space, we will be able to more precisely metered energy.

— How to bind to gravity?

— I do not know, but the work should bear in Space.

— It is necessary to prove Theo.

— And you’ll do it.

— I?! — Pontius surprised. — Yes, yes, that’s you! And the sooner, the better for us! … Theo was standing in front of Sonoma pose schoolboy with his head down.

— You’re not a boy, Theo. Without proving the possibility of creating dispensing system receiver, you aspire to the station.

— Only tall can lead a perfect experience, away from the noise.

— This is not proof! In terms of the energy crisis, the votes are, and now my consent will decide to give you station or not.

— We can simultaneously probe the cosmos in search.

— Your idea sounds like a baby crying over the impending cataclysm!

— Forgive me. Dream, but a solution to this problem will help us

— Theo was playing to the audience, as the Son, and he kept everything in Pontius secret.

— I foresaw this, so the question put to the Council as search for new forms of energy.

— What’s that?

— Will conduct their experiments. Eyes lit up with joy.

— But do not forget, your goal — a new kind of energy. Theo was in a hurry to share the news with Pontius. Jumping over puddles, he went to the house of mathematics. Pontius was sitting at the calculations. He racked head over the nature of the phenomenon, when the doorbell rang. On the threshold Theo stood.

— I hasten to please you! — Started with a threshold astrophysicist, we were allowed. Pontius looked down.

— What is not gay?

— I cannot determine anything.

— To repeat the experience in space and, in addition, our goal — the search for new forms of energy.

— How? Well, that changes everything.

Sitting in the kitchen at dinner, the two were discussing a plan of action. Theo wanted to expand the expedition, but the dream has limited the number of participants and allowed only two of them.

So, Pontius and Theo the next day stood in front of a catfish outside the Council of Planets.

— Things are going, my friends, is the best. Plant-based platform will allow you to gather all the necessary equipment there on non-transparent helmet and hooked it over the ring junction. Theo followed suit. They have to wait patiently until the automatic freed interior of air mixture. When the door is moved to the side of the dome, Scientists came to the site. Like silver ghosts, they stood motionless in the concourse of the stars.

— Where do we start, Theo?

— With the inspection station. Hulk of the factory buildings towered artful transport routes and assembly lines, just like that, without roofs and walls. Alas, the vagaries of nature on Gaia does not apply here, and works do not need the atmosphere. Under ideal conditions of weightlessness and

high vacuum quality of the products has reached the highest level strength and reliability. Now the plant was, as they say, in a preserved state. Suddenly the light flashed everywhere.

— Apply power! — Said Theo.

— It is necessary to turn off unnecessary lights.

— Who will go? — Asked Pontius.

— All the same! — Theo said, heading for the bunker supply.

— Wait. Give me better!

— Go.

Pontius slowly walked to the hatch door. He moved rhythmically sticking magnetic soles of his suit to the metal platform unnatural, like a robot. If, at that moment was atmosphere, the steps being hit on a metal beater as a bell. But Cosmos absorb sound. In the dead silence of silver Figure man seemed a ghost walking across the desert floor, still frozen between the stars and the blue ball Gaia. In opening the door he went, like a ghost in the cave. Pontius was one. From this was somehow not on itself. Whopper metal pressed on the psyche, causing fear of something. Incomprehensible anxiety possessed people. But then he took a fading one by one, cascades of light lamps, which remained in place a dim glow of light duty. Light enough for their inspection. Theo felt the work and Pontius cheered. Spirit, an inexplicable fear has passed at all, as only a transparent helmet it seemed on the surface.

— Let’s hire a place for the laboratory, and then think about what to do next. — Suggested by Theo.

They started looking for him. The factory was located five stories complex, takes ninety percent of the space launch pad seemed Shuck compared to the rest of the enormity of dormant plants. On the top floor, which adjoined platform, housed offices and assembly shop. After examining a number of rooms, they came to the door with the inscription: “Entrance is strictly forbidden. “Theo looked at Pontius. Work Experience in the creation of the plant he did not remember anything like this. door is not opened. It was locked from the inside.

— I’ll get the welder. — Said Pontius. Theo gesture stopped him.

— No need. — And, looking at the surprised mathematics, he pressed the red button near the glistening knob, the door at the same moment, moved away from the doorway and opened easily. Inside, in the dim light of a lantern they found shelves, completely littered with human body parts. Horrifying picture appeared before the eyes of Pontius. He broke down and fell to the metal without memory. The concepts of weightlessness there, and his body was to sail from side to side, holding magnet soles. Theo took him by the shoulders and began to stir up trouble. Large drops of sweat-drenched face was suffering.

— Pontius, Pontius! Come on, do not stick to your guns! Come on! Pontius opened his eyes slowly. In view painful felt fright and despair.

— Come on! — It bothered the Theo.

— What is it? — He whispered.

— This is just a part.

— Are you kidding me?

— Pontius, you’re an intelligent and gifted man, look at yourself. Pontius made an effort to look at the “arm” that he has already managed to bring a colleague. With the shoulder at a location where the hand was “cut off”, hung dozens of wires that ran inside a hollow solid “bones”. Pontius with a sigh of relief robot inspected the replacement part. Then, emboldened, I was not afraid. Now he understood the meaning of the warning labels.

— How Pontius, in my opinion, a suitable place for the laboratory.

Pontius nodded his head in approval. But he did not want live and work in this room.

— Only for housing we’ll find something else.

— Come on, there are many rooms. Pontius chose a room opposite. So, they found a box near the platform of twenty rooms for prelaunch adaptation of astronauts. Each cabin had everything we needed, from a set of bed linen to wear. And most importantly, the box is sealed, which was especially important for create a climate and atmosphere. The only inconvenience in the company was the fact that the station has not had a system Artificial gravity due to the large energy consumption. So, the door marked “entrance is strictly forbidden” was the threshold into the world of search. Scientists have cleaned the entire room from the “spare parts “and began assembling sensitive instruments. When space turned into a mini-coordination-computing center with a powerful computer-signal analyzer, Pontius took up radar station maintenance. Its powerful disk antenna has been installed on the last ship, who retired in the depths of the universe, and now hung on the spherical surface of the rod in the space as a huge saucer. Pontius set a remote antenna control in the laboratory, and began to manipulate the search locator. Radio signals are gone Space and taken to the “voices” of distant stars, but in none of the they did not have even a hint of intelligence. Thus, the program “Search” began. Antenna methodically, in automatic mode, sounding out the space. And Pontius sat down payments. He literally fell asleep computer programs, and the machine tirelessly gave out a solution. After a few tens of handling such programs and comparing the results, he loudly and solemnly declared: — I found it! Theo fiddling with with gravity meter, raised a surprised look: — What?

— Found it! You know, find one!

— Yes, you can really say is do not build the same to me guessing.

— The antenna receiver.

Theo thought, then asked: — You’re sure to find practical expression?

— And how!

— Well, tell me, do not wait!

— It is necessary to make the surface of the reflector antenna to rotate and rotate at a variable from a few revolutions per minute to hundreds and thousands.

— I do not know why?

— The energy of an unbalanced system can be captured an unbalanced system, operating in resonance with the generator or an object emitting the energy.

— Is not clear.

— The calculations confirm that the resonance creates a vortex. In this whirlwind of energy is delayed, as in the funnel, and rushes a receiver. It only remains to find resonance — and you’re done.

— Not sure about that. — Said Theo! — And then, no one permit to build a receiver.

— Let’s use the locator.

— And that’s a thought. But there is a bug.

— What are you really?

— Dear Pontius, but where are we going to do with this power? Pontius thought.

— Listen to me, and that if it processed into electricity?

— That’s right, but how?

— Need a generator-converter.

— Yes! — Theo shouted! — Yes! If the energy goes to us, then the system equilibrium is violated.

— Construct a massive pendulum connected to it the generator-converter, convert vibrations into electricity.

— Posted by Pontius.

— But we cannot cope with this work. — Theo said disappointedly.

— We have the same factory as you do not understand.

— A limit of energy?


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