Book-2. Hilt novella

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Book-2, is a continuation of the story set out in the book — 1 “Tir”. The development of events occurring on the planet Fayeton in prehistoric times of the Earth. The heroes of the book participate in a scientific experiment on Earth. Survive incredible adventures. Pleasant readings, your author.

Book–2. Hilt novella

Chapter 1

At the table, littered with papers, sat Misar. The shimmering green light came from the walls of the room, lighting up immersed in the thoughts of man. And black business suit and a pale shadow of the person with the seal of heavy thoughts, and the empty silence of the palace — all induce the belief that the state of affairs is not the best. Tottering power of the President, meeting with the forces of the people who are in the Armistice Union, argued the idea that the reign of the Mirage coming to an end. Loneliness, likening the ghost pallor suggesting that this weak-willed person. The huge palace was empty, but it is securely guarded detention. Black overalls guards of the palace guard flashed here and there on the soft tracks corridors. Under the bright light of the stars twinkled in the courtyards of their helmets. The table was gay with a scattering of colorful stamps on the set of envelopes scattered in disarray over the green cloth. The contents of the letter they brought grim news from the remote corners of the world. Yes, it was something to think about Adviser. The nations, burdened with all the tax increases and rising prices have become a fait accompli well-fed and rich life overarching state, Lakia. Since coming to power of Tir has been twenty years, that has changed over this period? Yes, to end hunger and devastation by spreading

National income countries. Yes, no more wars and unrest — there is a single rail power system state Mirage over the world, including a set of disenfranchised laws severely restrict the rights of citizens in the Allied countries. On the contrary, the citizens enjoyed Lakia comprehensive benefits.

From the dreams of the peoples of a certain democratic Union Armistice has disappeared. Build your empire of Tir World Domination by putting the people in front of more sinister reality — the danger of a new war with the use of the quark weapons. Counselor knew that Tir will stop at nothing to saving power, to subdue nations. On Saturday afternoon, the President spoke to the Cabinet of Ministers to draft new laws, one ruinous for other subordinates of giving enormous profits Mirage. With particularly strong criticism made by ministers of the Southern Hemisphere. After the speech, the President went to his villa. Waving the flags and bright bouquets of flowers, his people crowded country on the way. The people of the same hundred fifty states, frozen at the TV screens, they hated him even more. In the address of the Adviser swept the telegram: — Dear Mr. President. We managed to decipher information about a “quasi-quark weapons.” Tir wary clenched fingers entwined speaking to blue.

— Do not pull, report!

— Information about how to obtain this bomb is now on the way out…

— Why ran she not report?

— They did not want to disturb your sleep…

Yeah, what the hell’s sleep! Are you there pawns playing with me! Tyr has long carried the “along and across the” laboratory staff, but even so broke grateful speech and concluded: — Wait promotions!…

— You hear, Renee? — Rishi overheard conversation with undisguised glee. — He still launch a bomb in production and will help us to gain besides more and force!

— You said Providence, Mr. Counsel. — Agreed lackey.

— Today, remove this puppy! — Angrily said Rishi.

— My men are ready. Folding rifle with optical sights they will be held in boxes for plumbing tools. Have penetrated objects under the guise of fitters and repairers.

— Act, Reni, Providence bless you!

At the same time in the lab Azon and Hilt, bent over amplifier receiver, tried in vain to catch a wave transmitter installed in the office of Hilt Rishi microphones. In addition to cod ether yes whistling noise did not bugged.

— As I had thought! — Exclaimed Azon! — Rishi is not as fool-proof as we think.

— What’s the matter?

— It includes a noise every time you talk to someone.

— Azon, look, I saw yesterday on his desk Mirage map showing some marks on it.

— It’s interesting, and where are they here? — Azon’s unfolded approached hanging on the wall map.

— Here, where our hotel, the red cross. Here’s where this skyscraper on Fifth Street, is also a cross, and on the other the street from the palace to the villa of the President of the red line.

— Yes this is the route that every day at exactly 16:00 President travels. Good for you, Hilt!

— What does it mean? — Naively asked.

— Anything. And the worst — an ambush. You do not touched on the table?

— No, it’s all there on the spot.

— Immediately, Hilt, rush to the skyscraper, and I’m on the roof of the hotel. If it’s an ambush, consider that you are saving for the second time Tir life. Come on, friend!

Hilt looked dumbfounded at Azon, “he jokes or laugh at the naivetés shepherd”, but in the entire appearance of Lieutenant did not have and shadow ridicule. And Hilt rushed after him…

They ran out of the lab, each rushing to his side on the crowded street. There was a rush hour. Motorcade has left the palace, heading down Fifth Street toward the Cathedral of the Ort Star.

The killer was driving the trigger when Hilt jumped on the thirtieth floor skyscraper under construction and has appeared behind him. He shuddered by surprise. A bullet whizzed past at the head of Tir and plopped to open the door of the car. The President immediately stopped tuple.

— Immediately up! Cordon off the block! No one out! Check all! — He commanded the guard. Dumar, who was sitting next to driver radioed Major Zhevil about the incident. Police immediately cordoned off the street, passers-by began searches. Hilt in two strides he found himself next to his massive back gunman. He spun around, aiming the gun at him. But it was it’s too late. Hilt was standing close to the long barrel; the right hand lay his iron grip on the barrel. Before him stood a huge growth bruiser. His heavy jaw and a broken nose flat, almost bulged into the skull, suggested the alterations he had visited their owner. Hanging shaggy eyebrows nearly closed spiky little eyes and bald head turned purple from the strain. Hands with the slowness of a bear began to raise the gun to strike. Curl of the lips contorted ugly face of the killer, who spoke about the fact that its owner is valid for sure. Hilt coolly, taking advantage of the slowness of the enemy, his head struck the first blow in the solar plexus. Goof off balance with all the fluff back and hit his head on the Brickwork. Hilt tried to stun the culprit fist on his bald head. But other than biting cotton nothing came of it. Vanished was a smile from the face of the killer once again took his place and strong as plowshares plow, hand raked his fingers through his poor sergeant by the collar uniform jacket. Crosswise squeezing the collar, the killer began to strangle the victim. Fighting the Killer delayed the time to retreat. Police came to the rescue quickly tied the criminal, put him on a stretcher and carried him down. Hilt was close to conclusive evidence of the assassination — a gun. Suffered in this story only Hilt, his voice changed and hissed, but his story is still seriously listened to the devil and jokes from the guards…

— Lieutenant Azon! — Solemn voice said Tir, referring to the stagnation of the guard standing at attention. Nearby stood Hilt.

— I submit to you my personal thanks to you and add salary for defusing attempt and capture the killers.

— Glad to serve the Mirage! — Blurted Azon.

— You, Hilt, for the capture of the killer stand thanks and also add salary.

— Glad to serve the Mirage! — Said in his turn Hilt.

— And now, my friends, I may reward you for your desired.

— Mr. President! — Azon said. — I would like to ask you Hilt increase in rank. It is worthy to wear the insignia of lieutenant your personal protection.

— I’m sorry, Lieutenant, but it helped you, not you to him.

— That’s not … — Azon told how Hilt failed to disclose conspiracy.

— So you’re a sergeant, a true hero! Worth a farthing to the President, who does not notice the sharp-witted men. I raise you the title, now you Lieutenant!

— Serve the Mirage! — Exclaimed enthusiastically Hilt.

— Come, my friends! — Ordered Tir. And both came out of the office.

— Anything, Mr. President? — Tier experiencing watched the newcomer Dumar.

— I called you to deliver orders to President Arkii Vick. This job extreme national importance.

— I’m all ears, Mr. President!

— To deliver the contents of the capsule, and live to see the answer. Then immediately to me.

— Yes, Mr. President! — Dumar went to the table and Tir taken out of his hands capsule.

— Go!

— Yes! Dumar left. Immediately adjutant entered.

— Anything, Mr. President?

— Major Zhevil to me!

— There is. Three minutes later, Major Zhevil came into the office.

— Pass the official order Adviser on his dismissal from his post and send orally that the President considers his services to the state and grant him a pension benefit. Let him live in his mansion and do not go anywhere beyond Lakia!

— And what about his personal bodyguard?

— Security at anything, will be the new Adviser, will be new orders.

— Clearly, Mr. President.

— Go!

Zhevil out of the office. Tir still a long walk from corner to corner with the put behind

hands, with frozen fingers weave…

Rishi was sitting in his office, pondering a new attempt when the threshold the head of the palace guard, Major Zhevil. Adviser raised his eyebrows in surprise: “What rudeness to enter without knocking.” — He thought, and opened the his mouth to morals, but Zhevil first started:

— By the will of the President, you step back from his position and go on a well-deserved retirement. — With that, he handed the sheet of the Rishi with the order of signature of Tir.

— Who-oh-oh! — Pale and jumping up from his chair, said Rishi falsetto.

— Tir asked to convey that, given your service to the state…

But these words are not heard Rishi. Gasping, he fell unconscious on the carpet at the desktop. Zhevil stuck his head out of the office: — The adjutant! a doctor! Sam rushed to the Rishis. He wheezed, with thin lips made yellow foam. Zhevil raised his head and put a former adviser his heart in his mouth pill solution, then poured the water. Faithful Renee stood by indifferently watching fainting is the common man, already a faceless, already transformed by servile standards, to nothing. There was a doctor with two nurses. He listened to and examined Rishi, then made the shot. Medics gently laid him on a stretcher and taken to the palace hospital… Dumar returned the next day in the evening with a strange man scowl.

— I’ve been waiting for you, Captain! — The first to speak of Tir. “Free from the dictates of the Council of the Armistice of Tir!”

“The people of self-determination!”

“The Council of the Armistice Tir turned into an instrument of violence!”

“Down!.. Down!…” — Flashed before my eyes the words telegrams, cut into the brain, causing heart tremble in panic anticipation of trouble. So, morning, Sunday. Rapidly up the stairs, agitated and irritated, the President went to his office. The walls of the dark room suddenly lit up with pink light, a favorite color of Tir, sculptured hair massive table with a control panel bezel, and a huge screen, ghostly outlined in the air in the middle of the office. He sat down in a comfortable chair at the table. Strong face with eyes, steel-gray hue, with a feverish glitter in them, belonged to a smart and beautiful head. Thoughts were replaced with extraordinary speed and clarity. Hand, finding the right key, froze. The screen suddenly flickered. Revived. Three-dimensional image of the mayor Kyi, Capital rebellious Southern Hemisphere, appeared before the eyes of the President. He immediately, without waiting for the question, Tir report that if no further increase in taxes and prices rise, then inevitably break out the rebellion. Next, an image of Major Zhevil, Chief palace guards sent to Tir cue to subdue the rebels. Through the broken helmet over his face bleeding. Overall color “khaki” was tattered, his story confirmed the report of the mayor: case was judged serious events, why the President gave Councilor order to ensure safety.

Misar not wait. On his orders troops to six morning were strapped to the borders of the Southern Hemisphere. And the protection of the palace was ordered to strengthen the positions. The park and the lower floors of the guards on duty. This morning dawn found Adviser at your desk. In the quiet of his study there was a sudden slow chimes. Misar sharply looked up. Hand searched the ranks of the keyboard button on the left, stopped with the ninth fight. The door to the office wall silently opened. It seemed man in red livery and white gloves.

— Who is on duty today? — Ask our Misar logged lackey.

— Guards Major Zhevil.

— Renee, call any of the officers more reliable!

— Yes, Sir!

— Wait a minute! — Delayed Misar lackey! — Help me change. Lackey silently brought the field form a guard. After changing clothes, Misar said: — Well, call me now!

Renee shadow slipped through the front door of the office. Taking advantage of a moment, became Adviser to wear a seat belt holster wide beam weapons. Caught in the act of its officer entered.

— Lieutenant Hilt! — Introduced himself entered.

It was a man of medium height, trim, with an aquiline nose, a black beard, with graceful arched eyebrows above the brown-green intelligent eyes. He was dressed in an officer’s field uniform security guard. From the former shepherd in appearance, not left gone. In his appearance felt a calmness that has been acquired over the years. The officer looked at Misar disguise, assessing the seriousness of the situation, forcing himself to get into the Adviser “skin” simple guards. Misar gave him a quick glance:

— How old are you?

— Thirty-nine! — Answered Hilt.

— Well, that’s forty. Yes no matter the age, Mr. Hilt, times have changed! — Making allusion to the masquerade, the adviser said. — Go! Hilt was closer to the table. Misar handed a sealed envelope

Hilt with the words: — There warrant, take the armored car guard and deliver me from the city jail inmate. Three minutes later, accompanied by two armored car guards on ant gravitational motorcycles, rustling tires, rolled toward the city outskirts Mirage…

— Renee! — Misar turned to the waiter! — You have more than thirty years in the service.

— Yes, it is. — Not without a hint of pride, flattered by the attention highborn personages, said the footman.

— And have a good memory?

— At a lackey no memory. — Renee replied evasively, thinking: “He wants to find out the secret bunker.”

— You, Renee, loyal and faithful servant, and many secrets of the palace opened to you.

— Yes, Sir, one of the advantages of footman — the ability to store

entrusted secrets.

— Then tell me what kind of person Hilt?

Renee sighed with relief: “So, on the bunker Rishi did not have time report of death. Now, no one but me knows about it existence. “idea of superiority and power over Adviser even over by the President himself pleasantly tickled vanity. Silence delayed, but did not interrupt Misar pause, giving Renee gather his thoughts. Finally servant replied: — Sir, this is a dedicated and brave soldier. Mr. Zhevil it is very appreciated since then, as the President has abolished bodyguard.

— But I heard that the President of Hilt had saved lives, and more than once!

— Yes, it is.

— And could you, Renee, call me a man who would was knowledgeable about all things personal security of the President?

— Ort, Sir. He was a dedicated man of your predecessor. Misar nodded his head, he was not mistaken in his calculations by sending a prisoner of Hilt. Gesture Misar released

lackey. He took a leisurely movement tray with an empty cup coffee and slipped out from under the door. Misar lost in thought…

Vehicle start is scheduled for half of the ninth. Ort, dressed in heavy space suit that can withstand all the trouble of space, standing near the ship in anticipation lift. Next, addressing his pet and faithful servant, was Adviser to the President, the predecessor Misar, Rishi. This flight is scheduled to secrecy not only from the President, but also from government circles.

— You have to do it! — With unconcealed excitement Rishi said, resting his hooked carried a bearded cheek Ort. — Whatever happened to deliver the material sooner the better for both of us.

Gusts steppe wind howled high in the metal structure supports, drowning out the words.

Finally, the elevator doors opened mouth, which disappeared astronaut, and quickly ascended to the round hole entrance to the space ship. Rishi statue stood and watched the little mouse eyes, as the elevator is removed rectangle. And when Ort entered into a rocket, he went to the waiting nearby aircraft. Ort already counting the last seconds before the start. Plane Rishi has managed to escape over the horizon, as the site appeared armored car. A powerful jet blast threw the car as a grain of sand. All who were in it were killed, except one, it was Hilt. Rocket flight passed without communication path where there is no monitoring stations by space, so to find a ship in space failed. Going beyond the solar system. Ort brought the ship to the flight path of the comet Gall with the rotation period of 400 light-years. Meanwhile, in the chapel of Hilt itself. Finding that accompanied the capture age group died, he decided to get out of this the case without waiting for assistance. Getting out of the piles of metal, which turned the car, he moved in a northwesterly direction, hoping to get to the first corridor of passenger aircraft in order to call for help, and most importantly, to hide traces of the rocket launch, because he acted in strict confidence by

personal mission of the President… So, the commandant of the city jail to learn that Hilt sent

Misar himself, bowed before him, even invited for a cup of tea But the guard and raised an eyebrow, handing the package was left waiting at the gate. Tollbooth was a dark building, stuffed novelties electronics like pie filling. Prisoners of such prison, though not seen a sharp eye warden, but felt no less free than to have visited their counterparts. The prisoner appeared to open the doors almost simultaneously with the battle of vintage watches on Fire Tower, a monument of antiques. Hilt started to learn it Ort, but mastering them, missed it in the car, he sat beside her.

— To the palace! — In the car, Hilt, does not help feeling grabbed the prisoner’s shoulders.

— Ort! — Exclaimed in excitement! — Is this you?

— Hilt! — Ort surprise knew no bounds.

— I thought that you are no longer alive.

— Almost buried, as you see, alive.

— So what you train? Damn it!

— Since the death of Rishi, I did not care about their safety — and lo!

— Yeah, right, I did not know it was there it seemed to me you withdrew.

— Where are we going?

— To the Adviser.

— I wonder why I needed him?

— God knows why, I do not know what it will be you.

— You approached it?

— I’m the same as in the days of our acquaintance, remember?

— Yes, it took a lot of time since then. Misar still walks in the pets?

— They say it even affects the President. If you Misar wait, so they’ll have you. This to me is not the present case.

— What are you havoc. Hilt?

— I’ll do anything for you, and you, if given case for me. — Said Hilt.

— It’s a deal…

— It’s a deal … — And former enemies became friends.

The car stopped in the courtyard of the palace. The wide staircase they entered the front door into the hallway. Hilt led the prisoner to the office Misar.

— Report to the Minister about me! — Said the adjutant on duty at the desk in the reception area.

He disappeared through the door cabinet, three seconds later, the door opened: — Please! — He was invited to enter. — And you! — Asked the adjutant to Hilt! — Asked to wait. This alerted Ort. The feeling is even more entrenched, Misar when he saw who was sitting at his desk and did not raise the head from the market. Well-groomed, with a delicate blush face of the minister, flawlessly

curled up his mustache so prim and proper beard attached that indescribable look of the exterior, which puts complacency over the years the authorities. After a rather long silence Minister finally

deign to look.

— Ah, well, it’s you! — Trying as much as possible viper said Misar. Ort barely restrained myself from pleasure to smash his head minister still strong fist.

— Why did you put me in jail? — He growled angrily.

— Oh, yeah, it’s been so long! — Pulled Misar words. — You seem to be. do not refuse service to Rishi.

— Ah! So that’s what you baked me.

— I ask you, did you fly into space in the case of the Ministry of or the President?

— I flew there in a difficult moment for our country. It was Come time to be not be war. And, as you know, due to the fact that we have become a hundred times stronger than the other, our country has remained makes it a strong president. But Hilt with his friends saved the authority of the President. As I said, they got to the rocket itself, and the best of them died. Hilt set off alone. Soon I spotted tracking station. Hilt he took out of my hands and carefully record delivered to the President, of course, it is costly. Then you know. In front of representatives of the governments subservient was produced an explosion at the South Pole. A thick layer of ice deposited over the centuries in this vast continent, in a few moments was swept into the ocean. A huge water bank three times attacked the coastal states, causing death and resignation before the power our country. The power of the President was saved. Rishi paid disease and died. An Hilt and goes to the lieutenants. Here it — the generosity of Lords.

— Tell me, Ort, who has been with Hilt at the time of your return?

— This you can ask him. Well, that’s all. So What will happen to me?

— Hey, watch! Take him away! — Ordered Misar. Ort brought back entrance to the car, parked in the yard, and, pushed rough inside, slammed the door…

Renee filed a strict formal dress and helped to change Adviser form, as befits in such cases. Adviser, as well as members of the government, it is rarely used modern means of communication, preferring personal contacts with the President. Dressed and examined herself in the mirror, pleased Misar said: — Take me. Renee, lighting a lantern narrow corridor had Misar to the secret door of the President’s office. The office of the adjutant on duty when the remote his desk lit red button means “let no one, no one to connect.” Noticing key aide turned signal accurately determine the end of the ban. When the door opened in the wall, letting the Adviser, the President was sitting in a large chair, chin propped on his hands. His steel-gray eyes reflected the impenetrable walls of pinkish shimmer.

— Audience is scheduled for twenty-two zero. Running late, Misar. — Without looking, firm voice said Tir.

— Excuse me, Mr. President. — Leaning in obeisance, Misar waited. “Cunning fox! — Thought Tir, — he still hopes to fight me.”

— I need reliable dedicated people who are able to fulfill any order in a critical situation. Where are they? — Barked lord. Misar rapidly blinking eye lids, then screwing them into the slits of cunning, said with undisguised flattery:

— Mr. President, you were pleased to know where they are?

— Look, Co-vet is intimately, I’m not going to listen to, let alone more to tell you a fable. Answer on the merits!

— Mr. Hilt. — Briefly stated Misar.

— Fine. — The president nodded his head. He long known the courage and bravery of devotional officer. His agility and resourcefulness, but as a person who is used to rake in another’s hands glow, gave the opportunity to come to the same conclusion to his advisers.

— Yes, I remember him, he did his the best side. — And knowing all that talked with Adviser Ort, through eavesdropping equipment, took a pre-cooked pre-recorded media, he added: — show it to him.

Having opened his mouth, Adviser wanted to say something, but the words

stuck in his throat, his eyes met the eyes of the Lords of the World. Taking

The USB flash drive with recording, he moved back to the door.

In the hallway, he turned his back to the office and hurried to him. Along the way Misar thinking:

“One way or another, and carry out the orders they still have mine, and so my skin and they will save the name of the President.” Satisfied with that in mind, it was a dark corridor frozen by guards.

Renee with dog-like devotion waiting for its new owner in cabinet doors.

— No news was that? — Asked Misar appeared.

— All is calm, Sir. — Posted by Renee, what Misar motioned to leave. For a moment Counselor’s office was in the middle, with his large the lapels of his fingers vests, wondering about something intently. But Suddenly a sharp movement opened the office door and called out: — Mr. Hilt! — Insinuating voice was drowned in the depths of a dark corridor. Hilt was sleeping on the couch near the window.

— Mr. Hilt! — A sound response. Misar briskly walked over to his desk. On the keyboard, remote scored a personal code of Hilt. On the wide belt guard immediately give the green call key, and small screen has issued a series of numbers, a caller code, in that same moment he heard a rhythmic tone. Hilt sleepy body slid off the couch on a soft carpet.

Hilt rose. Having found a green light, read the code on a screen belt and turned signal. Straightened form hastened Misar to the office.

— I beg your pardon, Mr. Counsel. — He said, entering.

— Nothing, nothing! — Almost tenderly replied Misar. The tone of the Adviser gave Hilt vigor, in that moment he remembered Ort.

Meanwhile Misar got up from his desk and placed in a comfortable chair, pointing to another Hilt, invited to sit down. On the coffee table is a bottle of good with a cocktail two glasses, Renee took care of it in advance.

— Mr. Hilt, I need a brave and loyal man, pouring cocktail glasses, spoke Misar! — For this I have invited you.

— You can have me, Mr. Counsel, as you will anything.

— Not so long ago happened to you one more adventure. On the face of Hilt display the sincere bewilderment.

— I will remind you about the history of the comet Gall, travel with your two friends.

— What kind of friends? — Surprise again asked Hilt.

— Yes, the same as those with which you began the service by the President.

— I do not understand, Mr. Counsel, in those years, I had a lot of friends.

— Right you say gives the President.

— The President? — Surprised Hilt.

— So, this thing proves it.

Misar got a flash drive with recording space information, taken from the comet Gall Ort. Hilt was slow but cautious. Then, without saying a word, Counsel reached for the remote on the table and the flash drive into the slot videophone. The familiar image hologram alien worlds floated before the astonished gaze of Hilt, his thoughts returning to the days of violent youth.

— Yes, there were three! — Confidentially began Hilt! — Two of the We left the service. — Hilt dropped his gaze. — We have not seen so long time.

— Who are these people?

— They are able to decorate any president of his bearing, skill and bravery.

— Yes, yes, but I’m interested in names.

— This is the captain and lieutenant Azon Dumar.

— Yes, I’ve heard of them. The President regretted that they had left service, citing the refusal of Tir to have bodyguards.

— Times change, Mr. Counselor?

— Yes, yes. He asked me to find good dedicated people to personal protection. You might not find them?

— But, Mr. Counsel, will they return to service?

— What service as a bodyguard of President no better and no any honorable occupation?

— If you are well paid for it.

Misar pretended not to hear. Hilt repeated: — If you paid for it, well paid.

— Yes, yes … — Muttered under his breath Adviser.

— For the good pay and the content, I can give them.

— Well, then go ahead.

— What guarantees do I get?

Misar winced. After some negotiations Adviser appointed captain of a solid salary, almost exceeding twice the salary of the palace guards and a whole range of benefits, However, Lieutenant Azon to get his title. Hilt is Misar signed and vacation, providing a fair amount of money ordered to go in search of: — Such people need to serve the Mirage and the President. — Said he took leave of Hilt… In Cathedral Square trodden people scattered scraps of newspapers

and magazines, listening to the voice of the speaker. He stood out from the hill, standing out above the heads of the crowd with a megaphone in his hand and shouted out long sentences. The amplified voice echoing in the Gothic structure Cathedral, drowned in shouts of encouragement listeners. Approaching, Hilt began to distinguish female figures with children, dressed in colorful costumes with inscriptions on the back and chest. A group of policemen stood by, watching the gathering, allowing the speaker to speak and listen to the crowd. Hilt asked them:

— What is the Sabbath?

— Yes, and it looks like not going to give up. — Answered one.

— And the union?

— Do not prostitutes union. But there seems to be created.

— And it will be: “The trade union sex workers.” — Grinning, he said Hilt.

— Likely. — Seriously, police confirmed.

— For two months did not think to give up.

But Hilt was not listening. He hurried to the hotel, “Ray.” Exotic structure of the hotel looked like an ancient barn. This listed building served as the main entrance to thirty floors ultra-modern skyscraper that capture the imagination of light soaring structure. Transparent leaf lobby door quietly departed, letting in Hilt. The spacious room was not crowded. The left Bright corner sat an old man in a chair. He is dressed in gray wool suit with a newspaper in his hands. The second is younger, dressed in jeans, standing at the bar and drank a cocktail. The third came after him. It was a middle-aged man w cloak dark blue with a black leather suitcase in his right hand. An administrator at the counter, long, lean, with a curly beard and a hooked nose, from a distance, seeing Hilt, nodded to him, Friendly smiling. Nodding in response, Hilt up to my three-room “luxury.” In a small whims on the wall hung a large mirror in the digs person. Hilt immediately reflected in it. And look, meticulously thrown on the face and body, said mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, but slightly drooping shoulders — compelling signs of fatigue. Sighing, he sat down on a chair and took off his shoes, uniforms, and then coveralls. The second room was a living room, where he entered after a shower slippers and bathrobes. At the coffee table with a stack of newspapers and fashion magazines standing floor lamp and two chairs. Middle of the room spread a soft wool rug with a pattern bizarre decorated in old green and yellow colors. On the walls hang

two paintings depicting picturesque resort with sea and palm trees, clouds and seagulls and white ships on the horizon. Paintings complement each other, leading a tired look into the world of the warm sunlight and caressing waves. Living room furniture mahogany consists of glazed bookcase with books but the sideboard. Just a few unexpected trinkets in the form of ugly masks on the walls so the windowsill complement everyday comfort. Whenever crossing the threshold of the living room. Hilt felt the bliss of the fact that he now belongs to no one and can be like this down in a chair at the coffee table and calmly rest. Once in the chair. Hilt reached for the phone, taking his

on his lap, he dialed the number.

— Hello, is that you, Veer? — Waiting for an answer, he continued: I have some fries, a salad and a bottle of wine. A pleasant female voice on the phone said,

— A coffee?

Hilt pursed his lips, then said: — No, do not. — And hung up. The waitress did not have to wait long, dinner was served in a matter of minutes. Hilt ate with gusto, washed down with strong wine, then

went to bed. In the morning, jumping out of bed, he began to think: “My friends not such suckers to keep their original names and coordinates in a file cabinet intelligence community, so someone, and they … "- smile flitted across his face. remembered the silly expression to the official, who saw on the screen instead of photos, names and fingerprints, pictures of animals. Lees Dumar match the image stork — Azon. That’s why Hilt received mission to track down friends, that’s what infuriated President and elevate their credibility in the eyes of the Adviser Misar. Hilt lost in memories. Azon wanted to earn money on the service and buy a small airport, tourists wanted to roll over the sea and the mountains. Dumar — yes, Dumar dreamed about a secret society, a secretive and sly, not in vain, he portrayed himself fox. Thoughts swirled around Hilt unwittingly letters. He took out a whole pile of dusty suitcase, rummaged through them, took one. Read.

The letter was from Azon, but no addresses. Not losing hope, Hilt put the letter in the receiver a home computer. The screen flashed the letters add up to the words and sentences; “Resorts Nayami, Yaryk…” — There are fewer than twenty seven names waved his hand in frustration and turned off the display.

— Yeah! — Said Hilt.

However, he plopped down in a chair, his legs casually perched right on the letters scattered on the coffee table. Glance involuntarily slid television screen. Broadcast news. Hilt remembered the holiday, it was a festival of society Chaumont in the crowd flashed then face Dumar. Hilt rushed into the crowd, but the excitement of protesters stopped Hilt: “The devil!” — He thought! “Prevented my form.” Distinctly remembered the celebration of youth, gathered in the Mirage around the world. In his excitement, he stood up, walked to the window. From the height of the thirtieth floor cars on the streets seemed toy. Outside the window was rain, lightning flashing lights advertising in his gray jets, intricately reflected in the puddles and wet the walls of the houses. After standing for a moment at the window. Hilt returned to his chair and pressed the button display. The screen flashed the letter again, tin, offers: “Society Chaumont, a secret organization. Coordinate not. Number of members is unknown. Threats government is not.”

— Not a lot! — He sighed. The failure angered. Came to mind the most incredible projects, until I remembered an article written in the “Bulletin” on the hypothesis of the existence of a state of

high in the inaccessible mountains, and representatives of the State are de Chaumont.

“The Curious State finds no signs of habitation in that place, as space vehicles and aircraft are not

registered their radars is no object in the specified Mountains area … "- read Hilt.

— Damn it! — Furiously crumpling paper hands, cried Hilt.

— That cannot be anyone, I can! And a crumpled paper ball flew into the remote corner of the room. He dressed in a blink of an eye. Neutral field dress allowed to do it quickly, ask a few things in a bag and slamming door, stepped out of the room. Street met Hilt fresh breeze, showering dampness cheeks. The rain had stopped. However, air saturated with moisture, dust still contained rainwater. Motorcycles rolled out of the garage, he jumped into the saddle, then put helmet and started the engine. The road to the airport ran endless belt in the surrounding fields, verdant fresh shoots. Motorcycles raced on it, carrying his rider in the direction of the airport. Transcontinental airliner could accommodate his insides six passengers who were located in the passenger compartment. The first floor housed the things they could also accommodate several cars. “Hilt wheeled Motorcycles on its landing platform. Shortly declared fit in the liner. Resorts Nayami located near the picturesque bay. Lush tropical vegetation and the blue-green waters of the attached it a special charm and beauty. The port, which landed liner, buoyant. Among the many scurrying to and fro passengers Hilt police tracked down his helmet and was moved in his direction, as when someone shoved and back. Lieutenant violently jerked ago, but only managed to see the mucin fleeing in a black shirt and blue, sport coat, pants. Regretting that was in the hands of Motorcycles, it quickly cooled down and headed for the exit. Suddenly, he was surrounded by a dense barrier of police. Their stern faces do not bode well, and the black eyes machines, firing rubber bullets, stare in it, ready at any moment to entertain fair portion of peas of gun filling.

— Raise your hands! — Ordered the senior voice cracking. The muzzle of his machine for a moment, moved up by pointing to follow the hands of Hilt. One of the officers approached slowly, clinking handcuffs. Hilt suddenly seized with a passionate desire to teach the insolent.

— Very well! — Coolly he said, jumping to Motorcycles. Police did not have time to blink as Motorcycles, after breaking shop-window glass, made his rider on the highway and raced toward

resort town. Following came the indiscriminate machine gun shooting.

— Post number one! — Trembling with rage, shouted into the microphone transmitter senior police officer! — To immediately apprehend the offender with the license plate “E” one hundred and one!

Hilt was flying down the highway, listening senior team, what boldly replied: — Ha-ha, you’re a big joker, a citizen of the head! However the hell, I’m sick of you! — He turned the radio off.

Not slowing down, his Motorcycles raced to the number one position. Even from a distance of Hilt keen eye discerned police set a trap. Two of its disk opposite to each other, red poppies stood out against the green overgrown fields. Hilt knew that a strong field of defense, arising between the discs, able to block the path train. Objects stuck therein, as in the test, and no power is able to snatch them. The number one position in front of a police officer standing in the stowed black jumpsuit with a raised stop sign. Motorcycles Hilt raced straight to the sentry. The distance separating Hilt and police, declined at an incredible pace. With every second of this duel took on dangerous. One stood motionless, it seemed that his life he deeply spit, the other rushed to the limit of squeezing speed. When the distance was reduced by an amount not bode well for the police and for the rider closer to the world otherworldly, Motorcycles suddenly stood up on the back wheel came off the highway and soared into the air, showering the superheated steam head sentry. The number one position remained far below, drifting along with the small trees on the side of the highway farther and farther back. Out of the blue haze in front of white toy houses grew resort town. Far away, in the direction of the town, seemed to flock black dots. Point increased, in front of purchasing extended final shape of giant birds. Hilt, sensing trouble, changed the direction of flight, having turned away in the direction of the bay. Over the sea his whole swarm of police officers surrounded the on ant gravitational motorcycles. One of the riders was shouting into a megaphone: — You are surrounded! Give it up!

— Ha-ha-ha! — Hilt laughed, pressing personal protective equipment. Moment — and the pursuers were silent motors. With wild cries they all hail fell into the bay.

— Good-bye, gentlemen! — Called after them Hilt, directing car to the highway. None of the post no longer stopped him. “It is strange,” — thought Hilt. And, just rolling in the hotel garage “Goldfish” your motorcycles, he pointed to the room where the gaping black scratch, separated the “E” on the number of one hundred and one black feature. The result was a new issue of “E fraction of one hundred and one.” Hotel Hilt did not rest. Hastily, leaving his Motorcycles, he got a taxi to the rental of tourist aircraft.

Chapter 2

— You want, Lord, take a plane? — Asked the owner of Hilt, a fat, red face big man.

— No, I want to inquire about one person.

— Yes, but in front of my eyes every day a lot of passes, evasively replied the man! — And with whom I have the honor to speak?

— Hilt my name.

— I have your name does not say anything.

— I think you love good beer! — Hilt and said, reaching into his pocket for money.

Giving the owner two green notes, added: — There will be enough on the barrel.

— O! — Plump, smiling, boss! — My name is Griffes, and held out his hand. Hilt felt in my hand greasy hot hand.

— You seem to be interested in someone.

— Yes, Griffes, I need some sort of Raul (the name of Azo), it the owner of a site like yours.

— A thousand devils. — Swearing Griffes! — He has never known such. How many can remember, I had one on the coast of the item.

— And do not you know, by chance, his colleagues at other resorts? — Hoping asked Hilt.

— No, I have nothing to say. Hilt had lost hope to find a friend, but suddenly remembered the stork. Above the entrance to the office to sign the item image of an owl caught the attention of Hilt.

— Wait, cannot remember which of your colleagues has a brand name with a picture of a stork?

— Of course, but, you know, because of poor memory recall is very difficult. Hilt has given another green bill. When she disappeared into the thick paw Griffes and beatific smile lit up the face of slits formed by the thick-lipped mouth came a voice: — That, Sir, about a hundred kilometers from here will be.

— So, what the hell, why we procrastinate, immediately get me there!

— Sir, I do not have free cars! — Shrugged Griffes.

— And for whom? — Hilt have to stand on the sidelines sporting two-seater.

— This waits for his master.

Griffes words were enough to spur Hilt. Combustible look, he rushed to the plane. Griffes blocked the road. Enraged at Hilt, barely restraining himself from anger, on ant gravitational motorcycles strained through his teeth: — How much do you want?

The owner called the sum. Hilt gave twice as much. Griffes himself sat at the helm. The plane, gingerly, hung in the air, leaving a before starting construction. Soon the city is left behind. Hence,

from a height, the blue veil stretched the sea, and on the left coast line stretched to the horizon endless belt. The plane was flying, sand sticking to tape the surf, in the North-West.

After about an hour of flight turned toward the coast. Below stretched the endless prairie, with here and there the interlaced brushwood. Then came the flat squares of fields high plateau, we get down to the very rainforest. Finally at the bottom of the band seemed hard-packed. By standing

there is a light airplane hangar so lonely with a glass booth one could guess about the existence of a small airfield.

— Here, Sir! — Trying to shout over the noise motor Griffes said loudly! — The one your stork. Plane in a rapid peak of losing altitude. With the excitement of Hilt looking forward to seeing.

Machine, taxied to the hangar, stop. Hilt got out of the car, stepped on the wing, then jumped to the ground, but alas, nearby there was no one. Hilt looked around and saw just now in wide gate

Hangar man leaning against the jamb of the opening. Hilt quickly approached him.

— Good day! — He said hello to a stranger. He reluctantly replied slowly and deliberately continued to inspect the guest.

— Can you tell me who owns the site?

— Who you are and why you needed the owner? — Squint evil

black eyes stared up Hilt is not very friendly expression. Unexpected question alerted lieutenant seemed suspicious and what clothes a foreigner he had seen somewhere. He was wearing a black shirt with a wide collar, opens hairy chest and gold medallion dangling on a massive gold chain. Swarthy, sunburned face, black mustache, straight nose and, like smoldering embers, his eyes did a beautiful face and jet-black hair gave him a nice background. The man was dressed in a blue sport coat trousers. A moment’s silence seemed like an eternity.

— Oh, yes, I’m sorry, I did not introduce myself, my name is Hilt, I need a boss.

— I do absolutely nothing to say! — Cold-bloodedly said the stranger, and, folding her lips into a special grimace sharply whistle. At the whistle came from the depths of the hangar three men. One of them, playing with his muscles athletic figure, went behind his back to Hilt, two others are on both sides. At this moment, the engine roared aircraft on which Hilt arrived and sped up.

“That bastard!” — Lieutenant thought. “Scared. To hell with it, let the rolls.”

— I repeat! — Losing patience, said Hilt! — I need you host.

— Lou! — Said the stranger in blue trousers.

At Hilt moved shadow behind. Instantly assess the situation, Hilt waited. And only when the thick, like a log, hand slipped from his back, trying to grab his neck. Hilt lunged to the left and met the athlete side of his hand, that a lightning speed crashed into his collarbone. Thick hand opponent whip hanging at your sides. The other two immediately flew off. Writhing in the dust of the pain and moaning loudly.

— So where’s the owner? — Calmly repeated the question Hilt.

— That’s it! — A sharp throw a stranger hands forward, and ominously flashed a knife blade. Hilt immediately leaned forward and took tip his hand, absorb the blow, like a magician, put the knife

vertically on the palm of your hand. The enemy, opening his eyes and opened his mouth surprise.

— I repeat! — Icily started Hilt! — Where the owner?

— I, I d-don’t know! — Suddenly began to shake, like a fever, a frightened stranger.

— Answer the questions! — Ordered Hilt.

— Who owns the site?

— Raul. — Swallowing saliva and licking his lips, the man said hesitantly.

— Well!

— Raul. — Squeeze out one.

— So, where is he now?

— I swear to God, I do not know.

— Well, now in the hangar.

The man jumped into the hangar.

— Not you! — Hilt stopped him! — These, to clean!

Together they dragged moaning people in the hangar. Hilt carefully tied all, he knew how to do it the best way possible. Then locked the door, looked at the site. Outside the hangar stood a small wooden house. Hilt did not pay any attention to the altitude, rather, because the tile roof almost did not stand out against the background of brown soil around. Hilt approached. In the windows curtained lace curtains, windows were covered with a protective film of copper color. Through such glasses sun loses its intensity, and the room reigns soft light. For these curtains Hilt guessed that Azon is a house. Over the entrance hung a sign” Airline Azon and Stork” with a picture of a stork floating among the clouds. Hilt tried to enter, the door was locked. Losing time is not included in the habit of Hilt, and he resolutely strode back to the hangar, thinking to himself: “I’ll rip off the bastard truth.” But he had to stop half-way, as the roar of denunciation aircraft clearly testified that the aircraft it flies here. She looked at the sky. Hilt found there a silver car that already comes in to land. Hiding behind a wall of the hangar, he began to observe. The plane,

rocking, running down the runway, approaching, and finally stopped nearby. The door opened. Jumped onto the grass slender man in a leather jacket and dark blue trousers. Then extracted from the cabin bag and, putting it on her shoulder, walked with burden to the house. Hilt immediately recognized him as Azon. Poor biting excitement, he jumped out of his hiding place and rushed to meet a friend. He saw a man running towards him, stopped, his face etched bewilderment grew into grimace of astonishment and joy.

— My dear friend! — Shouted Hilt.

— Is it you, Hilt?

Friends rushed into his arms. Forgotten bag was left on the field.

— Tell everyone how you live and what are you doing? — Asked Hilt. Sighing heavily, and sipping from a glass of hefty sip strong cocktail Azon began his dismal story.

— Upon his retirement, with little capital, I went to south, full of high hopes and most of my future projects. Oh dear, Hilt, about them you know well. Buy ready-made rental of tourist planes I could not. Then I he decided to create one. On the shore of the bay strange I bought land from local ъ authorities. Hired workers and cleared it under the runway. The place turned out excellent. Beautiful scenery opened the prying eyes of tourists even in the height of my site. I am encouraged by well-chosen spot, continued with renewed energy construction. Finally, everything was ready. Preliminary calculations of my company promised me a considerable income. The matter was left to a few, is the purchase of the aircraft, with which I went to Mondale. You know, there’s the world’s best fair aircraft. There purchased by installments whit this lightweight high-class aircraft that could at the same time to roll six passengers. Its transparent pod gave an excellent overview. Since then, my business went perfectly. I Advance payment of the installment and bought another plane, you see him. Starting to believe in his lucky star and good luck, I thought up a family. Not difficult to guess the location of our first encounter. She then became ill, and I invited her to him.

It so happened that she stayed with me, well, then we will allocate more and more, and finally, when I began to talk about the wedding, she brought to the house of his brother. — Speaking, Azon shaking pictures, one of them Hilt learned swarthy stranger. Meanwhile Azon continued:

— He asked me to deliver some goods from the jungle on the coast. I, without hesitation, agreed. Then the events unfolding on the breakneck pace. It turned out that my fiancée — aided by a gang of drug dealers, and this, Azon pointed to the picture! — No not a brother. They warned me that if I do not work for them, then I will hand over to the authorities. So I ended up here.

— Damn it! — Cried the hilt! — They will pay for their insolence. Come on, dear Azon, I have prepared a surprise for you. With these words, Hilt drew another to the hangar. Unlocking the lock, he exclaimed: — Take the sheep in his barn.

— You yourself marsh heron. — Slyly said the stranger.

— Oh, the hell are you still even think scoff! — Cried the hilt! — Azon, the bastard police are looking for in the airport because of him, I had trouble. Do you have a room more reliable?

— Of course. — Posted by Azon. And they dragged the prisoners in the basement, built by the same

criminals for drug possession. Reinforced door with five locks securely locked.

— And now, Azon, in a way, it is necessary to rescue your constriction, I’m sure she was a victim of blackmail. On the way! The aircraft took to the air. Along the way, Azon told about plantation

opium. In the remote jungle undergrowth at gunpoint work Thousands of slaves. They cultivate the soil, removing several harvests cultivation in the year. Barracks at night, protected by sentries who stand on towers with machine guns, and the camp is surrounded by two rows of barbed

wire. These poor creatures fell for recruiting and advertising in the hope of earning found themselves trapped, poisoned with opium, they never return back.

— We have them to overfishing as mice! — Exclaimed impatiently Hilt. Azon, recalling the adventures of his youth, he felt the confidence that helped win more than once in a difficult situation.

— No, Hilt! — Cool head Azon prompted that they do not do it alone! — We will do so…

And he outlined a plan that would have to do Hilt the service of the boss, the owner of the plantation, and prepare escape Ani was the name of the bride Azon. Meanwhile plane sat on the field marked off the same wire as the camp, and is adjacent to it.

Chapter 3

— So you vouch for one another? — Blue eyes, gazing at Azon, narrowed.

— Yes, Sir! — Confidently replied.

— And you probably forgot how he got to us! — Having spoken to Azon’ man looked younger than his years. Dry face, long a hooked nose, a network of wrinkles around the eyes and drooping eyebrows gave the holder a striking resemblance to a bird of prey. Posture complemented similarity with the stamp, bird, feeding on carrion. Hilt, who was standing nearby, grimaced at the sight prickly boss.

— I’ve been out of work for two years. I have nothing to eat. — Stepped in Hilt.

— Well, we still check it out. — Answered the boss! — In the meantime, sit up identification. Imperceptible movement of eyebrows planter was enough. Two burly guards tied his hands and dragged him through Hilt tropical sun-drenched courtyard in the barracks, on the wall of which

sportd the number “2.” In the semi-darkness of the chamber, which pushed Hilt was unbearable stuffy and smelled of mildew and mice. Hilt stopped in the middle of concrete bag. His eyes slowly became accustomed to the darkness. Gray walls, ceiling and floor. Opposite door in the wall above his head came through the narrow window light. Another clang lock for chipped iron door and removes logs, echoed in the silence ringing in the ears blood Hilt yes deaf heartbeats. When the boss finally broke away from scattered on the writing desktop market and deliberately looked in surprise at Azon. Long, full of contempt glance — what could be more offensive that, but Azon resist. Downcast eyes, he waited.

— Oh, are you still here?

— It should be understood that, Sir, as you agree? — In hoping asked Azon.

— I do not like to say, my friend! — With a hint of irritation said planter! — But since you insist, I will answer. Follow back and wait for further instructions!

Azon plane with associated weight soared into the air and headed on Nayami. On the plantation, the middle of nowhere, days passed after day, and every day someone died of slaves. Dead bodies are not burned, they simply buried wrapped in sheets. A month has passed since Hilt was thrown in a box number 2. The term is quite sufficient to kill any starvation death. During this period, Azon twice visited the plantation and each time the meeting took place efficiently, without unnecessary, is not related to the smuggling of words. In one such visit met with Azo Ani.

— How do you wind? -Sad smile slid into the girl’s face.

— Annie, my dear, I want you to pull yourself out of this and hell.

Anya was gone instantly mood. Her huge brown eyes filled with tears webs eyelashes and red. She glanced impatiently at Azon, then turned away. There was a awkward silence. In the emergency room, where they talked, smelled strongly of drugs. On a chair by the door with the words “doctor”, a security guard was sitting, his shaking with fever. He moaned softly, seemed he did not care, take it or not. Azon leaned to the bride, gently took her by the elbow and whispered, ear:

— I’m not kidding, get a grip. Escape appointed…

He called the date, but the sudden roar of the falling body drowned word. The guard fell unconscious in his chair. Two blacks nurses accompanied Ani quickly blew it. At the door

office girl turned, their eyes met. Azon realized that it is ready to escape…

Two native-servant came up with a stretcher to the camera. Door opened for the first time, a month from the moment when Hilt was pushed into it. One of the servants, accompanied by a security guard, entered inside the chamber. An involuntary cry burst from the lips of the logged as his eyes slid waxy pale figure standing dead dummy in the middle of the chamber. The guard fiercely pushed the second slave in the room, tirelessly whipping whip on his bare back. Anyone struggling with superstitious fear, trembling hands joined fellow, wrapping cold body of the prisoner sheet. When this was done, the slaves laid the body on a stretcher, after linking synthetic straps hands and feet. The corpse buried in the temporarily cleared area in the jungle.

These small areas are overgrown clearings within a month beyond recognition, good hiding grave.

Dazzling tropical night. Yes, yes, it is dazzling. Eyes open spaces filled with silver light over solid sea of green. Foliage in these rays becomes mysterious luster, a mirage Sea occurs before the astonished gaze, and it seems as if before you frozen giant waves, sparkling reflections of the moon

radiance. Greens are not just silver paint but black shadows create a bizarre landscape paintings.

Rare cries of night dwellers so sharp and sudden that gold blood. On such nights the local Aborigines sitting, crouching, in their huts, shivering with superstitious fear, for the very evil spirit

goes hunting. Shamans draw it in a long black toga with ferocious face, smeared with mud, mixed with the blood of the murdered the victim. Do not get caught in its path, ruthless spirit…

Here are the two eyes flashed lights in a dark space jungle. Moment — and a black shadow in the fast paced jumping flashed with green tree in the bush. A desperate cry of the defeated victim rolled over the forest. The clearing dotted with mounds of fresh earth, emerged from the darkness of the jungle with a black panther prey. In the tenacious jaws of the beast in its death throes squirmed baboon. Panther looked around, lay down, plunging his claws forepaws a booty, and, growling, began a bloody feast. Suddenly the beast alert. He raised his head, not moving

froze. Ears Panthers moved, struck up a brush on silver hairs. Another moment — and the beast sprang to his feet, forgetting about the production and quietly disappeared into the blackness of the night shadows. There was silence, broken by distant shouts yes rustling of sleeping animals. It seemed that nothing can disturb the peace of the glade. There was a rustle in the silence, no, rather, a groan, and maybe it’s the sound of broken branches. Undoubtedly, it is a dangerous predator, dangerous and frightful panther. The moon has frozen over rides, and the shadows of the trees hid under the crown, shone more brightly moonlit hills yes fresh shoots in between. A strange sound came again, became clearer and clearer sound like a moan. Yes, it is heard a deep groan, chilling, it seemed, he awakens an evil spirit from the darkness of the grave. Suddenly collapsed on the ground freshly educated hill. In one place lumps of agglomerated movement stronger, more and more began to move earth, scattering around. Suddenly seemed smeared with mud fingers frantically gasping for air, began to look for invisible support. Then came the hand of the hill and show the human head. Lick it was terrible. Waxy pale, clay-stained face, clotted hair and thinness inspired by a true representation of the face in an alien from beyond the Kingdom of the Dead. The person applying the last vestiges of strength, crawled to the surface. He burst out of my chest frequent wheezing. Skinny chest heaving, his mouth withered lips snapped crisp air. He suddenly fell silent, breathing became a faltering, barely perceptible sigh. Firebreak silence, mixed with the chirping of cicadas and the distant cries of the rare inhabitants of the jungle. It took quite a time bush hid the shadows black sprawled on the grass alien. Finally, he stirred, moaned and crawled on all fours a spreading tree. On the way hand bumped into something soft and sticky, the man stopped in disgust twitched all over, sat down and began to wipe his hand on the grass stained.

Groaned again, then tried to get up, he is succeeded only for a moment. With a heavy groan, he fell to the zee. In issuing frequent groans, it causes the body to crawl forward to the bush. His stubborn struggle was crowned with success. Thick rubber tree trunk rested securely in the back. Catching his breath, he groped his hands around the trunk that it was looking for. Soon fell into the hands of the package by throwing rotten foliage. With trembling hands, he began to prostrate to untie knots, occasionally helping his teeth. But the forces were too weak. With great difficulty, still managed to untie one, then the other. Twine was finally thrown from a piece of thick brown substance. Digging in the convolution, the man took out a flask and convulsively twitching, drank the contents. Strength slowly returned. Thoughts acquired meanings: — “Only would not mix … "- flashed lightning in the brain. clarify in mind flashed a wild dance jar lid. red, blue, yellow and then red, blue, yellow… so on to infinity, when finally able to see the color of which he saws: — “Bright red, red…” So, all right. Further contents blue, then yellow. The fluid returns forces the body to recover. Tropical night came to an end. Moon quietly disappeared, drowned in the darkness of the jungle. Down here, under the arches of the vegetation, it is not noticeable decline. Only denote the brighter star on a piece of the sky, outlined rides, but the tip of the black canopy of giant trees have become sharper. Sultry tropical day not long in coming. Almost since the advent of the first ray of the sun reigned triumphant general discordant. Significant mysterious night noises and screams were drowned in it, blending until the next night. A person under the crown of a rubber tree stood upright. His body took the form of a strong muscular male. Figure athlete does not like the gaunt skeleton covered with yellow skin, how he came out of the darkness of the grave. Dressed in a long black robe, he pulled out of the convolution small pencil case. In the box were turned mirror, brushes and make-up. To attach mirror to the tree trunk, he carefully took the work on her face.

Chapter 4

In the western part of the plantation housed barracks blacks slaves. In total there were five, ranked in the single-story structures, rather similar in appearance to the sheds for cattle than for human habitation. On the north side of the barrack room adjoins the kitchen is one of the a huge canopy and dining area. The first barracks were living women and children, in others — men. Quoting from the south side, five barracks, was allocated to patients. The grueling hard labor on plantations lead up to the people the point of exhaustion. Every day somebody said goodbye to life. Despite the high mortality, lack of manpower is not felt and not felt because of the waste from the production of heroin was slaves. And so it was moved to the plantations that no one of them did not fall asleep without a fair dose of opium. Slaves worked for a pinch potion. None of them came back from whence he came, all was the only way — to the cemetery. The company prospered Boss. From those who want to work on the plantation did not rebound, despite the ban of the authorities, secret ways resulted in more and more slaves. Planter lived in the eastern part of the plantation, the same posted Xia airfield, cottage, villa, office, laboratory processing opium, warehouse, boxing room and 2 part honey for whites. Black are not treated. The entire eastern precinct with a double barbed wire, placed at each corner of the observation booth with a guard. Guard armed with heavy machine guns. Between the villa, and making Pomeroy helipad with helicopter, ready at any moment to soar into the air. On the tower adjoining the cottage planter stood guard with binoculars around her eyes.

— Wit! — He said to the space! — Can you hear me?

— Yes, Rome! — Heard a voice from a portable transmitter.

— Oh, what a pity you’re not here! — Continued to Rome.

— What happened?

— Well, the taste of the Boss.

— Again, luxurious blonde?

— No, Wit, you cannot guess, I put a hundred to one.

— Fuck me hell, if no fat lady yellows.

— Ha, ha-ha, again by. Give up, Wit!

— Certainly not.

— You’re going to fool me again head for its fat women, this time the brunette, and quite young, so even with the chiseled figure.

— It cannot be.

— Well, here I am it a couple of times, click.

And Rome pulled out a camera. Color pictures immediately emerged, they clearly could see the figure of bathing nude girl. Just at that moment, she gracefully slipped out of the water on a marble pedestal basin. Her skin flashed a dazzling bronze shimmer in the light of the tropical sun. Flick of the wrist she picked up a rocking chair and a towel was vital Men them long brown hair.

— Emma! — Heard a man’s voice.

— I’m here, Daddy! — She said.

— Do not be so long in the sun.

— I’m coming! — Throwing on the shoulders of pink bathrobe, Emma ran 1: father. Waiting for her boss. Gently kissed him on the cheek, the daughter of complained: — This guard is not looking up staring at me in my binoculars.

— Oh, nonsense, this is also the slaves, only the color of their skin white.

While talking, they hid themselves in the cool shade of the room country house, followed relentlessly followed the black fat woman in a white apron. Sun unbearable hell. Rome closed the door of the transparent observation box and turn on “at full power conditioner. Wafted inside cool.

— Well, Rome! — Heard from the radio! — Had to admit Well Love?

— Go to hell. Vit. Photos but I came to glory.

Further discussion revolved around all nonsense, for chatter guards did not notice the passage of time and the service seemed to them not so monotonous. The sun was in the zenith, the heat, the stifling heat and swarms flying in the air insects haunted. At this time slaves were not working. There were rounded up in stuffy barracks and there, stinking atmosphere, they waited out the heat. By four o’clock in the afternoon sun became merciful. Slaves were driven to the plantation, and those submitting a whip, sullenly wandered on the hot brown soil to the green squares poppy over

which constantly hung little rainbows from stationary sprinkler. This was repeated day after day, year after year. About two o’clock in the afternoon when the sun has warmed all around

to hellish heat, over a deserted plantation rolled fights tom-tom. Muted rhythmic beats that recur with increasing force, the litter fall suddenly to the quiet battlefield. They could hear the pain, despair, anguish and suffering indelible. Wailing tom-tom rhythm fascinated hearing.

— Wit, you hear? — Asked warily Rome.

— It seems to be close to you.

— Damn loss! — Said the voice Vita.

— Wit, do you remember, because it was already. Rome became the voice sound like an old crow cawing.

— Yes, Rome.

— Bit Boss told you?

But Witt was silent. At this time, the ears came the chirping helicopter. Sleek helicopter, similar to the published winged giant butterfly, easily slipped over the plantation, gaining altitude, and soon disappeared over the boundless expanse of jungle.

— It seems Boss escaped! — Vita’s voice was quiet and lost notes still fun.

— How heard tom-tom?

— You know, Rome, from the second hut.

— Attention! Attention! All posts! — Barked suddenly the bell loudspeaker on the roof of the booth. From it came the team boss.

— Yeah, porridge brewed! — Said Rome and went outside taking with him a heavy machine gun.

In the courtyard stood firm with a dozen small car with an open top. Near the car, exhausted from the heat, swarmed guards. They busied themselves with arms and ammunition, neatly stacking machine guns and other equipment in the car. Boss’s voice is still broadcast from the speaker, but the guard knew that he was not on a plantation, it is the soundtrack. The commander of the detachment, which can be recognized by uniform cap with a badge in the form of a crab, embossed in gold, went to cars and loudly ordered: — For machines! Mercenaries lazily climbed into the body suddenly on the plantation, with its western part, seemed light aircraft. He went down to the ultimate height and was at low level flight to the aerodrome. Everything has been given to the machines when the plane making a turn, sang on the landing. No one else was paying attention to the sky, all the bodies involved in the placement. Unexpected huge explosion soared black smoke and fire, threw almost all the mercenaries of the cars. A solid wall of fire swept courtyard front of the office, avalanche swept, leaving pools of blood writhing in burning human

remains. From the health of the survivors jumped. Among they had Ani. The fire quickly spread to the building. Was lit office, cottage, and the medical unit. The fire threatened the warehouse premises, among them was an ammunition dump. It was impossible to hesitate. Annie rushed headlong from the runway. The wind whistled in my ears, the horror paralyzed movement, but, overcoming her, she raced ahead without feeling tired. And in front of the plane taxied toward her. Azon landed at the southern part of the band abruptly turned the plane and sent to a traveling

to meet the girl. He is setting off to capture the helicopter, but the helicopter was not there. At the head of a swarm of hovering feverish idea what to do any longer. Anna arrives and that it frantically screaming. Azon offered her his arm and dragged him into the cabin, but she continued to cry. Tantrums distorted her face. Azon hit her twice on the cheeks, trying to bring to life. She felt the blows stopped screaming and collapsed in a faint on the seat. He has not seen. All the attention has absorbed Azon run. Will there be enough length of the strip? The fire flew towards seemed plane crash into him, Another minute, and the other, but the wheels have come off the concrete runway and cool soaring in a bend, the plane at the last moment turned away from the blazing flames. In an open side window wafted heat, Azon inadvertently obscured the face with a gloved hand. Blazing buildings remained far below, sailed towards the poppy fields. By barracks

meter had five, when he saw a well compacted field road. Without hesitation, the pilot decided to land. But would not run against a random stone, but would cost them.

— The only thing Azon wanted at that moment more than anything else. Landing on the road was successful, soft blow wheels then light shaking on uneven ground — and the plane rolled,

shaking planes. His guard said. From the tower hastily down a guard with a machine gun at the ready. From the side of the hut number two was running a crowd of slaves. Ahead of all that is screaming raced a man with a ferocious bearded face of the savage in the black cloak. This man by the clothes and all the signs like a legendary Spirit inspires superstitious savages fear, sometimes to the arguments frenzied mass insanity. Azon abruptly turned the car around. Gunned the engine. Propeller frantically drove eddies of air, shake up continuous curtain of brown dust tail. Winged car was shaking like bridled horse, obeying rider stirrups, ready at any moment to soar upward, is to let go of the brakes. From the thick dust in the man jumped out below cape. Low bending the head under a strong stream of air, he desperately made his way to the cockpit. Azon held out his hand and pulled him inside. More the stranger did not have time to get into the cockpit, and the plane already torn from brakes, jumped up and down on the road, picking up speed. Two black man, was clutching a crutch under the tail, flew off to the side and the car is easy to come off of the road, melted into the blue haze over the jungle. Azon sigh of relief as soon as the cold floated crown evergreen rainforest.

— Hilt, dear, I am alive! — Azon exclaimed in excitement.

— I have done as you asked, but I must confess, not yearned to see you alive and well.

— As you can see, your plan does not come out, yet nothing happened. — Hilt Ani looked at.

— What happened to her? — He cried, and without waiting for an answer, he began to lead a lady to feel. Azo-free wheel hand gave him a flask of water. Hilt gently patted Anna on the cheek, then sprinkled water on her face. The girl breathed deeply, opening bleary eyes. Her gaze cleared and fell on his face and clothing Hilt. Before he could open his mouth to the words he heard the high-pitched squeal and then threw her dead faint.

— Oh, that’s it! — Guessed Hilt, brushing off the remnants of makeup. When this was done, he quickly cut off beard, then carefully shaved on-board electric razor. Azon opened gaunt thin face another heart ached with pity and tenderness for him. sense of gratitude for the salvation of Ani

and his own Azon hugged him. Hilt resumed his Ani. Finally she opened her eyes. Her gaze found Hilt, and it lit up trust. Hilt, trying to distract friends from as recently experienced, tried to remember funny stories, who had to endure in the days of his youth. He succeeded with

varying degrees of success. Still, Ani finally calmed down and came to life when Hilt said the purpose of his arrival. Eyes Ani, large and moist, like a gazelle forest, suddenly stopped. Live fire in them waned. She turned away from friends, hiding her tears, and silently stared at the bottom of sailing scenery. Hilt realized that the prospect of marriage changed her life, there comes a new, another, metropolitan life that Ani dreamed of something like the impossible and distant, as children dream. Azon gratefully accepted the offer and, drawing attention to Ani, said:

— That’s my wife, thank you. From these words, she could not help but burst into tears.

— Honey, what’s wrong? — Azon asked anxiously.

— So, dear, no! — She wiped her tears with a handkerchief, then added: — Because you know what the service, so thank God heard much. — And she was staring into a clear gadfly cabin. Her beautiful eyes suddenly erected to the sky, and on the half-open lips burst little sigh, which meant the women’s dissatisfaction with language.

— Dear Annie! — Hastened to the rescue of Hilt! — From that moment your failures come to an end, and hell if I was not Hilt, If your future spouse does not prove to you that. But Ani and raised an eyebrow.

— Azon! — He turned to a friend! — Do you know anything about Dumar?

— Absolutely nothing definite, one of my knowledge, that was somehow clash between drug traffickers in Nayami with demonstrators Shomon. This society, which he dreamed Dumar. And

You know, one of them broke up with a dozen armed with chains and thugs with knives, and he wished to remain anonymous.

— How long was it?

— About a year ago. Annie, do you remember? This is still rustling papers.

Ani making an impassive face, clarified: — In June of last year.

— Oh, yes, I think I messed around with the motor and then there was on the occasion of the acquisition of spare parts.

— I recognize the handwriting Dumar. — Said Hilt. Azon plane taxied down the path to the office Griffes and Owl.

The fat man with a curiously watching a surprise guest.

— Hey, Griffes! — Without having to jump on the grass of the field, called he Hilt. — Get on the helicopter, take me to the police station! Griffes did not move. His face expressed a dull tightness. Saying goodbye to friends. Hilt aircraft slammed the door and walked to the smug host.

— Have you stir. Griffes. — With these words, Hilt took a transmitter and a certificate with its private code officer protection of the President. This immediately had an effect, the fat immediately began to attention and stiff tongue blurted.

— Yes, Sir!

Head of the Police Department Nayami sitting at a desk table heaped with folders and letters, in a stuffy office, periodically wiping sweat with a handkerchief with sweaty neck. Light roast of the day pierced the barred window, filling the room, and without stifling, street heat. Boredom, heat and debt service, forced to sit through days of his office, imposed on that person print indifference to everything, even to himself, as evidenced by the confusion that reigned around. On one of those countless days of monotonous office door opened and in the doorway to the sleepy eyes of the police management has grown man with a lively, intelligent expression green eyes. The stranger unceremoniously swept study, and nodded his head in satisfaction, introduced himself:

— Lieutenant personal security of the President. Hilt. With these words, took out a miniature transmitter-license, presented the captain lost his head.

— How can I help? — Buttoning his uniform shirt and wearing a tie, had one.

— Mr. Captain, I have a serious matter to you … — Hilt started the story of the incident, which ended with the words: — … and you get a promotion. On a sleepy face brightened captain slept sense of duty, and he began to take energetic measures, leaving, however, the ability to use office lieutenant transmitter. Hilt immediately report Misar: — Mr. Counsel, I suggest you one of my two friends, Azon, which I was able to find. In agility and courage he has no equal. I remain in Nayami as Dumar is somewhere nearby. After you have passed the test of hard and rapidly conducted Hilt in the evening of the day decided to set myself a little rest and visibility fun. The hotel bar “Goldfish”, where he went on elevator from my room was dark, consisting of gamma and color music light from wall-mounted light fixtures in the form of sea chimeras. At the tables and at the counter drawn silhouettes of rare visitors. The bartender was sticking out behind the counter, trying to be helpful, asked: — You drink, fortified, with juice, iced?..

Hilt ordered a cocktail with ice and casually tossed a piece of paper have filled the glass. The bartender began to count the change, but not in a hurry to call to a customer when Hilt left with a glass of the free table. Having drunk, Hilt asked the bartender: — Mister you are familiar events of last June? — Such treatment lackey wine racks are not expected. His eyes suddenly lit up with a serious business-like, his face reflected imprint regal pride.

— What you actually know? If you want to know Shomon on, I can recommend you one of my regular customers.

— Yes, of course, but I would still like to ask you, do not remember Do you know what happened on that day?

— Well, of course, well remember, the more they ran here to eat. And I remember very well.

— So tell me, be quick! — Cried Hilt.

— Well, as usual, they met for their convention. Burned on Square spiral, symbol of development, as they say.

— Why did they burn the spiral?

— Because it is considered that the development will inevitably lead to some kind of disaster, so they are against the development and harness their character development, that is a spiral. — How could explain explained bartender. His colorless eyebrows and eyelashes twitched expressively

during the story, and the light-gray eyes, with nothing to express.

— I’m sorry, what’s your name? — Asked Hilt.

— Chin call me.

— Well, Chin, say, a fight you do not remember?

— No, here’s the address. — Engraved something on a napkin. Rank handed Hilt, saying:

— Here, it can tell you in detail about this.

— Thank you. Chin.

Hilt has decided to immediately redeem the address. He quickly ran into the street.

Evening city lights met the advertisements, the rustle of tires of cars in the streets, lit by colorful storefronts but is rare passers-by, hurrying home. At this time, each of them sought refuge in the literal sense of the seven locks. The sharp jump in crime cancer struck the city of the World, as a consequence of the brutal policy of ruling the country, rising prices, inflation and unemployment. Robberies were committed on the streets, in homes, movie theaters, subway cars, and even in the toilets. The unfortunate passerby forced to carry in a pocket medium dignity bill specifically for the robber to somehow protect themselves from the threat of being “Shot down a rabbit.” The method is simple. The offender brings the barrel gun with the words: “Money!” Passerby pulls out a piece of paper and puts it in her hand. The transaction was executed. The robber goes into one

side, a passerby to another. That’s why the streets after dark quickly emptied. Hilt blithely striding on to the street Red roses to the house number twenty-three, at charted on a napkin. At the entrance to the house he met a group of teenagers on motorcycles vintage designs, the latest fad. Loud voices are talking to each other, trying to shout clatter of engines. Bizarre hairstyles do young people like fairy tale characters. Hilt took the elevator up to the twenty-seventh floor and pressed

the bell desired apartment. A minute passed, then another. Outside the door music was heard, voices, laughter. Finally there was a click and lock creaking door hinges are not lubricated, interrupted tedious wait. A girl in a flowered robe with a cigarette in his hand appeared

barefoot in the doorway, scattered over her shoulders in a mess strandsblond hair askew and trimmed bangs covering his forehead and right eye, could not hide the beauty of finely chiseled face. Smooth movement of the hand she brushed the bangs from his eyes, opened the blue of heaven. “Damn it — thought Hilt! — Damn pretty eyes”

— Who do you want? — She asked idly.

— I need a port, lives here is?


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