Book-10. New era, novella

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In the Book-10. “New era”, novella you will find new adventures of heroes.

The Coalition Union of the star systems of the galaxy included the civilization of the Earth. For Earthlings began a new era. But this does not preclude the Union tensions within the coalition itself, and alliances are based exclusively on the trade- off relationship that continually arise and are in a state of constant negotiation processes. That is why at the head offices of a stellar system must stand a reasonable and business- like organizer, has exceptional abilities and talents of the scientist, but that’s another story… Your author V. Speys.

Book-X. New era, novella

Chapter 1

Armchair in front of a table that sat Aglientu Miguel Cortez, was Dumar.

— You are the best bodyguard Theo. — Said he curated the solar system after the hour- long conversation with him in front of a search expedition of General Garinova.

Cortez paused, as if trying on to spoken words. Pause dragged on, and Dumar decided that he is expected to answer.

— So what?

— Tell me, Captain, where it can hide his rule?

— I do not know his thoughts were not then, when we were with him in the service, nor when he was gone. How do I know?

Cortes glared at Dumar. He was well aware of the thoughts of the commander of the faithful Theo personal protection. How, in turn, Dumar was aware of the abilities of Cortez, so he was not thinking at that moment about anything. The training was thought to contain on the face, and it annoyed Cortez, and he, in turn, could not get Dumar go to a lie detector. Finally convinced that with Dumar pull that either do not will succeed, he decided to stop this senseless questioning.

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you, my captain with the job. And today may go, Captain. — With unconcealed irritation Cortes said, repeating twice, “captain.” Dumar sharply on the military, turned around, clicking his heels. And the thundering steps proceeded to the office door, and just before the door, he stopped and said, through clenched teeth:

— Mr curator, not the captain! I, Major personal palace guard Tir, president of Lakia, glorious and peaceful country that was when it Fayeton on.

Cortes with a malicious grin, contemptuously threw him go:

— You can go Major!

— Yes! — With dignity rapped Dumar, opening the door. Cortes soon heard his footsteps on the corridor. The curator has made concentrated expression of thought and focused on the call.

“Yes, I hear you!” — Thought flowed in response to request communication.

“Alesia, please come see me.”

At this time, Ales and Peter Sobinov sat at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. The theme was one. Ales wanted to be a man, and she will be really happy with him Peter, and, as will be run with them their children, and how they will be good together. When suddenly froze with a steaming cup of coffee in hand. Her eyes glazed over and did not react to anything. Peter anxiously watched the robot, such insinuations with Alesya sudden he had never observed. Sobinov not know what to do, and is it worth anything at all to do with it, he did not know. In a state of almost stopper, Peter stood and watched with interest her. Just as suddenly robot “awake.”

— I have to leave urgently. Cortez calls the appointment. — Said Ales, going to the reception.

— A cannot be put off? — Worried Peter.

— No. I’m on duty. And I laid down in the program. It is in their leisure hours I belong to myself and you and me. Here’s why I want to become a person that does not depend on the vagaries of the pledged program, which will save from nowhere, even now! — In the hearts, almost in tears, as the man said Ales.

She quickly got ready and left, slamming the door. Peter was alone…

— Ales — turned Cortez — tell me, what have you got an idea for a fix, to become a man? — His glaring eyes tight pitch- black eyes, said Cortez.

She stood in front of a desk curator at the very spot where a half- hour ago, stood Dumar. With downcast eyes, silently, looking out for pattern in soft shaggy rug under his feet. Cortez, not waiting for an answer, he continued:

— You are the fruit of the two in the highest degree of advanced civilizations of the universe, and now this claim. — He again looked questioningly at the robot. The girl was silent. Pause dragged. And in order to give free rein, as it seemed to her human feelings, Ales began to speak:

— Yes! I know that life has given me a crystal body made of liquid crystals and living, which, if necessary, on my team are heavy duty monolithic structure. Yes! I know what I feel, how a person feels his nerve endings and touch a variety of items, and the smells and taste of food. But all this imitation of smell, dummy. I want these feelings, these smells, the taste of the food, just the fact that a person feels.

— Man is weak and vulnerable. And you have unsurpassed abilities. You’re a machine, and at the same time, you feel like a man.

No, it is an imitation! — Stubbornly repeated Ales.

— I asked you not to do this. I just want to say that I will give you the opportunity to implement a human being, but with one condition. — He again looked questioningly at her, soaking pause.

— With what, a condition? — Intrigued asked. Cortez as if waiting for this question. He looked majestically on the robot: — Help Garinovu find Theo.

— It means that I’ll be there with Peter in the team Garinova.

— Who are you’ll be there, it’s me not care less about. To me it is important that you apply your skills in the search for the fugitive, for that I’ll give expression in person.

— But that same technology is Theo? — Asked the girl.

— Do not forget the robot. You do not know what the Coalition? There are more advanced technology that will allow a few hours to realize you an exact copy of all human feelings and qualities. You have nothing to worry about. I just genuinely feel sorry for you. Too bad you’re cloaked in miserable form of existence full of everyday overcome adversity and turmoil.

— Maybe I deserve this, to experience the fullness of attitude.

Well, it seems you’re all clear. Thus, the quid pro quo?

Well, I’ll help to find Theo in exchange for a lifetime.

— That is all. I will bring the general Garinovu range of tasks that need to be done. He will tell you all, in the course of affairs will bring up your search expedition.

Having said this, he pointedly turned to the screen on the wall where running graphical summaries of scanning devices with Eden (Planet Earth). Cortes thought that Theo is hiding there. As his town is full of wonders Shambhala temporary anomalies, where historical eras shifts easily get lost and become invisible for the Coalition. In this regard, he decided to start looking for there, in the Garden of Eden, but rather in Shambhala. Replacing historical periods, one after the other, scanning the time continuum, you can identify a representative of a different race in the community quickly and easily. There will be only one delay, Theo and deliver it here in the center. But then the problem arises. Since Theo is very smart and cunning, he is always on the alert. And always quickly and without any problems go away from his pursuers. So Cortes needed its own special plan for this event, and he lost in thought, not noticing the poor lover robot Alesia. This also took advantage of the girl. Carefully, she went to the door and went quietly, trying not to slam the door cabinet. Cortes involuntarily looked her in the trail when the robot was at the exit:

“The most perfect creation, I cannot understand why she is to become a man. Yeah in other things I do not have this technology, and the request from the Council of the embodiment of Alesia in human nature, is futile. To be comforted Let hope it will be productive to her work”…

Ales, leaving the office of Cortez, was on top of happiness. She imagined herself already a man with all sorts of new feelings that her for three- hundred- year period, according to the Terrestrial chronology of life, not had to experience. And only the stories of Peter she learned details of being a human being.

She entered the apartment where Peter was waiting for her. When she saw him, she ran up to him and threw him on the neck with the tide of unspeakable joy, simulating the feeling is so real that Peter almost believed her human essence.

— You that are altered in people? — Seriously, he said. If these words are heard earth girl, she would have been offended to the core. But the robot Ales joyfully sang:

Oh, Petrushka, I’m so happy that I cannot still believe in the opportunities.

— And, of course, it’s Cortez has promised you all right?

— But he also curated and his word is law that is enforceable.

“This is for you, robots that are programmed to perform his bidding program law. We do not think so, because we can make adjustments to the circumstances.” — It occurred to Peter. But in order not to embarrass Ales, he said aloud:

Yes, dear, I totally agree with you.

— I am now in your team and I will be with you in the expedition. And when we find Theo, and most importantly get him here, Cortez will give me a human being. Here’s how! — It is with delight again rushed to Peter’s neck, I Sobinova cracked vertebrae, and he could not stand, groaned:

Oh, Ales, I beg you not so much!

Chapter 2

The expedition was scheduled to Eden. And Cortez parting words addressed to all the participants in his study.

— So, gentlemen, you will have the mission is not easy. Wherever you are going, live wild and not very friendly tribes, who was unceremoniously and kill aliens. But you are staffed. You have nothing to fear. Do you remember your task to reveal Theo, hold it, and deliver to the Center of the Coalition? Dumar squad will be to duplicate the advanced search expedition led by General Garinova. This is due to the maximum degree of safety. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, he always comes to the rescue, following in your footsteps, Mr. Garin.

Cortes look around all of its caustic eye, trying to read the thoughts of everyone, but all were closed. Read he could do nothing. Eyes fell on Garinov.

— You, General, I think, express your opinion about this?

Garin stretched in the military and said:

— Mr curator, we are protected from the wild tribes, and how we cope with the protection of Theo that is sure to perfectly prepared and just waiting for when it burst in upon us to catch him?

— What do you mean? — His piercing eyes looking at the general, said Cortez.

Yes, that I have the impression that Theo has long figured out all sorts of options meeting with a search expedition.

— Give so, General, we agree on one thing. Your only problem will be reduced to a search expedition, and his arrest and delivery to the Center will be performed by other services. — At the same time curator looked expectantly at Dumar. Orth and Ephesus, standing next to Dumar, looked at each other.

— I mean, as I understand it, Theo will be eliminated immediately and without discussion.

— Do not assume, General, I really so bloodthirsty. Theo and his knowledge of the mission of the Center is not over. He needed the Coalition…

— And you, Mr. Curator, ready to give way to him?

Cortes these words Garinova, pale beyond recognition. At its narrow cheekbones nervously ran nodules. There was a long pause. All present were silent, waiting for what the outcome of a skirmish with Garinova Cortes. Finally Curator sharp voice said:

— Do you have a built- in monitoring system. This is just in case you forget what to do and where to go next, after the examination of a particular sector. Do not forget about this and strictly follow the safety rules. That’s all. Ales robot takes first expedition Garinova in Eden. After the examination of the first sector Garinova team behind them will be soldiers Dumar stripper territory.

— Mr Curator, may object? — Started talking Dumar.

Cortes, raising his eyebrows questioningly looked at the captain.

— Where will the command of General me with my fighters do nothing. Maybe, after all, you are allowed to make search in parallel. For example, General examines one sector I am different?

— Yes, actually you Dumar right. So it will be better. Then I find and correct the program you Dumar, will depart on its aircraft tomorrow at Eden. Everything on this. Good luck, gentlemen.

Garin asked Cortes:

— Mr Curator, let us Dumar with the team to spend time in front of our actions on an expedition in Eden.

— It is strictly prohibited, so there was no collusion between you.

— Mr Curator, what other conspiracy? We have gathered rob Center?

— The most valuable is freedom. And your freedom, ladies and gentlemen, may commit follies in a fragile and unstable cosmic universe, so everything has to go his own, course and no independent action without my permission. You understand?

— That’s right! — Coined Dumar. Garin only grunted in response: — Yes!

— Then- bye. All one after the other in single file out of the solar system, the Curator’s office, accompanied by robot guards, this is a case where someone from the team will want to talk to you.

Behind the door of the Curator’s office, looking at such precautions Cortez Garin condescendingly thought to myself: “How, in a paddock for criminals. Seen in the case of Cortez is not brilliant”…

As soon as the door closed behind the last, Cortez, frantically jumped out from behind his desk table and went back and forth nervously around the room. Before the meeting of the Academic Council of Representatives of the six major civilizations of the Milky Way were only a few minutes. He, of course, knew that he would have to answer to the Council on its activities. He, of course, foresaw what might end his stay here at the Center. And not hard to guess. Next to the Krill he may be in solitary confinement. And the consequences can be different, but the worst thing is that never again its revival will never happen in the endless cycle of birth manifestation…

Meeting was a six boxes summarized in a semi- circular segment with the transparent front wall. Comparison with the horseshoe shape of the segment, is the best suitable for this. At the center of the semicircle at the table with six screens displays, sat Cortez. With its excellent location on the perimeter looked through shared segment six boxes for members of the Academic Council of advanced civilizations of the Milky Way. Each bed is a space that is connected with the representation of a star system.

Chaired by the Academic Council Curator plasmodia forms of existence, the highest of all. Outwardly, he looked like a plasma clot forms spherical luminous matter, twenty centimeters in diameter. Crackle iridescent glowing bright orange waves running over the surface of the bunch energy of matter, has said that the representative of the plasmids is endowed with responsible mission. To the left of the President of the Council was boxing Kremneva civilization, i.e. life based on silicon compounds of living matter. There could see the figure of a man of low body rather be similar to the nursery. He was wearing a green jumpsuit, with all kinds of pocket, could be seen from a variety of gadgets and wires. The look in his movements and facial expressions of children’s nothing in sight. His facial features were courageous. The look of black as coal eyes glowed a tough will and concentration. Right, boxing Phosphoric civilization, based on the phosphorus compounds of the existence of living matter. The representative of phosphate looked like a gaunt and thin black man with thin arms and frail little body. He was dressed in silver, steel gray suit. Huge head rested on a thin and long neck. Slanted eyes look huge, shimmering green lights flicker. Next to the box Representative Phosphoric civilization, boxing Representative chlorophyll civilization. It held the tall man with a green face. He was dressed in a black suit, white shirt and black bow tie. And next to the flint, boxing, prepared for the carbon civilization. It was empty as Miguel Aglientu was in the hall and held accountable for their ten- year, on an earth calculus works. And the sixth box reserved for the crystalline form of the existence of the living matter. Amorphous creature changes its shape from living crystals as he pleased, sitting on his chair in the shape of the human form, simulating Cortez. And it was like as two peas. Clothing, beard, jet- black hair, and a coat with a black bow tie on white shirt. Cortes first meeting, even a little taken aback when he saw his counterpart for the transparent wall of boxing. But gradually came to, he realized who he was dealing, where even the suit, shirt, tie and all his guise was made a solid crystalline form of living crystals that show every detail, as in a mirror, Cortez. Crystal Boxing was the last on the right side of the Chairman of the Academic Council. Their representative actually do on this council there was nothing. Since Cortes represented civilizations based on carbon life. And the alliance of five highly developed rallied in their moment of threat hanging over the universe because of the discovery chain reaction torsion fields Academician Glushko Petr Semenovich. This alliance was based on the instantaneous reaction of five advanced civilizations of the universe, to stop the ravages of the chain reaction. Each of them made a contribution of knowledge. And the embodiment of a real stop the looming disaster of the universe has been reached. This prompted the Union of five to consider the adoption of the Coalition of Earthlings. Though for a reason and that Earthlings do not have done what there be anything else.

This requires a person has been working on reviving Fayeton civilization on Earth. The Union decided to stay on the candidacy of a scientist Theo. This candidate has made a representative plasmid civilization, justifying the proposal that the High Priest Theo revived humanity of Earth. But it is not supported by representatives of chlorophyll civilization, Phosphorous and flint. Required universal agreement. The motivation was based on the fact that his rule of Theo because of the refusal to accept the offer, at one time, an advanced civilization of the universe to heed the looming threat of the first planetary system of Sirius, and then over Fayeton. Because of the cold observation of higher civilizations of these disasters, Theo simply ignore the proposal. A candidate must be made and accepted by mutual consent. To eliminate the risk of making it a unanimous decision by all five civilizations to return to human form of life colleague Theo resettlement to the Earth and the embodiment of civilization Fayeton in Earthlings. There were two of Lyon and Ki. The Council focused on the academic Key. Since Key was an independent scholar. He always found conflicting arguments that contradict Theo activity, compared to the liberal views of Lyon, associate and friend Theo. Key, at the time, was part of the leaders to conduct large- scale resettlement operations Fayeton inhabitants on planet Earth. The Council was comfortable in his return to Key human form of life, for the organization of Representatives Curator solar system. For this plasmid in Eden entered into the laboratory storage crystallized intelligence. And made a copy- clone conserved in the crystal intelligence Ki. Manifested plasmid matter, keeping the memory of the past life of the scientist Key. Followed by growth of the embryo in the vessel time continuum was created by the body to plasmid forms of intelligence Key, which then was placed in a physical form, dissolving and filling him bioelectric impulses of brain cells. It was decided to give him the name of Carlos Allende Gonzalez. But later, he decided to name the owner of this change it to Miguel Cortez Aglientu. With such an original evocation of nothingness, Key, and now Miguel Cortes Aglientu when I heard all about his past, as the fire was afraid of Theo. He realized the potential threat, which would bring him Theo, if it is returned to the Union Coalition. In turn, the Academic Council has decided to understand the intentions of Cortez and hear a report on the progress of the preparatory work. Cortes began to talk about the fact that under him, Theo has created the diplomatic corps. Of dedicated and experienced professionals possessing not only knowledge of the diplomatic conduct negotiations, but also the most profound knowledge of technology. He said the fact that he is ready to pass the reins of the Representation Theo and become his immediate deputy, skillfully keeping quiet about his true intentions with respect to Theo. When Cortes finished speaking. The representative of the Crystal civilization suddenly crumbled, turning into a bunch of garbage, over which became dizzy huge green flies. Okay, that his place was closed box transparent armor, but it would certainly Cortes choked with the stench. Representative of Crystal was clearly bored by the Board, and the threat of a civilization long past. He did not know why he’s here and what this Union. But the memory of the liquidated chain reaction, and only forced to support the Coalition. Obviously, suffering from lack of feeling in limbo, was entertained as best I could. Carlos looked at him, wincing from disgust at the same moment again found himself in the boxing Crystal as a mirror image. From this doomsday plasmid, a leading Scientific Council, became red with anger, but gradually regained orange, then light blue. And I decided to announce the decision. Its representation on the monitor, there was a human face formed by a computer program interpreter. Pleasant male voice rang out from the monitor: — You Cortez, perform your duties Head of Mission of the solar system before the return of Theo. Once it is found, it will take your place, and you will help him in all things, as his deputy. From now on you and your team will be formed by use of the achievements of science and knowledge of Civilizations universe to successfully search for and delivery of Theo’s Center Coalition of the Union. Do you agree with the decision?

Cortes was overjoyed. Hiding hard feeling joyful satisfaction, he emphatically, maintaining an imaginary thought, said: — Yes, Dear Council, I will agree to your proposal, as the High Priest of Theo, as no one is better suited to fulfill this lofty mission of Earthlings to join the Coalition of advanced civilizations in the universe, though the executive level.

After these words, the chairman said: — Start performance of your job and the sooner you will find Theo, so you will be sure to feel your nature.


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