Book-1 Tir novella

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Spiced messengers — who are they friends or enemies? The civilization on the planet Fayeton was created by the union of the advanced humanoid creatures of the Universe. The fate of the world is already predetermined. How is the future predetermined by the Secret Government of the Earth? Who influences the course of history? Described in this book. You will find answers to the mysterious past and future of the World in the adventures of the heroes of this book.

Book — 1, Tir, novella


Many millions of years ago, the Union of advanced civilizations The universe was put into practice the basic law of existence and development of intelligent life, which should be developed on the outskirts of galaxies, the most suitable for this purpose. Our Milky Way galaxy has good conditions for the realization of purpose. The solar system was chosen. And incarnation began on Fayeton planet. While preparations were made and the first stages of implementation, there was consensus among Civilizations, for each pursuing its own goals. However, as so that life evolved on Fayeton developed and differences in Union environment. These differences are mainly divided into two categories: first — for the operation life of man by studying the behavior of artificially created extreme situations and selection at this life-giving energy generated by humans for food and supplement their own vitality. the second — more humane, for the operation of human experience acquired during the life of a man-made extreme conditions. These two concepts have created irreconcilable differences and animosity between two groups within the Union, but having a thorough knowledge of the laws of the universe Space and knowing that the war between them tantamount to suicide. The Union is at peace and strict observance rules and laws of the ecological processes taking place in the cosmos. Bound rigid framework of co-existence, emotion differences transferred to the long-suffering humanity… And the food vital energies of Man goes as during his lifetime, and after his death (using life experience turned into energy clots energy). And what about the man himself? Man, as has been said is the embodiment of the best qualities of cast Advanced civilizations, and concentrated in it. Vested with these qualities, he seeks to escape from under the control of its creators, guardians, but every time you reach the knowledge of higher knowledge Cosmic Laws of the Universe, Union wipes out the planet incubator of human civilization. For what? Before the inexorable destruction of the Law, which is the end result necessary for the revival of the matter of the universe is compressed to state point of substance, when there is neither space nor time, nor matter. The revival comes from the Supreme Intelligence that revives the universe from the point of reviving himself and, because he’s always there. Cannot exist without material substance of space, time and matter. So, experience is necessary for the revival of civilization, and to purchase it withdrawn man endowed with the best qualities that gave it as gifts to advanced beings of the universe. Man locked in shackles atmospheres and attractive forces of the planet, in fact appeared in the world hostage to their creators — the experimenters who have powerful tools Cosmic knowledge. In an effort to break free from these shackles. The man, far superior, its unattractive appearance to the creators, according to his ability, perceptions of beauty and harmony of the universe, quickly reaches perfection. But the union does not sleep, because he knows that reaching perfection Humanity be established in space and break the life-giving currents generated energy abundant supply in reasonable creators. Having taken a worthy place in the Space, Man beats the Universal Mind of the Universe, which is the God, God will carry out the promise, will give the Union Higher Civilizations (Biblical angels) in the subordination of man and mankind will be the people of God Himself. It is only fueling wild instincts in man born in the struggle for existence, such as: anger, betrayal, fratricide and other… Civilization universe portrayed God the Father (Supreme Intelligence of the Universe) is not a worthy man, a man — a destroyer and as a result erased from the face of the planet, the incubator of human civilization, which reached “forbidden” knowledge. Higher Mind of the Universe, God, is committed to helping self, created to His image and likeness. He repeatedly sent people to the Messiah. Therefore, is the Man Biblical way in which he can escape from the bondage of guardianship Space “fathers” and take its rightful place among the ecumenical civilization. But never the highest civilization Cosmos, under any circumstances, share their achievements with Man, for they will be immediately pushed into the background by the natural laws of development, which is equivalent to the degeneration, death, or life in the service of man. So, having the opportunity to be invisible to the human perception, they influence the course of historical processes to inspire humanity to erroneous ways to slow down the evolution. Examples of this are many. Progressive historical figures of the Earth of Mankind, as a rule, have time to do only one jolt to progress as immediately “bad luck” claims the lives of more full of energy and ideas of the leader. To survive, receive the promise by God, immortality, happiness, joy life without the pain of disease, etc., the kingdom of heaven on earth, we must remember that man is God’s chosen one, the Cosmic Mind of the Universe and learn to defend themselves against a massive flow of misinformation gushing on Humanity. The more intense we will defend ourselves more intensively on us will be affected by the higher civilization of Space for God’s plan we are His people, and the protection and man can survive only respecting the simple truths contained in the Word preached and His messengers known since ancient times in all religions of the world;

Destroying Mankind Phaeton as vice before God, Union is forced to revive the new Man, searching for suitable land, new continents on the planet…


Among cities of the World leading place belongs to the Mirage. This city has emerged at the intersection of two times two historic epochs. The first has not had time to die, the second — to get stronger. The first epoch belongs to the era of devastating civil wars, when the state of the planet, greedy consumed with envy to each other, were devastating wars that led to the unprecedented Poverty, hunger, devastation and epidemics. The second epoch belongs to the era of unprecedented prosperity, flowering of human genius. And it was this: Among the warring states was lost one, a small and insignificant in politics, monarchical state, controlled the king. It skillfully maneuvers, to remain neutral, and not to fight. The warring countries would immediately used it, as a neutral country for secret negotiations, meetings and conversations

intricacies and political intrigue. This country was swarming with secret intelligence agents around the world, and hotels it is not empty. Little by little, the banks Lakiya, was the name of the state, have become accumulate gold reserves. The state has gradually become world’s richest countries, which listened to the voice. And the day came when the soldiers of the warring states agreed among themselves, bypassing generals who sent them to their deaths, and stopped the war. Just went home. In the states of chaos. To somehow save your power, the government entered into a long-term alliance Peace and Friendship Treaty, the so-called Union of the Armistice. And since Lakiya retained the status of a neutral state, it also agreed that Lakiya will play a central role in the Union and help support the order in which it will be necessary. Union Armistice decided; King called by the President, and the king’s vizier — Advisor to the President and entrust him with the duties of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. And not to hurt it to other states, decided to build a capital of the world in the center of the waterless desert. Get directions to her motorway and rail communications and turn the desert into flourishing region. Boundless sand dunes, plenty of room and the fruits of peace and the Union of the States not long in coming. Millions of unemployed, hungry people got jobs. As one mastered the dead sands. Desert Pastka alive, filled with voices of people and rumble motors. Her heart began to wake up white stone city. Allied governments rubbing their hands as they deftly managed to hold Lakiya. After all, at the expense of this country was built Capital of the World desert and came to life. World has brought countries: wealth, a happy and joyful life, free labor. And the day came. The president moved into his luxurious palace grew up in the heart of the capital, on all sides planted with young seedlings future huge park. The city was built rather quickly for five years. The city on all sides stretched highways and railways. There were four: Southern, Northern, Western and Eastern branches. In the capital, it was delivered on everything you need or continued construction and life of the city. But the most important thing, without which life is impossible! — Water. Its found at a depth of three hundred meters. A whole sea of fresh water, passing — the universe from all sides rock, waiting in the wings. And the time has come.

From wells flooded, rushing through the old river bed in the sand. Builders are immediately built a canal and river withdrew into the circle. From this above-ground reservoir for a variety of connections — channels — the water went into the desert for irrigation. Thus was formed Ensure con. Over the years the capital of the world until this time has turned the desert into a blooming garden, a hot climate in soft subtropics. States that received a breather and getting stronger already were thinking about the primacy of the Mirage. But it was too late. Set of laws, published at the time of the Agreement by the President bent them to his will, and the adjusted state machine, strength and Lakiya army of mercenaries in war-hardened, experienced, and relentless, quickly and brutally suppressed any statements. But the situation became more complicated with each passing year, and the current president and his advisers, more than ever, needed a reliable, dedicated people who are ready for any action at any time of the day or night.

Chapter 1

Hot day. In the blue sky flashes a bird If you lie on your back and look up, the bird seems with a golf ball. Without moving, the bird in the sky is almost invisible. And only to hear her singing, give her the name of the singer of the fields — Skylark. Over a field of grain, trailing by a near grove to the lake, a few lumps of frozen alive. Competing with each other in singing larks are rising higher and higher into the bottomless blue. Good to lie on his back in the cool shade of ears of grain fields, when you are only ten years old, and when there is nobody around except the sky, the endless expanse of fields yes Song of the Lark. Suddenly, the there was a rustling of the thick stems. “It is true. Mermaid”! — Flashed in the mind. Freezing Fear crept in bare feet boy. He jumped to his feet. A thin, You step to the clavicles, rising above the gate through unbuttoned

Sleeveless. Advanced zrachk2i hazel-green eyes with a scared curiously looking towards a rustle. Heard only the sound of wind wwavy ears. And nobody around. But now, three meters from the

boy, rustled spikes and rapid track streamed directly to him. He froze in fright. Black shaggy

being caught in a continuous thicket of stems at the boy, whining for a puppy, trying to lick his face.

— Ball, is that you? — Co sigh of relief, he said. Dog with drooping ears fun jumping around. The boy tugged at his head popped into the open jaws of a hand, and he pretended to bite gently pressing brush his teeth. Dog and boy playing out on a country road and headed towards the lake.

The ball first into the water. Kicking up clouds of spray, dog wear Xia on the sandbar beach, having fun turning his head, looking waiting for the boy. Then another fumbled on the beach, taking off clothes when the dog, losing patience, cold phlegm wool burned body.

— Get out of here, you bastard! — He swore, driving dog. He jumped to the side to throw again, already behind the host, in warm waves of the lake and swim nearby. High above, a shock of white feather, clouds floated. Among the blue expanse of sky fled they are far from unknown in uncharted territory. “Take off to them!” — Dreamily thought the boy was already imagining myself flying nearby. As if in a weightless space, he hovered above the ground, feeling the weight of the body dissolves, give water. At the bottom through the clear its purity can see the bottom, overgrown with weeds, as if from a height fancies Earth and its forests, fields and ovragami.2

— Phew-p! — He snorted. Caught the spirit of the dream of limitless expanse of blue vistas. And if you close your eyes and dive you will come to the weightlessness of outer space, and you’re in

spacesuit on an unknown station, forgotten by aliens from other Editch.

— Phew! — Did not have enough breath, but it would chase fatty carp, sleepily wags his tail offing

Dusk was falling over the village. The dusty streets flocks of sheep wandered. Shepherds on small nimble nag revolved around flocks, driving long whips behind. Sheep bleat, as if by agreement, in strict order one by one, then together, then one by one. From whooping shepherds and sheep vote on village streets reigned eternal song of the century, and now revived with the evening twilight. Then returned to pasture shepherds. The old gray-haired farmer stood at the gate, looking dim view of the gray mist. Black clothes were covered with a brown film se dust. To better see, she raised her dry with crooked fingers trembling hand to his forehead.

— Hey, Amir? — Restless she called drive-by shepherd.

— Have you seen my son?

— I saw my mother Naa. — The answer is the youngest sonorous voice, he is the last one!

The old woman settled down, waited. The dust has settled, the latter raised a flock. And everything is so old Naa also stood in waiting, letting wrinkled face in the darkening horizon. In the dusk of the evening came the distant voices of sheep, from all parts of the village, it was hard to make out anything in the discordant coming night. From the gray mist emerged the first sheep. From a distance, they looked like bales of hay, miraculously revived and mincing on the four-legged sticks.

They are fast approaching and, dragging the others ran through the open gate.

— Oh, a tomboy! — Cursed hoarse voice shepherd! — Well Appear to me, I’ll set you seven skins!

He walked heavily limping on his right leg. In his left hand hold the reins emaciated horse that trailed behind.

— What, again missing? — Crackly voice asked from age Naa.

— Yeah, and the dog on a dragged. I had a whole day chasing sheep.

— From the brat! — Loudly cursed the old woman was clear that the one of whom they say, is not loved.

— Hey, Jeannette! — Called shepherd. On the threshold of a wooden house ran a young girl in a long skirt and apron with a thick tight oblique jet-black hair that fell to her waist.

— Help drive the herd into the barn.

Jeannette Shepherd and quickly herded the animals into the building. The boy had come too late. In the windows of the wooden house was burning brightly light. He cautiously crept to the window and peered inside. For table were a shepherd, and Jeannette Naa. In the steamed food trays, each drew a spoon and eat. The boy swallowed. The ball spun at his feet and suddenly whined piteously. The shepherd looked up from the table food and listened. Then suddenly jumped up from his chair and hobbled, toward the low door. Near the jamb removed the nail belt and you

walked into the yard.

— Where roamed the puppy? — He shouted, looking at the the darkness.

— And Come here, I’ll deal with you!

The boy was sitting in a thicket of burdock, trembling with fear. In the stomach seething. Hunger was stronger. He reluctantly got up and slowly downcast eyes, he went to his father. A minute later came the scathing attacks belt and restrained sob. Jeannette was sitting at the table, covering his face with his hands. On my cheeks in her tears flowed.

— Ever since his mother died! — Coldly said the old lady, Dan had a hard time. The kid just got separated from the hands, instead of an assistant raise our lazy, freeloader. Won the neighbors, Amir, gold was a child and now parents are not quite appreciate. Shepherd! And this! — It could not think what to say, waved her hand. Then began to eat. The door creaked open. Dan appeared on the threshold. He kept his ear boy, who was crying, wiping tears mixed with the dust on face.

— Sit down! — The old woman told him, pointing to the free chair. Son-in-scooped out of the pan and ladle soup served in a bowl. The boy began to eat with gusto.

— Rumor has it! — Dan started! — That will be auctioned off on Sunday.

— What, you hope to sell something? — Asked the old woman dissatisfied.

— Yes, I’d like to try, maybe this time we’re lucky.

— Ha-ha-ha! — Deliberately evil laugh Naa! — Do you hope to of success? Listen old mother, if you do not want to lose all, time has not come yet.

— I’m sick of poverty, Mom! — Angrily retorted son. — Yes and idler grows, is it this peasant life?

— You’re not a peasant! Your hereditary shepherd! — Commanding voice arguing mother, proving its origin with a proud posture, as far as her old body. — I hold you, when you put it in mercenaries in NARF, and what came of it. Got a thigh injury. Eh, do not listen to the old mother. Neither we

bad his son did not wish to.

— How much do you prove, mama, not mercenaries, and the palace guard. And then I found the golden fleece”

— Do not have time, I tell you! And forget about it. Mother like a man slammed his hand down on the table. At such moments, she liked the boy. He has even stopped watching the admiring eyes of his grandmother. Dinners rarely ended without such after-dinner conversations. Jeannette at this time rattling dishes, cleaning the table. Newest boy stood up.

— Omar! — Called him a girl! — Where are you going?

— A sleep. — Heat looked at his sister swollen from crying eyes, he said. Jeannette gently looked at his brother. Her girlish heart, woman-sensitive, shrank whenever father chastised Omar. Then the poor girl fancied that if she had power over her father, she would even for a moment made him suffer. She seemed a cruel father, as a punishment of fate, as hell, which plunged her life by the will of the same father.

— I will come to you.

Omar frowned at the words sister. He was incomprehensible to her caresses. Especially his tormented stormy tide of tenderness, manifested in the moments when she climbed into his bed, gently stroking his auburn hair and pressed hard all over, trembling showering kisses. He could feel her strong preserver maiden chest through the fabric nightgown, and her brother was getting embarrassing. Its a scary thought that one day he would break down and tell her offensive word, which would deprive him of, perhaps, the only close friend in the whole world. And had to endure, and he patiently endured the “veal” tenderness. Omar meanwhile, found himself in his room, so to name a closet with wooden bed that took up almost all of its area. The only window looked out into the yard. Under the window was Booth Ball, and faithful dog often wake in the morning Omar, barking as while his master is not mope-headed head puts out into the yard.

The boy hung clothes on a hanger on the left of the door. Then went to the bathroom. Bathroom considering only the name, then all the rest of what it was, was not about to be placed under this name. Nevertheless, vanned basin was nailed the wall. Beneath it stood on a stool, a huge copper pan. Next with wash tub with water and there in the corner of the night latrine in a garbage can. Boy washed, washed the feet in a basin. Then wiped his face with a towel and legs. Balance water leaked from the pelvis into the garbage. After finishing toilet, he went to him. How sweet it is to lay the body in soft snow-white bed, spread your arms and feet and dive into oblivion. The beating of his father’s belt whined, not giving lie down comfortably, finally, all failed somewhere, emerging countries, the picture of the vast expanse of blue: “How strange, why is the sky upside down?” He came closer and saw that the blue — a huge expanse of water with waves running through it. The waves suddenly grew up, murmured, turning in front of a blue straw, color, grain fields: “Yes this is the wheat.” The noise increased. It suddenly caught Bread wave, whirled and threw to the ground.

— Omar! — Heard a whisper of girls’ lips. The boy opened eyes. Nearby lay Jeannette. She gently stroked his hair, a little touching the long fingers of his right hand.

— What was already great. Tell me, did it hurt?

— No, it’s gone.

— You know, I would not stand it.

— Well, you’re a girl. — With boyish dignity dropped

he says. She gently pressed her to his brother. Omar was curled his battered face, but an effort suppressed pain. Dislike caresses encouraged to push his sister, but he gave the opportunity to vent surge of tenderness. She embraced him with both hands, and then fell asleep. He has long did not fall asleep. When my sister stopped moving and delved into sleep, he carefully freed from the embrace. He turned his back and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

— Omar, Jeannette! — Commanding voice calling, gray-haired Naa his grandchildren:

— Moves. Today we’re going to Narf. That, remember? Jeanette was a long time on their feet. Spun a good hour in the large mirror, trying on outfits. Through the glass windows in the great room struggled dawn. The sun had not yet risen. The village is buzzing. In the yards deep voice can be heard owners. Neighing horses, dogs barked. Approaching sunrise, and with it the feast of the Auction. Once a year Narfi going pastoralists from all over the world. With its remote ends gathered richer, who lived closer to the celebration could get without resorting to unnecessary costs. The best breeds of sheep, oxen, horses and various other animals were brought from all sides of the world. The holiday began with the Auction. On a huge field of royal Racecourse held the celebration. Between pens for bargaining broke tents with all sorts of goods, decorations and farm implements. Questions were open-air cafes with umbrellas, sheltering under the shade of which the guests sitting at the tables. Strong vodka diluted fragrant juices flowed in the river here. She wandered in riotous heads, poured down, and often its excessive use has led to fights. For children were organized entertainment attractions. Lakiya people loved holiday and preparing for it throughout the whole year. The family became stronger when the young couple getting to know any Auction. Capital becomes a reliable, if it is supposed to start at the same auction. Business ties pastoralists stronger if they were born at the Auction. And poverty haunted all his life, if it is to ruin the auction.

— You did not listen to his mother! — Puffing a small female straw, buzzing old Naa. Her shoulders covered with colorful scarf. The long wide dress, Black in large pale pink colors, swayed in different side under the heavy tread. She was ready to hit the road and now, consumed by idleness, went near the light carts, which tinkered Den.

— You want to put us on the world?

The son limped ruled out of the barn and harness adjusts to the machine-gun cart silently, doing their job.

— Why are you being so stubborn. — Stalking mother. In the barn loud bleating sheep, it seemed, their voices even more sprayed old woman.

— After all, no one in the world do not have what you have, and you want carry with them. You, son, gone mad! Den silently doing their job, adjusting to cart trolley transportation of sheep.

— Mom, as I said, so be it! — A firm voice replied son: — This is our last chance, and I did not miss it going. Jeannette to marry a decent man. Omar must learn, where can I get money?

— Hand over to rent better and part of the gray sheep pasture. After all, it royal land, and you, though a poor man, but the owner.

— That’s just this is all that I have left and will remain for life, no matter what happened, how you do not understand? In the end, mother and son, as usual, tied quarrel. For Den hassle harnessed horse in wheelbarrow and became one pass sheep out of the barn. His hands were buried in the soft curly hair of animals unprecedented color. At first glance, it seemed that the hair decked in bright golden yellow color. But the reddish hue from a distance creates impression resemblance to gold. Dan uploaded a cart, covered it with a piece of carefully colored cloth in bright red and green stripes. From this truck immediately stood out against the gray stealth objects of the yard. Finally, everything was ready. And Naa went into the house to call the children. Omar ran the first in a short dark blue jacket and the same color of the pants. On his head he wore a straw hat with a rolled-up fields. On the feet — beautiful blue shoes with leather sole. It is easy, as do the characters in adventure films, jumped on the box to his father. Then, on the threshold of the house seemed to Jeannette. It was fitting slender girlish figure, the red jumpsuit. Flirty hair curled strands. She was carrying a handbag woven from straw, with a picture of her three red flowers. Outfit combined with a well-matched color, with taste and went to face the girl. On her feet shod leather sandals. Fingernails and toenails were cast pearly pale pink polish. Father first saw the nail polish on her daughter: — A is not it a little early, Jeannette?

Girl blushed crimson paint, sitting back on a soft seat. Dan thought ruefully, “It is eighteen. And who would marry her without a dowry?”

With a sigh, he looked at his mother. That clattering keys, carefully locked the house and barn. Then she untied the thoroughbred watchdog. He immediately with the same barking rushed for balls that barely having time to dive under the porch hen house, peeking out of there now, catching the last glimpse of Omar. Carts, full of master’s long line stretched street of the village. The air was filled with laughter, jokes, neighing horses and sheep Blenheim. Lightweight crews with festively dressed young people having fun sped by. Dana heart was filled with anticipation of good luck: he foresaw a profitable sale, the ability to close Wealth tickled nerves. Imagination painted a rosy picture of happy future. The mood was rising, kneading and more on the experience of the sebaceous travel liners from which at Jeannette flushed cheeks and dropped his eyes.

At a specially designated area, allocated parking for crews. The hosts live unload the goods, throwing each other unfriendly attitudes and wary of malevolence. Dan put his crew on the space next to droshky drawn by a white stallion in apples. His nag looked donkey next to the thoroughbred horse.

— Dad! — Asked Jeannette! — Can we go with Omar walk?

— All right, kids! — Gentle voice he said! — Go only if you get lost, then stand at the exit to the auction if you do not get lost, it was waiting for us here. Do you understand me?

— Yes, Dad. — Responded daughter. Holding hands, they ran away. The auction was just beginning, and there were free lockers — a fenced place for sheep intended for trade. Viewers and buyers gradually took place under a huge canopy for bargaining, on benches, stepping stones goes under the canvas roof. In the center of the canopy was erected square observation deck, strewn with yellow sand. On both sides of this site, which is closely adjacent to each other, are located cabins-stall. Dan moved his sheep into the booth, auction officials said, after the shepherd gave him a purchased ticket. Old Naa smoked a pipe in the cart. Around her, a crowd of onlookers.

Even the most seasoned dealers, who have eaten dog for sale of the best breeds of sheep, not Mark, and have not seen anything like this. They excitedly called the price. Naa handkerchief nervously fingered. Of such amounts she did not dare to dream even in the days of his youth,

when, resplendent youth, turned the heads of local herders, and they were ready to put all his wealth for the possession of her rare majestic beauty. Doubts about the success gradually dissipated in the soul of the mother, giving way to confidence in anticipation of the successful tenderer.

Bargaining began with the battle gong. The manager called the auction room lockers, and a host of displaying the next sheep, loudly shouting the price But the price of sheep, sheep farmers do not exceed these amounts. This bargaining was not. Everybody is looking forward to something. Finally, it came to Dan. Managing struck the gong. Shepherd led the first sheep. The audience jumped up. Swept through the ranks hum of voices, Dan wrung the price that all sellers dumbfounded gaped in astonishment and envy, the other in a frenzy began lash whips are not sold their sheep. Still others, who removed elk somehow sell their goods, slyly smiling, exchanging glances with each other.

— One hundred thousand and two hundred. Times! — Loudly notifies the manager, striking

electronic chime in with a rubber mallet. Blow, reinforced multi-multiple amplifiers, and came from the loudspeakers installed under the roof of the pavilion.

— One hundred thousand three hundred! — Shouted from the audience. Wave swept over the rows of excited babble of voices.

— One hundred thousand three hundred! Times! — Monotone voice to the beat of the gong

heralded manager. He sat in the middle of the court at the little table next to the selling. And every time that you wrote down, after announcing the price, in a notebook, which lay next to the gong and microphone.

— Two hundred thousand! — Getting up, fat man shouted with cigar in hand. On the index finger of his right hand flashed a diamond in the gold ring.

“The whole state will be” — to determine Naa, glancing around the burning of unprecedented gaming excitement, expensive ring on the finger of the fat man next to a smoking cigar clamped.

— Two hundred thousand! Times! — Managing paused. Hall was buzzing as disturbed hive. The unprecedented auction attracted spectators from other sites Auction. Hall virtually empty at a cattle pavilion and equestrian. The crowds of shepherds squeezed forward, trying to take places closer to the ground.

— Lord, Who is the greatest? — Managing looked expectantly to the bit-com packed hall. Fat man with an expensive ring and little cigar be seen. Just stuck his mustache in a sea of flushed faces.

— Who has more? — Sounded the voice of the manager. But the hunters are. Little by little, in the hall of oppressive silence reigned. All waiting for the outcome. Call anyone worth more? Will buy anyone else?

— I take away all seven to two hundred thousand for each! — Shouted the fat man, and then his voice was drowned in the new loud explosion exclamations.

— All seven, two hundred thousand each! Times! — The voice of the manager

from the loudspeakers was louder hum loudly. — … Two! … Three!

— Barely pausing between account, as still equal millionaire sheep farmer from the Southern Hemisphere, Sylvester, according to the riches there. The manager of the Auction ended his account with the words: — SOLD!

And Dan was a millionaire. His stern face touched children good-natured smile. Sheep moved by a nagging Naa corral buyer. Dan, pushing the latter into the opening paddocks, said:

— Mother, you are always dissatisfied, even now when words are not necessary, and so everything is clear.

— You sold too cheap, stupid. A year later, you would be able to help out in

twice the amount. I told you, do not hurry.

— You wanted us to be robbed. After all, could Omar Shake. Jeannette, and you’re quick on the tongue.

— What do you unleash on children. What I do not understand that for the sheep we have…

But a fight is brewing stopped the farmer came to the rescue. Swaying from side to side, he approached his sheep are: — I am very glad to meet you! — Holding out his hand, he said.

Den embarrassed, blushed like a young man. He has long been brought so easily talk to a millionaire. And he reached out timidly.

— Sylvester!

In rough calloused hand Den found ourselves soft pads groomed fingers. Cold hard Signet tickled her palm.

— Den! — Ingratiating smile, introduced himself. Naa cast an angry look on his son.

— This is my mother.

— Very nice. — Curves thick lips in a welcoming smile, Sylvester dropped and turning to the shepherd, said: — I ask you to rise to the office of bargaining. It is necessary to make

some documents. They are gone, and the old guard remained in Naa stall, with a viewing platform could be heard shouting manager Auction: — Every twenty-five thousand! Two!..

— Omar! I want to take a ride on the roller coaster, let’s go! My brother has not had time to respond, as Jeannette pulled him by the arm to the Raced at breakneck speed on a steep turn booths. In the little window offices, she bought two tickets, and putting their employee sat

They drove up to the booth behind her slowly climbed into the front Omar seat.

— Ah-ah-ah! — Jeannette cried, tight clutching his torso brother with both hands! — This cabin rushed from the scene in the “gap” descent.

— And, and, and! — Softly she screamed when they threw up again to throw in a bend even steeper. Omar as a man held in chair, as if his father’s saddle horse to chase the sheep. Cowardice sister makes him proud of the man’s origins. He wanted more and more time on the amazing roller coaster ride. But the cabin stood. Approached employee helped her sister out. Omar got out himself. They walked down the ride on the wooden stairs. We bought ice cream and curiously turned his head around, marveling at the abundance of recreational facilities. Their attention was drawn to the pneumatic shooting range shooting. Had its various prizes for good shooting. Omar longed to shoot. He persuaded his sister and they came closer. The attendant, an elderly man with a kind smile, offered Omar a gun and a handful of cartridgesю Omar was aiming for a long time, choosing the target. Eyes scattered from a variety of animals and all sorts of sizes of dots in which to get. I wanted to immediately hit the most small, but the thought: “What if not on target”! — Stopped, and he chose the circle bigger. He was aiming for a long time, then gently holding my breath, pulled the trigger hook. Dry cotton shot and hit the goal. He shot the first time in my life. Jeannette burst into laughter. Omar proudly looked at his sister, then took aim again, and again hit the goal. He looked at Jeannette, and just noticed next to her tall young man with a beard and mustache, sleek, cleverly wounding him, Omar target. The boy flew into a rage. To tears felt sorry for myself, for my sister, “How could she cheat, and even laugh. Oh wait, I’ll teach you, cat!” — He thought gleefully. And the girl that time has forgotten about his brother and chirped merrily with a stranger. Lobster disassembled in a conversation that my sister called stranger Orth. Lobster

looked curiously at Ort. He was a young man of noble appearance. Straight aquiline nose and large sensitive brown eyes gave the person calm, courageous expression. He smiled snowy infectious smile and so trustingly looked at Omar that he stopped sulking and introduced himself:

— Omar.

— Very nice, young man. Ort!

They shook hands. The “iron hand” Ort for a moment, like a vise, squeezed a narrow palm boy. From this handshake Omar suddenly felt a man’s self-confidence and pride that such a strong person has given him, the little little man, the man’s attention. Orth had come with her sister, and when all three of them pretty tired suggested: — Jeannette, let’s explore the city.

— Let’s just here. — She blushed, glancing at his brother.

— And, Omar, so he’s coming with us.

The girl sighed in relief. They came out with entertainment site and found ourselves in the parking lot of crews. There among the tents, droshkies and carts stood red pearl color passenger car. His body shone in the sun and was dazzling nor beautiful background motley wheeled transport. Jeannette trying to guess the crew Ort’s, but he led them farther and farther away, closer to the car. The girl’s heart flutter, she was scared, and it turns out that this car Ort’s. Her movements were not as fast, it slowed down, still doubting his hunches. Meanwhile, Orth-farming opened the door, inviting them to sit down. Jeanette looked in dismay at his brother. Orth first climbed into the front seat and looked admiringly at the white-toothed welcoming smile Ort’s. He filed Jeannette hand, breaking definitively hesitant girls. Girl with a sinking heart, sat on the back seat.

— Yes, I almost forgot! — The young man said, opening the lid of the box, built into the dashboard. Out of the box he took a piece of blank paper and quickly wrote something on it,

then put it in an envelope.

— Dear Janet, I ask you, please, tell, please it’s your father. — He handed her an envelope! — I do not want to He was worried, and we wait for you with Omar. The girl took the envelope and climbed out: “Could not send the Rock! — She thought resentfully! — Though one hand, I quickly find my father. “calmed herself so she rushed headlong to the shed bargaining. My grandmother showed her the direction in which the father left with Sylvester. Jeannette found them in the bar is already pretty tipsy, with the extreme bar table in a corner, the left from the exit.

— Ah! Jeannette! — Babbling drunk father tongue! — On Sylvester, this is my daughter. Sylvester pursed smile and tried to link what is not could not. Vodka struck, as seen in his head.

— Dad! — The beginning of a daughter! — I want to take a ride on a beautiful car with a young man, and with Omar. Let. Ah! Here He asks you for permission.

My father seemed to instantly sobered up. He took the envelope from her daughter. Jeannette immediately wanted to run, but at the last moment Dan held her hand.

— But Daddy! — Stamping his foot with impatience, exclaimed, Daughter: — They’re waiting for you!

— Nothing can wait. — Medley father. He slowly pulled a folded sheet of paper from the envelope. Jeannette nervously fingered handbag, patiently waiting for the word father. Den suddenly from all the mama slammed his fist on the table. Daughter flinched in surprise, covering his face with his hands. Mugs with unfinished jumped over the table and began to roll on the table, spilling the contents of which formed puddles thin stream ran on expensive suit trousers Sylvester. Millionaire fast asleep.

— I knew it! — Yelled a voice not his father. Sylvester chewed thick lips, without waking up. Jeannette hurried rush away. The frightened girl sought out old Naa. She fumbled in Van, giving final instructions to the movers, Georgia sold sheep.

— Hey, man, be careful! — She shouted at thein the reception.

— They’re not yours. — He threw one back.

— Would have been like for them as for small children, would know how to contact with the poor animals. — She babbled, looking with pity at bleat in a van, huddled together animals. Working slammed lined metal door closed van. Poor Naa hardly tore moisten eyes off slam door and just now noticed to run to her with all his Jeannette. The heart of sensing something was wrong, she quickly moved toward her.

— What happened to Dan?

The girl, sobbing, told him everything.

— Again, under-the-table, the bastard! — Powerful, deep voice growled Naa. Then he took on his hips, elbows sharp thorns pierced Air: — Well, let’s go! The bar was not the father. It was not in the office and trade, and only in the branch of the National Bank of Den sat at the table and what is the diligently brings to the bank letterhead. As they approached, he finished writing.

— What does it all mean? — Since the beginning of the threshold Naa.

Den, oblivious mother, folded form four times and held Jeannette. The mother attempted to take the letter. But Dan pushed her over back: — For, be conveyed is Ort’s. He is waiting on the bridge, — the old Naa frantic thrashing Dan fists on the back.

— Where you are sending it, you scoundrel! She’s not going anywhere! Screamed a woman in a high falsetto.

— Go, go, girl! — Ordered the Den. Jeannette in fright ran to the door.

— Wait, my daughter, do not go! Do not go anywhere! — Yelled Naa. Den both hands to hold his mother was…

— … What do not we go further? — Omar said in Ort’s, when car stopped on the bridge.

— Here we’ll wait for your sister.

— Ah! — Knowingly handed Omar.

Dragged agonizing minutes of waiting. Orth, without ceasing, chatted language, told amazing stories. The main characters in them were animals, birds, habits so much like people. Omar laughed to tears. Time passed so quickly that at first he did not even know who says Orth. It was only a moment later I saw my sister. Orth at this time unfolded the paper and read the scribble his father in the banking form. On the face of it slipped slightly perceptible cold smile. He looked absently Omar in the face, then opened the door and a strange voice commanded: — Get out of the puppy! — Lobster blinked in surprise. Bitter lump in his throat, caught his breath. Eyes with plenty of moist.

— Let’s wait! — Shouted at him impatiently Orth. Omar got out of the car and rushed to his sister. Jeannette put her head to his brother. Blazing facing in the rays of the evening sun, the machine

dashed on showering poor children exhaust. Do not understand, they went toward the crew. Father gloomily silent, waiting for their return. Old Naa was shaking all body. Such her Omar has ever seen. Peaked in minutes, facial features. Under the eyes are indicated by black circles. She nervously puffed tube. Came home late. Father is not in this unharnessed Night Horse…

Old Naa sick the next day. She hire eyes, and every day it got worse. The poor old lady has selected it. Lobster with pity and fear looked at it as an unfortunate, rotating bulging eyes, tried to say something, but and could not utter a word until his death. She died a week later. Strongly handed and Den. Naa buried at the village cemetery, and the house seemed deserted. But Dan did not give up. He worked hard, whole months spent in the pasture, and almost did not come home. Lobster helped him. Jeannette hosted in the house. Sometimes visited his brother and father. So. flowed days after day, month after month, invisible string of years passed, Jeannette married a neighboring shepherd. Omar was quite an adult guy. My father had aged considerably. He

never told the children that happened that day, a memorable day of the Auction.

Chapter 3

The capital Lakiya Narfi located on a peninsula, rocky horseshoe-shaped plateau, like growing into the waves of the Southern Ocean. Warm temperate climate, lush vegetation and blue waves

washing the narrow sandy beaches, the city created the glory of the tourist capital of the world. From all over the war-scorched planet gathered in Narfi generals and members of governments, and other dignitaries of the warring countries. Some fled from the terrible everyday war, others treat your tired nerves to the new charge passionate hatred rush into the hell of war. It calmed down for a while passions calmed deadly enemies, and not noticing the neighborhood of each other peacefully rested, treated, exchanged visits and not a word was said about the war.

Ordinary soldiers were not here. Emaciated, desperate, they were cold in the trenches, died of wounds, and the only salvation for these poor wretches was a hospital…

In the royal palace guards were busy in the red front form. They rushed up and down the red carpet parade stairs, rattling sabers and spurs, others marched on the parade ground.

All this buzzing, gleaming and thundered, woven into the palace brass orchestra, which plays smoothly military marches. At the gates of escort vehicles lined up, surrounded by a guard of honor on antigravity motorcycle. In all felt the approach of the solemn event great national importance. Suddenly there was silence. In the silence abruptly rang the team, and before the main entrance of the palace were frozen in a clear build Guardsmen. The sounds of drums broke the silence, drowning out the noise leaves in the trees of the old park. With the sounds of the drum, accompanied by two guards, dressed in ceremonial green form of personal protection and raspberry berets, on the red carpet the grand staircase appeared Monarch. It was no longer a young tall man, lean and taut, kept the traces of manly beauty. Delicate features and intelligent brown eyes, strong-willed fold at the bridge of the nose and a high forehead open from afar merged into a single harmonious portrait, enlivening solemn stern expression. Measured pace, all three of them proceeded to the royal armored limousine black. Right bodyguard opened the door and stood still. The second first got into the back seat, for it squeezed into the cab king, followed — opened the door guard, he also slammed it behind him. To the sound of military burst out march of the royal escort marched through the streets of Narfi towards the capital’s airport. The streets were thronged with crowds of jubilant people. Idly dressed townspeople waving flags and bouquets of flowers, Welcoming your pet and revered by the people of the king.

At the airport he was waiting for a different military honor guard and orchestra. The king stepped onto the red carpet spread on the tarmac. Accompanied by the same guard took a few steps toward the descending on the utility ladder gray-haired man dressed in a black suit and a white shirt with a black tie. The man came down with a big smile, moved to the king. When they approached each other and shook hands, the king said:

— Good to see you. Vic, what brings you to me?

— I, on behalf of his country, bleeding, welcome your people and wish prosperity and welfare.

— Thank you, Vic. On behalf of my people, I salute you.

— I have a very important visit, I was commissioned on behalf of the Organizing Committee for the Truce lead the Union to offer you a truce.

— What does that mean?

— In a word, we have decided to offer you clean up in the world and you have put forward a candidate for the leadership position of the Union Truce.

— So do not answer right away. — The king said thoughtfully.

— Laky, you take your time, think it over everything and give the answer later.

— Yes, yes, of course. — Agreed to the king and continued

— Stay with me, rest, and I think when I can Sway to give an answer.

— That’s good. — Posted by Vic.

All of a sudden burst of martial music. To high personages chased step approached the chief guard of honor. The report of it was brief. Ceremony of President Arkii Vick has begun…

The visit of the President was coming to an end. It was the culmination of reception hosted in honor of Lakiem’s visitor. The reception took place in the great hall of the palace of gold, which usually gave the balls. Attending pre-sent invitations, on which approach was passed into a palace. With scattered, dazzled jewelry women’s jewelry, he flashed, filling the festive excitement of the heart. Here in this moment to decide important questions of world politics. Moved billions of dollars of capital, went to the deaths of thousands of people have died in the mines hundreds of diamond miners, obeying fleetingly dropped word congregate on the lips of beautiful women, or a wave of a shaggy eyebrows one manager, who did not like the other, or the whim of the ladies who desire to look richer rivals. Reception usually ended ball. Young people danced, got acquainted, to conclude the deal. Particularly valuable was considered acquaintance for such reception. Friendship persisted for many years and no argument could not break the bonds pledged by the royal reception. The Parties recalled the fleeting moment of the meeting, and the quarrel is forgotten, went in the trash of the past, and the world is happy and glitter fresh as on that memorable evening. The ball was in full swing when Laky, dressed in a black business suit, approaching Vick said: — I ask you to come into my apartment.

Both went unnoticed in a corner of the hall door and found ourselves in the office carpet, which usually spoke the King, in the so-called “lobby” with the politicians of the world. Care was not seen. Friends and enemies of all stripes gathered in groups around the room, not paying no attention to the dancing couples, engaged in a discussion of the event.

Meanwhile, the King, pointing to the two chairs in the cozy green corner of the room, said:

— Please, dear Vic, sit down. I have considered your offer and I want to express to you my unofficial opinion.

— I’m all ears. — Sitting down in a chair, replied Vic. Face

President acquired the concentrated expression. Crease on the forehead at the nose was deeply furrowed his eyebrows slightly, his eyes carefully watched the movements of the lips of the king.

Laky was sitting in a chair right, proudly, with dignity held head slightly turned to the guest. Left hand was lying on the rail seat, clenched into a fist.

— The recent events dictate their terms to me, and I have to listen to the voice of reason. — Started at length Monarch

— In other words, we agree to negotiate the guide Union Armistice.

— This noble mission. Your Majesty, it fell to you, as a wise and intelligent leader who was able to transform itself from a pack of fighting defenseless kitten into a menacing lion. Believe me, the government in the hope of beholding you. From his bombastic words Lakiya eyebrows climbed up, strong-willed fold near the nose smoothed out, the person has acquired the smug


— Well, I can say that their policy does not coincide with the interests of the people. From this devastation, famine, poverty and unrest.

The soldiers themselves rather agree among themselves than their government.

— Yes, yes. — Vic nods his head in agreement.

— I’ll let you know more about the date of the formal negotiations. — Lift up the King made it clear that the conversation was over. From quiet office they hit the sea sounds. The orchestra played the old waltz. Young people continued to dance. Respectable men and grandiloquent ladies strolled the walls, talking in a low voice. The room was stuffy.

Chapter 4

Since the visit of the President Arkii in Lakiyu went pretty a lot of time if you count the months, they will be typed exactly three with small. The king of all time was restless, thinking about each step, and by the end of that period he was ready for Action, with the content of which he was in a hurry familiarize Vick, and through him, and the other members of the Organizing Committee of the Union of the Armistice. Given the critical importance of the document, including the fact the future of the power of the state, its royal family, Laky decided to send a message to Vick his only son. Laky expecting him in his office, sitting at your desk, for the umpteenth time browsing the content of written material. The office door finally opened, and in walked a tall bodyguard marching in the form of black cloth sewn into a suit, a black beret, shoes and a belt, which was hanging on the right holster beamer.

— Your Highness, the Prince of Lakiya! — He boomed.

— Call! For bodyguard closed the door to re-open and let the high and slender young man in the uniform of an officer of honor. Vibrant, smart, steel-gray eyes stopped on the monarch.

Why called the father? — Confident baritone filled the room.

— Son, life gives us something that conquerors sought of all ages and defeated, because the world cannot win.

— Father, it’s quite extensively, and it seems to me, is far from today’s problems.

— You’re wrong. Tir, visit Vic predestined our future.

— That’s why you have humiliated dignity of the royal family and

personally met him.

— You are young, my son, and hot in the judgment, but the future belongs to you. And if you do not take care of him now, much as may be lost.

— Father, what should I do?

— There, behind the door, you’ll get a loyal person to me.

— What is this guard? — Asked with a grimace of disgust Prince, but seeing displeasure at the king’s face, he hastened to add: — However, he smelled of expensive toilet water.

— I would say so cautioned about strong men. Now them not so much.

— Well, to me they do not need. — Prince replied smugly.

— Son, you’re hot. At your age should not waste words the wind.

— I’m sorry, Father. — Respectfully bowed, said Tir. He respect for his father and was proud of him no less than the people of Lakiya.

— Well, enough. So, you’ll get a Dumar is my lieutenant personal protection.

— I have had time to notice.

— Please, listen to the end! — Patiently persuaded his father.

— Yes, Father. — Prince stood, ready to listen.

— Dumar will take you to the airport. There’s a plane waiting for you fully fueled. Flight in this Arkiyu never published, and It’s nothing nobody knows. So you try not to be seen either here or in Arkii. — Laky made emphasis on the last word, putting a deep sense of their significance. Tir knowing look made it clear to his father that he will fulfill all. The monarch went on:

— Handing Vick this message. You will wait response and instantly back.

— Yes, Father, I will do as you command.

— At the port you will meet Dumar and deliver me. Well, now come on.

Prince approached the edge of the table. Laky quickly traced something on a blank piece of paper. Tir read carefully, and then pulled centered view of the written and looked into the eyes monarch. They looked at each other, and in the view of each displayed boundless love, father and sons cautionary grateful. After that, the monarch gave him a bundle of papers tied with red twine bound huge printing. Prince took over the desk airtight capsule to deliver pneumatic tube and put back the package.

— Well, with God! As our ancestors. — Instruct Laky it.

— With God, Father! — Prince bowed, clicking his heels, turned on his heel and walked out of the office. Soon the gates of the palace went black armored limousine. The policeman on duty at the crossroads recognized in him a government car and distilled in hand cars and trucks. Those respectfully conceded the roadway rushing at breakneck speed, “the armored car.” Prince Lakiya liked to drive fast. Motor hummed softly. Behind the wheel, focusing on the road, sitting Dumar. Near the front Captain form a guard of honor sat Tir. Prince turned his head to the lieutenant carefully examined him speculatively, then asked: — What a strange name Dumar, where did you get it? — Mocking notes in the voice of a young captain seemed to be infuriated simple

Soldier. But the lieutenant was calm. Deadpan voice, he boomed: — It is an ancient word, symbol. In the transition from an old Fatani it sounds like a wise man, wise.

— What you are fond of the old days?

— What makes you think, Captain? — A question with a question boldly replied the lieutenant. Such treatment has enraged the young heir See, steel-gray eyes flashed lightning, but an act of will

Prince kept his anger. Only a contemptuous grimace of displeasure pursed his lips, but his thick black eyebrows climbed up and froze in place, turning the face into a mask of arrogance. He reluctantly turned away with dignity and with feigned curiosity watched the flickering of the glass windows. After thirty minutes they left the wide road leading to the airport…

— He does not have to fly! — Words like hot iron penetrated the ears, “hissing” dug in mind the listener.

— Mr. Advisor, and we are justified? — A pleasant baritone asked tall lean man wearing the captain of the palace guard, his red beret pulled off his forehead, and out of the impending

edges looked huge black eye to the hunched figure of the king’s vizier. Little mouse eyes, hooked over a huge nose and short arms with sleek white fingers, made him look like a huge rat, fumbling among the scattered business papers in a mess on the desktop. The similarity is complemented brown suit, who was dressed in a counselor, but gloom that prevailed in his office.

— Renee! — Crackling voice shouted in space adviser. Immediately opened front door of the office, and on the threshold appeared a servant in a long crimson livery and white gloves.

— Anything, Sir? — Insinuating voice like the rustling of leaves outside the window and asked the newcomer.

— Let the Tir.

Counselor filed keys. Footman went to the side door in the back office and rattling keys, unlocked the door. Through the open door came a young captain in dress uniform of honor. Middle of the room captain leaned forward, depicting on the face of extreme surprise.

— You, Tir? He exclaimed.

— Yes! — Calmly replied. — And please call me Prince Lakiya!

— Well, Ort? Exulted Advisor.

— But you have to be at the airport?

A striking resemblance to Tir introduced Orth confusion.

— And we’re going there now.

With that double looked expectantly at the vizier.

— Ort! — He turned to the captain! — Take him to a military airfield and send Arkiyu s. That aircraft, which through Twenty minutes will fly out of the airport, there should not fly.

— And what about … — Began Orth was in disarray. But the Counselor


— I do not like to repeat!

— Yes! — Orth clicked his heels, straightening up on the rack “Attention”.

— And you! — He said the false prince! — Follow him! — Nod head to turn on Orth.

— Got it will.

Self-assured tone faux-Tyr captain added confidence. He is firm steps toward the door.

When the door closed behind them, Counselor Renee beckoned closer to the table:

— Take these papers here. Here is what you should see in print in the event of failure of the operation.

— All done, Sir, how do you want! — Renee replied, a little bowing, and slipped out the door with documents in hand.

Chapter 5

Through the darkness of unconsciousness could hear the rustling slightly audible, but the howling of the wind, as if in early childhood, when, clinging to a warm fire, sat a small Tir, and the window was howling and throwing scraps of roofing hurricane. For a moment, Tir thought he was lying on the carpet in a hot fire in the palace. And there, at the bottom of the window, splashing cool water, squelching of marble edge of the pool. From these sounds and the howling of the wind in the chimney flue quietened heart so much that he even pain, spill hot war in my head, did not cause the desire to open his eyes. This pain with each heart beat insistently reminded something significant had happened to him. Finally swoon over. Tir remembered and emerged near his vehicle warplane unmarked suddenly fired on him. And it lightning fast, without waiting for the outcome ejected. From this lost consciousness, but instinctively, perhaps some subconscious feeling, caught a blast of his plane. And just down from the heights, under the cloth saving parachute recovered. He is remembered as a landed. How, shot down his opponent, met landed Tir humiliating smile the winner. He remembered how he rushed to his executioner with a passionate desire for revenge. As the enemy struck with lightning speed to clear the exhaust and intake automatism desert sand became Tir soft “carpet”. Pilot somewhere disappeared and only the memory of what had happened, gave herself a pain in the head unfortunate prince.

Tir opened his heavy eyelids. Catch sight of the yellow area sand. Grains of sand rustling of wind gusts, poppy seed fell on the body. Tyr looked up. Razor sharp pain ran into the brain, a swarm of sand suddenly shot up and gently touched his forehead. Tir delayed fall. Consciousness is no longer left him. Holding back, not to moan from harsh and unbearable pain in the neck, Tir, with effort, forced himself to lie on his right side. Then rose to his elbow. The area of sand now increased. View opened next dunes. Tyr looked around on all sides. Everywhere he was surrounded by a yellowish sediment. The sand was everywhere. Half-buried body of Tir was stirring on top of a small sand dune at the edge of the sloping slope, amidst a sea of giant hills of the desert. Tyr tried to get up, but there also has slid down to the bottom of the basin. Swaying from side to side as he tried to get up again. With difficulty he succeeded. Standing on his feet, he gradually came to himself. And when the forces returned to the weakened body, Tir discovered that there are no clothes except a loincloth from a piece of silk cloth tied Snort ling rough knot around his waist. He decided to climb to the top, where a small bobbin rustling sand raised by the wind. Became treacherous climb the slope of loose, leaving deep furrows of the arms and legs. But each time to the top left halfway, he was suddenly pulled down. Inexplicable fatigue thirst poured into every muscle, and Tir, utterly exhausted, sat down on the hot sand, waiting for the inevitable end. The rustle of sand, the wind howling at the top, now merged into Chant of a single fatality.

Tir heard singing, no matter succumbing to death waiting. Desert Song continued with each passing minute, getting louder and more intense. Tir suddenly felt the desire was retreat somewhere in memory, fatigue stretched behind him. This went on for a good elbow the way the shadows of the head of Tir, which moved along the sand. Tiredness suddenly gone, it seemed forever, giving way to desperately thirst for life. Tir furious on his feet. Feeling the rush of vitality,

He frantically rushed to the dune. No strength in it at the sand ridge. But the desert was too late. This time, Tir collapsed without feeling on top. When he came to, the sun was already concerned

horizon, fairly losing his hot light. In the evening it looked like the rays of Tir pathetic creature of nature. Dirty piece gray fabric a little touch of the body hanging on the hips. Those who are sentenced Prince Lakiya to a slow death of hell sands, took care of it, leaving nothing to wear.

Tir meanwhile touched myself, the skin does not have time to burn, said in a recent sunburn, abrasions and wounds were not. Only his head ached. Darkness was aching, reducible, a strong blow fell on her. To drive away the pain, Tir untied the knot, took off the bandage from the hips, then carefully wrapped the cloth head. From this head began to hurt less, and dried blood on the top of the head support is now not only the hair. This done, he began to look for the causes of what happened in concentration. Whined softly wind rustling grain on the tops of the dunes.

The sun has almost disappeared behind a solid line undulating sand. Day waning. In the air, there were the first signs of coolness coming with the setting sun. Howl disappeared a little sigh of wind

nearly fumbled the dirty mop of hair, stray from the bandage on his head and shoulders heaped grain, like salt. His head in his hands. Tir sat on the sand. Calm gradually

back to him. Finally, he drew attention to the bruise. His fingers gently groped clotted blood clot under the fabric, solid lump His fingers gently groped clotted blood clot under the fabric, glue together a solid lump of hair. The blow fell in passing that spared skull and saved Tir from death. A wave of anger swept over her mind. Shooting range on his feet, the sand immediately embraced gently feet to the ankles.

— Can you hear me, scorching hell! I, Crown Prince of Lakiya, Tir, challenge you! — Pompously he shouted. Own voice gave strength. Evening coolness cheered, cool hot body. He threw back his voice. A myriad of stars shining in the night sky, beckoning bright like neon light dots.

He found among them the North Star and their bearings for her, moved to the West…

Deserted, teasing, eye-catching to Tir, the seventh day of the journey. The day that was carrying on his shoulders the hot muzzle of the Sun. Except the sun did not seem to be around, it displaced the air, cold night life. Now the main thing — to find a shelter to wait for the desired pm and again go under the cold starlight night. But where in the wilderness will find at least a piece of shade when the sun is everywhere. Even animals do not know the rest and deeply buried in quicksand.

On the first day of the journey Tir followed the example of the desert and nearly suffocated in his sandy-haven hole. He was saved small grove of Saksaulov. Tir from last forces scored parched twigs, a tent was made, the shadow attained at. Now on his way West was in search of such groves. Until that time, he was lucky, and here today in front of tired eyes stretched boundless waves

dunes. Tyr took a deep breath, the sun has not yet reached its hot zenith, there was still time. Desert, tropics, hot during the day and cold at night, made it possible to cool the remains trapped at a shallow depth of sand dunes. If, to burrow into the sand on the shady side, you can wait until the evening, when the sun will bow to a close and touch the coolness of grains of sand can go the road. And Tir was burrowing into the sand. As can be deeper, as can be farther away from the deadly rays of radiant shine. He rowed his hands almost hot sand, getting the coveted coolness, and his hands would not obey. Fatigue squeezed the breath. Grains of sand, salt bitterness, crunched on the teeth, draining moisture from the remnants of cracked rough tongue swollen and bleeding lips. When the dune slope was a small step. Tir bandage wrapped from head to protect the nose and mouth from the sand. Then he began to dig into the dune until a thick layer of sand is not cold hid the body. “If you do not stay alive, here is my grave.” — He thought in those terrible moments. Buried alive, it does not reappear. Still, life is still warm in the body, it was shivering, like heat, which means he’s still alive. Heat it. First gradually, with an incredibly creepy slow, it drives away the cold, growing to unbearable heat… As the day ended, Tir did not remember. By the fact

it returned the cold. He fueled the pitiful remnants of the forces that made awaken consciousness. Tir got outside. He was shaking from the cold. Reigned around the darkness of the night, only stars twinkle in the sky, always inviting, giving hope. Looking at the North Star, Tir moved on. His journey is endless agonizing climbs on loose and rolling down the slopes. When the moon is sharp horn of the village on the horizon, the edge of the sky at East erupted. The stars that twinkled merrily, suddenly faded, and have gathered off the night sky. Suddenly he heard a woman crying is far from clear, as if someone desperately shouting or calling for help. His heart beat in his chest. Tir, gathered his strength, rushed to where the voice was coming. He overcame three small sand dune. At the top of the fourth, he again opened vast panorama of the desert. And there, in the distance, judging by the stars, in the south-west, over the horizon, could see a bunch of green vegetation. The voice seemed to came from different directions, and the sound was clearer now there. But with the first pink colors of the dawn, the voice disappeared into space, disappeared. Dawn grow stronger and already the sun slowly rose over the horizon. In the pale gloom gave melted wavy strip of greenery, to which his gaze, as their last hope of life. Tir strode forward. Legs almost did not obey; the brain molten lead broke the skull. Collecting the last of his strength, Tir was moving forward. The reality was a little ghostly. On knew that already trudged through the dead are nameless city, a voice that sounded feminine cry, belonged to a jackal pack, follow in his footsteps. Tir stubbornly trudging to their landmark that now loomed two very tall palm trees with green ball fruits that grow on the very top. Near the foot of one of them ran merry brook that formed a small puddle or a small lake. With little lake water evaporates so quickly that trickle barely had time to fill it. Tir fell right in the middle of a cool little lake, he drank greedily

Shake a little salt water, feeling the moisture poured on the hot body. As if in a dream, he drank and drank, unable to quench their thirst. Belly swelled. Tir finally got on dry sand. Its sick. But that was almost a dream. Exhausted, he forgot himself under the shade of palm crowns saving…

East, like the cool palm, the breeze gently touched whiskey sleeping in the shade of palm trees at the little lake. Then angrily threw a handful of hot sand in the screwed-up eyes gray animal, pursues all over the man, and flew far, far away in the heavenly blue, where you can escape the heat and enjoy the domed minaret there a deserted city, sing in the towers, announcing the arrival of the evening chill lonely walls as he did many centuries ago, when the city lived and the streets were filled with colorful clothes of men and women, screaming kids and pets. Wind been waiting for the return of the people. Waited and when tired returned from a long trip and was unable to find the city, and only one tower pointed to the fact that the city was buried under a thick layer of sand, a long-time enemy of the west wind. Since then, the East wind Unnamed not leave town. He ceased to mourn the people buried in the streets. He roared furiously, throwing bales of sand directly hating the West in the face of wind. This went on day and at night as long as the streets of the city do not rise before a mighty punch in its pristine glory. But strangely, the people were gone, only the white bones of men so frightened gaping eye sockets of the skull, which here and there, lying across his path. Wind living searched everywhere. Flew through the window frames in the wine cellar, where rows and rows of huge barrels of unfinished wine. He knew that the wine is there, because even on the tables were full of mugs. He knew that the surviving people come back and will finish wine. He peered into a luxurious palace, where the pools still not so long ago was splashing the water clear, and now lay sand and again trying to convince himself that the people will return here to clear pools, fountains start, grow flowers. But the days passed after day, were the years of the century. Crack walls of the city, a beautiful mosaic domes, like fish scales, flew down. Wind angry at people for what they did not return to collect and bury the remains of the brothers and the city once again give life to his presence. He cursed them and wanted to get even more to one of them. He certainly would punish him for such a folly — throw city gray jackals, these vile creatures that feed on carrion. Once anger at people become intolerable. Wind attacked the palm trees. He frantically tore their leaves, fruits, and was still only when he saw the sand broken one of them. He very grieved over it. Palma will never rose above desert. And then, finally, man. Oh, he’s out and the East Wind, to give it all to open the door to the secret treasure of the dead city, make man the lord of the palaces. Tir opened his eyes. High above the broad leaves rustled two palm trees, broken trunk, a third lying on the hot sand to the crown lakes. The evening sun rays stretched copper on trees which now resembled bronze column. Lakeland, which saved Tir from thirst, as if burned in the sunlight, throwing handfuls of gold coins, rabbits feet, pathetic grass that grew just something where there near the little lake. Pleasant coolness poured on the tortured body, returning to the reality of Tir. He looked up, then sat down and looked around. Unfamiliar place seemed ghostly vision. He rubbed his eyes. No, it’s not a mirage. The water here, there, then life. A wave of joy eyes watered. Tir fell to the ground. Hot tears rolled down doling Dirty cheeks. Tir gradually calmed down. Memory painted dark day’s journey. For a moment it seemed that it was a dream, a vision of the desert and the unbearable heat. He remembered everything that happened to him. Seven days without food and water under a withering sun of the desert — no, it cannot be repeated. Do not want even think about the continuation of the way. Though little lake water and gave him drink. But hunger was left. He saw in the sand a few round, the size of a human head, the fruit. Hardly picked up one, exhausted hands. He wanted to smash a coconut hit one of the other, but the venture failed. Only overpower even more, he collapsed with a nut in his hand in the shadow of palm trees on the soft sand. Catching his breath, Tir, as in a dream staggered slowly to his feet. View opened half filled with sand wall of a guard tower towering gate. Even now, the wall was still high. Tyr went to the gate closes baggy folds into the city. He, though not explicitly, still remembered that there was to the healing spring across the city through the open gate. And someone closed the door behind him, and maybe it made the wind?

— Hey-ho! Is there anyone? — Shouted Tir.

— Who-who-who? — Echoed through the city. Tir’s listened. Dead silence reigned there. Fear, like ants crawling on a swarm the back. As if someone’s gaze followed him. An unpleasant chills ran through his body. Tir involuntarily looked up. No one was not in a narrow loophole the Watchtower: “Probably, there in the darkness of the shadow sits this savage!.”, He thought.

Tir still moved forward. Comforting thought that if someone he wanted to find something that someone would already have done it. Cheered up these thoughts, he forcefully pushed the gate leaf. Bloodcurdling screech broke the silence. He saw a narrow street, in the middle of which could be seen distinctly human footprints. He is excited with joy looking at them, afraid of only one, and suddenly it a mirage? But the sigh of disappointment escaped from the emaciated chest, it’s his own trail! West Wind “sarcastically observes” pathetic, leather-wrapped human a skeleton, suddenly come to life in a ghost town. Stealthily, so as not to wake his longtime opponent of the Eastern wind, so the people who loved and defended, Western, when a man was lying senseless in the shade of palm trees, closed the gate leaf. Tir moved along the ruins. The sun almost touching

horizon, casting the surviving walls of the long shadows on the street. Need to find a home somewhere to gather strength. As I was struck by the surviving structure of a rectangular shape with a flat roof. Tir went there. He crossed the area, which ended in the street. Evening cool is eager body, but from the ruins of clay, both on the stove has cooled down, still smacked of heat. Black hole entrance wafted “mold” the dungeon. Tir the stone steps down to a spacious hall. Twilight of the indoor space of the room made it difficult to discern. Gradually his eyes adapted and Tir was able to see a short, round tables, covered with decayed rags, cups on the tables. Tir curiously approached. Bronze bowl with a thread made with great skill, were filled with sand. He took one and held it up for a better look over to the window, carving on bronze striking beauty. Last glare of the setting sun still penetrated the city and the remnants of light fell into the square hole of the window illuminating the gloom Zaal. On the table, next to the bowls were bowls. Hearth in the middle of the hall. There, on the circuit was a huge cauldron filled with sand.

— “Apparently this is the hall where the mob is going on holidays for entertainment events. — Tir — guessed it — then there must be a wine cellar!”

Tir almost groping got to the entrance to the cellar. Foot felt the first step in the darkness that enveloped the entrance to the basement, went down. There was groping explore the basement and soon came across a wet barrel, then another one, again and again. Below, on one of the barrels, he felt the wooden plug sticking out of the barrel, as the mote out of a tree trunk. Tyr tried to move her, to no avail. Then gather strength struck the foot traffic, there is no result. Fatigue fell upon a new force made drops on the cold and wet ground cellar. Hands in the dark looking for the support and stumbled upon a small stone. Tir was on his knees and felt the cork, hit it, trying to dislodge it. Knock tree stone silence woke. Thud of wood stone silence woke the dungeon, but cork resist. Slightly moving spirit, he resumed his pounding stone on wooden bitches. And bough broke. Forces again left him with his knees, he slid down and this time he found himself in a sticky wet and smelling delicious wine puddle. Tir touched the place where the broken tube. Oh! Miracle! there trickled wine! He set his hand and when without waiting in the palm would be enough wine, eagerly licking small portions with wet hands. This went on until the power finally left him… Tir came out of the cellar, he did not remember, but he had to spend the night at a round table at which He brushed his hand decayed rags with sand. Night came out cold. Sleep is coming, the heat by covering the body and disappear, threading needles cold. Tyr at such moments crook into a ball, pressing his feet and hands to his chest. “That morning! — He amused himself! — I will find fuel and light a fire the next night, it will be warm, the night will be warm. “From these thoughts Tir getting warmer, and again he forgot himself in his sleep. As the sun rose above the horizon and drove cool off. Sweet Dream swept Tir. first time in eight nights, he was fast asleep. I woke up only when the heat, extending its tentacles in the window, got to him, pulled the rest of sleep. Tir opened his eyes blinding shaft of light slashed like a blade. For a moment it seemed that a shadow flickered and disappeared. Tir jumped up and found that a piece of cotton patched in many places robe hid it at night. Looking around closely, he saw that the fire is smoldering under the cauldron, and from it comes the delicious smell. But to detect the presence of man, he could not. As if he is on fire in the hearth fire and cooked him a delicious blue of the game. Without hesitation Tir rushed to Kazan and scooping hot ladle blue left behind by someone, burning and choking, greedily ate the contents. And only when the bottom of a drop not left and hunger with a vengeance whipped eat several servings, he found that the food is no more…

Tir gradually regained strength. Day, one after another, stretched and repetitive sequences of the day and night. In the morning he found in a cauldron all large portions of soup, and one day even caught a piece of meat, daily activities likely it was meat Coney. Desert under a giant roof of blue sky appeared trap, the city, I saved — crypt. Dead silence reigned everywhere. Blinding rays


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