Beyond the border

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Dedicated to

Nilufar Karimova,

Ruzil Yahudin,

Alexey Khovrin

and Aziz Ablayev.

The bright light at the end of the road beckoned…

It seemed that once you reached it, everything would be fine…

Just a little more, and you can get to the border between light and the rest of the world…

Bilal was not alone. There were three others — Rafiq, Vasil, and Mukhlis — next to him. These are his friends.

Four friends, always together, inseparable…

They are together even on the way to the light…

But what is this bright light and why are they forced to go to it?

Bilal looked around. All around — the endless steppe, which ends ahead, flooded with bright light. Something told to Bilal that beyond the border between the light and the steppe, the steppe no longer existed.

There was something else.

More beautiful than nature.

Bilal’s friends were in a good mood. Because they knew they were going the right way. Their goal is to cross the border and discover what lies in this alluring bright light.

The goal is close. And with every step it gets closer…

But a sense of unreality haunted Bilal… Was it just a dream? Most likely.

But he went on stubbornly. If this is a dream, then Bilal is not risking anything. He’ll see what the light hides and wake up.

He’ll definitely wake up.

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