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A beautiful car was driving far outside the city, illuminating the deep woods along the road with its headlights. An unshaven bald and Gloomy man was driving, and on the right a thin twitchy Old man impressively sprawled, blowing smoke from a cigarette. There was a strong Athlete in the back seat with a square face and thick eyebrows, who was holding a beautiful, but blubbering and exhausted Blonde woman. The Blonde was sniffling, tears were flowing down her cheeks in strips of black mascara from her shiny big eyes.

— Let me go, you took everything you wanted from me… I won’t tell anyone it’s you. Please, I have a baby… — She begged, being already tired of hysterics.

Men did not react, only the Athlete tightened his grip on her skinny body, so that it was difficult for her to breathe, and she finally became silent.

On a completely empty road, the headlights illuminated the silhouette of a man who was standing right on the roadway in their path.

— What is it? — the Old man tensed up: — Knock him down!

But the Gloomy driver hit the brakes, and the car stopped right at the feet of the brave man standing in front.

— Hey, you tired of living or what? — the Gloomy jumped out of the car and aggressively headed towards the stranger. The man pulled out a pistol and fatally shot the driver in the head with one shot. The body fell heavily on the asphalt.

Seeing this, the Athlete immediately released the hostage and, taking out his pistol, rushed to help. But before he could open the door, he also fell after shot by the side of the road, choking on his own blood.

The shooter approached the car. He looked as a character of epic action movies. He had a denim tank top with bare biceps sticking out of it, a terrifying and wild look and an unshaven face.

— Man, man, what are you doing? Can we just …? — the Old man was stuttering in fright, realizing what would happen next. The stranger abruptly ripped the car door and furiously threw the Old man out of the car, that he fell directly to the lifeless athlete. The shooter went directly to him. The Old man convulsively was moving backwards on the ground, covering his face with his palm: — Man, let’s agree? What do you want? It’s a crap, you know? — the Old man could not calm down: — AAH, bitch, don’t be silent — he shouted.

The stranger held his hand out and shut the restless Old man up with one shot forever.

It was quiet now.

The savior dragged the dead Athlete away and got into the car next to the frightened Blonde.

— Thank you!!! Thank you!!! You saved me. These people wanted to kill me! — she started hugging the savior, but he slowly took her hands off him.

— No need… I beg… I didn’t save you, I’m not a hero, everything happened a long time ago — the shooter croaked.

— But… I don’t understand… — the Blonde was puzzled, wiping her runny nose with her hand.

— You understand. The miracle didn’t happen. No one saved you. These people… They did what they planned, right on this spot. Our search teams have been looking for you for almost a month.

— Didn’t it just happen now..? — tears started in her beautiful eyes again. — I don’t understand anything… — she laid her forehead on his shoulder.

The stranger lit a cigarette and gave it to her. The Blonde took a couple of puffs, her hands were shaking.

— My name is Oleg and I’m a police lab assistant, in a position of a seeker. We are in the laboratory now, my consciousness is embedded in your dead body. And I need to know what happened, how and under what circumstances you ended up in this car with these people. You see, we need to find them, so that they don’t harm anyone else.

The Blonde burst into tears: — Well, after all… Everything is real around… These people… How will my daughter be without me..?

— Sorry… Oleg breathed out: — Everything has already happened and without your help we won’t find these criminals.

— I’ll tell you everything, everything I remember… Just promise that you will find them. Promise, Oleg…

— I promise, Eletta. — he answered.


Oleg opened his eyes. There are the same white tile all around and the smell of medicines. He took off from his temples the suction cups with the wires, which led to the pale, lifeless body of the beautiful Blonde. He sighed and sat down on the couch, throwing his hairy crooked legs. He accidently took another look at the dead body, so slender…

— Well, what did you find out? — colleague Lex approached him.

— It’s too complicated, she doesn’t remember anything, just the car and her carrying — Oleg waved a hand: — I wish they had found her earlier, but now it’s all a blur. So, we will make up a sketch and give it to investigators, and it’s no longer our worries. — He wiped his forehead with a stiff white cloth and got off the couch, being a little nervous.

— Ok, let’s quickly sketch faces and go home, besides I’m without lunch today. Donna and I rowed yesterday. She must really be offended, so she didn’t put my food. — Lex went to the computer and opened the required program.

— You mean after our bender? — he sniffed.


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