Become an Extrasensory

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Exstrasensory called a person with a supersensitive perception, able to establish direct contact with the spiritual worlds, draw from them the necessary information, as well as have a certain impact on the surrounding reality.

Valeriy Zhiglov


In the previously published books cited in the literary sources, we considered the themes of how the human Energy Essence is constructed, capable of using certain esoteric techniques to carry out a certain restructuring of our consciousness.

In this book, we will discuss in more detail the practical use of these esoteric techniques. In most people, unconscious contact with the subconscious mind is mainly during sleep, while some of them sometimes even can see prophetic dreams that predict the course of the upcoming events.

In order to consciously activate your psychic abilities, including for the mastery of telepathy, you need to learn to sink into the border state between wakefulness and sleep.

To better assimilate the material in question, it is also recommended that you read the previously published books.

How can one learn entering the borderline state between being awakened and asleep?

Under specific conditions, one can learn activating the work of parasympathetic nerve system, while awakened, thus connecting to the Information Field willingly. To do so, one has to try to endeavor to partly disconnect the upper head, i.e. our mind, to learn entering the intuitive levels of the subconscious.

This exactly is what wielding the methodology of telepathic communication is associated with. In other words, the body should enter the borderline state between awakening and sleeping.

Modern medical science believes learning to control vegetative, or parasympathetic, system, responsible for maintaining the internal homeostasis, is impossible.

What does “maintaining the internal homeostasis” mean? For example, it includes keeping the human body temperature constant, controlling heart beating frequency, intestinal peristalsis, internal secretion hormone production, etc. All this takes place independent of our mind that is controlled by our central nerve system, whereas the parasympathetic nerve system, as mentioned above, is in charge for the internal homeostasis.

However, some specific Spiritual methodologies, disclosed in Buddhism, Yoga and Magic, allow penetrating behind this Curtain, or the barrier, which is erected between our mind, controlled by the central nerve system, and the subconscious that is controlled by the parasympathetic nerve system.

Worth mentioning, as good examples, are the documented facts, when yogis were capable of willingly reducing the temperature of their bodies for several degrees, slow their heart beating rate down to 2—4 pulses per minute, disable their breathing almost entirely, and enter the deep anabiosis state, which reminds lethargic sleep.

It is worth mentioning, though, that wielding deep meditation methodology does not mean wielding telepathic communication methods. One needs some additional specific knowledge for that.

Our extrasensory abilities are improved by opening up, additionally, two main Energy centers — Lelia and Lada, which are used in ancient Slavic Vedic Spiritual practices, whereas Buddhist and Yoga usually do not use it.

Here is an example. One of my students, who were tested and taught telepathy by me, was the Principal in a Foreign Language University, who had been practicing yoga for 20 years then. Yet, he did not wield telepathy.

He was interested in learning that methodology because telepathy allowed communicating even with people speaking in an unknown language. Telepathy is also called “The Language of Angels”, because those bodiless Spiritual Creatures communicate to each other, and sometime people, too, by means of telepathy. Apparently, the contacts between people and UFO representatives, which took place, were, too, by means of something similar, there are multiple witnesses in favor of that.

Together with the Principle, some lecturers of this university were successfully tested and taught basics of telepathy.

He was really surprised, when I opened up the two additional his Chakras — Lelia and Lada, where he felt burning. Buddhist and yogis are known to activate only seven their Chakras during meditations, the Chakras that are one above another as the Energy Column. Opening up the Spiritual Energy Cross, which consists of nine main Energy centers, came to us from the ancient Slavic Vedic knowledge.

After opening up the two additional Chakras in him, he was able to successfully tune his telepathic communication channels, and he managed to pass tests for telepathic abilities, and it did not take long for him to describe in details a nice picture with an old watermill in a forest by a large pond.

Therefore, one does not need to achieve the level of controlling the subconscious, which is in connection with one’s parasympathetic nerve system, and which would be as deep as yogis possess, to learn telepathy methods.

Instead, you need to learn how to activate your Energy centers, or Chakras, and learn some additional methodologies of telepathy communication.

Let me remind briefly, what are those Energy centers, as postulated by the ancient Vedic knowledge.

Let us start from the lower head, or the pelvis.

1. The lowest, or the first Chakra, located at the tailbone tip, is called Istok. The color that corresponds to it is black, and it becomes, as the Chakra is being activated, dark red, and then the bright red; the lowest sound associated with the Energy of Earth, is designated as the “C” note.

2. The next, or the second, Chakra is located by the womb in women. Men feel it in similar location by navel. This Chakra is called Rod, and it is in direct connection with human species reproduction. The color that corresponds to it is orange, and the sound that corresponds to it is designated as the “D” note.

3. The third Chakra is near navel, it is called Zhivot, being directly associated with life power. The ancient Slavic word Zhivot means life. Modern Russian word Zhivot means “stomach”, and it may take some effort for a non-Russian speaker to understand what is meant, when reading “lost their stomachs in fighting for their Fatherland”, unless the foreigner knows that ancient Slavic interpretation. Anyway, the corresponding color is yellow, and the corresponding sound is “E”.

Let now turn to the Chakras of the Middle Head, or the torso.

4. The fourth Chakra is in the chest, by the solar plexus, it is called Persi, what means “chest” in the ancient Slavic language. The corresponding color is green, and the corresponding sound is “F”.

5. The fifth Chakra is right beneath the left breast nipple and it is called Lelia. The corresponding color is light green, and the corresponding sound is “Fis”.

6. The sixth Chakra is right beneath the right breast nipple and it is called Lada. The corresponding color is again, light green, and the corresponding sound is “Fis”, too.

Now over to the upper head Chakras associated with the skull.

7. The seventh Chakra is called Ustie. It is located in the area of throat. The corresponding color is cyan, and the corresponding sound is “G”.

8. The eighth Chakra is called Chelo. It is on the forehead slightly above eyebrows and corresponds to the Third eye channel, but not specifically the Third eye, which is on the inner side of the nape. The corresponding color is blue, and the sound is “A”.

9. The ninth Chakra is called Rodnik. It is located on sinciput. The corresponding color is purple turning shining white, and the sound is “B”, associated with the sound of the Cosmic Energy.

How are Chakras activated?

To understand Energy centers, i.e. Chakras, activation process in our bodies, let us consider several examples.

There are people with the enlightened mind of Buddha or Magician, which are capable of touching an individual at a distance. For example, they may give a pinch to someone’s ear. The individual would feel it in a very realistic way, and some people’s ears may even get reddish.

Some of those with the extrasensory abilities may touch a bell or a piano key at a distance to make it ring or play. All this witnesses in favor of a human thought being capable, at certain circumstances, of materializing and implementing what had been conceived. Poltergeist effect resides on a similar principle.

Poltergeist shows itself acoustically (strange sounds indoors, with the source unrecognizable: hum, booms, noise, something hitting the walls, ceiling, floor; scratching; sounds reminding human cries and moaning), cinematically (items moving, windows and doors opening and closing loudly, unknown liquids coming out of nowhere), thermally (temperature of items changing to even freezing or inflammation), and also in some other ways — for example by affecting electrical and electronic devices.

There are five stages of Poltergeist “maturing”.

1. Sensory (perception and odors);

2. Communicative (moans, voices, wind blows indoors);

3. Physical (touches, switching electrical devices on/off, opening/closing windows, doors; moving individual items);

4. Willful (throwing items, willful actions intended to frighten);

5. Aggressive (bites, strikes, blood appearing on the wall, threats written, condition of sickness in a victim with unclear nature).

After the fifth, peak, stage, Poltergeist suddenly fades away to reappear back after some time, again with the first stage.

The following example of image materialization is presented in the book of Daniel the Biblical prophet:

“Belshazzar the king made a great feast to a thousand of his lords, and drank wine before the thousand.Belshazzar, whiles he tasted the wine, commanded to bring the golden and silver vessels which his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the temple which was in Jerusalem; that the king, and his princes, his wives, and his concubines, might drink therein.

Then they brought the golden vessels that were taken out of the temple of the house of God which was at Jerusalem; and the king, and his princes, his wives, and his concubines, drank in them.They drank wine, and praised the gods of gold, and of silver, of brass, of iron, of wood, and of stone.

In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaister of the wall of the king’s palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote.

Then the king’s countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him, so that the joints of his loins were loosed, and his knees smote one against another.The king cried aloud”.

Therefore, above all, you need to believe in your Spiritual force to open up your extrasensory abilities, and do the best to fear nothing and to be self-confident.

The methodology should not be used in case of various mental disorders. Do not proceed if hungry or ate too much. You should neither smoke, nor drink alcohol. You should be fully recovered and emotionally calm. The methodology should be implemented in a clean and ventilated room. Make sure nobody would disturb you. Switch off the phone and other electrical devices. It is better to start practicing when you are free of work.

First of all, to activate your Chakras, you need to learn the slow deep breathing technique, which facilitates partial disconnection of mind, which is controlled by the central nerve system, and the subconscious that is controlled by the parasympathetic nerve system will be connected.

Take a position convenient for you, sitting or lying down, and try to relax. Next, you take a deep and slow breath-in, wait for a while, and make a deep and slow breath-out, and again wait.

In a lying down position, you hold your arms along your body hands up; in a sitting position, you should place your arms on your knees, also with hands up. The knees and the arms should not be in contact.

You should breath as slow as possible; you should experience slight lack of oxygen. Do not fear this feeling, because during sleeping, one breathes slower, and consumes less oxygen, too.

If this breathing exercise is done the right way, the borderline state between awakening and sleeping, also known as daydreaming, comes instinctively. At the same time, try to disconnect your mind emotions, observe all your actions reluctantly, as if from outside, but you should not fall asleep.

Breathing exercises like these are on regular basis practiced by yogis and Buddha followers. In such a way, they also relax physically and emotionally, and they successfully restore their tonus and mental energy. This state is also known as entering Nirvana, or Absolute inner calmness.

It is in this very moment, that the epiphysis, or the Third eye, releases the hormone of melatonin into the human blood, the hormone plays critical role in maintaining normal operation of the immune system, thus protecting a human body from multiple infections and even oncological diseases, also facilitating partial rejuvenation of the body, as it was proved by multiple scientific studies.

We now proceed further with the disclosure of the methodology. So, you should clearly envision your imagined materialized arms, which should be lowered down to your feet. On a slow deep breath-in, you tighten your imagined arms and grab the Earth Energy sounding low with them to lift it to your lower Chakra of Istok. (It is not important, whether you are sitting or lying down, because your feet are associated with the bottom, and perceive the Earth Energy better, whereas your upper Head perceives the Energy of Cosmos better).

On breathing-out slowly, you open the hands of your materialized arms and direct the Earth Energy within them into the Chakra of Istok. Here, you feel warmth coming from your hands and tingling in your fingertips.

Execute those breathing exercises many times to the moment, when your lower Chakra starts filling with the Energy given to it, and begins vibrations, influenced by the low sound replayed with your thoughts, and it the chakra starts irradiating from dark red light to the bright red light, something seeable only on mental level with the Third eye fully opened.

If the exercises are performed right, you also feel warmth in this Chakra, which may even turn into burning. You should not fear this feeling, for after some time you should be able to open up and close your chakras with a single effort of your thought.

Next, you proceed to the activation of your second lower Chakra called Rod. You again lower your imaginary materialized arms down to feet and again grab the Earth Energy on deep slow breath-in. Lift it up to your lower Chakra of Istok, open your hands and direct the Energy to your lower Chakra.

At the same time, from the lower Chakra of Istok, you lift the Energy towards your second Chakra of Rod, where you again, after some time, on its opening up, feel warmth, it starts vibrating and shining orange, as felt on the mental level, an sound mentally, in the corresponding sound range.

Next, you again proceed with the abovementioned deep slow breath exercises, fill the two lower Chakras with the Energy to be lifted from there to the higher vibrating sound and light Energy of the third Chakra called Zhivot, until it starts opening up. In the similar manner, you activate the corresponding Chakras of the middle, and, next, of the upper head.

If performed correctly, the exercises allow you feel simultaneous activation of all nine Chakras in you, which form the Energy cross. The Energy should move free in those Chakras, from bottom to top and from top to bottom. On your slow breath-in, they will saturate from below via the first Chakra of Istok with the Earth Energy sounding low, whereas, on breath-out, the same takes place via the ninth Chakra of Rodnik with the Energy of Cosmos sounding high.

With your mental sight, try to visualize the rhythmical pulsating motion of the two Energies, sounding differently, which approach each other alternatingly, on the Energy Cross that you rebuilt.

Pay maximum attention to executing those exercises correctly, because the amount of Chakras, activated in your body, directly defines the quality level of the telepathic communication you establish.

If an experienced teacher assists you during the exercises, your Chakras may be opened faster and to the full extent. You also may perform by your own, assisted with relevant audio/video records.

Search in the Internet for music records titled “Activate the Third Eye”, and, by watching and listening to them many times, try breathing slow and relaxed, thus maintaining your borderline state between awakening and sleeping; and open up, one by one, the corresponding Chakras, until you feel pulsing Energy cross on your body.

You should start feeling sight burning in the points of the corresponding Chakras. You also should feel some vibration coming from them, together with the corresponding sound, light and heat energy. At the same time, you should feel the energy leaving your hands, and you are to feel as if there were electric sparks leaving your fingertips.

However strange it might sound, technical tools may record electric pulses leaving your fingers. The second half of the XVIII century was the starting point, as Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta began studying physiological effects by electric fields and currents on living organisms. By the middle of the XIX century, Carlo Matteucci and Emil du Bois-Reymond shaped those studies into a separate area of knowledge — electrophysiology — with their works.

Further development of electrophysiology resulted in creating a number of new diagnostic methods based on registering electric potentials, i.e. the sum of membrane potentials of the organ tissue cell actions, such as electromyography for examining various muscles and the muscle groups, electrocardiography for examining the work of heart, and electroencephalography for examining the brain function.

The listed above are usually contact methods, yet non-contact magnetic encephalography, based on registering magnetic field due to brain activity, now undergoes tests for applicability, too.

Underway for quite a while have been the research works on mapping various fields in humans, mainly infrared, electromagnetic, acoustic and other biophysical fields, which are currently studied.

A human body comprises very small amount of radioactive substances, therefore, radioactive disintegration results in ongoing ionizing and neutrino radiation a human body emits. (Physical fields of Biological Objects // Digest of Academy of Science of USSR, 1983; No.8, Gulyaev, Yu. V., Human physical fields and medical diagnostics //Science and Life, Internet interview; Gulyaev, Yu. V., Godik, E. E., Human and animal physical fields, Scientific American, No.5 75, 1990).

Biofield is the specific set of physical fields that appear during the life of an organism.

In 1939, S.D. Kirlian, a physiotherapist from Krasnodar, Russia, discovered and patented the so-called Kirlian’s effect. The object of the research is placed into high-frequency electric field, and some illumination, we may also call it the electric aura, appears around the object. It may even be registered with a photographic film.

Strong emotions change the skin electric resistance; scientists call this phenomenon “psycho-galvanic reflex” (S.L. Rubinstein. General Psychology Basics, 2000). The psycho-galvanic reflex demonstrates multiple cortical processes, and the corresponding mental processes, being the immediate reaction by vegetative, or the parasympathetic, nerve system, to external stimulation. There are multiple references in relevant literature to studying psycho-galvanic reflex in humans.

Usually, during the initial stage of teaching, beginners open up only a few Energy centers. Manly, those include the Chakras of Rod, Zhivot, Persi. Performing the breath exercises more thoroughly facilitates opening up two more Chakras: Lelia and Lada.

You may succeed in communicating another individual telepathically, only if the individual has by this moment opened up at least the same Chakras. The more active Energy centers opened up in you and in your telepathic counterpart, the better will be your dialogue, regardless how far you both are from each other.

How does one establish telepathic communication with another individual?

To do so, you need to direct the Spiritual Energy of your Energy cross towards the individual that you wish to contact telepathically at this moment. His corresponding Chakras are going to be activated by this, with warmth and slight feeling of burning, but only if the individual wields the Esoteric methods for their Energy centers activation, too. If the second individual does not have those skills, establishing telepathic communication with him is going to be more challenging, and only few people, who have all the Chakras of the Energy cross functioning actively, may succeed in it.

As it was already said, because telepathic communication takes place in the Astral World, you do not need to know where the person you want to contact telepathically is at the moment. On the subtle Spiritual plane, your Energy Essence, and those of other people, are omnipresent. All you need to do is to think about this particular person, clearly recalling not only the visual appearance, but also the inner state of the person, and you may turn telepathically to that person with it.

Here is what Mirra Lohvtskaja, one of the most famous representatives of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry, wrote in her poems in connection with this unusual Esoteric methodology. Let us take a short break and read her poem.

* * *

If my happiness was noble eagle in sky,

Bow with arrows is something an eagle can’t defy,

It may end eagle’s path, wounded birds do not fly,

But it would then be mine, either dead or alive!

If my happiness was a nice flower from myth,

If that flower was growing atop of a cliff,

I would reach it, whatever my fears would be

I would smell it, and nothing could ever stop me!

If my happiness was a unique priceless ring,

And the sand in a river would bury that thing,

I would turn a mermaid, I would dive very deep,

Shining ring on my hand would prevent all from sleep!

If my happiness shone in your heart with a light,

I would burn it in secrecy, all day and night

And your heart only would be entirely mine,

Only I would be there allowed to shine!

Mirra Lohvtskaja wrote a number of other amazing poems, which make one believe she did learn certain specific Esoteric methodologies, including the remote action. Other poets, too, wrote poems that may witness in favor of the occult knowledge they might have; finding those poems is just a matter of reading a bit more thoroughly.

Back to Mirra Lohvtskaja, here is yet another her poem called


(From Middle Ages Law Records)

I was walking with my dad

Across a field under the Sun

I was boring, even mad

— Dad, you want to have some fun,

Thunderstorms, which I can run?

No kidding, I alone

Will respond for this.

Daddy, smiling, with his face

Showing only bliss,

Told me: “Daughter,

Just be good, in amazing place.”

Sky still blue, but something’s wrong

There’s a thundercloud, too long.

Stronger getting is my spell,

Darkness came upon the ground.

Wind is blowing, like from hell

Nature’s frightened by the sound.

Big and black, like from abyss,

Thundercloud with edges of fire,

Something one would like to miss,

Those, who saw, are terrified.

And I whisper with my lips:

“Very good, it’s ready. How you like

what you are seeing, my untutored Daddy?”

It explodes the way it should

And my mood is steady

Keeping word is always good.

I’m a real lady.

There hardly was anyone among poets of her generation, than Mirra Lohvtskaja, by the end of 1890s. She was posthumously awarded with Pushkin Prize, by Academy of Science in Saint-Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great.

How telepathic testing is carried out

Actually, telepathic testing is simple; it is hardly more complicated than a telephone survey. In some way, it reminds your answers for the questions asked by an examiner.

Telepathic alignment takes place within minutes, and then you discover amazing channels for communicating at a distance.

I am convinced that, even if an individual receiving a telepathic signal were on the dark side of the Moon, or beyond the boundaries of the Solar System, or by the edge of the galaxy, or even elsewhere in the Universe, even then it would not be too hard to communicate remotely.

Apparently, it cannot be explained in terms of radio waves. Because telepathic signals pass through any obstacle without delay — deep water, deep underground caves and even massive lead walls, omnipresent neutrinos may be the most obvious explanation among those known nowadays. Neutrinos are known to be capable of passing through our planet almost in no time.

Telepathy is a multidimensional phenomenon. It includes telepathic vision and hearing, also telepathic ability to remotely feel taste, odor, color, shape, image reproduction, mood, wishes, movements, tactile sensitivity (touches) and other telepathic channels of tuning.

It is further worth mentioning that the abovementioned telepathic communication abilities are not of the same level in different people, much depends on particular individual’s abilities, which certainly are not the same for all. Creative people usually are better in learning this material, both theoretically, and practically. Still, the amount of those with telepathic abilities among ordinary people is in no way low, although their abilities may not be seen the same clearly.

In any case, one should do the best to open up the maximum amount of one’s Energy centers. Next, an absolutely black screen should be imagined in front of one’s eyes, and images that are transmitted to you would appear on that black screen.

One may see that black screen in front of oneself, both with the eyes closed and with the eyes opened. Image vision is intuitively associated with the Third eye. This is how we dream sleeping, too.

It is better to train with an experienced teacher, who has maximum amount of his Energy centers opened up, and wields telepathy methods.

It is also possible to train together with other people you know, who are positive for your biofield.

After the telepathic session started, try not to get disturbed by anything, and, whenever possible, answer clearly. You may share the emotions, which you experienced, later, after the testing.

As it was already told, one has to tune the body to the borderline state between awakening and sleeping, by means of specific breathing exercises.

It is also essential do dive into the state of rest, observing what is going on, as from outside, not even trying to analyze the questions asked, and not to try to predict which answer would be correct.

As soon as you reconnect your mind, your telepathic communication channels stop receiving the necessary information on the level of intuition.

During the testing, do not forget to breath the right way, maintaining the activity of your Energy centers with this.

It is worth noting, that even if you fail to answer a question the right way, at the very beginning of the testing, this should not be an excuse for despair and for cancelling the telepathy session.

Many tested individuals experience some fails at the beginning, but after the channel is established, their correct answers amaze.

There, you may be able to read the information on the level of intuition, or as a visual image, or your inner hearing may hear the answer.

Try to enter maximally reluctant state and to listen to your intuition only.

Now we proceed to describing the methodology in more details

To learn the methodology better, each task is repeated twice.

Usually, repeating the same telepathic testing procedure allows the trainee succeed better.

1. Initially offered will be the test for determining a simple number, from 1 to 9, which will be transmitted to you telepathically. This is when your individual alignment with the telepath takes place.

Despite the probability of the correct answer being as much as 11%, still, it is the initial stage giving the largest errors.

At this initial stage, your mind will still try to manage the process, thus preventing your subconscious from getting in, and from obtaining the correct answer intuitively.

I would like to clarify how the scores are counted. If you identified the transmitted number at first attempt, you get five scores. Each unsuccessful attempt is minus one score.

Therefore, it is essential to keep tuning to the information about the same number, being transmitted, trying to identify it on the level of intuition.

There were individuals, who failed five times to identify the number transmitted, and their score after the test was zero.

2. During the next stage, you will be offered to identify the card suit, then to identify the card.

If the card has an image, you will have to describe the image in every possible detail, however strange it may look for you.

For example, a telepath may transmit an image of the queen of hearts in a wedding dress, with a bridal veil on her head. You will have to really see every detail of the image telepathically, because one cannot just guess every detail of an image.

The probability of a correct answer on this test is only 1.85%, the actual amount of correct answers is really large.

3. During the next stage of testing, you should feel the taste transmitted to you, and the type of meal it belongs to. The feeling may be realistic to such an extent, that the individual may start feeling hungry.

4. Then you have to feel, and identify telepathically, the odor, which the telepath will be breathing in in that very moment. For this purpose I use the set of aromas of ether oils from Thailand, which are the entirely natural botanical product.

5. Next, you have to identify telepathically a geometrical figure, for example, a triangle, a square, or a circle.

6. Next, you have to telepathically identify the color of the figure.

Surprisingly, this appeared to be a complicated test, and only few people identify the correct color. Very often, the opposite color is named, as if the individual saw the negative image.

For example, it may be the green color instead red, or the blue one instead yellow.

Apparently, this may result from specific physiological features of our vision, as it passes similar transformations during different stages of visualization. Normally, after several attempts, the trainee gains the ability to perceive correct colors.

7. After that, you will be offered to pass the test for some visual image identification.

Do not be confused, if the image, possibly, does not match any modern stereotype. It may be taken from a painting, or it may be some other image.

You will have to describe the pose of a person displayed with the image, the clothes, color of fabric, name the type of a hat, see what the persons holds, feel the aroma of the beverage offered. It may be coffee, or chocolate, or vanilla — there are many options.

You will also be offered to describe a painting artwork in every possible detail, and then you will be offered to take a look on the photo of the painting artwork, so you may then see, to which extent your answers were correct, yourself.

If all tests are passed successfully, you will be offered to pass additional tests, more complicated.

8. The more complicated tests may include the test for tactile sensitivity of the tested induvidual. If there is one, you may feel a slight, but realistic touch to you, and you will be also to identify its location, for example, your face, your head, or your arm.

9. A test, which is also possible, is for visualizing an image of a person, which is far away from you. To succeed in this test, the maximum telepathic alignment will be necessary from you.

10. It is further worth mentioning, that, in addition to the testing for telepathy, in some cases, you may be assisted to get rid of headache remotely, or at least reduce its intensity significantly by means of telepathic methods.

I expect those who passed telepathic testing might share their experience with you.

Most of those people were unaware of the hidden extrasensory abilities they had.

Usually, people demonstrate average telepathic abilities, and only a small amount of those individuals, who passed the testing, demonstrate the best results. Also, those people, who did not demonstrate such abilities at all, were a minority.

Not the absence of detectable telepathic abilities in such people was the reason for the failure, but rather the insufficient efforts and confidence in the result prevented them from opening up an from improving their Divine Gift. Let us mention a cautionary tale from the Gospel about a wicked and lazy slave, who buried his talent in soil.

A rich man, “going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. The one who had received the five talents went off at once and traded with them, and made five more talents. In the same way, the one who had the two talents made two more talents. But the one who had received the one talent went off and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money”. (Matthew 25:14–18).

Having come back, the man required his slaves to report. The two first slaves were complimented, but the third was said: “You wicked and lazy slave! You knew, did you, that I reap where I did not sow, and gather where I did not scatter? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and on my return I would have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him, and give it to the one with the ten talents. For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away”. (Matthew 25:26–29).

Some additional explanations for opening channels of telepathic communication

I have often heard the opinion of ignorant people that there is no telepathy. And these categorical statements were built on simple philistine logic — this can not be because it can not be ever…

But before making such statements, it is much wiser to try to experience the impact of telepathy on yourself.

What does that require?

First of all, it is necessary to see and understand this phenomenon as a whole, without trying to concentrate your attention on individual moments, which can lead you away from the general perception of this phenomenon. Let us recall the parable of how blind people tried to find out what or who was in front of them.

One of them, touching the elephant’s leg, began to assert that there was a pillar in front of him. Another person, touching the trunk of the elephant and sharply stripping his hand, began to scream in panic that this is a huge and terrible snake! The third man, touching the elephant’s waving ear, began to tell everyone that he was under a sprawling tree, which had large leaves swaying in the wind. And the fourth person, having touched a tail at an elephant, has told, what is it only an ordinary rope…

As you can see, all these people were right in their own way, considering this research object in separate parts. But in order to realize the picture as a whole, you just had to open your eyes. Also, while studying telepathy, you can endlessly argue about it, but it is better to try and open your spiritual vision, which is available to all people without exception, you just need not be lazy to master this technique yourself.

How do you process the results?

As it was already said earlier, for each of the tests performed, an assessment is made on a five-point scale. Having received all these estimates, you put them together, and then dividing by the total number of tests determine the average score (not to be confused with the number of attempts for each test used to grade the score).

In people with telepathic testing gaining an average score of 3 — there are sufficiently weak or mediocre telepathic abilities. When recruiting an average score of 4 — good telepathic abilities are shown. And when recruiting an average ball to 4,3 — 4,6 — very good telepathic abilities are shown.


As a rule, it is not difficult for a student to learn how to open his energy centers, and then well visualize the transmitted image before his inner gaze on an absolutely black screen.

Having mastered this technique, you can proceed to practical exercises on receiving transmitted telepathic information. But it should be especially noted that with a weak opening of all THREE or FIVE chakras — you do not have to immediately try to transfer information on a telepathic level. At best, you can take it from an energetically related person, who at that time has a much larger number of chakras open and they are well-activated.

Having opened your channels of telepathic communication, and having received positive results, you can for yourself make a conclusion about whether telepathy exists or does not exist. Therefore, before you can categorically assert something — you should first try to try everything on yourself, with a clear implementation of the described technique.

More details about this are told in my books from this series: Magic, Magic — 2, Magic — 3, Magic — 4, and also in quoted sources listed in the list of literature.

You need to buy a paperback on Amazon.com, Ozon.ru, Ridero.ru, book: Learning telepathy in 10 minutes and when working with it, leave the appropriate notes in pencil on its pages, reflecting thereby the most important thoughts that contribute to your better understanding of the text. In order to better understand all the material, we must periodically re-read these books. At the same time, each time you will find for yourself more and more important points, which were not paid due attention at the first readings.

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All the books you are interested in, you can easily find on Ridero.ru, Amazon.com, Ozon.ru, Litres.ru, both in digital version and in paper bindings.


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This book contains numerous images of a mystical nature, including natural landscapes, and if you look closely at them, you can feel the mystical spiritual beginning inherent in nature itself, which is often inaccessible to our philistine gaze.


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