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Dear reader! I wrote this book only for one purpose, to show the beautiful side of folk art of my people. Each nation’s folklore is individual and unique. National folklore shows the life and the spirit of this people. With this book I want to show the life, spirit and wisdom of my nation. Thereby to show what principles and instructions Chechen people adheres.

Yes, dear reader! These Proverbs and Sayings of my people, that I have collected for you in my book, they all are using and practicing in my people’s life nowadays. Therefore all of them are relevant today, and you, My dear reader, can feel free to believe that you have learned the wisdom of the Chechen people. The wisdom, that my people cherish for generations and look at the world through them.

These Sayings and Proverbs are taken from my people life’s, from there mouths, because they are so wise and necessary for a happy life.

I have collected only a scanty part of the Proverbs and sayings of my people, out of thousands.

By doing so I wanted other nations to know that Chechen people are very wisdom. That we are not savage, bandit, robber or terrorist. That we are one of the nations that have own adorable folklore. And in our folklore we are putting wisdom and the highest human qualities on the highest level of our lives and subconscious, and always adhere to them.

Knowing these qualities of the Chechen people through their traditions, customs, Proverbs and sayings, it is possible to build friendship, brotherhood, neighborhood and relations with them. That’s why I wrote this book, so we can know each other, so our peoples can form friendly relations based on mutual respect and respect each other’s cultures.

Shovkhalov Khusein

1-It doesn’t rain if the sky no clouds.

2- Eyes will not cry if there no mourning in the heart.

3-The lake will not freeze if the bottom is not cold.

4-Bottomless tub can not be filled with water.

5- Sometimes the bullock-cart is loaded on the boat, but sometimes the boat is loaded on the bullock-cart.

6- You can not blame the sun for the fact that the owl doesn’t see in day.

7- Water is clean at the source.

8- There are no wolves without teeth, there are no winter without frost.

9- If it is evil coming out of the house, good will not come in from outside.

10- knows the possibilities of his bullock-cart.

11- Pear always falls near by pear tree.

12- Only the grave can straighten the hunchback.

13- Movement — is happiness for the young men, peace is a happiness for the young girl.

14- Food is a food for your body, slumber is a food for your vigor.

15- Don’t bandage your head if you don’t have a headache.

16- If there’re no any ability-let it go.

17-If not to your taste, then let it be to your opportunity.

18- Son can not be full if father takes a meal.

19- You can not bend the rim of the pole, you can not grow a horse from a colt.

20- You can not make a handle with a goat horn.

21- Good word is a charity, bad word is a sin.

22- Only one person can lead the army to defeat and only one can lead to the victory.

23- Water is leaving, stone is staying.

24- Legs will not dance if your mood is bad.

25- If head is dying, body dying too.

26- If you feel sleepy, you don’t choose pillow, if you feel in-love you don’t choose beauty.

27-Thorn grows sharp from the very beginning.

28- Chicken that tried to cock, burst.

29- Who wanted to overcome the world, was defeated by the world.

30-Where the needle goes, the thread goes too.

31- The little goat always coming after his mom.

32- Mother feed her child like the earth feed the man

33- Not always the river flows on one channel.

34- There is no good without subsequent hood, there is no hood without subsequent for good.

35- There is nothing better than life, there is nothing quicker than eye.

36- Fire can only be ignited by fire.

37- Fire and water don’t get along.

38- Just one spark can burn a whole village.

39- The eagle is born only in the mountains.

40- The donkey only knew that he was a donkey when his ear was pulled.

41- Just because the skin is smooth doesn’t mean the horse is good.

42- There is no river without a source.

43- Broken bullock cart — wood, fallen ox — meat.

44- Ripped apple can not increments.

45- If you have already grown old — you will not grow younger, if you have already died — you will not revive.

46- The condition of a person who broke his leg, will understand the one who has broken his leg too.

47- Where the sun does not shine, the earth will not warm.

48- Only the war gives resistance to the war.

49-Running away from the rain, fell under the waterfall.

50- Good horse lashes once in a year is enough.

51- Taste of the garlic won’t change even in Mecca.

52- Apple tree only gives birth to an apple.

53- A brother without a brother-falcon without wings, a sister without a brother- a naked switch.

54- In the bad family smart one gets a lot of worries.

55- There are no good things if the family isn’t friendly.

56- Mother’s anger the same as snow — fall a lot, but melt quickly.

57- If daughter grows up beautiful, father’s name will be well known.

58-When offered to bring the most beautiful thing, the crow dragged it’s fledgling chick.

59- Beautiful girl wearing old dress beautiful too.

60- Beauty — till the evening, kindness — till the death.

61- A good wife’s husband won’t be badly dressed.

62- Unfriendly family is an unequal war.

63- Hopeless person for the family is grief, for the other people is laugh.

64-Spark is born by flint, worthy son is born by decent men.

65-Good father is made of wood, good mother is made of felt.

66- Bad bullock-cart can damage the road, bad wife can damage the home.

67- Wears beautiful clothes girl doesn’t want to marry me, wears ugly clothes girl is not necessary for me.

68- It’s impossible to be a bad daughter for your mother.

69- It’s impossible to be a good daughter in law for your mother in law.

70- Good father can have a bad son. Bad father can have a good son.

71- Good person can have a bad wife, bad person can have a good wife.

72- Good son is a happiness for his father.

73- Good son is a fortress, bad son is a grief.

74- Good son is father’s heart, bad son is father’s grief.

75- The things you like are the most attractive for you.

76- Guest at the house doesn’t like the other guest of this house, owner doesn’t like both of them.

77- A meal for three, enough for four.

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