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I part I scene

(Konstantinopol, year 376)

II scene

(Attila is born)

II part
III scene

(Attila attains autocracy among the Huns and finds the

“God’s sword”)

IV scene

(Konstantinopol. They prepare to attempt on Attila’s life.)

V scene

(Attila receives the ambassadors and discovers the plot)

III part

VI scene

(In Roma the discussions about to be guarded from the Huns)

VII scene

(The fight in the steppe of Katalun)

The End


— Valent, Byzantine emperor — 40—45 years old

— Cardinal Vasiliy — 60 years old

— Atenarx, the king of Goths -50 years old

— Byzantine head of watchmen

— Munjuq, Attila’s father -55 years old

— Baybars, Attila’s uncle (father’s brother) — 50 years old

— ShamansAtakam and Mamash — 65—70 years old

— Erekan, Attila’s beloved wife -30-35 years old

— Yeten-a servant

— Chichi- a servant

— A servant

— Erkan, Attila’s son -17 years old

— Hun head of watchmen

— Attila- 35 -40 years old

— Aesiy, Roman warlord, 35—40 years old

— Karaton, the Hun warlord, -35-40 years old

— Bleda, Attila’s brother -30-35 years old

— Shepherd Karatey -60 years old

— Feodosiy, emperor of Byzantine — 50 years old

— Byzantine head of watchmen

— Xrisanf, Byzantine’s I prefect — 52 years old

— Sirus, the perfect of Konstantinopol -40 years old

— Edika, Attila’s warlord -40 years old

— Orest, Edika’s right hand -30 years old

— Maksimian, Byzantine messenger

— The Hun head of watchmen

— The First Hun messenger

— The secondByzantine messenger

— Ellak, Attila’s son

— Valentinian III, the emperor of Roma — 30 years old

— Valeriy, the senator of Roma — 60 years old

— Qonoriya, the sister of the emperor of Roma- 26 years old

— Roman head of watchmen

— The Hun messenger

— I herald

— II herald

— III herald

— Shaman Kaman

— Turizimund, the king of vestoqots — 22 years old

— Aesiy’s herald

— The players of the mass scene

— The keepers

I part

I scene

The curtain rises and V century’s Byzantine writer Prisk’s voice is heard:

“Year 376. Konstantinopol. Though the emperor Valent ruled the Roma empire together with his brother he always was in Konstantinopol. It was true, Roma empire’s dividing into two parts wasn’t registered officially, actually the territories of Roma and Byzantine had been defined between the two brothers and both of the brothers used the name of king. Dividing of the empire into two parts and its registering officially would happen only in 395.”

Emperor Valent walks to and fro in the palace. He seems too thoughtful and preoccupied. The palace was built harmonizing with Roman style. The head of the watchmen is seen at the door:- Your Majesty! Cardinal Vasiliy wants to come to your reception.

Emperor Valent: — Let him come in (he takes his seat on the throne.)

Cardinal Vasiliy comes in and bows. With his hand the emperor shows him the place to sit down. The Cardinal sits down and waits for the emperor to speak.

Emperor Valent: — Vasiliy, what is happening in the north borders of the empire? According to the information I got, the Goths gathered to the other bank of the Danube and they want to

pass to our territory. But we have a treaty with Atanarkh, the king of the Goths and we have been obeying to this treaty for seven years. What is happening now? Why did the Goths gather in the bank of the Danube? Maybe they

want to see the power of our army having 500000 fighters?

Cardinal Vasiliy: -Your Majesty! By order of you I sent a herald to the Goths’

country. To the king of the Goths I sent the message to come

to Konstantinopol. The herald has returned some minutes ago.

Emperor Valent:-But where is the herald?

Cardinal Vasiliy: — He is here. But there is a problem, Your Majesty!

Emperor Valent: — What problem?

Cardinal Vasiliy: -The king of the Goths’, Atanarkh, left together with his surroundings, after some time they will reach to Konstantinopol. Simply, the herald retuned some minutes before them.

Emperor says :( nervously) -Why didn’t you tell me about this event immediately? We had to prepare. Beforehand. Because he is our ally for seven years. More than half part of our north borders is guarded by the Goths. Within a year we pay them 200 pound (1 Byzantine pound is equal to 453.6 gram gold- author.) gold.

Cardinal Vasiliy: -You are right, Your Majesty! But the herald has brought such news that Goths king’s coming here like a king aroused doubts.

Emperor:-Why did there arouse doubts? Speak openly!

Cardinal:-Your Majesty! According to the herald’s words, some people attack them, burn their tents, kill the men, take the wives and children prisoners.

Emperor:-Who does all these? Iskits? As I know, the Iskits are being razed to the ground.

Cardinal:-Your Majesty! Nobody knows who attacks them. According to the herald’s words, some of the Goth refugees passed the Danube and stepped to our territory. The herald had a talk

with them.

Emperor:-What? Do the Goths come to our territory like refugees? Who makes them to be refugees?

Cardinal:-The problem is that he who runs is known, but who makes them run is unknown. Up present in these territories nobody heard the name of these tribes.

Emperor:-I wonder, are they Godsend? Can there be such an event in the history?

Cardinal:-I don’t know, Your Majesty!

Emperor Valent: (stands up) -It appears that the king of Goths comes here like a refugee. (smiles) Seven years ago I invited him to Konstantinopol. Do you remember?

Cardinal:-Yes, Your Majesty!

Emperor Valent :( continues) -At that time we fought against the Goths, but we ouldn’tdefeat them. They moved off into the Danube forests and chose the tactics of mountainous fights. They hid themselves among the mountains, in the forests, attacked us. We had a lot of loss. I ollowed Atanarkh for three years. Though Atanarkh also had much loss I couldn’t defeat them. Because they didn’t fight in modern fighting way. For them, the tactics of open fight of the armies against each other, was strange. At last, in the next bank of DanubeI was obliged to recognize their authority. And Vasiliy, I sentyou to have a talk with Atanarkh, to invite him to Konstantinopol. Do you remember all these, Vasiliy?

Cardinal:-Of course, I remember, Your Majesty! You gave me a letter to deliver Atanarkh. I did how you wanted and invited him here for to sign a treaty.

Emperor:-But he didn’t come.

Cardinal:- Yes, Your Majesty! He offered excuses, as if he promised his father not to step anymore on the Byzantine lands. I think that he didn’t come here for being afraid of falling into a trap. Simply, he found pretext as if he promised his father.

Emperor:( raises the tone of his voice)

— But he didn’t come! Instead he didn’t agree my passing to the other bank of Danube. In the middle of Danube, in the boat we signed a treaty for to recognize the authority of Goths. Me- Byzantine emperor Valent, for the first time in my life entered into negotiation with the barbarians and recognized their authority. I pay them 200 pounds gold every year. Now, instead of guarding the Byzantine borders, the king of the Goths comes here like a refugee. (silently) At any case, the king of the Goths come here with the problems. Vasiliy, what to do? Maybe not to receive him? Let the king of Goths think about his people himself. What do you think, Vasiliy?

Cardinal:-Your Majesty! Let it be how you want. If you allow me I want to say some words.

Emperor:- Please, for me it is interesting to know your opinion.

Cardinal :( stands up) — Let the life of Your Majesty be long. In fact, I am not going to tell a new opinion. I want to continue the thoughts whatever you said a moment ago.

Emperor:( breaks his word, a bit nervously) — Please, Vasiliy, quick, hurry up! Tell your opinions!

Cardinal:-Our glorious ruler is right that in spite of guarding our northborders, the king of Goths is afraid of some tribes and wants to pass to the other bank of Danube. You are absolutely right. With your permission I can tell that if you allow I may receive the king of the Goths and listen to him.


Cardinal :-Your Majesty! You said rightly that Atanarkh comes with problems. First, you must know with what problems the king of Goths is coming here. Second, Atanarkh knows much

information about the tribe who attacked them. Third, (Cardinal thinks a little) if the Goths pass the borders without permission they may create chaos in the empire and we must

solve this problem with the king of Goths.

Emperor:-I think, you could be able to make me believe, Vasiliy! Well, what else did the herald learn about that strange tribe?

Cardinal:- The herald could learn some news from the refugees.

Emperor:-What news?

Cardinal:-The herald says that they have strange way of fighting.

Emperor:-What is their strangeness?

Cardinal :-The herald says when they attack somewhere they don’t begin to the fight directly in the fighting area. When there remains 650—700 meters to the fighting area, within one moment each fighter throws to the enemy about 30 arrows with iron arrowhead. They say their arrows are different from ours, theirs

fly to far distance. So, within some minutes their arrows even may cover the face of the sun too.

Emperor:( with interest)

— What else does the herald say? What is the oddities of these tribes? Is their strangeness is only in their arrows or they have another strangeness too?

Cardinal:-No, Your Majesty! The refugees say that these tribes can throw arrows while being on the horses, without stopping them. Even they throw arrows while the horses go fast. It makes no difference for them in which direction the horse go. They can throw arrows both while the horses go forward and go back. At

any case, they can throw arrows at the same direction.

Emperor:-I don’t understand, Vasiliy, what does it mean they can throw arrows at any direction?

Cardinal:-Your Majesty, I also didn’t understand anything. The herald told me that the refugees said all the above mentioned information.

Emperor:- You want to say that they can throw arrows while the horses go back?

Cardinal:-Yes, Your Majesty, they turn back and throw arrows, and throw arrows very fast, 30 arrows in a minute.

Emperor:( ironically) -Surely, all the arrows hit the marks, is it thus, Vasiliy?

Cardinal:( understands emperor’s irony) — Your Majesty! According to the words of the herald all of the arrows hit the mark and kill him.

Emperor:-This is miracle. It can’t be. In the world there aren’t such people who are able to throw arrows while their horses are at a gallop, and all the arrows hit the mark. (the tone of his voice rises) There aren’t such people in the


Cardinal:-Your Majesty, this is their strangeness. They say that their horses got accustomed so that while the legs of the horses are in the air, they can throw arrows to the enemies. They throw

two arrows within a minute. Then they return back and from the distance of 600—700 meters they shoot out at the enemies in the same way.

Emperor:( thinks) -Vasiliy, it appears that the king of the Goths can’t fight against them for not knowing their fighting tactics. But what about us, shall we be able to fight against them? What do you think?

Cardinal:-Your Majesty! We have a fighting army.

Emperor:-No, Vasiliy, here we don’t speak about fight. Still we don’t know against whom we are going to fight against. How many are they? Vasiliy, what do the refugees say, how many are


Cardinal:-Your Majesty, the refugees tell that the stars have the end but the number of them has no ending.

Emperor:( thoughtfully) -Vasiliy, these unknown tribes may create problem not only tothe king of Goths but also they may create problem to us, to the realm and throne of empire. Do

you realize this, Vasiliy?

Cardinal:-I understand, my ruler!

Emperor:-Vasiliy, do how I say! Not depending on the information Atanarkh gave about those unknown tribes, it is necessary to collect news about them. We need all the information.

Maybe (he thinks for a while) in future we shall be able to direct these tribes against our enemies. In the world everything can be bought and can be sold. Isn’t it right, Vasiliy?

At this time the head of watchmen is seen at the door:-Your Majesty, the king of Goths, Atanarkh, has come. May he come in by your permission and order?

Emperor:- Let him come in. I am tired of waiting for him. See, Vasiliy, the king of Goths has come Konstantinopol willingly.

The head of watchmen goes out

Cardinal:-Your Excellency! If you allow me I wouldn’t take part in this important talk.

Emperor:-What do you say, Vasiliy? Without fail, your participation is very necessary. Because in future the information given by Atanarkh will play special role in guarding the north borders of the empire.

Cardinal:-How you advise, Your Majesty!

Emperor :( smilingly) -I advise you to take part, Vasiliy! I wonder what information Atanarkh is going to tell us about this unknown tribes. It is very interesting for me, Vasiliy! Can you imagine, the king of Goths, who didn’t want to come to Byzantine is in Konstantinopol now.

Behind the curtain the voice of the head of watchmen is heard:- Excellency Atanarkh, the king of Goths!

Atanarkh, the king of Goths, dressed in barbarian form, crown on his head comes in the stage. Emperor Valent stands up, and goes forward his “old friend”. When the emperor stands up cardinal Vasiliy also stands up.

Emperor:( with forced smile on his face) — Hi, my old friend, it is very fine for me to see you in Konstantinopol. Now it is very happy moment for me. We had to meet here some years ago. It is pity it was impossible to carry out this.

Emperor takes some steps and comes nearer to him, gives Atanarkh a chance to embrace him. While embracing the emperor puts his hands on Atanarkh’s shoulder, says ironically: — The king of Goths, I am glad to see you in Konstantinopol.

Atanarkh:-Thank you, emperor! I am grateful to you for such a reception in Konstantinopol. (Pleasure is expressed on the face of Valent. It is felt that Atanarkh’s addressing him as

“emperor” is on his heart’s content.) But the situation changed and we had to meet in such a situation.

Emperor wants him to demonstrate that he is ruler and in order to sit he shows him a place on his right side. He sits down too.

Emperor:-I know, Atanarkh, I know. In the north part of the empire the situation becomes worse day after day. Those unknown tribes have oppressed you too much.

Atanarkh:-Yes, they not only oppressed us, they also obliged our tribes to become disgraceful. Our people can’t take except one bundle. All our animals, cattle, cornfields remained to them.

Even they don’t give a quarter to us to open our eyes. As if they are lightning, lit in a moment, burnt everything, then they disappear.

Emperor:-What does it mean that they disappeared in a moment?

Atanarkh:-It means that they are like a wind. They want to blow when they want, and they can stop blowing at any moment they want.

Emperor:-I think, these unknown tribes have frighten you too much. Is it right, Atanarkh?

Atanarkh:-Why do you say that they are unknown? If your people also would be suffered from their oppression they also would be in much worse situation than the Goths.

Emperor stands up. At this moment Atanarkh and Vasiliy also want to stand up. Emperor Valent hints them with his hand “to sit down”.

Emperor Valent:-What did you say? Why do I call them “unknown”?

Atanarkh:-It is right, Excellency Valent!

Vasiliy:-What do you want to say? You want to say that they aren’t “unknown” tribes? Do you know much about them? (Cardinal Valent and emperor Valent exchange glances.)

Atanarkh:-Of course, they aren’t unknown.

Vasiliy:-But who are they?

Atanarkh:-Twenty years ago they lived in the east of the peninsula of Kerch, but we lived in the west of the peninsula. Even we can be called kinsfolk too.

Vasiliy:-But I know that Iskits have been living there up present time.

Atanarkh:-They consider Iskits to be their forefathers and they speak in their language.

Emperor:-Do you want to say that they are Iskits?

Atanarkh:-No, my ruler! They don’t consider themselves to be Iskits. They consider themselves the followers of them and live with the rules of Iskits.

Vasiliy:-What does it mean?

Atanarkh:-For example, they build bath-houses for themselves. Their homes consist of the tents made of animal skin. I haven’t seen, but they say that within an hour they can pull down their homes and can build the homes in the distance of hundred kilometers.

Emperor:-But what about the bath-house you said before? Do they carry the bath-houses together with them too?

Atanarkh:-Yes, not depending on where they are going they build the bath-houses in that place.

Cardinal:- I wonder, is the bath-house important for them?

Atanarkh:-I don’t know, but my people say what they saw with their own eyes.

Emperor:-It appears that the Iskits want to oppress you and to drive you out of the territory of the empire.

Atanarkh:-I don’t think as you, ruler! According to the information I go they will come to your territory too.

Emperor:-I don’t understand anything. Why do they come to our territory?

Atanarkh:( behaves as if he is worried) -There is gossiping that they want to return to their forefathers’ lands.

Cardinal Vasiliy:( stands up) -Do you want to say that Konstantinopol is their Historical lands and they want to return to their historical lands?

Atanarkh:-According the information I got, they pretend to do thus. I got such information.

Cardinal:-But from where did they come?

Atanarkh:-They say that they came from the shores of the Caspian Sea and want to return to their lands.

Cardinal:-Aren’t the shores of the Caspian Sea their own motherland?

Atanarkh:-Like us they also consider the shores of the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea to be their historical lands.

Emperor:( stands up again nervously) -They… They… They… Who are they? What is the name ofthese unknown tribes? Why are you afraid of them in this way?

Atanarkh:-Now they are called like the Huns, Your Excellency! Now they call themselves like the Huns.

Emperor:-How do they call themselves?

Atanarkh:-The Huns, Your Majesty! The Huns.

Emperor:( sits on the throne) -What kind of the name is it? Who are they? Who is their leader?

Atanarkh:-They called their first leader as Balamir. At present their leader is Oktar, Your Majesty! According to their words they consider themselves the leader of the lands among the three seas. And they think that to return to their historical land is their right.

Emperor:-The king of Goths! I pay you too much money for to guard my north borders. But you remembered your kinsfolk, you want to relate your tribe with the Iskits and the Huns.

Atanarkh:-Your Majesty! I serve to you. I have been guarding the north borders of the empire of Byzantine for seven years honestly. But now the situation has been changed too much. Once I

could enter the territories of Byzantine with the army. As a result of the understanding between us my army never entered the territory of Byzantine. The people who didn’t enter your territory with the army, now are obliged to enter your

territory like the refugees.

Emperor:( as if relented) -Well, well, Atanarkh! I know that you served the empire of Byzantine honestly. I consider that we can solve with you the problem of the refugees. Well, Vasiliy, what do you think?

Cardinal:-How you advise!

Emperor:-You see, even Vasiliy, is in your side. (he turns and winks at Vasiliy) I have a question to the king of Goths.

Atanarkh:-Please, ruler!

Emperor:-You, Goths, really consider yourselves from the blood of Iskits and the Huns?

Atanarkh:-Your Majesty! According to the legends, we are kinsfolk people. Since the old times we have been together, we lived together. I don’t know, from the reason of which problem our forefathers didn’t continue to live together, and afterwards our forefathers moved from the shores of the Caspian Sea to the West. See, now

we are situated in the north part of your realm.

Emperor Valent :( ironically) -Well, well, if your blood relatives oppress you a bit you are going to be situated not in the north of our realm but inside of our realm. Atanarkh, tell me the truth, really these tribesspread all over the world from the shores of the three seas?

Atanarkh:-My ruler, from hearsay, we were created from the wolves. See, both in us, in Iskits and the Huns the legend of the wolf is the same.

Emperor Valent: (shows himself as if he is nervous) -Well, now it isn’t time to remember your blood relatives. Tell me, what can we do for your people?

Atanarkh:-I have come here for to discuss this problem. Your Majesty, if you allowed me, I would share my opinions with you.

Emperor:-Please, I listen to you.

Atanarkh:-I think that it would be better if you allowed my people enter your territory. You mustn’t agree for the Huns kill us.

Vasiliy:( turns towards emperor) -Your Majesty, if you give me permission, I want to ask aquestion from the king of Goths.

Emperor:-Please, Vasiliy!

Cardinal:-How much is the number of the refugees?

Atanarkh:-200 thousand together with women and children.

Vasiliy:-But what about the number of the fighting men?

Atanarkh:-Our fighting power is about 50 thousand.

Emperor:-50 thousand fighters aren’t few power. Isn’t is, Atanarkh? But why don’t you fight against the Huns?

Atanarkh:-They are more than us. And also their fighting tactics are different from ours.

Emperor:-Yes, yes, I have heard about this. (he stands up. Vasiliy and Atanarkh also stand up) Well, but who will guarantee me if I let your people enter my territory?

Atanarkh:-I don’t understand you, Your Majesty!

Emperor:-You have power of 50 thousand fighters. Who guarantees that if your fighters enter our territory they won’t attack our people, they won’t plunder our villages and cities?

Atanarkh:-I guarantee you, Your Majesty!


Atanarkh: — I shall leave my child near you. I think, it is the trusted


Emperor:-How is the warlord of the Huns?

Atanarkh:-Well, my ruler, as I said before the chief of the Huns is called Oktar. And they say that he is too cruel man.

Emperor:( walks thoughtfully to and fro in the palace, then he stands at Atanarkh:) -Well, I agree with you. I let your people enter our territory. But on two conditions.

Atanarkh:-Please, Your Majesty!

Emperor:-First, on the condition of your leaving your son near me I allow your people enter our territory. But they mustn’t go far from the distance of 150 kilometers. My second condition is that while passing our territory your fighters must surrender their guns to my soldiers. Do you agree with me?

Atanarkh:( gives a puzzled look) -Your Majesty, we earn our living with the help of the guns.

Emperor:-Atanarkh, if you think about the security of your people I think about the security of my empire. My two conditions are too important and it must be fulfilled without fail. What do you say?

Atanarkh:( thinks a little) -Let it be how you want, Your Majesty!

Emperor:( looks at Vasiliy) -If it is thus, go and prepare. (Vasiliy and Atanarkh go out. Emperor remains all by himself) I think, in guarding of our borders the Huns will replace the Goths.

The curtain falls. Behind the curtain the voice of Prisk, who wrote the greatest work about the Huns, is heard. “So, starting from IV century the Huns began to be seen on the scene of the history. With the coming of them the historical map of Europe began to change. All the rulers of Europe wanted to be friends with them and paid them taxes. Just after they weakened Byzantine, the Goths entered Konstantinopol in 410 and with the help of the Huns they plundered the city.”

II scene

The curtain rises. The camp of the Huns. From a far distance their tents are seen. The head of the Huns, Munjuq and his brother Baybars are having a talk standing side by side.Nearby Shaman Mamash and Atakan are going to perform somehow ritual. Red bands are hung from the tree

Munjuq:- Baybars, my brother, our grandfather Oktar left these lands heritage for us. Do you remember, years ago how the people looked at us, we were absolutely new for the people of Roma and for Byzantines. They didn’t want to recognize us. But we showed them who we

were, thanks to our swords and horses.

Baybars:- You are right, my brother! But now all the other peoples want to be friend with us. Every year our neighbors send us precious stones and pay taxes in order to demonstrate their respect. The people of Roma and Byzantine often use our troops. When any tribe attacks Roma or Byzantine they ask us to help them. But still we have some problems and unsolved matters.

Munjuq:- Yes, you are right, my brother, we have some difficult problems.

Baybars:- My brother, I think that we must oblige the heads of the tribes to be much dependent from us. What do you think?

Munjuq :- I also think like you.

Baybars:-We must make the rules among the Huns much strictly. We must solve the problem of the fighters who bring few skulls from the battles grounds. You know that Iskits, who were our forefathers lived in these places many years ago. Thousand years ago our forefathers also did thus. Each of the Iskit fighters used to cut off

the head of the enemy and hang the skull from his waistband. After the fight each fighter used to show the cut off heads to one another. Who had more skulls that fighter used to be considered more respected among the tribe and was too close to the head of the tribe.

Munjuq :- Yes, you are right. But all these happened thousand years ago. At that time there wasn’t the empire of Roma and the empire of Byzantine.

Baybars:- What has changed since that time? Didn’t the same fighting tactics remain from them? Simply, we, Huns restored the fighting tactics remained us from our forefathers and try to the domination in the world. But in order to be ruling all over the world we must try much… too much…

Munjuq :-My grandfather Oktar used to tell me that one day the king of the Pers, Dara, wanted to fight against the Iskits living in these places, for to make them obey them, and together with 700 thousand fighters came to these lands. The Iskits made them follow them so much that, at last the troops of Dara became too tired and became too thirsty. As a result of being thirsty and shortage of food created illness among the troops of the king of Pers.

Baybars:- Within two months the fighters of the king died because of the illness.

Munjuq:- It is true. At last the king of Pers wrote a letter to my grandfather, for at least there to be one fight among them, for him not to be disgraceful in the world. My grandfather agreed with him. Two troops stood face to face. The Iskits saw that Pers were too tired that they didn’t have any strength to fight. The Iskits didn’t want to fight against the weak Pers. They decided to let a rabbit run between the two troops. They did in this way. Instead of fighting the Iskits began to run after the rabbit. They sent news to the king of Pers that his soldiers are as weak as a running rabbit.

Baybars :( laughs) -They thought the matter of rabbit very well. Do you imagine, the Iskits are running after a rabbit and Pers are astonished with surprise why they are running.

Munjuq :- Yes, it is funny. My grandfather Oktar used to retell me that the king of Pers, Dara, never met across such a disgrace. Do you know, the king of Pers, Dara, had come to the lands of Iskits with about a troop of 700 thousand fighters. Without entering a fight, he returned back

losing three parts of his fighters. They say that while dying he made his will to his children for they never go to the fight against the Iskits.

Munjuq:( sighs deeply) -Well, well! In order to return those glorious days, in order to take under our authority the lands beginning from the Caspian Sea up the last sea, you are right, it is necessary to oppress a little the heads of the tribes.

Baybars:-No, my brother, we mustn’t oppress them little, but too much. We must oppress so that not depending on where they are know that they are our subjects. They must always remember this.

Munjuq:- Not only the heads of the tribes, also the people of Roma and Byzantine must remember this too.

Baybars:- Our subjects must know that to run to Roma or Byzantine has no use. At any case Byzantine and Roma will return them to us.

Munjuq :-Yes, my brother, whatever you say is right. But know let’s celebrate two important events and still forget the difficult problems.

Baybars:( looks at his brother surprisingly) — My brother, I know that today is a Shaman day. (with his hands he shows the Shamans who are standing near) But what is the second important event?

Munjuq :- My brother, side by side with the day of Shaman it is also our happy day.

Baybars:-For God’s sake! Speak openly! I understand nothing. Why is today our happiest day?

Munjuq :- My brother, today our heir will be born.

Baybars:- You mean that, the heir of the Huns?

Munjuq:- Yes. Some minutes ago they brought me the news that my wife is going to give birth. According to the information I got, her pains have already begun.

Baybars:-Is it right, my brother Munjuq? What a good news! Our heir will be born. Your news made me glad. You can’t imagine this news how made me glad. This day will be a special day. Well, my brother, but how do you know that our heir is going to be born? Maybe a daughter

will be born? Who said you all the news?

Munjuq:( turns towards ShamanAtakam) -My brother, Shaman said this news. Shaman. I had given tasks a month ago, he was busy with this problem. (he raises the tone of his voice) Father Shaman, please, come a bit nearer. (Shaman Atakam approaches them)

Shaman Atakam:- Please, I listen to you.

Munjuq :- Father Shaman, tell my brother Baybars, how you told fortunes with the help of the bones? He doesn’t believe that the heir of the Huns will be born.

Shaman Atakam:- Bashbuq Munjuq is right, Baybars! The heir of the Huns will be born! And this heir will not be an ordinary one.

Baybars:( with interest) — For God’s sake, Father Shaman! What kind of heir will he be?

At this time around the Shaman drums the women and men gather

Shaman Atakam :( shows the people with his hand) -It is right, Baybars, my brother! This heir won’t be an ordinary. I don’t want to drawl the talk. Because after some time ceremony of Day of Shaman will begin.

Baybars:- For God’s sake! Tell me or my heart is breaking. How will be the heir of the Huns? Is it right that he will be special heir?

Munjuq:- Well, Father Shaman, tell in short. Or for my brother Baybars will not be Day of Shaman, God knows what day it will be.

ShamanAtakam :- Yes, I shall tell. Respected Baybars! A month ago Bashbuq Munjuq gave me a task to tell fortune with bones in order to find

an answer to the question of “will the Huns have a heir?”

Baybars:-Could you tell fortune with bones?

Shaman Atakam:-I told the fortune. I learned that this heir won’t be only the heir but also… (pause)

Baybars:- Father Shaman! My heart is breaking! Don’t wear me out! Continue!

Shaman Atakam:- There will be born such a heir that he will conquer all around the world! Everybody will shake hearing his name. He will go till the

gates of Roma and Byzantine. All people will pay taxes to the Huns for him. He will be emperor!

Baybars:( joyfully) — Even he will be emperor?

Shaman Atakam :- Yes, yes, the emperor of the Huns! But there is an obstacle!

Munjuq:- What is this obstacle, Father Shaman?

Shaman Atakam:- If he finds “God’s sword” at that time he will rule the whole world.

Baybars:- But if he doesn’t find?

Shaman Atakam:- If he doesn’t find he will be only the Bashbugh of the Huns.

Munjuq :- Well, Father Shaman, what do the bones show? Will the heir find “God’ s sword” or not?

Shaman Atakam:- The bones show that he will be the ruler of the world. Goy Tanri Writes the fortune of human. To make beautiful and to enrich life is in the hands of human himself.

Baybars :- May it be he can’t find the sword?

Shaman Atakam:-Everything depends on the will of Goy Tanri. One point is known that the God will send the heir to our rivals like misfortune.

Baybars:-My brother Munjuq! Let our Goy Tanri save the heir of the Huns!

Munjuq:- Let the God hear your prays, my brother Baybars!

Shaman Mamash:( comes nearer to them) -Bashbugh Munjuq, the people have gathered, if you allow, we begin our Day of Shaman ceremony.

Munjuq:-Of course, of course, you may begin the ceremony! All the tribes of the Huns gathered here on this purpose. Today is a happy day. Father Shaman, they say that on the holiday of the

Day of Shaman Goy Tanri opens the doors of the sky. Is it right?

Shaman Munjuq; — It is true, Bashbugh Munjuq! Today the messengers of Goy Tanri comes down on the earth, and carries out the prays of all the people.

Baybars:- I also wish that all you and my brother Munjuq said about the heir be true!

Munjuq, Atakam, Mamash:( together) — Let Goy Tanri adopt the prays!

Shaman Atakam:- Bashbugh Munjuq, if you allow, we should begin our ceremony!

Munjuq:-Begin, Father Shaman, begin your ceremony!

Shaman Mamash and Shaman Atakam take their drums and stand in the middle of the men and women forming a ring. While beating the drums Atakam says loudly: -Ehey, the randchildren of Iskits, the sons of the Huns! I congratulate your Day of Shaman! Let Goy Tanri support you! Let Goy Tanri be your supporter!

All the people: (shout together) -Huu… u

Shaman Mamash:- We came to life build ways! We wake up to build ways! We speak for to build ways! This way is the way on which Goy Tanri goes!

All:( shout together) — Way….Hu…u…u…ey ey…

Shaman Mamash:- Happy new way!

All:( shout together) — Happy ….Hu …u ….u

Mamash:- Let our hu… u reach to the spirits of all the Huns, those who came to life and passed away, those who will come to life and will pass away… Hu… u…u

Again all the people shout:( together) -Hu….u…u…ey …ey..

Shaman Mamash :( looks at the sky) — Is there among you those who moved off the way of Goy Tanri? If there is anybody who moved off, let Goy Tanri close this ways!

All the people shout:( together) — Let Goy Tanri close! Ey …ey..

Shaman Mamash:( looks at the earth) -Did those who fight, reconcile with each other or not?

All the people shout:( together) — Yes, they reconciled! Hu… u…u

Shaman Mamash:- Did those who fell out reconcile with each other or not?

All the people shout:( together) -Yes, they reconciled! Hu… u…u..

Shaman Mamash:- Do you do everything honestly?

All the people shout:( together) — Honestly! Hu….u….u…

ShamanMamash:( looks at towards Bashbugh Munjuq) -Does our Bashbugh take care of the Huns?

All the people:-Yes, he takes care! Hu… u…u..

Shaman Mamash:- Let Goy Tanri be supporter to our Bashbugh!

All the people:- Let be supporter! Ey… ey… ey..

Shaman Mamash:( looks at Baybars and the warlords surrounding him) -Did our Baybars bey, and the beys surrounding him want to move off the battles?

All the people shout:( together) — No, they didn’t! Hu… u…u…

Shaman Mamash:-Let Goy Tanri be their supporters!

All shout:( together) -Let be supporters! Hu… u….u…

Shaman Mamash:( looks at the young boys and girls)  Are our young people ready tomarry?

Young boys and girls:- We are ready! Hu… u…u..

Shaman Mamash:-Let Goy Tanri help you achieve your wishes!

All the people:( together) — Let you achieve wishes! Hu… u… Ey …ey..

At this time Shaman Atakam begins to sing in a low voice beating the drums:

— He who goes, goes for to move

In order to taste what the love is.

He who comes, comes to choose

He who goes, goes to rightness.

All people shout:( together) — He who goes, goes to rightness! Hu… u…u… Ey… ey..

Shaman Atakam :( continues in his singing)

— He who goes, becomes ignorant,

Body becomes murderer of soul

The spirit is known from inside

He who goes, goes rightness!

All peopleshout :( together) — He who goes, goes to rightness! Hu… u… Ey… ey…

Shaman Atakam:-Shaman doesn’t cut gold,

He isn’t tired of pains.

His body doesn’t shake in ways,

He who goes, goes to rightness!

All shout: (together) — He who goes, goes to rightness! Hu… u… ey… ey..

Shaman Atakam beats the drum much loudly. Shaman Mamash replaces Shaman Atakm, stands in the middle of the people, beats the drum and sings. The boys and girls are forming a ring:

— The fire is known from its embers,

The hero is known with his words.

The hero is known from his face.

All people shout:( together) -My dear, pass away, hi, world, hu… u… Ey.. ey..

Shaman Mamash:( sings)

— It is water in the flowing river

There is pray in the mouths.

The God cursed me

All the people shout:-( together) — Go, my dear. Go!

Hi, world, hi, world! Hu… u…u… ey… ey..

Shaman Mamash: (continues)

— My heart is here,

My spirit flied into sky.

My grief overcame me.

All the people shout: — (together) -Go, world, go, my dear! Hu… u….u… ey… ey.

Shaman Mamash:- Water becomes pure after being filtered A bird is shot at from its eyes.

Grief is built in my heart.

All people shout:( together) -Go, my dear, go, world! Hu… u…u..ey..ey..

Shaman:( sings the last couplet of the song)

— The grief went round me,

Whatever I know it is a lie.

Tanri will remain to us.

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