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Every human

When we begin to dismantle the principle of interaction with your personal finances with this situation… I’m used to that people have different feelings. People are used (especially in Russia) to ensure that consultants and more practitioners immediately get down to business. Ie already seemed to know what we’re doing, I’m inclined to believe that it is more important — to understand what to do in a given situation and, in general, rather than just grasping for the implementation and to talk about how.

This raises the consultant in a rather difficult position. Let me explain what is this complexity to make it easier to perceive the book material. It is important that you have had such an attitude — I am willing to take. I want to say that there is a form where people like to check himself — if he is able to say so to tolerate this or that phenomenon. No, in the case of this book, and in general with the approach proposed here should check your attitude is the degree of agreement. If you feel you do not agree, do not read further.

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