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Can be a rebel

Likes to be alone

Likes to look different

The sign of Aquarius

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Simbol: The water carrier

Planet: Uranus (Saturn)

Out of thin air, saturnine frosts magically crystallize patterns onto smooth surfaces. Aquarius is the fix Air. Like It fixed the idea that will inform and defind future development. It is simultaneously aware of uniqueness and connectivity. There is always a wacky idea innovators.

The myth of Aquarius

The Aquarius depicts the figure of a youth holding a vessel, from which water flows. The myth of Aquarius has several versions. According to Greek mythology, Zeus kidnapped a young boy and made the cupbearer to the gods who would fill the Greek deities’ wine cups whenever empty. Aquarius is associated with name of Ganymede, the first mortal ever to become immortal. He stands with what appears to be either nectar, the drink of the gods, or water coming out of the cup.

Another version said God, sent a great deluge to cleanse the world of corruption.

The symbol

The astrological symbol for Aquarius is said to represent waves or ripples of water influencing Aquarius horoscopes.

Aquarius: «I look to the future!»

According to the astrological calendar, the era of Aquarius will last for about 2000 years, and during this time mankind will be characterized by the features of this sign. Aquarians are visitors from the future, for the realization of their ideas is not the present: so forceful is this impact met they sometimes do not understand their own purpose in life. But hidden behind the internal distractions there are often brilliant ideas. About 80% of famous people are born under this sign.

Aquarians are good-natured in character. They are friendly, diplomatic and honest, although occasionally they can be a little absent-minded and timid.

They always seek to do everything individually. They have an impressionable nature, with a heightened emotionality and nervous excitability. They are smart, diversified, energetic, active and are often original in thought and action.

In communicating closely they are introverted and they often need moral support. They are always tense and relax only in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

They like variety and strive to make life rich and interesting. Although they dream alone, at the same time they need friendly company who can project interesting dialogue. Among their friends can be people of all class and social status. They are usually unwilling to share their relationships with others, whether they are rich or poor.

In love they seek understanding. They like to flirt and are charming, but they are not easy to engage in relationships, and they are not capable of frivolous actions. Externally, they are reserved and do not like to show their emotions. Usually, they are faithful and devoted, at least spiritually.

Aquqrius — man

It is freedom, it is difficult to get anything done. It conducts a lifestyle that is often shocking others. It excites all new, unknown. Aquarians often succeed by working actors, teachers, lecturers. Especially favorable for the disclosure of their creative potential political activity. Several US presidents were born under this sign.

Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12, 1809. He was born into a poor family. Nevertheless, he self-educated himself into a lawyer and made several attempts to run for the Senate. He was a member of the republican party and was elected the 16th president of the United States, but a few weeks after Lincoln took office as US President, the civil war began in 1861. He led the United States through the bloody Cold War. Abraham Lincoln is known for abolishing slavery from the united states. He was shot by an intruder in the theater building. Southern states were opposed the abolition of slavery. Initially, the northerners suffered defeat after defeat, but in April 1865, they were forced to capitulate. Lincoln was shot by an intruder in the theater building. The whole country mourned him. He will always be a fighter for human rights, opposing slavery in people’s minds.


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