Angel of the abyss

Бесплатный фрагмент - Angel of the abyss

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Chapter 1

Darkness and gloom still exist in the universe, and there was also a strange girl. One day a little girl found herself in a black space! Where ever there’s only one darkness, not light, not earth, not what is in front of her was not good, not felt and not seen, and now she’s running somewhere, in her heart overflows not novisti, and pain, but in a short time she finds two doors that lead to two of the world before she came to him out of the darkness came a ray of white light in the form of a round bowl, and around him Shine white in the white rays, they shone a little girl.

And for a moment she forgot what fear and excitement meant to her. The two doors in front of her appeared by accident, but she was most concerned about the white, bright ball. However, this ball was not simple as it turned out, this ball was not a visible force, it concealed the invisible power of an angel, And this same angel was supposed to guard her until the end of time at the place of residence, in an uninhabited place! It was at this place that the universe took place, and the Lord and his Wife made a great explosion. Anyway, he presented himself to the little girl as a bright spirit from heaven.


— Don’t worry, dear child, — these are two doors leading to two worlds, on the right side leads to the real world, and on the left to the other world, where you will feel at home, but open the door on the right you will be pushed with the world of people for whom there is no world of light created by the Gods.

The girl did not think for a long time, and opened the door to the real world, the door from the right, the spirit wanted to stop her, but did not have time, and when she got to the real world, the Holy Spirit said:


“Let there be light!”

From the moment the girl opened the door to the real world, the girl was lost from it. The point is that when you get out of the abyss into the real world, angels can’t see people, only from the sky! When the girl went to the real world, she found herself in the depths of the ocean, but the ocean looked translucent blue color, kabud-then it could see all that is happening, but really nothing, could not see everything that happens, but really none of it was not — it was a kind of trick, deception, illusion, because of this focus, people died in it. But death in this ocean did not apply to the girl. However, the ocean itself was magical and lived in it a man named van, he was actually not so mortal as it seems, since he decided to live in a non-human world.

He saw this girl, and saved her life, at his house, when the girl got to his house, she did not remember her half of life, when she found herself she told van what really happened to her, she also called her real name and her name was Natalia. At the same time, she began to have not the same symptoms that she could not explain. Meanwhile, when Natalia came out of the abyss, an angel named Isaiah followed her, and found her next to Van.


— Well, Hello from the world of everything! I see you found the lost one!


“Who are you?”


“I am Isaiah the angel, sent to guard her!”


— And you are her guardian angel! Do I have an interesting one?


— All of these people are those who have chosen the path of God has a guardian angel.


— And who does not know?


— No, I don’t know, but you can find out! But more on that later! Now only this girl is important!

Isaiah also met Natalia, and Natalia told about her vision, what she saw! It turned out that she saw this most picturesque and largest waterfall in the world, it is called angel, which reaches up to 978 meters, in the tropical forests of Venezuela, on the territory of the Canaima tropical Park, the water itself is overthrown from the top of Ayatepul and the falling stream feeds into Kerep. Few people can get there!

Isaiah went with Natalia and Ivan to one of the wonders of the world. When they got there before them was a picturesque nature, they sailed upstream on the right and on the left was in the\only visible dense vegetation, the waterfall was visible from far in front of him floated a large white clouds as if it was about to rain, but not Sapna in front of them flew the eagle and cut one large cloud in half, they split into two and turned into people, these people shone with the light of the sun thus covered the entire waterfall, but did not last long and they disappeared, after the rain, but the rain was not strong, and they sailed further and further, not long after, a rainbow appeared on the waterfall itself.

Before them appeared two roads, on which it was necessary to choose the right one, but the fact is that Natalia had a very developed intuition. And they turned on the right road, as soon as they turned on this road they found themselves in a wonderful garden where on both sides they saw huge fields of flowers and flowers were decorated with various flowers, there were roses and daisies around them in a place with lilies, and among all these flowers flew colorful butterflies!

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