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Fun in the car

One of my hottest sexual encounters was several years ago with a young lady I met through mutual friends. She was cute and very petite (about 147cm 43kg!) with short dark hair, a trim attractive body, nice round ass, and perfectly shaped medium-size boobs. Perhaps the most exciting part of our sexual union was the age difference.

She was in her 20’s and I was in my 40’s, and we had 16 years difference between us. It had been a number years since I had sex with any woman, so making love with this young beautiful woman was very pleasurable for this middle-age man.

I asked her to join my friends and I for dinner and a movie, but she insisted she just wanted us to be alone. We drove to a park at night and soon started to kiss and hug sitting in the front of my pickup truck. Another couple was walking through the park in front of us, so she told me to drive as she knew a more private place to go. We went to a field that was near houses but surrounded by trees so we had some privacy in the dark.

Soon we were kissing heavy again and started to unbutton clothes. I could hardly believe this hot young girl was unbuttoning my pants and letting me unbutton hers too! The front cab of the pickup truck was a little cramped but not too much that we couldn’t maneuver around. We took our shoes off and then pants, but left our shirts mostly on. And then she pulled my undershorts down and my penis sprang out semi erect. She touched it with her hands and I wanted to touch her pussy too. She let me pull her panties down and it was so hot to feel her soft pussy hair and to brush my fingers against the lips of her vagina.

I was in the driver seat and had pushed the seat back as far as it could go so there was some room between the steering wheel. She straddled me facing towards me with her young hot pussy just right above my penis, yet I could still hardly believe we were about to have sex together! It seemed too good to be true, but our hands went between us and we touched together in a very hot and excitable way! My cock was not fully hard just yet as it pressed against her moist pussy, and I remember how hot it felt as it pushed to her vagina. She was lifting up above me enough to let my fingers help guide my penis into her, and then I felt her moist slippery vagina taking my cockhead into her. At first it was just an effort to slide inside as I still wasn’t fully hard, but with each gentle push it went a little more into her and grew a little harder.

Soon I was inside her enough to take my hands away and put them onto her hips and we started to slowly move up and down together. It felt so snug and hot in her pussy, and my penis was growing harder and longer. After a few minutes of getting ourselves started, we were fucking together in long deep strokes, wrapping our arms around one another, holding our bodies close without saying a word. I held her smooth ass in my hands, grabbing it and squeezing it, and felt her pussy hugging my dick as we fucked. It was one of the tightest pussies I had ever felt and it was so hot and slippery too. She kept on clamping it hard around my cock every time I pushed into her, gripping and squeezing so I had to push a little more to go up into her all the way.

After a while, we moved to the passenger seat and fucked in a few other positions. I sat down on the seat so she could sit on my lap with her back against me, which felt great when she moved up and down on me. She was so petite that I could practically lift her up and down as we fucked, and my hands were able to reach around to hold her breasts and give them nice squeezes and caresses. We kissed with our tongues as we fucked that way for a while, and then we switched over so she was sitting on the seat with her legs spread while I kneeled and fucked her from on top. It was all so hot and spontaneous and quite exciting being out in an open area even though it was dark out and semi-secluded. But anyone could have driven to where we were and spotted us fucking right there!

We ended up meeting together two more times after that first encounter, and they were both as hot and spontaneous as the first time. In public when I met her, she was quiet and shy. But whenever we got together in private she turned into a very horny and sexual young woman! I will always remember her and the hot sexual experiences we shared together, as she was so young and there was such a big age difference. She sparked a new burst of sexuality in my life at a time when I needed it the most!

College girlfriend

I’ll never forget the time my college girlfriend caught me jacking off. It was embarrassing and awkward when it happened, but it turned into one of the most memorable sexual encounters of my younger years.


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