Alphabet of the Human Mind — 2

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Global Psychotherapy

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Disclaimer and License Agreement

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Disclaimer Comments. The human psyche is not a primitive area for understanding. Scientific conversations about the processes of the psyche require healthy and adequate psychotypes and necessarily a large supply of strength. Otherwise, complex or elementary symptoms may be activated due to the presence of psychological injuries in the reader or user. Symptom triggers can be associative, reflexive, and other types.

Exactly the ease of speaking and discussing topics related to processes within the psyche that is one of the indicators of a high level of psychoanalysis. Which, of course, is a skill and from merely flipping through a book does not rise. It is precisely the difficulties of discussing and speaking freely about the processes of the psyche and related neuroprocesses in the nervous system. That is why psychology development has so hindered in science.

Until 2016, there was no unequivocal understanding of the difference between symptoms of mental illness and signs of a healthy psyche. It was the AHM that spoke about this and many other fundamental concepts, without which psychology cannot be called science. For those who heard about this for the first time. Imagine higher mathematics without understanding what +, -, =, multiply, etc do mean. It will turn out modern psychology before AHM. Except special cases.

Greeting 2.1

The first digit in the title means what kind of book is it in the series of AHM. The second digit after the dot indicates the version of this book. Let’s start with the first version. Book of AHM 2.1. So the second book of the AHM series. First version.

The logical question. What is a book version and why? Readers, subscribers and fans of the new theory of personality types of AHM are well aware that the classification of AHM is formed in real time and very quickly. Therefore, for those who have already begun to use this classification. We recommend not to wait for new books, but to use all possible resources to study AHM. Classification of AHM can already bring tangible benefits and provide significant advantages in various areas of life.

Therefore, we decided to release the book AHM2 versions. Thanks to modern technology, this is possible. In this version of the book, it is planned to publish the most important chapters for world psychology. As well as important chapters for a personal understanding of psychology and enhancement of relevant skills.

One of the very frequent feedbacks after the first reading. An attempt to immediately engage in self-analysis of the psyche. Self-analysis of the psyche itself is possible in most cases and can be no less accurate than that of an outside professional. But an important condition is the level of psychoanalysis. Both — you and at a third-party professional, the level of psychoanalysis must be high enough so that psychoanalysis is correct. After the first chapters of the first book of AHM, of course, the level of psychoanalysis will not become high. Although the barrier to entry into psychology with the advent of AHM has greatly decreased, the quality of psychoanalysis and other connected skills has grown significantly. From scrolling through the book, of course, nothing will change. Only from a conscious, thoughtful reading. It is with this chapter that we begin this book.

Also in AHM2 there are answers to no less important questions. And important chapters for understanding psychology in general. Such as the precise definition of psychotherapy, the classification of objective skills, the hierarchical classification of symptoms, etc.

Many chapters are now being finalized and updated. Therefore, the plans remain the next version of the book. It’s like in comparison with the elaboration of every detail in the mechanism of a Swiss watch or in another product of the highest quality.

AHM classification is a classification of differential accuracy. AHM1 makes it possible to solve many situations, issues, etc. But the classification of AHM2 has even higher accuracy, and therefore its power increases significantly. For quite some time the whole world used Jung’s classification for personal, business, and other purposes. Where are only two main psychotypes. And for many this is still enough. Carl Gustav Jung’s classification is an example of a very inaccurate classification.

The well-known Myers-Briggs identification of personality types tried to solve the problem of inaccuracy. But the wrong bases were chosen. Because of this, the classification of MBTI is too complex and still of insufficient accuracy. Although there are much more psychotypes. In the first classification of AHM there are dozens of unique psychotypes, and its accuracy is incomparably greater than any of the previously existing classifications. All this is due to correctly chosen bases and a completely transparent causal relationship between the concepts. And in the classification of AHM2 hundreds of unique psychotypes. And this already makes it possible to make connections between neurobiochemical reactions and processes in the human psyche.

But we will not mix different sections of psychology, such as neuroscience and basic psychology. This book focuses on the processes that take place in the psyche without being tied to neurons. Exactly the exact mapping between these sections opens many questions in medicine. But it is far from always necessary to know exactly which chemical reactions have occurred in the human brain in order to have complete and sufficient answers to many other questions.

Erroneous psychoanalysis

A very large percentage of readers of the first part of the AHM immediately began to make self diagnoses, find self symptoms, etc. Immediately after reading the first chapters of the book AHM1. Indeed, this is a very common occurrence! Therefore, the first chapter of the second book became this one. Self-psychoanalysis is one of the primary desires of those who come in contact with psychology. So! Finally, we will bring complete clarity to these moments. Is it permissible and possible to engage in introspection or, in other words, psychoanalysis of one’s own psyche? And how to do it?

The answer is right away! Yes you can. Moreover, the analysis of the psyche of another person or group of people is not very different from the analysis of their own psyche. The most important thing for this is to have the necessary skills. The level of psychoanalysis on the AHM Objective Skills Scale should be at least greater than zero, and the remaining skills should not be zero either. Also, the psychotype of someone who is engaged in psychoanalysis must be adequate. That is, not to see the psyche of another through the prism of their own symptoms. The deeper psychoanalysis is required, the more adequate psychotype should do. In order not to run into the pitfalls of psychoanalysis. Most often, these are associative, reflex symptoms and a transition to the Opened Form with a lack of energy and a decrease in psychotype. We look at the table of Correspondence of the Healthy-Sick Psyche from AHM1. On topics of higher levels of the psyche, additional mental energy is required even for healthy psychotypes. Touching a complex topic, you can lose the daily supply of mental energy in ten minutes. Read more about the necessary skills in the chapter Objective Skills Scale (Psychic Literacy).

If the level of psychoanalysis is high enough and the psychotype is adequate, then you can diagnose the psyche of your own and someone else’s. There are various pros and cons. Pluses in the diagnosis of your psyche — more reliable information. A man knows much more about himself and knows exactly where the deception and the truth are. Although for a high level of psychoanalysis this is not a problem. Science has moved very seriously forward, and it becomes easy and unmistakable to distinguish some processes in the psyche from others with increasing levels. The diagnostics is not only about symptoms, but also about signs of a healthy psyche.

Cons in diagnosing self psyche. Special methods are needed to touch untreated injuries. And take into account the coefficient of associativity, reflexivity. More on this later. Mental trauma and other symptoms have a different coefficient of associativity. Some symptoms are activated immediately, other — not immediately. For example, in a person’s childhood injuries may be associated with a certain color or a specific subject. This could be the scenery in the movie scenes or life scenes with severe trauma to the psyche. Nevertheless, when they see a certain color or object, the injuries go outside, and the psychotype goes down to a more severe stage. With all the ensuing consequences.

In the days of the USSR. The well-known psychotherapist Snezhnevsky, suggested replacing capital punishment, execution. With the treatment of the psyche. These were the days of punitive psychiatry. Of course, psychology of that time had nothing common with medicine, and almost all psychologists had a zero level of all skills, on a scale of objective skills. Psychologists of that time had their own psychoanalysis and felt completely unpunished for any mistakes. When psychoanalysis is zero, there can be nothing but errors. It is extremely rare that their psychotypes are close to adequate. There were 1—2 of them throughout the country. But many called themselves psychologists and used the capabilities of their posts for criminal purposes. This is not a big topic for this chapter. Here is just one example.

Understanding this topic is necessary in order to be prepared for attacks by incompetent psychologists who hear that you are successfully engaged in psychoanalysis. And they will try to attack you, most likely, psychologically by the method of demoralization and devaluation of your personal achievements. Put yourself in the place of a large mass of people who call themselves psychologists, using criminal methods they got diplomas and dream of making money on it. Of course, they will fall into a certain state of frustration. Seeing that your level of psychoanalysis after careful reading of just one book is incomparably higher than their fictional one.

So here is an example. To get away from open conversations about the processes that take place in the Human Psyche, the “psychologists” of those times had a lot of templates in their arsenal. Why people with a zero level of psychoanalysis needed to get away from talking about psychology should be clear to everyone. When a person began a conversation about introspection of the psyche and made adequate arguments, then immediately introspection was compared with a surgical operation, and the conclusion is this: the patient cannot do the operation on his own. And then they tried to get away from the topic, since behind the low level of psychoanalysis, each “specialist” must have serious crimes. Especially those who do this in the healthcare system.

Of course, such an argument may not be adequate. Who decided that the psychologist is a surgeon? And should the patient be under anesthesia? We can say for sure that the patient in psychology must have a very active role. No one will restore the biochemical balance and neural connections, etc for patient. Why is a psychologist not a therapist in that comparison? Can a therapist make a diagnosis on his own? Yes of course. Can a dentist see which teeth are diseased? Yes. And the surgeon can see what his problem is before the operation, according to images and analyzes, for example. Here are a few adequate arguments that can be put in place both in personal conversation and in public discussion. Criminals in med robes and their accomplices.

The only goal of those who use such patterns is to get away from talking about topics about the human psyche. In which there is no understanding due to the zero level of psychoanalysis. There are, of course, exceptions. Not much in Russia, much more in Europe and America. But even these individuals have a very limited level of psychoanalysis. But they converge in one thought. The more you know in psychology, the less you understand. That is the right thought. For understanding, you need to understand the processes inside the psyche. How everything is arranged there. And only after understanding to string other knowledge into your mind, pondering, experimenting…

You cannot describe each situation. Too much! Recommendation. All on the topic of psychology, where a clear causal relationship is not traced, should be sent to an imaginary trash bin, like on a computer desktop. And in time to see whether it is necessary to restore or remove forever. In this example, where a psychologist was compared to a surgeon, there was no clear causal relationship. Why did psychology suddenly become surgery or vice versa? Nonsense. In psychology, this is very common. Einstein also said that he unconditionally believes in only one infinity. Infinity of human stupidity. Today, this infinity is called popular psychology. But has nothing common to do with science without a causal connection. This is important to remember.

AHM is precisely a science in which there is a clear causal relationship. It can be easily traced. Let us once again trace the main idea that modern top psychologists and psychotherapists speak in those countries where medicine is well developed. And specialists improve their professional skills all their lives, instead of improving the skills of evading responsibility for crimes caused by the low level of mental literacy in general. The general idea is: “You need to know a lot in order to understand at least something in psychology!” Why is that? Before AHM, there was no single concept that would give answers to what is happening in the psyche. What processes take place inside. A similar concept has been formed throughout life by top psychologists in private understanding. But it was far from perfect. This is exactly what the experts admitted. “At least something”. Unlike the “doctors” of the time of punitive psychiatry, who always knew the maximum, having no idea even about basic concepts in psychology.

AHM is a complete concept that explains the processes occurring in the psyche. And there is no need to spend your whole life for at least something to get on the shelves. Make right structure of understanding. Just a few weeks is enough for an adequate psychotype to deeply understand the classification, and everything in psychology will fall into place. Those who already have knowledge but cannot answer the question of what is the difference between the symptoms of mental illness and the signs of a healthy psyche, after understanding the classification of AHM, it is recommended to retrain. All theories in psychology will open up from a completely different angle. It will be clear what is right and what is not. What can be used, what cannot and how.

Now it’s clear that skills do not come from scrolling through an AHM book. And one must begin to engage in introspection or another type of psychoanalysis no earlier than the level of psychoanalysis and mental literacy as a whole will be sufficient for this. Nevertheless, a couple of recommendations and tips on this topic. Recommendations are given to a generalized psychotype, therefore, with the proper level of psychoanalysis, you can choose for yourself suitable ones and modify them for the context of your own life. All responsibility rests entirely with the reader.

Nevertheless, the problem exists, and readers after reading often find self signs of PPM.

The important point is that trying to find the symptoms and signs of PPM in yourself is most often a sign of Mental Health or GCM. What is PPM? This is the absence of the mind and many levels of the Healthy Human Psyche, on the ruins of which are many PPJ. Important! Touching a new area, for example, AHM, the sick consciousness searches for the closest PPJ inside to realize symptoms and restore biochemical neurobalance. And healthy mind begins the natural process of pondering and analysis. The result of this deliberation may be a search for situations similar to the manifestations of symptoms of PPM. But in order to learn to distinguish the signs of Mental Health, for example, Reasonable Aggression, from a symptom of a sick psyche — Unreasonable Aggression, at least minimal experience and knowledge are necessary. The knowledge of the first book of the AHM will already be enough!

Again! A similar self-diagnostics, the statement that you have PPM, is more likely a sign of GCM than PPM! But without taking into account many factors, it is definitely impossible to say. Recognizing your own symptoms and working on them is the key to successful personal psychotherapy, which can make treating the psyche a simple, understandable, and transparent process. There is another catch phrase from the time of punitive psychotherapy. “A fool never pleads himself a fool.” There were precedents when people with mental illness recognized their presence and immediately forgot about it. That is, it happens. Moreover, when the level of psychoanalysis begins to increase and the experienced master indicates the symptoms, then recognition of the symptoms by patient, and also the diagnosis is possible. It all depends, again, on the context. It is important that recognizing the symptoms or diagnosis without working on them does not produce a positive effect. But the systematic recognition of symptoms and competent study can make the treatment very simple, effective and interesting.

It is important to understand that for an accurate diagnosis of your personality type (psychotype) or diagnosis, which anyone can have, a sufficiently high level of psychic literacy is required.

Let’s repeat one more important point from this chapter. Any talks and thoughts about the psyche, and the symptoms of PPM and signs of GCM affect precisely the Level of the Psyche, require the maximum return of the mental energy of the PPE (Person’s Psychic Energy). Processing PPJ of the 1st degree is usually inexpensive, the 2nd — much more expensive, and the 3rd degree — the entire supply of PPE for a day can be spent in one discussion or in one situation!

Recommendations for a generalized psychotype, not personal:

— The main recommendation is to maximize the level of Psychic Literacy without creating dangerous situations for yourself. This is the path of observations and Experimental Non-Contact Psychotherapy predominantly.

— Before you make the first attempt to determine your psychotype, read the first book of AHM to the end! This is a prerequisite.

— Better to read the available chapters or the second book of the AHM in full.

— Read the video and other materials that are presented on the Internet and on the official website of the book series. All this with the unconditional acceptance of the AHM license agreement, of course.

— To fully understand the difference between symptoms of PPM and signs of GCM.

— Try it into practice when viewing and decoding the hidden world experience in films.

— Identify the psychotypes of people from your environment.

— Pass AHM tests that helps determine your psychotype.

— To get acquainted with a person with a fairly high level of psychoanalysis or AHM PRO. Talk about the Human Mind.

— And only after all this do self-analysis.

These recommendations do not apply to a specific psychotype and the specific context of a situation in which there may be many psychotypes and internal/external psychic flows. There are a huge number of aspects that most often it is easy to take into account with generalized-complex type of thinking and very difficult with particularly-primitive type of thinking. PPM is therefore called so because it cannot take into account several factors at once. In the chapter on the projection of GCM on PPM from AHM1 are more details. For the GCM structure, this is natural and normal.

The recommendations are given to a generalized adequate psychotype and will work for each personality type a little differently. And if the personality type is very different from the generalized psychotype, then, according to the terms of the license agreement, first you need to work on the psychotype, and only then it is possible to use the resources of the AHM and reading books.


Self-analysis is possible and no less effective than third-party provided if a healthy psychotype is engaged in self-analysis. Including a temporary increase of psychotype. And also the level of objective psychoanalysis skill of this person is quite high. In this case, we can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of introspection and third-party psychoanalysis. Both types of psychoanalysis will have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Psychoanalysis is not something for granted, but labor. The higher the skill, the easier and more enjoyable this work, but still labor. For beginners in psychology, we use such a crude abstraction. Compare psychoanalysis with the planning, calculation and purchase of materials for repairs in a five-room apartment. And psychotherapy — with repair. It became clear to everyone that both stages require labor, skills and other resources. And the final result depends on all these points.

Forced necessity of AHM

In order for the readers of AHM to feel their involvement in the New History of World Psychology, we publish this one of the first chapters! Here is the text of the answer to the question that won the “Question of the Week” quiz of the series “Psyche As Is” from the author of the AHM, Nikita Danilov. The text of the answer is given with minimal changes. The answer is available in video format. Thanks to this question, a very clear scheme emerged, which in the answer was called the “Forced Necessity of AHM Scheme”. So it will be remembered by all world psychology!

The flow of interest about AHM is growing rapidly, and so many things are moving AHM forward to even greater accuracy and efficiency, which, it seemed before, have no limits. The limit and possibilities are almost limitless.

AHM is not only a series of books, but also a Community of People who need AHM. And as we found out from the question, it is necessary for everyone today. The text of the answer is further. This is what the AHM Community is doing now: a flash mob with a book or logo of the AHM (printed / electronic), the new psychological game “It’s Not Me”, the new unique regular flash mob “Psychotype In 3 Seconds” that seriously increases the level of psychoanalysis and normalizes the flow of healthy aggression in psyche, which are no less important than the flow of blood to the body. It is also an opportunity to ask a question to which the Authors or other Members of the AHM Community with the legendary expert level of Psychic Literacy will answer! The Convention of Psychology, which is addressed to ordinary citizens, professional employees, lawyers and representatives of structural authorities. The main recommendations for each role are how to prevent the commission of crimes due to a low or zero level of psychoanalysis and to prevent bad psychoanalysis from happening in general. Legal methods, of course. And much more…

AHM is a fundamental section of psychology. In psychology, there are many sections and new ones are constantly being added. Each of the areas of psychology is a huge scope for research! Simple rule “Just add AHM” from imperfect theories and methods in psychology that do not have a clear causal relationship can turn into very effective methods with full awareness of what is happening. Ideas for the first books: “Freud’s Thoughts. Just add AHM!”, “What is useful in the books of Liz Burbo. Just add AHM!” And much more. The higher the level of psychoanalysis, the deeper, more accurate and effective the research will be. Each of them may not be limited to one book. Each Participant of the AHM Community can try Himself in the role of the Author — this has become possible today. If there will be many such attempts, then we have plans to open an imprint, an integrated publishing house only for those who promote world science using AHM classifications. Now back to the question.

Schema 1. Forced Necessity of AHM.

Answer text:

Hello! Rubric “Question of the Week”, cycle “Psyche As Is”.

Today the question from Victor won, with which we congratulate him!

The question sounds like this.

I think a very popular question:

“I have 3 minutes! Convince that I need AHM”.

Hello, Victor! You are an extremely free person.

Not everyone today has 3 minutes of free time.

This means that the AHM has already interested you, and this is very good.

Let’s now understand why everyone needs AHM today.

This diagram, it consists of three circles.

Let us call this scheme the Forced Necessity of AHM scheme.

The first circle is any success.

Success in absolutely any business or affair.

Starting from going to the store, ending with success in personal relationships or in a career.

The second circle, with which any business is surely in contact, this is pandemy. The Pandemy of a Particular-Primitive Type of Thinking of PPM. Not visible for people with low psychoanalysis. But very dangerous, btw.

Or mental illness which is in full swing today.

And the third circle, with which all this is in contact.

This is psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy, a brief definition — this is the impact some kind on the human psyche.

In the pandemy, every business become from “start” stage to “over”. Not “finished” because of many reasons and cases.

This is an effect, conscious or unconscious, but on the human psyche.

What determines the success of any business?

The success of any business ultimately depends on how good psychotherapy is.

How competent is the impact on the human psyche.

And this is the intersection of the AHM, which is created between all these three circles.

This is exactly high-level psychotherapy.

Psychoanalysis, good psychoanalysis.

And, in general, the level of psychic literacy.

No matter how good the intuitive or innate psychotherapy, acquired by trial and error, all this is only a fraction of a percent.

Comparable with AHM power the classification of the AHM gives, even to Beginners.

It is a high level of psychoanalysis.

You can understand what types of personality you are communicating with.

In a working atmosphere, home, on the street.

Literally in seconds in some situations.

And it will depend on how competently you will influence their psyche.

And get the result, a successful result in every business.

All the best, Victor, and everyone who watched this video.

Ask all your questions on the official website of the Alphabet of the Human Mind.

And related resources.

And excellent Psychic Literacy.

We can summarize the answer like this. At a times when it is extremely difficult to keep a healthy psyche and the volume of such failures (in attempts to keep a healthy psyche) is comparable to an epidemic, almost any business will require not only an understanding of the main context but also mental processes of all psychotypes that are involved in this process. Competent control and accounting of such processes of the psyche that will most likely guarantee success. In addition to the main business, skills, and resources, of course.

Chart of respect

In this chapter, we will try to answer the questions that practically everyone has when they come into contact with the human psyche.

A generalized question is something like this, but the personal question may differ slightly: “How respectful is it to make diagnoses and determine psychotypes?”

First, we need to understand what is respect. A definition from Wikipedia. “Respect is the position of one person in relation to another, recognition of the dignity of the individual.” Also promoting these virtues.

The important point is that there should be virtues in a person for whom you can promote and which you can recognize! Otherwise, it will be called hypocrisy, sneakiness, deceit, etc. But not respect.

When a person has a cold, everyone thinks that a cold will pass in a week. And all the abilities, skills and strength of this person will be restored. As well as other advantages. Let’s turn to a simple example! Some young man is a master at sports throwing spears, but due to illness he lost this ability for a couple of weeks. Even if he tries to throw a spear without recovering, the result will be much worse and the disease may worsen from overload. Or sneeze while running and drop a spear. But no one will notice this, because the training is every two weeks, and by this moment the athlete will fully recover. And during an illness, others will talk about this athlete in the context of this sport without taking into account the common cold.

Things are worse if something more social is a virtue. For example, a young man works in a company and brings 5—10 significant clients a day. Then the employer and the whole team will be forced to notice that during these two weeks of illness this dignity is not available. And the team will be forced to admit the temporary shortcomings of this employee. The fact that during this period he is not able to bring customers to the company. But it’s not so scary, the employee will be given paid leave and after a while, they will forget everything. Although new customers are important to any company, this can be detrimental to the company. Nevertheless, after the next group of customers, other employees will again begin to recognize the merits, and respect will return. The status of the best customer hunter in the company will return to the recovered employee.

But mental illness is much more serious, and more time is required for recovery. In addition, even minor trauma to the psyche can disable. For example, an anxious state can disrupt public speaking or lead to a serious mistake in the document. Then temporarily dignity will be lost due to mental trauma that others without mental literacy will not be able to recognize, and everyone will think something different. And, rather, the worst of the options. It is important that others do not see the reason for the disrupted performance or error in the reports. The reason was the active stage of mental trauma. But this is not as obvious and understandable as a common cold. Therefore, it will be much more difficult to restore a reputation. First, it will be necessary to increase the level of psychoanalysis of the entire team in order to explain simple things.

Everything is aggravated when it is not a question of one injury, but of a developing or developed mental disorder, PPM. This disease can completely or partially deny all business or social advantages: abilities, skills, etc. But, unfortunately, PPM is not limited to this! The more serious the PPM stage, the more personal virtues are already destroyed. Higher and lower levels of the human psyche are destroyed, leaving a person without social and personal virtues, but only with PPM.

Many, feeling this, begin to try to get up on new and more “cool” psychic crutches, which temporarily give them the illusion of a healthy psyche. Since the realization of symptoms can fix the insufficiency and/or excess of neurotransmitters, as well as give contract hormones to one or another process. Temporarily. And the price will be even greater degeneration of the psyche. Symptoms of PPM are further exacerbated. Like a Trojan horse that goes inside like a winning trophy. And then even more terrible symptoms begin to destroy the psyche from the inside, requiring costlier and better psychic crutches. This phenomenon can be called mental addiction.

It is very difficult to restore the natural supports of the psyche. In fact, for AHM PRO, using psychic therapeutic crutches to treat and humble the PPM of others is a very everyday task. But only with a high level of mental literacy can this be beneficial. Using the analogy of a Trojan horse, instead of the symptoms inside TCPO or JLPJ — a medicine. Externally, PPM cannot distinguish this Trojan horse from the PPJ, which is dangerous for health.

Is PPM worthy of respect, which stands on psychic crutches? Here you can refer to the medical definition of respect. “Respect is an attitude towards the patient. This is the internal acceptance by the therapist of the circumstances of his fate and his life status, that is, the whole personality of the patient and his strategy for combating the disease.” If the patient is thus trying to fight the disease, then the one who acts as his psychotherapist willfully, anyone with a level of psychic literacy greater than zero, for ethical reasons, should treat the patient with medical respect.

But this is another respect, not that at the beginning of the chapter. Since the health problems of others, who sometimes have to undergo psychotherapy, these are not your problems. And the necessary psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are recommended only as self-defense. Control and suppression of a dangerous symptom at the initial stage can be incomparably cheaper and simpler than the same, only in relation to the symptom in a high degree of reality. Very often, timely psychotherapy (see the chapter Definition of Psychotherapy) can save you from serious consequences and crimes.

But even such a degree of respect cannot be for those PPMs who use psychic crutches to bring the weakest and most talented members of society to suicide. Or consciously and skillfully ruin their fate and life. These are some of the most popular types of crimes due to de facto impunity. At the same time, they destroy someone’s fate, health, career, etc. That is, they express symptoms based on an elementary symptom of unreasonable aggression. PPM AF daily needs.

Can PPM be respected? And the one on the psychic crutches of CPO? And the one that is on CPO and TCPO? How many signs of GCM should be for medical respect to become human? These and many questions can easily be answered with a simple outline or schedule of respect.

TSAR PSYCHOTYPE is GCM NPS (D, W, M, S, MAX, I), maximum respect, such psychotypes are found in one in a million. I’d love to have more.

NOBLE PSYCHOTYPE is THP*, a high level of respect, but sometimes restorative or therapeutic psychotherapy may be needed. These psychotypes are 1 in 1000.

BUSINESS PSYCHOTYPE — these are some PPM KF, DF, and very rarely AF, which have the opportunity and desire to recover. Nevertheless, it is possible to collaborate with such and find a common language, and not with the use of LPJ and psychotherapy!

PROBLEM PSYCHOTYPE — this is PPM *, this is a diagnosis, and it is better to say the word “diagnosis”, but for PPM it is easier to recognize that they have the worst psychotype than their symptoms. To prevent the PPM from switching the OF. Here, mostly straitening psychotherapy, very rarely therapeutic.

EDGED PSYCHOTYPE is TPPM*. And the word “edged” here has a negative connotation. Pointing to a comparison with the violent (acute) ward of a psychiatric hospital. Here is a constantly open form, and most have a stage of loss of psychic crutches. AHM practically did not seriously affect psychophysiology in the first book. AHM is a section of basic psychology. One of the main tasks is to return PPM to CPO. And then AHM techniques will work. It is important to understand that the diagnosis is the same — different psychic crutches. The DSA designation has been used in many places, so we will mention it, but now this group of diagnoses is called Total PPM or TPPM. Only restraining psychotherapy is recommended, and it is better to minimize contact with such cases in all areas. Almost constant PPM OF, continuous PPM loop, since there is nothing to cling to — there is not a single GCJ.

Scheme 2. Classification of psycho-types of AHM.

So the AHM tries to give maximum respect if it is not dangerous for the psyche, life, and others.

A good method for communicating with different psychotypes. Adaptive psychotherapy. Do not call the diagnosis as diagnosis, even if there are symptoms, but first, check it carefully and only on a 100 percent basis talk about it taking into account your psychic literacy and mind. You can call the diagnosis a psychotype, and go to the diagnosis with the phrase “sick psychotype”. So you will delay the OF of PPM and AUA from the PPM, TPPM! Accordingly, the transition to the other side sounds like this: “Healthy Psychotype”.

When communicating with the Royal and Noble Psycho-types, the group of psycho-types can increase by one or two levels, temporarily. In communication with strangers, one can call the Noble Psychotype “Psychotype of a million dollars”, Tsarsky Psychotype — “Psychotype of a billion dollars.” Long communication can perform the full range of all types of psychotherapy, healing mental trauma, and strengthening GCM. Therefore, the increase in the group may become permanent.

The ratio of the patient to the disease

For many diseases, the question does not arise: how does the patient relate to the disease? He felt unwell, went to the doctor, made a diagnosis, prescribed prescriptions — he is being treated. But when it comes to PPM, then everything is not so simple. For a better understanding, we use the classification of three publicity groups.

Diseases of the light group of publicity

Flu, viruses, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, and other diseases that are most often easily treated.

Diagnosis. It is quite simple to put in with any average skilled specialist.

The attitude of the patient. Without question, he acknowledges this fact and understands that the probability of a doctor’s mistake is minimal because the symptoms are obvious.

The attitude of others. If this is a student, he is happy to inform parents that he will not go to school. If this is an adult, then inform the employer that he is sick. And it’s possible that he will go to work if something is urgent, hiding the diagnosis from the rest.

Diseases of the middle group of publicity

A serious illness that is incurable or difficult to treat.

Diagnosis. He does not want to know about his diagnosis, which may sound like a death sentence, but when faced with, you have to react.

The attitude of the patient. If necessary, to face the diagnosis undergoes the necessary procedures and seeks a qualified opinion. The patient has to admit the fact of the diagnosis.

The attitude of others. People try not to report such problems to others. This may affect communication, career, etc. But if necessary, it is possible for the patient.

Diseases of the hard group of publicity (PPM)

Diagnosis. It is important to understand whether there is a diagnosis or not to recognize its presence. As in all medicine, the answer is elementary: there are symptoms — there is a diagnosis. There are signs of health — there is health. AHM provides an accurate and complete list of symptoms of PPM and signs of GCM. It is still important here to find a specialist who could deliver an accurate conclusion. To do this, the doctor himself must be Mentally Healthy and, secondly, competent, that is, have a level of psychoanalysis above zero. If the first condition is not met, then, depending on the form of the PPM, the examination will be perceived by the doctor as a mental battle. Communication with the mentally ill is not safe for the psyche.

Of course, in such a situation, the doctor himself can get PPM. Before the AHM, there was no transparent treatment and diagnosis process. And, of course, without understanding what exactly is happening, even a thousand doctors-colleagues will not be able to help. The fact is that such cases are possible and very popular. The doctor will not listen to a sound mind, but voices inside his psyche or PPJ in an Opened Form. The second point, of course, is no less important. Medicine has always been not primitive, and psychology is one of the most difficult areas. It is impossible to achieve a positive result without a clear understanding of what is happening. It is immediately clear that the problems are only growing, and their complexity is increasing.

The attitude of the patient. The patient cannot recognize his PPM, because thoughts about this translate PPM into the Opened Form. Only the AHM-glossary makes it possible to debate about this in a more or less common sense and not to “fly” out from CPO to people with PPM. It is important to understand that, regardless of the patient’s recognition, there is either a PPM or not, then there is a GCM. Or something between — THP. But now we are talking about PPM, and it turns out that even to myself to admit it is very difficult. Why? Speaking about the human psyche without GCM or without AHM TCPO, PPM is faced with the fact that he has no inner world. This causes subconscious horror, which can be called eternal fear. PPM must realize that it does not exist when it focuses on the psyche destroyed by a mental disorder. The psyche in defense translates PPM into OF. AHM TCPO allows PPMs to talk about human psyche exactly, but without a mandatory understanding of depth. The depth of HP can only be understood by GCM. And to start talking with a professional understanding of the psyche, having already read the AHM.

The attitude of others. Unfortunately, researches show that there is a very large percentage of PPM at the time of writing this book in society. They keep at the price of their CPO, trying to constantly improve instead of NPS, which are incomparably “steeper” (LPJ). With the advent of AHM Communities, the situation must change, since it will not be possible to accuse anyone of being a fool without specifying the form, type, and symptoms. But now the attitude of a society in which many PPMs are not versed in psychology is extremely negative. Today, the utopia of the Soviet idiot, during which the diagnosis was made by elderly ladies with severe diagnoses of mental disorders at the entrance, goes into oblivion.

Or yard alcoholics after acute psychosis, who were voices ordered to speak to others diagnosis. The scientific path provides many patterns for putting on a third-century straitjacket in such situations. That is, to activate the microinjection of substances of the agonistic group into the brain through non-violent psychotherapy. This is precisely the very anti-aggression, the dream of many, many. It is already in the neuro system, but you need to use it correctly. Antagonists translate neurotransmitters into a less active stage or block. The cause of the attack is eliminated at the biochemistry level. PPM no longer has an attack of aggression. Scientific progress cannot be stopped, and already today, anyone who reads the book of AHM can, with scientific accuracy, say who has a diagnosis and who has a healthy mind. The truth about the diagnosis is a great lash on the symptoms of PPM, which can push towards treatment.

Summary to the chapter

AHM gives TCPO, which allows people with PPM to talk about their psyche and the psyche of others without the transition of the disease into OF. These TCPOs have a therapeutic effect, causing GCM to develop.

The Soviet Union is dead, and the time of the utopia of Soviet idiocy and zero levels of psychoanalysis has come to an end. Now, to see the real symptoms of PPM and make an accurate, irrefutable, scientific diagnosis, any experienced person can use the AHM. This diagnosis will be based on a clear, scientific, causal relationship. The diagnosis will have to be recognized and PPM, and GCM, and in any court and in any medical institution. The advice of autistic old women can now be handled by any child with psychic literacy by activating certain micro-injections with psychological constructions. Now, each child can give them a 100% response diagnosis and ask them to be sent for treatment according to the laws. And the AHM community will help to legally implement this form of psychological self-defense.

It’s immediately clear that the chapter is not simple and you need to understand and know too much to see all the possible conflicts and pitfalls in increasing the level of psychological literacy in Russia. And the coefficient of the psychological security of the country depends on this. Not only Russia. All countries have the same problem but manifest themselves in different ways.

Medical error

We devote a separate chapter to the medical error precisely in the field of psychology. Before each entrance exam to the Faculty of Psychology, each student must be informed that the Human Mind is the most difficult field of medicine. If the prospective student thinks something like that. In psychology, no one understands anyway, and any mistake will work. In this case, exclude from the list of applicants for admission and a diploma.

Indeed, there are a lot of theories that have vital confirmation of the authors of these theories. But only a few speak of the most important point in such theories. This worked for the psychotype of the author of the aforementioned theory and only in the context in which the author was. And to fully recreate this context, of course, is impossible. In another situation or context, even the author’s psychotype would not have succeeded in what is described. And if the psychotype was also different, then the whole theory loses any meaning. But this applies to smart conversations about the human psyche, and, of course, young students do not want to take this into account. Just like many teachers. Without taking into account the fact that a particular theory is not a science, one can defend one’s position for a long time. It gives a sense of irresponsibility and impunity.

Imagine that a patient came to a general practitioner and complained of a cough. The doctor diagnoses him with flu and prescribes treatment. The patient, instead of leaving, says: “I only have a cough, but there is no temperature and weakness too!” It turns out that the patient ate a very spicy soup and burned his throat, which made him cough. Or any other example. The doctor says: “Sorry. You then need a different course of treatment”. By the way, the problems are not only in psychology and psychiatry. Normal practice in medicine today. If the doctor finds a new symptom that does not fit into the diagnosis, then very often he is afraid of the consequences and simply ignores the symptom. Without changing the course of treatment. But in other areas of medicine at least you can figure it out. Imagine what is happening in psychology when doctors feel their complete impunity.

What does a medical error in psychology mean? Firstly, the lack of laws on treatment violates the constitutional rights of a citizen. The fact that people make mistakes has been known since ancient times. But there are no elaborate articles and prescriptions that would protect the patient from this frequent occurrence. If the diagnosis was made wrong, of course, the doctor is afraid to admit it. Here is not just an apology, but at least an article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — negligence. The same in other countries. Any educated person understands that the percentage of sincere confessions without preliminary evidence presented is practically zero. Of course, the doctor will do his best to keep his crime a secret and will use all possible levers against the patient.

And if the property of the “patient was seized by a group of persons” who initiated this process, then this already falls under 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, from 5 to 12 years. Few admit a mistake when it could cost him jail. Besides, many psychologists receive diplomas in various ways, including having slept through all the lectures. And having written off the sums of money from the cards of parents, etc. And the surrounding system for doctors destroys the psyche no worse than other people. Therefore, they may also have types of insane struggle with patients. Patients are also not protected from this by law. And, of course, this only complicates the recognition of their incompetence.

If a self mistake is difficult to admit without symptoms, then together with symptoms is even more difficult. Here independent Psychologists and representatives of the structural authority should be involved in investigations. Now simple math. Zero levels of psychoanalysis, often symptoms, a huge stream of patients. At all, and see, it happens, doctors do not have time. Of course, there are many medical errors in this environment. The only question is whether there are no mistakes. If so, then why are there no known cases of healing.

In the medical environment, this issue is resolved simply. Mutual responsibility. We do not give others to prosecute, then they will not find our crimes. So many doctors argue in the modern healthcare system this way. That is, it is already evident that not only problems are growing like a snowball, but there are also groups of active opposition to raising the level of psychoanalysis, the quality of medicine and the legislative framework in this area.

We recommend solving this and other issues using the Convention of World Psychology from the AHM. Where top experts in many areas prepare the best recommendations on how to protect their constitutional rights and refuse the aid of poor quality authorized. There are also the best iatrogenic lawyers in the AHM community who specialize in medical crimes. And the AHM community invites the best specialists to join the community itself. And also take part in the Convention of World Psychology. Every year, the AHM community tries to prepare an updated version of the PSY Convention and publish it.

The definition of psychotherapy

A common definition of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a system of therapeutic effects on the psyche and through the psyche on the whole body. Distinguish psychotherapy in psychology and psychiatry. The classification of AHM is complete and covers all psychotypes. The new definition of psychotherapy, which gives AHM, will be more general. That is, fit all groups of psychotypes. And accurate. This is an adaptive definition for each group and its goals.

What other aspects of the popular definition are not clear enough? “Therapeutic effect.” It sounds like a panacea. Whoever undertakes psychotherapy will immediately have a therapeutic effect. What does that require? To have a therapeutic effect on the psyche? Diploma or degree? Or not to sleep at lectures? Or one magic word “psychotherapy” is enough to get a healing effect? Unfortunately, it is the therapeutic effect that is the extremely rare beast in the entire field of psychology.

In the first book, AHM has already expanded the concept of psychotherapy and clarified this concept, dividing it into stages and types. Experimental, restraining, therapeutic, restorative, and strengthening psychotherapy. So, to get a therapeutic effect, you need a specialist of a high level of understanding of processes in the human psyche. Usually, it is required to carry out the first two long stages perfectly: the experimental stage and the stage of restraining psychotherapy. Only after this, we can proceed to the therapeutic effect on the psyche, that is, to therapeutic psychotherapy. At the stage of experimental psychotherapy, the psychotype of the patient, and the communication models in which the patient is implemented his psyche processes should be determined as accurately as possible. A mistake at the level of psychoanalysis can lead to undesirable and opposite results. It can transfer the stage of the disease to an even more acute one, for example. Or add new psyche injuries.

The humble stage is already closer to the concept of treatment. But at this stage, the symptoms that will destroy any manifestations of GCM are removed. It is GCM that needs to be cured. And to do this, set the stage. Now imagine a popular situation. You came across an unscrupulous specialist who overslept all the lectures. And the parents bought him a diploma. Does it happen? Sure! To see more tag #psyfaculty (faculty of psychology) on Instagram. That complex of measures that will be taken in relation to the patient will have not a therapeutic, but a destructive effect on the psyche. We must somehow call this type of impact. We will not add new concepts, but rather expand the definition of psychotherapy, which was already expanded in the first book. A bit more. And the destructive effect on the psyche is called Destructive Psychotherapy (DP).

Unfortunately, not only illiterate psychotherapists are engaged in destructive psychotherapy, but a large percentage of the population of planet Earth. It is very easy. To influence a weak or sick psyche in order to obtain a result, and in most developed countries it is not actually punished. Although most often a crime.

A new definition of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a system of influence on the human psyche. Depending on the goals and types, it is subdivided into the following types: experimental, medical, strait, restorative, strengthening, erroneous, destructive, zero, preventive, delayed, remaining, intuitive, green. About each type in more detail. The first five types are available in the first book of the AHM series.

Let us leave the concept of Nonviolent Psychotherapy in everyday life, but we understand that in extreme cases of psychotherapy there is also a psychophysical effect. The important point is that the main impact on the psyche must be non-violent and permanent. For example, a very common crime against children is an attempt to bring to suicide. In the corresponding article of Russian law, it is written in black and white that the offense is systematic humiliation of personal dignity. These humiliations may not be very serious, but because of the constancy, a destructive effect on the psyche of the child is achieved. As with arsenic poisoning. One or two doses will not change anything in health, and systematic poisoning leads to death. For such destructive psychotherapy, the concept of mental arsenic appeared — this is a systematic effect on the psyche with the humiliation of personal dignity, provoking symptoms of PPM, as well as systematic irritants.

Erroneous psychotherapy or ENP AHM — the effectiveness of the impact on the psyche depends on the exact diagnosis. AF and DF have different symptoms, like fire and ice, for example. It is difficult even for professionals to accurately diagnose, because in real life time for observation is not always enough. You can mistakenly diagnose PPM AF that it is KF, and try to give him a catalyst for a splash of healthy aggression. But this can transfer PPM to the extreme stage of OF, and a couple of such therapies — PPM will fly off completely from the psychic crutches (CPO). This condition will be called TLCPO or PLCPO according to AHM1 and will be much more difficult to treat. A lot of mistakes are made in this area, and they usually lead to destructive psychotherapy instead of medical therapy.

Destructive psychotherapy, or DNP AHM is any destructive effect on the psyche. Either as a result of erroneous psychotherapy, or because of the symptoms of illness itself. For example, many techniques, such as NLP, transerfing, secret, astrology and much more, refer to destructive psychotherapy. As already mentioned, all crimes that are aimed at children: systematic irritants, humiliation of personal dignity, provocation of anxiety, unjustified aggression, unjustified guilt, attacks of megalomania, etc. You can add a subclass for destructive psychotherapy: intentional and unintentional.

Zero psychotherapy or ZNP AHM is non-violent psychotherapy that is used in relation to a healthy psyche. Healthy people do not have symptoms of PPM, so it’s impossible to practice non-violent methods on a healthy psyche. But it is possible to injure a healthy psyche, you get a lowered psychotype. Temporarily or permanently, depending on injuries. Then the impact will be effective. NP AHM acts only on the symptoms. Therefore, a healthy stable psyche will have zero effect. Since there are no symptoms in a healthy psyche.

Preventive psychotherapy, or PNP AHM. Separately, I would like to highlight the so-called preventive or preliminary psychotherapy — this is a set of measures that are safe for people with GCM. When an indicative diagnosis is made to one or a group of people with PPM. For example, once again do not enter into a random dialogue if it is known that there are a lot of PPM AFs in this place. Do not let them realize their symptoms that they have not treated for a lifetime. They themselves are to blame. Not you. Any contact with a person with PPM AF gives him the opportunity to go to the OF and the internal UA to become real in relation to you.

In other words, a person with PPM AF may experience an attack of unreasonable aggression (AUA). For PPM AF, these are the psychic crutches that they need all the time, in tens and hundreds in a single day. That is, tens and hundreds of AUA per day need PPM AF to restore the biochemical imbalance of the psyche. To engage in contact Straitjacket NP AHM, high costs of PPE are required, which you will still need for those things that you are going to carry out. You can immediately foresee this situation and not waste valuable strength for the successful implementation of the tasks assigned to the psychotherapy of random PPMs. You can use Mental Barriers, tactical psychotherapy, mental hygiene, or good AUM (Artifact Ulu-Mulu from AHM1). In the form of preventive or preliminary psychotherapy, to calmly prepare for your speech (for example) and maintain strength, a good mood for spectators and fans! ☺

Delayed psychotherapy, or DNP AHM. Those who do not use the possibilities of preliminary psychotherapy, which is safer and less costly, are forced to establish, resolve, or rake the situation with delayed psychotherapy. This can take up too much strength and resources. Too expensive. As well as losses, which then cannot be made up for. It will be possible to relax only in communication with the GCM and adequate psycho-types in protected high-level communication models. And as long as there are no signs of mental health and symptoms of PPM remain, do not be fooled. Nothing will be different. Either good psychotherapy or you untie the hands of PPM for crimes, mental terrorism against you, your Family, Children! They will do this to make up for the permanent deficiency or, conversely, the redundancy of different groups of neurotransmitters in their diseased neuro system. Both the lack and excess of neurotransmitters is bad. Recommendation. At least a minimum preliminary NP of AHM with an unconfirmed diagnosis, in which the probability of PPM is above 50 percent.

Remaining psychotherapy, or RNP AHM. From the definition of psychotherapy (from AHM) it is clear that this is an effect on the psyche. And from this, it follows that when you were lying in infancy and said “aha,” the impact on the psyche of those around PPM was already and sometimes quite strong. And this, in turn, means that you are still in the arena began to engage in psychotherapy for others. But without sufficient knowledge and understanding of the human psyche. It is very important. Not all of your psychotherapy was perfect! Some provoked the PPM OF, which then turned into reflex idiocy or reflex OF PPM. That PPM, which has been waging mental battles and wars with you since birth. This means that when you meet a similar PPM in the status of AHM PRO, for example, your psychotherapy begins with the transition of PPM into OF in your patient immediately, reflexively. This situation is very difficult to control even for a high-level professional. It is better to use tactical psychotherapy. This species will be considered in a separate chapter.

Intuitive psychotherapy, or INP AHM. Many different ways of forming this type of psychotherapy. Including congenital and hereditary. Although the greater effect here is from experience. Intuitive psychotherapy can be quite effective, but only in limited circumstances. It is very difficult to achieve a seriously positive effect without understanding the human psyche and the situation as a whole.

Green psychotherapy or GNP AHM. This is psychotherapy, which they begin to engage in only after gaining the most basic knowledge. Despite many warnings, first, achieve a high level of psychic literacy. Mostly observations and safe experiments. Before applying in full force. Beginning with an ENP of (experimental) AHM, an erroneous diagnosis is made. There is no understanding of the situation (context), which is extremely important. There is no experience of observation, and there is no understanding of the difference between the symptoms, as well as other processes in the psyche. This can be expensive if you mix up the Contact Physical Type PPM AF with some other form. Contact Physical means that unreasonable aggression in the OF PPM will be expressed in the form of physical contact. Attack.

Be careful and reasonable. Raising the level of psychic literacy is simple and possible in the shortest possible time for any educated person. We remind you that the use of all resources of the AHM is the unconditional acceptance of the agreement on use, which is posted on the official website of the AHM.

Loop of PPM

Closed-loop, or PPM loop. In a person with PPM or total PPM (TPPM), a generalized complex judgment (GCJ), or healthy judgment that occurs in the psyche. It is a trigger for a whole group of symptoms. “I can think, I can do everything, etc.” Something like this may sound in the psyche of PPM. Immediately he transfers PPM to OF and immediately turns into PPJ. That is, the very beginning of a healthy process instead of development immediately becomes a symptom. Physically rests on unformed neural chains in the brain. This is a topic for the following books. But we will make a small aside in this chapter from the PPM loop.

Too many parents when raising children consider aggression to be something wrong. Healthy forms of manifestation of aggression also fall under this pattern. Legal, socially acceptable, and a sign of a healthy psyche. Due to the low level of psychoanalysis and their own injuries, parents completely block all processes of the psyche that have at least a shadow of aggression. Instead of teaching the child to properly direct his flows of healthy aggression. Parents with a higher level of aggression block any such expressions. And, of course, each such blockage is a serious trauma to the psyche. When the main neural chains that form in childhood do not appear.

During life, healthy neural chains responsible for speech, for example, go through several important stages. One of these stages is the initial formation of the neural base chain. The experience will be imposed on this basic chain, or rather, a chain of chains, throughout life. Figuratively speaking, polishing them and making speech more difficult, etc. The child begins to speak using combinations of letters and other sounds similar to speech. And gradually, speech becomes more understandable. And then beautiful. At this time, neural chains that are responsible for speech are formed and changed.

It should be the same with healthy aggression. Those people whose neural chains developed all their lives and were not blocked by a huge number of increasing mental injuries in strength and intensity. Such people have healthy aggression and anger is beautiful, socially acceptable, and quite legal. They can put the aggressor into the place in almost any situation without strong air vibrations.

Now imagine that a child would receive an increasing number of psychic injuries with every new word he tries to pronounce. In his adult life, speech neuro chains would not be fully formed. And, coming to the store, such a person would mumble or bleat instead of words. Such an analogy is very familiar with the neuro chains responsible for aggression. When they are not fully formed.

There are a lot of conflict situations in life. And a person with missing neuro chains of healthy aggression in most situations will immediately give everything to robbers. Even those who look evil. But then this often leads to those manifestations of aggression that concern the whole society. That is, instead of victories in conflicts that are natural for most healthy people, there will be permanent defeats and, in the end, a complete loosing of psychic crutches.

That is, such a family organization makes a disabled child out of a healthy child. Very often this is because parents have a zero level of psychoanalysis, an injured psychotype, and they are afraid and do not know how to control the aggression of others. Therefore, they are afraid of the child’s aggression, so that he does not become like those or other “freaks” from the past of their parents. The motive is good, but the goal destroys the psyche of the child and just leads to become as aggressive as possible. Otherwise, the flows of aggression must go inside and destroy the rest of the psyche.

Back to the PPM loop. To realize your disease and get out of the PPM loop, you need quite a lot of either GCJ. Or the therapeutic path is TCPO, not one, but many. The reading of the AHM itself already gives some of these TCPO for PPM.

How does the PPM loop go? It is necessary to prepare the ground when the GCJ can appear and grow stronger. Perhaps a temporary increase in the psychotype. GCJs are the basic blocks for the construction of institutions of a healthy psyche. The more solid healthy buildings, the more difficult it will be to destroy with PPM. You can use JLPJ, TCPO to support internal structures. PPM will destroy the GCJ, but will not touch the JLPJs, taking them for the PPJs.

Good psychotherapy is not a freebie and a very expensive affair. Integrated. With a team of the best specialists and personal participation. Only in this way can positive results be obtained. Of course, the absence of some specialists and the team as a whole can be partially replaced by a high level of personal psychoanalysis. But this is a topic for another chapter.

Scheme of envy

How is envy formed for a painful psychotype or, in other words, a diagnosis of PPM AF in contact with people around you? This can be seen in a simple and understandable envy scheme. Most people meet this pattern every day several times or even dozens of times. But, to their happiness, this scheme of envy does not always reach the 5th point. Everything is extremely simple!

Stage 1 — contact

Necessary contact physical/mental, beside/far/remote, at least visual or psychic. To begin with, a mentally ill person needs to contact you. We will talk about the types of contact and methods of protective psychotherapy at this stage at the end of the chapter. Now it is important to understand that this scheme begins with contact.

Stage 2 — anxiety or unreasonable anxiety state

The state is formed in a mentally ill person. Now we are talking about PPM AF. This condition is permanent for them. Due to the fact that all their lives they destroy their psyche and those around them. For example, acting by systematic humiliation on another. First of all, PPM AF acts destructively on its psyche, humiliating itself. With systematic motives and other ways of traumatizing the psyche, the same effect.

If the innocent victim of these crimes, the motive of which is the need of the sick psyche for an increasing number of psychic crutches, can avoid contact, then the PPM AF, without understanding, destroys its psyche constantly, at all levels. That’s right there, in the destroyed psyche, PPM AF looks in contact with other people. For the sick psyche, this is like eternal fear. To realize that the psyche does not exist. And the subconscious mind does not allow this, right there including the defense mechanism.

Stage 3 — envy of anything and anyone

That is a substitution of causes. An attempt to blame the object of envy for their anxiety. Instead of looking for an answer in his mental disorder and treating his psyche. That is, instead of treatment, turning to a psychologist, PPM AF tries to destroy the object of envy. And thereby stabilize his psyche. What exactly PPM AF noticed when it came into contact is envy. It is called the object of envy.

If PPM AF noticed how the other eating ice cream, then the envy will be on ice cream. If he sees a smartphone, then to the smartphone. That is, to the Object of Envy. And this scheme will not be different. Until PPM AF recovers or is put on a straitjacket of the third millennium. The dose of antagonistic substances with natural micro-injection. If no action is taken at this stage, it moves on. It’s best to start controlling your symptoms at the earliest stages.

Stage 4 — opened form

Opened Form of PPM or the Opened Form of Mental Illness — an expression that has already been loved by AHM1 Readers and Subscribers. If all the evil primitive judgments flew somewhere inside the sick psyche of the PPM AF, then after a successful OF of PPM they proceed to the next stage, which is called an attack of unreasonable aggression (AUA). Of course, it is better to eliminate the symptoms in the very early stages. This will be a positive decision for everyone. Even for PPM AF.

If the symptoms of PPM AF at this stage are correctly eliminated, then PPM AF will not even understand that there was some conflict that could go into a very serious stage and have consequences. All primitive judgments of an aggressive nature were destroyed by a group of antagonistic molecules. And either completely ceased symptom to exist, or changed color in another symptom (less often — as a sign of a healthy psyche, but usually requires complex psychotherapy). For example, unreasonable responsiveness.

Stage 5 — attack of unreasonable aggression

Attack of Unreasonable Aggression. This is a crime against you, your Psyche, physical health, family, property… The same ice cream or smartphone, which has become unwittingly the object of envy for PPM AF. Attacks of Unreasonable Aggression are Explicit and Masked. Explicit happen at the stages of the loss of Psychic Crutches or TLCPO, LLCPO, TLCPO on AHM1. This is a constant OF PPM, and such people are quite quickly isolated from society. And here is a completely different matter with the Masked Attacks of Unreasonable Aggression.

Without an explicit indication, most often we are talking about Masked. You meet them very often. PPM AF understands that they cannot kill 100 people a day and thus realize their symptoms. And the symptoms make them attempt to realize these symptoms 100 and 1000 times a day. This is due to the neuro-biochemical imbalance that PPM is trying to restore by realizing a particular symptom. But the excess and lack of neurotransmitters and contract hormones will still not be replenished. Since the neuro-biochemical balance is possible only in a healthy psyche.

No symptom can improve mental health. Therefore, people with PPM AF have been learning all their life to manifest these AUA in such a way as to avoid punishment and achieve success in implementing the symptom to get some of their molecules of missing hormones and neurotransmitters. It is the lack, excess, or, in other words, the neuro-biochemical imbalance of the psyche that is the psychophysiological motive for the commission of most types of crimes in the modern world.

Most often, the symptoms of PPM AF are realized concerning the psyche, alone with a weaker victim. Logically, often the victim is an innocent person or a child who cannot answer. There is a victim complex that is afraid to even think about what is associated with these injuries. Not just talking. This and many other factors leave a whole group of crimes without actual punishment.

How can Masked AUA occur? In the form of humiliation of a person’s dignity, with constant contact, systematic humiliation of personal dignity. In the form of attempts to injure the psyche: to sow anxiety, unreasonable guilt, unreasonable greatness, aggression and responsiveness. Systematic injuries do the trick.

At some point, the effect becomes dangerous. As from the action of arsenic on the body: one serving is not so scary, and after a while, it is difficult to treat. PPM AF see this and may begin to manifest their AUA in more serious crimes. Knowing that the victim will not be able to respond. Due to the growing trauma of the psyche and the inability to defend oneself.

AUAs are limited with physical, psychological capabilities of PPM AF, circumstances, and your mental defense.

How can you protect yourself from this?

STAGE 5. AUA or, in other words, a crime against you. Physical and psychic self-defense means — straitjackets of 3 millennia and another, mental ones — psychological constructions, mental tactics… But it is better to control the symptoms at the earliest stages and not bring it to this.

STAGE 4. OF PPM. Try to transfer PPM to the Closed-Form of PPM. Indicate symptoms in some situations or diagnosis. Maintain a dialogue “Symptoms as they are!” If it is effective. For example, a certain PPM AF comes up to you in a washing machine store, he began to envy your smartphone and immediately went to the PPM OF. He wants to come up and ask what washing machine you would recommend buying.

First, the plans of PPM go to the level of communication with you, then to the level of trust, and only after that reduce your dignity. Saying, for example, that you don’t understand anything in washing machines, regardless of your answer, and that he’d better contact the sellers. The motive for this act was precisely his neuro imbalance due to severe psychic disorder. And the trigger is your smartphone, which gradually activated the envy scheme.

In order to transfer PPM to the CF, in this situation, one may ask: “Are you mentally disabled?” Hinting that you know the root of the problem, and then, when he begins to make excuses, say: “There are a lot of consultants for this, contact them.” Of course, in each situation, the correct translation of the disease into a closed-form will depend entirely on the context. And it is best not to bring to this stage. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

For example, a different situation. You are standing in a queue that psychotypes with PPM AF can freely fall into. For the same reason, the PPM AF at the SCPO from AHM1 is being built in front of you and tries to accuse you of mental problems on your well-grounded discontent. In such a situation, you can translate into a Free Mental Language, and speak immediately on the merits, beat for a reason. “What symptom are you accusing me of?” Silence … “Stop talking about what you don’t understand. Go teach psychology and learn how to line up!”

There is no better answer, each conflict situation is unique, and the decision will always depend on the depth of understanding of the processes inside the psyche of the seriously ill PPM AF. You are not required to provide psychiatric help to strangers. But ignoring the symptoms completely is the wrong decision. It is best to completely avoid the 4th stage and the 5th, power. As part of self-defense, of course. But be sure to be ready.

STAGE 3. Let’s go back to the example with the buyer (PPM AF) in the home appliance store, which envied the smartphone. If you are diagnosed with a stream of symptoms at this point, then envy can be transferred to another object. For example, car keys. For his PPM to transfer to the OF, he had to win the internal World Championship of Idiocy. That is, to come up with a special championship, to come up with what will be a victory in this championship.

And hold this championship inside his sick psyche. For example, in this situation — take his smartphone. And show others that he also has a smartphone. It is after this the PPM will begin the transition to the OF and the AUA threat will appear. But PPM AF will not be able to come up with a world madness championship and measure cars in a household appliance store. He can’t say: “Come, let me show you that I also have got a car”.

So, with a simple trick, you will put PPM AF a difficult task and you can minimize possible contact with the vector of symptoms by moving to another department or series, for example. And these measures mean that the stage of OF of PPM delayed. And you can continue your purchases without the threat of attacks of aggression from people who are nobody in your life and name nothing.

STAGE 2. Anxiety Condition. PPM looks into its psyche, which is not there, and the subconscious tells him: “You do not exist.” It is after this that the remaining stages begin. PPM AF is trying to prove to its subconscious that he exists and is no worse than you. PPM cannot take into account many factors. For example, the fact that the existence of this PPM is beyond the perimeter of your interest and life in general. And much more. PPM is a primitive gyrus that can take into account only one fact. In this situation, the need to prove PPM to itself that it exists.

Very cool! If you can control the flow of symptoms of PPM at this point. For example. For girls who have good looks, there is a great tool that works in most cases at this stage. To smile. In America, they know how to use it professionally. Everyone heard the catchphrase “American smile.” Smile is a very popular means of non-violent psychotherapy. A person with PPM will not need all the other steps to prove that he exists. A smile will tell PPM in anxiety state that he exists. And there will be a rush of missing molecules: hormones and neurotransmitters in neuro imbalance. The symptom chain will end.

But there are two points. The first. How not to continue contact with this PPM. After all, for him to get all these neuro molecules is like a drug. There must be a certain skill. Second. Why smile here? The fact that you were able to accurately diagnose this stage and protect yourself and others from unpleasant symptoms in which you are not to blame. Why others? Streams of aggression that will not pass on to you then pass on to others. Therefore, you can smile at how cool you are, not only externally, but also in psychoanalysis. But men were less fortunate. This type of mental weapons for men is not so effective.

These were all tips when a person with PPM AF is completely alien. But if you are a girl and made the most popular mistake of girls with a low level of psychoanalysis, you married PPM AF, who could deceive you and pretend to be adequate. Good psychoanalysis on this topic in the movie “In Bed with the Enemy.” That recommendation could be this. But success depends on many factors. Diagnose accurately the state of the 1st stage and already at this stage make it clear to the husband with PPM AF that he exists. To make interesting news or talk about something nice. But not to be confused with the 3rd stage, when he already comes up with humiliation or insult to you. Here, such a move will play only against you. The situation is very complicated, and no recommendations are needed here, but the intensive work of a team of professionals.

Once again the scheme!


(physical: near/far, mental)

Unreasonable Anxiety


(envy object (s))

Open Mental Illness Form

(or OF PPM)

Attack of Unreasonable Aggression

(Disguised or Explicit)

Scheme. “Envy Scheme” for PPM AF by AHM1

AUA for people with PPM AF on SCPO — this is something between the Masked and the Explicit. You could say that. Disguise Level “I forgot to get a sheep mask from my pocket.” But this sheep mask is. The better mental crutches, the higher the level of camouflage.

This scheme is fully valid for PPM AF. It is an excellent study material. A similar scheme is possible for other forms, but much less often. It must be remembered that UA is also characteristic of other forms, but much less frequently and under extreme conditions. For example, too high a level of envy. Other forms of PPM try to deal with these stages themselves. Sometimes successful, sometimes not very. They themselves can prove to themselves at the stage of envy that they have completely taken place, etc.

Also, at the stage of the formation of alarming states, the PPM KF can remember something good and figuratively answer the subconscious mind: “No, I exist! I did well to someone.” etc. It is clear from here why people with GCM have no need for AUA. Looking into their own psyche, their subconscious and conscious meets a beautiful flowering garden (figuratively speaking). Which can only be seen by the Chosen People. Which fell on the perimeter of life of people with GCM, on the perimeter of their interest and trust. But people with PPM before treatment on the perimeter are impossible to enter since there is no image of GCJ. There is no image of a mentally healthy psyche.

The psychotypes of PPM KF and DF on AHM1 are not peculiar to the Scheme of Envy. Their whole life is an attempt to fight this Scheme of Envy at different stages. But without an understanding of the state of emergency, the situation around (the context), and the high level of Psychic Literacy, most of these attempts lead to negative results and serious injuries.

Here are the experimental schemes for KF and DF in AHM1. For the Envy Scheme, there were thousands, sometimes millions, of legitimate experiments for every situation. It is tested in many ways and works exactly like a Swiss watch. But the Scheme of Good and the Scheme of Greatness is just along this path. Nevertheless, we present experimental schemes now.


(physical: near/far, mental)

Unreasonable Guilt

(usually the result of external aggression)

Open Mental Illness Form

(or OF PPM)

Act of Unreasonable Kindness

(Disguised or Explicit)

Scheme. “Scheme of Good” (experimental) for the PPM KF in terms of AHM1


(physical: near/far, mental)

Unreasonable Despair

(usually the result of external aggression)

Open Mental Illness Form

(or OF PPM)

Attack of Unreasonable Majesty

(Disguised or Explicit)

Scheme. “Scheme of Greatness” (experimental) for the PPM DF on AHM1

The envy scheme gives a clearer answer to such a concept as RI, or Reflex Idiocy from the book of AHM1. STAGES 2—3 are skipped, and the first STAGE immediately goes to the 4th STAGE. That is, communication with the PPM (TPPM) AF with RI will begin with OF and immediately go to AUA: explicit or masked most often. That is, the safest stages for psychotherapy (interception and control of symptom flows) are absent of RI. And this is very common. Hence the need for the highest possible level of Psychic Literacy for anyone who wants to engage in successful psychotherapy and win the battles of life in the modern world.

World production potential

Before moving on to even more interesting and deep processes of the human psyche, we will answer an important question. Why all this become possible? Such a large number of people with mental disorders of various types, stages, etc. Which can not always be distinguished at first glance from people with a healthy psyche. They can do business in which at least minimal mental stability is needed. With a zero level of psychoanalysis, it can be difficult to answer many questions.

How, for example, can a person with a severe mental disorder drive a car?! A person with a low level of psychoanalysis can take the ability to drive a car as a sign of mental health. That is the absence of symptoms. But in the end, a very popular psy case. In some actions, some psychotypes have a symptom integrated. Such a psychotype cannot perform an action during traffic without first realizing the symptom.

At least on a thinking level. Only after that, there will be microinjection into his neuro system of the necessary molecules that stabilize the psyche for a short time. Only because of this, the discussed psychotype will be able to rebuild without an accident, crash, press the accelerator instead of the brake, etc. The big problem is that it is not always possible to realize the symptom in one or another situation. So, the stability of the psyche is not enough to shift — a dangerous situation on the road.

No less problem — trying to realize their symptoms. And get the temporary stability of the psyche. An elementary symptom is a very often unreasonable aggression or UA according to the hierarchical classification of symptoms from this book. As a result, each experienced driver knows the type of people who cannot change from one lane to another without creating a dangerous situation for others. It is here that the integrated symptom while switching the lane is well observed.

That is, the problem is that, in addition to road safety goals and other adequate ones, very many drivers try to realize the symptoms of their sick psyche to get sufficient stability to continue driving. Every experienced driver should be able to distinguish between these symptoms at the earliest stages and control for a safe and calm ride. This type of impact on the psyche during traffic to minimize emergencies is called autotherapy and is being developed by the AHM community.

It can be clearly seen what has changed in recent times in the world and how much — on global variables. For many millennia, no one has experimented with the political system. The maximum that happened was the revolt of the slaves, the overthrow of the monarchs, the strengthening of one or more houses. Kings were called pharaohs, pharaohs — kings, sultans, etc. Of course, small experiments were in Rome and other countries. But the scale is not comparable with the latter.

How many experiments over the past 200 years?! Communism, democracy, constitutional monarchy. And this is not the end of the experiments. It is important to understand why this became possible now and was impossible, for example, 1000 years ago.

The answer is that for some time now, the World Production Potential (or System Production Potential (WPP/SPP)) has begun to increase very seriously. Many people began to understand this consciously and use it in the political struggle, others understood it at the subconscious level and therefore followed the leaders.

Consider a simplified model of communism, a bright future that never arrived. How could people believe this and trust into these deliberately false statements?! Now let’s imagine an illiterate lower-level worker from the past who drinks all the time and knows how to make a few details. He used to do it manually for years. And for some time now production has been established, and he sees that his annual rate is fulfilled by the equipment in 1 hour. He somehow multiplies this in his head and cannot understand why it is necessary to work all year when he can craft the details for one hour and the result will be equivalent.

And it is with such questions in my head that the call is well heard. To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities. This could be used for the treatment of mental disorders. So that patients go there with pleasure. The real world is a life battle that needs to be won to get something. The intelligent psychologists of those times are mostly not from Russia.

And, as a result, they are not very worried about the fate of the country. They came up and implemented the smart plan. The one that we were able to reveal only by raising the whole of world psychology to a new level. The Soviet Union — this was the model of a psychiatric hospital. Only nationwide. No one spoke about the main problems — symptoms of mental illness, endless conflicts, popular flows of aggression. And not many would understand if they said.

In short, many people began to face the global production potential and its very rapid growth. It pushed for something to change. And what exactly was verified in a model that was experimentally integrated into Russia. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to realize most of their symptoms. Including based on unreasonable aggression. Something did not like. At various times, it was possible to gather and attack innocent people physically, write a denunciation with knowingly false facts, send a denunciation with knowingly false symptoms of mental illness. The last stage is the stage of punitive psychiatry.

That is, the symptoms could be realized in many ways. On the other hand, this model was extremely destructive for the state. Today, you can draw a diagram of the symptoms and flows of aggression for each case separately and in general. Using the PSY Modeler web application, available on the official website. It has become really simple. Any conversation about the psyche requires a very clear mental scheme. With models of psychotypes and mental process flows. Then most of the questions will be obvious from one glance at the diagram. The rest — with a simple causal relationship.

It is extremely difficult to win economic battles. Some are harder than power battles. And it is precisely all economic battles that were doomed to failure in the system that was integrated into the Russian Empire. Without modern psychology, controlling the flow of symptoms is almost impossible. Even the simplest. Of course, with the growth of personal flows of aggression and other symptoms from personal to collective and popular, the result was the same. Ruined fate, initiative, cause, etc. In general, everything that could lead Russia to economic leadership in most areas. That is, the same WPP, which made it possible to realize the symptoms in a growingly ill psyche. Destroying WPP growth locally. And led the entire country to a slowdown.

In Italy, the family of Fiat owners was guarded as state borders. They understood how important this was. Then, not now. But Russian talented people were treacherously killed in the revolution and continued to attack the entire history of the Soviet Union. Taking advantage of the low level of elaboration of laws, medicine, etc., there were not enough people to understand this rather simple fact. As a result of the actions of the Italian government. Today, Fiat is an income and a reputation in favor of the Italian economy. Subsidiaries such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and others. And we will not talk about the situation in the economy of such segments in Russia. This is an endless topic for jokes and assertions of car manufacturers in other countries.

Some points need to be recognized. Especially those that are difficult to recognize or do not want to. The result, why there is no analog of “Maserati” in Russia or “Maserati-Russia”? ! Because the Russian guys were killed. Many are still children: Anton Maserati, Alexander Maserati, and Arkady Maserati. Which would make the car no worse than Alfieri Maserati, the founder of the legendary brand in Italy. Our guys were no worse. All matches are random. Names and stories are invented on the basis of a large number of real situations.

But talented it was impossible to survive in such conditions. The slightest talent — it was like a red rag for a bull, only for a crowd of people with PPM. Who dream to realize their symptoms and get the missing hormones and neurotransmitters. Immediately, their aggression passed to this talented person or another. It’s possible to win a real battle. One fighter against twenty. In tsarist times, they received St. George’s rewards for this.

The economic battles were no less fierce, and winning them was also difficult. Like a real military. In that system, complexity grew at a geometric pace. The success, talent, or smile of an innocent person immediately activated the Scheme of Envy, passed on to the 5th stage, and the flows of aggression began to increase. For PPM, the main dream is to get the missing molecules into the sick psyche and restore the biochemical neuro balance. Therefore, the slightest reason was enough for other streams of unreasonable aggression to join one successfully realized symptom with the hope of being realized private.

Back to the WPP. I would like to somehow calculate this WPP. This WPP coefficient is experimental, and we offer these many historians and simply smart people. This coefficient should be relative: countries, period, amount of resources, number of workers, taking into account qualifications.

For example, WPP (production of 1000 hammers in Russia, 1703 and 2017). How many workers then could produce 1000 hammers and how many today. With all the connections. Or WPP (production of hammers per month for 1,000 workers in Russia, 1703, 2017). Unit of production. Total resources then and today.

Despite all the politics after the collapse of the Russian Empire, WPP is very high today. The current situation requires heroes. Real! One of the objective victories — victory of economic today is quite obvious. Create a Russian smartphone, for example, “Bulk Apple”. Which will compete in the global market with Apple smartphones. But not in the report to the boss, as often happened. And on real shelves for real money in the most popular stores in the world. This is real heroism.

How many girls this will protect from natural (for things), financial prostitution. And will save their psyche. They will be able to please worthy men. And to create strong healthy families in which hero children with a healthy psyche will grow. Almost every segment of the economy today requires incredible victories. Given the fact that you have to beat the battle giant companies with a limited budget and resources. These giant companies occupied market segments back when the Soviet system was in Russia. But enough has already been saying about this.

Today, it’s so difficult for most girls to keep the streams of external aggression, which has been falling on their psyche since childhood, traumatizing them more and more, that they are ready for any “rape” for this psychic barrier, and for people with PPM there’s also a crutch called iPhone. Immediately a slight retreat. Apple technology is really good and comfortable. Therefore, not using the advantages of technology in your life is extremely unwise. Today many people need to win a lot of life’s battles even to achieve simple goals and objectives. Any advantage can be decisive. There is no particular choice. It is bad when the technique becomes a component of the psychic crutches and is used to implement symptoms instead of treatment. This is also dangerous for the person with PPM. The diagnosis will constantly worsen for others and for the state as a whole.

Inside, people with PPM feel that their psyche will be about to be destroyed. But, unfortunately, the path of psychic crutches, as the path of a drug addict, requires increasingly strong and real symptoms. It only worsens the condition of the patient. It is much cooler when a person with a Healthy Mentality can have all this and use it for its intended purpose without the need to constantly stabilize its psyche. A healthy psyche is stable and balanced at the neurobiochemical level.

Flows of people’s aggression and anger

Let’s take a look at the three levels of flows by the example of a very deep psychological experience outlined in the series Game of Thrones. A series of fantasy novels by the American writer and screenwriter George R. R. Martin. We do not recommend watching this series of psychotypes without a stable psyche. There are a lot of sink points for unreasonable aggression and other symptoms for severe forms of PPM, which increase the level on the scale of reality of the symptoms. Accordingly, a greater number of necessary molecules gets a neuro biochemical imbalance for minimal fixation of the psyche stability. Nevertheless, for persistent psychotypes with good psychic literacy, many of the acute scenes are not dangerous to the psyche.

Do not start the study of psychoanalysis with this picture. But you can continue. A very deep mental experience is encapsulated here. In every character, in almost every scene. This experience should be interesting to any inquisitive person. For each specialist in the field of the psyche movies with deep psychoanalysis is like another textbook that they should know well. But only with AHM does this series become a textbook on psychology. For most people, mapping between the psyche and the plot is hidden from understanding.

Immediately a small addition. Many have noticed that the ending of the series is different from the first seasons. So much so that there were communities of fans of the series who asked to re-shoot the last season. How does this relate to psychoanalysis? Directly. New characters for the last season did not have to be added, we used proven ones. But the psychoanalysis of the scenes was indeed ambiguous. In the first seasons, there were no questions about why this or that character did just that. There were a lot of emotions, disputes, etc. But no questions, why exactly.

But in the last season, there are many such contradictions. This means that the psychic core of the scenes is not at a high enough level. Definitely, everything is not so bad. But not at the level it was at the beginning. Before you continue reading, look at the serious work HBO has done to capture this picture. For some series, entire cities were built and destroyed. A huge number of top professionals in many areas. Not just the cast. Very expensive. Every extra month, every additional week, and even a day. Very expensive!

On the other hand, look at the position of the author of a series of novels by George Martin. Scenes in the first seasons have been sharpened for years. Thanks to the psychoanalysis accumulated in life, Martin’s consciousness wrapped most of the popular psychotypes in certain images that all fans of the series know. Many times the scenes and characters have been thought out and modified. Before this meeting the audience and readers. Each new situation in the author’s life provided food for thought. How would a particular psychotype act? And, in the end, for years everything has been verified almost to the ideal. Everything except the last season.

The last season was more industrial. It was impossible to write and sharpen it as needed. That is for years. Sharpen every scene to the ideal. Look for impressions and stories from life to transfer them to the pages of the book. And then on to the screens. Martin could not come up and say: “I need a couple of years for everything to be as cool as in the first seasons.” Too big costs! Besides, the composition of the heroes. A screened series without the main characters would no longer be the same. Is it easy to keep a dozen of the most famous people on the planet? With different views, psychotypes, life circumstances. Of course not. The author of the novels also understood this. And could not let the whole team down and say that the last season is not ready. And had to pay with the quality of psychoanalysis. It is because of these contradictions that so many questions have appeared among the fans of the series.

This problem is very acute in any field when something new is created. A cool solution always requires more time than most patient organizers give. The same applies to books in the AHM series. The classification itself was created long before the release of books in which it is formalized. But in order for the classification of the AHM to work like a swiss clock, it took a huge study of literally every concept. Some were worked out using thousands or even millions of cases. In order for everything to be accurate, efficient, and not cause controversy.

Prior to AHM, the level of psychoanalysis encapsulated in fantasy worlds depended entirely on the author’s experience, skills, etc. An assessment of success was formed after the implementation of the author’s ideas. With the advent of the classification of AHM, it became possible to discuss psychotypes and processes in the human psyche. And that means cases, scenes, situations. It became possible to discuss the psychological core of the scenario. For example, to say: for this psychotype, such behavior is inappropriate. This psychotype would do so. It is difficult to say something like this without knowing how psychotypes and processes in the psyche are called. AHM has all of these answers. Therefore, the collective development of scenarios became possible and effective.

Let’s get back to the series and the psychoanalysis of the series Game of Thrones. We are now interested in Martin’s vision of the flows of mass aggression. In this film, all psychotypes are evil. And, indeed, one can recall the famous catchphrase: “People are evil”. And make sure of this again. What is evil? They have a lot of aggression. More often unreasonable and thoughtless, which is a symptom of mental illness. But the review of this series will be in another chapter, and here we will try to explain with good examples from the Game of Thrones how important it is — the ability to understand, see and control the flows of aggression and anger. Personal, collective, and folk.

A small aside. In this book, psychic reviews of most famous compositions, films, and games were planned. But they were not included in this version. Just because they are still fresh and require additional study of the psychological component. This book includes the basic concepts of a new era of psychology, in which everything is clear and there is no need to say the saying “and no one knows it” through each phrase. It is in these moments, the discussion of which most people try to avoid this saying, that the most important answers usually hide.

The first level of the model of social structure

Streams of aggression of low-level societies, in other words, on bad mental crutches, destroy these societies from the inside. Bay of slave traders. For those who watched GoT. Attacks from harpy cults on the Queen of Conqueror Mother of the Dragons. Streams of folk aggression did not go outside and destroyed society from the inside. There was an attempt to redirect these streams of aggression. The proposal to open the so-called fighting pits to give people a way out of unreasonable aggression in real battles. But that was not enough.

Streams of aggression fell from the queen only for a while. Then a new attack on the Daenerys Targaryen was planned and implemented. Right at this performance in a fighting pit, from where she miraculously escaped. Very clear mapping to many societies in the ancient world. In ancient Rome, the flow of aggression was reduced in this way. Meal’n’Real. When everything was good with this, the Roman rulers of that time felt more or less safe.

The second level of the model of social structure

The inhabitants of the kingdom. Lords are constantly fighting for the throne, and there are practically no uprisings. Unless, when there was a serious famine, they wanted to attack the Red Castle. But the revolution was crushed. Another serious problem due to the stupidity of leaders. Cersei Lannister gave a significant part of the power to an unverified person. The stupidity of rulers is a serious problem. What the ordinary person can afford to do is unacceptable to the king.

Otherwise, war or revolution is inevitable. Where are the flows of aggression, which the people have a lot? In this system, communications are directed to the enemy lord. The answer is simple. That is a lot of external flows of aggression. All internal flows merge there. All the people are fighting with this lord, king, the royal family. This is common in communities with good mental crutches, such as ECPO.

The third level of the model of social structure

One of the heroes who manage to direct the streams of aggression of warring and hating each other lords and kings towards one goal is John Snow. He finds an absolute enemy and proves that this enemy is and is dangerous.

Here, by the way, there is a contradiction with the last seasons. One of the contradictions. Too smart, kind, and noble hero John Snow. He was able to find an absolute enemy and unite the Lords and Kings. A reference to an adequate psychotype is visible. And suddenly John so afraid of her companion’s words that kill her. Yes, she said that she would defeat everyone and be merciless in her path. But everyone was already defeated. Only the allies and the vanquished remained.

This and other moments disappointed the fans so much that many of them are seriously asking to re-shoot the last season. AHM also speaks of a decrease in the level of psychoanalysis in scenes and situations compared to the first seasons. But not all. Some situations were planned and worked out by the author many times a long time ago. And, of course, HBO tried with the scale and quality of the filming itself.

Let’s get back to John from the season when he was able to unite everyone against an absolute enemy. In this system of relations, the flows of aggression are transferred to an external absolute enemy, freeing the kingdom from internal flows of aggression and external also. Moreover, an absolute moral right is given to destroy this absolute enemy. Since the dead cannot be killed, there is no moral guilt here. We remind you that the absolute enemy is a kind of resemblance to all known zombies and the walking dead. Here they are called White Walkers.

Everything happens not only on the screen. The problem of flows of unreasonable aggression is very ancient. The famous story of Cain and Abel. When Abel’s sacrifice in the form of a lamb was accepted by God, and Cain in the form of vegetables — not. Reasoning related to religion requires a lot of energy and special training. As well as exceptionally healthy psychotypes, they can talk about things relating to the higher levels of the human psyche without manifesting symptoms of mental illness. Therefore, we recall that reading the book of AHM and the use of other resources means the unconditional acceptance of an agreement on the use of the official website of AHM.

Each objective reader can ask himself a question: why not do with the minimum measures — carrots and potatoes. Sacrificed vegetables — and no problem. And killing an animal is cruel. Religion does not prohibit reasoning and thinking, on the contrary. But we analyze the historical situations in the framework of psychology in the books of the AHM. If we argue at the level of processes in the human psyche and models of social structure.

Streams of unreasonable aggression in people appear due to their illnesses and require implementation. In order to get contract hormones and restore temporarily neurobiochemical imbalance, they could cure their disease and get the necessary neuromolecules in other ways. But in those days there was no science of psychology. And the flows of aggression in people constantly passed on to other people. Mostly weaker and, of course, children.

This decision — to transfer the flows of aggression to innocent animals — had obvious disadvantages. Sorry for the animals. But it was not primitive and saved many people of that time from the most serious crimes of others, the motive of which were all the same symptoms with constant and temporary decreases in psychotypes. Symptoms in which the people around were not to blame. I remind you, we are talking about psychology not religious concepts. The values of this decision are not considered religiously.

The world is not perfect, but real. This method was given to very ancient people. It is important to understand the context. This story hit the pages of the AHM to show how important and ancient this issue is. Streams of aggression. They solved this problem throughout the history of mankind. And only today we can talk about this using a scientific approach.

Additions to the main classification of AHM


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