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Always believed in fate

She knew that it could not be otherwise

Evil will not lead to good,

And it is unlikely to bring good luck.

I always believed in dreams

And the ghost let me down,

Therefore, once you appeared,

On this day, I spent the fall.

I always believed in myself

In my mind, capabilities and powers,

It turned out I was going nowhere..

Absolutely obvious,


Yes, this meeting is absolutely not accidental.

We both knew how the date goes

And even tears are not excluded.

Beautiful you have not changed.

Yes, you are not so keen on that.

I love you for consistency.

And you often, I often dreamed of.

Today I do not see sleep until dawn,

I write, not noticing lines, cells.

Your breath inspires, do you believe?

This and all other questions you know the answers.

To me like a magnet pulled me

Trust justified, hopes not deceived,

Well, what are you doing with me?

Ah istanbul, ah istanbul!

Forget it.

Do not forget, but forget.

And stop stretching smile

And look away.

And do not count the minutes

And talk about pain.

And burst into tears. To emptiness.

And do not read funny horoscopes

For tomorrow. For today.

Do not rush.

And dream

Optional color.

And do not look for meaning in them.

And love the flowers,

Do not immerse them in water

On the machine.

And do not hope —

Know for sure.

And do not tempt fate.

Fall in love.

Just one word

And how much sense in it.

Hope in him so much

Confusion, timidity.

Moment of waiting like that

First time.

Happiness shrouded in fog

Not us.

Cherished word

Heal by prayer

Not a soul, it is not in place.

Unlikely to

Peace to find.

Just one word found


I love this town.

He sheltered me,

He did not demand to be chaste.

And I did not ask about the past

And did not teach

All sorts of everyday wisdom.

I love this town.

He let me go

Whenever I left away,

But then he accepted

Immediately forgive

I love this town,

He survived with me

The pain of loss, longing and betrayal.

Cured of you

And the rain washed away the tears.

He also really needs me..

City of Hearts

Triumphal arch after waving.

I will not forget your Eiffel Tower,

And the Versailles fairy palace.

I will not forget, as in the Cathedral of Notre Dame

I represented the tragedy of Hugo

And as she walked in the Champs-Elysées, in the fields

And he was full of quiche (pie).

I will not forget the Louvre, the grin of Mona Lisa.

Those pancakes with caramel syrup.

Avenue Montaigne, La Defense Quarter,

Dress Pompadour — the most charming Awnings.

Seem strong

To smile.

A hundred times fall.

A hundred times to climb.

Curse the fate.

Ask for forgiveness.


Stuck in humility.

And annoying to love

Then all of a sudden forget,

Then reproach how the beast howl

And in every way black everywhere.

Then cool


Be yourself

Blame yourself.

Do you still hope that you are safe from death?

What will not tear apart your dark soul devils?

What will escape the fate of Einstein, Dostoevsky, Vern?

What will you live forever?

To say that imperishable? A rock

Great Pyramids, Chinese Wall, Kremlin, Colosseum,

He does not burn in hell. He will not touch the time.

It is not stuffed with tubes, will not be placed inside the insulator,

He will not begin to restore the heart rhythm

With the help of a professional defibrillator.

He will not dig a hole filled with worms.

He will not be mourned with enthusiasm Yaroslavna.

They will be admired at all times, spend fabulous money,

Seeing again, again and again.

And you will go into the darkness, and the earth will block the way back.

They will not touch you, talk to you, cuddle.

Well, maybe they will remember it once, but not more.

What are they alive for the dead to kill?

Departing bus after

You look, reluctantly recognizing:

Just disappears life trace

Snow sweeps him on purpose.

Fragile snowflakes strive

Soar up again,

Do not stoop.

Stupid snowflakes you,

It is impossible to enjoy forever.

We are all guests of Mother Earth,

All leave, no one will remember us.

How many b, you blizzards, not broke,

Soon Spring will remind of itself.

I do not believe in UFOs,

In the apocalypse and in the spirits.

Maybe this is wonderful

Well, I do not believe and that’s it.

In Chupacabra I do not believe

And in the Loch Ness monster,

In the werewolf, the Witch, the Fairy,

And in the pirate treasure.

I am sure that there is no Mermaid,

No Yeti, no Zombies…

I do not believe in that horror life

I believe in real love


Tears swallow.

Know but

I still dream.

Rubber heart


Not a single knock.

Sleeps awake.

There is not enough air.

I do not live.

Terminate my moth.

Winter again

Blizzards again.

I see myself

What flew away

Birds to the south.

Not soon to return.

The time of those blizzards

What famously rush in

In life il fate.

Does it matter?

One thing is clear:

Winter again

Blizzards again.



Sobbing in bed

Night without sleep, My dream is close to me

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