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In this book we will talk about the basic laws of money.

This is the foundation on which everything is built, without which you will not have a complete understanding of how everything that you do works.

We read, and quickly implement. Go!!

Technology of changing the money limit

In 2013 I worked as a sales manager. Then I noticed the following regularity: whatever I did, my income was about 2 000 $ per month. Sometimes one thousand more, sometimes 1000 $ less. When I wanted to change the situation, I worked harder at times. But instead of a heap of money, which I imagined, I received about 3 000 $.

If, however, I relaxed and worked all the time through my sleeves for a month, then I got 2000 $. This “limit” was throughout the year, after which a breakthrough happened. My earnings grew 2 times.

If you look at this “breakthrough” now, it seems random. When I had the first doubling of money in my life, I did not notice any technology. Yes, then I applied the first techniques of monetary thinking. But I was such a skeptic that I did not pay attention to it. My reasoning was: “I worked, and I just deserved it.”

For the next six months, my income was 4 — 6 thousand. And the situation repeated. Whatever I did, I could not change this situation very much. And only then did I begin to understand. I can not earn more because some thoughts are missing and some thoughts are excess.

This was the beginning of my rapid growth. At the moment, I am the creator of technology for financial growth. By the end of 2018, 63 731 people had taken my training.

It turned into a little paranoia. When during 2 months my income does not grow, I immediately raise panic and run to use the tools of this technology.

At this point, all that remains is to do what you like and wait until you reach the limit. There is always an increase in income behind the limit.

The technology consists of three stages:

1. Tracking the financial limit. You have to understand that you have a limit and you do not like it.

2. Work with your thoughts. It is written below, how to work with your thoughts

3. Active earning money. This phase ends with a new financial limit, only the figures are greater.

Every step of the technology has its own tools. There are many nuances in the transition from stage to stage.

Thoughts that prevent you from earning more

If you can not increase your income for a long time, then you have come across your money limit. Every person has it, the only question is the number.

Someone has a limit of 5000 dollars, someone has 20 000, someone has a million dollars. From my experience, I say that the limit of 5000 and 20 000 are two completely different limits. There is not enough money for 5000 limit and 20 000 limit. Only a lack of money at 5000 is not as critical as a lack of money at 500. The question is in the comfort level.

Somehow, for one of the job interviews, a girl came to us. To the question “How much would you like to earn?” she seriously answered: “I used to earn 300 dollars, so 350 dollars would be enough for me.” With that, until then, she stayed normal, this answer completely deprived her of her chances of working with us.

If a person considers real to earn only 350 dollars, then he will earn these 350. So the person will not find any strategies for making 1000. And vice versa. If, for example, I am offered a good job, with a salary 3000 per month, I politely refuse. As additional earnings — yes, as the main — no. It’s much lower than my limit. A person sees only such options for earning, which allow him to make his cash limit.

Take even this girl. She wanted to get a job at our company, where only the overhead part was 700$, which was 2 times more than her limit. She could not have sustained so much money.

Our limit shapes our beliefs. I will list some of my thoughts that previously limited me. To make it clear on a concrete example, what limiting beliefs look like.

If among them there is something that is relevant to you, then you are lucky, now you know what thoughts prevent you from getting more money. Further all these thoughts will need to “work through”. It means changing thoughts through the techniques of changing thinking.

Amendment: below I will use the word “a lot”. A lot means everything that is above the money limit of a particular person.

1. I’m too young to make a lot of money.

The society implements the belief that while we are young, we need to learn, not earn money. Consequence of persuasion: money will appear when you will already approaching old age.

2. If I have a lot of money, it will threaten my life.

This fear is also being introduced by society and caring relatives. And also it is introduced by the news on TV, where one was shot, the second was robbed, the third was shot and robbed.

Preobrazhensky: For God’s sake — do not read Soviet newspapers before dinner.

Bormental: Um… Why, there are no others.

Preobrazhensky: Do not read any of them.

3. To earn a lot of money, you need to work hard.

People for some reason think that the increase in money in their pocket depends on the increase in the number of actions that they are currently committing. Then rich people should not know sleep and rest. But this is not so.

4. I’m not cool enough to make a lot of money.

Or a similar belief, in which the amount of money depends on the amount of confidence or on some other internal state.

I do not remember the rest of the beliefs, because I destroyed them. I remember these, because the destruction of these beliefs was associated with interesting stories.

Persuasion always consists of two parts, where in the first part we have facts like “I earn little money,” and in the second one, answering the question “Why?” “Because I’m too young.”

To find the conviction that forms your limit, you need to find this very limit. For example, it was discovered that your limit is 5000 dollars. After that, you ask yourself the question: “What prevents me from earning more?” (in our example, “What prevents me from earning 10000? 15000? 100 000?). The answer to this question will be the second part of persuasion.The first thing you have is your fact about the limit of 5000. It turns out, roughly: “I have a limit of 5000, because earning more is dangerous.”

Destruction of negative beliefs. Destruction of the financial limit

I hope you have already understood what kind of thoughts you create in your financial limit. To begin with, I’ll explain about the intermediate stage. How to understand that this is exactly the belief that hinders you, and not just a set of words.

1. It causes you some kind of emotion: fear, anger, sadness, contempt or something else.

2. You try to justify yourself and prove that the belief is right.

Exercise to identify beliefs is better done in pairs. You alone can not always track what is happening to you.

The next stage is the destruction of persuasion. One of the ways is the Dilts language focus. Yes, this method is complicated. Easy ways are on our paid training. Start with at least the language focus.

There are 14 language focuses

Your task:

a) find a partner

b) tell him the limiting belief

c) give him a list of all the the language focuses

d) make sure that he uses all 14 language focuses on the list until you find one of the criteria described below. If it did not work out, let it start again.

Criterias of belief destruction:

a) The state of confusion

b) Tears

c) Laughter

d) Relaxation in the body

e) Feeling of ease, liberation

f) The feeling that you have lived up to this point in delusion


Restricting belief: I earn less than 1000, because it’s difficult to make money.

[Language focus] — [an example of applying the focus of a language to a limiting belief].

1. The model of the world is difficult in a war where there is a question of survival. The rest is children’s toys.

2. Overdetermination — more precisely, it is not difficult, but interesting. Simple tasks to solve are boring, complex — interesting.

3. Metafram — it used to be difficult, now even children earn.

4. Counterexample — have you ever found money? Or maybe you were given money? Was it difficult?

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