Abandoned psychiatric hospital

Бесплатный фрагмент - Abandoned psychiatric hospital

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It was a gloomy morning. The clouds were gray and heavy. A cold wind blew, slightly rustling with maple leaves. Autumn was late this year. The ground was cold and moist, gray-black rotten leaves covered the ground.

On the hill of St. Mary, stood an old abandoned psychiatric hospital. Large stone building made of white brick. Large windows had massive bars to prevent patients from escaping from there.

“This hospital is damned, there was too much pain and blood was spilled,” Timm Cold told me when his brother used to work honey there. I met Timm through his son Willy, and he blogged on the Internet about Otto Simion Closed Psychiatric Hospital. There he talked about the treatment methods of Dr. Simion. And what now happened to this hospital fifty years after the murder of Dr. Simion. From what he told me, it was true, since my school years, I loved mysticism and everything connected with it. I traveled around the cities a lot in search of an inexplicable and now I found a mysterious abandoned hospital, how many secrets and mysteries in it. But I decided not to go alone, on the way I will take my friends. Adventurers like me.

It is waiting for its moment. To lurk in the darkest corners of our subconscious. Something dark and scary.

From the history of the hospital:

— Dr. Simion, patient Berker lies on the operating table, the tools are ready.

“Good, Sister Wills.”

Vincent Berker has been in the hospital for six months, he has schizophrenia. Berker’s drawings are the world that he sees. That otherworldly reality that can only be reached under the influence of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs. Otto Simion practices lobotomy; with it, patient behavior changes. Simion has more than 1000 experiments on patients. The experiments were very different from circumcision and sewing on body parts to lobotomy.

November 25, 1963.

Timm Cold gave me the diary of Dr. Otto Simion, as it turned out Dr. Simion was the son of the doctor of the Nazi Germany concentration camp, Hans Simion. His father conducted experiments on people prisoners in a concentration camp. The experiments were cruel.

From the diary of Otto S.

April 14, 1960. My first patient. Young girl of 20 years Marta Shuvarbaum. Diagnosis: Acute psychosis.

This disease she appeared as a result of psychological trauma, she was raped by her boyfriend’s friends. Her parents found her in a bathroom with cut veins, but managed to save her. And sent to a psychiatric hospital. Martha is a very beautiful girl.


But they waited, and a tormented life, when he was here.

Their voices are heard everywhere, there are no boundaries in time.

But then there he is, doctor Simion.

He is waiting for other survivors.

We three friends, Linda, George and I, Alexander. Today evening we will arrive at the appointed place, at the bus station. There we will have to wait for the bus. Where we’re headed, will not go even the bravest people. One. Night. It’s a mental hospital, Otto Simion, according to local residents in the hospital Windows lit the light, and heard the screams. How can light if there is no electricity. Noticed and odd balls, and a round white hanging above the Windows of the hospital, they say it’s ball lightning, but I don’t. Legends about the hospital go a lot, even sometimes, people disappear. Say, Dr. Simion took it to himself to continue his experiments.

— Alex did you read the diary of a doctor, is there any torture described, which were carried out in concentration camps? — asked Linda.

— Yes, I read his father was a doctor in the SS camp, he taught the son of such things, ' I replied. Torture that he describes is no worse torture in the concentration camp.

— Have you heard that his spirit continues experiments. — asked George.

— Ahahaha, George don’t make me laugh, how he can continue to experiment if he was dead, I thought — “And if he is not dead, but alive”

It took not much time, soon you all went out. The hospital I noticed immediately, as all overgrown with trees.

The sun was approaching sunset, it was getting dark. Not a great trail we found immediately, it was obvious that someone went but seldom. We went.

…Dr. Simion, someone’s coming, look out the window — said the sister tila.

— New patients, tila, now is on whom to experiment. Otto went to the window and looked out. The path was 2 guys and one girl. The girl was similar to the first patient March Otto.

Thila, prepare the tools and medication to treat will not, will immediately operate, — ordered Dr. Simion, tila. — Oh, Martha, you’re back, how long have I waited your return. thought Otto.

In the spring of 1961 Mar hanged, as no one knows, but she has managed clothes to make a rope. March was the first love Otto. Otto wanted to help her, but not as much as all with the help of psychotherapy. The skin on the hand she gnawed with his teeth and dipping his finger in blood flow wrote. On the wall of Mar wrote with his blood:


When Otto found out about it, he felt despair and pain.

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