A scary story about the New Year

Бесплатный фрагмент - A scary story about the New Year

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I’ll tell you a scary, scary story about the New Year.

Chapter 1

I went to the forest on December 31 at 22.00.

First I went for a long time on the train, and then on the local diesel train.

First, the train reached the Railway station.

And I went out into the cold.

Masked strangers are terrifying.

Here it is the former Obiralovka station.

Here a beautiful girl Anna Karenina threw herself under the train.

I’m waiting for the next train.

And here I am.

I get out of the train car.

I got out at a small station.

It was a dark night.

Only the red crossing lights and the swaying lanterns in the strong wind illuminated my path into

the dark, dark forest.


Chapter 2

A snow-covered road stretching away into the distance, a

dark, dark night,

wooden wooden fences saw

off a lone traveler.

Into the dark dark forest

An owl screamed wildly and wolves


Frost and

a strong headwind prevented me from finding my way.

I wandered for a long time in the night and got out to the sign “20”.

What luck..

But what’s the point?

From the sign went along the track of an abandoned railway,

when the last train passed here?

Not a soul,


howling wolves,

another sign-apparently 10 km left,

a white ghost appeared.

This is all I needed at 2 am… will I

get there??

Suddenly I saw a small black dot on the road.

As I approached, a large black dog was looking at me, shivering from

the cold.

Her eyes were blazing red.


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