A bunch of short verses

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I am Alexander Glukhov. My nom de plume is Leonardo.


Thee shot an arrow into the broken heart

To who you’ll send my amatory message

Thy carnal essence languishes in drought

Thine entity is yearning thoroughly for love

A host of lusty spirits swept into your ache

They will never return but it is only the play

Through victorious odour, scent his leas

And e’en more interesting speaking with…

Thoughtless by nature, will I wanna to be

Like a wildest savage with vigor and vim

Sweet lust is so sweetest on attic on high

Good morrow came… shall I do it with sorrow

To plough on through spanking clouds

One heart’s love seldom needs your void

Amongst thy beauty foliage expansion

I am quite weak but I’m so that is that

Dead not twitter — bird — I’ve seen on path

“tis only ebony — goeth overwhelmingly into

Thru darkness we will fly into the blue

He who — you, my lone, my secret benefactor

Alexander Glukhov. Leonardo Medichi (self-portrait).

In doubt… — whether I shall… wait

By love, by night, by sea we’ll steer ship

And waived immunity in order fall in art

There is an affair d’amour — a vale of woe

Not one… amongst the host of dreamers

Such poignant scent is kissing hand to me

And overwhelming happiness and glee

Thine breeze yet whispering inside of me

Against the wanton principles of soul

A lot of times we wanna be obey

And thinking deeply through the gale

And speaking silently all day…

Let nature be your man against your wish

Upon my heart — I see the only flower on Earth

Such deep attachment — I am living yet

At once do touch your destiny with me

My humble hut — without Thee

Be bold as brass and devil lurks behind

In cloudland we will be dream apart

A native club of cock-and-hen-on mind

I’ll throw myself on knees before Your essence

However… time was fled away to bliss

And stay away in arms of Morpheus forever

For often in the rain I miss you so much

Among the living-wild-wicked beasts

I’ve had a dream of many sweetest lovers

Put on red cap — with only nature’s garb

Yet I am free — don’t care human hubris

We’ve never to be cuddled up together

The fittest creatures only live

I shall see blue light — through the distance

Sometimes we kiss, we love, we — thieves

All nights as such as this he sleeps

There are much poppies often grow

Thee so young — you are the best

We wanna cuddle up together — lone…

In vain cursed-gypsy woman came

Through tangled art her spells away

My truthful friends are breeze and blue

But they forbid them go through

These ancient deeds completely stuck in you

Yet vicious mind — such beauty with affection

The swollen buds in every spring

Thine brilliant sun in lust vertigo…

The past away — into the nothingness directly

We’ll go for a stroll at dawn

Yet breeze is gone away forever

As if the snowdrops in children’s dream

Excessively handsome and so much beauty

And I hide tears from the light

You’ve been forgotten in the days of yore

Me gimcrack sepulture forsaken

To Prague with you I’ll walk on foot

Left all — we shall be lucky beggars

To feed each other every meal

Look at the stars together… pleasure

I don’t speak French inside night dream

Thru depth of darkness in the land of Nod

Blue roses live — without any thorn

A host of shamrocks only at my feet

One of the handwritten pages of this collection of verses. The initial version.

Not see me at all through vertigo dancing

Thy thoughts are floating thru storm

But both of us are naughty-frenzied gale

I wander as breeze like lovely reverie

No passing when it’s raining for so long

The lone path is going on and on

Through wild mind — via vicious temper

I doubt that you very wistful man…

As long as light in you — without way

I try endure being far away from you

Such miserable hope — I see you

But yet I am I am with you…

Outwardly I am calm and wild and strange

Pro tempore yet indwelling in our lives

I wanna save the vital spark myself

At once they see ignes fatui dancing

None so cute as you amongst ashes

To whom… thou blowest smoke rings

From now on I always thank so muchly

But deadly time bid both of us — adieu

Meanwhile I am stately strolling into…

Lethargy of thought — so many simple joys

I shall be striding over trees and fields

And always get inhale and exhale much

Onward into the dream to land of Nod

And every night I want to walk abroad

Beneath the never-ending blue

He has been hibernating on with you

By pristine law Thee heart — in Art

Cold kiss is colder than the icy air

In arms of Morpheus we’ll sleep again

My thoughts still wanton in the gale

Yet must I fathom out… thee for myself

Insomuch that the sooth inside of me

And keep the deepest thoughts within

And glad — that I’m bewitched by you

I stately way — he goes far away…

But silver water flows in the broken veins

I hear lone breeze… still blowing

And stunning vaulted blue — above…

Thy longest light grew less and less

Through only solitary bliss with you

By tryly luck which had been hidden

But I am fathom deep in love till death

Next time we shall be playing for a love

We shall be flying over sea so high

His ship was seen arriving to my sleep

We shall be standing in the nature’s garb

Nay, I still live and lovely dancing

And badly hear — music conversation

She always sees the ship approaching

The empty path amongst the icy trees

Let’s speak of something very lovely

On the lone beach — between two days

Your moon and sun I see no more

And both of us are fleetly itching for a love

Aye… I wander into dream in hermitage

One tiny kiss can make you strange

Yet stranger than the rest in rainy breeze

Too yeasty waves are drifting into heart

Alexander Glukhov. Monochrome of the memories.

I’ll talk to you with cap of tea apart — so far

The vastness blue above I lie on beauty

And stars are looking straight at thee

Through azure ether — there are no pains

A lot of lights are flickering into the blue

Inside the pure morning air — only bliss

And magic beatitude I feel in lone breeze

Through azure sky we’ll sleeping sweetly

How world goes through the rolling clouds

Qui vive?…I wanna see a blue within a dark

Thru freshness of a green alone — Sun

Why dew of youth is lurking in the blood

Over and over again a hope I have seen

That drifts along on sparkling Milky Way

There will be neither passion nor a glee

The only truth is blue above… and Thee

When asked, I answered nay in vain

But… smouldering embers shall be a flame

Either quick do it at once or — draw away

A host of many bitterly wept in of yore

For luck he’ll take it — for better or for worse

Why rude awakening inside your heart

I won’t depart this luscious life again

Into the latent-heathen shelter I’ll run

In very deed we ride hell for leather

But they usually say — flesh for the morrow

In order to get into mess by midnight

In troth but she falls in and out of love

My idol is the skin… and bones

So mote it be in frenzied deeds

Put heart in motion for passion

Do dash it hard to smithereens

As if in graveyard dwelling throes

Yet no waking reveries and wailing dreams

Yet very lamentable music in my mind

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