50 revelations about social networks

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You make yourself hot tea. You open your laptop. You get in touch. You open a personal. You read: “I invite you to visit my page and leave your mark on it, and I am already laced up my shoes to run to yours” … you clean a laptop drenched in tea :)


Whatever social network you visit, I want to say hello to those who go to work on the Internet and want to hire me. Guys, move on :)


You open a contact. Go to the settings. You are setting a birthday for today. You repeat the procedure every day. And every time almost the same users congratulate you… it’s Groundhog Day :)


Comedians, as always, anneal! This is what the message means: “I invite you to like the posts, and when I’m dressing up and with a cake, I’m going to visit you to get a bunch of likes”?. . facepalm, guys :)


You open your laptop. You go to the social network: “classmates”. You are reading a PM… and you just want to send some users to hell who fill the PM with verbal.. creative :)


Smartphone. Kontact. You open your account and… you see a bunch of unread messages. In dozens of conversations. You don’t understand: what it is, and why… it seems it’s time to go into the privacy settings :)


Hot tea. Notebook. Facebook. I read personal messages. I see a lot of spam about offers to make money… I answer that I dreamed about it all my life: go to the forest, good luck businessmen :)


Vkontakte. You see a friendship proposal. You approve. After about 5 minutes, you receive a lot of messages from a new “friend” who asks to see one small document, because you have a legal education… sighing, you answer him that we are even from different countries: what other document to see?.. In response, you will receive a message that you are a lawyer and will be blacklisted… miracles :)


Creativity is the engine of progress. If you really like writing in classmates, then you can put “class”. In contact — “like”. And what if you really liked the material?.. Then you can put “school” in classmates, and “husky” in contact. It turns out that if the material is not interesting, then we put, respectively, “kindergarten” or “spitz” :)


Typically, a social media avatar is the opposite of a passport photo. Apparently it’s time to start providing a new service: printing a passport photo from an avatar :)


What you can’t do for the sake of lot of likes: you can create many communities, and repost posts from your wall in them. You can still spam at your leisure in order to get a ban later, and not do nonsense for a week :)


You put postponed notes for a month in advance. In order not to go online this month. In the evening of the same day, you catch yourself scrolling through comments on your posts :)


Watched the movie “Call” at night looking. Went to sleep. I went a"classmates” from a smartphone, and there “Atskaya necromancer” came to my page… I turn on the light. I’m to drink tea :)


Musi-pusi. These are typical comments to a photo of one of the fair sex users who sent me a friend request. I approve. A minute later I receive a personal message: “Hi. Beautiful photo. Let’s get acquainted? “… I ignore. A few more minutes later: “Are you here? I’m all on fire”… another message:" Sorry. T9. I’m already on fire. What are you doing? “… blacklisted out :)


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