40 poses for an unforgettable sex

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Secrets of the best sex poses

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The best poses are those in which you are comfortable and in which at least one of the partners receives an orgasm. There are a few of the most common poses that are the best, as they fit almost everyone and they have worldwide recognition.

Why search for diversity? Yes, because monotonous, monotonous sex bored the same way as the most delicious soup after 2 weeks of daily eating. So if you want to extend your sex life with your loved one, move from ordinary standard (let’s say the best) poses to something unusual, unusual, new and better.

Pose 1. Greetings from Pisa

The name of this pose has something to do with the name of the famous Italian city. The position of the man who, being clasped by the attracting female legs, leans forward slightly, played a role in determining the name, thus recalling the Italian architectural monument — the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

For many centuries, one of the most famous towers in the world, one that is in the small Italian town of Pisa, falls. Millions of tourists from all over the world flock to this place every year to admire the spectacle of the world’s slowest fall. By the way, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is often compared with the male sexual organ, phallus. One of the most recent examples of this is the highly acclaimed MTV commercial, in which the tower, at the sight of a girl passing by, instantly straightens, symbolizing the phallus in a state of erection.

The pose «Hello from Pisa» has much in common with the previous pose. It seems to be its continuation. Only a woman performs a more active role here. As in the previous time, the woman lies across the bed. But this time, her legs are not only parted and elevated, but also clasp the man standing in front of her. Although it is not necessary for a woman to lie on the bed. With the same success it can be a desk, and a chest of drawers standing in the corridor, or maybe some other piece of furniture that is comfortable for making love in such a position. The environment in sex is not the most important thing, but it often determines the atmosphere that prevails during sexual intercourse between lovers, and adds new, stronger sensations that the partners feel even physically. Therefore, the choice of a place on which you make love, depends entirely on your fantasies, and on those feelings that you want to receive.

A man, standing in front of a woman lying across a bed, enters her phallus into her vagina. Embracing the partner with his feet, the woman tilts his body slightly in his direction, and then the lovers begin to make frictions.

At the moment of orgasm, the speed of movement increases. The woman during each friction lifts her hips, as if trying to get up. A man helps her in this, holding her hands behind her buttocks.

Posture 2. Knee-bent

Many couples in love chose this position for their amorous pleasures when a man and a woman are on their knees. Only the man is on the floor, and the woman is on the bed. Naturally, in this position the height of the bed should be small — otherwise a man’s phallus may simply not reach the partner’s vagina — well, the height of the man, respectively — high.

Standing with the knees on the edge of the bed, the woman should spread her legs very wide. First, it compensates for the difference in height, and secondly, it will allow more easily penetrate the penis into the vagina. The man is kneeling on the floor behind the woman. Being in a similar position, the partner’s body is located between the female legs.

Before going directly to the sexual act, the partners play a small prelude, during which the man excites the woman who is in the starting position. The partner, laying his head on the edge of the bed face up, so that she is between the legs of a woman, caresses her tongue with her crotch. The hands of the man in this position lie on the hips of the partner.

Kunilingus, as well as anilingus, are the ideal preludes for this pose. In addition to the above option, the way in which the partner sits on the floor on the buttocks or squatting (as it will be more convenient) is also good, and stimulates the woman’s vagina or anus, facing her buttocks.

If your house does not have low beds, and the partner does not have the growth of a basketball superstar, and it turns out to be below the bed level, and he can not get to the vagina, then do it differently. Let the partner, with her legs wide apart, kneel on the edge of the table, and the partner, go into it from behind, kneeling on a pre-arranged chair.

In this case, partners need to achieve maximum sustainability. The height at which the partners are located is large enough, and overly active frictions, during sexual intercourse in this position are undesirable, then more gentle and slow movements are more acceptable. That’s why the kneeling position is recommended as the first or intermediate for making love.

Poster 3. Gift

The next pose, «Gift», is a modification of the previous one, 62 poses. Based on the name, we can assume that in this position one of the partners makes a gift to another. And indeed, the pleasure of a woman, obtained from making love in this way is not comparable to anything, and a man choosing this position for pleasure, as if making his partner a gift.

A partner who «receives a gift» will feel herself at the highest point of bliss if a prelude is added to the most sexual act, in which a man with his caresses will give the woman even more pleasure. Since this position very much resembles «kneeling», then the prelude for it will strongly resemble the one that was already in 62 pose.

And before you start a sexual act, a man excites his partner with the help of oral caresses. When the woman is ready for the very intercourse, the partner again rises to her knees and inserts her phallus into her vagina. This time the man leans forward, as if merging his chest with the back of the partner. The woman’s hands rest on the bed. The man at the same time holds his partner in the waist with one hand, and the second — stimulates her clitoris.

The lips of the man remain free. Meanwhile, this powerful sexual weapon also needs to be used. Therefore, kisses of the neck, shoulder and back of the woman will be the perfect complement to the position, the very name of which implies an extraordinary pleasure, given to a man by his partner.

As in the previous position, partners can replace the bed on a table and chair. In this position, as well as in the previous movement, the partners should be leisurely and gentle. The pose is recommended for the beginning of sexual intercourse.

Pose 4. Sleeping Beauty

Do you remember the tale of a sleeping beauty? Poisoned by an evil sorceress, she slept for a long time, until the beautiful prince finally came and spoiled her. Do you remember how he did it? Well, of course, he kissed me!

This beautiful old fairy tale gave the name to this sexual position, in which the partner plays the role of prince, and partner — a sleeping beauty. Only this time the matter will not be limited to kisses and the story will continue. Although, of course, kissing is also an indispensable part in lovemaking and without them there is not a single sexual act, much less this one.

As in previous positions, the woman kneels on the edge of the bed. At the same time, her legs are widely spaced, and the crotch so craves for men’s kisses. The woman bends forward, puts her head on the pillow, and bends her elbows on the bed. Sleep, of course, in this position is uncomfortable, but let the partner introduce his beloved sweetly asleep, and try, bringing to orgasm, wake her up.

The prelude will be the kisses of a man covering the whole body of his lady, excluding intimate places. Inseparable from the kisses, the man slowly and gently stimulates the woman’s clitoris. When the partner is ready to go directly to the most sexual act, her partner, playing the beautiful prince, gets up behind her sleeping beauty to the floor, and introduces the phallus into the vagina.

Holding the woman by the hips, the partner starts to move. Although the scenario beauty and is in a state of deep sleep, this does not mean that she can rest, and all the «work» is entirely on the partner. No. It should be no less active than it always is.

The ending of a fairy tale is the awakening of a sleeping beauty. This moment coincides with orgasm, and the woman, brought by her partner to the highest point of enjoyment, opens her eyes and wakes up.

Pose 5. «Well, wait!»

If the name of the previous pose conjures up in our imagination an analogy with a fairy tale, this time the pose makes us remember the heroes of the most popular domestic animated series «Well, wait!».

The position «Well, wait!» Is a modification of 64 poses. Just like in her, the woman stands on the edge of the bed on her knees, with legs wide apart, resting her arms bent in the elbows on the bed and putting her head on the pillow. As in previous positions, an active role during the prelude belongs to the man. Remaining initially in a free position, he caresses the language and hands of the woman’s body, awakening in her desire and preparing her thus for sexual intercourse.

At the end of the prelude, the man again stands on the floor behind the partner. But this time, he does it so that his legs, as well as the woman’s, widely spaced, merge into a single whole with the legs of the partner. He enters her phallus into her vagina and starts moving.

This position allows to achieve the effect of free rotation of the phallus. Therefore, the movements made by partners can occur not only back and forth, but also up and down, as well as right-left. In addition, this position is very convenient for the sexual partner to make circular movements.

As for the place suitable for making love in the pose «Well, wait!», It is not limited to just one bed. It is also very good to do this also, for example, on a coffee table, which in its height does not differ much from the bed, but at the expense of its instability, adds partners additional sensations. Just try not to fall off this table, otherwise instead of fun you will earn yourself a few bruises.

Pose 6. The Power of Invasion

Love game implies not only tenderness and affection from partners in relation to each other. It is also a rivalry of two principles, male and female. As a representative of the stronger sex, a man tries to conquer his beloved, to take possession of her. And not always for this, careful actions of the partner in relation to his lady are needed. Sometimes the bed is more like a battlefield, full of rivalry soldiers eager to win the battle.

This position will allow partners to show all the strength of their temperaments, all the feelings that live in them. This is indicated by the name of the position in which the man shows his partner all the strength of the emotions accumulated in him, confidently and without hesitation interfering with the female flesh. Thus, he emphasizes his role as a leader in this sexual act in particular, and in life in general.

Of course, the prelude to such sex is action, also devoid of sentimentality and tenderness. This, as before, will be oral sex, but the emotions accompanying him will be radically different from those that were in preludes before. The pose for foreplay will also be very exotic, a sort of variant 69, but not horizontal, but in an upright position. Gather in the spirit, dear ladies, you have to face your head. True, you are unlikely to face a drop, because your body should be in reliable male hands. The emphasis should not be on the head, but on the arms bent in the elbows. Otherwise, head movements during felation will be impossible. A woman stands upside down on the edge of the bed, and her legs are lowered on the shoulders of a nearby man.

Taking this position, a man passionately invades the tongue in the crotch of his partner, who, in turn, takes the head of the phallus into his mouth.

After that, the partners go directly to the position itself. The woman rises on the bed on all fours so that her knees are on the edge, and the shins are hanging from the bed. Behind the floor is a man, and, passing his hands between the legs of the partner, reaches them by her waist. Grabbing his partner’s waist with his hands, the man implements his penis into the vagina.

Passionate rhythmic movements bring partners to the state of orgasm, at the moment of which a man with a strong impulse draws to the waist the body of a woman.

Pose 7. Oriental tree

The title of this posture does not at all imply your trip to the Near or Far East, in search of some special tree on which lovers will perform an act of bodily love. Directly to the tree, with branches and leaves, this position has no direct relationship.

Most sexual poses came to us from the ancient east. This position also has eastern roots. The man this time acts as a tree, on which a woman climbs. The body of a man is the trunk of this tree. This trunk of the partner wraps around with legs and hands.

But in the beginning, lovers lie in bed. After the kisses, the partner sits astride the woman’s head and enters her phallus into her mouth. At this moment the man’s face is directed towards the feet of the woman. During the fallacy, a man massages his fingers with a woman’s breast. Leaning forward, he caresses his partner’s nipples with his tongue.

After the foreplay, lovers turn to sexual intercourse. The partner continues to lie on her back, and the man, standing on the floor, spreads her legs and inserts her phallus into the vagina. The woman wraps her legs around the partner’s body, crossing them behind his back.

The man hugs his partner for the buttocks and picks him up from the bed. She wraps her arms around his body and starts moving. In order to do each of the movements, the partner, pushing her legs and pulling herself up on her hands, lifts a little, which creates the illusion of trying to climb a woman through the tree trunk.

Naturally, the top of the trunk of a woman and will not get. But the lady can easily be on the very top of bliss, fully feel that at the time of orgasm.

Pose 8. The mystery of green shrubs

Very common posture while standing. A woman, standing on the floor, leans forward, legs wide apart, hands on her knees. The man enters the woman from behind. Then, for stability, he hugs the woman’s waist with his hands.

This position is very common. Especially popular was due to the fact that it is most convenient for having sex on the street, in public places. There, where from walking passers-by they separate only small thickets of bushes.

Places that are usually chosen by lovers for making love standing, as a rule, are not adapted for sex in other positions. For the most part, they are all kinds of parks and squares, abundantly endowed with live covers — bushes and trees. And in parks, of course, in a lying or sitting position, without using the shops located along the tracks, it is not very convenient to produce sexual intercourse. You can get dirty in the ground. So we have to dwell on standing positions.

Despite all the compulsion of positions in which both partners stand on their feet, the feelings of such sex are not less than the lovers. Rather, on the contrary, these feelings are doubled and even tripled. In addition, the increase in sensations is due to the fact that adrenaline rushes in the blood, due to the fact that at any time partners can see someone from outsiders, accidentally wandered over the bushes for their needs. And the adrenaline, for making love in such conditions, plays far from the last role.

In addition, such positions are very popular among young couples in love, as well as changing their spouses, that is, those people who sometimes have no place to retire.

So, let’s imagine that you are alone in the park. Around — the voices of people and the noise of cars. The partner, standing on the ground, leans forward. Her legs are quite wide apart, and her hands rest on her knees. The latter is necessary for the emphasis, which in the standing position is necessary, due to the instability of the partners. As an emphasis, it is not necessary to use only the knees. If in the place where you decided to make love grows a tree, it will be no less convenient if a woman wraps her arms around his trunk.

The man in this position stands behind, and, again for greater stability, holds the woman with both hands at the waist or behind the hips. During frictions, try not to make loud noises. They can expose you, and you will gain unwanted witnesses for your contact.

Pose 9. Bodyguard

This position is a modification of the pose 67 «Oriental tree». But this time, the man does not appear in the image of the soulless trunk of this tree, but in the role of a defender, protecting the woman from her back from dangers.

You can start with a light relaxing massage on the woman’s stomach. «To direct bones», making too intensive movements by hands, it is not necessary. It is enough to limit yourself to soft stroking. Then the massage begins to acquire an erotic character, gradually exciting the partner.

After a brief lask, the man spreads his partner’s legs, and lies down on her back, introducing a phallus into the vagina at that time. Partners begin to move forward-backward. Without looking up from them, the man rises, not letting go of the woman.

As a result, lovers find themselves in a standing position. The partner does not need to hold the partner by hand, they are released in order to stimulate the woman’s breasts and clitoris.

This bodyguard is for a woman not only a defender, but also a servant, fulfilling any whims of her mistress. Stimulation with the fingers of the main erogenous points of the woman leads to a significant increase in the sensations it receives. And double, and maybe triple stimulation of female erogenous zones will lead the partner to the very peak of bliss, will lead to ecstasy.

Pose 10. Hare love

A woman in a pose «on all fours.» A man, kneeling from behind, introduces a penis into the woman’s vagina and clasps the partner’s buttocks with his feet.


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