3 Months before the New Year

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I decided to publish a book, probably the time has come. A huge thank you to my loved ones, the followers on Twitter who were really waiting for her to come out, and the fate that we try to believe in when everything goes wrong.

The format of this book turned out to be unusual, I don’t like huge stories with the same storyline. I wanted to come up with a fairy tale for adults, with the same naive reflections, thoughts, to make you remember what you were like and how you used to celebrate Christmas or New Year. Unfortunately, many of us have already forgotten the feelings from childhood. A few facts: sitting at the computer, I came up with the names of the characters and when I came up with them, I Googled them. «Noel» is translated from French as «Christmas». A strange coincidence. When I wrote the first story, I felt that it would not be possible to finish it without tears.

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Let’s start our journey?

Fairy tales

My dear ones, this chapter contains fairy tales for us, adults who remember their wonderful childhood and do not get tired of believing in a miracle. Some fairy tales are funny and seem very childish, but I want everyone to feel like that little child on New Year’s Eve, surround themselves with parents or their own children and just love… Some of the fairy tales, such as «Three months before the New Year» or «The One who lives in the attic», are suitable for reading with children.

Have a nice adventure!

Dreamy Noel

You have to remember that everything is not eternal…

At the end of the day, when I ran out of energy, I walked home with a confident step. The feeling of stress was beating in my chest, I wanted to catch my breath, take a pause, but my brain did not let go of thinking about all the things that I had to do, about all the meetings, plans. I felt like a marathon runner who once started, but never reached the finish line.

People are running towards me, losing my way: sullen and tired faces, who, like me, are closed in their own thoughts, experiences. The metropolis smells of emptiness and cold. These streets are tired of seeing indifference, probably every house has turned into a memory card: conversations, we are up at exactly six in the morning, television programs in the evenings. That would be a chance… Why did I become so alienated? I tried to keep up and ran at the same pace with everyone.

«Come on!» said a sullen man in a very old coat, rushing to the grocery store with a whole box of fragrant oranges. I sped up.

My gaze focused on what was happening ahead: small snowflakes began to swirler in a beautiful waltz, descending on the branches of trees, as if someone wanted to spoil this dull day. It turned out that the miracle we knew from childhood had been floating in the clouds for a long time and melting, falling on the palm of your hand. The city gets prettier. The harsh sounds were getting quieter, I no longer wanted to go home.

In one of the yards, I noticed a bench. «You need to take a break,» I thought and pulled out a sandwich from my briefcase that I planned to eat at lunchtime. It was already the other side of the city: without people, bustle and shrouded in silence. It was so dark that I could barely make out the silhouettes in the distance, which were illuminated by a lone lantern standing in the heart of the street, already completely covered with snow.

«A beautiful day, isn’t it?» Someone said in a very kind voice. I turned around and saw an elderly janitor coming down the steps with a broom in his hands.

I hurried quickly chewing on the sandwich but man continued to speak

«Another great reason for happiness!» The janitor enthusiastically quoted.

«Why the reason for happiness? What makes you happy?»

«There are a lot of reasons, we just don’t notice them. Everyone is running, in a hurry, turning into blind kittens. People shut themselves off from all the miracles that happen nearby.»


«Yes, miracles, but what surprised you so much?»

«Miracles exist only in fairy tales for children, they are always very beautiful, colorful. Gifts packed in a beautiful wrapper, a festive tree.»

Have you ever wondered who created this happiness for you?

«Santa Claus?»

«People close to you. Becoming older, we somehow stop believing in a fairy tale, and at the same time we cease to understand what or who really created it for us. This was created by people close to you — parents. They wanted to give you an example that there is love, unity, a sense of celebration. You can become Santa Claus yourself. It is easier for people to believe in the energy of the Universe and fate, but not in themselves and love.»

I never even thought about it.

«Still, something made you stop, it means that you are on the right track. In the end, we will lose a lot and there will be only memories that will warm your soul: conversations with parents, cozy evenings, the same tea with cinnamon, fragrant pies. Absolutely everything will sink into oblivion, but not these moments. Is something warming you up?»

«Of course, I have those points.»

«So, your heart knows how to love…»

One of the important moments in my life was this meeting. Now every year on New Year’s Eve, I come to this yard, sit on this bench in anticipation of the same janitor who will tell me about simple miracles that we must remember.

The One I Can’t Get Back

I was weak enough to fulfill my dream.

Many men will understand me: we are drawn to freedom, sometimes, except for this, nothing can hold us back. Some seek approval and recognition, having spent many years searching for themselves, becoming a person. I had no goal to start a family, and live in the routine of days. Just imagine: constant reports about where you were, what you did, you did not even sit with the guys for an extra hour in the pub for a mug of fragrant drink. Each of them tries to tie you with a huge iron chain and say that there is no way back. I ran from these women, but I was popular among them.

That’s how my days went: I was in the role. Until I met her.

It’s impossible to forget, let alone find a copy. The rest of it looked like fast food. I was a fool, that was my problem. It’s funny to know that these are my thoughts.

She was on the list of those pretty girls that I immediately noticed: a beautiful little nose, green eyes and beautiful lips, an elegant figure, a nice accent. I should have disappeared once and not come back, but I went back. Deftly I twisted her feelings and emotions. She believed, and I felt it. We love to talk about how the universe brought us together, especially if it’s a beautiful girl. Wouldn’t you agree, men?

I didn’t promise her anything, and for some reason she didn’t want to «pull out her handcuffs» to snap them on my arms. It’s weird, and it wasn’t part of my plans. She smelled of freedom, even though many hurt her. Of course, like any other girl, she dreamed of her family and wedding, and here I am another idiot.

Her voice was so sonorous and gentle, understanding. She talked about how she would like to wait for me at home after another difficult day, talked about how proud she was of me and saw how hard I worked. She wanted her own little family, and it became something special for me. I flirted with everyone.

The season was replaced by another, soon the city will be covered with snow, it is getting colder every day, and she also writes about what she is doing today.

I kept playing, being an alpha male, until I read one of the messages: «I want you to be honest, I need a man who will protect and love me. Don’t think I don’t understand the truth.» With that, our conversation ended, I left silently, continuing my journey. Maybe she was worried or tears were streaming down her cheeks.

We are frightened by responsibility and unnecessary problems, although happiness is worth more. If I could touch her lips, smell her hair, I’d go crazy. It is a dream that you want to realize.

Men in past centuries overcame many obstacles, distances in search of happiness, but now the game has become the main tool to feel happiness.

Could I catch up with her, say I won’t let her go? I searched for other women, being alone all the time. Sometimes it seems to me that fate or the universe exists — it was a copy of me: just as cold, and sometimes hot, just as looking for a truth that is unknown to anyone. Life laughed at me, even our birthdays almost coincided.

Later I realized that I was fighting my own reflection like in a mirror. If I wanted to cheat, I was fooling myself, and she saw everything: all of me through. Who is she with now? He dreams of something and waits. Who hugs her?

As always, I was embraced by emptiness, I am still looking, although it is everywhere… A girl who wants so badly to be happy.

My thoughts about you…

Woman… How beautiful women are,

especially when they believe in us men.

They are so beautiful when they want to love… there will not be a single person who would believe in me the way she does. I found her by accident and realized that her thoughts are so deep and her heart so wants warmth. She was tired of anything and all those men who wanted only her beautiful body. All I had to do was hug her and listen to the story about another idiot who broke her heart. I couldn’t let her go.

«When I saw you, I thought an angel had come down from heaven. You’re so muscular, with blond curly hair, a kind smile. For some reason, I began to tell you all my secrets and problems, as if I felt that you were the power I was looking for. After the first meeting, I was afraid that you had only come for a short time to heal my mental wounds.»

I stayed forever. Another morning has arrived, and she still escorts me to work in her warm and cozy sweater. It’s been so many years, but she’s the closest person.

There were days and cold days when it seemed that everything was a mistake and it was time to let her go, but she still hugged and said that she felt like an angel was protecting her from all troubles.

I was never an angel, but I saw the beautiful if I met her.

It’s Christmas Eve. After work, I took the time and went to the store to buy her another warm and cozy sweater in which she would accompany me to work.

Candles and a cozy fireplace were lit. She was waiting for me, dressing up the Christmas tree. It smelled like a delicious dinner. She knows how to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

It always amazed me that she remains a little girl who believes in miracles. I’m not Santa, but I’ve been able to create little miracles for her.

She opened the package and smiled, hugging me tightly, saying that she was a special surprise for me, which intrigued me greatly.

After a delicious dinner, she changed into a beautiful dress we bought last week and I invited her to a dance. A special atmosphere was created by the songs of Frank Sinatra and her favorite song — «Last Christmas».

I hugged her beautiful waist, smelling my favorite hair.

«By the way, what’s the big surprise, darling?»

«I think he’s very special for the two of us.»

«I’m intrigued, don’t play with me.»

«This Christmas we meet not alone, there are three of us.»

«Three? I don’t see anyone here. Someone has to come?»

She laughed so loudly that there was an echo throughout the room.

«He came and is here»

«Show me where, in the yard?»

She started stroking her tummy and said,

«He’s here, dear»

I realized how ridiculous my guesses looked, and for a moment I felt a smile appear on my face. I realized that I had never prepared for this moment, never planned it. At the same time, I didn’t run for president to plan a speech and a reaction. I ended up saying:

«This is the best Christmas of my life» i gently kissing her fragrant curls.

Three Months before the New Year

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