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Probably, every person, regardless of sex, at least once thought about what poses for sex cause the greatest pleasure. It has long been known that various erotic films can not be used as a practical guide, since they are far from reality. But there are actual tips on this topic, which will be useful at least for acquaintance.

First, you need to understand that the determining factors for any posture are such as: convenience; relative ease of execution; pleasure. In principle, the items on this list are the most basic, since it is these requirements that are set by each person when he wants to find the ideal pose for sex.

Many people do not change their preferences, I use the missionary posture “for all occasions.” It is worth noting that it is one of the most optimal, but the body lovers very quickly get used to it, because of what the amount of pleasure is reduced.

Pose 1. Missionary

The most common position can be considered the so-called “missionary pose”. She got this name, probably because it was in this position that the church ordered her husband and wife to make love. The priests thought that sex was something dirty at the time, thoughts of earthly pleasures were considered sinful, the church was allowed to have sex only for the sake of the continuation of the human race, and it was this posture that provided the best conditions for conception.

But you can hear another version, why this position was called “missionary”. In almost forgotten times, when Christianity did only the first steps in the world, missionaries were sent to the distant islands to the savages to carry them “the light and the truth of life”. Savages considered sex to be the most natural thing in the world, did not hesitate of it, often doing it in the position of “man from behind”, which is a natural pose for mating most mammals (and savages did not separate themselves from the rest of nature). The missionaries, who arrived with their wives, or were looking for a temporary mistress among the savages they liked, performed sexual intercourse only in the “man on top” position. This was new to curious savages, they watched with interest the actions of the “messengers of God”, and then they tried to have sex in exactly the same way.

This position also suits those who make only the first steps in the fascinating country called “sex”. He allows both a man and a woman to exchange mutual sexual caresses and kisses.

“Missionary Pose” assumes such a position of partners when they lie face to face (the man is on top). The woman lies on her back, legs apart and bent them in her lap. The man descends to the partner from above, supporting the weight of the body on his hands.

The head of the phallus touches the entrance to the vagina. Then the man should only make movement of the hips forward: his phallus freely penetrates into the vagina. To help direct the penis into the vagina, one of the partners can hold the phallus or spread the large labia to ensure free penetration of the phallus between them. The phallus is injected very gently and gradually, moving forward with a few light movements alternating with the reverse frictions. Thus, the penis is smeared by secretion from the vagina, and the vagina gradually adapts to the size of the penis.

This position is good because the movements of partners in this position are not limited and very diverse: from “back-forward” to “rotation”. This position gives pleasure to both partners, but with prolonged sexual intercourse is not too convenient.

Pose 2. In captivity of love

Such a pose is not in vain called “in captivity of love.” It is suitable for couples who want to introduce more diversity into their sex life.

The position “in the captivity of love” allows a woman to feel herself as a defenseless person, who was conquered by a strong knight. The use of belts or erotic belts in sexual games does not at all mean that in people there are some sado-masochistic beginnings. They are simply a symbol of subordination, the man in this case acts as a “conqueror”, the woman plays the role of subjugated and, as it were, subordinate to her partner.

A man can take his beloved prisoner with the help of an erotic symbol: a belt, a bow, garters. They can connect the arms or legs of the partner, and you can do something like a ring, which will help to implement this or that pose.

The woman lies on her back on the bed, raising her arms above her head. The man ties the woman’s hands with a belt or scarf and ties them to the back of the bed. The partner widely spreads his legs, the man enters it, the frictions must be slow and shallow. A woman can easily bend her legs in her lap for convenience.

A man at such a position feels himself a master and the feeling that his beloved is at that moment in full power, fills him with joy, pride and satisfaction. The man in this case acts as the leader, “directs” the act of coitus.

The hands of a man in this position are free, and he can caress them all the body of a woman, while his partner can strengthen their sensations only by bending or straightening their legs. A woman with a wide vagina can press her hips against her stomach, and the sexual sensations, even with a wide entrance and a large vagina, will be much stronger.

This position is also good when the organ of a man is very large, whereas the size of the vagina of a woman is small.

The variety of rhythms of movements is also extremely important. In this position, it is good to alternate deep and shallow coital penetrations of the phallus into the vagina. Try this rhythm: a man commits a koital movement, alternating eight deep ones with six shallow penetrations. Because of this rhythm, both man and woman soon come to an orgasm, the strength of which is so great that they are “in the seventh heaven” of bliss.

To consider frictions is recommended also to those men who suffer from premature ejaculation, because counting helps to distract from their sexual feelings and prolong the time of sexual intercourse.

Posture 3. Pestle and mortar

Pose “pestle and mortar” is also very common. It is effective when the thickness of the penis is small, and also when the phallus is slightly shorter than the vagina. In addition, you can make love in this position even when the woman has not fully recovered after the birth.

In this position the woman lies on the bed, her legs wide apart and bent at the knees, the man enters into it. After the introduction of the phallus, the woman straightens one leg, which is between the legs of the man. The same, in turn, tightly clasps the leg of the partner with their feet.

Hands a man can caress his beloved, the faces of the partners almost touch, they can exchange kisses and whisper each other affectionate words.

During copulation, often the pose 1 smoothly flows into the pose 2 and vice versa. Both of these poses are good because the phallus exerts a sufficiently strong pressure on the woman’s clitoris, which helps her to reach orgasm faster. But in such poses, it is difficult for an inexperienced man to resist premature ejaculation, because his penis enters the vagina slightly at an angle, ensuring tight contact between the phallus and the vagina, while the penis receives additional stimulation. We can say that sex in these positions delivers a little more pleasure for a man than for a woman.

Feeling the approach of orgasm, a woman can denser approach her partner, providing the most complete introduction of the penis.

Pose 4. Boogie Woogie

To completely repeat this position, the couple will need an indispensable attribute: velvety black stockings. In this case, even with sexual intercourse, a woman leaves her stockings on her legs. Black stockings in this case are “accurate shot straight to the target.” Needless to say, that rarely a man this part of the women’s toilet will leave indifferent. Female legs in thin stockings seem slimmer, more charming and just reduce a man crazy. In addition, the touch to the velvety surface of the stocking only increases sexual arousal.

Sexual intercourse begins with the fact that a man enters his penis into the vagina of a woman, being on top. This happens only when the woman, and the man is already fully prepared for sexual intercourse. However, the partners may decide to postpone the introduction of the phallus for several minutes. At this time they can continue making love without having sexual intercourse. Intentionally delaying sexual intercourse can deliver untold bliss to partners, especially since a man has the opportunity to caress the feet of a woman, enjoying the velvety touch of kapron stockings.

The boogie-woogie posture is a modification of the 2nd position, but only the woman straightens more than one leg, and both, tightly squeezing them, thus ensuring a strong friction of the penis against the wall of the partner’s vagina and thigh. Hands a man can caress the feet of a woman, tightened in nylon. The faces of the partners are so close to each other that there is an opportunity not only to kiss, but also to exchange intimate caresses. This position is good for those men who do not have a strong erection and for those who need additional stimulation.

The boogie-woogie posture is especially suitable for a woman whose clitoris is not high enough. The penis in this position will actively stimulate the woman’s clitoris, besides, he himself will be tightly clasped on all sides. The amplitude of the movements of a man with this version of the “missionary” posture is somewhat limited, but the partners reach a very close closure, at which they give each other mutual pleasure.

But this position still does not allow enough irritation of the clitoris, if a woman is located somewhat higher than usual. To a pleasant sensation a woman, growing during the love foreplay, did not weaken, a man can caress the woman’s clitoris with his hands.

During sexual intercourse, you can smoothly change 1, 2 and 3 poses, which will allow partners to get a brighter sensation from the sexual act.

Pose 5. Double pleasure

The next proposed position is interesting in that it provides maximum physical contact between partners.

The woman is lying on the bed with her legs wide apart and slightly bent at the knees, and the man carefully enters his phallus into the woman’s vagina. If a couple makes love on a flat surface, then you can recommend to put a small pillow under the woman’s thighs to raise the woman’s pelvis and ensure easy introduction of the phallus into the vagina. Hands a man clasps the buttocks of a woman, pulling her to him as close as possible. This ensures the fullest penetration of the phallus into the vagina, the phallus can lightly touch the cervix, which gives the woman an incomparable pleasure. This pose can be accepted by having sex in the “missionary” position as the orgasm approaches. When the legs are bent at the knees, the direction of the vagina and the axis of the penis coincide, contributing to the deepest penetration. Different intensity of sensations can give changes in the position of the legs of a woman, so she can bend her legs more strongly, or vice versa, slightly straighten them.

This position is also good when a woman first has sex, a pillow under the woman’s hips facilitates the introduction of the penis into the vagina. The “double pleasure” posture is also suitable for a couple who wants to conceive a child: the eruption of sperm occurs directly on the cervix, facilitating the penetration of spermatozoons into the inside of the uterus.

Experienced couples can change several positions for one sexual act. At the same time they receive different intensity sensations, experiencing the whole range of pleasures.

Pose 6. Belt

“Belt” pose also involves the use of a belt in the sexual act. But in this case you do not need to bind the arms or legs of partners, from the belt simply make a ring and strengthen it on the back of the bed or on the wall.

In this case, the belt serves as an additional support point. A woman and a man begin coitus in a “missionary” position. After the man entered the penis into the vagina and made several frictions, the woman raises her legs up, wrapping her waist around the man and concluding her partner in a kind of ring. The pre-prepared belt ring hangs on the back of the bed or on the wall and the woman throws the legs into this ring. This additional fulcrum allows the woman to move freely, making frictions with the man. When a partner moves her body toward her, she can also move towards him. Or it may try to rotate the pelvis a little so that it reaches the peak of pleasure more quickly.

This position is especially pleasing to the woman, as she gives her a feeling as if she is on a swing. Hands partner embraces a woman, moving her closer to her.

The hands of his partner in this position remain completely free and she can caress a man during intercourse, exerting additional influence on his erogenous zones.


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