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20+ Myths «How Russians drink their vodka» to proof or decline!

Бесплатный фрагмент - 20+ Myths «How Russians drink their vodka» to proof or decline!

+ Bonus#1:: How to drink vodka to avoid over-intoxication? / How to prepare for the vodka party?+ Bonus#2:: How to drinka gulp of vodka like Russian do? <LIFEHACKS> # <SKILLS>

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Russians have deep alcohol traditions and culture of vodka drinking. In this book you disclose hints about some vodka traditions in Russia, some tips and tricks how to drink vodka in a right manner to avoid or reduce exceeding intoxication.

…and Yes — my English is terrible, and my style and manners are not much better, I know that.

But the book contains real info from a real Russian born in USSR who gives you info about real Russian drinking habits.

You can read many books about Russian vodka and our drink traditions, but good part of them are not correct or bad interpreted.

If you want to disclose real way Russian drinks and managing their vodka traditions — just read this book to unveil something new.

P.S.: I think it’s very important how people give you any information but it’s much more important what exactly he speaks to you and if the info appears to be correct.


I’m sorry for my barbarian unadapted way of narratives but I’m specially not using a dictionaries and grammars to correct my speeches — I just think you best understand my ideas in that way.

You probably heard not once something like «he drinks just like Russians do»?

Let’s discuss how really Russians drink vodka and other strong drinks, why they prefer vodka, their habits, tricks and secrets how they manage that all.

You can browse thro the Internet and read tons of different stories about vodka and Russian habits, but big parts of them can be sort of rumors and tales.

I found a lot of them incorrect or wrong interpreted owing misunderstanding or shift in Russian traditions in last decades.

In this book you can find out how really Russians drink their vodkas and how they make it possible to stay alive in the next morning.

I also collected and planned to insert some snapshots from Soviet and Russian well known movies to illustrate some of my ideas. But unfortunately I disclosed that it’s complicated and very keen merge how to use the snapshots and not to break somebody copyrights. So I decided to provide you with the movies IMDb, and short episode description, so that you can easily find the film and the desired moment as required.

And to partly compensate that sad point I give you set of pictures of some popular snacks and wash ups for vodka.

Are you ready — then let’s go — «POEKHALY!!!» — as the famous Gagarin start his way to unknown Spaces.

Also I give you some rocommended russian and soviet movies to see. And pics of some snacks and wash ups for vodka.

Two words about the author

My name is Valery and I’m from Russia. I was born in Russia (former USSR) and all my life goes in Russia as well. I’m about fourteen at the moment and, yehh, I’m used to drink vodka most of my life.

I lived in standard soviet family, studied standard soviet school and playing standard soviet guys. Then I graduated school and enter my first institute (computer science). After the institute I started my job. There I married my wife.

Then I started and graduated my second institute/university (management&accounting).

I keep working for eight years then and at last decided to open my own business with friends of mine which also are my partners.

So my routine and my fate are quite standard for Russian guys.

Today I give you some info can be useful if you decide to drink some vodka and other strong alcohols. I hope my experience will be in help for you.

What is the vodka?

Vodka is a strong alcoholic drink with main components is ethanol spirit (appropriate 40 percents) and specially prepared water (~60%). But if you just mix your ethanol spirit with water in the appropriate proportions you get a diluted spirit — not vodka (Russian sometimes drink same mix owing it’s cheaper and in other reasons).

There you see one of famous and wide known brands of Russian vodka and some meal to snack and drinks to wash up

In the way to gain real vodka it’s required to conduct a special complicated process on the special distillery.

It’s also Russian home-made alcohol called SAMOGON — something amidst vodka and whiskey. Samogon can be very strong almost like a spirit is. Some prefer it up to 60%. Wow!!!

By the way some people in Russia even can drink pure spirit with no washing it down nor having a snack (I new some of same guys from medical stuff and some men of arms).

Why Russians prefer vodka?

Owing their cultural traditions and historically Russians used to consume alcohol. In some period It‘s often were vodka or meads and now it’s one of the most popular Russian drinks for different reasons and occasions.

Good hot meal and snack for alcohol — shchi (cabbage soup)

As to why it’s exact vodka and strong 40 percent vodka — I think it’s because of Russian cold climate in winters. Vodka became 40%, say few decades ago, and before that it was much softer drinks like meads.

It’s even special Siberian vodka which is 45% (and few decades ago it was even 50—55%). By the way if you leave your vodka on the cold it can be broken bottle if the temperature became colder than your alcohol degrees. So, in Siberia even 40% vodka bottle can burst when it’s colder than -40C.

So when you drink strong alcohol it helps you to warm you up as well as help you to digestion of difficult-to-digest meal like meat or mushrooms.

The main reason is traditions but the traditions are settled on practice and environment.

20+ Vodka’s Myths and legends to proof or decline*

I gathered some quotas from different articles wia the Internet and orherwise to analyze and explain them. I found a lot of them incorrect or wrong interpreted owing misunderstanding or shift in Russian traditions in last decades.

Another fine hot snack for alcohol — borsch soup

I also conducted all points with some Soviet Union or Russian film’s snapshots (fucking copyrights regulation do not let me to do that) to illustrate the idea or get some interesting points, so I dropped out the snapshots but save the films’ IMDbs that let you easily find and watch the movie as requited.

1. «After finishing your first shot, you shouldn’t immediately reach for food»

It’s very depends where and company you drink. In some youth companies or other crews it’s correct. It’s some explanations too: some time ago it was difficult to get big set of vodka as it was limited sales — say two half liter bottles of vodka for a men for a month.

A plate with popular snacks for vodka

So if a team of young and strong organisms starts to drink vodka with good snacks it’s very big chance your vodka is exporter while you are all still sober;).

Moreover to get faster intoxicated with alcohol you should not get a good sneaks not make previous procedures to make you sober longer. If it’s a lack of alcohol you could stay sober all the party after that procedures.

BRILLIANTOVAJA RUKA (Brilliant hand) — 1969

IMDb = tt0062759

Episode: Heroes boozing in restaurant.

2. «To not keep guests hungry, an interval between the first and the second shot is very small»

Same deal. It’s also a Russian saying like «it’s very small lag between the firs and the second shots». I think the same reason is here — the faster you get intoxicated the faster you get cheerful.

It’s the famous pickles (marinade or fermented cucumbers)

Say, my old grandmother even drink just one small glass of vodka for an empty stomach and speaks that it’s useless for her to drink alcohol when she is full (like it makes noise in head but no any good effect for body at all).

SIBIRSKY TSIRULNIK (Siberian barber) — 1998

IMDb = tt0120125

Episode: Army General furiously drinks alcohol with American lady in pancake week.

3. «Russians never drink without saying a toast»

It’s correct for most of circumstances. It’s some exceptions — like the funeral drinking, and some other. But in routine life it’s like a rule to drink with toasts, otherwise you drink like a dipso.

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