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20+ Myths «How Russians drink their vodka» to proof or decline!

20+ Myths «How Russians drink their vodka» to proof or decline!

+ Bonus#1:: How to drink vodka to avoid over-intoxication? / How to prepare for the vodka party?+ Bonus#2:: How to drinka gulp of vodka like Russian do? <LIFEHACKS> # <SKILLS>

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Russians have deep alcohol traditions and culture of vodka drinking. In this book you disclose hints about some vodka traditions in Russia, some tips and tricks how to drink vodka in a right manner to avoid or reduce exceeding intoxication.

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Valery Zimin
My name is Valery Zimin …and Yes — my English is terrible, and my style and manners are not much better, I know that. But the book contains real info from a real Russian born in USSR who gives you info about real Russian drinking habits. You can read many books about Russian vodka and our drink traditions, but good part of them are not correct or bad interpreted. If you want to disclose real way Russian drinks and managing their vodka traditions — just read this book to unveil something new. P.S.: I think it’s very important how people give you any information but it’s much more important what exactly he speaks to you and if the info appears to be correct.

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