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I invite everyone to a housewarming party!

St. Petersburg gives me, as a waiting person, a one-room apartment.

It will take place in 2056.

I invite everyone who will live.

I accept requests for drinks and snacks.

Gifts I will accept any, especially medicines.

After all, I will be 98 years old myself.

I do not know what medications will be used at the time. Probably all the new names…

Today is in the yard of 2018. My name is Alexander Nevzorov, I live permanently in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) since 1973, I am the author of this book. I am 60 years old. The fifth year, since March 2014, I’m standing on the city line for housing. And I still have to stay in it for at least 38 years, because this year apartments are given to those who were registered before March 1, 1980. Since 2008, for 10 years now, I have no housing, no registration.

So, 2056 year, Housewarming. Of course, we with you (who will live) will celebrate it. But I wonder, nevertheless, what will this year be like?


Fashion. Fashion will progress, no matter what. In place of jeans with holes in their laps come jeans with unbuttoned fly. A bright patch will be placed on this place to be seen from afar. In the color of the flap, socks and scarves around the neck will be worn from the same fabric.

Cars. Cars will fly across the sky. In them everything will be fully automated. You get in your car or taxi, you call the address and flew. The car drives, park, opens the door.

In the year 56 people will not eat meat. This will be banned internationally. Anyone who wants to be able to keep cattle, but only for pleasure, for communication (with nature). Will remain a bird and fish. From the birds, too, will gradually begin to refuse. Pisces will be many, tasty, useful and inexpensive. Chemical fertilizers in agriculture, of course, will be banned.

The population of the globe will decrease, because the birth rate will sharply decrease. There are many reasons for this. First of all, responsibility to the new generation will increase.

Life expectancy, of course, will increase. Its average value will reach 100 years. Otherwise, how will we meet on my housewarming?

The government will become even closer to the people. A dialogue of the common man with the President of the online will be possible.

— Hello, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

— Hello, Mr. Nevzorov.

— Thank you, Mr. President, for the wonderful house that the government has just given me free of charge. I’ve been waiting for this event for 42 years.

— You are welcome. You know, Alexander, that our main task is to take care of citizens, even the most simple.

Taxes from citizens and firms will be reduced to a minimum, because it will not be necessary to maintain an army and a large police force.

Large cities will be resettled. People will prefer not to settle in apartments, but in separate, their homes. All conditions will be created for this purpose.

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