27 Club

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How the idols were dying. Sex, drugs and rock and roll

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Forever young musicians. Full list and rare facts. The list of «27 Club» is not limited to Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison. In this unusual club more than 40 names! Richie Edwards, Dmitry Chekov, Alexander Korzhov, Mia Katherine Zapata, Igor Chumychkin, Pete da Freitas and many others!

So talented, so young. What other beautiful music could they give the world if they did not leave so early?


Johnny Holliday died at the age of 74, another rock star and idol of millions, Fredy Mercury, at 45, Bob Marley — at 36, and George Harrison of the legendary Liverpool Five at 58. However, the venerable age of leaving the life of rock musicians sooner exception than the rule.

It’s no secret that the flourishing of this rebellious trend in music coincided with the birth of the hippy movement, where experiments with cocktails from alcohol and drugs were considered the norm of behavior.

In addition, the success and demand brings the stars not only frenzied popularity among fans and super-profits from performances, but also courage, which in the rock environment is transformed into noisy parties with drinking and smoking grass. Nothing so damages health as bad habits and excessive use of doping of all kinds. Maybe that’s why, following the legend about the fatal for the poets of 37 years, a legend was born about the terrible boundary at the age of 27 with rock musicians. Pushkin and Arthur Rimbaud, Mayakovsky and Byron, Robert Burns and Velimir Khlebnikov died at 37, before reaching the forty-year mark. Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse died at 27. Is this an accident or a tragic pattern?

What initiated the myth of «Club 27», the sudden death of some rock stars at the peak of popularity and career at 27, is not fully understood. Of course, the desire of stars to explain the death of pets by a special combination of circumstances, some rock, which was originally present in their fate, is understandable. People-legends continue to live in the hearts of admirers, turning after death even more fables than in life.

It should be noted that, as a rule, all the early-departed stars each in their own way experienced their incomprehensibility, sometimes — rejection of the surrounding world. At the same time, stress relieved with the help of alcohol and drugs, trying to try on their writhing souls with a harsh and not pleasing reality. The halo of romance surrounds the death of these still fairly young people, whose lives were tragically cut short in take-off. But maybe these idols of millions could not go different? «» The stars do not change their orbits, the stars burn out, «remember?

Ladies the first

The future jazz singer, and then the performer of soul, R & B, rock and pop music, Emmy Winehouse, at the age of 16 was known to a wide circle of fans of «music of the blacks.» This British star has repeatedly won the prestigious «Grammy» award, combining the talent of the vocalist and author of texts and music to her own songs.

The eccentricity of Amy’s appearance was emphasized by numerous tattoos, and the style of the fatal brutal brunette with otvyaznym behavior in all worked to demonize the image of the singer.

In its orbit, the star attracted an equally odious and ambiguous personality — Blake Filder-Sivila, an assistant clipmaker, whom Amy met in one of the pubs. Already before, Winehouse had a reputation, slightly drenched in alcohol and noisy parties: the singer could easily break the concert by appearing in a deranged state. Acquaintance and a stormy two-year relationship with Blake only exacerbated addictions — along with him, drugs, beatings and public scandals became firmly entrenched in her life, which made her a favorite heroine of the yellow press coverage.

In 2007, Amy and Blake were married, but the self-destructive nature and obsession with their relationship did not affect it. Getting 5 Grammy figurines and starting a big tour of the US did not cause the rock star to reconsider its life, and did not make Winehouse more measured. And why would it happen if Amy in one of her autobiographical songs «Rehab» clearly stated that she does not want to undergo a rehabilitation course.

Torn concerts, inadequate public behavior and, as a result, a coma from a drug overdose from a rattling mixture of cocaine, heroin, ketamine and ecstasy. Amy seemed to be deliberately trying to step into the abyss, boldly adding to the intake of chemical doping alcohol. Repeated arrests for drug use and possession, public reprimand and refusal to issue a visa to the United States to receive the next Grammy award could not stop the centripetal movement of the rock star to the abyss. Divorce with her husband, a lot of hospitalizations after drug overdose and, in the final, death at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning.

Janice Joplin, the rock star of the 1960s and 1970s, is another lady on this sad death party. She, one of the few white performers, had a timbre of voice, which in the performance of blues and folk was easily confused with the vocal of a black musician. In 1969, Joplin will perform at Madison Square Garden with a duet with Tina Turner, and listeners once again with admiration will emphasize the similarity of the timbre of two rock singers.

Janice, the future rock star, was born in the distant 1943 and began her singing career in the church choir. Much later, in 1966, joining the «Big Brother» group, this «black voice in a white body» surprised everyone with its uniqueness and audacity. Disagreements in the team led Joplin to care in free swimming, and already the second album of the singer showed the world that rock music and blues were lit by a new star.


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