17 types of female orgasm about which few people know

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Erroneous is the belief that the orgasm of both men and women is the same. Representatives of the weaker sex can experience several types of orgasm, depending on which part of the genitals or directly the body at the time of sex is stimulated and causes inexpressible sensations of ecstasy. Much in this process depends on the man and his desire to diversify the palette of the partner’s feelings.

Most of the special points and zones of the woman’s body require a long period of periodic stimulation, some become more sensitive after going through certain periods of life: childbirth, breast-feeding… However, one organ of the genital area, as a rule, reacts promptly to irritations and almost always delivers to her mistress an orgasm is a clitoris.

Clitoral orgasm

The clitoral zone in comparative physiology of the sexes is considered as an analog of the penis. A woman’s only useful function of this part of the external genitalia is to bring his mistress pleasure. The clitoris, like the penis, has a skin fold (hood), and under it — the head, which at the time of excitement is filled with blood. Children and teenage female masturbation, basically, is based on stimulation of the clitoris.

That is why clitoral orgasm is the most common type of orgasm. It can occur due to active influence on the given zone by petting, kunilingus or directly sexual intercourse. In some women, the clitoris is physiologically located close to the entrance to the vagina, which allows the male member to touch it during penetration into the cervix.

There are two types of clitoral orgasm: superficial and deep. The first type is characterized by a clear localization of sensations in the clitoris zone at the time of the woman’s pleasure. The second is accompanied by an intensive contraction of the muscles of the vagina, which creates a feeling of an orgasm of this particular organ.

However, one must understand that a vaginal orgasm can not occur after stimulation of one zone of the clitoris, and if it occurs at the level of pulsation of the muscles of the internal genital organs, then this is a deep clitoral orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasm is achieved by stimulating the muscles of the vagina and its individual zones and is often unavailable to young girls. Making this “wake up” this area of the genitals is very often helped by childbirth. At the time of passage of the fetus along the channel, a positive effect on the nerve tissue of the cervical muscles takes place, which in the future gives the chance to its owner to start experiencing this type of orgasm.

Another factor that contributes to increasing the sensitivity of the vaginal area is breastfeeding. During this process, the hormone oxytocin is naturally produced in the woman’s body. Breastfeeding is recommended not only because of its positive physical and psychological effects on the baby. It is useful because in this way a woman will not need to additionally inject hormones to reduce the muscles of the uterus and bring her into a prenatal state.

But the female vagina itself is a complex organ with a large accumulation of nerve endings and nodes. Physiologists for several years of research and observations have identified several “points”, special for the sensitivity of the zones, inside the vagina. Some of them are early known and generally recognized, as, for example, point G, others — are controversial, but they also have the right to claim an independent role in bringing a woman to orgasm in the process of stimulation.

Orgasm of point G

The response of point G is achieved through the stimulation of the woman’s paraurethral glands. They are often called the female prostate, because the impact on them and the result, ejaculation or jet orgasm, is similar to the contraction of the prostate muscles in men during the release of sperm.

Find this point in the vagina is easy — it is located on the front wall in 2—3 cm from the entrance.

Many men are disappointed that their first conscious contact with this zone and its stimulation do not lead a woman to orgasm. In most women, this area on the wall of the muscles of the internal genitalia is asleep.

Therefore, the repeated impact of the G point is necessary in order for a woman to begin to experience pleasure and later — an orgasm. The search for this point in the partner will be more effective if the man brings her condition to a strong arousal: all the erogenous zones will begin to behave more actively and better succumb to stimulation from the outside.

Jet orgasm (squirt)

Quite a special and original by its own power and depth of the picture of feminine orgasm. A peasant is often seen in porn as a woman checks him and at the given moment a strong stream of water shoots from her. But they do not even expect to know what actually happens in the near future and that more of what this orgasm depends on. And now, carefully, for example, as we slightly open the curtain of this mystery!!)) Jet orgasm, or as it is still called squirt, in principle, is still related to the specific technique of stimulating point G, and just paraurethral glands.

Actually, what and how does it happen? In the process of exciting the ladies, these glands begin to produce liquid and swell. With a specific stimulation technique and reaching a particular degree of excitement, these glands begin to contract and squeeze out this fluid. As a result, we can follow a stunning picture, when the lady ends up similarly to the peasant, shooting a stream of water.

Almost everyone thinks that the given liquid fires from the urethra (the urethra of the woman), that is, the woman urinates elementary, but no! This fluid is similar in its composition to the seminal fluid of the muzhik and sprays from small holes that are on either side of the urethra, and not from the urethra itself. As one not knowing these things, turn lucky young young women into poor and unsound.

Why are they lucky? Yes, due to the fact that such an orgasm without a specific training has every chance to experience only 2—3% of young women on the globe. And by his own power he will not allow himself to be confused with anything. By the way, this orgasm also has healing qualities. Feeling his ladies pretty well cleaned on a sensual level. Spraying this fluid, the lady seems to be splattering all resentments, fears and all other negative impressions.

According to the texts of those young women who feel the jet orgasms, this he forces them to test themselves even more simply as on a physiological example and on a sensual and spiritual project.

Jet orgasm (squirt, in the first with the English — “sprinkle”) is experienced by only 2—3% of the weak half of humanity. This unique in depth and strength process manifests itself in the form of ejection by a woman at the peak of the pleasure of a stream of liquid from the holes located on both sides of the urethra. According to the chemical composition, these secretions resemble the seminal fluid of men. Because the squirt area is next to the wipe, many think that the discharge of the woman is urine, however, it is not.

Jet orgasm is directly related to the technique of stimulating the point G. In the process of affecting the paraurethral glands in this zone, they begin to fill up with blood and swell. Inside the process is started to produce a fluid that fires from the canals along the sides of the urethra after an intense contraction of muscles, as if squeezing it outward.

The physiology of women is such that any of them can experience a jet orgasm. Interference with this can be psychological confusion, inexperience of the partner and fear of involuntary urination. Literal orgasm lasts from 1 to 5 seconds, while squirt can last more than a minute.

Scientists note the undoubted benefit of jet orgasm — in its process, hormones dihydroepiandrosterone and oxytocin are produced. And the best way to achieve pleasure of this type is to find a partner behind the woman on her side. In this case, his penis, upon penetration, rests against the point G. Another posture is the position of the woman on her stomach with a roller or pillow under her pelvis. In this case, her genitals seem to be directed upwards, which gives the man the opportunity to better stimulate them.

Orgasm of point A

Orgasm of point A is another of the varieties of vaginal orgasm. This point is located directly above the G zone, almost at the cervix, near the upper arch. Itself this point a woman can not make out because of its location deep inside the vagina. Therefore, an attentive and sensitive partner must come to her aid. To stimulate this area, a man should insert the middle finger of the hand, turned with the palm of his hand up, across the whole din. Under the finger pad, and will be the desired point A.

Unlike point G, this zone is not convex or rough to the touch, so it may be difficult for a partner to detect it. Stimulate it is also recommended by pressing and massage, which activates a lot of collected in this zone of nerve endings. This point also needs an awakening, like its predecessor point G, and the partner will have to work hard for the woman to get a wavy orgasm from the impact on this place.


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