10 interesting Ukrainian drinks

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As a joke noticed the peculiarity of the Ukrainian people by other

nationalities, some of us believe that we should drink less, others that we need

to drink more, but all agree on one thing: we must drink. Although it should

be noted that Ukrainians never drink for no reason We drink liquors (the

word for liquor is closer to us), because we value their taste, we drink

tinctures to be healthy. Moreover, the best tinctures and liquors are those

that we have prepared with our own hands at home. They are the most

wholesome and delicious, because the soul and generosity that are

characteristic of the Ukrainian people are enclosed in them! Tinctures are

usually harvested in the summer, and this type of alcohol acquires the most

useful properties 6 months after manufacture. Tincture is a combination of

vodka and herbs, spices, plants, where the amount of alcohol in a percentage

ratio reaches 75%. The most popular types of Ukrainian tinctures:

kalganovka, peppercorns, rosehip tincture, horseradish, varenukha, nut

tincture, mead. The pouring differs from tincture in that it is based on all

kinds of berries (with the addition of sugar, alcohol, usually contains 20%

alcohol). The most popular types of liquors in Ukraine: tartuha, cherry,

blackthorn, cream and blackcurrant spotkach. But let’s move on from theory

to practice and consider each type of beverage popular in Ukraine in more

detail to determine what we will stock this summer!


It is not known for certain when this thirst-quenching drink appeared. It’s just that

someone once decided to fill in the carrion berries (and later fresh ones) with

water, and then add sugar and yeast. The result is a semblance of kvass — a good

tonic and refreshing drink.


1 kilogram of any berries (you can even apples, pears, apricots, etc.), pre-sort and

put in a large enamel or glass dish and pour 1 liter of boiled cool water, and then

add yeast (about 15 grams). To speed up the fermentation process, dishes with

contents are best placed in a place where constant heat is maintained. Then you

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