100 Stories About Alyosha and his Friends

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CHAPTER 1. Alyosha and his Friend Timoshka

Meet Alyosha.

He is a boy of ten. He studies at school. Most of all he likes to play computer games.

He has a friend. His name is Timoshka. Timoshka is a big cat. He is very beautiful.

Timoshka likes to sleep on Alyosha’s table near the computer because it is warm there.

When Alyosha plays computer games Timoshka looks at the screen because he likes moving things.

At night, when Mum and Dad sleep, Timoshka likes to talk to Alyosha.

Today at night he comes to Alyosha and says, “I am alone.”

“Why are you alone?” Alyosha asked. “I am always with you. I talk to you, I play with you.”

“But when you are at school I am alone. I want to have other animals at home. I want to play with them when you are at school.”

“Ok”, says Alyosha, “I will ask Mum to buy us some other animal.”


Today Alyosha comes home from school late. He sees that Timoshka is sad.

“Why are you sad?” asks Alyosha.

“I miss you,” says Timoshka. “You are very, very late. I am alone.”

And Alyosha goes to talk to Mum.

In the evening Timoshka comes to Alyosha’s bed.

“What does your mother say?” he asks. “Does she want to buy more animals for me?”

“No,” Alyosha answers, “She says that she doesn’t want to clean the house every day.”

Timoshka is very, very sad.

“You have got many friends at school,” he says, “and I have got only you.”

“I will think about it,” promises Alyosha.


Next day Alyosha comes home from school. He sees Timoshka waiting him at the door.

“I have a good idea,” says Alyosha. “You are always at home. Why not go to the yard?”

“Why?” asks Timoshka, “Is it interesting?”

“Yes,” says Alyosha, “I have got a surprise for you.”

Timoshka is interested. “What surprise?” he asks.

“Wait, wait,” says Alyosha, “let’s go to the yard.”

Timoshka is a little afraid because he never goes to the yard, he is always at home. But he is not alone, he goes with his friend.

They go to the yard.

It is so interesting there! So many trees and flowers, green grass, the warm sun.

“Oh, I like the yard, I like to be here,” says Timoshka, “It is so nice here! And where is the surprise?”

“Wait, wait,” Alyosha smiles.


Timoshka sees a small house in the corner of the yard. It is blue and it is very beautiful.

“What is that?” he asks, “Is it the surprise?”

“No, the surprise is in the house,” Alyosha answers. He calls, “Bertha, Bertha!”

And a big brown dog goes out of the small house.

Timoshka jumps back and hides behind Alyosha. He is afraid.

“Who is this?” he asks.

“This is Bertha, our dog,” says Alyosha.

“Is she dangerous?” asks Timoshka, “She is so big.”

“No, she is not dangerous, she is very kind and she likes to play,” answers Alyosha, “but she has no friends, just like you. Let’s go to Bertha.”

“No, no, I am afraid.”

Alyosha takes Timoshka and goes to the dog.

He says, “Bertha, meet Timoshka. Timoshka, meet Bertha.”

Berta smiles to Timoshka and he understands that she is not dangerous at all. He smiles too.

“Glad to meet you,” says Bertha.

“Glad to meet you,” says Timoshka.


Next morning Timoshka gets up early. He comes to Alyosha.

“Get up,” he says.

“What do you want?” asks Alyosha. “Today is Sunday and I want to sleep.” He is a little angry.

“No, get up,” says Timoshka. “I want to go to Bertha.”

Alyosha begins to laugh. “But you are afraid of her,” he says. He is not angry anymore.

“No, I am not,” says Timoshka, “I am not afraid of her anymore, and I know that she waits for me.”

“Ok,” Alyosha says, “But first I want to wash my face.”

He washes his face and they go to the yard.

Bertha is near her house. She waits for Timoshka.

She is glad to see her new friend. And Timoshka is also very glad to see Bertha.

He is not afraid of her anymore.


“I want to go home and have breakfast,” says Alyosha, “Do you go with me?”

“No, I want to stay with Bertha,” says Timoshka.

“Bertha, may I stay with you?” he asks Bertha.

“Of course you may,” says Bertha, “You are my friend. You may always stay with me when you want.”

Alyosha goes home.

“Do you want to see my house?” asks Bertha.

“May I? May I really go into your beautiful house?” Timoshka is excited.

“Of course you may. Come in.”

Timoshka enters Bertha’s house. Bertha enters too.

“Do you like my house?” she asks.

“Oh, yes, I like it very much. But you don’t have a carpet,” Timoshka is surprised, “Where do you sleep?”

“I sleep on hay,” says Bertha, “Do you see it on the floor?”

“It is dry grass,” Timoshka says.

“Yes, we call it hay,” Bertha explains.

They see Alyosha. He brings breakfast for Bertha.

He says, “Timoshka, let’s go home. It’s time to have breakfast.”

“May I come here again after breakfast?” asks Timoshka.

“Of course you may.”


After breakfast Timoshka goes to Bertha again.

“Hi, Bertha!” he says.

“Hi, Timoshka!” Bertha says, “I want to show you something.”

“Is it interesting?” asks Timoshka.

“It is strange,” says Bertha.

“Is it dangerous?” asks Timoshka.

“I don’t think so. But really I don’t know,” says Bertha.

Timoshka is a bit afraid. But he is with Bertha and she is big and strong and brave.

So they go to the corner of the yard.

There behind a big tree Bertha shows him a hole in the ground.

“What’s this?” asks Timoshka.

“A strange hole,” answers Bertha, “I think Somebody lives there. It is Somebody’s home.”

“And who is that Somebody? Is he dangerous?” Timoshka asks in a whisper.

“I don’t know,” says Bertha, “I only know that Somebody goes out of the hole at night.”


It is evening.

Timoshka is at home.

He thinks, “Bertha wants to know who lives in the hole. She wants to wait near the hole at night. And to see Somebody who lives in the hole.

I want to see Somebody too. Of course, I am not afraid. But he may be dangerous. What to do? To go or not to go? But Bertha waits. I think it is better to go.”

He goes out of the house.

Bertha and Timoshka are near the hole. They wait. It’s dark and quiet.

Suddenly they hear some noise from the hole.

Timoshka jumps back and hides behind Bertha.

“Who is there?” he asks in a trembling voice.

Somebody goes out of the hole. And the friends see a small mouse.

Berta smiles because the mouse is very, very small.

“Who are you?” Timoshka asks.

“I am a mouse. My name is Moc, the little mouse answers.

“Are you dangerous?” Timoshka asks.

“No, I am not. But I think you are dangerous,” Moc says.

Timoshka is very surprised.

“Why am I dangerous?” he asks.

“Because you are a cat. Cats eat mice,” Moc says.

“No, I never eat mice,” Timoshka says.

“Really?” now Moc is surprised, “You are a very nice cat. Glad to meet you.”


Timoshka is sad. He goes to a doctor today.

After breakfast, he goes out of the house to see Bertha.

Bertha sees that Timoshka is sad.

“Why are you sad?” Bertha asks.

“I go to a doctor today,” Timoshka says.

“You are sad because you go to a doctor, why?” Bertha asks again, “What does the doctor do? Is he angry?”

“No,” Timoshka says, “he is not angry, he is very kind.”

“But why are you sad?” Bertha does not understand.

“Usually the doctor just looks at me and touches me. Sometimes he gives me a pill,” Timoshka explains, “But sometimes he gives me an injection. It is painful.”

At this moment Moc comes to them.

“Hi,” he says, “Why are you both so sad?”

“Timoshka goes to a doctor,” Bertha says.

“Is he angry, the doctor?” Moc asks.

“No, he is kind,” Bertha explains, “But he may give Timoshka an injection.”

“Is it painful?” asks Moc in a trembling voice.

“Yes, it is a bit painful,” Timoshka says.

At this moment Alyosha comes.

“Timoshka, it’s time to go to the doctor”, he says.


Timoshka and Alyosha are at the animal’s hospital.

The doctor looks at Timoshka and asks, “How are you, Timoshka?”

Timoshka doesn’t answer because he is a bit afraid.

But he thinks, “I am not afraid, I am not afraid.”

Alyosha says, “He is well. He doesn’t need an injection.”

Timoshka thinks, “I am not afraid, I am not afraid.”

The doctor touches Timoshka with his kind hands.

“Yes,” he says, “He is well. He doesn’t need an injection.”

Timoshka and Alyosha are happy. No injection, they may go home.

When they go into the yard they see Bertha and Moc.

They sit near Bertha’s house. They wait for Timoshka. They worry about him.

Timoshka jumps from Alyosha’s hands and runs to his friends.

“How are you?” Moc asks.

“How are you?” Bertha asks.

Timoshka smiles, “I am well. No injection. The doctor says I am well.”

Timoshka, Alyosha, Bertha and Moc are happy.


Bertha, Timoshka, and Moc are sitting in the yard.

It’s warm. The weather is nice.

Alyosha comes to the friends and says, “We are going to the river.”

“Who is going to the river?” Moc asks.

“Mum, Dad and me,” Alyosha answers. “And Bertha can go too.”

“Me too,” says Timoshka, “I want to go to the river too.”

“I don’t know,” Alyosha says, “Cats don’t like rivers.”

“I don’t know what a river is,” Timoshka says. “Maybe I like the river. Maybe I don’t like the river. Is It dangerous?”

Bertha laughs, “No, it’s not dangerous,” she says, “It’s nice.”

“Ask Mum,” says Timoshka, “May I go with you too?”

Alyosha goes to ask Mum and she allows to take Timoshka to the river.

Bertha is happy. Timoshka is happy.

But Moc is sad. He is very, very sad. He wants to the river too.

“Ask Mum,” says Timoshka, “Maybe Moc can go with us too.”

“No, I don’t think that Mum will allow,” Alyosha says.

Moc is very, very sad.

“I stay at home,” Bertha says.

“I stay at home,” Timoshka says.

Suddenly Alyosha says, “I have an idea.”

He takes Moc and puts him into his pocket.

“How are you there?” Alyosha asks.

“I am fine,” Moc looks out of the pocket and smiles.

Timoshka and Bertha smile too.

“But you must sit very, very quietly.”


Mum, Dad, Alyosha, Timoshka, and Bertha are sitting in the car. They are going to the river. They are happy.

Moc is in the car too. He is sitting in Alyosha’s pocket very, very quietly and is happy too.

The car stops. They are near the river.

Alyosha and Bertha jump out of the car and run to the river. They want to go into the water.

Timoshka is still in the car. He doesn’t know what a river is and he is a bit afraid.

He looks out of the car and asks, “Where is the river? I see a lot of water but where is the river?”

Alyosha and Bertha laugh.

“This water is the river,” Alyosha says, “Go out of the car.”

Timoshka goes out of the car. He is sitting on the sand and looking at the river.

“River is water,” he says, “A lot of water. I don’t like water. I don’t like the river.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Bertha says, “River is nice. Try to swim. I like to swim.”

“Maybe I can swim. Maybe I cannot swim, I don’t know,” Timoshka says. “I think I must try.”

He goes to the river and touches the water with his nose. Then he touches it with his paw.

Alyosha and Bertha are already in the water. They are swimming and playing.

“Swim to us!” they cry, “Swim to us!”

“Maybe I cannot swim,” answers Timoshka, “I don’t know.”

Alyosha comes to him and says, “Try, it’s easy to swim. All the cats can swim. I am here, I can help you.”

He takes Timoshka and very, very carefully puts him into the water. “Try to swim. Don’t be afraid,” he says.

Timoshka tries to swim and he understands that he can.

“Wow, wow, wow! I can swim! I am swimming!” he cries.

But where is Moc?

He is still sitting in Alyosha’s pocket. He is afraid to go out. Because he must sit quietly.


Alyosha thinks, “Where is Moc?”

He goes to the car and finds Moc in the pocket.

“Why are you sitting here?” he asks.

“Because I must sit quietly” Moc answers.

Alyosha laughs. “I think you may meet Mum.”

But Moc is afraid. “I think she may be angry,” he says.

“I don’t think so, she is kind,” Alyosha smiles, “Let’s try.”

He takes Moc and goes to his parents.

“Mum, Dad, meet Moc,” he says.

Mum is surprised, Dad is interested.

“Who is Moc?” they ask.

“Moc is my friend. And he is the friend of Bertha and Timoshka,” Alyosha says, “He is a very nice mouse.”

“A mouse?” Mum says, “But mice eat everything. He may eat everything in our yard, in our car, and in our house. A mouse cannot be a friend.”

Moc tries to go back to Alyosha’s pocket. He is sad because Mum doesn’t like him.

“No, no,” Alyosha says, “Moc doesn’t eat everything. He lives in the yard in his den and comes to play with Bertha and Timoshka.”

“But Timoshka may eat him,” says Dad, “Cats always est mice.”

Timoshka is near. “I never eat mice,” he says, “And Moc is my friend, I cannot eat him.”

But where is Moc?

He is sitting in the pocket again, very, very sad.

Alyosha takes Moc out of the pocket.

“Moc, meet my Mum and Dad,” he says. “Mum, Dad, meet Moc.”

“We are glad to meet you, Moc,” Mum and Dad say.

“I am glad to meet you,” says Moc.

He is happy.


All the family goes home. Father is driving the car. Mother is sitting near him. Alyosha, Timoshka, Bertha, and Moc are sitting behind.

Suddenly they see some animal on the ground. It is small and brown. The animal is sitting and looking at the car.

“Who’s that?” Alyosha asks, “I want to see.”

“Me too,” Timoshka says.

“Me too,” Bertha says.

“Me too,” Moc says.

“Ok,” Father says, “Let’s see.”

They all go out of the car and go to the animal.

“Who are you?” Alyosha asks.

“I don’t know,” the animal says, “But my name is Happy Hop. My friends call me Happy Hop.”

“A strange name,” Timoshka thinks.

“Have you got a family?” Alyosha asks.

“No, I haven’t got a family, I have got only friends,” Happy Hop says.

“And where are your friends?” Alyosha asks.

“I don’t know,” Happy Hop answers, “May I go with you?”

“Let’s take Happy Hop with us,” Alyosha says, “Mum, please.”

“I don’t know,” Mum says, “He may be not good.”

“I am good, I am good,” Happy Hop says, “Take me with you please, I am good.”

“Mum, he is good. Let’s take him with us.”

“Ok,” Mother says, “But Alyosha, you must wash him. I think he is dirty.”

Happy Hop jumps very high on his all four legs. “Wow, wow, wow!” he cries, “I go with you!”

Alyosha laughs. “Now I know why your friends call you Happy Hop,” he says, “because you jump high when you are happy.”

“A nice name,” Timoshka thinks.

The friends are happy. They don’t know who Happy Hop is but they have a new friend.

Happy Hop is happy too.


Alyosha brings water and soap to the yard.

“Time to wash,” he says, “Happy Hop, come to me!”

“I don’t want to wash,” says Happy Hop, “I never wash.” And Happy Hop tries to hide behind Bertha.

“But you are dirty,” Alyosha says, “You are so dirty that we cannot understand what animal you are.”

At this moment Mum comes.

“If you don’t wash I am going to take you back to the field,” she says. “Everybody must be clean.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Timoshka says, “It is not dangerous.”

But Happy Hop is a bit afraid. He closes his eyes when Alyosha takes him and puts him into the water, very, very carefully.

All the friends are sitting around them and looking at Alyosha and Happy Hop.

“Happy Hop, how are you?” Bertha asks.

“Happy Hop, are you fine?” Timoshka asks.

“Happy Hop, open your eyes,” Moc says.

Happy Hop opens his eyes and smiles.

“I am fine,” he says, “The water is warm and nice. It is very nice to wash. I like to wash.”

“Alyosha, Alyosha,” Moc says, “Let me wash too. I also want warm water. Wash me too please.”

Alyosha takes Moc and carefully puts him into the water too.

Moc and Happy Hop jump and splash water. They like to wash very much.

When they are clean Alyosha puts them in the sun on a small carpet.

Dad comes to them.

“Now I know who you are,” he says to Happy Hop. “You are a hamster. A small clean hamster.”


“No,” Alyosha says, “Happy Hop cannot be a hamster.”

“Why?” Dad is surprised.

“Because hamsters never jump. They cannot jump. They can only run.”

“But I can!” Happy Hop cries, “I can jump! And I am a hamster!

I like to be a hamster!”

“It sometimes happens,” Father says. “Look, cats don’t like to swim and our Timoshka likes.”

“Yes, I like to swim,” Timoshka says.

“Dogs don’t like cats,” Father continues, “and our Bertha likes Timoshka.”

“Yes, I like Timoshka,” Bertha says.

“All cats eat mice and Timoshka doesn’t want to eat Moc because he doesn’t eat mice,” Father says.

“No, I don’t want to eat my friend Moc,” Timoshka says.

“You see, it sometimes happens,” Dad says.

“It’s interesting,” Alyosha says, “Can you say something about me?”

“Of course I can,” Dad says, “Boys don’t like to work in the kitchen and you often help Mum in the kitchen.”

“Yes, I do,” Alyosha says.

“Boys don’t like to cook,” Father continues, “and you often help Mum to cook food.”

“Yes, really,” Alyosha says, “Do you want to say that Timoshka is an unusual cat, Bertha is an unusual dog, Happy Hop is an unusual hamster and I am an unusual boy?”

“Yes,” Father says.

“I am an unusual cat,” Timoshka thinks.

“I am an unusual dog,” Berta thinks.

“I am an unusual hamster,” Happy Hop thinks.

“And Moc? Is he also unusual?” Alyosha asks.

“Of course he is,” Father answers.


“Because mice never make friends with cats and dogs. And Moc is Timoshka’s and Bertha’s friend.”

“Wow! I am an unusual mouse!” Moc cries.

“Of course you are,” his friends say.


“Where do you want to live?” Alyosha asks Happy Hop.

“Where may I live?” Happy Hop asks.

“You may live in the big house with me and Timoshka,” Alyosha answers, “or you may live in the yard with Bertha or with Moc. But we have no house for you in the yard.”

“We don’t need one more house,” Bertha says, “Happy Hop may live with me in my house.”

“Or he may live with me in my den,” Moc says.

Happy Hop is interested. “May I look at your houses and choose?” he asks.

“Of course you may,” his friends say.

At first, Happy Hop goes to the big house where Alyosha lives with his parents. And with Timoshka.

He looks at all the rooms and says, “I think this house is too big for me. Let’s see Moc’s den.”

They return to the yard and Moc with Happy Hop go into the hole.

Bertha and Alyosha are waiting for them near the hole.

When Moc and Happy Hop return Bertha asks, “Do you like Moc’s home?”

“Yes, very much,” Happy Hop says, “but I cannot live there.”

“Why?” Alyosha and Bertha are surprised.

“Because when I jump I bump into the ceiling,” Happy Hop says. “Moc’s home is too small for me. Bertha, may I see your house?”

“Of course you may,” Bertha says, “You are welcome.”

Happy Hop goes to Bertha’s house. “Oh, I like it!” he says.

He sits down on the hay. “It’s nice to sleep here,” he says.

Then he jumps, high, high, very high. And he doesn’t bump into the ceiling. “Oh, I like it!” he says. “I want to live here. I choose Bertha’s house.”

“I am glad,” Bertha says, “You are welcome to live in my house.”


Today is Sunday.

Alyosha does not go to school. But he gets up early and goes to the yard. His friends are still sleeping.

He goes to the sandbox and begins to play.

Then Moc gets up and comes to Alyosha.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“I am building a castle,” Alyosha answers.

“What is a castle?” Moc asks.

“A castle is a big and beautiful house where King and Queen live.”

“Do they live there alone?” Moc asks.

“No, they live there with many people and dogs and cats,” Alyosha says.

“And with mice?” Moc asks.

“Yes, and with mice.”

“And with hamsters?” Happy Hop is already sitting on the sand and listening.

“Yes,” Alyosha smiles, “and with hamsters.”

At this moment Bertha comes.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“He is building a castle,” Moc says.

“What is a castle?” Bertha asks.

“A castle is a big and beautiful house where King and Queen live,” Moc and Happy Hop answer together.

Timoshka comes to his friends.

“What are you doing?” he asks Alyosha.

“He is building a castle,” Moc and Happy Hop answer together.

“What is a castle?” Timoshka asks.

“A castle is a big and beautiful house where King and Queen live,” Bertha, Moc and Happy Hop answer together.

“And they live there with many people, cats, dogs, mice and hamsters,” Moc says.

At this moment Mother calls Alyosha to have breakfast.


When Alyosha returns all his friends are sitting around the sandbox and waiting for him.

Alyosha has got a big box in his hands.

“What have you got in the box?” Bertha asks.

Alyosha opens the box and his friends see many small figures there.

They are interested. “What’s this?” they ask.

Alyosha takes a figure of a man. “This is King,” he says.

Then he takes a figure of a woman. “This is Queen,” he says.

“And where is the cat?” Timoshka asks.

“I have got many cats here,” and Alyosha takes out several different cats. The cats are white, black, grey and red.

“One, two, three, four, five, six,” Timoshka counts. “Oh, we have got six cats!”

“And dogs, have you got many dogs too?” Bertha looks into the box.

Alyosha takes out several different dogs. They are big and small, black, white and brown.

“How many dogs have we got?” asks Bertha.

“Try to count,” Alyosha says.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,” Bertha counts. “We have got seven dogs.”

“I want to see mice,” Moc says, “have you got mice too? Many mice?”

“Not many,” Alyosha says, “try to count the mice,” and he takes several mice out of the box. The mice are small and grey.

“One, two, three, four, five,” Moc counts, “no, not many.”

Happy Hop doesn’t ask anything. He is sitting on the sand very, very sad.

“Happy Hop, why don’t you ask about hamsters?” Alyosha asks. “And why are you so sad?”

“Because I cannot count,” Happy Hop says. “You all can count and I cannot.”


“Cannot you count at all?” Moc asks. “Alyosha, let’s teach him to count!”

“Yes, Alyosha, let’s teach him to count!” all the friends say.

“Ok,” Alyosha says, “Look,” and he puts one figure on the sand, “this is one.”

“One,” Happy Hop repeats.

Alyosha puts one more figure. “This is two.”

“Two,” Happy Hop repeats.

Then Alyosha puts more figures on the sand and counts, “three, four, five.”

“Three, four, five,” Happy Hop repeats.

Alyosha puts five more figures on the sand and says, “Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

Happy Hop repeats.

“And now let’s count hamsters,” Alyosha says, “I have got several hamsters in the box, let’s count them.”

He puts all the hamsters on the sand and Happy Hop begins to count, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

“You have got ten hamsters,” he says.

“Yes,” Alyosha says, “I have got ten hamsters. Now you can count.”

“Wow!” Happy Hop cries, “Now I can count!”

He begins to jump, high, high, very high. Because he is happy.


Alyosha and his friends continue to build the castle. Dad comes to them.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“We are building a castle,” Alyosha answers.

Father is surprised. “You all? And what is Bertha doing?” he asks.

“She is digging big holes for big rooms,” Alyosha says.

“And what is Moc doing?” Father asks.

“I am digging small holes for small rooms,” Moc answers.

“And what are you doing?” Father asks Happy Hop.

“I am digging corridors,” Happy Hop says.

“And what about Timoshka? What is he doing?” Dad asks.

“I am doing nothing,” Timoshka says.

“Why?” Father is surprised.

“Because I don’t want to work today,” Timoshka says and closes his eyes.

“Alyosha, is it work?” Dad asks, “Or is it a game?”

“Of course, it is a game,” Alyosha says.

Timoshka opens his eyes. “Really?” he asks, “If it is a game I want to play too. What can I do? How can I play?”

“You can bring us figures of King, Queen, dogs, cats, mice, and hamsters and put them into the rooms,” Alyosha says.

Timoshka brings figures to Alyosha and now he understands that it is really a game. And he likes it.


In the morning Alyosha goes to the yard. His friends are already waiting for him.

The castle is ready. It is very beautiful, with many rooms. King and Queen are in their big rooms. Cats and dogs are in their small rooms. Mice and hamsters are in their very small rooms.

“Can we play already?” Timoshka asks.

“Yes, we can play already,” Alyosha answers.

But Bertha says, “Wait, I hear some noise in the castle. Somebody is there.”

“No, it is impossible,” Alyosha smiles, “only toys are there.”

“Tsss,” Bertha says, “listen.”

The friends are very quiet. They are listening.

“Yes,” Timoshka whispers, “I hear some noise too.”

“Me too,” Moc whispers very quietly.

“Me too,” Happy Hop whispers very, very quietly.

“Who is there?” Timoshka asks, “Is he dangerous?”

Timoshka, Moc and Happy Hop are trying to hide behind Bertha and Alyosha.

Suddenly the castle begins to fall down. Somebody is moving in the castle and trying to go out.


“Oh!” Timoshka cries.

“Oh!” Moc and Happy Hop cry.

They run away from the sandbox and hide in Bertha’s house.

And what about Alyosha and Bertha? Do they run away too? No, they don’t.

Bertha does not run away because she stays to protect Alyosha. She is very brave.

And Alyosha knows that nothing dangerous can happen in his yard. And he is brave too.

They are sitting and waiting for somebody who is trying to get out of the sand.

“Let’s help him,” Alyosha says.

They begin to dig the sand.

At first, they see one long ear. Then they see one more long ear. Then they see a small pink nose. And at last, they see a little white rabbit.

“What are you doing in our castle?” Alyosha asks the rabbit.

“It was cold at night. And I wanted to sleep. The castle was so nice and big and warm. I wanted to sleep in it. And when I wanted to go out the castle ruined,” the rabbit says.

“And what is your name?” Bertha asks.

“My name is Ricky Long Ears,” the rabbit answers.

At this moment Timoshka, Moc and Happy Hop look out of Bertha’s house. They are afraid, but they want to know who was in the castle.

“Come here!” Alyosha calls them, “look, we have a new friend.”


“Glad to meet you,” Timoshka, Moc and Happy Hop say to the rabbit.

“Glad to meet you,” answers Ricky Long Ears.

“How did you get to our yard?” Moc asks.

“I lived in a big park with my mother, father and brother Nicky,” Ricky says. “We played with Nicky near our hole. Suddenly a big dog appeared. I was afraid and started to run. Then I did not know where I was. I was cold and tired and hungry and I wanted to sleep. I saw your yard and wanted to hide here. And then I saw your big and beautiful castle.”

“Do you want to be our friend and live with us?” Happy Hop asks.

“I want to be your friend but I want to find my mother and father and my brother Nicky. I think they worry about me. I want to live with them but I can come to play with you,” Ricky Long Ears says.

“I think we must help Ricky to find his family,” Bertha says.

At this moment Father comes to Alyosha.

“Oh, a new friend?” he asks.

“Dad, meet Ricky Long Ears,” Alyosha says. “We must help him to find his family.” And Alyosha tells Father Ricky’s story. “Dad, can you help us too?”

“I think I can,” Father says, “I know a big park where rabbits live. But at first, let’s have breakfast. I think Ricky is hungry. And after breakfast, we can try to find his family.”


After breakfast, Alyosha and Father and all the friends start to the park where rabbits live. The park is rather far and in ten minutes Moc says, “I am tired.”

“Me too,” Happy Hop says.

“I am not tired, Bertha is not tired, why are you tired?” Timoshka asks.

“Because they are small, smaller than you and Bertha. And their legs are small too,” Alyosha explains. “Their legs are smaller than your legs.”

“Alyosha, Alyosha, may I sit in your pocket?” Moc asks.

“Me too,” Happy Hop says.

Alyosha takes his small friends and puts them into his pocket.

It is so nice to sit in the pocket so high, much higher than Timoshka and Bertha!

Now they can go quick, much quicker than before.

When they come to the park Moc suddenly cries, “I see a small white rabbit! There under that big tree! Near a big hole. And he looks very sad.”

“It is my brother Nicky,” Ricky says, “And this is our den. Let’s go quicker!”

“Wait,” Alyosha says, “let’s make a surprise for Nicky.”

He goes to the small white rabbit and asks, “Are you Nicky?”

“Yes, I am,” the rabbit answers.

“And why are you so sad?” Alyosha asks.

“Because I don’t know where my brother Ricky is,” Nicky says. “In the morning he was afraid of a big dog and ran away and now I don’t know where he is.”

“Surprise!” the friends cry and Ricky comes to his brother.

Nicky is happy.

Ricky is happy.

Timoshka, Bertha and Moc are happy.

Happy Hop is jumping very high because he is very happy.

Alyosha and Father are smiling, they are happy too.

“Thank you, my friends,” Ricky says. “You helped me to find my family.”

“Come to play with us someday,” Alyosha says, “you both.”


One day Timoshka asks Bertha, “I often hear some noise in the far corner of the yard. What is there?”

“Hens live there,” Bertha answers.

Timoshka is interested, “Who are they?”

“Hens are birds. But they are very strange birds.”

“Why are they strange?” Timoshka asks.

“Because they don’t fly,” Bertha explains.

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