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The Taoist Diet

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The Taoist diet is a way of life and nutrition, aimed at good health, an ideal figure, harmony within and perfection from the outside.

About the Author

Master Lee is a specialist in the field of oriental methods of self-improvement.

The Taoist Diet

Poison or Medicine

Correct and harmonious nutrition will be a medicine for us. Unsuitable or excess food can become a poison.

It is necessary to take seriously your diet. Any food can both benefit and health, and take it away. All newfangled mono-diets with the predominance of one or several products can cause a strong imbalance in the body and disrupt its primary — the primary health and homeostasis of the body, with all the ensuing consequences.

Correctly selected food can become not only an excellent preventive remedy for many diseases, but also a medicine in case of their occurrence. There is no common diet for all, nor are two identical people. It should always be guided by intuition and choose an individual diet recipe for everyone. Nobody except us knows how to restore this natural thread again — our connection with the surrounding space. Nobody except us will be able to choose a suitable diet for this.

In order not to lose the right path, one must follow the desires of one’s heart. But not distorted and perverted thirst, but by the imperceptible prompts that the body itself gives, indicating the right direction. One of these intuitive tips is the muscle response and energy level for various foods. So taking in hand, and preferably on the chosen food, we immediately feel either strength, feel how the muscles are filled with energy and the body comes alive, or we feel a decline and weakness. Such a simple test when choosing a meal will get rid of all the unsuitable, spoiled and poisonous products for us with which the shelves of modern supermarkets are crowded. He will save our lives from a variety of diseases caused by improper and inappropriate food.

The medicine can become a meal for those who do not listen to their body, and for whom food is just a dead ritual and a thirst for taste excesses.

In the East, unlike the West, food was always taken seriously, with all honors and respect. The rituals of eating were a mystery of contact with the surrounding world, a sacred act of unity. Therefore, there still do not know the many ailments and diseases that have swallowed the entire Western world.

It should be remembered that any excess as well as a defect, as well as unsuitable products, can be a poison for us, which slowly and surely will deprive us of our strength and energy, and with them life. Therefore, a disparaging attitude toward one’s food is tantamount to not accepting oneself, your life and the world around you.

The same who values himself and his life must remember: The world and we are inextricably linked, and this connection is as strong as the natural and suitable environment for us, and with it air, water and food.

Tao of Eating

Discover for yourself the most pleasant and natural way to a healthy, slender and happy body.

Food can ruin, and can heal. Can feed, give energy and strength, or can take them away. It can create harmony in the body and with the world a single union, and can damage this fragile connection and destroy the original natural balance.

Using the four main rules of nutrition described in this book, we, only with food, will be able to achieve a harmonious state, a harmonious, beautiful and healthy body, pure consciousness, improve metabolism, the general quality of our life and extend our happy existence together with loved ones and expensive people.

Unity of the World and Food

There is nothing more perfect and suitable for us to eat than the surrounding nature has created. Over billions of years, she developed and perfected us together, maintaining the balance and unity of the world.

Food created by nature itself is the most harmonious and suitable food for us. The world, we and food are one single whole, one big organism of common interaction. And when we begin to destroy this connection, harmony and unity, then inevitably we cause inferiority, and first of all we harm ourselves. The further we leave in the diet from nature, the less suitable food becomes for us, and this is our fault.

With the development of modern technologies, people are increasingly moving away from their original nature, substituting natural food for high-tech food of the future, food convenient for them. But this substitution of a natural, artificial, living dead breaks the delicate balance, the connection between us and the world around us. And destroying unity and harmony with the world, we destroy ourselves.

The first main rule of healthy and natural nutrition:

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