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The Stock Grail Disclosing the Secret

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A Practical Guide

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Sergey Vladimirovich Gorneev

The Stock Grail

Disclosing the Secret

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“The risk is only where there is a misunderstanding in the operation of the mechanism”

Sergey Gorneev


First of all, I want to express my gratitude to my parents for believing in me, for their care and support at any time.

To my family for believing in me. To my beloved wife Olya for support understanding and patience. To my colleagues. Without them all, without their help and support, you would not have kept this book. And of course, to all people who beneficially influenced me and my development path. It was challenging, but as it turned out it is achievable. On my way I was in many doubts, but thanks to the passion and my love for markets and environment, the enthusiasm was always there and it gave me energy to work. There were a lot of falls, disappointments, but confidence of success, confidence that I’m working heading in the right direction and hard work helped me to overcome all these difficulties.

The practical utility of the knowledge contained in this book i wrote for the whole world will be the greatest reward for me.

Sincerely yours, Sergey Vladimirovich.

So, let’s start the way of understanding the deepest mysteries of life.

ATTENTION!!! You can’t read this book quickly; it must be absorbed slowly, one page at a time and one chapter at a time.

This book contains materials that can completely transform your idea of the structure of the world and the laws governing it. Each chapter provides the basis for the next one. This book should be required reading sequaciously; you cannot jump from chapter another. The book is written in the accessible language.


After publishing the first article in the magazine, which reveals the main points of the law of vibration, there were a lot of buzz in the Internet, most people were against what was written there. But as a result, none of the critics could refute the unbreakable truths that are disclosed in the article. It is the 2nd edition of the article published in 2012, only in the form of a book with a complete practical guide how to understand the stock markets and practically extract free money energy with high stability. In this edition the main emphasis is on even greater disclosure of the details of the fundamental part of the article, mathematical and scientific evidence.

Best regards. Gordeev Sergey Vladimirovich.



Currently social and financial crisis has engulfed the world.

But, unlike the social one, the financial crisis is the most threatening and the most tangible both in the general global economy, national economy, and in the stability of every person and family. Self-centered human development has reached the limit and entered into a process of self-destruction. The world is ready to accept alternative knowledge, in this regard, transfer of this knowledge was approved.


Overcoming the financial crisis by participating in trading with the use of highly stable method of profit-making on the stock and OTC markets, which causes a strong imbalance in the global economy, in other words, the stock markets accelerated the collapse of the entire global economy, concentrating a huge reserves of vital energy. As well as the correct daily application of the fundamental law underlying any movement in the universe, from the microcosm to the macro, thereby raising themselves (their loved ones) and their lives to the highest level of balance with the surrounding nature.

Let’s consider the over-the-counter (OTC) FOREX market or simply stated “Currency market”.

In fact, Forex is not a market- it is a large currency exchanger and digital and graphical analyzer of the economies of individual countries and the global economy as a whole.

What attracts investors and speculators in FOREX?

Forex is advertised as the world’s largest stock market in terms of volume of transactions, in fact it is so, only 99.9% of all these transaction volumes happen between banks and usually not in order to obtain speculative benefits and about 0.1% is devoted to speculation that are held near the market. On the one hand, it is very tempting. You can make a big profit with the large volatility and liquidity. In terms of the tip of the iceberg it is so. Let’s take a look at what is hiding under the water, see the reverse side, which is so little said by all those who promote FOREX so fiercely.

In fact, any national currency in the world

is initially a loss-making enterprise because they suffer from mass loss as time passes. This loss is expressed in inflation (money depreciation), the reason for the depreciation of money lies in the imperfection of the credit system (but this is a separate topic). When you buy foreign currency for permanent holding, the probability that the exchange rate will rise or fall is 50/50, such probability is inherent in any activity where you do not know for sure whether you will make a profit or not.

So, buying a currency of any country, of any year, you will lose on the average 5% of its acquisition (inflation costs). The chance you have as an investor to make a profit or even keep the initial investment in the Forex market from a mathematical point of view is -1 (minus one) at the end of the year. And now think about how minus can be turned into plus through a mathematical formula that can be applied to the stock markets. The answer is obvious, you have no chance to do it!

You can’t argue with math.:)

Now let’s talk about the stock markets

Exchange markets itself are created to develop a particular economic sector, through the financing of legal entities (companies, firms, entrepreneurs, etc.), for this exchange markets are primarily investment and only then, speculative.

What does it mean? The exchange market is formed from real companies of a particular economic sector, each company has people who work hard to develop this company. This development requires large funds that can be invited to the company from the exchange. If you buy shares of major companies, any industry or country and hold them for many years (in the long term perspective), then there are high chances that on the results you will make a profit, regardless of whether you predicted further exchange rate or not.

It follows that. Stock markets are in a positive mathematical expectation in the long term.

You can confirm tracing the index growth dynamics, for example, the “Dow Jones Industrial Average”.

The graph above shows that the index has been growing steadily for 100 years.

Let’s have a look on the speculative side of the exchange markets. The situation is as follows: the probability of a positive or negative outcome of each transaction tends to 50/50, and due to the fact that when entering the market, buying a security, you pay a transaction fee. It means that you automatically fall into a negative expectation, because you now need to earn to get a break-even on the transaction.

Hence the conclusion is that you have slight chance to make regular profit if you trade medium or short-term in the foreign exchange market or the exchange market. Unless you have a gift of prophecy and can see the future outcome.

So the question: How can it be possible to make profits from the stock markets on a permanent basis with a high degree of probability?

In order to achieve this task, it is necessary to turn to the fundamental principles that govern the universe, nature and all the processes taking place in the world and in

human life as part of this world (psychology, behavior, etc.).

There are many theories that somehow trying to describe the model of stock markets, but none of them can give an almost reliable method of making a profit on a permanent basis. In fact each of the theories describes only some part of the higher and fundamental model, which is a manifestation of the basic law governing the entire universe- the Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration is the most important and basic law of the universe, to which everything in the universe is subject, including nature, men, and human activity as part of the general nature.

Here are some examples:

First, let’s define the concept of vibration:

In the usual sense, vibration is a fluctuation with the cyclic characteristics.

The Wikipedia definition (free encyclopedia) is a repetitive process of changing the system status near the equilibrium point. For example, when the pendulum swings, its deviations in either direction from the vertical position are repeated.

Vibrations come in different shapes and different frequencies, for example, radio waves, natural vibrations-waves in the waters, the waves in the air, fluctuation of plants in the wind, etc., the analogy in human life is the fluctuation of mood, heartbeat, life ups and downs, solar activity, etc.

Also vibrations are multilevel (multi-frequency) and at each level the vibration frequency differs by the nature of vibration intensity

For example, different radio frequencies, the vibration frequency of smaller plants compared to larger ones, etc., the analogy in human life is different frequencies of human mood fluctuations from a smoother change to a more frequent time axis, heart rate, etc.

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