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The Gard

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The Blockchain State. Democracy of tomorrow

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Dear Reader

This book is not an advertising material and does not call for any action. All names are abstract and have no relation to real projects. It was created solely under the author’s vision of the further evolutionary development of our Civilization.

I hope this book will expand your horizons and inspire new ideas!

Sincerely yours

Yaromir Lukin

So what is the Blockchain State?

Throughout history, the world was divided into territories with the peoples living on it. So, it was for millennia. Groups of settlements were united in the countries, developed culture and values, and perfected the state apparatus. Wars whose purpose were natural and human resources were fought for territories.

Even now, in the 21st century, territorial issues remain relevant. Natural resources are also the main subject of discussion and wars, reminding us of the archaic nature of society and the management system. And slave labor has remained, but it has found a new form with more comfortable conditions. It would seem that in the era of the development of information technologies, the world had to change, and the slogan “who is stronger, that’s right” would sink into oblivion. However, this did not happen. The world is also ruled by weapons and money: some states are fighting for highly skilled and/or cheap labor; others are declaring terrorists the countries where there is oil.

Only the non-admission of territorial disputes and the complete rejection of “modern slavery” with its compulsory taxation of individuals and the creation of forced conditions for migration to more developed countries can reach the next level of civilization.

The Gard project makes it possible to build a different society with other principles and fundamentals.

The main differences of the Blockchain State, as a form of government and interaction with society, are the absence of territory and the decentralization of power. Gard is a platform based on the blockchain technology, branched into many sectors, with its own smart contracts, providing various functions of the State.

Foundations of the Gard Blockchain State

1. Decentralization of Power

— Representatives of the three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) are the citizens themselves; they also control, appoint, and remove from office.

— Legislative drafts are proposed and accepted by citizens (directly or through representatives). They can also be canceled.

— Openness and controllability of the budget by the population.

2. Market economy (compulsory competition in all sectors of the platform).

3. Renunciation of direct taxation of citizens on their income and property. But voluntary charity and payments to the population with a budget surplus are permitted.

4. Renunciation of the territory as an outdated sign of civilization.

5. The right to privacy and the confidentiality of personal data.

6. Freedom of choice, speech, and religion.

Defense capacity and protection of private property

Gard does not have a territory — everything is solved via the Internet on the appropriate platform. And here there are no contradictions with the developed countries-landowners, because on both sides, there is no claim either to natural resources or to strategically important military locations, which ensures the security and sovereignty of Gard.

But it is also worth mentioning that there must be a defense capacity of the Blockchain State. The protection of the integrity and every citizen is provided by a staff of lawyers, acting under the internal laws of the Gard and international Conventions, including the Declaration of Human Rights, defending democratic principles in friendly host countries. This right to protection is provided by the Gard budget and is considered in domestic and international courts.

The Blockchain State platform is located on numerous server and mining centers around the world. It is visualized for citizens in mobile and PC apps on various operating systems.

In order to protect a tangible property in the territory of other countries in which a citizen of Gard is physically present and/or owns a property is created. In this State, there is a base of private lawyers who have a patent to carry out their activities in the space of the Blockchain State. The database has ranking and complete information about each lawyer. The rating is formed based on the won and lost cases, and a system of filters is put in place for countries and specializations (for example, family law in Ireland, etc.).

For example, you have a property dispute on the housing issue in Germany, so you go to the platform with lawyers, put filters on Germany and housing law, get the rating of professionals with the number of won and lost cases, see information about them, their work experience, read comments made by people, choose a specialist, and ask him/her to take your case. Then he/she presents your rights in the court of Germany.

Confidentiality and international relations

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