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Бесплатный фрагмент - The FIFTH FORCE of NATURE or, HELLO, EINSTEIN!

Fantastic story

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Dear reader! None of us knows exactly what will happen in thirty or forty years, but it is clear that the world will be different. Even the great thinkers Schelling and R. Penrose spoke about the Fifth force of nature. The author’s new book “The Fifth force of nature or, Hello, Einstein!” continues the story from the previous book “Supersymmetry”. The plot of the book is set in 2056.

The main character of the story is Professor of physics Green, Director of the Institute for research on M-theory. Like his longtime friend (mathematics Professor), Green is visited by inspiration. He opens a new fifth type of interaction — the fifth force of nature. Unified mathematics, created by his friend Eduard, becomes a tool of the new theory.

A physics Professor creates a new theory about the fifth force of nature, where Einstein’s theory is radically revised. Just as the famous formula E=mc2 predetermined the development of nuclear physics, this same formula determines the discovery of the fifth force of nature in a new theory. Academic circles are not ready to accept the theory and radically revise physics. But the secret intelligence services are confident in the new theory and are trying to recruit a scientist and make them work for them. The scientist refuses the offer of the special services and secretly with his loyal friends invents a device based on a new theory about the fifth force of nature, which will help thwart the dirty plans of the special services. The new device is fundamentally different from the secret developments of Elon Musk, who since 2018 tried to connect the computer and human thoughts, because the main interaction in the device is the fifth force of nature itself. And more… New Information relativity instead of Einstein’s relativity — as a result of Professor Green’s research. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple, was a Prime example of the practical application of the new information theory of relativity, creative combinatorial thinking that radically changes the world. Not knowing about the information theory of relativity, Steve Jobs became its forerunner, moving humanity along the path of evolution.

The book is dedicated to theoretical scientists and all researchers of Truth who are on the edge of human knowledge.


«More and more theorists believe that the key idea leading to the „great unification“ of gravity and quantum theory may be to reformulate views of nature not in terms of matter and energy, but in terms of information.» R. Penrose

Density and sets. Information as a set

The Director of the Institute for research on M-theory (the Theory of everything, as the theory was popularly called), Professor Green of physics, woke up early in the morning. A series of thoughts that had come to him in bed that night, before he had fallen asleep, were accumulating in his mind. The day before, he had received a phone call from his friend, math Professor Philip. Philip shared his ideas, telling him everything that he had told their mutual friend, math Professor Edward. Also, the day before, green himself had an extraordinary dream, which he also told Professor Edward about.

The essence of the dream was as follows:

He had a dream that he was a king, and everyone came to a ball in his Kingdom. During the ball, he saw a beautiful unknown woman. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He asked her to dance with him, and he was a joy to waltz with her. He had never danced a waltz in his life, or even knew how to dance. And then he did such a thing! Then he asked her to dance again, and the story was repeated. But soon, from the balcony, he saw her coming down the stairs and leaving, and she looked up, and their eyes met again, and she smiled and that was it. She was gone.

Professor Green understood the meaning of this extraordinary dream — the very inspiration came to him, the very real one! It was also surprising that all three friends had dreams with a beautiful woman.

«Gravity is the interaction of masses. Every object that has mass is subject to gravity. Density is the accumulation of mass per unit volume. There are 4 phases of density (density level) of a physical object — its aggregate States — plasma, gas, liquid, solid. An accumulation of mass in a unit of volume is an accumulation of elementary particles in a unit of volume. On the other hand, a set is a collection of information elements based on some attribute. A cluster of elementary particles is a set based on the number of elementary particles. Thus, this set can condense, atomize, go into different phases — that is, into a plasma, a liquid, a gas, a solid, and all this will also be a set. That is, all the same elements of information. Depending on which phase this set is in, the gravity on this set will manifest in different ways. On the third hand, the environment (which can be considered as a level of space, a dimension) in which this set is located is also a set and will affect the first set depending on the phase. Example: Consider a person in 2 environments and phases: — on earth and in water. In the water, its movement will be less rapid, but it will be able to move freely up and down, like a fish (if instead of lungs, there were gills), which cannot be on the ground. It is as if repelling from the medium itself (water) can perform any somersaults (the pushing force is the force of Archimedes). On land, it will not be able to push off the air to do the same somersaults, that is, it cannot fly. Now let’s generalize this conclusion to sets. That is, if two sets are given, where one set is the medium and the other set is the object. The set-object can move freely or not freely depending on the set — environment — water or air. The set-environment can be not only in the types of water or air. For example, a medium can be a vacuum, and a moving object (set) in the medium can be light. If freedom of movement is possible for all sets of objects, depending on the choice of sets of media, then there is such a set — an environment in which our thoughts (if they are considered as a set) float freely, as in water. And it is probably an environment where thoughts float like water — it is a different level of space — that is, another space and dimension that we are not able to detect directly with our instruments and senses. That is, in such a dimension, thoughts would be a solid object, but not so solid that they could not repel on the environment, as a person cannot repel on the air. This means that the ratio of phases and densities between sets of objects and sets of media is important. To achieve when a thought in the air moves like a person in water, that is, its effect on the air and bodies was effective (it is like „SIM — SIM open“ and the door opened), it is necessary that the thought became more dense and so to produce such actions. But since any set can condense and disperse — that is, change its density, and therefore change its gravity-thoughts can change their gravity (now compacting, now dispersing). Crystallization of salt in a saline solution is an example of compaction of a substance. When a substance is compacted, the invisible can crystallize into the visible. There is a change in density, i.e. the mass increases and the gravitational properties of the substance change. If consciousness as an object can be considered as a set at the superquant level, that is, at the level of superstrings, then in order for consciousness to penetrate through thought into all environments, into other dimensions, it must change its density as a set. All this can be mathematically represented in the form of sets of elements that interact — Union, intersection, densification of sets, etc. Any information can be written as sets.»

The Professor closed his laptop and leaned back in his chair, able to remember and write down all the thoughts that had come to him that night.

Throughout the day, Professor Green looked forward to the next night, what would he dream this time?

A dream about the glass bead game as a method

Night came at last. The Professor began to doze. He had a dream about a childhood friend. Boy Maxim from the past. This boy lived next door, he was kind, but stupid. But his simplicity, sincerity appealed to Green, so Green was friends with him. He helped him at school in math lessons, as Maxim had a hard time learning. And now in a dream, Green meets him in adulthood, he believes that Maxim in life has not progressed anywhere, and works as a simple salesman in a food store. And what was his surprise when Maxim began to ask him about one of the equations from string theory. To the question: «why do you need this?» Maxim replied that there were some ideas that he needed to test, but his method is more original than can imagine — it combines thoughts and ideas from different seemingly unrelated aspects of life. And Green in his dream envied Maxim, his ability to think so original.

When Green awoke, he tried to make sense of the dream. This dream gave him the idea of the novel is Hesse’s «Glass bead Game».

The bead game, Hesse wrote in the introduction, resembles «an organ whose keys and pedals cover the entire spiritual cosmos.» By playing it, the castalians could «reproduce all the spiritual content of the world». Each party, the author gave a quite technical definition, was «a sequential combination, grouping and opposition of concentrated ideas from many mental and aesthetic spheres.» The essence of the Game is in its elements, in these «concentrated ideas». Being able to read and use what you read is a game. A skilled reader does not store thoughts, but uses them. But only a master knows the art of stringing. Its goal is not a mechanical connection, but an organic fusion of the taken. He does not read stories and characters, but epochs and cultures, and sees the author as his school. By loading someone else’s text with his associations, he draws the book into a new batch. By entering the world of reading, the game changes its meaning and composition. The best games are played in a mind so rich in internal connections that it no longer needs external reality. Playing with beads is a creative activity for yourself. To squeeze the spirit into the body, Hesse offered (and practiced) a special meditation. Not the one that bypasses consciousness directly connects us to the cosmos, but some mental effort of consciousness that leads deep into the contemplated and connects with it.

So Professor Green realized that he had had a dream about a game of beads and his party in this game is still ahead. Playing with beads became a method of research for him.

Playing with densities is like playing with beads

It was Sunday, a day off, and the Professor didn’t have to go to the Institute. He went to the Park, found a more deserted place, sat down on a bench and buried himself in his thoughts.

— It is necessary to apply the method of playing beads in my logic. So… Energy can also be considered as a universal set. It can be compressed, dispersed, it can change from one view to another, it can be transferred from one dimension to another. In the physical world, one form of energy is the mass of a body. On the other hand, mass is, and therefore energy, in various aggregate States — for example, in the form of a gas, liquid, or solid. The well-known formula E=mc2 states that free energy must be compressed several thousand times to enter the mass phase. The density formula is m=q * V, hence E= q*V* c2. Hypothetically, for mass-free energy to suddenly acquire the same density as the mass of a body, it must first occupy a volume greater in V* c2 than the mass of that body of a given density before it is compressed. The assumption that superstrings simultaneously reside in all dimensions can shed light on the nature of consciousness. If, at the level of superstring size, consciousness is considered as a set that can concentrate and disperse to the levels of all dimensions and arrive in all dimensions as superstrings, then consciousness can interact with all kinds of energies. It can affect not only light, electromagnetic waves, but also other types of matter, fields, for example, the energy of dark matter, that is, energy from other dimensions. And then our consciousness is something that consciously controls the densities of sets. Thoughts are a certain set and as a certain type of energy, with which consciousness is directly connected. We can say that consciousness plays with the densities of sets like a game of beads through thoughts. Our thoughts can be either embodied or unrealized, that is, they can be in different States, in different dimensions, be visible, realized in some form, and invisible. A thought embodied in reality is a set condensed into a real physical form.

What Elon Musk didn’t consider

Back in 2017, engineer-inventor and billionaire Elon Musk created a company that was engaged in secret developments to combine thought commands with commands on computers. Thus, Elon Musk wanted a person to be able to mentally give commands to computers, for example, the simplest commands to turn on and off, and computers could do it. Owned by Elon Musk, the company Neurolink in 2017 began recruiting scientists who were tasked with combining the human brain and computer to prepare for the predicted confrontation between humans and artificial intelligence. Elon Musk used the term «neural lace» to refer to the technology of such communication: a tiny chip installed directly in the brain would allow you to quickly download and download a person’s thoughts to a computer and back.

Work on the development of such technologies is still classified. But Elon Musk was wrong, he went along the path of neural connections, believing that neurons are what produces thoughts. And there was a mistake. The mind that produces thoughts is consciousness, it exists separately from the brain, and consciousness and the brain are different concepts. The neural connections of the brain associated with electrical impulses did not characterize the emergence of thoughts, which is not associated with electromagnetic interaction. Neurons only played the role of a biological computer, a receiver, a kind of hard drive, interacting with thoughts, executing commands. houghts themselves, like programs that appeared in the mind, did not interact with neurons via electromagnetic communication. Through electromagnetic communication, neurons only mediated what they received directly from consciousness to other cells.

Neurons received information (thoughts) from the mind through some new type of interaction, and this type of interaction had yet to be determined. Thus, it has long been known that when a person speaks, or even just thinks, his brain shows some electrical activity. By reading the patterns of this activity and comparing them with those already decoded, you can literally read thoughts. Further conversion of this information into synthesized speech is just a matter of technique. The problem of reading thoughts from the brain is almost solved. But thoughts come to the brain from consciousness, and how consciousness produces thoughts is still a mystery.

Most importantly, if consciousness itself does not want to produce thoughts, then no brain can do it, in spite of consciousness. Thus, in relation to thoughts, consciousness is primary, and the brain is secondary. Elon Musk did not consider this feature.

Thus, Green, a Professor of physics and Director of research on superstring theory, set himself a specific task-to determine the type of interaction between consciousness, thoughts (ideas) and neurons in the brain. And he decided to solve this problem using the combinatorial method of «playing with beads», inspired by a dream about playing with beads based on Hesse’s novel.

He called a friend, Eduard, a Professor of mathematics.

«Hey, Ed. I looked at your formulas and calculation methods. You know, in one word, «great.» This is exactly what I need. I will explain to you what thoughts and information are from the point of view of your Unified mathematics. On the virtual multidimensional Board of imagination, a multidimensional field, images appear in turn, either spontaneously or with the help of volitional efforts. Images can be transformed in every possible way using verbs. Verbs in images play the same role as operation signs in Unified mathematics. More precisely, verbs are signs of operations in your Unified mathematics. The result is a complete symmetry between the Unified mathematics and everything that happens to the images on the virtual imagination Board. Thus, it is possible to fully describe all the thoughts that are produced on the virtual Board of imagination in a Single mathematics. And expressions in Unified mathematics, on the contrary, can be written in images, since there is complete symmetry. You can do anything on this virtual Board with thoughts!!! This is still a field that has not been touched by anyone’s control, except the self-control of the individual. Let’s meet you. I have a lot to tell you.

And the friends agreed to meet.

It seems that all this is far from mathematics…

However, the next morning, mathematics Professor Eduard woke up in great doubt about the correctness of his own research. In academic school, they were not taught to think like this.

— This is some kind of obsession and we need to end it, it seems all this is far from mathematics.

He remembered how he had been approached at the Institute by cranks with various pseudo-theories, proofs that had nothing to do with mathematics, as it seemed to him at the time.

The Professor, as well as then in the distant 2021 year after the failure of admission to the UNIVERSITY, felt that he was wrong again and it is necessary to soberly assess the situation.

The academic school strictly enforced the once-established rules. If any mathematician, even a Professor, began to speak original thoughts that were not comparable to the academic school, he was considered not a professional, but a marginal.

The entire academic system made it possible to develop science only in certain areas within a narrow framework and sharply limited everything that did not correspond to them, and thus limited the intuition and creative abilities of scientists. Everything else was considered pseudoscience, and there was a persistent fight against pseudoscience.

But many talented scientists have been secretly engaged in research outside of the academic school, and some of them (especially outstanding) have then managed to legalize their research within the academic school. Not many people succeeded, but people from outside, that is, not from the academic circle, it was never possible to legalize something even though it was outstanding and worthwhile. Only an invented device in action could legalize the theoretical ideas of the inventor. Such scientists, secretly engaged in theoretical research outside of academic school, were some of the Professor’s friends and colleagues at the Institute, such was his friend Philip, such was Professor green of physics, but the Professor himself, unlike his friends, always had doubts, although he was loyal to the search for friends...most of all, he valued his current position in society, and his current position suited him…

— I should not go out of the framework of academic school, all this is unprofessional, — decided the Professor.

In the afternoon, he had a meeting with Professor Green.

The fifth force of nature

Professor Green of physics understood the whole situation with the academic community’s perception of his future emerging theory. But that didn’t stop him.

The unknown type of interaction the Professor called «the fifth force of nature» interaction, since the four previous ones in superstring theory were known — gravitational, electromagnetic, nuclear strong and nuclear weak.

The brain neuron is activated by an unknown force due to the potential of the neuron’s membrane and changes in ions. Actions such as pressure, stretching, and chemical factors that can change the membrane potential can activate the neuron. This is due to the opening of ion channels that allow ions to cross the cell membrane and change the membrane potential accordingly. But pressure, tension, chemical factors must be caused by an unknown force, energy, and this force, energy can be from another dimension. If thoughts are in another dimension, then their energy in the physical world also comes from another dimension. It means «the fifth force of nature», a new type of interaction is associated with a different dimension. That is, there is an energy from another dimension that affects the neuron (activates it) by pressure, stretching, or chemical factor of this energy. Or maybe this invisible mysterious force is also in our dimension, only elusive because of the imperfections of the devices and sense organs.

The Professor began to study abnormal accumulations of energy that could not be explained by previously discovered physical laws. He concluded that everything can be explained by the «fifth force of nature» of interaction and the laws of this new type of interaction. But these new laws have not yet been discovered.

The study of dark matter

Professor Green recalled recent statements made by his friend Philip about the difference between the gravity of parallel worlds and our physical world, as well as about where gravitational waves can come from. He also took into account Philip’s opinion of dark matter. Parallel universes may differ in gravity. According to Philip, in dreams our unembodied the Professor Green, has analyzed all the scientific papers on the explanation of dark matter. He came to the conclusion that scientists have long suspected, based on several unexplained anomalies in the properties and behavior of some elementary particles, that their interactions are conducted not only by photons and three carriers of strong and weak nuclear interactions, but also by a fifth type of such particles.

Dark matter cannot be perceived by human senses or instruments for research. In 2015, Mikhail Medvedev, a Professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Kansas, published the results of his breakthrough research in the field of dark matter. Medvedev proposed a new model as «multicomponent dark matter». Dark matter is some unknown substance, most likely a new elementary particle or particles that live outside of M-theory. They have never been directly observed, but they constantly manifest themselves through the forces of gravitational interaction that envelop the Universe. Oughts are embodied in a parallel world, because there is a different gravity and thoughts are more dense in relation to the environment.

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