The Art of War

Бесплатный фрагмент - The Art of War

A Manual for Managers

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The Art of War for Managers

Your success is the result of right thoughts and actions.

9 laws is your victory, strength and power, with the support of great art.

9 laws of victory for Managers

Law 1. The main thing.

Law 2. Quick victory.

Law 3. Maintain unity.

Law 4. The tactics of an invincible warrior.

Law 5. The cycle of the manifest and the unmanifest.

Law 6. Movement without resistance.

Law 7. The choice of warriors.

Law 8. Harmony within.

Act 9. Follow external changes.

Law 1. The main thing

Life and death in the hands of a warrior, success or failure, and there is no place for pampering.

War is not a place for games, it is not a means for enrichment, it is a great pain, destroying the world of trouble, taking away many lives of people.

Life and death in the hands of a warrior, a huge responsibility on his shoulders, and if he is forced to go to war, one should remember the main thing: that his goal is not to destroy and cause others to grief, his goal is to stop this bloodshed with the least losses for himself and For others.

A wise warrior realizes what his destiny is, how heavy a burden of responsibility is on his shoulders. And he does not start a war until he is convinced of the benefits of his participation and of the final victory for all, even if it is a defeat for himself.

For Managers

Your authority is a responsibility to yourself and others. Before you manage and command someone, you need to become the leader yourself. If you do not have power over yourself, then others will not follow you. All weaknesses and vices, fears and doubts are obstacles on your way. It is a load of unnecessary trash that does not allow you to develop as a person.

Your power is a voluntary cooperation of subordinates for the benefit of a common goal, common ideas, for the sake of common prosperity and well-being. This is their desire to follow you, respect for you and the desire to help you.

Inside you are a leader and a warrior, a friend and ally from the outside. Your victory is the success of the whole team, the success of the common cause.

We are all guided by the general laws of life, when you follow them, then your power will be impeccable.

And remember that only someone who knows the shortest way to achieve a common goal should manage and lead.

Law 2. Quick victory

Slowness is like a gradual defeat, the true victory is lightning fast.

Every minute of the war brings a loss. So do not join the war if your victory is difficult to achieve and it is delayed in time.

When the right time comes, victory is achieved instantly. Not to hurry up in the war means to kill your soldiers every day. Energy and forces go into emptiness and over time they outweigh all the virtues of ultimate victory.

Even winning the battle, but losing time and energy — you lost the war.

Every minute of the war strikes a blow to your victory.

For Managers

Trust and obedience is your goal. The authority of “one’s own” leader and the respect of subordinates need to be formed quickly. Your task is to become part of the team, its integral component in a short time. After that, immediately show leadership qualities and take the position of the main. This process must be carried out from the inside out. That is, first you become a part of the collective, and then you become its leader.

At these stages, you need to act quickly. If you “joined” in the team, but did not immediately show leadership qualities, then you will not be perceived as a leader. If you can not “join” the team, and time is running out, then you can not become a leader.

To quickly get into any team, you need to learn its values, understand the hierarchy, follow the general laws and rules. At this stage, you should not isolate yourself, try to win your position by force.

Quickly gaining confidence, you aggressively take the initiative in your hands, immediately put forward your candidacy for leadership positions. Glorifying the core values and dogmas of the collective, you become a respected and authoritative manager, whom the subordinates love and revere.

Procrastination at any of these stages is equivalent to a loss.

Your inner fuse and energy is an incendiary mixture for others. Therefore, “ignite” others at once, when “fire” is still “blazing” inside.

Law 3. Maintain unity

The true winner preserves the integrity, unity and harmony of the world. He does not disturb the balance of nature around, but restores it.

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