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Tales of the Golden Fish

Бесплатный фрагмент - Tales of the Golden Fish

Once upon a time there was an old man with his greedy wife By the very blue sea Based on A.S. Pushkin

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Tales of the Golden Fish

What would you ask if you had a magic wand that can fulfill your three desires?

Cake? Ice cream? Lots of chocolate? And in fairy tales there are also magic goldfish!
Interestingly, do you know what you can ask from these fish and why not? Read a fairy tale, and then suddenly one day you catch a fish!

And the evil wife spins her yarnOne day he threw the net into the sea —

The network came with one mudHe threw the net another time
Came to the net with sea grassThe third time he threw the net, — The net came with one fish
With fish — and this fish was not ordinary, but gold
How a golden fish cries! The voice speaks like a man
«Let me go, old man, to the sea. Dear to me i will give something
Give you what you want.» All desires will fulfill your
The old man was surprised, scared He fished for thirty years and three years
And never heard a fish talk He let go of the golden fish
And he said a kind word to her «God be with you, golden fish!
I do not need your atonement Go to the blue sea Swim there in the open.»

Swim there in the open.»

The old man returned to his wicked and greedy wife
He told her a great miracle

«I caught a fish today
Golden fish, not simple
I didn’t ask her anything
But the fish was kind
She said she knows how to fulfill desires
What I want she will do
I did not dare to receive from her desire
And I let her go to the blue sea.»
The old wife started screaming and cursing
«You’re a fool, you fool!»
Why didn’t you ask anything from this fish
Go to her again and ask
I wish you took from her gutter
(a large open oblong vessel with rounded walls, intended for washing clothes, feeding livestock and for other household needs)

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